On leadership: How to do What You Love – Ryan Estis #521

On leadership: How to do What You Love – Ryan Estis #521

Ryan Estis has spent 15 years in the ad agency business helping companies connect with their employees and consumers. Which means that he understands the challenges business leaders and top performers face because he has been in their shoes. His clients include AT&T, Motorola, MasterCard, Adobe, the NBA, the Mayo Clinic, and many more very recognizable names.

Now, before you say “what the heck is someone like that doing on Bulletproof Radio?” you should know that Ryan started his own research and learning organization right at the height of the last recession because he felt something was missing. He has now spent almost 10 years looking at what the world’s best companies do differently and has started sharing that knowledge.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you simply work at a company, the topics we cover in this episode are really important because we discuss the reason to having a mission, knowing why you do what you do, and why your company does what it does. These ideas can seriously impact your performance as a human being – which is what being Bulletproof is all about.

Enjoy the show!

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On leadership: How to do What You Love – Ryan Estis #521


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Show Notes

  • Would you recommend that people start their own business? 00:08:10
  • Focus on finding the right manager/boss not just finding the right job 00:15:20
  • What questions should you ask a manager? 00:19:25
  • The importance of finding your “why” 00:19:35
  • Which is more important, time or energy? 00:25:15
  • How to manage your energy? 00:26:50
  • Why leadership really means earning followership 00:32:00
  • The two question leaders should ask themselves at the end of the day 00:32:30
  • How to be more innovative 00:36:50
  • “What gets scheduled gets done” 00:38:50
  • The importance of a digital detox 00:41:00

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