Top 3 Mistakes You’re Making On The Bulletproof Diet and How To Fix Them

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Thousands of people are having massive success eating the Bulletproof Diet. They’re losing weight, thinking faster, and bouncing off the walls with energy.

You can be just like them. Get started on the Bulletproof Diet easily with this printable Bulletproof Diet Shopping Guide.

Here are just a few examples of how the Bulletproof Diet is changing lives:

“I’ve been following Dave’s principles for the past 18 months, and my HDL levels recently tested at 110, which basically means I’m immune to heart disease. Meanwhile, nuts, dark chocolate, avocado, and butter are stalwarts in my diet. I’m sure I get at least 50% of my calories from fat. And I’ve never felt better.” – Chris Yeh, former CEO of and Chairman of the Harvard Business School Technology Alumni Association.

I follow the One Page Bulletproof Diet because, like any great resource, it is updated as science progresses. While obtaining a large percentage of calories from “good” fats is highly logical, I notice it is still a very foreign idea to most people I speak with about nutrition. Until science proves us wrong, I will continue to help spread the word.”  -Thomas O’Neill,

However, a few people find that they notice some improvements, but the benefits aren’t coming as fast as they would like. Everyone is different, but in most cases, the reasons for their sluggish performance become apparent after closer inspection.

There are three main reasons you might not be doing as well as you could on the Bulletproof Diet:

1. You’re force-feeding yourself.

Food quality should be your main priority. Counting calories is a waste of time and effort. Eating the right foods automatically adjusts your energy intake to what you need 99% of the time. That’s what I mean by saying calories are a scam.  This doesn’t mean you have to take shots of coconut oil or eat half a cow at every meal.  If you eat too much, you can still get fat, especially if you’re eating low-quality foods or your percentage of fat drops too low. If you’ve been having this problem, here’s what to do:

  • Eat foods on the green side of the Bulletproof Diet.
  • Eat when you’re hungry.
  • Stop eating when you’re full.

What if you haven’t been gaining weight, but your energy levels and brain function still aren’t where they should be?  This brings us to the second mistake.

2. You haven’t addressed problems that were around before you started eating the Bulletproof Diet.

The Bulletproof Diet is great for rebalancing hormones, detoxifying your body, entering fat-burning mode (ketosis) and increasing micronutrient status. However, some people are so sick, malnourished, and screwed up hormonally that the Bulletproof Diet isn’t quite enough. Trying to lose weight when your testosterone levels are that of a teenage girl is obviously not going to work. (That said, over time, the Bulletproof Diet may help raise your testosterone levels, but that takes a while.) Trying to boost your IQ or sleep five hours a night is a disaster waiting to happen if you’re magnesium deficient.  Most people have been abusing their bodies for years, and repairs don’t always happen overnight.

If you don’t address problems that were around before you started eating the Bulletproof Diet, you shouldn’t expect the same results as someone who was already pretty healthy. The Bulletproof Diet has done wonders for my health and performance, but it wasn’t the only thing I used to recover from my past mistakes.  I know this is like an insurance company saying, “we don’t cover people with preexisting health conditions,” but it’s the hard truth. Unlike an insurance company however, the Bulletproof Diet will still help you on your path to recovery, it just might not be enough to get you all the way there. It absolutely will do more than a standard diet, and it works quickly, but you may need to pay attention to other parts of being Bulletproof.

Here are 6 common pre-conditions that may need extra attention in order for the Bulletproof Diet to work better for you:

  1. Hormonal imbalances. Get tested, don’t guess. (E.g., low thyroid and testosterone, high estrogen, etc.)
  2. Severe micronutrient deficiencies.
  3. Extreme toxin accumulation, including mold toxicity.
  4. Sleep debt and irregular circadian rhythms.
  5. Chronic stress (the emWave2 is my favorite Bulletproof technology to deal with this.)
  6. Glutathione depletion (Upgraded Glutathione Force and Upgraded Whey Protein can help with this).

The Bulletproof Diet works, but it’s important to address any possible underlying conditions. This is, of course, assuming you are eating the Bulletproof Diet to begin with, which brings us to the third mistake.

3. You aren’t eating the Bulletproof Diet.

This was a recent conversation I had with a client:

Me: “How has the weight loss been going?  You’ve been going strong for several weeks now, are you still doing well?”

Client: “Yeah, I felt great for a few weeks, but all of a sudden I’ve stalled.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I’ve been doing everything right.”

Me: “Okay then, what did you have for breakfast yesterday.”

Client: “Bulletproof Coffee, like every other day.  Oh, and we also had an office party, so I decided to have a donut.  It was only one.”

Me: “One?”

Client: “Okay, it was more like 2, and I had pizza two nights ago with my buddies, and a Powerbar on Monday because I was a little hungry.  That’s it though, so I don’t think it’s hurting me that much.  Oh yeah, how bad is canola oil, because I think the fried chicken I had on Wednesday may have had some.”

Me: *facepalm*

This person has obviously not been following the Bulletproof Diet.  It works – if you give it an honest effort.  You don’t have to be 100% compliant every second of every day, but having gluten and loads of fried, refined sugar several times a week is not going to work – period. It can be downright dangerous to trick yourself into believing you’re eating the Bulletproof Diet when you’re not actually doing it. A family member who thought he was eating healthy had a heart attack a few years ago and believed he was eating well, but it turns out the bakery he frequented used hydrogenated margarine for all their baking. He programmed himself to believe he was Bulletproof if he ate gluten and margarine several times a week.

If you’re having trouble easing into the Bulletproof Diet, here’s what to do:

Download the Bulletproof Diet infographic and put it on your fridge.

Download the Bulletproof Diet Shopping Guide and go to the store.  Stock up on enough Bulletproof foods to last you through the week, and set a goal to go at least 7 days eating only foods on the green side of the Bulletproof Diet.

