Video Transcript: 7 Steps to Bulletproof Sleep – How to Get Less Sleep Without Polyphasic Headaches, Part 2

Dave:         Alright, they didn’t tell me that they are gonna try and shave my chest here. The things I do for science, I tell you. Ow.

Rose:          Yeah. What a baby.

Dave:          Alright, Rose, so what are we going to do now here is stick an electrode right here.

Rose:          I have to clean it first now. Yeah. Now it’s gonna sting a little bit because this is alcohol.

Dave:          You heard it here first, I have a dirty chest.

Rose:          And I’m also gonna clean the other spot which is over here. We put it on the ribs because it conducts better on the bone, of the bone

Dave:             Okay. And in case you are wondering my heart’s right about here.

Rose:             For most people.

Dave:             What we’re about to discover is that because my grandparent’s from Roswell and yes, that’s true, I’m part alien.

Rose:             We also have one more step which is a Betadine swab. Smells a little bit like hospital.

Dave:             Wow, this is so medical.

Rose:             What did I tell you. This helps your skin not get too irritated from the adhesive it also helps the electrodes stick a little bit better. As you’ll find out tomorrow when we’re going to remove them.

Dave:             Is that why I heard screaming this morning?

Rose:             Yeah.

Dave:             And the other people removing electrodes?

Rose:             Certainly bee sting. Now that we’re at those thoughts a little bit.

Dave:             That’s why we got these two little electrodes here and a little data recorder that’s gonna record my heart rate for 24 hours. That’s a giant electrode.

Rose:             Aren’t they great but they’re cloth and they breathe.

Dave:             Why do I think this is gonna hurt coming off?

Rose:             Because it’s a giant electrode.

Dave:             Alright there’s one. And there’s the second one that’s going on here. So in 24 hours when we take this off we’re gonna take the data and crunch it through your giant set of computing and come up with an autonomic neurosystem assessment report which is why we’re going through this mad scientific experiment towards the end of my training at HeartMath Institute to become a certified HeartMath practitioner. I’ll turn off the video now.