Coconut Oil vs. MCT Oil vs. Lauric Acid: What Is MCT Oil Really?

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If you’ve been drinking Bulletproof Coffee made with XCT Oil or Brain Octane, you’ve already felt the powerful impact some types of MCT oil have on your energy.

However, there are a bunch of forms of MCTs – some real, some mostly made up by marketing, and not all forms of so-called MCTs are equally effective. That’s why I specify the exact types of oils that work best in The Bulletproof Diet, and why Bulletproof manufactures XCT Oil and Brain Octane Oil, neither of which is the plain “MCT oil” found in coconut oil.

The coconut oil industry loves to market the idea that coconut oil is a great source of MCTs because it’s “62% MCT oil” – but is that really true? What does that mean to you?

Don’t get it wrong – just about all the cheap and abundant oils in coconut oil are good for you, which is why coconut oil is high on the list of Bulletproof foods!  The problem is that studies show you can’t get enough of the really useful MCTs from just eating coconut oil or a so-called “MCT oil” that is diluted with lauric acid, a useful, but cheap, and hugely abundant part of coconut oil that is marketed as an MCT oil.[1]


  • Coconut oil is good for you. Eating it provides cheap and abundant lauric acid, a useful oil that is sold as an MCT oil even though it does not act like an MCT in the body.
  • In the US, coconut oil and MCT oil manufacturers are legally allowed to claim that lauric acid is an MCT because chemists named it that way, even though biochemists recognize that it does not act like other true biological MCT oils.
  • If you are counting on plain coconut oil or “MCT-labeled” oil to get enough useful MCTs, think again and check the label: odds are you’re getting very few of the potent shorter chain MCTs (C8 and C10), and lots of the cheaper but ineffective lauric acid.

This post explores the science of how medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oils work, which types are best for what purposes, and why some kinds of MCT cause disaster pants and throat irritation and others don’t.


The Three True Biological MCT Oils: Why lauric acid acts like an LCT, not a real MCT

Coconut oil marketers often say there are four kinds of MCT oils found in coconut oil: C6, C8, C10, and C12 (the numbers define the length of the carbon chains).

Even though chemists long ago decided to call all of these MCTs, biologists now understand that the cheapest and most common of the MCTs, C12 or lauric acid, is actually a pseudo-MCT.

Lauric acid is a good food source, but it behaves like an LCT (long chain triglyceride) not an MCT, when you consume it, which means you don’t get the fast ketone energy from it that you can get from C8 or C10.[2]

From a biology perspective, lauric acid should actually be considered a LCT; unlike the biological MCTs, lauric acid gets processed by your liver.[3] This matters because your body metabolizes MCTs differently than LCTs; unlike LCTs, MCTs get very quickly converted into energy to fuel your brain and body instead of requiring a pit stop in the liver for processing.[4]

Chemists counted the number of carbon chains and arbitrarily decided what was medium. Lauric acid is a chemical MCT but it is not a true biological MCT because our bodies do not treat it as an MCT. And nearly every study about the human and animal uses of MCTs you’ve ever seen does not measure lauric acid for this reason.

Don’t take my word for it – you can hear a lot more about this in Bulletproof Radio episode #151 with Melinda Culver, PhD, where we go into the science behind MCTs.

Watch it here:

Since your body treats lauric acid differently from the get go, it deserves to be treated honestly on oil marketing labels too! Hopefully, chemists will eventually change the classification to be more accurate. Lauric acid is not an MCT.

So what *is* MCT Oil?

What Is MCT Oil: The Official List of MCTs In Coconut Oil

These are several main types of fatty acid oils found in coconut oil, but only the first 3 below behave in your body as real MCTs. This means that they bypass the metabolic burden of processing in the liver so they quickly become energy in your brain and muscles.

They are:

C6, Caproic Acid:

There’s not enough of it to matter in coconut oil, it tastes bad, and it often results in stomach/gastric upset, but it converts quickly to ketones! If your generic MCT oil makes your throat burn or has a weird flavor, one reason may be that the distillation did not remove enough of the C6. There are other reasons this can happen too, covered below.

