Realtime Results: 16 Days of the Bulletproof Diet

Realtime Results: 16 Days of the Bulletproof Diet

This is an unsolicited twitter stream from one of the people who follow The Bulletproof® Executive. The words speak for themselves.

Thanks, @zenmancer.  This is the kind of feedback that keeps me blogging.  Nearly a dozen vegans and vegetarians have upgraded their quality of lives considerably after reading my blog, or hearing me speak.

Many more people lost life-changing levels of weight in short amounts of time, like my genius friend, Steve Omohundro, who wrote the 3d modeling system for Mathematica, then went on the Bulletproof Diet before it was fully published and lost 50 pounds in 3 months without exercise.

It used to really piss me off when I’d think about how much of my life I spent being tired, overweight, emotionally variant, and basically less than I should have been.  It wasn’t for lack of trying, or willpower.  It was for lack of good information and a model of health and performance that worked.

Now, thanks to 40 years of Zen training compressed into 7 days, along with emWave, I don’t feel pissed about it.  I feel grateful to have learned what I know.  Twitter comments, like those from @zenmancer and in-person updates from Steve, make that gratitude even stronger.

The funny thing is that when I sustain more gratitude, my alpha brain waves get bigger making my cognitive performance increase too.  So in a weirdly recursive way, writing The Bulletproof® Executive blog is yet another way to hack my brain.

Thanks again for the feedback – positive or negative.  Life is too short – and too precious – to waste on telling yourself you’re getting healthier while you accidentally do things that sabotage your health and performance.