Should You Put Butter and Coconut Oil in Your Coffee?

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Lots of people are talking about putting butter in their coffee these days, but they are still doing it wrong.  Hint: don’t stick a pat of margarine on top of your cup of coffee and watch it melt.  At very least, blend in grass-fed butter instead – but check out the checklist below to see exactly how to brew the perfect cup! 😉

Bulletproof Ground Coffee is now available for the first time – in addition to whole beans – so as a reminder here are the basic steps for how to make Bulletproof Coffee correctly, as well as 10 of the most common mistakes to avoid.  For more information, visit:

Checklist: Bulletproof Coffee 101

Here’s the checklist you must follow to ensure your cup of Bulletproof Coffee is giving you the maximum possible benefit from drinking it:

  1. Brew coffee using coffee beans without mold: either brew Upgraded beans, which are specifically designed and tested to contain the lowest mold toxins of any retail coffee in the U.S.  If you don’t want to do this, see #2.
  2. Failing that, at least use good coffee: Whatever you do, please do not use your office’s nasty, burnt, week old coffee – one major TV station made this mistake.  If you don’t want to buy Upgraded coffee beans, at least follow this 3-step protocol for finding the cleanest coffee possible on store shelves.
  3. Use a blender already: Just get a blender!  Another major TV station made this mistake, and they just stirred their coffee with a spoon – trust me, this doesn’t work.  If you don’t have space or money for a normal-sized one, at least get a small hand held blender.
  4. Use grass-fed butter, not industrial crap butter: And make sure it is unsalted, or it will taste bad.
  5. Add as little or as much butter as you want: The amount of butter you add depends upon how hungry you are – there is no fixed number of calories in Bulletproof Coffee.  It can be 100 or 500, depending on who you are and what you want.
  6. Start with a little Brain Octane oil, then work your way up: As your body transitions to running on energy from healthy fats, it has to relearn how to create energy.  Start with a teaspoon of Brain Octane and work your way up slowly to avoid a funny little diversion I like to call “Disaster Pants.”

Now you’ve made Bulletproof Coffee that tastes good and activates your brain.  Just remember: don’t expect it to experience the full benefits of real Bulletproof Coffee if you don’t use all of the following ingredients: unsalted grass-fed butter, Upgraded Beans, and Brain Octane.

You might think, “wow, this is a lot of work compared to normal coffee” – but indeed, Bulletproof Coffee is NOT normal coffee.  That’s the whole point.  Indeed, it’s a nutrient-dense, energy-charged breakfast that fuels you all day long without the crash or jitters associated with a normal cup of joe.  By the way, it is also super easy and quick compared to cooking yourself breakfast.

Butter Coffee Mistakes: 10 Things NOT To Blend Into Your Butter Coffee

Sometimes people get a little too creative with their Bulletproof Coffee.  Sometimes it’s a biochemistry mistake, but sometimes it’s a culinary disaster.  (And we’re not talking disaster pants, either!)

1. Whey protein:

Whey is not heat stable and the IGG peptides (from good quality low temp grass fed whey, of course) get damaged by the high temperature of your coffee and the blender’s mechanical action. You can, however, add whey protein to an iced version of Bulletproof Coffee if you blend it gently. (Hint: opt for Upgraded Collagen instead if you want a biochemical protein kick in your normal hot Bulletproof Coffee.)

2. Raw cream:

Raw cream isn’t raw anymore once you put it in hot coffee!  IF you tolerate raw cream (it has more casein protein than cultured butter) and can find it, save this expensive, rare treat for whipping and eating cold, or on top of the coffee after it has cooled a bit by pouring it in an unheated mug. The higher amount of casein in the cream will bind to the antioxidants in coffee, which means you get less of the antioxidant benefits than you’ll get with grass-fed butter or ghee. If you must spoil the antioxidants in your coffee with cream, use pasturized grass fed cream – it’s a lot cheaper, but you’re going to pasturize it with hot coffee anyway!

3. Soy Milk

It can wreak havoc on your hormones. Listen to Dr. Sara Gottfried and cut the soy from your diet! Your estrogens, thyroid levels, etc. will benefit.

