Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol: How to Lose Fat Way Faster Than You Should

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The best way to lose weight on the Bulletproof Diet is with Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting.  But if waiting for results just isn’t your thing, you can use this Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol – but only if you are currently significantly overweight or obese, and you have healthy, functioning kidneys and liver.  However, you need to understand that your body stores toxins in fat that your liver couldn’t excrete, so when you lose weight very rapidly, those toxins are released and can make you very sick.  This Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol helps you avoid any side effects from this toxin release, so it’s important to follow the plan carefully.

In a nutshell: the plan uses 6 days of ketosis – when your body burns fats for energy – followed by 1 day of carbohydrate loading along with constant toxin binding supplements to help your body get rid of the released toxins.  This protocol isn’t low-calorie, and you don’t run the same risk of causing metabolic problems that you do when you follow a low-calorie diet.

Being fat sucks.

It’s bad for every part of your body.  Your body is actually breaking down, your relationships suffer, your brain doesn’t work right, your joints hurt, you lose muscle, and you just don’t look good in the mirror.  Conventional wisdom says you should start cutting fat and calories and run on a treadmill for an hour a day. Then you’re made to feel as if it’s your fault because their advice doesn’t work.

After living this for years when I weighed 300 pounds, I know how frustrating this can be. Luckily, losing fat doesn’t have to be that hard.

In an earlier post, you discovered how to increase muscle growth, brain function, and longevity with regular Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting.  Now, you can learn how to lose massive amounts of fat with the Bulletproof® Rapid Fat Loss Protocol.

A Word of Warning

It’s a safer and better idea to just use Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting and the Bulletproof Diet to lose weight. It falls off faster than you’d think – 30-40 pounds in 6-8 weeks is reasonable for people with at least 60lbs to lose. But for some people, 6 weeks is an eternity, and they’re going to lose weight NOW whatever it takes. Your body stores toxins in your fat, including unoxidized substances that your liver didn’t have energy to oxidize for excretion, as well as heavy metals and pesticides. (We confirmed this via direct assay as a part of an immunology lab testing company I helped to found.)

Very rapid weight loss will release those toxins, and this can make you very sick. It can even kill you. If you’re not set up to oxidize, bind, and excrete those toxins, when you melt the fat, those toxins will harm your tissues again, including your liver, kidneys, and brain.

I built this protocol for people who simply won’t take my advice to be patient and eat the Bulletproof Diet while using Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting. It uses biohacking techniques I pioneered on myself to reduce – but not eliminate – the risks of rapid fat loss. It prevents the metabolic harm and brain fog that come with very low-calorie diets (or multiple day fasts), and it does everything I can think of to maintain health in the face of additional toxins.  This is also not intended for people who are already fairly lean (10-14% body fat).  It is designed for obese and severely overweight people who want to lose fat as fast as possible.

See your health care provider before and while you do this, and get your liver enzymes and kidney function tested as we recommend below. If your liver or kidneys are already stressed, you need to fix that before using this protocol. Stick to the Bulletproof Diet, enhancing metabolism, and removing toxins in that case.

Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

Goal: Lose as much fat as possible as fast as possible.

The Rapid Fat Loss Protocol combines a modified cyclical ketogenic diet with mTOR stimulation, mitochondrial optimization, and ongoing toxin binding. The result is rapid fat loss with fewer – or no (we think) –  metabolic problems associated with VLCD (very low-calorie diets). It will combine a 6-day ketogenic phase using Bulletproof Coffee, followed by a 1-day high carb re-feeding.

This is the exact same protocol I used to melt 75 pounds of fat off of one of my clients – in 75 days. You’ll learn about that story in a post soon.

Step 1: Eat Bulletproof and Test Yourself.

It is best to eat a strict Bulletproof Diet for at least a week or two beforehand to store extra nutrients. This also helps reset your hormonal status if you’ve been yo-yo dieting. You don’t have to do this, but it’s a good idea. You may find that eating The Bulletproof Diet is enough of a stimulus for weight loss, and that fasting is unnecessary. You also need to get used to digesting fat if you’ve been on a low-fat diet.

Testing: Test your liver enzymes, vitamin D levels, and blood lipids before the fast. These tests will be taken again after the fast. Go to your doctor if you feel really unwell at any time during this process.

  1. Liver & kidney function
  2. Vitamin D Levels (25OHD) while you’re at it
  3. Blood lipids

Step 2: Drink Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is a mix of brewed Upgraded Coffee Beans (or other beans that meet the standards for toxins defined on the blog…about 92% of beans have toxins in them that affect your weight loss),  grass-fed butter, and Brain Octane Oil. You can find the complete recipe here.

Adding an extra tablespoon of Brain Octane or Upgraded XCT Oil increases thermogenesis and ketone formation. (careful – if you’ve never had MCT oil, work your way up. Too much MCT oil can give you the runs. People who eat it normally, or who eat coconut oil, have no problems.)

Drink as much Bulletproof Coffee as you like in the morning, subject to your caffeine tolerance. Do not eat anything else during the day – only about 500ml or less of Bulletproof Coffee. You can have another cup before 2:00 PM if you get hungry and the caffeine is not a problem. No coffee after 2:00 PM so you can sleep. Drink lots of water, always with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt in it (don’t waterboard yourself, just remember to stay hydrated). If you hate coffee or you’re caffeined out, you can use green tea. Or just eat some butter with pink Himalayan salt sprinkled on it. Just eat no protein and no carbs.

You will continue this process for five or six days. Then (see step 3) you have a food day.

The fat on this program makes you feel MUCH better than you do on a fast or a low fat diet. Most people can continue to work (in office jobs) at normal levels. In fact, most people feel like rock stars, with even more energy than normal. This is not a diet to use while you’re working out excessively, although a short workout once a week right before you eat will help.

This might seem extreme, but remember that you won’t be short on calories, you won’t get cold, or stupid, or cranky like you do on a low-calorie diet. You’re just firmly telling your body that if it wants to survive (trust me, it does), then it has to learn to burn fat VERY well.

You probably will need to take a capsule of Betaine HCL, a digestive aid, with your coffee to help your body digest and emulsify the fat you’ll eat.

Supplements are not optional for safety reasons. Besides the branched chain amino acids, Upgraded Coconut Charcoal, and Glutathione Force, almost everyone should be taking these supplements anyway.

Step 3: Supplement

  • Vitamin D3 – 1000 IU per 25 pounds of body weight. Adjust this dose based on your lab results. Target 70-90.
  • Magnesium (500 mg) and Potassium (200 mg) at night.  A good alternative to capsules is Natural Calm.
  • Krill oil – 1 capsule each day (with your Bulletproof Coffee).
  • Vitamin K2 – 1 capsule (2000 mcg).
  • Unbuffered Vitamin C – 1-2 grams (or more) every 8 hours.
  • Glutathione Force (2 capsules) away from other fat, twice per day (this is very important for liver function).
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – (5 grams) twice a day.
  • Coconut Charcoal – 2-10 capsules 2-3 times a day. Take these away from other supplements or drugs, as charcoal binds all toxins, including pharmaceuticals. Too much is constipating.
  • Pink Himalayan salt – 1 tsp in the morning in a large glass of water (if it gives you diarrhea, reduce to 1/2 or 1/4 tsp). This gives you a small burst of energy in the A.M. Repeat the pink Himalayan salt throughout the day if it tastes good or makes you feel better. At least a pinch in each glass of water is important for electrolyte formation.
  • If you ever feel tired or weak, take up to 10-20 grams of L-Glutamine. Do not exceed 40 grams in a single day.

A sample day might look like this:

6:00 a.m.: Wake up.

7:00 a.m.:

  • Drink Bulletproof Coffee
  • Vitamin D3
  • Betaine HCL capsule
  • 5 grams of BCAAs
  • 1 gram of vitamin C
  • 1 capsule of krill oil
  • 1 capsule of vitamin K2

10:00 a.m.:

  • 2-4 capsules of Coconut Charcoal (taken away from other stuff)

11:00 a.m.:

  • 20 grams of L-Glutamine

1:00 p.m.:

  • 1/2 cup of Bulletproof Coffee with a betaine HCL capsule

4:00 p.m.:

  • 5 grams of BCAAs

6:00 p.m.:

  • 2-4 capsules of activated charcoal

7:00 p.m.:

  • Eat some butter (your body will tell you how much, at least 1 tbs) with a betaine HCL capsule

9:00 p.m.:

  • 500mg of magnesium
  • 200mg of potassium

What to Expect

You will feel hungry sometimes, but you can eat more fat if you do. The first three days, you may need L-glutamine. If your body is really toxic, you may feel headaches or like you got the flu. It passes in a couple days. If you need painkillers, go for aspirin, NEVER Tylenol. Tylenol will hurt your liver and make it hard to detox because it depletes glutathione.

Then, expect to feel really good, to not miss food, to have great energy, and for it to not be that hard to stick to.

You will find that you lose up to 8 lbs quickly, which is your glycogen (and water) going down. Then you will plateau for a few days. I recommend you weigh-in only once per week, which will stop the emotional ups and downs. The mirror is your scale the rest of the time. The weight will come off in chunks after that. Nothing for a couple days, then sometimes 3-5 lbs in one day. It just keeps happening. But the mirror never lies.

If you feel really unwell, stop the program, and call your doctor. Protocols like this one have been in use for a while (without the mTOR from coffee or the detoxing agents, which are 100% Bulletproof additions) with good safety.

Now the fun part…

Step 4: Re-Feed after at least 5 days of eating only fat

Over the past five or six days of this protocol, you’ve been in deep ketosis and burning only fat, but you haven’t had to be particularly calorie restricted. In order to reset leptin levels and prevent a large drop in energy levels, you need to re-feed. Contrary to our normal recommendations, you need to pound down the carbs. When it comes to normalizing leptin levels, fat has no effect, while carbs are going to send them sky high.

This is not a “cheat day.” This does not give you license to drown yourself in sugar and frankenfoods. That will set you back several days. You need to eat as many sweet potatoes and other Bulletproof starchy tubers as you like. Eat a large amount of grass-fed meat, pastured eggs, and wild seafood for protein.

Don’t think going low-carb on the overfeed day is going to improve the results. It will make them worse. You do not need to avoid fat, but you do need to work on making sweet potatoes, yams, and white rice the bulk of your diet for this one day. You can drown your sweet potatoes in butter or not; it doesn’t matter as long as you eat the potatoes.  It’s important to choose glucose based carb sources like sweet potatoes and Taro over fruit. Fructose is 10-20% more lipogenic (fat forming) during overfeeding than glucose.

The re-feed occurs one out of every 6 or 7 days. Most people choose to fast for 6 days and save one day of the weekend for their re-feed day.

What to Expect

You will relish the day and you will eat like a king (or queen). You’ll sleep really well. When you wake up, you will have some water weight, and may gain a pound or two. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have weighed yourself. Go back on the coffee and keep it up. Stop the program if you feel really unwell and call your doctor if necessary.

Step 5: Retest

Take the same tests as you did before the protocol.  Your HDL will probably be higher. Your LDL will probably be higher – sometimes sky high – which is normal as you’re metabolizing years of toxins stored in your body. They drop over time but will not be excessively low. That’s not good for your brain or your hormones.

How long do you continue this process?

Until you’ve lost your desired amount of fat mass. Most people can reach 10-14% body fat on this protocol without a problem.

What if you don’t need to lose fat?

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting is a perfect way to take advantage of the health benefits of intermittent fasting for people who don’t feel good skipping meals. It allows you to maintain your mental performance while reaping many of the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Starving yourself on low-calorie diets is bad for you, but intermittent fasting supercharges metabolic health, fights cancer, improves blood lipids, and makes your brain healthier. Don’t believe it? Read on…

Fasting increases the action of insulin and improves glucose uptake.

In rats, fasting increases lifespan (PDF).

Intermittent fasting is better than caloric restriction in improving metabolic syndrome in overweight women.

Alternate day fasting lowers triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. This is also true for obese adults.

Fasting is better than caloric restriction for fighting cancer in mice.

Intermittent fasting extends life in almost all species.

Fasting increases autophagy which increases cell health.

Intermittent fasting decreases oxidative stress and increases cellular stress resistance (IF makes you more resilient).

Intermittent fasting can even decrease the negative effects of chemotherapy and help cocaine addicts recover.

Maybe most importantly, intermittent fasting increases neuronal plasticity and neurogenesis (brain health).

It’s obvious there are serious benefits to be had from intermittent fasting. The problem is some people don’t feel well skipping meals. As with everything, there’s a way to hack this problem.

A study published in the American Journal of Physiology found that carbohydrate restriction was one of the main reasons intermittent fasting works. You can get many of the benefits of intermittent fasting just by limiting carbohydrate intake.

Bulletproof® Intermittent Fasting takes all of this information and applies it in a simple way for you to become more powerful.  This method can be used for both fat loss, life extension, and as you’re going to read in another article: mental performance.

If you plan on trying this Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol, please leave a comment or let us know the results you achieve. But remember – you can lose the weight on just the Bulletproof Diet.

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By Dave Asprey

  • Trevor

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks a ton for the post, I really am looking forward to trying this out if nothing else just to see how I feel.
    I was wondering though, would there be anything wrong with doing this for 1 week a month and then doing the regular BP fasting the rest of the month, or would you just suggest sticking with the BP fasting all the way at that point?

    Thanks again!

    • Dave Asprey

      Most people completely rock it with just Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting…that’s what I’d do. But for those who just can’t wait, this works!

      • meg

        Do you believe fasting works for everyone? Also, when you refer to BP Int Fasting…are you referring to skipping breakfast and your first meal of the day being lunch other than your morning BP coffee?

        • Dave Asprey

          Yes unless you’re really sick, and see the full BP fasting post!

        • Rikke Pia Hansen

          Hi Dave.

          I’m doing IF on a daily basic.

          I’v tried drinking coffee for a week now, but my body can’t tolerate the caffein. My face turns all red, my heart begins to beat and my body gets restless. It’s almost the same when i’m drinking green tea.

          Will it work if i drank boiled water with coconutoil, tumeric powder and lemon,until i’m eating my first meal, and doing it instead of coffee and green tea?

          Sholud i switch between coconutoil and grassfed/organic butter?