C8, Caprylic Acid (Brain Octane)- The rarest ~6% of coconut oil:

It has potent anti-microbial properties (way more potent than lauric acid) to help you maintain a healthy gut, and it is the fastest to metabolize in the brain. (This is Brain Octane Oil.) Your liver does not need to process this rare type of MCT, and it only takes 3 steps for your body to turn it into ATP, the cellular fuel you use.[5] Sugar takes 26 steps. This is why Brain Octane is so good at suppressing cravings and is the most powerful oil to put in Bulletproof Coffee. You would need 18 tablespoons of coconut oil to get just one tablespoon of Brain Octane.

C10, Capric Acid – Around ~9% of coconut oil:

This is the second shortest form of MCT, also rare. It is slower to turn into energy but more affordable than C8. XCT Oil is triple-distilled in a non-oxygen atmosphere with no solvents ever used, and it contains C10 and C8, because these are the only two MCT oils that turn into ATP quickly without the liver. You would need 6 tablespoons of coconut oil to get one tablespoon of XCT oil.

C12, Lauric Acid: Around ~50+% of coconut oil:

It requires a pit stop in the liver rather than getting immediately converted into energy like the other MCTs above. This is why it is more accurately described as an LCT, not an MCT like marketers claim. It raises cholesterol more than any other fatty acid (not necessarily a bad thing.) It is also commonly cited as having antimicrobial benefits, which it does…except the shorter chain MCT oils are more effective against aggressive candida yeast[6] and even gonorrhea and chlamydia (as a monoglyceride).[7] [8]

It’s confusing because coconut oil marketers imply that lauric acid is the same as monolaurin, an extremely potent antimicrobial that is derived from lauric acid. (They are not the same…I used monolaurin when I had candida years ago, and depending on your gut bacteria, you may create monolaurin in your gut when you eat affordable coconut oil.) Given how common and cheap this stuff is, it’s no wonder that companies are tempted to sell it as a true MCT. Two years ago, I looked into making a more affordable MCT oil containing lauric acid. I’d have made a killing selling what is basically coconut oil as something special, but it simply doesn’t work, and it’s not truthful marketing.


C-14 and above:

These are the widely recognized LCTs, or long chain fatty acids in coconut oil, mostly saturated, including stearic acid (C18:0), oleic acid (C18:1), and linoleic acid (18:2). The exact percentage of each depends on region the coconut is grown, time of harvest, and other growing variables. They are good as a fuel source, but they are also widely available in other oils, and you won’t benefit from eating a lot more of them compared to eating true medium chain fatty acids.


Check The Label On Your “MCT Oil” For The Right MCTs

Lauric acid has a few antimicrobial benefits, which I’ll write another post on soon, but it’s simply not the most effective way to fuel your brain and body. It does not create energy in the brain the way that biological true MCTs, such as XCT or Brain Octane, do.[9] [10]

So if you want lauric acid – and you do because it’s good for you – then don’t waste your time and money separating it out of coconut oil: just eat some coconut oil. And enjoy that coconut oil, because it’s both delicious and abundant in this nice fat.

You can get abundant lauric acid by just eating a tablespoon or two of coconut oil; there is no benefit to refining it and buying it separately when it’s so common in plain coconut oil. If you use cheap lauric acid to cut the potency of true biological MCT oil, you’re making it so weak that you’re not going to feel the energy effects that come from the much more powerful C8 or C10 MCTs found in XCT or Brain Octane.

MCT oil that’s cut with the cheaper lauric acid will only be about 1.5-2x as strong as coconut oil, but it will be far cheaper to produce. XCT oil is 6x stronger, and Brain Octane is up to 18x stronger.


MCT Oil Purity Matters Too

The reason I decided to create XCT and Brain Octane oils is that when I started learning about these types of lipids years ago in my anti-aging work at SVHI, it was common for our members – and for me – to get severe diarrhea and throat irritation from commercially available MCT oils.