If you’re still having trouble, or you prefer a more gradual approach, follow the 10 Secrets to Success on the Bulletproof Diet.

The Bulletproof Diet can do wonders for your health and performance, but like any system, there is always the potential for user error.  Don’t try to be perfect, you’ll become stressed and disappointed. That’s why the Bulletproof Diet is displayed on a spectrum. You can make individual choices about exactly how Bulletproof you want to be every meal of every day, but stressing over perfection is counter-productive and might even make you fat!

The Bulletproof Diet is a great way to become healthy, but some problems are too big to be fixed just with diet. Remember to address your preexisting conditions before expecting miracles from any dietary modification. Like any life altering change, you may need to be willing to stretch the limits of what you think you can do to succeed. Fortunately, it takes very little discipline to eat steak, butter, chocolate, and coffee until you’re full and satisfied. If you’re eating the Bulletproof Diet, you will get results. It’s as simple as that.

Again, don’t forget to set yourself up for success. Download the free Bulletproof Diet Shopping Guide and get your butt to the grocery store!

Have you faced any challenges while switching to a Bulletproof Lifestyle? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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By Dave Asprey

  • Anthony

    110 HDL? Holy shit…

  • SarahN.

    Hey Dave, thanks for this post! I’m one of those people who have been eating bulletproof (though I freely admit I’m not perfect) and not seeing the results I’d hoped for. After reading this post, I think I had mistaken “don’t count calories” for “stuff your face at every meal, as long as it’s high quality.”

    The one issue I am having though, that maybe someone could offer some help with, is that since I’ve started the Intermittent Fasting with Bulletproof coffee, it’s hard to keep my macros in line – my fat calories are way over 50%, simply because it’s hard for me to eat portions of protein and veggies large enough to compete with two tablespoons of butter and one of coconut oil. Should I be using less butter to compensate? How important are the macro targets, and is 75% of calories from fat a bad thing on the diet?

    Thanks! Love the work you do.

    • Dave Asprey

      50-70% from fat is just fine!

      • SarahN.

        Thanks! I’m also experimenting with adding one fruit serving on days that are otherwise high in fat. the concentrated calories and carbs re-distribute the total macro percentages in the direction of the infographic.

    • grepmasterflash

      Right, I’m having a similar issue. If I eat 3000 calories then I need to get more than 725 of those roughly from bulletproof veggies, thats 22 cups of of kale for instance, or 37 of Bak Choy. I’m thinking it’s tough to do it without doing things like the blended soups from the Upgraded Chef. Even those seem a bit low on veggies e.g. The Brocolli Leek soup seems to only have around 400 cals of veggies against the 1400 or so of fat (by my calculation). Perhaps the difference is then made up by eating some of the meatloaf recipes which also have some veggies.

  • I think alcohol will also have an effect far beyond its calories, especially when you are on the higher fat/ketogenic side of things.

    • Beth Lipton

      You’re right! I’m not fully BP but lean heavily that way, and I feel great. But I can’t drink alcohol anymore. Even half a glass of anything and I have a crushing hangover the next day. Even the cleanest vodka with club soda. Just can’t do it. I miss having a cocktail or a glass of wine with dinner, but it just isn’t worth how awful I feel the next day. I never had that high of a tolerance, but the zero tolerance thing definitely started after I began eating more BP.

  • Great post. I kinda stalled out a week ago, back on diet coke and fried foods. 🙁 And I decided I wasn’t going to do the Bulletproof diet at all. But then I started thinking about what I wanted to be able to do.

    I realized I would miss those things, but that I wouldn’t at all miss how I felt after I ate those things. Then the diet kinda pulled me back in. I’ve lost another 4lbs just since Sunday. But the most important thing is I feel like I have more confidence. It might be from working out (less but more efficiently), maybe it’s from the diet, or maybe it’s just that I am succeeding at something.

    I love this diet because you don’t have to perfect all the time. If you want a donut, you know where you stand if you eat it. But you know where the good stuff is too and I am just trying to be as green as I can.

    Dave and Armi Thanks again.

  • Dustin Hutcheson

    While I’m not on the Bulletproof diet (yet), I have been *mainly* eating fruits, nuts, vegetables, and rice while avoiding gluten as much as possible for months.

    For years I’ve had coffee for breakfast, and eaten only lunch and dinner with zero-to-little snacking in between.

    Still, on a day-to-day basis, my energy level would be pretty low.

    I recently starting putting butter in my morning coffee. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve always loved butter.

    This past Thursday, after work, I was busy doing yard work. My wife commented that I was quite energetic for a Thursday afternoon. I just chuckled and didn’t think anything of it. However, I had sensed all week that I was “restless.” I had all kinds of extra energy and I felt like I needed to be moving. I’ve also felt cognitively sharper.

    It only dawned on my later that evening that the only thing I had changed was putting butter in my coffee every morning.

    It seems outrageous. However, I don’t think it can be the placebo effect considering I wasn’t even thinking about the butter effecting my energy in that way.

    Take it for what it’s worth, but this has been my experience. It just blows me away. And to think that I haven’t even really started the BP diet yet.

    • Gwych

      hi. im starting to move in this direction, im a diabetes specialist and find it confruent. however. i have a cardiac arrythmia, atrial fibrilation, that i get about once or twice per month. its known to be triggered by coffee (caffeine). what do you recommend?

      • AP

        I don’t drink coffee for religious reasons so I have been making Bulletproof Cocoa. One square 100% dark baking chocolate, splash of vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon, pack of stevia, butter, oils (a must!), and hot water. It has been amazing! I am not hungry at all! On the days that I eat breakfast instead, my stomach is growling by midmorning. Caffeine may aid the effect, but from my experience, it isn’t necessary! Good luck!