        • Dave Asprey

          We don’t know if turmeric is a stronger mTOR inhibitor than coffee, but it will probably work with turmeric, even if you just ate the butter like a snickers bar. ?

        • Rikke

          Hi Dave.

          How should I do it?
          I’ve tried putting Tumeric powder in boiled water with coconutoil in the morning. Is it okay?
          What about the butter, how much should I eat in a day?
          I’m following the rapid fatloss diet.

          I live in Denmark, so I don’t have the opponitunity to buy the caffee, if i wantet to try it.

        • Dave Asprey

          Turmeric with boiled water and coconut is a good start, but you need the butter for it to work all the way. Eat as much as you need to feel as comfortable as possible.

        • Rikke Pia Hansen

          Okay, do you mean, that I can eat as much butter as I like and as my body is okay with, all day long? With or with salt?

          Is that the only thing I should eat all day long, besides the boiled water with Turmeric and coconutoil and eat the butter afterwards?

  • Bryan Z

    Hi Dave,

    Great article, really love how you broke it down and showed “what a day would look like”.

    I can see a few things I am going to add to and adjust with my current bulletproof regimen, but a couple questions.

    first: on testing, I don’t currently have a doctor. what is a good way to get these tests you mention done on my own possibly?

    second: I believe you mentioned on a recent podcast that you were re-thinking krill oil. is that still the case? I don’t feel like I am getting enough omega 3 (or getting the right balance of 3/6) and had read on chriskresser.com that Cod Liver Oil was a good supplement. would you suggest the krill over CLO and why?

    Last thing, the amazon link for the L-Glutamine is pointing to a non-existent page (404 error on amazon).

    Thanks for all the great info here on BPExec!
    ps still LOVING the Upgraded Coffee.

    • For the blood work, I use Life Extension Foundation (lef.org). Not a bad price, and even better if you buy a membership.

  • RS_TZ


    Thanks for all the great info. Your sample day only includes 1 dose of Lipoceutical Glutathione but the text mentions taking 2. Could you tell us where in the sample day you’d recommend the 2nd dose?

    • Dave Asprey

      Good catch. I try to take it 2 times a day when I’m doing something that releases more toxins – any time 15 mins or more before a meal, or 2 hours after a meal.

      • RS_TZ

        2 more Q’s:

        can Vitamin C be taken at the end of the day with Mg/K?

        what would recommended supplementation look like on the “breaking of the fast” day? Same supps/amounts?

        • Dave Asprey

          Totally. I take vitamin C at bedtime with Magnesium and potassium. If your C is unbuffered, and your mag is alkaline, you may end up making magnesium ascorbate which is an expensive form of magnesium supplementation. 🙂

          Same supps on breaking the fast day, but add green tea extract if you want to be fancy. Not required.

        • yes.

          omit the bcaa and krill oil on refeed days.

  • zingbo

    The link to K2 states that it is natto-derived, and one reviewer on amazon complained about estrogenic effects. is this something we should be concerned about?

    • Dave Asprey

      That is the first I’ve heard of estrogenic effects from K2. I don’t believe it. Natto is soy based, but there shouldn’t be enough volume for estrogens from soy to enter the supplement in meaningful quantities. Haven’t seen a study though.

  • I am wondering what you would suggest for someone who doesn’t like coffee, green tea, or anything caffeinated? I want to do IF with GF butter & MCT oil, but I get very dependent on caffeine & I hate coffee {yes, I tried the BP coffee but I still don’t like coffee. boo.} Can I just put Butter & MCT oil in hot lemon water in the AM?

    • Dave Asprey

      You can, but you’d be better off taking some curcumin or green tea extract, or maybe using powdered chocolate with the fat, if you like chocolate.

      • what kind of powdered chocolate do your recommend? like just plain ol’ powdered baking cocoa?

        • Try to find 90%+ dark organic chocolate

          I recently got raw unprocessed Balinese cacao powder and not only does it make my BP Mocha taste amazing with no additional sweeteners (it’s a bit bitter by itself) but it definitely gives a bit of a boost to the caffeine in the coffee

  • OliviaH

    Hi Dave,

    I’m currently following the Wendler’s 5/3/1 program and would really like to try this out for 2-3 weeks (depending how long I can manage). Would you advise against heavy lifting while doing this? If so, what about simple bodyweights like plank, pulls/chins, bw squats from time to time? The main concern I have is that being female, we tend to lose strength quickly. :-


    • A@shah.com

      Do you recommend any exercise program while doing this?

      • Dave Asprey

        Other than Whole Body Vibration to aid lymph flow and maintain muscle mass, not really.

      • Depends. Leaner people, yes. Obese people, doesn’t make a lot of difference.

  • Heather

    Well Amazon just got a boost to its coffers! I’ll be trying this when my supplement order arrives, sometime next week.

    I’m impatient and frustrated at having stalled for over a year regardless of what I do — so this seems like this will be the extreme push my body needs! I can’t wait to start.

    Thanks so much for the post, Dave!

    • Annette

      Heather – I’d be curious to hear your progress. If you have gotten a chance to get started etc?

  • I’m helping my partner execute your protocol, and he hates.. hates coffee and tea and chocolate. He’s concerned about just straight up eating butter and taking shots of MCT Oil…


    • Dave Asprey

      It will work with just the fat, but he should take green tea caps and turmeric for the mtor effects.

      • Thanks for the thoughts!

        • Lisa Fabiny

          The bulletproof coffee with butter and a pinch of sea salt actually tastes remarkably similar to salted dark chocolate. Also, black tea with coconut oil is divinely tasty.

  • mac

    Fantastic post. I’m around 21% BF and want to use this protocol to get to around 10%.

    Question: can NAC + ALA be used as a substitute for Lipoceutical Glutathione (LG)? I can’t afford LG (I’m on a student budget) and I still have some NAC and ALA left over from a previous protocol.

    Also, as a coffee substitute, I’m thinking of using: grass-fed butter (salted) + coconut oil + turmeric + great tea extract (EGCG?). Is this OK?

    Thanks guys, I’ll do a 28 day trial and post my results here.

    • I’m also interested in finding out more regarding the differences between lipoceutical glutathione vs. NAC+rALA

      • Michael A

        Personally, I feel the same effects from NAC+ALA and Lipsomal Glutathione. Make sure to cycle off at one-two days a week though, and vary your dose!

        • Michael A

          *at least one to two days a week

        • Madeleine

          what dose do you take of NAC + ALA?

    • runty

      how did it work out for you?

  • Adam Fiddler


    This is a really interesting idea. In your opinion, would adding 50-100g of pharmaceutical grade BCAA per day in water while on this program be enough support two 30 minute sessions per week of heavy resistance training? Thanks and great work.


    • mac

      I’d like to know too since I’d like to keep my Occam’s Protocol (twice a week HIIT resistance training) ongoing.

      • Dave Asprey

        I do not know the answer to this. I wouldn’t do heavy lifting more than once a week on this, and afterwards I’d have a little raw honey to keep brain glucose up. It will stress your body to exercise under these conditions. Would think about not exercising much.

    • Depends. Since you’re a lean guy, you can probably handle 2 heavy lifting days. They should be low volume, high weight, low rep workouts. Don’t take that much BCAA. Eat about 2 grams of protein / kilogram of lean body mass and cut back on the butter a little. That would make the BCAA unnecessary.

  • Marisa

    With all the grassfed butter (aka vit K) in the BP coffee, is it necessary to supplement vit K? Thx, M

    • Marisa

      3 days on and 4.5 lbs down. Hunger is minimal, less than on a low cal plan. I have a few questions: Are all healthy fats equal? I was trimming a grass-fed roast, and there was this thick layer of fat. Can I eat this in lieu of a spoonful of grass-fed butter? Also, I enjoy a spoonful of fiber (psyllium husk) in my Calm (I have GI issues and Mag gives me issues). Will this be deleterious to weight loss (although so far it hasn’t)? Thanks again for all the great information! Love it!

      • Dave Asprey

        Butter has fats animals don’t, but eat the fat trimmings anyway. Minor differences. Psyllium is harsh on the gut lining and I don’t recommend it, but if it works for you, go for it.

        • Marisa

          Are there any fiber sources you would recommend (coconut flour or glucomannan)? I feel that since toxins are excreted through our waste, it’s important to move things. Would you agree?

        • Dave Asprey

          Modified citrus pectin is your best bet.

        • You shouldn’t need fiber supplements if you’re eating enough fruits and vegetables.

  • Nick


    Any chance you can write a post on how to get below 10-14% body fat?

    Thanks for all the great info!

    • Dave isn’t as big on getting below 10-14% BF as I am. It isn’t super complicated, but I can write a post on it if you like 🙂

      • Dave Asprey

        Very low body fat is not bulletproof. It will make you less resilient and is not a marker of good health or longevity.

      • MikeD

        Armi, I’d be interested in seeing a post on getting below 10% BF. Thanks.

  • Cheri

    Hello. Not sure if this is the right spot to ask this question, but after searching your site I could not find your recommended method for brewing. Is it French Press? Percolator? Aeropress? I know it’s probably not drip. Please advise of your favorite method and recommended manufacturers. Thank you!

    • Robert Clark

      Check his post here and look under the Ingredints section, he likes a pour over style:


      I personally use an aeropress, but in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t be using a plastic press for hot liquid (or maybe no plastic at all)

      • I use an aeropress and love the amazing (and potent) coffee it makes with the bulletproof upgraded beans. Aerobie recently addressed concerns about the plastics used in the aeropress: http://aerobie.com/Products/Details/AeroPressMaterialsDescription.htm

        As long as you have a paper filter to absorb the di-terpense in the coffee bean oils then you’re fine (which is why a french press would not be recommended when inducing ketosis via this diet since di-terpense is LDL promoting). In Dave’s article you mentioned to he links to the haribo pour-over device he uses which is also made of plastic and uses a paper filter.

  • Makiavel

    I have a question regarding vitamin D intake. Since it’s a liposoluble vitamin, wouldn’t that be dangerous to take the highest recommendable amount while loosing fat so fast, since all that fat loss would probably release lots of vitamin D and K anyway?

    • Dave Asprey

      An interesting question. We know that E. Germany used to inject 500,000 iu into kids once a month, with small changes in calcification levels as a result. For the average person, even supplementing, it doesn’t seem like the extra D that’s released (if it is, we are theorizing here) is going to be at a level high enough to be dangerous.
      Does anyone know of a study on this?

      • Makiavel

        From a very quick search on google:
        “During the study of 439 moderately overweight to obese women the study has concluded that losing 10 to 20 pounds (the average weight loss by the women in the study) or approximately five to ten percent body fat loss resulted in large increases in Vitamin D circulation.”

        I don’t know how reliable is the source…
        link: http://www.inquisitr.com/110153/vitamin-d-increases-when-weight-loss-occurs-obesity-poses-biggest-danger/

        • Dave Asprey

          A fascinating theory. We recommend that everyone get their levels of D3 (actually 25OhD) tested. Doing it while losing weight is a great addition. Thank you.

      • Makiavel

        Sorry it didn’t answer directly to the possible danger. Vitamin D is normally lower in fat people hypothetically because of the excess fat to store it, lowering it’s concentration. What about a very fat person already supplementing in vitamin D in large amounts? Vitamin D is also used in large quantities as rat poison, but the amount released from fat loss is not well studied. I would at least recommend to monitor more frequently vitamin D levels with such a diet, especially if already supplementing.

      • No,but it’s unlikely to be a problem. K2 MK4 has a very short half life. Iirc it’s in the range of 4 hours. K2 MK7 has a longer half life but still, these doses simply aren’t high. There are studies using 5 mg and *45 mg* K2 (not sure which form) for osteoporosis and (while I have no time to look up the studies) iirc, there were no adverse issues wrt safety or side effects.

        2nd @makiavel’s comment below. Higher body fat generally = lower 25(OH)D levels. Testing is a great idea though. There’s just no way to know otherwise.

  • Matt


    Great article, I am following the bulletproof intermittent fasting but sometimes do end up missing my window to eat if I’m not organised, and just end up consuming fat all day. If I do this once a week say, do I need to take all of the supplements listed for the rapid fat loss protocol here?

    • Dave Asprey

      I wouldn’t worry about it. BCAA maybe…

      • Matt

        Thanks Dave, loving the blog posts and the podcasts 🙂

  • meg

    what is your advice for lowering elevated liver enzymes? Any cleanse or detox advice?

    • Dave Asprey

      That’s usually pretty easy, depending on why they are up.
      Lipoceutical glutathione from upgradedself.com is the first thing to use. 1 tsp 2-3x per day on empty stomach. Multiple grams of vitamin c – enough to almost cause diarrhea. Activated charcoal 2x per day, at least 4 caps.
      Work with your doctor to know WHY they are up and address root causes.

      • meg

        how long do you recommend following this protocol?

        • Dave Asprey

          Until enzymes are great

  • Chuck Currie

    I’m 65, been paleo for 3+ yrs and have now added 2 tbls of MCT oil to my morning routine. My chin is breaking out like a 17 yr old.

    Morning carbs are a few strawberries, evening carbs are usually salad, veg and either white potato, sweet potato or white rice – less than a cup.

    Any suggestions? or ideas?

    • Dave Asprey

      What brand of MCT?

      • Chuck Currie

        NOW Sport 100% Pure

        • Dave Asprey

          Chuck, that could explain it. There are two grades of MCT oil – low density (the more expensive form that I use in the stuff I carry) and the cheaper high density oil that (as I understand it) NOW uses.
          There are also 4 lengths of fatty acid that are medium chain; 60% of coconut oil of MCT, but the MCT I recommend is primarily composed of the rarer lengths, which comprise about 15% of coconut oil.
          I’d try switching formulations.

        • Chuck Currie

          Thanks…I will and will let you know if it makes a difference.

        • Chuck Currie

          One more question. Can a ketogenic diet cause a detoxification of sorts that would cause an acne outbreak?

        • Dave Asprey


        • Chuck Currie

          Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Very helpful.

        • TheJeebus

          By what mechanism? Is this documented somewhere, I’d like to read more about it.

        • Marisa

          That’s interesting as I get a tummy ache if I consume too much MCT oil, and I use the Now brand also. Hmmmm . . .

