Videos: Epigenetics, Superfoods, and 300 lbs to Bulletproof

Some short videos with quick tips for upgrading your life!

1. Epigenetics is a developing field that affects everyone (yes – everyone) and in this video you will learn how you may easily change the expression of your genes (and the genes of your children)! (YouTube link.)

2. Tips for biohacking, tracking, and increasing self-awareness, teaching biohacking to kids, and how I went from 300 lbs to Bulletproof.  (YouTube link)

(The other talk referenced, regarding the pulse oximeter is Planes & Oxygen)

3.  Bulletproof popquiz– can you guess before the audience does, what superfood I’m referring to in this video?  The video also covers the range of benefits from this superfood. (YouTube Link)

What are the biohacks that have been most beneficial to you?