We thought it was just an individual tolerance issue, but I soon discovered that it was an oil purity issue.

The reason purity matters is that C17 is a byproduct of other MCT oil production processes, and it, along with C6, is a major cause of disaster pants and irritation. There’s a reason that some MCTs cause problems when the same amount of Bulletproof XCT or Brain Octane won’t.

That’s why the unique process we use at Bulletproof is completely chemical and solvent-free. Most MCT’s on the market are manufactured via chemical/solvent refining, which can require using chemicals like hexane and different enzymes and combustion chemicals, such as sodium methoxide. The oils used to make MCTs – palm and coconut – are often solvent extracted too, but not Bulletproof.

We never allow solvents anywhere near our process. We use triple steam distillation in a non-oxygen atmosphere to avoid lipid oxidation and create a purer process. And we do it 100% in the United States. To my knowledge, no other company uses such extensive distillation to ensure purity, simply because solvents and catalysts are cheaper.

So that’s it – to have the most energy and the fewest cravings, you want the shortest chain possible, C8, with the highest levels of purity.


Brain Octane Oil vs. XCT Oil: Which Is Best For Me?

You’d get sick if you had 18 tablespoons of coconut oil, but you’ll feel great on 1 tablespoon of Brain Octane, the most potent extract of coconut oil (caprylic acid).

If you really want to take advantage of the most powerful medium chain fatty acids and the rarest parts of coconut oil, you’ll benefit the most from the cognitive aspects of an ultra-distilled, upgraded MCT like Brain Octane Oil (pure C8) or XCT Oil (C8 and C10).

So which to pick?

Brain Octane (Pure C8) provides the fastest rise in energy and focus and it’s what I start my day with. XCT (Upgraded MCT Oil) is more affordable but works more slowly with less direct cognitive effects. Both help your metabolism to burn fat.

The capric acid in XCT Oil doesn’t break down into ketones as quickly as pure caprylic, but capric acid is more affordable (but still works) so you can save money by going with the XCT.  XCT Oil still goes to brain energy, just not as quickly as Brain Octane. Both can be used for energy without processing by the liver, unlike many other fats and oils.

  • Use Brain Octane Oil if you want the maximum cognitive benefit and quickest digestion. Now it comes in these travel-friendly, leak-proof 3-oz bottles. Try it out and see how you feel.
  • Use XCT Oil if you are looking to economize while getting a metabolic boost and a slower smaller cognitive effect. (Or if you are using it externally for your hair or skin!)

Some people mix different ratios of each.

When to use coconut oil, then?  If you love the taste or want ample lauric acid, eat it and enjoy it! Just know it is not the single strongest source of MCTs for fueling your brain and body.


More information:





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By Dave Asprey

  • Dave – there’s something wonky with the anchors linking to your references. The references list appears if I click to expand, but they’re all prefixed with [1] and I I click a footnote number in the article (e.g. [6]) doesn’t take me to the reference.

    Great, article though! I wasn’t aware of the effects on candida yeast, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

  • Brock in HK

    It’s the Bulletproof Exec vs. The Healthy Home Economist in the battle over MCTs. I vote for the BE over the HHE, although she probably has a good point or two about low quality MCTs and manufacturing process making non-Upgraded products of much lower quality.

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  • Ramon

    Hey Dave, i have read that MCT’s lower DHT. Not a good thing for most men. Any thoughts?

  • Cortney Peacock Jacobs

    Love the way I feel using your products. But I’m concerned about where you source the palm oil. The Palm oil industry is an environmental nightmare. Care to share?

    • Chris

      I’m also curious please do comment

      • Don Anthony Ferdinand

        Onnit uses zero palm to protect the environment

  • stevie wonder

    Your full of shit Dave, just ask Joe Rogen

  • Dennis Barberic Jr.

    Now that I have read this, I went back and re-read The Healthy Home Economist arguments against MCT oil. The HHE is primarily arguing that MCT oil is mostly lauric acid; but she does not consider that MCT oil comes in multiple grades of quality with varying amounts of lauric, capric, cprylic, cproic acids. In fact, her argument against MCT oil does not even discuss any other medium chain acid other than lauric. As Dave has pointed out, his MCT oil does not contain lauric acid – which is a cheap way for other manufactures to cut costs.