        • Dave Asprey

          I don’t want to say anything bad about their stuff – it’s just that it’s not the same as the MCT I use in the Bulletproof protocols. It contains different fatty acid ratios!

  • Sulamar

    It seems if all we are consuming is the bulletproof coffee we would be getting around 600 give or take calories a day, except for the refeed day. Is this okay to do? I know that people who do HCG at 500 or people who do lapband at 500-750 calories daily have problems with losing hair and nails stop growing because of low calorie.

    Thanks for any input.

    • Daniel Creedon

      Unless I’ve grossly misunderstood something I make it a minimum of 1350 calories.

      That’s assuming 1 recipe of BP coffee in the a.m. (although Dave does say as much as you want), 1/2 a recipe in the afternoon and just 1 tablespoon of butter in the evening.

      I’m probably having more like 2 tablespoons in the evening so around 1500 for me.

      Some clarification on this would be cool, I hope I’m not over indulging ;-D

      • Dave Asprey

        Have all the calories you want as long as its butter and mct. I use 100grams of fat in my morning coffee!

        • Daniel Creedon

          Nice one, cheers Dave. I thought I had it right.

        • Sulamar

          Thanks for the clarification guys. I misunderstood the calorie count.

        • golooraam

          Hi Dave,

          You really mean that? As Im doing the fasting usually in stretches of a day or two, my ‘butter’ cravings are going way up – so much so that Im contempleting making my Bulletproof coffee tomorrow with a stick of kerrygold and a tablespoon of your MCTs (I use about 2oz of Upgraded coffee beans)… have you heard of anyone else doing it and still having success with this protocol?

          I did a couple of days per my earlier messages in this thread with my lower calories but after hearing you speak last week at the symposium, my ‘fear’ of butter has vanished and I’m a lot happier putting more into my coffee.

          I also recently started CT in the form of 1 hr ice baths, that is also helping tremendously.

          Thanks for everything

        • Dave Asprey

          Especially if you’re doing ice baths, having as much butter as your body desires is the right thing to do.

        • MikeD

          Dave, could I be going too low on calories? I’m feeling just fine on about 1100 calories per day (900 in my coffee in the morning and another 200 or so around 7pm, all from grass fed butter and MCT).

        • Dave Asprey

          If you’re feeling good, brain is working, and your muscle isn’t wasting away, you’re probably ok!

  • Mary M.

    Hi Dave!

    Just curious, what are your thoughts on doing this protocol (and even just the Bulletproof IF) for someone who is breastfeeding?

    • Dave Asprey

      Mary, no way! Caffeine can enter breast milk which is not going to make you a happy mommy at nap time. Plus, I am concerned that IF could slow or stop milk production. Now is the time to enjoy your extra padding that helps you to make milk. When you stop breast feeding, you can do BP IF and your body will bounce back very quickly. My wife’s did, even at age 43 after 2 kids. Be patient! 😉

      • Mary M.

        Thank you for the quick reply!! I asked because I am already back to work and do not fit into my uniform or my gear…so, I’ll eat with Bulletproof quality without the IF for now. Thanks again!

  • E_tromb

    I guess my question is how often is it okay to do this? Can you fast for 6 days and refeed for 1 for multiple weeks?

    • Dave Asprey

      Depends on your adrenal status. One person went 75 days moving between 4/1 and 6/1 so far.

  • 1 week in and I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to keep it up mostly due to boredom, but turns out I’ve lost 10 lbs without being hungry once, having TONS of energy, and being more productive then I’ve ever been in my life. I’m re-energized now to keep up with this for the 4 weeks I set out to do at the start.

    Thanks a ton Dave.

    • Dave Asprey

      Too funny, but common! The weight does come off faster than most people believe, but we get a lot of amusement from eating. You will eventually find yourself experimenting with cinnamon or dark chocolate in your coffee as the weight falls off. ?

  • Bethany

    So what’s the thinking on this for a mother who is fully breastfeeding? I’m pretty overweight, been lacto-paleo since June, but not losing weight very quickly at all. I have probably about 60-70lbs to lose.

    Part of the problem is my lack of planning (I’m refocusing on that) and the fact that my family is not paleo so I have a few weak spots (Juanita’s tortilla chips!), but I’m surprised that it’s not coming off as quickly as I want it to. I’m pretty good about most things. I have a 3 month old baby that I’m nursing full-time, and I’m not sure about doing extended fasting while nursing. Thoughts?

    • Bethany

      Nevermind, I just saw Mary’s comment 🙂 I guess I’ll have to deal with being fat a little longer 🙁 Although I am gonna start making my coffee bulletproof – I drink it mostly decaffeinated (I blend my own and make it cold brew) so caffeine isn’t really an issue.

      • Dave Asprey

        Bethany, I hate to burst your bubble, but read more about decaf on this site. It is universally higher in toxins than caffeinated coffee, for the simple fact that caffeine is an antifungal. When it’s gone, the beans are more susceptible to mold. The beans selected for decaffeination are lower quality (and higher in amines) than the coffee that’s not decaffeinated.
        In short, decaf is not for humans, especially breastfeeding ones. Stick with green tea until you can switch to full caffeinated Bulletproof coffee. ?

    • Dave Asprey

      Bethany, stick with your paleo plans and do not worry about cutting calories when breastfeeding. Have your thyroid checked. And realize that one “weak spot” can reverberate for up to 4 days. If you cheat every 4 days, you may not be getting what you want biochemically.

    • As your baby is counting on zinc, iron, choline (and everything) from you, it’s really important to eat with an eye on nutrient density. The lack of fat mobilization is likely to indicate one or more nutrient deficiencies: selenium, iodine, choline, magnesium, potassium (…)

      Really do try to eat a lb of fatty fish weekly, some seaweed daily, 4 oz beef liver weekly (choline/A/zinc), beef/lamb/bison rather than chicken, plenty of bone stock.

      Moderate fasting is likely fine while you’re nursing (ie an 8 hour feeding window and a 22-24h fast per week) as long as you are truly nourishing yourself appropriately.

      It may also be worth noting that ketosis and it’s main benefit, autophagy, can still be had while including some starch in the diet – so mess around with starch intake to find what helps you feel the best during the time. As long as you’re supplying yourself with sufficient short/medium chain fats and stick with around 100g carbohydrate (400 cals from starch), your body will be utilizing ketosis to some degree.

      • Dave Asprey

        Well said, Katherine! You saved me some typing! ?

  • I’m confused, it says “drink as much bulletproof coffee as you want in the morning” but then it says but “have 500ml or less of bulletproof coffee”………….so it’s not ok to drink as much as you want?

    • Dave Asprey

      Have as much as you like as long as you sleep!

  • Neilburczyk

    Chollera OK during the fast? If so when would be ideal. I used to work in a very toxic environment so I’m sure I have a little more heavy metals to get out of my system. Thanks for the great work!

    • Dave Asprey

      Yes but not so much you are getting protein from it!

  • Robert Clark

    Any reason for choosing unbuffered over buffered vitamin C?

    • Dave Asprey

      Buffered neutralizes stomach acid you need!

  • Robert Clark

    Another quick question…

    Would you use Trace Minerals over sea salt?

    • Dave Asprey

      Both. Salt itself is important!

  • Specialanointed

    Can someone who workout alot do this without feeling fatigue ?

    • Dan Creedon

      Put it this way, I spent about 15 minutes in the garden doing a little heavy digging and afterwards I felt like I’d done 2 hours of wrestling. Pretty much the same thing when I cycled for about 20 minutes ;-D

      As a very simplistic generalism, any exercise that produces a nice lactic acid ‘burn’ is using carbs as fuel so your performance in these areas is going to severely affected on a ketogenic diet. Fat as a fuel is far better suited to long and slow activities. That’s why I always find it funny when you see marathon runners chugging down the sugar solution while suffering through the ‘wall’, they’d be so much better off going ketogenic then they wouldn’t have any wall to worry about.

      That being said, Lyle Mcdonald says that after a period of a few weeks adaptation you can return to near normal weight lifting performance when ketogenic… I never did myself but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t.

      This is ignoring the very real possibility of over-training when working out hard in this state, definitely worth bearing in mind. I’ve suffered from severe over-training and believe me, it sucks worse than you can ever imagine if you’ve never been there.

      I was wondering whether this protocol could modified to a targeted ketogenic diet, any thoughts on that guys? Would that mess too much with the hormonal effects of this plan?

    • Dave Asprey

      You should not workout a lot on this protocol.

  • Dan Creedon

    Is this a joke?

    I’ve been on the protocol for 5 days now. I’ve decided to do the re-feed day a day early as I was starting to feel a bit run down yesterday and I’ve had leptin problems in the past so I didn’t want to push things too far.

    Figured I’d jump on the scales to see how things are going, I certainly feel lighter and wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d dropped 5 or 6lb already. I’ve lost 14lb. FOURTEEN POUND! I’ve done ketogenic diets before and have never lost more than 5lb in a week, 14lb in 5 days is obscene! In a good way of course.

    I’ll be scoffing down the sweet potatoes today and getting back to the BP coffee tomorrow. Damn good work Dave, many thanks, this protocol will have me back to fight weight in no time by the looks of it.

    • Dave Asprey

      That’s music to my ears! You don’t have to grind out the months of eating low fat, low cal crap in order to lose weight. Most people can stick to this program because you’re not starving and you know it’s for short periods. It’s inconvenient, but the weight comes off FAST!

  • Sheryl Bowman

    Do you also have instructions for transitioning back to Bulletproof Exec Diet… “introducing food to prevent weight gain”?

    • Nana

      I did an experiment a while back, seriously overeating (3000+ kcal) but staying low-carb for 30 days. My weight was so stable, I started suspecting my scales were broken! And you can see David’s post about eating 4000 kcal a day without gaining. As long as you stay bulletproof/low-carb Paleo, I don’t think you’ll gain weight back.

      • Michael A

        I stayed strict Bulletproof and relatively low-carb (~100-200g/day) for 10 months while eating 2500-3500kcal/day (I started at 145lb and am a guy). I gained about 10lb during this time. If I weren’t doing Bulletproof I probably would have gained a lot more!

  • natural_girl

    What are the options for those of us with casein allergy? Ghee or should we use just the coconut oil? Would bone broth be permitted as it would seem like an ideal way to heal any gut issues simultaneously.

    I don’t want this to sound disrespectful but one trend I am noticing in the Paleo/Primal blogosphere is the majority of them are written by men attesting to the myriad of benefits of the lifestyle all sporting there six pack photos to back it up… Don’t get me wrong I think it is great. I have eaten VLC Paleo for two years problem is NO WEIGHT LOSS…I don’t think I am alone when I say this….most of us 40 year old Paleo women would like to know why this is not working for us despite following everything we are told. I have tried exercise vs. no exercise. VLC to some Paleo carbs. Dr. Kruse’s Leptin Rx for over 6 months and most recently his Cold Thermogenesis all with no results. Yes, I have had my hormones tested and they really weren’t that out of whack. Dr. put me on some bio-identical progesterone cream and I literally gained 3 lbs in 5 days…..no thanks. What the hell do us Paleo women have to do to lose weight?

    I think it would be most interesting for one of you to take someone like me who represents a good portion of the Paleo forum community and hack me…that would be truly helpful. There are so many Paleo woman out there that are just completely frustrated and tired of searching for answers. Just my two cents and again no dis-respect intended.

    • Dave Asprey

      My 44 year old physician wife with 2 kids just posted “how I got my goddess figure back” on http://www.betterbabybook.com.
      Is it really fat, or inflammation? Need to know. What of your thyroid? Lots of women can and do lose weight on the BP diet. The lack of xenoestrogens matters a lot here!

      • natural_girl

        I doubt there is much if any inflammation left. My last blood work up 6 weeks ago indicated a HS CRP of .20. My rT3 is high, ratio to FT3 is 13.1 currently taking milk thistle and SR T3.

        I have eaten strictly organic for 7 years including grass & pastured fed meats so I highly doubt xenoestrogens are a factor here. I use organic coconut oil as a moisturizer as well…I was going to school to be a naturopath years ago and have done my research…unfortunately none of it has helped with the weight loss. After my third child I was not able to lose the weight despite never having a weight problem my entire life. That was 9 years ago….still have 40 pounds to lose.

        With all due respect your wife is not “typical” of the middle aged Paleo woman on these forums, I am. You should really read them and listen to our frustrations…we just want someone to tell us what to do. I am willing to do anything to lose weight provided it actually works……

    • Juliebgood001

      I’ve had similar problems here! And sad to say, there actually has been some discussion on boards of the observation that the Paleo diet just doesn’t seem to work *as well* for women in general, not that it doesn’t work well for many. But there also many, many women see no change in weight, even on LC/ketogenic diets.

      Here’s the exciting part for me – once I incorporated intermittent bulletproof fasting, the weight started dropping off very quickly! After losing 10 lbs of the 30 I want to, though, I’ve plateaued, but that’s probably because I’ve been slacking off lately and cheating with carbs more.

      Seriously, do the IF! Also, fasted workouts 🙂

      • natural_girl

        Well thank you for understanding! I do plan on giving this a try and the IF as well and mix them both in with my LC plan that I do now so my body does not get used to it (hopefully) I am going to substitute organic pastured ghee though since I have a casein allergy.

        • Dave Asprey

          Ok, just asked a top integrative medicine doc, Lynne Mielke, about 40+ women and weight loss difficulty using BP protocols. The short answer is that it is hormonal and emminently biohackable. She will be on the podcast soon to help shed some light on this.
          I really like women over 40 – in fact there is a lovely one who allows me to cook her dinner sometimes and share her bed and happens to be my soulmate…there is no way women over 40 would be ignored in the Bulletproof protocols. If we have to write up new ones to work, we will, but I expect that hormone balancing will make the existing diet work for the vast majority of post and peri menopausal women who have a hard time with weight loss. If not, the expensive HCG diet is a nearly sure bet.

