VIDEO: Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Sexier, Better: Bulletproof

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In April 2012, I gave a talk at the Silicon Valley Health Institute, of which I am also the chairman. This is the anti-aging non-profit I run where some of the world’s leading experts on health and life-extension present their findings each month. On very rare occasions I make presentations there too, for those of you that weren’t able to join me in April, I’m posting the video.

In this video I briefly discuss the art and science of biohacking. As a biohacker, my goal in everything is to hack the human experience so that I am getting the most out of life.  I’m constantly experimenting (sometimes on the bleeding edge of current and experimental research) to find out what works even better than what I’m doing now.

The Bulletproof Diet at Smart Life Forum from Bulletproof Executive on Vimeo.

In the talk, I go in depth on how and why the diet works.  Discussion also includes but is not limited to: the impact on leptin, vasoactive intestinal peptides, autophagy, ketones, Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting, bile turnover as a measure of health, controlling inflammation, toxins, cooking, biogenic amines, fermented foods, fructose (cholesterol, what to keep your fructose levels under), nutrient dense quality foods, supplements, eating clean vs. eating dirty, secret butter powers (including butyrate), spices, booze, oils and Q & A!

Find out more:

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Recipes: “Get Some” Icecream, Bulletproof Coffee

What have you experimented with this week?  What are some of your biggest rewards from self-experimentation?  What is your favorite thing about becoming Bulletproof?

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By Dave Asprey

  • Tom Krawiec

    The video summed up the bulletproof diet perfectly.

    Thanks for uploading this.

  • Jbug

    great video! brilliant as usual. hey asprey’s how about some upgraded protein bars made with the upgraded whey and maybe coconut oil and or cocoa etc that I can throw into my kiddo’s lunchbox to help get her through the school day or grab for myself when I’m on the go and don’t have time to cook a bulletproof meal. Also, thanks for using the larger font on the blog. makes getting through the content much faster and easier for those of us with attention/concentration/ neurovisual issues. its one reason of many I keep coming back here for my info.

  • Sean

    PB8 I’ve been using has Lacto. Plantarum (mystery species!), so I looked into this…

    This study claims to use two species of Plantarum, to BREAK DOWN some amines…
    “In this study 26 strains of Lactobacillus plantarum were analyzed for their ability to degrade BA commonly found during wine fermentation. Two strains of L. plantarum were selected in reason of their ability to degrade putrescine and tyramine. ”

    Another study: “Biogenic amine production by Lactobacillus.”
    “CONCLUSION: It has been demonstrated that Lact. hilgardii X1B is able to produce the most important biogenic amine found in wine, putrescine, and also agmatine from arginine and ornithine, and that Lactobacillus plantarum, considered to be an innocuous spoilage micro-organism in fruit juices, is able to produce amines.”

    • Jbug

      wonder what dave thinks about HSO (homeostatic soil organisms like primal defense) So what probiotics are good? wonder if he likes homemade yogurt…didn’t mention that. kind of depressing about the fermented foods. trying to heal my kiddos gut would be nice to know what probiotics are best.

      • abright

        Bone broth and butyrate in butter may be helpful in healing gut too.

  • Sean

    Dave, have you tried NuStevia Vanilla?

    I may not have the Stevia-Bitter-Gene, but many reviews say it’s “the only one that’s not bitter” — and it tastes great to me. (alcohol free version)

  • Ashley

    I LOVED this video!! Thank you, I learned a lot and got a good, thorough refresher course on how to be BP. I TOTALLY reorganized my kitchen cabinets and chucked a few items after listening to you talking about herbs and spices.

    Thanks, Dave!!

  • Drd224

    Video caught out for me around the 51-minute mark. Did that happen for anybody else?

  • Jon

    hi Dave,
    you mentioned protein restriction being beneficial. Is there a post where i can find out more details on this?

    • Mia

      I would like to know about that too 🙂
      And if a day of green juice fasting would be BP?

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  • Arthur B

    Hi guys!

    At the moment I work a job, that is physically challenging – I’m on my feet walking 8 hrs a day and have to sometimes move some heavy objects. Should I add to my diet more starch, to have that extra carbs ? Or is BP diet ok as it is outlined by Dave ?

  • Paula Flynn

    As a 61 year old female, I followed the BP plan exactly for 2 weeks. I only lost 5.5 lbs! Happy there is no hunger or cravings, but was hoping for better weight loss. Has anyone had the same experience? My thyroid is in perfect range ( I’ve taken synthroid since birth). I never had weight issues before post-menopause.