    • Lobo Rojo

      Does your MCT oil start to solidify at room temperature?

  • I used to use your MCT oil in my bulletproof coffee in the morning, and recommended it to others. I tried the Brain Octane when it came out, and soon, I was getting kidney stones. Never had them in my life. But they were “popping up like daisies” to quote the movie Mulan. I stopped using MCT oil and the kidney stones went away. Have you had others have a similar experience?
    BTW, I found out I was dairy intolerant, after going through an elimination, and yes, butter triggered my symptoms, so I now make my coffee with coconut cream, and coconut oil. Maybe not as great as the “original recipe” but still a good way to start my day, and keep me on an even keel.

    • Dude

      You could use ghee if you are dairy intolerant.

      • Tried ghee. But ghee and coconut oil don’t froth. Just get oil slicks on the coffee. Not too appetizing. The coconut cream resolved that problem.

    • Christopher Taylor

      Risk of Kidney stones is listed as a warning on the brain octane description. It is not on the XCT oil. I don’t understand why brain octane would have an increased risk over XCT. I have asked, but have yet seen a response from Dave. That “warning” is the only reason I have avoided the Brain Octane.

      • Carol Welch

        Does anyone know why kidney stones can occur using these oils? Does it have anything to do with the rest of the diet in the body being in ketosis?

      • valgy77

        Kidney stones can be eliminated with drinking fresh lemon juice water. Study has been done where people who drink lemonade has had eliminating risk of kidney stones from calcium and oxalates by drinking lemon juice in a water. Edgar Cayce also recommended to drink lemon juice water first thing in the morning on empty. I have been doing it for years now and I add also some vitamin C in it as well .

    • Tuscarora

      I am curious to know if you had ever suffered from kidney stones prior to using MCT oils, or specifically Brain Octane? What was the composition of your stones, i.e.,…calcium/oxcylate, monohydrate, uric acid? Did you ever obtain any radiographic evidence (i.e., x-rays, CT) to demonstrate that you are now “stone free”? Thanks

      • Never had them before using brain octane and have not had them again, to the best of my knowledge. I was never able to catch any stones for the analysis. Used olive oil and lemon juice in water to help myself pass them and it seemed to work. Ultrasound showed the sizes at 3 and 4 mm. An ultrasound I had later showed they were gone.

  • Sascha Fast

    I don’t see any references?

  • TMarie

    I also would like to see references.

    • click on the link under the word references at the end of the article to see 10 links to references

  • Nicole Weeks Boyers

    Interesting how this article comes out same day posing just the opposite:

    • BattleBrew

      Sorry but health impact news actually have no clue other than a little bit they have read online. Anyone who has done even a medium amount of research into MCTs and how we absorbed them will tell you their article is factually incorrect and incredibly biased towards coconut Oil with no factual base. lauric was prized for many years because we could extract it and its only in the last 30 years or so that they figured out how to isolate Capric and Caprylic. Lauric does have some great health benefits but Capric has them too. The fact is that lauric is too fat to have the real properties if MCTs being the rapid and significant absorption which gives MCTs their ketogenic properties.

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  • BattleBrew

    Dave is correct, absorbability of MCTs decreases as the carbon chain length increases so it is from C6 being most absorbable to C12 being least absorbable

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  • Kent

    As you know all Coconut Oil (or Palm Oil) is not created equal. The specifics of the process by which the Oil is extracted from the coconut or Palm Kernal has significant implications for the MCT integrity & healthfulness of the Oil. Accordingly much has been researched & written about the various processes for producing “Virgin” Coconut Oil (VCO) & Palm Oil (PO) so that users can ascertain how, why & if a given Oil is most beneficial.

    Now BulletProof has developed/introduced Brain Octane, but nowhere on your website was I able to find any information as to the process by which Brain Octane is produced? THEREFORE, without revealing proprietary product secrets, please produce/add a substantive “Product Information Page” that represents and explains the relevant specifics of your process for “How Brain Octane Oil Is Made.”