        • natural_girl


          I have been following Dr. Jack Kruse and his Leptin Rx and now CT program since he began blogging in May. I feel terrific most of the time I feel like I am 20 something but I can’t lose the weight. Whether I exercise or not my weight stays the same. I choose to do some exercise for the stress relief. Dr. Kruse has been telling us it is our hormones for months and I believe him however I found a Dr. that works with Dr. Dzugan and had my hormones tested…they weren’t as messed up as I thought they would be. My progesterone was a bit low (not a shocker given my age) I began a very small dose of 5% progesterone cream….gained 3 lbs in 5 days, was irritable, agitated and exhausted….that does not sound like a step in the direction I want to take. I am not going to take hormones to gain weight & feel like crap. I want to be strong, skinny & feel great mentally. I am 2 out of the 3 it’s finding the last piece of the puzzle that has been the most difficult.

        • Stephklop2007

          Would it be ok to add a couple drops of HCG to my BP coffee in the a.m?

        • Dave Asprey

          I have no idea! Interesting idea, but work with your HCG prescriber if you gave one!

        • OK

          I thought the peer-reviewed research was pretty clear that hCG is not effective as a weight-loss agent.

      • Dave Asprey

        Ok, you ladies are coming through loud and clear! More info coming tailored to your needs. Helps that my middle aged physician wife Lana can help to guide this advice, and an amazing woman is about to join the Bulletproof team. You’ll hear more from her shortly in the blog!

        • Juliebgood001

          Yay! You are a very, very sweet and good man, and I just want to huggle you for all the good you do for people *huggle*

        • Dave Asprey

          Why thank you! You can give me a huggle if we meet sometime. ?

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  • waterhoused

    Hi Dave, thanks for this! I am getting ready to start the fast on Sunday, and just had some bloodwork done today. I am still waiting on Vitamin D and other results, but I have some of the tests in already. I am slightly concerned about using the fast now, as I have elevated uric acid and elevated ALT and AST liver enzymes. I am pretty sure that both the uric acid levels and liver enzymes are caused by my excessive fructose intake the last couple of years, either through metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, or some other disease of sugar.

    I’m not super concerned about the liver enzymes, as they are not way over “normal” range, but I read somewhere that ketones compete with uric acid in the kidneys for removal, and thus ketogenic diets could be dangerous for people with elevated uric acid (as the diet could increase uric acid). However, could the complete lack of fructose in the diet and minimal carbs on refeeding day help improve the uric acid levels more than any increase caused by competition for removal from the ketones?

    I’m pretty dead set on trying it out after reading all the positive experiences below, and so I would be majorly bummed if you think it’s too dangerous.

    Thanks again!

    • Dave Asprey

      This is definitely a question for your doctor (who is likely to think of his insurance over your decision-making abilities…). If it was me, and I was doing it to myself, I’d take some extra glutathione and vitamin C throughout and see how I did on the fast. That said, I know my body, and I’d look for signs of liver congestion (yellow skin, malaise, tenderness, etc.). But I’m also the guy walking around with frostbite type burns from over-doing cold thermogenesis; my risk tolerance is set to “biohacker”.
      I have seen no research about the interesting question you pose wrt uric acid vs ketones, but fructose looks like your culprit here to me!

      • waterhoused

        Thanks for the reply, Dave.

        I’m going to try it out, and will look for bad signs coming from my liver or uric acid. (I’m young and live pretty close to healthcare, so I’m not too worried. Yay for high risk tolerance!)

        I’ll take an extra 500mg of glutathione in the afternoon, in addition to the 500mg morning dose. I’ll also fit in another gram of Vitamin C during the day.

        I think I was referring to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketogenic_diet#Adverse_effects
        But there was also a PaleoHacks entry that said something about ketones competing with uric acid in the kidneys. (I can’t find it right now, but if I do I will reply later.)

        I think I can distinguish my case from those though, in that the wikipedia article concerns children on a permanent ketosis, whereas here I’ll be (presumably) breaking ketosis every Saturday when I eat the sweet potatoes. I think that may give whatever is harmed by ketosis a sufficient break.

        Also, I am pretty sure that lack of fructose will do wonders for my liver, and should at least stop whatever is causing production of extra uric acid. (I don’t now, and never really have eaten organ meat or shellfish, the two big dietary culprits of hyperuricemia.) Taubes has an article that I’m working through that says the causal link is pretty strong between fructose and uric acid: (http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2009/10/05/gout/)

        So yea, worst case scenario I stop in a couple weeks and just do regular Bulletproof Diet/IF. (Hopefully not my famous last words!)

  • Juliebgood001

    I’ve had similar problems here! And sad to say, there actually has been some discussion on boards of the observation that the Paleo diet just doesn’t seem to work *as well* for women in general, not that it doesn’t work well for many. But there also many, many women see no change in weight, even on LC/ketogenic diets.

    Here’s the exciting part for me – once I incorporated intermittent bulletproof fasting, the weight started dropping off very quickly! After losing 10 lbs of the 30 I want to, though, I’ve plateaued, but that’s probably because I’ve been slacking off lately and cheating with carbs more.

    Seriously, do the IF! Also, fasted workouts 🙂

    • Juliebgood001

      Oops, this comment was supposed to be in response to Naturalgirl’s comment below about her having trouble losing weight on Paleo.

  • Kenneth Bruskiewicz

    Is there any recommended weight before embarking on this protocol? This looks like a great detox program on top of a fat loss one, but I don’t think I have much fat to lose…

    • Dave Asprey

      If you’re looking to just detox, a more moderate program with intermittent fasting and heavy liposomal glutathione in the morning, with charcoal and bentonite later in the day, would be easier on your body and very detoxing.

      • zman1593

        Could this detox with charcoal and Bentonite be used every day if my circumstances don’t allow access to grass-fed meats? How much bentonite should be consumed with a meal?

        • Dave Asprey

          Yes it can be used for long periods of time as long as you don’t get constipation. Low dose for longer periods. Avoid taking near pharmaceuticals as charcoal will adsorb them! There is debate about whether charcoal absorbs key nutrients. I don’t think it does in your gut – but it’s not shown either way in studies I have seen.

  • golooraam

    Hi Dave,

    did a 2 bulletproof fast this week then the yesterday did just a regular bulletproof day, took off 9.8 lbs of bloat – pretty nice! especialy because I had like 7 tbs of pastured butter yesterday and a nice steak

    gonna up it to 5 fast days starting tomorrow

    one question – how does creatine fit in to this equation? can I have 5 grams mixed with some water some time during the day? wanted to maximize mTor as I lifted this morning and it was my workout for the week

    would that be ok?

    • Dave Asprey

      Congrats on the progress! Feels good doesn’t it? Creatine is fine as long as it doesn’t make you nauseous – that is a problem for some people. It may slow weight loss as you hold more water in muscles, but it will look and feel good. Highly recommended.

      • golooraam

        thank you so much
        doing my darndest to get through 5 days this time to break through a plateau, will keep you posted

        I got over my fear of milk proteins by having some pastured butter (1.1oz) for dinner yesterday, I like ghee in my cofee but actual butter has a nice mouth feel and ‘feels’ more like dinner

        voila – 3.4 lbs down after I put on 4.4lbs from my carb refeed (suspiciously very low as I usually put on about 9 to 11)

        will update you Friday morning – it is not super easy, but a lot easier to have these fats in your system to curb the hunger

        • Dave Asprey

          You are doing well! Keep it up and keep me posted! ?

        • golooraam

          sure thing – good news I broke through a plateau
          last Saturday when I posted I was 184.8
          kinda ate carby (albeit not always best choices on Saturday) and buckled down for a 5 day bulletproof fast

          well first two days were a breeze, day 3 got ravenously hungry for dinner and ate a Prather Ranch ribeye and a few raw egg yolks – then next two days did a bulletproof fast again – so basically 4 days bp fast and 1 day bp IF

          loss of 3.8lbs in a week – plus a plateau busted – plus my chinups went up

          looking forward to more bp fasting and bp IF again on Sunday – got a couple parties to attend over today n tomorrow

          thanks Dave! looking to see how the grounding mat and collagen protein I just got from you guys will help me in my fat loss battle

        • Dave Asprey

          Eventually your fat loss will evolve from a battle to a dance. 🙂

        • golooraam


          actually the hardest part to handle is not the fasting – its the self loathing from having the excess adipose tissue.

          If you have a few seconds, if you could please answer the i3 question I placed yesterday off another blog posting – I would appreciate it (and also buy it today *lol*)

  • Blaydejockey

    Has anyone ever combined the Bulletproof rapid fat loss protocol with intermittent fasting (every other day)? What were your results? Were you able to exercise?

    • Jim

      Try to use individual diet plan.You can find such a plan here: http://WeightLossLastSecret.Com .I used this system and weight loss fast and healthy.I would suggest it.

    • Guest

      i dont do it every other day, but i do intermittent fasting and mix in RFLP for 3-5 days every other week. went from 290 to 250 in 6 weeks

      • pinarberry

        If I do RFLP for few days in a row and IF, it helps me to get rid of plateau which I’ve been struggling for months?

      • Kimberly Bowden

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      • Daisey Cavenger

        Do you think adopting a very low calorie diet will also work to lose weight quickly? I’ve just read it on another page I was reading (http://wlzine.com/ways-how-to-lose-weight-fast/ ) but I’m really not sure to trust the information or if it’s safe.

        • Kate

          Maybe, but it will trash your metabolism. Your metabolic set point will adjust to conserve calories on the restricted diet, so when you return to normal eating your body will store what it considers to be a sudden surplus of calories. This is why people tend to get fatter than they were to begin with when they give up on their unrealistic crash diets. (The yo-yo effect.) On top of this, calorie restriction is highly stressful to the body. Your system will do its best not to “waste” its precious fat stores when it thinks there’s a famine. By consuming plenty of fat on the RFLP you teach your body that fat is an effective and abundant fuel source, so it becomes accustomed to burning fat, including stored body fat. This makes the RFLP far more effective than calorie restriction in the long run.

        • mindy

          My ex husband introduced me to Atkins dieting about 15 yrs ago. Since then, I’ve eaten low carb whenever I needed to lose weight with varying success. I have also tried a ketogenic diet (low carb high fat). Keto was always my go-to whenever I needed to drop 5 or 10 lbs fast. This beats the sh%& out of keto! I’ve been doing it for 2 days and have lost 7 lbs! I have had a kid, am almost 40, and am overweight but not obese (according to my BMI). If I can get these results, I don’t know why it won’t work for you too. Low carb works well, but not as fast.

      • WOW! Impressive. My plans are to cycle back and forth from IF to RFLP. Not sure exactly what’s it going to look like but that’s my plan for now.

        • RevBev

          I am doing a 20/4 IF with bulletproof coffee. I eat about 5 carbs’ worth of veggies and 60-100g protein for my meal. One day last week (carb refers) I ate roasted carrots and squash, but I even bloated from that so I will only do that every other week. With my supplements added I am feeling great. One thing I only do QOD is a saltwater flush with Epsom Salt in morning. I don’t like the nausea I get from it – and it seems to be enough for me to do it every other Morning. I use no salt, but add “No-Salt”(KCl) on my protein or alternatively in my coffee for electrolyte balance. I have slipped eating a few days because I no longer get hungry often and I believe it important to not eat unless hungry. When that occurs I first drink water and DO something. If the sensation continues enough to be distracting I have a BPC. I can drink coffee without it interfering with sleep (it is my natural Ritalin) but I sometimes make a semi-chai with cinnamon in my BP tea.

    • Justin True

      I thought the RFLP was the IF?

    • steve

      Do you have to do ketosis?

  • drlauren

    Hi Dave. I have a question about the use of Betaine HCl as a digestive aid for fat. It’s my understanding that betaine HCl is helpful for supporting proper acidity in the stomach which is necessary for protein digestion, mineral absorption, and B12 absorption. I am not aware of it aiding in fat digestion. Why do you suggest betaine HCl and not lipase supplementation while on the rapid fat loss protocol?

    • Dave Asprey

      HCL helps to emulsify fat too! But I do recommend lipase and HCL, but most people benefit most immediately from HCL.

  • DanX

    After reading this article I have started taking Glutathione. After taking it I feel a loss of energy after a few hours – I feel wiped out with no energy. It makes me very very tired.

    Is this normal?

    Judging by the effects I feel, Glutathione is a horrible supplement.

    Should I continue taking it?

    • Dave Asprey

      Wow, this is a new one. It’s not normal. Most people feel energized. One of two things could be happening – either you have an allergy to something in the formula (not likely given that this is used on autistic kids even), or it’s triggering a detox reaction by (guessing here quite a lot) chelating mercury or other toxins from the body. I will ask the MD who created it what is going on here.

  • MG

    Thank you for this article!
    I’ve been eating primal for over a year now and have lost about 40 pounds. Recently I have done a couple 24 hr and 40 hr fasts and felt great during the fasts. I felt ready to try this Bulletproof Coffee fast and ordered all of the recommended products. (Love the coffee, btw.)

    Much to my surprised, I felt very sleepy-tired right away unlike my previous fasts (coffee w/whole cream twice per day). I went ahead and broke the fast early because of this sleepy-tiredness. Physically, I still felt strong and I wasn’t really hungry during the fast. But mentally felt quite tired/sleepy. Two days of eating later, I’m still experiencing this. Any suggestions on what I could tweak to get past this? If this is a detox effect from the supplements, what is the best way to deal with this?

    I lost about 2 pounds in 3 days and would love to make this a weekly fast until I have lost this last 10 pounds of excess squish.

    Thank you for your time and help.

    • voyaging

      This is for Dave, I cant figure out how to make a separate post 🙁 Anyway I know you say dont weight yourself that often, but on my second day of RFLP I weighed myself and discovered I was one pound heavier! Is that expected? I guess I just disappointed myself really!

      • Dave Asprey

        One pound of variance in a day is just a source of stress, it’s not meaningful data. You poop more than that! ?

  • DePaw

    You say to eat no protein during for most of the week? What about the protein from say one egg and nothing else? I want to make mayo as my fat source and so will be using yolks, but mayo can have whites too and I don’t want to waste the whites really…

    • The small amount of egg white in mayo is fine.

    • Dave Asprey

      It’s hard to say; Test it! 100% fat seems to work best. I think you’ll be ravenous if you add the egg.

      • Justin

        How does the small bit of protein cause the big hunger effect? That is only relevant for whole proteins and not amino acids correct?

  • Damian

    Hi Dave,

    I love coffee, but after drinking one I have increased urination (about 4 times in 2-3 hours following the drink). Does it mean coffee is not for me?


