Vegetarian Alchemy: An Interview by Doc Fermento

Vegetarian Alchemy: An Interview by Doc Fermento

Probiotics are a buzz word in today’s natural health landscape. Doc Fermento, aka Bryan Davis is a lacto-fermentation expert of fame.  He is on the unfolding path of what it means to eat real food, be mindful of food choices for his family and teaching what he’s learned in the ancient art of fermenting foods.

More importantly… he is not a vegetarian, so why call the podcast Vegetarian Alchemy?  You’ll have to listen to find out.  (Download from iTunes)

The podcast with AskBryan Covers:

  • The Evolution of the Better Baby Book and The Bulletproof Diet
  • The link between fertility and performance
  • Lana’s birth experience as an older parent with PCOS
  • How the book can help have healthier kids
  • What’s epigenetics got to do with healthier kids?
  • The pre-pregnancy nutritional pre-game for Dads and Moms
  • Carbs & Pregnancy
  • What to avoid
  • The Critics
  • Biggest surprise during research
  • What is the mycotoxin issue?
  • C-section and it’s impact on gut health and impact on later life
  • Dental care
  • What does your baby eat after breastmilk?
  • The impact of the 1st 7 years on how you model the world, pattern matching & conditioning
  • The Importance of Supplements
  • Stress management
  • Improving your environment and food on a budget
  • Bryan’s history and how he’s gone toe to toe with the Clevland Health Clinic, Walter Willet, and mainstream medicine
  • The truth about Tropical Oils
  • Macronutrient break down
  • Vegetarian Alchemy & Spinach 🙂

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As mentioned on the podcast, the book was released early by our publisher, so we are choosing a new launch date of March 10-16.  In honor of our book launch, we are offering coffee & coaching sessions if you purchase the book during our launch week.  Sign up on the Better Baby site on the right hand side of the page for a free copy of the Better Baby Guide and an e-mail reminder for when to buy.   If you buy books between March 10 – 16 we will give you cool stuff when you send a verified receipt from Amazon; or buy one now, and the rest during the week of March 10 and send in both receipts to qualify.

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