Here’s Why Everybody Needs a Vitamin D Supplement

By: Julie Hand
May 18, 2018

Standing in the hot Miami sunshine, Dave Asprey breaks down the science behind a very Bulletproof nutrient – vitamin D – which you can get from the sun and in supplement form. Watch this video to learn what you need to know if you’re taking vitamin D supplements and why sunlight is actually your best way to get it. Here’s what you’ll also learn about vitamin D:

  •      Vitamin D health benefits, including radiant skin and fending off disease
  •      How to properly expose yourself to the sun for vitamin D benefits
  •      How to combine sunlight and supplementation for best vitamin D levels
  •      What your vitamin D levels should be
  •      The benefits of taking vitamin K2 with vitamin D
  •      Why you want to get sunshine in your eyes each day

Since most people don’t get enough vitamin D via the sun — blame desk jobs and sunscreen — supplementing with D3 will help boost energy, balance hormone levels and keep your risk of many diseases, including cancer and heart disease, low. Aim for 125mcg, or 5,000 IU, a day. Be sure not to take vitamin D without vitamin K2.

Try: Vitamins A-D-K The combination works together to support your bones, heart, and immune system.

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