4. Casein protein

It removes the antioxidant benefits of coffee. Again, if you want some protein, add some Upgraded Collagen instead.

5. Kale

Not shockingly, kale is gross in coffee. Don’t ruin a batch! 😉

6. Bacon grease

I know a few people love it, but…bleah!

7. Industrial butter and margarine:

Don’t do it – use unsalted grass-fed butter instead.

8. Industrial nut milks:

Most use low quality nuts, many contain carrageenan (which is bad for the gut and liver), or high fructose corn syrup. It’s best to save nuts for eating, not drinking! Or make your own nut milks using your blender…

9. Pumpkin Spice Extractives:

Or any other artificial flavorings, colorings, chemicals, and additives for that matter…

10. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners:

Everyone reading this already knows how bad sugar is for you, but you should also avoid aspartame, sucralose, Splenda, and other chemical sweeteners known to be toxic.  If you require a sweetener, use Stevia, xylitol, or erythritol.  The free Bulletproof Diet Roadmap lays out in a infographic which sweeteners are best and worst for you.

If you do want to spice up your coffee with some delicious flavors, while keeping it healthy and nutritious, check out last week’s post on the top 15 hacks to Bulletproof Coffee.  Don’t forget: in case you missed, it Bulletproof GROUND Coffee is now available!

What other tips do you have for new Bulletproof Coffee drinkers?

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By Dave Asprey

  • I’m all in on the hand blender (or immersion blender) because you can brew your coffee in a mason jar or french press and then blend in the already hot vessel – thus preserving precious, morning coffee heat. Who likes a tepid cup of BPC in the morning!?

    How to make Bulletproof Coffee in 2 minutes (with immersion blender) from Hot Date With Nate:

    • Thomas Jones

      You ruined the butter!

  • john pshitek

    A university in Sweden detected chlorinated paraffins (extremely toxic and bio-acumulative) in their well-used immersion blender, which prompted a study indicating CP occurrence of two out of three immersion blenders.

    • Brian

      Always wondered about putting boiling liquids in platics like the Vitamix. This alternative is mostly out for me now. Thanks.

      • Daniel

        I have a vitamix and I have been making bulletproof coffee in it almost daily… should I be worried??

        • Justin

          I do know the Vitamix is designed to handle very hot liquids as you can make/cook soup with it. Normal blenders are not designed for that.

  • For whatever it’s worth, I put the coffee (with butter and MCT) in a coffee thermos and shake the hell out of it for 30 seconds. I find it works just as well as the blender, is quieter and perfect for when you’re on the road (or have roommates who don’t want to hear a blender in the am). Also, it’s a great way to make sure the coffee stays hot.

    I use this one:

    • Xanadon’t

      I did the same thing until I blew out the cap of my Contigo mug. Now I use a stainless lined, insulated Kleen Kanteen widemouth. I also preheat the Kleen Kanteen with boiling water for about a minute before adding the oil, butter and coffee. Works great!

      • katheryn92385

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    • Etonje

      Thanks for share

      Free Keutig coffee maker

    • Michael Hill

      I use this ( and it works just fine.

  • The first time I ran out of Kerrygold unsalted butter, I had to psych myself up for regular Kerrygold salted. Fortunately, I 1, like salt, and 2, had recently tried salted caramel ice cream. I just added a little extra stevia, and it was completely tolerable.

  • Archie

    I think you should be careful of what Stevia one uses too, it’s not as simple as saying “if you require a sweetener, use Stevia”. Not all stevia is created equally.

    • What about the real stevia, is that find? We have a stevia plant at home and we use it occasionally…not in coffee, but in other dishes.

  • In Toronto Canada here and no grass fed butter to be found. I’m using organic ghee but this does not make for a rich and creamy experience. Plus, I get hungry within three hours after drinking. I will check out and a butcher in the west end after I sign up for ZipCar to track this stuff down. Geez! This is getting to be a very expensive coffee.