        • Mohammed Doe

          Just curious how your religion allows chocolate but not coffee?

        • Carola S

          Mormon? ( :

  • retrainyourbrain

    On the diet for about 3 weeks: I may be going through a detox, but I’m really, really sick, so I’m returning to my macrobiotic healing diet plus meat, minus beans. I’m experiencing nausea and severe back pain. Just went to my chiro, and he says nothing’s wrong with my back; his guess is that it is toxins. So I’m taking Advil and other meds which I never, never take and just made an appt with an MD. My guess is that the coconut oil and ghee combo is too much for me. I’m taking just a little, maybe a tsp of each together, once a day, but that’s always when the nausea returns. The back pain is 24/7, better when I don’t move. I’m 62 and recovering from chemical sensitivities.

    • I’m no doctor, so take this with a major grain of sea salt…it sounds as though it could be gall bladder related? In my experience, I have to go REALLY slow with oils and fats (especially if you are not used to it). I get the same back pain and nausea, but mainly when I do MCT or coconut oil in too large of a dose. I have worked my way up over weeks by starting with a total of 1 tsp at a time. I still feel it if I go too far. It has helped me to try and eat high fat food in very small doses as well. You can also use supplements to help your gall bladder, but I don’t know if that’s your problem. I know that it is mine. This diet really helps it, but I have had to go very SLOW. Hope it works out for ya!

      • Dave Asprey

        This is liver congestion. High dose lipase with meals and between. Activated charcoal. Consider non bp intermittent fasting. Consider Epsom salt olive oil “Dr Clark” liver flush. Sounds weird, but it works to remove lipophoric toxins. Watch my mycotoxin video too if you have MCS.

        • When I search this liver flush (or any flush/detox/cleanse) I see all these people say it’s a hoax or it doesn’t work. This one specifically says it just makes soap like stones in your body overnight and that is what comes out. How do you know what to believe? I guess this one isn’t harmful by anyones claim, but some of them can be.

        • Adam

          You don’t have to believe anyone if you have the facts. What we do know is that Dave appears to be an honest and well intentioned man, and he said that flushes help the liver to remove lipophoric toxins.

        • Lucy

          I do these liver cleans on a regular basis and it is definitely not a hoax. I was very I’ll with gallstones in a lot of pain, no energy and nauseated most of the time. Felt like a new person after my first cleans and I do it whenever I start to feel my old symptoms coming back.

        • Suzie Nunnally Clary

          I discovered Hulda Clark’s liver and her gallbladder cleanse years ago. The gallbladder is easy, just 1/4 cup each of organic apple cider vinegar and olive oil, mix well and drink. I had to do it two days before nausea stopped. Then again one time six months later, and two years after that. No problems since then. I’m waking up with back pain now. Thanks for reminding me of the liver flush, Dave.

        • DeWayne Allen

          I want to try a liver flush, but everything I see says to not eat any of the things I now eat daily, for 6 days prior to the flush. Eggs, meat, fat, coffee, butter, etc. I found where I can substitute the Apple juice for apple cider vinegar, but should I stop my BP coffee and starve myself for a week?

      • Dave Asprey

        And work with a doctor! 😉

    • Joey

      could be a herxheimer reaction. if you have severe gut dysbiosis with lots of candida and/ or bad bacteria like clostridia in your gut, they die on this type of diet with no sugar/processed foods to feed them plus coconut oil kills them and they release toxins when they die making you feel sick for a few days.

    • LaMotta

      The back pain can be from any gut inflammation. In my experience (going back 10+ years) I get lower back pain from gut inflammation in two ways (1) directly, due to the force exerted by the swelling, and (2) due to the toxins (which go beyond the back to cause joint pains throughout the body, general “toxic haze”, etc.)

      Basically I’m validating what you are saying, but you need to figure out what specifically is triggering the inflammation/toxicity (which may be two sides of the same coin). It could be the specific type of fats, or simply ramping up the quantity too fast, or an enzyme deficiency. Also, as one poster says, it may be from a die-off of candida/dysbiosis, which is actually a positive thing, but it sucks to go through (get a stool test to diagnose that; I highly recommend it, otherwise you’ll be running in circles trying to find the source of toxins, and often, eliminating things from your diet that are actually beneficial).

    • Adam

      hello, how is your liver today? Im 25 and have this liver congestion BS… any advice other than what Dave recommends?

  • Sean

    Consider adding this, to a “Top 7” instead: Intestinal Permeability.
    — The bulletproof diet has not directly helped heal this condition, for me… Try:
    + enzymes on an empty stomach,
    + acidophilus,
    + the right pro-biotic, and perhaps
    + an anti-parasite regimen (to augment the enzymes)

    …or a “Top 8” with “Poor Glucose Assimilation” & what seems like “Chronic Dependence on Adrenaline” for stimulating glucose absorption throughout the body (including brain).
    – I interpret my experience as showing that a high-fat diet can be hazardous with such a condition.

  • Adam Fidder

    Number 3 is awesome.