    Among other things, I and other potential purchasers/users would like to know:

    > What are the inputs for Brain Octane? Is it a “synthesized” product, or do you start with VCO &/or PO and then “refine” or modify the oil to produce Brain Octane?

    > If you start with VCO/PO, then how was the VCO/PO extracted/produced? Does BulletProof produce it’s own VCO/PO “base” for Brain Octane, or do you have a specific contracted supplier of VCO/PO?

    > What is the general process by which you make Brain Octane? Is it by Distillation? Centrifugal Extraction? Chemical Extraction or Synthesis? What temperatures &/or other agents/ingredients are used in the making of Brain Octane?

    > Can you provide Independent Laboratory Test Results for Brain Octane which, among other things, show the percent of whole (unbroken) MCT chains, as well as the “other ingredients” contained in Brain Octane?

    I trust you will recognize these are legitimate & reasonable questions deserving your forthright and upfront (public) response.

    Thank You, from a thoughtful consumer.

    • Liora

      I also need to see a processing sheet to confer with Rabbis who know about food. We keep kosher and we want to start using these, and recommending them to friends!!

      • Ben

        lol — of all the things in the world to worry about…

  • Carol Welch

    It doesn’t look like anyone is getting answers here, but I’m going to try anyway. I’m curious if any of these oils can be used topically to help with a wound that doesn’t want to heal.

    • JustKeepBreathing

      Try Manuka Honey. Get authentic Manuka and apply topically. You can also eat it. It should be treated as a medicine. I call it medicinal honey. Good luck.

    • Carol

      I’d apply an antibiotic ointment (to treat or prevent infection) to one of the “waterproof” bandages (the kind that seal all around the wound) and apply securely. This will help maintain a moist environment. Counter to what was once believed, experts now say that wounds heal better when kept moist, not dry; I’ve noticed that firsthand. (Freshly re-dress the wound after bathing of course.) If it’s severe, ask your doc about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), an expensive but effective FDA-approved treatment for nonhealing wounds. Best of luck!

    • Kestrel Kross

      Use colloidal silver on it. Poof! Gone

  • James Lowell

    ever since Joe Rogan sent bulletproof coffee to a lab for tests and found out it was no different than many coffees after all the claims to the contrary……I don’t buy anything from this site. That broke my trust… was all just a national campaign of blatant lies to make money and make money it has.

    • Justin Campbell

      I listened to the podcast and am stilll awaiting Dave to address it. Considering mycotoxins are in the air and survive in us I’m still concerned we are getting too much in our diet. The U.Sthe jurisdictions deciding acceptable limits are not always right. In fact according to a ted talk, the fact that they’re regulations are so loose has allowed for so much stale coffee on the market today. Basically you can find good coffee. Just make sure its fresh and makes good quality claims… Not that you should believe everything. Also when you do BPIF consider you are trying to cleans your body and replace cells with ones that are very low in mycotoxins.

      • Jane

        What do you recommend for getting mycotoxins out of the body? My daughter nearly died after being heavily posioned by them. No one has been able to suggest anything to help the body get them out.

        • Justin Campbell

          Go though Dave Asprey’s podcasts and listen to the ones specifically talking about it. Other than trying a “bulletproof roadmap” style of eating I wouldn’t know for sure. As far as my best understanding goes the mycotoxin mold grows with time so, fresh is best though not a guarantee. Often a contaminate such as simple fly landing on a veggie is what can cause a faster growth. I’m still looking into the protein fast that Dave suggests since that is intended for a cell cleanse. I’ve done it twice only noticing how much I miss meat and broccoli.

        • Jane

          Thanks for the advice. There’s a lot of information to go through. So far
          it’s consistent with what environmentalists have told me but
          he takes it much further. It is sure to be helpful, thanks again.

        • Justin Campbell

          You’re welcome, Let me know if you have more questions. It’d be interesting to hear from you about reducing mycotoxins and investigating concerns from someone else’s perspective.

