Sleep Hacking: Ending Insomnia with an “Electrosleep” Machine

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Thanks to Ben Rubin, former CTO of Zeo, for pointing me to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator – a cerebral-electric stimulator, aka “electrosleep” machine similar to the Neurotrek CES unit I recently used to get a full night’s sleep in 2.5 hours. (I have no relationship with any of these companies).

The attached video from Fisher Wallace shows how far CES technology has come.  The FDA would like you to get a prescription for this device (even though your doctor has probably never heard of it) simply because the drug companies selling sleep drugs don’t like simple, non-refillable, superior, 50 year old competition that is easy to manufacture.  Fisher Wallace even goes so far as to help customers learn how to hack their doctors visit so they can get a prescription.

Video via

On the other hand, there are other devices you can order, costing from $500 to $1000, without asking for a permission slip from anyone in a white lab coat.  Apologies to my doctor subscribers: I’m married one of you who looks *very* sexy in a white coat.  Some of you are my most trusted friends, but it’s not okay to use regulations to force people to pay you $150 for permission to buy something they already want.  You’re supposed to be making money by telling us what will make us better, not being a gatekeeper to it.

The Fisher Wallace looks like a good device with lots of research including this PDF from Harvard Neuroscientist Felipe Fregni. Most of all, I am looking forward to hearing Ben’s results from using his.  As the former CTO of the world’s leading sleep hacking company, he’s got to have something interesting to say!  I am pleased that my Neurotrek lets me choose my own protocols by combining frequency, carrier wave, duty cycle, and power.  It’s simpler than it sounds, and the default settings are fine, but it lets you tweak it for your own brain.

Check out part 3 of my sleep hacking series for more information on how to end insomnia and get more quality sleep in less time – everything you can do from hacking your environment, to using supplements, to using only one drug in extreme cases (not Ambien), and of course biohacking that lets you monitor how you’re doing.  I’ll cover the hardest part too – silencing the racing thoughts that interfere with sleep onset, using breathing, meditation, and biohacking techniques.

Nothing like this upcoming summary has ever been written in my 15 years of experience.  It’s the CliffNotes to years of research and testing.  Fixing insomnia is just the beginning of what’s possible!

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By Dave Asprey

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  • Eain Bankins

    “there are other devices you can order, costing from $500 to $1000, without asking for a permission slip” Where can one find such devices? 🙂

  • D W90210

    (Later this week on, I’m publishing a long piece on how to end insomnia and gett more quality sleep in less time – everything you can do from hacking your environment, to using supplements, to using only one drug in extreme cases (not Ambien), and of course biohacking that lets you monitor how you’re doing.)
    have you posted those articles yet?

    • Jeepers

      (Why is “hacking” used when you refer to “changing”?)

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  • m. bouvier

    besides magnesium and potassium what other sleep suppliments were you using? you said certain amino acids? which might those be?

    • Dave Asprey

      l-theanine and GABA

      • BG

        Used l-theanine and GABA with limited results. Ever seen or spoken with anyone who has used the Fisher Wallace machine. Had a colonoscopy the other day and awoke more rested than I had been in 45 years! Tried to buy a quart to take home. no go

        • quest

          I have been using the device now for two weeks for depression and it is giving me my life back. I am able to get up and do things — amazing – motivated and so excited!!!!!!! I was sitting on the couch all day – watching tv — today i was up and out of the house!

        • Chris

          Which machine have you been using ? Where did you buy it ? How much ?

        • Purchasing agents

          Same EXACT story! I want More! That’s Michael Jackson Joy Juice! Tried most everything under the sun to get that refreshed feeling.

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  • Duff

    Hi Dave, did you ever write post on your blog or somewhere else your piece on better sleep ? If so can you post a link to it in the comments of this blog post. I can’t seem to find it.


  • AlphaAvalon

    I believe the Sota Bio Tuner is one such device:

  • Tom Wilcoxen

    Zeo seems to be out of business….

  • D.

    Your ZEO link does not work, is that not a viable product anymore?

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  • Molly

    Does anyone know of a similar machine under 100 dollars?

    • Wellnesstrainer2

      Nova Sonic is about $200.00 Not sure if it is the same thing. but it has done wonders for me.

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  • Hal

    The link to Fregni’s PDF on the Fisher Wallace site didn’t work for me. I found this Fregni PDF there though:
    In case there’s something blocking this as well, the drill down is:
    select Scientific Evidence
    select Meta-Analysis

    Noninvasive brain stimulation with low-intensity electrical
    currents: putative mechanisms of action for direct and alternating
    current stimulation.

    It’s the firs paper listed and Fregni is the last co-author cited. PDF link is at bottom of summary.

  • Guest

    I’ve just contacted Fisher Wallace directly via the chat function on their home page. I asked

  • Xeen17

    I’ve just asked Fisher Wallace directly via the function on their site if the hours of sleep required would be reduced due to increased quality of sleep produced by their machine. The answer was “No, it helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer”.

    I’d really appreciate an explanation on how this machine is supposed to help reduce the amount of hours required to sleep, as bulletproof is recommending it if you’d like to sleep for less than 4 hours each night regularly.

    “7) Consider a CES machine if you’re going to go for less than 4 hours of sleep regularly. If a CES is too pricey, a light/sound machine may work as well.”

    I look forward to your response.

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  • linda kulp

    Is this a form of TMS which is electrical stimulation for depression? If so, how does it compare?

    • Cauthon

      TMS is magnetism, and probably the effect is due to generation of electric current in the brain as the magnetic field increases and decreases. The relationship between magnetism and electricity is the basis for the generators that power our electric grid for homes and industry and such, and the transformers they use for providing 120/240 volt power for our homes, spark coils for our cars, and the old power supplies for electronics. Light (as with radio, tv, microwaves, x-rays, etc) is electricity and magnetism. [ And God said del dot i = 0 and del cross J = 1 and there was light, some say:-] There must be some kind of similarity between TMS and the old electric shock therapy; the advantage is that TMS can be focused on a small part of the brain and does not (apparently) scramble your memories and break your bones (I suppose the electric shocks hurt a lot, too, although I don’t recall hearing it described that way). Maybe the Fisher people have found a way to get the effect of electricity with a lot less current and pain. I have been looking for information on TMS but have not found a price yet – but just looking at the pictures I expect it sells for quite a few thousand dollars, and the government in its great wisdom is protecting us from owning one anyway – despite an almost perfect record of safety. Anybody can buy a car and we risk our lives any time we go anywhere, but we can’t buy a TMS machine that – as far as I know – never kills anybody.

  • ONe option for a cheaper device is to check out the bio-tuner from the Bob Beck protocol.

  • DJ49

    How can you get “a full night’s sleep” in 2.5 hours? An hour is an hour, and 2.5 does not equal 8.

    • Cauthon

      How about a simple physical analogy? Columbus crossed the Atlantic with sailing ships and it took a long time. When they brought home one of the Blackbird reconnaissance airplanes they decided to set a speed record from London to New York and got here in about 1.5 hours. The ocean was more or less the same, but the technology was different. I remember reading somewhere that the astronauts sleep a lot less than we do here on the ground, and seem to be OK. If we really understood everything about sleeping, we could explain all that, but for the present, as we used to say in the 1960’s, if it feels good, do it.