  • Daniela

    Dave, I’ve been doing bp diet for the last week and I’m feeling SO much better. I’ve been eating paleo for a long time but had not been eating nearly this much fat. I had been eating lots of yams and winter squash because I’ve been diagnosed hypothyroid (high rT3) and was told to keep my carbs up so as not to suppress the T3 conversion. We are waiting to hear back about a 3 hour glucose tolerance test but I’ve suspected I am diabetic for awhile now. I’m 28 yr old female and put on 20lbs in the last year and I’ve been dealing with adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance and major depression as well. Since I started eating like this my mood has done a 180. It’s unreal. Truly spookie how much better I’m doing. So thank you!! :o) And now a question for ya: should I do a carb refeed once a week? If so then what should those macros look like? I’m not eating carbs except for veggies and kombucha and that doesn’t add up to a whole lot. 75 maybe at the most. Also I’m on a bovine adrenal support (cytozyme AD) as well as some other adaptogens and I’ve been drinking your coffee for the last few days and fasting. Can you tell me a bit about your experience when you were dealing with rundown adrenals? Did you drink your bp coffee then? I think I heard you mention that somewhere. My sleep is the only thing that is getting poor now too. I want to MOVE!! Think I may have to cut back on the coffee :o) OK, so this is a bit longer than I expected. Sorry about that but thank you for all of your help and for sharing your knowledge with the world. After a year of suffering I feel like I’ve finally started putting the pieces together. Best to you,

  • Thorn

    Hello Dave,

    I wonder if you can cook up a future post detailing a sample “high-quality” meal day, perhaps going as far as listing potential brand types that one can find in the supermarkets. For example, what’s the better choice: New Zealand organic cheese, or Wisconsin raw milk cheese? That sort of thing. Man CAN subsist on Bulletproof Coffee and Whey alone, but I’m wondering how to extrapolate the “high quality” emphasis you mention above across the line…and until you become my Bulletproof provider for all foods 🙂

    • lisa

      i don’t believe any cheeses are ok. only grass-fed full fat cream and butter to my understanding

  • Reka

    The challenge I am facing is that “grass-fed” is an unknown thing in my country. There is no such word in our language, and butchers even at farmer’s markets have no idea what the animal was eating. This makes me suspect that grass fed meat is totally unavailable, at least for those who are not living on a farm. I have no idea how to fix this, free range chicken is available from family farms, still no guarantt about their diet though. It is sad that people stress about organic veggies and fruits and make a big deal about caged eggs and buy organic milk which they later boil up, but nobody cares about meat quality.
    Any advices what to do if there is no way to buy grass fed? I’ve done quite extensive searches on the internet and found that one butcher in my city sells organic beef, that is the closest I found

    • It would be easier if you told us what country you’re in. Can you order from U.S. Wellness?

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  • Patrick

    Dave, You are awesome; you’ve opened my eyes to Orthmolecular science and as a registered nurse I was never taught the importance of nutrition in school. It consisted of a couple hours that boiled down to zinc and vitamin c are good for wound healing and eat low fa t to prevent a heart attack. Oh and too much protien is bad for kidneys. …wrong (for the most part) all your guest speakers/bloggers/podcasters and your passion for biohacking has blown my mind. I tried the Rapid Fat Loss fast after several weeks of bulletproof eating and it was an epic fail. I have come to the conclusion after reading good calories bad calories, wheat belly and why we get fat that I am not metabolically fit. You and are are much in the same; I was once 330# and dying – asthma, allergies, ADHD, peripheral neuropathy at the age of 20 and my doctor told me he would not be suprised if I had a heart attack by 30yr old!!!!!. So I evolved in the face of possible early exstinction. Next step is too keep optimizing the day to day variables and interview some bulletproof MD’s. I think I found one. I will report back with some feedback, if you have any tips on lab work or diagnostics please let me know. Trivial fact – I asked a recent graduate of medical school (2011) now doctor and they said their education on nutrition in 4 years was 4hrs. WOW!

    • Patrick


      I am seeing an in-network doctor in a few weeks what labs should I have drawn? I am also from generation Ritalin and believe a suffer from serious hormonal issues specifically test and cortisol. Any reccomendations would be wonderful. Keep up the great work…. you’ve change my life, my relationship and my girlfriend all for the better

  • Dan Williams

    Dave and Armi- What’s your take on diagnosing things like leptin sensitivity and cortisol/adrenal health? It seems having either of these out of whack would seriously hurt your chances of success with the BP diet. I’m worried doing the BP coffee/IF could be the wrong Rx if my leptin and cortisol are not functioning properly… I’m eating BP, high-fat, med protein, low-carb (with a weekly refeed) and still feel like something is not coming together after almost 6 weeks of effort. I’m eating this diet in hopes of better overall health and improved fitness with more consistent energy levels throughout the day. I’m semi-improved but still oscillating between tired and wired most of the time.

    • Leptin resistance is usually obvious – you’ll be fat. You could also measure your fasting leptin levels. If they’re high, you’re probably leptin resistant. For cortisol and adrenal health, it’s a good idea to get a 4 point cortisol and adrenal test throughout the day. Without knowing more about your current situation, it’s impossible to tell exactly what’s wrong with you. How much are you sleeping, what kind of light are you exposed to during the day, when are you exposed to it, what are your stress levels like, what kind of exercise are you doing, how often are you drinking coffee, etc. There are too many variables to make a firm diagnosis.

      • Dan Williams

        Thanks Armi- It makes sense that I need to work with someone that can get into the details more directly. It’s just puzzling me why I’ve been eating really well, doing the workouts, etc., and haven’t seen any change in body-comp for 6-weeks…or a big change in the tired/wired issues…

        Gotta keep hacking it and see what comes.

  • Susan

    I’ve a few friends who’ve achieved remarkable results.
    I’d be interested to hear from some more women, since our bodies lose weight differently than men.

    I’m on day 8 of being bulletproof; my food is bulletproof to spec (eating pastured, grass fed grass finished organic from “the green side”), yet my body is NOT liking me these days.
    Sleepless nights spent in the loo (sorry) and last night gained a whole 2 pounds…geesh!
    Maybe it’s not for me? I hope not.
    Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…

    • csp8

      Might your estrogen be too high? I would look into liver support and supplements to control/metabolize estrogen while avoiding all estrogenic foods and cooking your vegetables. DIM, Vitex, Chinese Bitters, Pau DArco, and mineral supplements went a long way to help me. It was only after following the protocol as laid out at for about a month that I switched to Bulletproof. I have none of your symptoms, though I am suffering from straight up detox symptoms. Detoxing because Im dropping weight like crazy.

