Video Transcript: 7 Steps to Bulletproof Sleep – How to Get Less Sleep Without Polyphasic Headaches, Part 1

Rose:          Life’s being hectic so much he keeps his permanent smile on his face.

Dave:          I love it.

Rose:          Or we tell people it’s because we’ve zapped it so many times he doesn’t know. Come up just for you. Yeah. Okay.

Dave:          Hey it’s Dave Asprey from Bulletproof executive sitting here in a mad Biohacking laboratory about to get wired over some of the electrodes. Check out what’s going on back here. These are called Grass amps. I’m gonna wear some electrodes for 24 hours on my chest and we’re gonna look on my autonomic nervous system’s doing. But over all, I think I should have something like this in my office at home but I’m quite not there yet but soon I will be. I’ll give you a picture of what it looks like with the electrodes on and I’ll show you my report whenever it comes out.