        • Jodi Hanna Casebier

          I know its been months since you posted here, but I have information about getting rid of more than just mycotoxins from the body, and all with totally safe products. There is a test that can be done also to show you which chemicals, fungi, parasites, bacterias, etc are in your system so you can know what is harboring and harming your health. And… the great part is these totally safe remedies, made from plants and herbs take care of it. Let me know if you would like more information!

        • valgy77

          Jodi could you tell us how to eliminate those mycotoxins and what test to take to see if you have that problem ? Thanks

        • Jodi Hanna Casebier

          This testing process registers all entities in your system that do not belong, from toxins to parasites to bacteria , man made meds, virus etc. it’s a simple blood test , I work directly with the doctor who conducts the tests. I submit the sample, or the patient does wth my test kit, and the results some via email and I have a phone consult discussing the results. It’s incredibly revealing it even lets you k is what neurotransmitter your brain is lacking, and few tests show that , that don’t cost several hundred dollars at least. If you would like a brochure of more information, email me at . I would love to be of help!

        • Susan Burks

          Check on ozone therapy,it does amazing things without side effects.

    • Jessica2248

      People wanting to sell me a subscription to “MontaVida Coffee” got me to researching and I found this page about MCT’s. Thinking of just sticking with my Starbucks Dark Roast.

      • Krisztian Bukaresti

        Starbucks isn’t a good quality coffee. Also if you want more health benefits from the coffee, chose light-medium roast and never dark. Dark roasted coffee has less caffeine as well as less nutritional value as the dark roast is actually burnt and over roasted coffee…
        Better to go with coffee’s from small roasteries as they depend on quality more than on advertisement.

    • Looks like this website is a scam with the author refusing to address any questions. Buyer beware!

    • Marcus

      I agree, the guy is a con-artist, which is to say 80-90% of what he says is good stuff, but the 10% of his marketing lies is how he makes his money. He took a real issue (mycotoxins) applied it to an industry where its largely a non-issue (coffee industry), created fear, and purported that his special top secret coffee method was the solution. Just realize how brilliant this is, but also realize how much of a sucker you have to be to believe that this quack invented a brand new coffee method not known to the entire industry….which btw, he of course will not reveal his method.

      He’s recommending a real food diet!! You will feel better!! This then drives you into his circle b/c he’s earned your trust and now you want to feel “Optimal”… cue spooky music … so guess what, you’re going to need to buy his super supplements.

      You’re not losing weight? Eat more butter!

  • Lobo Rojo

    You can buy liquid coconut oil (stays liquid even at cooler temperatures). It has had most of its lauric acid removed, leaving the goat-acids behind. I get Carrington Farms brand from Wal-Mart for $8 / 16 oz.

    • Carol

      It’s funny that you said “goat acids” because I did recently learn that those MCT’s (capric, caproic and caprylic acids) do come from the root word “capra” (Latin for goat). The C8 MCT Dave talks about is just as abundant in goat’s milk products as it is in coconut oil. Thanks for the info on the Carrington Farms product!

  • stuart gerber

    I’ve never seen him answer any questions-He’s to busy I guess talking about how he was a fat kid,how he was exposed to mold,and how hes had 1000 other illnesses and or symptoms that every guest on his podcast has
    but answering questions to any of his articles doesn’t happen

  • Anhcim Enaid

    If one is allergic to coconut, what can they use instead to get MCT/C8, Caprylic Acid?

  • Maritxu Jiménez

    I would love to buy your products, but unfortunately I live in Europe and you don´t have the international delivery option yet

  • jggtn

    Unless lauric acid added. No brainer.

  • Pine Pollen

    What can be done after extracting with the 85% remaining coconut compounds. Wouldn’t that be good kind of animal food?

  • Chris_Kez

    The fact that Dave Asprey has not replied to any of the reasonable questions here should tell you everything you need to know.

    • I agree. This website is a scam with very harmful side-effects possible using these products. Buyer beware!