      I dont think youre doing a thing wrong. I think your body needs to be better primed by going lower fat for a month while supplementing to control your estrogen and support your liver. Or give going Bulletproof a month and look into getting digestive enzymes to help – it sounds like your body is having a hard time digesting fat alone.

    • Carol Allison

      Susan it will work. It takes time to detox from being on the Standard American Diet. Good luck! 🙂

  • James

    Hi Dave,

    I’m interested in the Fats that are included in the diet. I’ve been drinking your coffee with butter for a few weeks now and I love it. How does the butter affect your heart and arteries? I was always under the assuption that these types of fats are what clog your arteries? Since its organic REAL butter is that why its fine, as opposed to the chemical imitation stuff?

    Any quick insight would help!



    • Dave Asprey

      Butter from grass fed animals is not bad for your heart. It never was. ?

  • Jory

    I got severe headaches and passed out drinking Bulletproof coffee. I’m pretty sure it’s because I was eating too heavy on the protein side, not enough vegetable servings, and zero carbs.

  • KungFu Panda

    I bought Organic salt free butter Publix brand and use New England cofffee, am I wasting my time? I will stop, if so,,, I can’t afford to buy anthing better.

    • Steve

      The butter MUST be grass-fed. Not just “Organic.”

      • LaMotta

        Disagree… you are still giving yourself essentially “good” fats for caloric intake rather than carbs. Of course grass-fed would be much better due to the higher proportion of Omega-3s

  • Bradley

    Hey Dave, any ideas how To put on some healthy weight with this diet?ie.more coconut oil in my coffee?

  • My challenge is living with someone who pays lip service to eating well (we met through Weston A. Price Foundation connections, at a dinner), while consuming chocolate and ice cream nightly, and often eclairs, fudge, etc. Yet he is still losing weight as his intake has declined. I don’t have a lot of weigh to lose, in fact I’m pretty happy where I am, but want to improve my health and fitness. I mostly avoid being tempted by my partner’s treats, but sometimes, several times a week even, I fall. This is a challenge for me. But overall, I’m moving in the right direction.

    • LaMotta

      Funny, I’ve noticed the cream thing as well. I think the MCT/coconut oil can tip the flavor to “thinness” and the cream balances it out…

  • Sam Hicks

    Dave, can regular vitamin/mineral supplements(vitamin c, selenium) be combined with activated charcoal at mealtime? Or will it inhibit their absorption? Would like to know more about the mechanism of action of activated charcoal..

  • LaMotta


    After switching to a paleo-template, bulletproof-influenced diet a year ago, I had incredible results (~22 lbs weight loss, elimination of arthritic symptoms and skin rashes, dramatic reduction or elimination of lower back problems). But after briefly taking antibiotics about 6 months later, many of the problems started to come back (though I only re-gained about 5lbs).

    I could not for the life of me figure out the problem, or why it seemed I had become “re-sensitized” to dietary influences (I continued to avoid grains, but other things disproportionately bothered me, like the occasional piece of fruit).

    So I embarked on a slow process of getting all sorts of testing — conventional rheumetological, and “unconventional”, i.e. “leaky gut”. The latter proved more useful; a stool test showed elevated levels of H. pylori (this surprised me; by that time after almost 6 months of problems, I expected it to be fungal in nature). My leaky gut specialist recommended “Silvercillin”, a new silver antimicrobial nano-molecule. I had already been taking generic colloidal silver, with good results (reduction of my various immune/autoimmune symptoms); however, Silvercillin seems to have wiped the problem out completely.

    A couple days after starting on the Silvercillin (2-3 tsp per day), it was like I had time warped to back when I had initially switched to paleo/bulletproof. My appetite plummeted and so did fatigue (I only felt the need to eat 1-1.5 meals a day, rather than 2-3; and given a reasonable amount of sleep (~6 hours) and caloric intake (~800-1000 calories), I once more could be “never tired”). Weight loss/leaning down resumed as if there had been no interruption. I was progressing in the gym again (I go once every 7-10 days and do high intensity/superslow style training).

    While I don’t do blood sugar testing, I suspect what was going on here was that the dysbiosis was somehow suppressing my blood sugar slightly, leading me to be both hungrier and more tired than I would be otherwise (has anyone studied this phenomenon?)

    I’m sure this is happening to many others. You can have a dysbiosis (bacterial or fungal/yeast) and have it be very subtle — I know I’ve had them in the past but it hasn’t been until the last few years that I get rather acute immune reactions so it is very noticeable. You might mistake it for food intolerances/allergies when in fact that is a secondary result of the dysbiosis. But the important point is that the blood sugar disruption may be happening regardless of more overtly-detectable symptoms.

    Get your stool tested; take clinical doses of natural gut anti-microbials that will not kill off the good flora (Silvercillin is the best and most powerful product I’ve tried for this by far, but you can do quite a bit with regular colloidal silver, cranberry, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, garlic, and many others).

    • Brenda Klawitter

      I have just had this same experience….h.pylori, antibiotics etc..I badly need a reset…can you tell me more about “silvercillin?” I was just looking at colloidal silver….should I skip that? and try the silvercillin?

    • KK

      This is four years later, but *thank you* for sharing your experience with the tiredness and being more hungry and how those related to dysbiosis. The first time I tried BP coffee I was exhausted within an hour and took a three hour nap! I will try the Silvercillan for sure.
      Also, other people’s comments about starting slow with the coconut oil have me thinking too.

  • I have trouble not eating after 8.

  • Michael

    Dave, Do you need to do this type of “fasting” every day? So for example, I’m enjoying the cup of coffee in the morning, but does this mean everyday I can’t eat until 2? Or is that just when you are trying out the fasting part?

