The Bulletproof Executive Weekly Highlights: 10/16/2011


This is the first of our weekly digests.  These are for those of you who don’t have the time to read every article as it comes out, but don’t want to miss our posts from The Bulletproof Executive during the week. We’ll help you find what you want fast by organizing the digest by:

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Most Viewed

Mastering The Mid-day Recharge (In 15 Minutes)


Most Commented

Steve Jobs, Dr. Dean Ornish, and Vegetarian Cancer


Being Bulletproof In The Real World

How I Killed Jet Lag and Got More REM Sleep Too

I’ve been doing a lot of flying recently.  I flew to Germany last week and would have been completely shattered if I hadn’t used some of my proven techniques to conquer jet lag (and get more REM sleep).

Read the full post here.


Recipe: How to Make Your Coffee Bulletproof…And Your Morning Too

Even when traveling, I always start my day with a magnificent cup of Bulletproof Coffee.  This helps me feel full and energized all day, and I’ve even figured out how to make it work when I’m on the go.

Read the full post here.

Cool Links For Biohackers

Cold Showers

This is a great article by Todd Becker from  It’s about the numerous benefits of cold exposure, especially cold showers.  He goes way beyond the classic fat-loss perks that you might have read in the 4 Hour Body.    


An Organic Chemists’s Perspective on Paleo by Mat Lalonde, PhD

If you haven’t seen Mat Lalonde’s slides from his presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium – you’re missing out.  You can also watch the video of his presentation here.


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