  • Beryl Ludwig

    I am new as far as learning about bulletproof coffee, also MCA oil. please explain just what it is and what it does. I know you claim it is good for the brain and energy, but please be more specific so the newcomers can find out what it is for what it does and why we should consume it, Is that too much to ask? I am very interested, meanwhile I will research it more and try to figure it out, especially what is this bulletproof coffee. Thank you ahead of time.

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  • Thanks for the information! I have started a Ketogenic Diet, based on Bruce Fifes book. In his book he talks about MCT’s. I just bought some, no issues, (think I got a decent brand, I am going to try yours next) but I am excited to find out about your research. I research everything I do to the max! SO, if as Bruce recommends getting up to 9 tbsp a day… And it sure seems easier to get down the MCT oil, what would you recommend the ratio be or would I even have to take traditional coconut oil… (Other than for making my amazing fat bombs)?
    I an looking for the fat burn (want to get to 18% BF this year) and the cognitive, anti inflammation (57 years old with arthritis). Had brain fog for years. I also strength train regularly.
    Thanks again!

  • Sally Oh

    Does anyone have info on caprylic acid being a more potent anti-microbial than lauric acid?

  • Jodi Hanna Casebier

    Read the reply above, I would love to give you more information if you would like! Email to!

  • terryrret

    Site looks good but Firefox does not like the security on it and warns of risk using it

  • 1reneepearman5

    I remember yrs. ago when the first Atkins Diet was out, college girls went crazy for it with resulting surge of kidney stones.

  • Gary Gibson

    Why does my bottle of Brain Octane MCT oil state “Contains Coconut and/or Palm Kernal Oil. PKO is a cheaper oil that does not contain the benefits of coconut oil. So my Brain Octane may be all Palm Kernal Oil?

    • Dr. Brett Berner

      Follow the money…

  • Dr. Brett Berner

    All MCTs get processed thru the liver. They just don’t store as fat like LCTs.

    Lauric is also not the “cheapest” so stop mislabeling it to make your shit product look better.

    Lauric is actually one of the MOST important ones in terms of health and it is also the highest traded MCT on the market.

    Creating MCTs from coconut oil takes out Lauric so then companies can do what with it? That’s right, SELL IT!

    This is all a huge marketing scheme with bulletproof getting insane margins on their manufactured product from NATURAL coconut oil.

    Do yourself a favor and get real virgin coconut oil. Stop wasting your money on sketchy products like this that make bogus claims.

  • Dr. Brett Berner

    Nice research, thanks doc!

  • Brandon Hutchinson


  • Brandon Hutchinson

    Die in a fire

  • Ray Black

    But What does MCT stand for?

  • Hi Gary – We’re currently in the process of switching all of our MCT oils to be 100% coconut oil sourced. Palm Kernel oil has only been used in the past when the coconut oil supply could not keep up with the demand.

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  • Mary mary

    See my reply to Jane

  • Hugh Wegwerth

    Hey does any have a website I can see these different pathways side by side?

    Your liver does not need to process this rare type of MCT, and it only takes 3 steps for your body to turn it into ATP, the cellular fuel you use.Sugar takes 26 steps. This is why Brain Octane is so good at suppressing cravings and is the most powerful oil to put in Bulletproof Coffe

  • Rich Welsh

    Oh look another pseudo-scientific article, with hand-me-down explanations to stoke up the fad diet fever du jour. I wander what crazy shit – accompanied by pseudo-scientific shit explanations – we will put in our bodies 10 years from now. Whatever get’s into your wallet, I suppose. Pity, people have never obtained or no longer have critical thinking skills and pose important questions to these snake oil hucksters that would have you devouring faeces if it served their financial interests..

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  • Breathdancing

    What is the percentage of C8 and C10 in xct oil? I cannot find it anywhere.

    • Alon Marcus

      exactly no real info to compare

  • Paget

    I am allergic to coconut-what can i use instead for MCT?