    • Dave Asprey

      Damian, increased urination after coffee is closely tied to low quality coffee. Your body tries to flush toxins out as quickly as possible through the kidneys, which makes you have to go. There is a significant difference in urination after drinking good vs. bad coffee. Frequent need to urinate is one of the first signs that you drank a cup of coffee with amines or mycotoxins.

      • Damian

        Thanks Dave,

        There is a lot of information on the internet suggesting the caffeine is a culprit of diuretic effect on your body, that it influences hormones to make you go more often. Caffeine is listed as diuretic in National Institute of health, does it mean they just ignore the potential toxicity of regular coffee, the main reason for coffee having bad fame in that area?


  • Andy III

    Hi Dave/Armi-

    Quick question about the L-Glutamine. The Amazon link you have there doesn’t work anymore, so I picked up pill form L-Glutamine at a local Whole Foods. 500mg each.

    But this protocol calls for 20 GRAMS of L-Glutamine a day. That’s almost half the bottle of those things. I started this protocol yesterday, but I took the equivalent of 3 grams of L-Glutamine. It just seemed too scary to try and down 40 pills at once.

    Anyhow, can this be right?

    Is there another form to get this stuff?

    (Thanks for everything…things are working out nicely for me)

    • Dave Asprey

      Lol, the pills are very expensive compared to powder!

  • Dagothur

    I have a question regarding the use of BCAA on this protocol.
    If I am not mistaking, caffeine in the form of coffee inhibits mTOR.
    And BCAA have a stimulatory effect on mTOR.
    Is the objective of consuming BCAA on this protocol to stimulate mTOR or to provide the minimum amount of amino acids to prevent muscle catabolism…or both?
    If both, then is it OK to take BCAA with coffee or is it irrelevant?

    • zewski

      I’m also curious if it would yield the same benefit to only supplement with L-Leucine since that is responsible for the mTOR stimulation in BCAA’s

  • zewski

    I just have a couple questions:

    You say that the coffee is optional, however isn’t the mTOR stimulation needed to keep catabolism at bay?

    I have some, but not all, of the recommended supps. How will my results suffer from only using:
    Vit D,C,K2
    Fish Oil (In place of krill oil)

    I know soy is bad, but I just noticed that my potassium, vitamin k2, and probiotic all contain soy :

    Lastly, what are the benefits of BCAA supplementation? If it would help with muscle retention (perhaps from the leucine?) than I may be interested.

  • Cbelling

    Is it acceptable to add Stevia to your coffee?

  • Cbelling

    Is it acceptable to add Stevia to your coffee?

  • Cbelling

    Is it acceptable to add Stevia to your coffee?

  • Cbelling

    Is it acceptable to add Stevia to your coffee?

  • Sam Fisher

    This is a great post and you’ve definitely got me curious. How does this compare to a PSMF (protein-sparing modified fast) or a further modified PSMF such as Lyle McDonald’s RFL diet?

    Is the fat intake in your rapid fat loss protocol muscle-sparing despite the lack of dietary protein? Are there any specific studies that led you guys to test out this protocol? I’m just trying to get my head around the mechanism behind this.

  • Jenifer

    The results for women over 40 seem very exciting. I found that the weight fell off quite easily while I was breastfeeding and came back once I stopped.

    My big reservation is cost: $430.
    It’s a lot of money to spend especially if it doesn’t work.
    I’m not clear on all the quantities but,
    by my rough calculations the monthly cost is $430
    MCT Oil (907grams using 30g/day) $33
    Lipoceutical Glutathione (113 grams using 8g/day) $60
    Vitamin D3 (2000 IU, 120 ct. using 6000IU/day) $ 9
    Krill Oil (60 ct. using 1 capsule/day) $34
    Vitamin K2 (100 mcg, 100 ct. using 2000mcg/day) $105
    unbuffered Vitamin C crystals?
    (227 grams using 4g/day) $15
    BCAA (340 grams using 10g/day) $36
    Activated Charcoal
    (280 mg, 100 ct. using 3360 mg/day) $20
    Betaine HCL (575 mg, 120 ct. using 2 capsule/day) $17
    L-Glutamine Powder?
    (1500 mg, 90 ct. using 20 g/day) $80
    Magnesium (400 mg, 180 ct. using 500 mg/day) $15
    Potassium (99 mg, 100 ct. using 200 mg/day) $6

    A few questions:
    Vitamin K2, is 2000 mcg correct? It’s sold in units of 100 mcg, that would mean 20 capsules per day.
    What is the recommend amount for Krill Oil and Betaine HCL? Both are listed as capsule.
    My health food store sells potassium asporotate and potassium gluconate. Which is preferred?
    Should the unbuffered Vitamin C be powder or crystals?
    Similarly, should the L-Glutamine be powder?

    Unrelated but curious, I like liquid stevia; you seem to prefer xylitol. Can you elaborate on your preference?

    Thanks very much.

    • sagobaby

      Your saving money on not buying grocies for the fasting days, so the diet essentially is not expensive. Plus you’d be probably be paying more for weight watchers or something that doesn’t work.

    • AriD2385

      It should not cost that much. My order from Amazon was less than half that. I understand that your post was two years ago, but for the benefit of others, some of this stuff may have become cheaper. In any event, it’s good to shop around.

  • William

    Hey guys, I have a couple of questions regarding Bulletproof Coffee and fat loss:

    1. What is the proposed mechanism of action for its effect on fat loss?

    2. Drinking Bulletproof Coffee everyday can be quite expensive. What is the least that needs to be taken to get results (the budget version of Bulletproof Coffee)?

    3. Do you think you would get any results with a healthy organic coffee, organic butter and MCT or coconut oil from the health food store as a lower cost alternative?

    4. I’ve heard some of the stories of amazing fat loss on the Bulletproof diet. What would you say is the expect rate of fat loss on the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss plan, the Bulletproof Intermitment Fasting Plan or the basic Bulletproof Diet?

    Thanks for all the great information you guys put out. It is outside the box and fascinating. I appreciate your open-minded approach to health information and your focus on results.



    • John Mattox


      Do not skimp on the butter. Only grass fed butter should be consumed. The cheapest way to do the coffee is find raw coffee beans that meet Dave’s criteria (sweetmarias.com is a potential source). Roast them yourself. Instructional videos are available online. You should be able to get the beans you need for around $6/lb.
      Also, if you compare the cost of 2 servings of BPC against your normal food costs for a day it is not that expensive.

      Hope that helps,

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  • Shawn

    I have Type 1 diabetes.

    I have a question about Type 1 diabetes and this diet. It seems like I have to take some amount of insulin around the clock to keep my blood sugar levels from rising too high, even if I were fasting and not eating any carbs. Does that make any sense? (or maybe I just never fasted long enough to get to the point where this would stop?) and will taking insulin for this reason prevent my body from going into Ketogenesis and prevent me from getting the benefits of this diet?

    • Dave Asprey

      I’m not an expert in type 1 diabetes and not really qualified to answer this. 😉

      • Shawn


        I went ahead and did my own research, combined your ideas with some things I’ve learned from Dr Richard Bernstein’s book about diabetes. The fact is that the last several doctors I have seen are incompetent when it comes to diabetes and weight loss in general and my current doc seems to forget that I am Type 1 instead of Type 2 almost every time I see her (which is insulting). I am on day 8 of this protocol, I started out over 300lbs and I have lost 18lbs in my first week and I have had better blood sugar control for the past 8 days than I’ve had in my entire life. I have also cut my injected insulin by 90%!!!.

        Additionally I have suffered from extreme edema in my feet and legs below the knees for the past 7 years and my doctor told me it was because I sit at the computer too much (I’m a software developer), or that I don’t get enough cardio, and the last time she told me it was because of the shoes I wear (Tiva sandals). Anyway nothing she suggested ever worked, not even walking on the treadmill for an hour a day for a month changed it (or helped me lose weight) but 5 days into this bulletproof rapid fat loss protocol my feet and legs look perfect and the edema is 100% gone.

        I want to thank you because finding your site is changing my life for the better and now I’m reading your site reading the works of other bio-hackers like Tim Ferris and I’m just amazed at the things I’m learning.

        I have a question for you : Is it ok to go beyond 6 days on coffee/fasting, and can you go into more detail about the leptin levels and how to know when they need to be replenished?

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  • Seton

    I know there are many questions here but I don’t want to waste your valuable time with multiple posts!!I
    I understand that I might have loose stools from bulletproof coffee and betaine HCL is recommended. If I am comfortable tolerating the loose stools, can I skip the betaine? The capsules are HUGE. I had gastric banding in the past and try to avoid very large pills. Sometimes they get stuck in the stoma between the upper and lower part of my stomach, which can be extremely uncomfortable.
    Also, the fundus, or upper part of the stomach is much more sensitive and prone to gastritis and ulcers. With the banding, this where things sit before going through the stoma. I am concerned the unbuffered vit c will irritate the stomach. I read all the comments before asking questions so i wouldn’t waste your time with redundancy so I see you wanted unbuffered because you wanted the acidity. I believe the butter might help buffer it, but if not and I start to feel uncomfortable, should I skip it or go to unbuffered?.
    If I find I am not feeling the effects of detoxification what is the minimum of charcoal that should be taken?
    It seems to me, I am consuming a very small amount of calories, approx 4 Tbs butter, 2-3 Tbs MCT oil. I am comfortable with the small amount of calories but you have only commented on eating as many (large, it seems) calories as you want.

    • Dave Asprey

      Go unbuffered but take TINY amount of baking soda if acid becomes a prob. (confirm with your doctor too maybe; you’ve had surgery!)
      The runs ate unlikely to hurt you but they mean you’re not using all the fat. Reduce fat if youre not digesting it.
      The minimum charcoal is 1 cap, but I use 2 tsp or more when necessary.
      7 tablespoons if fat is not low calorie! About 110 calories per tbs means nearly 800 calories!
      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

  • msully01

    Dave or Armi (or anyone who knows) – I have purchased all the items needed to do this fast to get off 20 pounds or so, and I see that a few people have asked about the protein level and I have not seen an answer directly addressing this question (apologies if I missed it). As a 39 year old female trying to get her lean mass UP and body fat down, I am also more than a bit nervous that any weight I lose will be some fat, some water, and a tremendous amount of muscle? Can one of you fine gents put this girls mind at ease about that? Thanks 🙂

  • msully01

    by the way, the coffee is AH MAY ZING

  • msully01

    one other question: are there any additional supplementation that a female should specifically add to this program? thanks

    • Dave Asprey

      Um…you’re 9 years old? Must be a typo. This stuff isn’t for kids! What’s your real age? 😉

      • Msully01

        LOL! I am 39…thought I had fixed that typo, but it must not have worked. 39 year old female…155….30% BF… (yikes) so have some fat to drop. So this protocol will spare lean muscle, even with only 40gm of protein? that is really my only concern and then I am ready to do it…thanks!

        • msully01

          any answer to the protein question? wondered about sparing lean muscle on the fast….

        • Dave Asprey

          There is no guarantee – monitor your progress as you go. I’ve not lost muscle mass on it, but ymmv.

        • msully01

          That works for me…thanks so much!

  • Jenn Blakes

    Is it possible to partake in the Protocol WITHOUT all of the supplements? As someone who is on an extremely tight budget I just can’t afford to purchase all the supplements. I don’t have much to lose, 10lbs MAX. Could I go ahead an just have BP coffee in the morning, snack on butter, and then refuel after about 5 days?

    • Dave Asprey

      You can try it obviously! It will probably work. Activated charcoal is pretty cheap and worth it, but with only 10lbs to lose, you probably don’t have that many toxins stored in your fat anyway.

    • Claire C

      Jenn How did you go with not using the supplements? i have only 10lbs max to lose as well as I am only 5″4. So I am wondering how your results were. Let me know if you get this! Thanks!

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  • Primalgigi

    I started the Bulletproof Rapid Weight Loss protocol one week ago. I woke up on the morning of the refeed day….excited about my day of feasting,…jumped on the scale, and found I had lost 11 lbs. Super easy…I feel great, I have tons of energy and don’thave to think about food, except for once a week.

    I plan to continue with the protocol for another 3 weeks in an effort to jump start my fat loss.

    I just need to say thanks Dave, for sharing all your research and findings.

    BTW…love the Bulletproof Coffee!

    • Primalgigi

      The Upgraded Coffee is really delicious. Fantastic flavor!

    • Dave Asprey

      Thank you, Primalgigi! Success stories like yours make me happy. 😉

      • Primalgigi

        Update: During week 3 I lost an additional 6 pounds.

        I have lost 23 pounds in 21 days!

        • Dave Asprey

          And some people ask if this works for women! Yes! 😉

        • Primalgigi

          Each week, I get so excited about the “re-feed” day. The day before my feast, I put together a menu and go shopping. But by the end of the day, as I am eating dinner, I am glad the day is over and I can get back to the fasting.

          This really is very, very easy. After the first 3-4 days, during the first week, I stopped thinking about food all the time.

          I have one more week, then I will switch to the intermittent fasting protocol for 3 weeks (while on vacation…taking my BP coffee and MCT oil with me). Upon my return home I plan on doing another 4 weeks of the “Rapid Fat Loss protocol”.

        • Primalgigi

          I completed the four week mark this past weekend, and I wanted to check in with my results. Holy s%#t! I am so amazed! I HIT 28 POUNDS LOST IN 28 DAYS. I really thought the fat loss would slow as the weeks progressed…it didn’t. I feel great…no….I feel fantastic! Haven’t felt this good in a long, long time.

          I am now going to switch to the intermittent fasting protocol for a while. What amazes me more than anything is my lack of desire for food unless I am truly hungry. For me…this is freedom. Freedom from the constant obsession over food. My mind id free to be productive.

          Did I say how excited I am about this protocol?

          I just flew across the country to spend a few weeks with my family, and I brought a few pounds of the Upgraded Coffee and MCT oil with me. This way I can continue to enjoy my morning “cup o’ energy”, and share the warm, velvety goodness with my family.

          I am dig’n life! Thanks Dave…

        • Dave Asprey

          Thank you Gigi for letting me know your progress. It makes me so happy…28 pounds is a transformative amount of weight to lose, much less in only 28 days! Congratulations to you! I wish someone had told me about this when I was 300 lbs. ?
          Maybe I can get you as a guest on the show one of these days to talk about your experience!

