Stella Grizont: The Work Happiness Method – #275

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Why you should listen –

Stella Grizont is the Founder and CEO of WOOPAAH, dedicated to helping people and their companies flourish. WOOPAAH is loved by Google, Johnson & Johnson, Columbia University and many more awesome organizations for their programs in work place culture design, engagement and well-being. Stella returns to Bulletproof Radio for a chat about how to work happier. You’ll hear her tips on taking a complaint vacation, how to find a life coach, setting boundaries and more. Her online course, The Science of Happiness, Hacks & Skills To Flourish, is a best seller on the leading online learning platform, Enjoy the show!

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 What You Will Hear

  •     0:55 – Cool fact of the day
  •     1:28 – Welcome Stella Grizont
  •     7:38 – Complaint Vacations
  •   14:30 – Ways to flourish
  •   22:40 – Ranking your values
  •   32:05 – Being a life coach
  •   34:40 – Finding a life coach
  •   40:21 – Shift your mindset
  •   46:52 – Practicing gratitude
  •   49:39 – The boundaries blueprint
  •   55:02 – Top 3 recommendations for kicking more ass and being Bulletproof!





Negativity Bias

Strategic Coach 

Dan Pena

David Cooperrider

Martin Seligman

Learned helplessness


Bulletproof Coach Training Program

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By Dave Asprey

  • Rich

    Have to say Dave I feel the quality of the podcast is slipping.

    This life-coach stuff seems so wishy-washy. Positive psychology has value, but this was just a collection of platitudes.

    “Complain less, be grateful, you’ll feel a bit better”.
    “Get some sleep!”
    “Have a friend at work”.

    Now, maybe she has some killer concrete actionables based on this stuff, but it didn’t seem to be here.

    You’ve had a few guests in the past year in the same vein. It’s feeling a bit like the Amazon self-help section if I’m honest.

    Where’s the cutting edge stuff? You used to be positioned as the Sensei of killer, concrete lifehacks. Can we have some more please? That’s what sets you apart. 🙂

    I’m sure it’s hard to come up with awesome guests and insights each week, but hmm, just saying it’s feeling quite diluted these days. Just my 2c of feedback.

    • rlee1185

      This was a valuable podcast. The fact that you didn’t like it suggests you’re probably not in a place where you really need this info right now. I and others I know are in a place where this info was helpful. I don’t know if this helps change your opinion, but others of us find it helpful.

      • Rich

        Great that you took something from it – I personally found it extremely simplistic and obvious. IMO Dave can do better than cookie-cutter self help.

        Contrary to your suggestion, I’m definitely in a place where I’d benefit from high-quality work happiness information, but simple platitudes just don’t do it for me. Glad to see some meatier topics and guests since this one though.

  • vjt80480

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  • BigDan

    how do we find an affordable coach though? that’s the part I’ve struggled with.

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  • JohnCross84

    Invaluable comments ! Talking of which , if somebody needs to merge two images , my boss stumbled across reference here