    • Jerry Martinez

      get a ketonecana mix its all over amazon

  • Shana Kuehn Miah

    Great article – I learned a lot. Now I’m REALLY looking forward to getting the Brain Octane I ordered. I have an infant and have been in a chronic state of sleep deprivation for over a year. My brain could use all the energy it can get!!!

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  • jack

    gee.. isn’t this all made up to make money from it ? how about pure natural oils ? linseed, olive, thistle …

    mix it, give it a new protected name and charge 10-20 times as much … good business model ?

    • John

      keep listening to your “doctor”, Jack……

    • Liberallez

      Your “clue” is that the doctor “had no real reasons+arguments.” That’s a sign of dogma not science.

  • jack

    a doctor just told me .. that he doesnt recommend palm oil at all ..(but he had no real reasons + arguments).. and coconut oil is quite saturated … so how about linseed oil ? there is no money in it ?

    • John

      A “doctor” is not a nutritionist in any way.

    • Liberallez

      John is right. Most MD’s have almost zero knowledge of nutrition. One I read years ago said, when asked how much time was spent on nutrition in medical school, “About half an hour.”
      The body NEEDS saturated fats!! They do not clog arteries, etc. It’s the unsaturated fats that are easily oxidized and wreak all the havoc.

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  • antionette.barnes

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  • Mark Shields

    The Coconut Research Center sees Lauric acid as a MCFA. When I asked them about using MCT and not coconut oil for Alzheimer’s here’s their response. “You can add MCT oil but you should not replace coconut oil with it entirely. MCT oil is incomplete, it doesn’t have all the MCFAs like lauric acid. Lauric acid has better antimicrobial effects and longer lasting ketone production both very important for someone with Alzheimer’s.”

  • Ellis Dunbar

    Good Morning
    My name is Ellis and I work with Ninja Goat Nutritionals. Once I read your article, I found great interest in some of your ingredients and knowledge about MCT oil. I would love to tell you about my business and how I make butter coffee.

    Ninja Goat Nutritionals makes a product called fatCoffee, which is a quick and easy way to make butter coffee anywhere, anytime- and it’s made with 100% grass fed-butter and organic coconut oil.
    Would you be willing to try fatCoffee and let me know what you think about it? I’d be happy to provide a sample, if you can send me your mailing address.
    Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

  • joshua standifur

    I have been on a keto/bulletproof diet now for a little over a month. During that time I incorporated brain octain into my diet to give me a boost in fat consumption. I was sceptical at first but desperately needed to lose some weight and had tried almost everything. I started the diet on December 3, 2016. 49 days later I have lost a total of 42lbs. All I changed was my diet. No excercise!! I feel the brain octain has made a huge impact on my performance and my appetite. Thank you for a great product.

    • Ben

      What did you change in your diet? I too need to lose weight like you have.

      • Marc

        I stumbled upon Raw Virgin Coconut Oil as a wt loss supplement by accident. trust me take a tablespoon each morning, long story short.. it WILL speed you metabolism.

      • Liberallez

        Read his post again…he tells you right there…”keto/bulletproof diet.”

      • James

        This has all the hallmarks of a fake post. Beyond all that, nobody loses 1 pound a day on any diet.

        • Lynne Aperios

          LCHF way of life !!!!!! Eating more healthy fats in your diet as apposed to high carbs and sugars is the way to lose fat without excersising….plus it gets rid of inflamation, try it you won’t be dissapointed !!

    • Sean

      Posts like this make me doubt the whole BulletProof system as just another marketing scam… Lost an average of 1 pound a day all the way to a total of 42lbs in 49 days…. uhuh…


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  • Martin Ngo

    I have borderline ADHD. I’ve been using bulletproof with xct or brain octane for 10 weeks straight. This is my first year as a high school teacher in south central LA, and I still can’t find a better way to get the energy and focus needed to wake up at 4am and go until 5pm everyday — and without coffee jitters.

    • Martin Ngo

      Sorry, more accurately, the energy effects last an average of 6-7hrs strong for me.

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  • Anastasia Kaduhr

    I am allergic to coconut; is there another kind of oil I could use in this coffee, butter combo to get these amazing benefits!?

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