        • Kristi Lambert

          Wow Primalgigi that is awesome, you are quite an inspiration 🙂 I would be extremely grateful if you could list out a typical refeed day for me, like what you eat at what time of day – Thanks in Advance – Kristi 🙂

        • primaligi

          Hi Kristi…here is what I did…
          Breakfast: Sweet potato hash (finely diced sweet potato sauteed with diced bacon and a dash or two of cayenne pepper) topped with two sunny side up eggs.
          Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with broccoli and white rice cooked in organic vegtable broth.
          Dinner: Sauteed Scallops and leeks over fresh spinach with leftover (from lunch) rice.
          A couple of times I made extra sweet potatoe hash and would have it with grilled salmon or steak for dinner.
          Hope this helps.

    • Primalgigi

      Update: During week two I lost another 6 pounds.

      I have lost 17 pounds in 14 days. 🙂

      • Dave Asprey

        At this rate you’re beating Zach who lost only 1lb for day (but for 75 days!)

  • Seton

    I sleep late lots of days, lucky me. I find it hard to fit everything in timewise. Can I go ahead and take the Glutamine and second BCAAs together in the afternoon, before the 2nd dose of charcoal, maybe with a second cup of coffee or just skip coffee if not needing it? Thanks!

    • Dave Asprey

      Sounds like it would work to me!

  • Seton

    BTW, for anyone who is interested I have found a great way to take the BCAAs. I am just starting my second week and I think taking these is my least favorite thing regarding the fast! Last night I continuously used my hand frother as I downed them. It worked to the last drop. Be careful not to splash yourself! It was such a different experience than trying to choke them down stirring in water.

  • Mike365

    During Re-feed day, are we supposed to continue taking the supplements listed on your sample day ?

  • Dagothur

    Hi Dave.
    The protocol is awesome in terms of both easiness and effectiveness.
    What are your thoughts on combining the Cold Thermogenesis
    Protocol with the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol…of course with a lot of butter.

    • Dave Asprey

      I am doing it. Works better in my opinion than doing it with Robb Wolf style straight paleo breakfast!

  • Lmaruschak86

    Hi Dave,

    I have PCOS and the only pharmaceutical I’m taking is Metformin, 500 mg 3x per day. I have stopped meds for a month before with no adverse effects. I want to do the fasting protocol to peel off the 25 lbs that won’t budge, but I’m wondering when I should take my meds, if at all…

    I’d love to get off them altogether someday, so my thought is to stop them while I do this protocol… I realize for legal reasons you don’t give medical advice… but I’d like your OPINION if you think I shouldn’t, because otherwise I’m just going to stop taking them.


    • Dave Asprey

      Metformin is often taken as an anti-aging medication. If you also take your B12, it’s probably not harmful. I did metformin for 3 years as an anti-aging method…

  • Renee

    I have been slowly switching over to the BP Diet, I have been on a gluten free/dairy free/sugar free diet for over 2 years but still have weight to lose. But I don’t like sweet potatoes/yams and am concerned about finding things I would like on the re-feed day so I have been doing the two cups of BP Coffee and then a small dinner – is there any reason this would not be ok? I love having the BP Coffee for lunch – I feel great & don’t have to worry about what to pack.

    • Dave Asprey

      Sounds ok to me! White rice works too. ?

  • I can’t afford to buy all these supplements right now. But I will be doing a 20 hour fast with my wife. Today will be the first time trying the BPC. I’m making it a work and don’t have a blender. Also I will be drinking water with sea salt. I will you keep you guys updated.

  • Just took my first sip and its not bad. Kinda taste like an extra greasy breve. I think I overdid the butter since I eyeballed it.

  • Tracy

    My sister had her gallbladder removed. Is there a way for her to do this? Maybe splitting up the amount of butter & MCT oil and taking enzymes?

    I started 5 days ago myself. I gained most of the weight I lost with the Injectable HCG diet back. I went frickin crazy on butter and nuts! I am on day 5 and plan to refeed tomorrow. I have lost 4 lbs. thus far (yes I am peaking, but I am used to and expect the fluctuations. And my current weight is 126′ so that is quite a bit for that amount of time! (5’2″ tall 48 yo female)And I feel soooo much better then I did on HCG. I am not cranky and thinking of food all of the time.

    But the HCG diet was not all bad. What it did was give me hope when I felt hopeless.

    Thanks Dave and Armi,


    • Dave Asprey

      Take oxbile and HCL and lipase if no gallbladder. Digesting fats will be hard, except MCT, which doesn’t require the liver to work. I’d take as much MCT as possible without getting the runs.

  • Guest1

    Hi Dave. What are your recommendations on creatine intake? If you can recommend; Creatine monohydrate, Kre Alkalyn which is better?

    • Dave Asprey

      I use monohydrate but haven’t dug in the research about ideal forms.

      • Guest1

        Thanks Dave. I am starting the rapid fat loss program. For reducing excess fat in the chest area in addition to the rapid fat loss structure and supplements are there any other better techniques to incorporate as well?

  • sagobaby

    I’ve been doing RFLP for almost 2 wks now. First week I lost 11 lbs. I don’t believe it to be water weight since I’ve been juice fasting for weeks before this. and lost on that. Went straight from the juice fast to this fast. Anyway, I was doing great and the weight was coming off everyday until the refeed day. I did eat over 150 g of carbs in sweet potatos along with very little steak and broccoli. Since not eating for a while, I was unable to eat very much at all. I gained 3 lbs. which wasn’t bad, but this week I am struggling just to get those 3 lbs down. I’ve fasted 5 days this week and still have 1 lb. to go to get back to pre-refeed weight. I’m getting quite discouraged. I’m happy to be able to resist food, this diet is great at that, but I am wondering if it would be alright to just continue the BC continuously with no refeed day. I’ve read that overweight people have high leptin levels anyway and don’t need refeed days. Can I do this? I’ve been sticking to this perfectly and don’t want to mess anything up. Is the refeed day necessary? I’m trying to lose at least 50 lbs. that I gained in a year of depression. I would love to just go RFLP for a month or two straight with no refeed day. Please let me know.

    • Debbieh

      Interesting question. Is it ok to NOT do the refeed days if you have a lot to lose? Dave, what do you think? I’m sure many have considered this…

      • Dave Asprey

        You can skip every other one, but long term zero glucose wears down your mucus layers needed to keep your gut and eyes working. Try a smaller refeed day with more fat but at least 100g carbs, but have 50g of the carbs right before bed as raw honey to optimize how your brain uses it. Take it with mct.
        Sent from my nobile device’s tiny little keyboard

        • RAFritchey

          Do you really need to add the extra glucose into your diet? I would think that gluconeogenesis (GNG) would provide enough, as well as accelerating weight loss: GNG takes significantly more energy (in the form of ATP) to create glucose than it would take to get it from the diet. GNG can create glucose from most of the amino acids, lactate, or glycerol, which is the backbone of triglycerides i.e fat. So you’re not only using more energy to make the glucose, you’re also using your bodies fat to make it, and most likely, only making as much as your body needs.

        • Dave Asprey

          You need it for mucus formation to keep your gut healthy and to manage adrenal stress; you are using adrenaline to burn fat so you don’t want to need it for gluconegenesis…

        • snallygaster

          And what if you are a diet controlled diabetic and normally do not eat more that 20 carbs in a day?

        • jaz

          I just found out I’m pregnant 4 weeks, is it ok to do this to jumpstart my bulletproof diet, Im currently low carb high fat, my weight is slowly creeping up. So need a change. Thanks for your time!

        • naomi

          would this diet work if you have adrenal fatigue

  • local77

    Hi guys, i had a serious issue with this after 2 days of starting it, im probably to blame as it is probably unique to me.
    Im 178lbs, 5ft 9″ male and wanted to drop a quick 10lbs. I started this protocol on monday, i didnt have all the vitamins and minerals outline, just a couple. But it still went well on monday. On monday evening I got everything (supplements) outline above with the exception of L-Glutamine.
    So on Tuesday i drank my BP coffee(with Anchor butter) took the supplements outlined, at 11am when I was supposed to take the L-Glutamine, i took a table spoon of butter instead, when back on the pc, about 1pm eveything started to look cloudy and I passed out in work.
    I was rushed to the hospital, i felt very very week. Apparently i was hypoglycemic because my blood sugar dropped so low.
    Where did I go wrong? i post the pics of my test they did on me.
    The doctor told me it was a strong possibility of hypoglycemia but he cant be 100% sure as when i passed out in work and i was awakened by my fellow employees they brought me sugar water wich would obviously spike my sugar. Any help guys, im afraid to touch this again.

    • Michelle

      Coffee apparently can stimulate significant insulin secretion.

      I myself did BP coffee as part of Rapid Fast Loss Protocol, using BP coffee. I rarely drank coffee before as I would usually feel bad, soon after. So with BP coffee, 1st week or so, coffee was great. 2nd week, jitters, felt bad, weak, dizzy…Unfortunately, I had ordered in the meantime a 5 pound of BP coffee shipped to Canada = $$$, which is unopened and I can’t use it anymore.
      When I stopped with the coffee, everything was fine. Just nausea from butter, which is temporary.
      So i’m doing BP Coffee recipe with MCT oil, butter & water, no coffee and all other supplements. Not exciting re taste but manageable.
      Hope that helps you.

      • Mike365

        Sorry, I meant to say I’m doing BP Coffee without coffee but I’m using all supplements ($$$ for Canada) from the Rapid Fast Loss.

      • local77

        Hi Michelle, do you think green tea would have the same effect as coffee? or regular lipton tea?

        • MotherGinger

          Dave mentioned green tea as an option. I wonder if there’s any down side at all to avoiding the coffee? I hate all coffee.

        • nikki

          Could we use organic black tea as well?

    • DylansMom

      I’ve been on this protocol for four days after a few months of eating pretty bulletproof with some occasional cheating. I know for a fact there’s no I could’ve done this prior to getting accustomed to intermittent fasting (I typically fast about 20 hours/day, 7 days/week) and a high fat diet. The few months IF and eating bulletproof has pretty much taken care of my hypoglycemia, which I had previously been diagnosed with. That’s why I’m wondering based on your experiences if you ever had issues with low blood sugar before and if so, may be just weren’t ready for such a strenuous protocol. Also, I’ve had a few times when I’ve felt very weak and tired and the l-glutamine seems to have helped tremendously during those times.

  • Debbie

    I’m excited to have found this website today. I went to Whole Foods and got all of the supplements and ingredients for the Bulletproof Coffee. Tomorrow is my day 1. I did Atkins induction for a week and three days ago stepped it up to the Atkins Fat Fast. Atkins works, but I like the idea of finding a “version” of it that does not leave me feeling sluggish and weak. I’m sure I’m releasing toxins as I’m losing fat and I’m currently taking no supplements. I also like the idea of a “feed day” once a week. I’ll let you all know my progress…

  • Debbieh

    Anyone found the most cost effective way to get beans that qualify??? Including all shipping costs? Right now I’m using organic beans from Whole Foods (non blend, says uses no chemicals or pesticides). Does Amazon sell anything that qualifies? What is the cheapest bean that works on this plan? As many of you, I really WANT to do this plan, but I’m on a tight budget as it is with salary cutbacks and there are a LOT of supplements to purchase.

    • Dave Asprey

      Organic is less important than getting mycotoxin free beans. The lack of fungicide can actually increase mycotoxins. If I could find a cheap bean that worked at whole foods then I wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to create Upgraded Coffee. Cheap beans aren’t cheap if they make you inflamed and you have to toss them out half the time. I would kill to be able to just buy clean coffee everywhere. Sadly the world isn’t like that now, and mycotoxin binding strategies don’t work at coffee temps (and they bind the good stuff in coffee). You are better off skipping coffee or grinding Upgraded Coffee extra fine to maximize extraction and drinking less. 🙁 -Dave

  • megan

    I’m 25, crossfit 4x, yoga 2x a week and have a very active job (coaching)… I have about 10 to 15lbs I would like to lose to have abs up again. Is this the right protocol for that goal?

  • Fairyjoy88

    Hello! I have another question. Alpha Lipoic Acid is the same that Lipoceutical Glutatione? Can I take it instead? I can´t find Glutatione here 🙁
    Thank You

  • Michael

    Do you need to take both betaine hcl and oxbile if you have no gallbladder?

    • Dave Asprey


      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

      • Michael


        I have no gallbladder, I have the now foods Super Enzymes supplement, and the Betataine HCL supplement you recommend in the article. But when I take either (with food) I get symtoms like bad heartburn / acid reflux several hours later. Is this normal? Is it a sign that I don’t need or shouldn’t take it?

  • Michael

    Dave, the BCAA powder tastes horrible, have any reccomendations to mix it into anything to make it more tolerable?

    • Dave Asprey

      Try another brand!

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  • Luke

    Dave, why do you recommend Betaine HCL? that converts to pepsin in order to digest proteins. but this is a fat-fast, basically. doesn’t bile digest fat, not pepsin?

    • Luke

      i’m sorry, i found your answer below after further digging. please delete.

  • Babmmm

    Starting weight: 333 pounds. 6’3″. Started BPRFL on Monday (9/10/12). Followed for the most part for 6 days. Sunday my weight was 15 pounds less. Yesterday I went 23 hours without eating anything except supplements. Feeling good, except the day I had to do some heavy lifting and shoveling at work. Problem is I have had the squirts the last 3 days. Not good since I work out in the field all day. I take 2 tsps. of MCT in each coffee and 3 tbs. of butter in coffee and evening “meal”. I’ll cut those in half this next week. I am only taking the minimum of charcoal. Should I up that or does it have a laxative effect? I would like to keep doing this, but can’t if I have loose stools all day.

    • Mr.Carpenter

      I know this is a year old but I’m looking for help as a hard labor worker. Could I possibly eat a whey smoothie at lunch and stay in Ketosis? I wouldn’t think so but I thought I might get some help on what to do for energy as I assume this is for bulletproof executives not bulletproof carpenters. Other than that modification and honey and mct before bed I will follow the rflp to a T.
      Thanks ahead of time.