    I’m a little confused about the fasting part, is that something that you have to do every single day?


    • I’ll say what I know, from and from two years’ experience.

      Intermittent fasting (IF) isn’t essential – it’s ideal. It has many health benefits and several performance benefits (some here):

      If after ~ten days you don’t like it, try one hour’s less fasting per day, or you may be in the small fraction of people who struggle adapting to IF.
      Keep constant meal times to avoid unpredictable hunger pangs. recommends men to fast 16 hours a day, and women 14 hours, due to their less efficient blood glucose metabolism, though women can adapt to a longer fasted state if they feel fine doing so.

      The only reason longer fasts are not recommended is for adherence, although since most people find more productivity and mental clarity in the fasted state, you can fast up to 28 hours at a time before breakdown of amino acids (muscle tissue) begins.
      Autophagy (the body detoxifying itself, including removal of cancer cells) begins at around 12 hours fasted, so a fast from 16-28 hours is very useful if you want to remove more toxin build-up.
      Dave Asprey’s rapid fat loss protocol advises a fast lasting several days – the addition of calories only from fat prevents muscle breakdown by perpetuating ketosis, and the BCAA supplementation keeps protein synthesis elevated, equalling muscle tissue preservation (growth only comes with a normal calorie intake, of course!).

  • Tracker

    So if you’re a teenage girl with normal testosterone levels you can’t lose weight on this diet? That’s kind of arbitrary.

    • elizabeth

      if you’re a middle aged man with the hormone levels of a normal teenage girl… yeah, that probably isn’t a good thing.

  • Jt

    So I’ve been having dull heart pain for two days and have been roughly 80 percent BP for a month. I don’t eat any grains, corn or anything packeted at all. Advice?

    • Joonyaboy

      See a doctor. Go 100% BP

  • Tom

    I don’t get it. The guy in the article says don’t force feed yourself, but Dave said that when he lost about 100lbs he was eating 4500 calories a day. If he was eating that much then most people are going to assume that you have to eat A LOT of meat and fats like butter and oil. I know that they are calorically dense, but how much is 4500 calories worth? Still a lot I would guess.

    • Kim

      For every fat gram there are 9 calories, it would be very easy to get to 4500 calories. That is only 500g of fat. That could basically amount to a few BPCoffees a day.

  • AJ02

    I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for over 2 years now. I started
    with the warrior diet, moved on to Brad’s Eat-Stop-Eat and I’m currently
    experimenting with alternate day fasting. The reason I’ve moved from
    one diet to the other as I kept hitting the plateau with each one of
    them, I’m not sure if something I did wrong. I read about Bulletproof
    coffee and diet but have been a little confused about how to go about
    it. I’m from India and I’m not sure which brand of coffee and butter
    which are available here are going to give me the best results. Can you
    please brief me on how to go about this diet? I understand that I’m
    supposed to have dinner before 8pm and then have the Bulletproof coffee
    as breakfast, but what after that? Do we continue fasting until next
    morning or do we eat? And also, on this diet, do we have the concept of
    fasting and non fasting days?

  • KA

    Hi Dave,
    I started BP two days ago and my face is now flushing bright red and I feel hot. Wondering if it is hormonally related as I am a female age 48, however, I do tend to have a reddish face. This however, is way worse than ever before! The thing I can best relate it to was when I got a niacin flush from vitamins. Any suggestions welcomed! I don’t want to stop what I just started as I really like it otherwise.

  • CB

    I basically just started experimenting with this. My diet used to be coffee in the mornings, a light lunch of whatever (maybe pb&j or a chicken sandwich) about 1 or 2p, and pizza or tortellini for dinner. Not so big on the veggies, and I’ve got the waistline to show for it. In the last year I’ve gained about 30lbs above what was a stable normal weight. So in a bout of inspiration, about 4 days ago, I added bulletproof coffee to my mornings. But also added a meal replacement shake about an hour before bp coffee because I couldn’t handle all that fat on an empty stomach, and the bp actually seemed to wet my appetite. (If I add the shake though, I’m not hungry – also if I do just the shake and no be coffee, I’m hungry.) I also went to the farmer’s market and got organic veggies and some grass-fed meats, which I’m eating until about 9.

    Here’s what my real question is though, I feel awful. I feel sick and icky, and either my sinuses or lymphatic system is/are getting bogged down and causing tenderness in my head and neck. Am I overloading my system with too much fat all at once, or is this “detoxing?” i feel like im not really actually fasting long enough to do that. In fact, if anything, im fasting less – eventhough my previous fasting was mostly due to lazyness. The sickly feeling is worse if I exercise. I did yoga, and had to go lay down I felt so awful. Any advice?

    • CB

      Oh, let me clearify – I am actually only eating the solid food between 2-9p. Not all day.

  • mamakmyers

    Some diet websites that count calories provide calorie calculators for participants to keep track with their diets. Since calories are obviously not the culprit as you have made clear, any chance you would be able to provide people with a similar counting program for counting grams of fat and other nutrients to make the process a little simpler and be able to have the information all in one place?

  • Aaron

    All the liver health info online says to stay away from fatty foods and acetaminophen. I some concerns about the high fat diet damaging the liver.
    How does the bulletproof diet play into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or any other potential liver problems?

    • Joonyaboy

      There are good fats and bad fats

  • Krister Thomas Dobbins


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  • For those who want to loose weight quickly I think non-surgical liposuction would be a better choice if they can’t stick to long term diet plan. I have been through the process and as far as I have experienced, its safer than people usually think. But yeah, for those who can achieve target through diet plans and fasting, they shouldn’t go for liposuction and should stick to diet plan.

  • ? alexa b. hüni ?

