What can you do to upgrade your life right now? RESULTS: BOOST YOUR FOCUS

What can you do to upgrade your life right now? RESULTS: BOOST YOUR FOCUS

Your answers indicate that distraction and brain fog are major sources of frustration for you. You have ideas, you have motivation, you have drive. Then, when it’s time to carry out your plans, you find yourself redirecting your attention several times throughout the day.


It’s not a character flaw. You have some unseen barriers to peak brain performance. Here are some ways to break through those barriers.

Burn fat instead of carbs

Most diets promise to get you thin, but they do this to the detriment of your mental performance. Reason is, your brain eats up 20% of your energy, even though it’s only around 2% of your body weight. Cutting calories means less fuel for your brain.

When you reduce carbs, you eat as much as you need, and you shift to ketosis, which is a fat-burning state. This means that your liver converts the fats you eat into an energy source, ketones, so that you no longer need carbohydrates to function. This is great for your brain, because your brain prefers ketones to perform certain jobs. In fact, even if your liver isn’t producing ketones, your brain will make some on its own to maintain the health of synapses. Ketones are a more efficient source of energy for your brain than sugars are, and if your brain is working more efficiently, so is everything you do.

This article will get you started.

PQQ + CoQ10

Mitochondria are the tiny organelles that pull energy out of the food you eat. All the energy in your body – your movements, your breath, and your thoughts – ultimately come from mitochondria. Mitochondria are in every cell in your body, but mitochondrial density is greatest in the areas of your body that require the most energy, like your brain.

There’s a lot of rat and human research around mitochondria and pyrroloquinoline quinone, or PQQ. Studies show that PQQ:

  • Increases the number of mitochondria you have
  • Combat oxidative stress (important for the brain because burning energy creates free radicals)
  • Improves learning and memory
  • Stimulates growth of new brain cells

Details on the research in this post.

PQQ supplements are widely available, but notoriously difficult for your body to use. Unfair Advantage contains the acid form of PQQ in a colloidal suspension along with CoQ10, which helps absorption even more. Your mitochondria and your brain will thank you.

The right kind of coffee

Bulletproof Coffee will keep you running until the afternoon. It’s quicker and cheaper than a typical breakfast, and it means you don’t have to think about cooking in the morning. The ketones from the Brain Octane Oil give your brain immediate fuel, too. You’ll have sharp, stable energy through lunch, and you’ll never again have to think about what to eat for breakfast. Here’s the recipe.

Minimize your wardrobe

We like to treat mental energy like it’s infinite, but it’s not. Once you use it up, you have to recharge before you have the focus and clarity that you had earlier in the day. You can conserve by minimizing inconsequential decisions you make on a daily basis.

Minimizing your wardrobe makes a bigger impact than you might think. When you reach for the same outfit every day, you never have to think about what to wear or how you look. It seems minor, but you’re saving a lot of mental energy.

Not ready to go full Steve Jobs? Try a capsule wardrobe. Pick 3 or 4 tops, bottoms, jackets, and shoes, all in neutral colors like gray and navy. Plan it out so everything in your closet complements everything else, to the point where you could get dressed in the dark and still look good. Then get rid of all your other clothes so you only have 15-25 items in your closet. You can find capsule wardrobe guides online for inspiration.


You know how groggy you feel the next day when you barely get any sleep during the night? It’s not just because you want sleep; it’s because your brain needs quality sleep to function properly. You might think of sleep as a time when your body turns completely off. That’s not the case at all. Sleep is one of your brain’s most active times.

When you sleep, it gives your brain a chance to repair the neurons that you exhaust during the day while you’re active. It also gives your brain time to exercise the connections between your neurons. In fact, a recurrent lack of sleep may actually cause loss of brain cells – and that’s the last thing you want.

If you need some help in the sleep department, this article can help you sleep more effectively.

Smart Mode

Smart Mode™ is the brainchild of careful and deliberate research on cognitive enhancing ingredients and how they work together. This all-in-one nootropic (cognitive supporting supplement) contains key ingredients like:

  • Citicoline – an important structural component of the cell membranes in your brain cells that helps with cellular and tissue repair
  • Theacrine – an antioxidant that protects against stress, fights brain fatigue and maintains mental clarity
  • Bacopa – to balance moods and support memory
  • Rosemary – to maintain healthy circulation, promote short term memory, and support attention
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract – a great source of polyphenols, which can support anti-aging and antioxidant mechanisms in the brain
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – to reduce feelings of stress and exhaustion, helping ensure that nothing gets in your way

Those are just a few of the many ingredients that were purposefully chosen to protect and enhance the part of your body that controls everything you do.

Get Smart Mode here


Common environmental toxins – pesticides, for example – cause your brain to release glutamate (a neurotransmitter). Your brain needs glutamate to function, but when you create too much of it it becomes toxic and starts killing neurons. Scientists found that oxaloacetate protects brain cells from glutamate-induced damage.

Oxaloacetate also helps your brain get rid of accumulated toxins that give you ‘brain fog’ – the same toxins that stacked year over year eventually put you at risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. In animal studies, it also which makes mitochondrial energy production more efficient.

Oxaloacetate is a key ingredient in KetoPrime, and is a great way to give your brain a little something extra.

Make it easy on yourself. Download this shopping list of foods that will keep your mind laser sharp all day long.