  • weaned

    In my country (again!), active charcoal is commerced not as a supplement but only in a cleanser-for-fish-tanks form. Is it ok for me to take this? HELP pleaseeeee?

  • weaned

    Is there a problem with the system or is my second comment deleted? I would like to know if I’ve written sthg wrong.

    I’ll start the program next week anyway, but I wanted to check in here.

    —no coffee at all :(SAD) (white and green tea instead, maybe oolong)
    —no MCT oil (coconut oil instead)
    —impure activated charcoal with
    (Senna leaf …………………………………… 105 mg
    Rhubarb Extract. …………………………… 25 mg
    Vegetable Charcoal ……………………… 180 mg
    Sulphur (Sublimated) ……………………… 50 mg
    Peppermint Piperitae Oil ………………… 0.5 mg
    Fennel Oil …………………………………… 0.5 mg)

    —no betaine hcl,couldn’d find it (mixed digestive enzymes if I need)
    other suplements are available mostly from gnc(what is the reputation of it there?)

    I’m set, right?

    Female with fat over 30%, I want to lose 44 lbs.
    Ending with a message: please, sell your products in Turkey.

  • Jennifer

    I have prescriptions meds I have to take. One in the morning and one before bed. How should I time my prescriptions so the charcoal does not interfere with the absorption? Is it an option to eliminate the charcoal? Thanks!

  • jennifer

    I have to take prescription meds- one in the morning and one before
    bed. How do I time the prescriptions without the charcoal affecting
    their absorption? Can I eliminate the charcoal? Any advice would be
    greatly appreciated!

    • Dave Asprey

      Take the charcoal mid day and check with doc about it first!

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

      • jennifer

        Thanks! I’m really excited to try this!

  • weaned

    I can’t stand BCAAs. It turns my stomach. This is my day 2, I don’t know if I can get used to it. Is it ok to eliminate BCAAs?

  • jennifer

    Is it better to use the powdered BCAA or the capsules? The powdered unflavored BCAA tastes really terrible.

    • Elai

      I use capsules. I take 3 2g capsules. With glutamine you’ll run out really quick if you took capsules at the typical amounts in them (something like 10?), BCAA capsules don’t run out nearly as quick, and I don’t get the problems everyone else seems to get here with BCAA.

  • Muzza

    after 4 whole days on this program I have lost 11lbs, however on day 5 I woke up feeling dizzy and not right and have had to stop. I may need to alter this and use it in future in shorter stints. It works though WHOA!

  • voyaging

    Can cream be used in place of the night time butter.

  • Leiz

    Can I have fresh coconut milk along with the BP-RFLP?Like perhaps 2 cups divided throughout the day?

    • Leiz

      (I live in the Caribbean, and we have a tree outside) so fresh! 🙂

    • Dave Asprey

      If its milk (flesh blended with filtered water) probably. Coconut water, no way!
      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

      • Leiz

        Oh! Thank you. And how much of this can I have?
        I got all of the coffee and supplements and so far so good. Taking it 1 day at a time. My question is, can I do this until I see results I am happy with? I am 5’7″ (180 lbs) overweight by about 40-45 lbs.

        • L

          I’m Down 20lbs. 20 to go!

  • voyaging

    how do you get so much l-glutamine in? my tabs are mg and I would need to take 20+ at a time to get the required dosage

    • Dave Asprey

      Powder is near flavourless and way cheaper

      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

      • Michelle Stiebel Stephens

        Dave, is 20 GRAMS a mistake????? Did you mean 2 grams?

        • Michelle Stiebel Stephens

          Sorry for doubting the 20 grams… At first I couldn’t find caps or powder with a dosage greater than 1 gr. But today I found Now Foods, L-Glutamine powder.

          4 tsp rounded = 20 grams. That’s definitely doable.

    • Elai

      I use electro-mix & l-glutamine powder. Make sure to keep the drink stirred or a good chunk of the glutamine will settle to the bottom. Make sure your water is cold, the heat destroys the glutamine.

  • Sameer Haque

    Honestly the best thing that worked for me was the bulletproof intermittent fasting. It’s simple and when combined with a paleo diet I feel primal and full of energy. Nothing else has worked as well. And the proof is there when I dropped from 19% to around 12% approx. Thanks A lot for the info I’ll keep

  • Hi Dave, quick question, do you think that the body would use the BCAAs for energy? What I am thinking is when you take the BCAAs in the morning, would your body not prefer to use the BCAA first, then it will use the fat?

  • Lei

    It’s been 19 days and a weight loss of 15 lbs. So far so good. Will keep you guys posted on my results.

    • Lei

      20 lbs down. Ate bulletproof for the holidays, gotta take advantage of le pork! Kept the weight off. Now back to RFLP. 20 lbs more to go!

      • Amber

        That’s awesome! What do your refeed days look like?

        • Lei

          Hey Amber, look like as in what?

        • I think Amber is just curious what you eat on feed days, and how they make you feel

        • Lei

          Lots of Sweet Potatoes and some meat

        • Jon Estrada Sr.

          Did you meet your goals?

        • Toronto girl

          Hey Lei,
          Thanks for posting! It is always great to see how well women do on this plan! 🙂

        • Trace

          Hey Lei , I have about 70 pounds to lose… can you please provide a few more specifics on how to go about doing this.. It seems its very easy for men, but more difficult for women.. HELP new to this all. so much mixed information from many posts.

    • tricia

      Are you taking the supplements including charcoal during reefed days????

  • Elai

    Is it okay to use stevia? Using pure salt makes me gag, a electrolyte mix I use (electro-mix) has no calories, but uses stevia and a lemon flavoring. Is it also okay to chew a few sticks of gum a day? Sugar free, but they do use sugar alcohols.

    • Dave Asprey

      Stevia is fine. Gum is bad. Use xylitol mints instead!

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

      • Elai

        Thanks for the reply! Also can we replace the butter with virgin coconut oil when we’re eating the butter by itself? I like the taste of the coconut oil much better.

        It’s really just about eating healthy pure fats right?

  • Liz

    Hello, Dave,

    I’ve been meaning to write you for a long time, as I figured you may be a good person to get some relevant opinions on the matter and I truly hope you answer me.

    A couple of questions regarding this regimen’s compliance (the first one is what I’m most interested in, and have been researching on it but with not much helpful results):

    1) What are your thoughts on using this regimen in regards to anxiety disorders/panic attacks and antidepressants?

    I have recently started (following a doctor’s prescription) taking Paroxetine (Seroxat/Paxil, 20 mg/day in the morning) and Xanax (Alprazolam, 0.5 mg/day in the evening and going down). I am obviosly highly concerned of the medicines’ effect on my body and mind even without adding anything extra. Also, Paroxetine has been linked to (high) weight gain, apparently due to a raise in cortisol levels. Thus my question, also interested in the effects on brain & mood.

    2) Would it be okay to use in a case of IBS?

    I’ve been diagnosed with it due to a colon malformation and you can imagine it makes everything wrong and I take flax seeds & co. all the time.

    3) Would you reccommend any enzymes maybe instead of Glutathione and maybe Betaine (as these are not to be found in my region)?

    4) Can I have Creatine for my training?

    I have a pre-workout mix containing Creatine Monohydrate, L-Tyrosine, Beta Alanine and Caffeine Anhydrous (http://www.citadelnutrition.com/pre-workout/tier-1)

    5) What would you reccommend for the refill days in the case of a vegetarian diet (with eggs and fish products)? Would eggs do? Nuts maybe?

    Thanks so much, I’m really interested in the effects on the cortisol levels in regards to antidepressant effects.

    If it’s too much you can just answer whatever you feel like, anything would do. Strict adherence to the diet is off the limits as I’m living in a region where a lot of the supplements are not available.

    It’s worth mentioning that I’ve also been doing on-and-off IF (Leangains.com) and I’m mostly vegetarian (which is the only thing that seems to keep me sane with IBS), relying mainly on greens and eggs. I also want to start lifting weights after a couple of months of break.

    • Dave Asprey

      1) What are your thoughts on using this regimen in regards to anxiety disorders/panic attacks and antidepressants?
      -By fueling the brain, it seems to help. Panic attacks can come from brain metabolism issues and/or from past trauma. Fixing metabolism helps sometimes.
      I have recently started (following a doctor’s prescription) taking Paroxetine (Seroxat/Paxil, 20 mg/day in the morning) and Xanax (Alprazolam, 0.5 mg/day in the evening and going down). I am obviosly highly concerned of the medicines’ effect on my body and mind even without adding anything extra. Also, Paroxetine has been linked to (high) weight gain, apparently due to a raise in cortisol levels. Thus my question, also interested in the effects on brain & mood.
      -I’m not qualified to talk about those drugs, but there are noticeable fat loss and moodbenefits to BP coffee.
      2) Would it be okay to use in a case of IBS?

      I’ve been diagnosed with it due to a colon malformation and you can imagine it makes everything wrong and I take flax seeds & co. all the time.
      Lots of people do. Mct is the most absorbable fat there is!

      3) Would you reccommend any enzymes maybe instead of Glutathione and maybe Betaine (as these are not to be found in my region)?
      vitamin c With NAC is a less effective glutathione sub. Vinegar may help but is weaker than betaine.
      4) Can I have Creatine for my training?

      I have a pre-workout mix containing Creatine Monohydrate, L-Tyrosine, Beta Alanine and Caffeine Anhydrous (http://www.citadelnutrition.com/pre-workout/tier-1)
      -Depends on if your gut handles it. Sounds like a good idea.

      5) What would you reccommend for the refill days in the case of a vegetarian diet (with eggs and fish products)? Would eggs do? Nuts maybe?
      -not nuts. Lots of eggs and sweet potato.

      Thanks so much, I’m really interested in the effects on the cortisol levels in regards to antidepressant effects.
      If it’s too much you can just answer whatever you feel like, anything would do. Strict adherence to the diet is off the limits as I’m living in a region where a lot of the supplements are not available.
      It’s worth mentioning that I’ve also been doing on-and-off IF (Leangains.com) and I’m mostly vegetarian (which is the only thing that seems to keep me sane with IBS), relying mainly on greens and eggs. I also want to start lifting weights after a couple of months of break.
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      • Liz

        Dave, I’ve got no idea as to why I just sort-of-found-out-by mistake about your reply to my message! :)) Or I may have just forgotten and so, while “surfing” through your website, I’m reading it again.

        I’m under the impression I must have missed it since I see no “Thank you!” note in the least from my part.

        So if I didn’t do it already, thank you so much for your time to reply and ideas and basically for all you’re doing through your website!


        • Liz

          Nope, I did read it when I got it, but I think I may have replied you on a different post.

          Now since I got here again, I could mention that in the past half year I have been implementing lots of the things you said and I’ve also found ways to cope with things – all, basically, in the range of your ideas and “sermons” and the things I was proposing: IF, high fat & protein, low carbs and generally trying to “get closer to nature” for cures.

          I managed to maintain my weight under control and live rather normally under the circumstances, up to now. So what I basically did (on most days):

          Butter coffee* on fasted state
          (I’d call it Bulletproof, but I’m still trying to find a more “reasonable” way of getting it across Europe – I mean, with the taxes and all… well you may have heard stories about “third-world-countries”)
          Low-carb/ketogenic diet / 80% vegetarian
          And of course, the supplements that go with these.

          Now, in the meanwhile, I’ve completely given up Xanax a couple of months ago, with the long withdrawal and all and now I’m going through Paroxetine (SSRI) withdrawal, which, is, as most people say, a hell, on one side – but I think I may be on to something in regards to coping with it.

          Now, I’m not a Bodybuilding.com – type of success story, but what I have been achieving with the strategies above are the following – and I’m telling it because the side effects are loads, difficult, and this is to say you may actually get a shot at a life, regardless how “predisposed” you may be to some stuff.

          1) Weight control / weight loss. This is a big issue with lots of users, and I’ve rarely seen a success story, I got about 10 kg on the first week I started and for most people it seems to keep going up.

          2) Higher level of mental & physical energy, resilience, focus, and some genuine smiles

          So I always feel good on IF, I’ve been doing it for about a year and it’s just a habit to me now. If you have a clean diet, you’ll lose weight and have a clear head and a good state of mind; if you don’t have a clean diet, you’ll in the least keep your weight in check – and all the other benefits.

          Since I don’t eat until evening or the following day anyways, butter coffee comes as a bonus – a great, wonderful bonus. I never feel hungry and I am no longer afraid of fats, it basically boosts and jumpstarts my brain, it puts me in a good mood, and I can basically do my thing non-stop without getting tired. Whenever I can, I get a second helping of coffee at noon and it will keep me going until bedtime. If I’m not up to coffee, I may do a dark cocoa/cappuccino mix with butter and it will work as well.

          I’ve also noticed better sleep quality and – lo, behold! – higher body temperature. This is particularly important for me because I had been working mostly outside during this winter (i’m an engineer) and I just can’t stand -40C type of cold, but I’ve noticed on bp coffee days I was literally hotter and didn’t feel as cold and my extremities, which would normally be freezing, would be warm this time.

          Regarding keto
          It appears that SSRIs 1) cause people to be extra-hugry 2) cause people to seek carbs 3) basically stomp on every sense of balance in your body and makes you take on pounds/water fast and hold it tightly.
          Now, the main thing I’ve noticed with keto, is that it keeps you at bay from the carb-cravings – therefore keeps you in a safe zone regarding the weight issues. While I did gain so much bloat and fat in the first weeks I called my doctor crying that I want off it, after seriously coming through with keto things started to fall back into place – I lost the weight in about two weeks after denying carbs (and my desperate cravings for them – What? I am depressed!) and afterwards I started to function rather normal and lose some more, really, depending of how serious I would take things. 🙂

          What I would do different?

          What would make it so much better and with definite fast results is Exercise. Mainly weight exercises. It changed my life before falling into this hole and this time I just didn’t get to do it in between my lifestyle changes (new job, new town, new diagnosis… tiredness – and laziness, of course).
          Combining these with weight lifting would really, really, really help incredibly a lot people dealing with similar issues. It doesn’t even need to be much, just a set to failure of each.

          Alright, I’ll sign off here, Dave. It’s not that I’m that excited anymore, at this point I’m dealing with withdrawal – I’m still doing these and they are really helping me to keep sane and as healthy as I can.