    Hi Dave,
    does the bullet proof diet work for women as well as for men?
    Is it also recommended for athletic women, who are training seriously (strength and endurance)?

    Thanks a lot and best regards!

    • Joonyaboy

      Its great for women aside from the Intermittent Fasting…that should be a case by case situation

  • Brad Ivy

    Would a lifetime of steaks be unhealthy for your colon?

  • Dohn Joe

    “What challenges do you face on the Bulletproof Diet?”

    1) Diahrrea
    2) Dry cracking skin on my hands
    3) Eating enough veggies (without being blended together in an 80/20 ratio with fruit for taste) is a pain-in-the-butt

  • Leroy

    Started the BP diet, with BP coffee in the morning, vegetables in the middle of the day, and more vegetables and some meat in the evening. I’ve been using conservative amounts of Kerrygold (around 2 tbps) and very little coconut oil (less than a teaspoon probably, after getting a severe stomach ache after using two tablespoons).

    Throughout the day, I feel sort of faint on and off, and notice my heart squeezing and clenching here and there.

    I’ve been at it for about a week; could this be the effects of the adjustment process or some sort of candida related detox or something? Been studying high fat diets for awhile, so I’m not too concerned about heart health on the BPD, but the heart clenching is a bit of a concern. Thank you.

    • Patrick

      Same. Feeling that too. Have you ever figured out what was causing this “heart clenching”/”sort of faint”? And are you still on the diet

  • Sean

    Im on the BP coffee Intermittent fast: Im doing good but my weight loss is sort of slow. 12 lbs in a month. ive been pretty solid with the green side routine. 7th day refeed is only organic white rice and sweet potatoes. ive been upping my MCT oil intake dramatically. I take all the supplements you recommend that i can afford which is most of them. Id like to enhance the weight loss frequency. Any suggestions?

  • My biggest challenge right now is being a first-time mom while transitioning to the BP lifestyle. I’ve had blood sugar regulation issues since my teen years, and I’ve been slowly cutting back my carbs and upping my fats instead of doing (my typical) 180 degree approach. It’s been tough trying to outsource the cooking in our household to my hubby, as he does not completely understand the BP way of cooking and sourcing foods.

  • Jayjay

    I am thinking about giving this diet a go after seeing the effects it has had on my brother. He simply looks AMAZING. However, I am wondering if I should modify the diet in anyways since I am female? Less butter or less fat in the morning coffee??? I am also a vegetarian, so I am wondering what would be the best source of protein for me? Thank you for your help

  • Vanessa

    when you say don’t force feed does that include bulletproof coffee I’m often not hungry in the morning should I wait to drink the bullet proof coffee until later?

  • gramavegas2010

    So frustrating. I’ve pretty much lived on a high fat diet for months. Just recently discovered the “BulletProof” guidelines, which I started about a week ago. I also am lifting relatively heavy weights again, thus building more muscle. I’d dropped 4 lbs in a week, but this morning I was up again by a pound. UGH! Why? I’m not cheating. I’m in VERY high ketosis. Blood sugar levels are great. What the heck?

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  • Jennifersafox

    Hi! I’m doing the intermittent fasting with my boyfriend. Can you have more than one cup of BP Coffee from waking till eating time? If I have it at 6:30am, I usually can have another one around 11am to help get me to the 2pm mark. Does that violate any rules?

    • danielle

      From reading Dave’s book he states you can but just drink it before 2pm

  • Joe DaSilva

    I have Hypothyroid and am medication for it will I have issues with Bulletproof?

    • White Prowler

      Too much coffee is not good for you.

  • kk rousseau

    “If you eat too much, you can still get fat, especially if you’re eating low quality foods or your percentage of fat drops too low. ”

    The last clause here suggests that if the ratio of fat is correct and the food quality is high, one can overeat and still not get fat. Have I read that correctly?

  • confused

    Day three of bulletproof and have gained 2 pounds….been following to the tee not sure whats wrong

  • Philip Giocondi

    If you are on Hormone Therapy which lowers testosterone can the DP diet still help one lose weight?

  • Debbie Michelin

    I’m dealing with mold toxicity by doing low dose allergen treatments, there is also another underlying infection called bartonella. I am freaky sensitive to most detox protocols and herbal treatments and don’t yet tolerate probiotics except small doses of fermented foods. I have gained 15 lbs and can’t get it off with bullet proof or any other diet. What can I do to get ketosis going?

  • Michelle Bourgeois

    I am a nurse who works 3-11 shift. I drive 1 hour to get home and I am HUNGRY . My habit is to snack on pop corn or other junk food before bed. What would you suggest for a quick BP snack when I get home ?

  • Hillary


    I started the bulletproof diet 4 days ago. I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee for about a week before I started. I’ve lost 3 pounds since starting 6 pounds since I added the coffee. I knew I’d have some detoxing to do because of how much soda I was drinking before. So I was expecting the headaches I was not expecting the shaking, cold sweats or dizziness all morning. I have pcos so I know from testing I struggle with hormones. Is there anything I can do so I don’t feel so awful half the day? I added some protein in the morning hoping this helps a bit.

    • Vicky Prest

      Hi Hilary, have you tried the supplements that Dave suggests? I have PCOS also and I find it very difficult to lose weight however i’ve been doing the Rapid Weight Loss Protocol for 1.5 weeks and i’ve lost 8lbs so far (I never lose more than 4lbs over a period of time on a diet!) I’ve been taking the supplements and apart from mild cold from detoxing, i’ve not had any issues. There are a lot of them to buy, but they are worth it!

