Video: Lisa’s Bulletproof Experiment

Video: Lisa’s Bulletproof Experiment

Last week I posted my first talk about biohacking vs. self-quantifying at the Silicon Valley Quantified Self Meet-Up (QS) at the Stanford School of Medicine.

Unbeknownst to me, QS organizers Lisa Betts-LaCroix & Karen Herzog also invited Lisa F. to give a talk on her self-experiment and dramatic success using the Bulletproof diet to solve problems that  8 years of working with physicians had failed to fix.  Check out the short video below to see one person’s story – and a whole lot of data – of success with the Bulletproof Diet. I did not ask Lisa to do this talk and had no idea she was giving it!

Unless your doctor is Bulletproof, or at least anti-aging, it’s unlikely she’ll be able to support you in all types of optimizations.

Silicon Valley Quantified Self Meetup: Lisa talks about her Bulletproof Experiment from Bulletproof Executive on Vimeo.

Lisa’s has been willing to self-experiment and quantify changes to find what works for her, which is exactly the kind of personal experimenting that will lead you to the best health for yourself.

If you’ve done a self-experiment as Bulletproof comprehensive as this, we want to hear from you. What experiments are you running this week?