    • blue lotus

      You can find Organic Meadows everywhere. Brand is from Ontario, so they do feed the cattle grains in the winter months but at least it’s all organic. Another one is Rolling Meadow grass-fed butter. They claim it’s only grass-fed but they too are from Ontario….
      There is a farm in Maple Ridge BC called Golden Ears and they sell grass-fed butter at farmers market around Vancouver. Maybe they sell their stuff online?
      I go to Bellingham, USA every few months and load up on grass-fed organic butter from sunny Cali.
      That’s another option for those living near the border.

  • Al

    One of the things I’ve been adding to our list of ingredients to our morning’s batch of 2-12 oz cups of Bulletproof Coffee (in addition to the grass fed butter, Brain Octane, Upgraded Cocoa Butter, upgraded Collagen Powder, Upgraded Chocolate Powder, Upgraded Vanilla, and some nutmeg), is 1 Tbsn of Immune Tree’s 6-hr Colustrum Powder and a blend of 2-tsp of Maca Team’s Raw Red & Black Maca Powder.

    It tastes great, but am wondering now if the Colustrum Powder would have the same issue as the whey protein in a hot drink. Immune Tree says no, but now you have got me wondering. Any thoughts on this?

    • Al

      Jair checked with Immune Tree on their Colustrum 6 powder.
      “Once it is in its powdered state, it is VERY stable!”

      So I am assuming that it is ok to be mixed in with coffee.
      This is contrary to Dave’s take on his Whey Protein Powder, which contains some Colustrum. Wish he woukd clarify more on this?

  • Isaac Alonzo

    Lucky me I have access to a family grown certified organic coffee and grass fed butter. Ever since I discovered Bulletproof Coffee mornings are seriously productive.

  • Sam

    Is your “upgraded” coffee organic yet? I asked this a year ago with no response.

  • don’t do it

    It was awesome when I got my LDL and HDL #’s before trying this for 6 weeks and after, MY HDL SPIKED INSANELY and my LDL DROPPED. Dangerous.

    • What were the numbers before and after?

      If understand correctly, HDL going up and LDL going down are desirable results.

  • Shanyn

    I actually love to add a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of pink himalayan sea salt

  • Joyce Gates

    I seem to have an allergic reaction to the palm oil in the MCT – anybody have a reasonable substitution?

  • Hoops

    Anyone know why I would experience brain fog when trying bulletproof coffee? I even used decaf. I’ve never drank coffee before, but wanted to try the bulletproof coffee.

    • David Guenthner

      Why decaf? The caffene is part of the reason it’s bulletproof?

  • Nick Bryan

    i first bought bulletproof coffee and mct oil to realise that there was no where to get grass fed butter in my area. I tried simply mixing the oil with the coffee but got that oil slick problem. I decided to take two 30ml Shots of MCT oil. There was a lot of disaster in my pants, I don’t recommend it. Haha. I finally, after a year of purchasing, have found the grass fed unsalted butter. Drinking the real drink as we speak, it’s really good and gives me a great buzz! I now only put 15mL of MCT to 500mL of coffee though with about 15g of the butter. Hope you can all learn from my mistake, or have the balls (ovaries) to try two shots of MCT. Happy drinking!

  • Elena

    Is nespresso considered good coffee? And could you use the expression instead of coffee?

  • Josh Jay

    I add raw cacao and organic honey mixed with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. Add half a cup of boiling water – then blend with handheld mixer. Add a double espresso shot from fresh upgraded beans. Then blend again. Sprinkle a touch of cinnamon.

  • That’s too much butter !! I add half tee spoon of coconut oil and half tee spoon Irish butter only to mine and m drinking it since April skipping breakfast or I break my fast with it if I’m intermittent fasting and feeling great about it ,, it’s delicious

  • LSUVice

    I add honey as a sweetener I figured that’s healthier than most options.

  • Rose Cottage Studio

    I use Cocoa as I am really allergic to coffee (gives me ‘black-outs’) – don’t forget about us alternate users!

  • I’m sensitive to the acid of the coffee that is brewed conventionally. Although, I’ve been drinking this upgraded-type coffee, I cold brew my coffee. I have no idea the difference, but I inclined to drinking cold brew as I don’t feel the acid of the coffee, and it has a fruity scent, too.

  • Marius Tobiassen

    I also add hazelnut-paste #addict