  • Health Mercenary

    So question Dave. I do BP IMF everyday, and I follow the “body by science” protocol. One thing I’ve come across though is the fact that stress (physical stress from the workout) can impair digestion due to activation of the sympathetic nervous system (this comes from “the great cholesterol con” by dr. Malcolm Kendrick), yet most of the time popular opinion dictates getting your protein in ASAP following the workout. I’d rather have a high rate of digestion when eating my proteins, so all of a sudden popular opinion seems rather scientifically screwed lol. Any thoughts?

  • RevBev

    Lots of water is a must. Please Give us a sample meal list for the week. Aside from bulletproof coffee , I am eating fish and plain spinach for a 300 calorie meal and sometimes a piece of beef and a small salad (I only dip times in oil/acv or lemon juice)

  • Hey friends, I’m typically low blood pressure and low blood sugars. If I haven’t eaten enough carbs and i wake up and my blood levels are at a 1.5, is it best to start the day with a bulletproof coffee or get something with carbs into me so I raise my blood sugar? How to proceed from there? Thanks!!

  • Dina Moore-Woolery

    I have a heart condition and cannot have caffeine. Does this mean I can’t do Bulletproof? Can I do the hot chocolate instead

    • White Prowler

      Grass fed butter.

    • Mr. Clean

      Try creo Bru cocoa beans instead of BP coffee. It’s working for me. I like this as alternative to coffee grinds

  • Christopher Hamilton

    I’m new to this. Lost 8 lbs in the first 5 days and feeling better and better through two weeks. Had some initial tummy issues but supplements cured that. My concern is that if I had BP coffee every morning and not eat except between 2-8 that my body will dial that in as a routine. Should I eat a BP breakfast some days and eat some healthy BP foods when hungry some days instead of the coffee and fasting until 2? Just to mix it up?

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  • lisa

    yes, weight gain and brain fog. i started the plan and ordered the products for brain fog and cognitive and memory issues. after one week, i had put in about 2 kg and had a hard time thinking straight after one day of total energy and clarity. but i was eating breakfast in the morning – a protein shake or an avocado. when i saw the weight gain, i decided to do intermittant fasting, but i am absolutely in starving pain and keeling over in stomach growling (which everyone is commenting on). so after a couple days of this, i decided to add one teaspon of cream to my BP coffee and eat a cucumber mid-morning. prior to doing BP, i ate mainly raw veggies, salads, lots of olive oil bio-meat (GMOs are not allowed in Italy, and grass or grain fed i do not know) and tons of sardines and mackerel. I also ate dairy. I was practically gluten free except my breakfast of a couple dry not sweet biscotti. no pasta, no bread, no foccaccia. but merely changing to BP coffee and eating an avocado instead of coffee and milk and 2 biscotti has resulted in not being able to zip up most of my dresses in one week’s time. where am i going wrong? one BPer told me i need to BP coffee in the morning then nothing til 2. is the pain worth it? i didn’t have a weight problem before unless you consider a desire to lose 2 pounds a weight problem.

    • White Prowler

      Sounds like water retention maybe? Are you getting enough water? Water seems to solve half of our diet problems anyway.

      • lisa

        i don’t retain water. it was too many calories. i now drink coffee with whole milk in the morning and take my cilteps and other supplements for the brain. i use brain octane and olive oil on my salads at lunch and dinner. if i am hungry in the morning i will have gluten free bread with ginger. lunch and dinner consist of raw veggies and salads and homemade broth sometimes, a steak and a couple days a week i go vegetarian. on those days i eat some barley or rice at lunch. i am no longer hungry and have lost the weight and my brain feels so much clearer. so, it was far far too many calories in the morning with coffee – BP coffee made me fat and hungry. wasn’t for me. so using brain octane and ghee on my food and taking the proper supplements and limit the carbs.

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  • Alex Zeitgeist Hahn

    Totally normal in the first days.

  • White Prowler

    TOO MUCH SEROTONIN! Look it up. It is hard to find info on it, but your body is having problems digesting your food. Serotonin is created in your intestines for digestion. When you eat hard to digest foods such as fiber too much of it is created. Coffee also shoots your levels up. Limit your coffee intake. Too much TV is also a problem with this. Are you colder than usual?? Look into it.

  • White Prowler

    Try a spoonful of honey before bed.

  • Antony Reed

    So many here are talking about feeling nauseated and have low energy/brain fog. There are a couple reasons for this. I’ve been coaching the BP diet for about 3 years now and have helped 100+ clients through this diet over that time.

    The first is that you are not accustomed to eating this much fat, so your body isn’t accustomed to processing it. This is the main issue.

    The second ties into the first. You may be using too much MCT oil, or coconut oil. Back off on these or upgrade to Brain Octane oil, since it causes much less gastric distress.

    Third reason, you may be detoxing. Especially if you are starting to take more antioxidants.

    I hope this helps.

  • Tiara Thomas

    I’ve been following the BP diet pretty much to the T. At first I didn’t quite know what I was doing but I eventually read enough info to do it right. The first 2 weeks I had tons of energy, much clearer mind, and was sleeping well. At about 2 weeks my sleep has gotten progressively worse. I thought it might have been because I had cut out too many carbs so I made sure to have a protein fast/carb refeed day this week and have been eating more carbs with dinner. I work as a restaurant server so I can’t eat a big meal to break my fast. Usually I just have a high fat smoothie and then have a big dinner around 7. I’ve had hormonal sleep issues in the past but this seems different. I also haven’t lost any weight at all.

  • Jackiepb711

    Try eating a bit less butter! I was doing 2tbs of butter 1 mct. After playing around a bit I found I feel much better with one tablespoon of each. No more nausea

  • Henry D’Alessandris

    I have been making ghee with grass fed cows butter. and am using it along with BP oil I purchased on line. I have also rendered beef fat from my butcher who sells grass fed beef. Is this rendered fat, tallow, is it healthy to use on the BP diet and when cooking vegetables etc.?