Video: 6 Biohacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

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In this video you’ll hear about six shockingly simple biohacks. By the end of the video, you may apply these biohacks and upgrade your life in the process.  You’ll learn how to minimize stress, boost immune function, and maximize your health in order to make your life Bulletproof!  Bonus for parents, this video also covers Bulletproof kids.

Watch the YouTube Video, or check out the entire YouTube Channel.

Highlights in the video:

  • Mistakes parents sometimes make with kids, food and sunshine
  • Discussion of macronutrients, micronutrients and anti-nutrients
  • Food, stress and epigenetic
  • Using your body and learning to breathe
  • How to upgrade your Heart Rate Variability
  • The Importance of sleep

What are your top 3 favorite upgrades?  Share yours here, or on Facebook!

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By Dave Asprey

  • Jeff

    Hi Dave, nice video but I think you should have spent $15 of the $250,000 on a cheap microphone so we could hear the sound clearly.

    • 10506871ltd

      hey dave, i dont care about your microphone… just to get the other side on the table.


    • HeatherENowak



  • Curt

    Thanks for the video Dave, unlike buddy who threw out the first comment I just appreciate the amount of free information you’re dishing out. Really opening my mind to a lot of things. Keep it up!


    hey dave great video. i was just wondering about vitamin d supplementation if i do get some sun exposure most days. i live in australia so i get sun exposure most days during summer. should i still supplement with vitamin d a bit or just on days that i do not get sun exposure ? thanks for your time and your inspirational work

  • paleozeta

    unusual low quality audio/video for bulletproof standards

  • WeirdCoolDumb

    For the breathing exercise, do you breathe through your nose, mouth, or both?

    • Dave Asprey

      Depends on the form.

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

  • So I dropped 10 lbs. in just a couple weeks despite years of trying, using the BP Coffee, Paleo and IF together. Weight-loss has stalled though despite still being quite overweight. Is this common? I was wondering if the IF eating schedule should maybe be cycled on and off. Any help would be appreciated from anyone.

    • Rob

      Sounds like you dropped some water weight. You need to look at stress in your life. Any stress you can reduce will have a direct impact on weight loss. Ie every day if you commute to work are you speeding and getting mad at stupid drivers? If yes then drive in the slow lane. Take a nap in the middle of the day during lunch instead of eating a lot. Split all meals you are eating now and split in half then distribute ie if eating 3 meals of x size every 5 hours split them and eat every 2-3 hours. The more you can stabilize your blood sugar preventing highs and lows the better you will succeed at fat loss. Also decrease the fat a bit and increase the lean meat and veggies a bit. Meat and veggies require energy to process hence less fat energy eaten means body will have to use fat stores. You also need to make sure you add alkalizing foods like lemons, limes, apple cider vinegar, ginger, cayenne, peppers, and probiotic food like fresh kimchi. If you are too acidic and toxic the body is storing in fat. Increase water intake also this helps flush.

  • The vitamin d recomendation, is that per day or per week.

  • lynn19000

    Hi Dave–Do you have a recommendation for how to locate an EEG-based neuro-feedback program (your #1 most impactful biohack)? I am very interested in using neuro-feedback with meditation. Thank you.

  • Jon

    Do you recommend Neurofeedback or Brain State Tech?

  • Jerry

    Hey Dave, Could you provide references to the Vitamin D intake of 1000 IU’s per pound of bodyweight? I haven’t found anything close to that in allowances. Thank you

    • Kara

      Isn’t it 1000 IU’s per 25 lbs of body weight?

      • Mark

        Kara, he asked for references. Meaning, from where Dave has found this particular dosage.
        Jerry, You can have a look at examine dot com, just type in vitamin D in search and you’ll see huge number of data and references.

  • Paul

    Does anyone have anymore information on vets to get help form Brain State Technologies? I have PTSD and received a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from an incident I was in. Ever since then my brain has been lost in a fog and no where near the focus intensity I was at before it happened. Any help would be amazing. Thanks

    • Brad

      Go slow and steady and listen to Dave. Good diet, lots of fats, electrolytes, and cleanse the system – colon, lymphatic, liver, blood, etc. If you can, qEEG like that at Crossroads Institute and others. If there is shrapnel, there could be heavy metal poisoning and you can research chelation. Things like HeartMath will help as well. Sorry, not sure if any of it is covered by the VA.

    • Rob

      Yeah mate, I am a Kinesiologist from Australia, and your condition is very common and very fixable, does not take a lot of time to correct this defence pattern. The human body response to trauma in the same way each and every time, no exceptions. I will send you some info.


    • Mark

      I’ve seen recently a good study on brain injuries that are easily fixable with massive amounts of fish oil. Something like a table spoon with every meal. Try to google it it looked promising.

  • When you record the software should have a gate effect. Turn it on. The static and boomy reverb will go away.

    • you can’t remove any reverb off a signal once it’s on it, gating would only cut the signal below a specific threshold

  • BulletproofTinMan

    You should upgrade your videos dave 😉
    cant wait for the collagen, got 4 pounds coming next week! so stoked

  • Sal

    1000 IU/ 25 pounds per day of vitamin D?

  • paul

    My LDL is 260 over all is 317 Im not fat Im a muscular body builder but my Dr tells me I have to lower it. I will get my partical LDL done. I love eggs would only eat free range …if I ask a Dr he will say no. Not holding anyone responsible what is the protocol?

  • fred

    if the truth is more important than pseudoscience read this.

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  • sallie matthews

    Using your body and learning to breath – should read “breathe”

  • BioLiberate

    Is there a transcription of this anywhere?

  • Mark Aydelotte

    Is there a list of Dr that will work with Smart Drugs ? Trying to find one in South New Jersey or Philadelphia area . email


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