Use What I Use: the Best Lab Blood Testing for Biohacking (video too)

By: Dave Asprey

When you read about nutrition on The Bulletproof Executive, you nearly always hear advice to get your blood tests done so you can optimize your performance and longevity. Data tells you what nutrients and food your body needs.

The problem is that you could spend thousands of dollars on countless lab tests and still not be sure you got the data you needed. I co-founded a medical lab testing company and know first hand how hard it is to find a physician who is familiar with using lab tests to recommend supplements and lifestyle changes that actually work. So I’ve been working on solving that problem for you – and myself.

To date, I’ve used a spreadsheet to track my mission critical health data. That’s all about to change.

What tests should I get? What supplements should I take? Are they working?

When I spoke at the first Quantified Self Conference, I met the folks at WellnessFX. They had a big goal – to solve the problem of getting comprehensive, repeatable, actionable blood tests, finding biomarkers, and tying them to supplement recommendations provided by qualified physicians. This has the potential to democratize healthcare by making it personalized.

Now they’re launching their service, and I’ve arranged a significant discount for Bulletproof readers. This is the service that I’ll be using for myself going forward. In order to review your results in the Bulletproof forums, WellnessFX my new gold standard.

There are two options – Essential and Premium. I highly recommend you invest in the Premium offering to get the best picture of your health. That’s what I did! If you sign up now, you’ll be one of the first people to get results from WellnessFX.

Access to invitation-only Bulletproof Supplements videoconference

I’m so excited about this advancement in medical testing that I’ll hold a special hour-long invitation-only videoconference for every Bulletproof reader who signs up for WellnessFX using the “bulletproof” code by the end of April. I’ll talk about my own test results and answer questions about yours at the same time. This call will be reserved only for people who sign up for WellnessFX.

Start here to take control of your health, be more Bulletproof, and get into the exclusive videoconference.