Winter Q&A: Coffee Cycling, Gallbladder Surgery & More – #269

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Why you should listen –

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’ve selected the best questions that Bulletproof fans submitted via our voicemail service, Facebook and the Bulletproof® Forums, for another awesome Q&A. Hear Dave answer questions with Dr. Mark Atkinson about the Bulletproof Coaching program, how to build muscle while losing fat, tips to take care of your gallbladder/what to do if you have had your gallbladder removed, and how to manage high blood pressure. This episode covers a variety of topics based on your questions. Enjoy the show!

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What You Will Hear

  •      0:00 – Wix
  •      0:59 – Cool fact of the day
  •      4:59 – Coffee cycling
  •    10:59 – Hack your motivation & willpower
  •    20:30 – Activated charcoal
  •    24:30 – Gallbladder surgery
  •    30:45 – High blood pressure
  •    38:32 – All MCTs are not equal
  •    43:59 – Build muscle/lose fat
  •    46:58 – Nutrition certification
  •    50:46 – Protein fasting
  •    54:57 – Food combining
  •    59:19 – Neurofeedback
  • 1:06:46 – BP Coach Training testimonials



40 Years of Zen


Adrenal fatigue 

Dan Sullivan





Oxbile salts



Betaine HCL




Repressed stress



Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)

Short chain triglycerides

Lauric Acid

C8 and C10 medium chain triglycerides


Butyric acid

Sodium Buterate

Butyric Acid


Institute for Transformational Nutrition

Institute of Functional Medicine


Bulletproof Coach Training

Bulletproof forums

Dr. Mark Atkinson

Bulletproof decaf coffee 

Brain Octane

Unfair Advantage


Zona Plus Device

Stress Detective

Bulletproof Diet Roadmap

Bulletproof Diet Book

Bulletproof Cookbook

Neuroptinal personal trainer

Moldy Movie


Glutathione Force

Whey protein

By Dave Asprey

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  • vasras

    @Dave Asprey talks about avoiding aspargillus-made enzymes (i.e.fungal-free).

    what are non-aspargillus-made enzymes? Enzymedica, Life Extension and most of the big brands I’ve checked are NOT aspargillus-free.

    Anybody know?

  • Laney

    Thanks Dave. Thanks Mark. Great podcast. After listening I am wondering what you can do to heal your gallbladder. I have been told for years that I need to have mine removed. I balk. I was born with it for a reason and think I might need it.

    • Tricia

      Hi Laney, just stumbled across this site. In order to resolve gallbladder issues, I’d work therapeutically with clients to find out where in their lives there’s issues to do with territorial anger or identity. The brain relay for the gallbladder and ducts is the cerebral cortex. Does the person feel that their territory is being invaded/ encroached upon, such as a boundary dispute with siblings, neighbours, at work or is it to do with being territorial i.e.possessive (of partner, or money)? Where the dis-ease is caused by identity conflict I’d explore any perceptions of not knowing where one belongs, is going or what decisions to make. By finding the beliefs and emotions causing the dis-ease in organ tissues, and changing them, the body can adapt again, and encourage self-healing.

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