          But I see all sorts of people on your site and I now my desperation when I first started dealing with these things, with no positive feedback out there. So this is mainly to give some pointers should there be anyone interested in this type of issues. If there should be any more questions or a need for some more info on this… I’m available.

        • princesslucky

          Hi Liz, I used to struggle with depression and anxiety and am now totally off medication and feel great. I take supplements instead. This site gives some info from a book called “The Mood Cure.” Maybe you could check it out. Hope it helps. 🙂

  • Runty

    Does anyone have any photos? before and after?

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  • Penny

    So far I’ve lost 10 pounds in 4 days. WOW! I’m definitely sold on this and hope to be able to keep on losing. I’ve found the supplements really helpful. I forgot to take them one day and i felt like garbage.

  • ForeCon

    If I am a very active athlete, do high intensity weight training 2- 3x a week, plus thermogenesis (icing/cold showers), and have around 15 lbs to lose, would a moderate version of the RFLP work. I’m saying do a moderate refeed 100-150g carbs for dinner every 3 days ( my training days$

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  • Zach Hill

    Where do you get your L-Gluatimine – I see where you sell L-Glutathione and I know you used to sell L-Glutamine as well.. just looking for the best possible supplements. Thanks!

  • just about to finish my day four, easily the best day i’ve had using the protocol. i’m 28, been crossfitting and eating primal for over a year and have about 7% extra body fat. i started at just around 200lbs and I’d ideally like to be 165-170.

    at the end of day four, i’m down 9 pounds, have energy to spare and just today i started to not really miss food or feel ravenous. this coming from a guy that would eat 3,500+ calories a day. i’d approximate that i’m probably taking in around 1,200 now. it’s definitely helped me realize the emotional connection i feel to food.

    two more days before i re-feed! first thing, i’m going to have a pound of bacon and half dozen eggs. and two sweet potatoes worth of hash. can’t wait.

    • Tracker

      If you only have 14lbs of extra body fat why do you want to get that low? Are you an actor preparing for a role as a vegan superhero?

      • Even though it is quite a while, your question is actually good. Why do you want to get rid of 14lbs extra body fat?

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  • CK

    I’m having a hard time letting go of my stevia based soda. I’m not a fan of butter so it would really help me get through this. is it ok to drink Zevia while I’m on RFLP? Club soda with stevia maybe?

    • Sonia

      No. It wouldn’t.

  • Mandy

    I’m on my second week of this and I’m hitting a plateau after 10 lbs of weight loss just before my refeeding began on the 7th day. That’s fine – you warned about this in the post and I have faith that you know what you’re talking about. However, during the 3rd or 4th day of my fast the first week I was feeling weak, dizzy, and nauseous with some problems with orthostatic hypotension and rapid heartbeat. My legs were also sore and cramping, as though I did some heavy exercise. I did some research and determined that I was perhaps low on some electrolytes (potassium seems the likely culprit) so I had a bowl of homemade bone broth whenever I felt weak. This worked great in no time at all, but I don’t want it to interfere with the fat loss and it’s not all that convenient. The potassium supplement I have is only 99 mg, but on some sources it indicates a need for 4-5 grams of potassium a day. I’ve been taking some potassium tablets throughout the day to prevent the weakness from returning, but I was hoping you would have some advice or insight regarding electrolyte balance, potassium supplementation, and/or potassium sources that would be ok on the RFLP. Thanks for all your help!

    • lei

      Drink water, but make sure and put sea salt in it.

    • RevBev

      “NoSalt” is Potassium Chloride. Try adding that to help with your K. As and APN I have found it helpful to many, including myself.

  • Leona

    Hi Dave — I live in South Asia and edible coconut oil (we use regular coco oil in our hair everyday!) and MCT oil are super hard to find. Until my next trip to the States in a few months, would it be okay to use grass-fed butter and ghee in my coffee? I tried my first cup of Bulletproof Coffee yesterday with just 70 g of butter and it kept me going for almost 24 hours. I guess there’s something about the environment/atmosphere in the Indian subcontinent that makes fasting amazingly easy 🙂

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  • Hey Guys- Josh from Brisbane Australia here. I’ve been between 85 – 100 percent bulletproof since mid October 2012. In the first ten weeks I lost bout a kilo a week going from 25% body fat and 106 kilos to my current 21.5% body fat and 96 kilos, I’m 6’1″. Awesome. Prior to going BP I had put on some superficial muscle at the Gym, heavy weights, 4 – 8 reps. It was fun to see how my actions could put weight on but being bullet proof is more fun and I am starting to look fit instead of like a silver back.

    However I have plateaued for about 5 weeks now. I have the suspicion that this is partially because of stored toxins in my fat cells. I’m going to implement the RFLP for two weeks as soon as my suppliments arrive hoping to push past the plateau. I hope to at least make it to 17% body fat. But 15% would be ace.

    A couple of questions:

    I currently take 300 to 450 mg of Magnesium two times a day. This works for me. I also Take a B com. Can I continue with these two while doing the RFLP?

  • Also I usually have two large glasses of Apple Cider vinegar solution. I usually take my mag and B’s with this solution and this works a treat. Lately I have been mixing in about 5 grams of glutamine with the solution. It gives me a big boost and tastes ok but I wonder if the acid of the vinegar compromises the glutamine… any thoughts? I will probably incorporate this in with the RFLP salt solution in the morning and or the administration of the glutamine, unless you guys see an issue with the combo.

    Also, I am going to experiment by adding carnitine to the solution. I’ll decide which week (1 or 2) to keep as my control. I appreciate the inaccuracy of this but my research budget is limited 🙂

  • sorry for the reverse order of my posts. my ipad was having trouble typing into the field all in one go. please read my bottom post first.

  • Zach

    I want to double check that I’m reading this right, is this absolutely no carbs/protein other than refeed days? What about protein after a trip to the gym?

  • 2000 mcg of vitamin k2, is that a typo?

  • Englishtalk.ch

    I’m on day two of the RFLP. Took a break from hardcore keto and was carrying 3kg glycogen/water weight and have lost 1kg of glycogen plus 0.5kg waste in the past 30 hours. It’s a bit tough, but doable.

  • Dave, if caloric restriction is not the mechanism that causes weight and fat loss on a BP diet and using BP IF, what would you say is the core mechanism? Hormone optimization?

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  • Tanya155


    my question is in regard to RFLP for people with no gallbladder. I am very interested in starting the diet, however I normally eat low fat, as anything fatty causes my pancreas to be in a horrible pain. So consuming butter everyday makes a bit nervous. I would appreciate your advice.

    • MotherGinger

      Tanya155, if you’re not already taking ox bile, DO! Go read the amazon reviews of cholacol, for instance, and get started, and get used to dosing yourself according to the fat you eat, long before you consider an all fat diet!

  • Tanya155

    Can you please provided a link to discussions where Dave Asprey gives advise for people with no gallbladder?

  • MotherGinger

    Why MCT oil instead of coconut oil? And I’d like to hear from people subject to sugar addiction / binge eating who have done this. Did such a low protein intake trigger your binges?

    Any reason not to do this if you’re 20lb overweight and fighting massive bloating & water retention? I’m already on a meat/fish/fat only diet and still have the bloating, but even one sweet potato will add 3lb of bloat/water weight and will make me go from looking 3mo pg to looking 6mo (I’m not pregnant).

    • MotherGinger

      Also, why krill oil instead of fermented cod liver oil? Is it extracted using heat or chemicals the way non-fermented cod liver oil is? And why K2 when you’re eating a stick of grassfed butter a day?

      I want to nail down these details, because I am ready to get started!

      • Madeleine Fulton

        MCT is just much more concentrated in the beneficial c-8 and c-10 MCTs than coconut oil.

        I also bloat with starches really easily, would love to hear advice or remedy for bloating.

        As far as K2, I was wondering about the importance of it as well, but it seems like Dave is recommending significantly higher dosage of K2 than what you can get from the amount of butter prescribed – if this is accurate (?) http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/custom/2244512/2 says 2tbsp. butter only contains 1.6mcg K2.

  • Tanya155

    Has anyone with no gallbladder done this diet?

    • Michael A

      Probably not a good idea, unfortunately. Dave would probably suggest taking lots of lipase and betaine HCl if I had to guess but I am not Dave and I am not a doctor.

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  • Daniella

    Hi! I’m interested in trying this, but I’m a shift worker with a somewhat insane schedule– I’d like to avoid caffeine if it all possible. I know it says this can be done without the Bulletproof Coffee, using green tea or regular tea instead. Am I right? I’ve been trying to lose weight for ten years (26, 294lbs, 40% bf) and I was about close to giving up before I found out that I have issues with gluten. This looks like a great way for me to get some hope back without feeling as miserable as I was on the HCG diet or getting as sick as I did then. (I lost thirty pounds, but came down with viral tonsillitis and bronchitis, one after the other, and gained it back almost immediately.)

    So– Can this be done with green tea, or black tea, or hot water instead?

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  • Hi Dave – I’d really like to try this but the Glutathione is WAY expensive. Is there something else I could take that would support the liver in the same way? Thanks!

    • Michael A

      NAC (1200mg, 2x daily) + Na-ALA (100mg, 2x daily) SHOULD have similar results (ALA and NAC both increase endogenous glutathione production). Make sure to cycle off at least 1-2 days per week, otherwise your body will downregulate endogenous glutathione production!

      • Pernilla

        Cycle off 1-2 days of the coffee days or including the re-feeding day? 2 days in a row or spread evenly?

        I’m not that informed about this type of glutathion, but from my understanding, taking it as an oral supplement is pointless, as the stomach acid will break it down before it reaches the cells and that using NAC and ALA is better anyway, as these are building stones for glutathione inside the body.

        • Madeleine Fulton

          The glutathione that Dave produces is liposomal – encased in lipid, so it wont break down in the stomach.

  • TonyKeller

    Hi is great what i can read here. Is reallly helpfull.

  • PaleoAsh

    Hi Dave,

    I’m in need of some parameters regarding refeeding. I, 5’9″ with about 30 lbs to lose (31% body fat). I’ve purchsed all of the supplements and BP coffee. I followed BP IF for a week and saw such great results that I was lead to try the RFLP.

    However, I’d like to be clear on the amount of food that I should be consuming on the refeeding day. I have a tendency to overeat, hence the need for the RFLP. Should I eat three square meals while still including the BPC (total of approximately 2500 cal) or follow BP IF with a meal to conclude my day (say 1000 cal with a min of 100g of carbs).

    Finally, where should an intense strength training work out come in. I assume on the refeeding day, just before the breaking the fast?

    Your input is greatly appreciated. I’ve followed your blog and website for over a year now and enjoy it tremendously. Keep up the great work. Now that you have finished publishing your “Better Baby” book. I’d encourage you to compile your research and regimens for BP IF fasting, Rapid Fat Loss and other aids and publish! I would certainly be a customer.

    • Great questions. I have not seen, did you get answers?

  • About how many TBS of coconut oil and butter should one consume in a day on the RFLP? how many cals?

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  • Ken

    i started the protocol this morning, and my stomach was so upset for a few hour i almost vomited… was this due to too much salt(1 tsp) in my initial glass of water or too much mct(2 tbs) in my coffee? any ideas on how to avoid this?

    • Michael A

      I experienced the same effect and I know for sure that it was the MCT oil for me. It felt like my stomach was on fire and I had an uncomfortable amount of energy. Even 1tbs was too much for me. I had to switch to coconut oil.

  • rlsk

    Can I do crossfit along this fat-loss protocol? and I’m a college student, any websites where I can by the supplements at a lower price?

    • Pernilla

      Try iherb.com. Also, if you’re a new costumer you can use code NIL650for up to $10 discount on your first purchase.

  • Emma

    Can someone please let me know if it’s okay to use heavy cream on this protocol? (Here in sweden heavy whipping cream is above 40% fat – I don’t know if this differs much from american brands) I find I can’t drink my coffee with butter because it just makes me nauseous, I literally have to force it down. Drinking coffee with cream would make it so much easier for me to get more calories from fat, because from what I understand, you’re not supposed to be calorie deprived on this program, but simply make sure that you’re consuming your calories from fat. Hoping someone could help me out! Thanks

    • Pernilla

      Jag tror att proteinerna och kolhydraterna kan sabba det hela, både laktos och mjölkprotein kan höja blodsockret som utlöser fettinlagrande insulin. Står mer om det på denna sida, på sidan om hur man kan tweaka sitt kaffe på ett säkert sätt och inom LCHF-kretsar har folk (inklusive jag) också problem med att mjölkprodukter hindrar viktnedgång. Btw, vilket kaffe använder du? Letar efter ett kaffe för att pröva detta. 🙂

    • Niki

      Are you blending the coffee? If you just melt it and pout it in it isn’t going to be nausea-inducing. If you blend, it creates a thick frothy latte type drink.

      And I just saw this is a year old post. Maybe someone else will have the same questions, hope you’ve found it by now.

  • Chris

    Under supplements is listed “1tsp Lipoceutical Glutathione away from other fat, twice per day (very important for liver function).” Is this the correct dosage if using the “Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Glutathione” or is that an old dose when buying a non Bulletproof version from amazon? I ask because using a whole bottle of Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Glutathione every 4.5 days doesn’t seem right.

    • Rebecca

      Chris, did you receive a response to your question?

    • My bottle of Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Glutathione says the dose is 1 pump and the bottle contains 30 doses.

  • SteveRN

    A few quick questions, for Dave, or anyone. I hate coffee. I may try Dave’s. Is it ok on the Rapid protocol to add Dave’s chocolate to improve taste? If I use tea, do you recommend any particular brand? I assume molds might be an issue with tea as it is with coffee beans. Ever thought of marketing your own brand of Bullet Proof tea with MCT/butter, like the coffee?

  • Anouska

    Hey guys great article! Thanks for the tricks! I just want to add something, I believe that adding a good weight loss supplement will help you loosing fat faster! You should take a look on the green coffee bean supplement because its natural with no additives.


  • Pernilla

    I have a few questions, sorry if they’ve already been answered.

    It says to take “1 capsule (2000mcg) of vitamin K2”, but the capsules in the link provided contains 1000 mcg K2 and 1000 mcg K1. So, does that mean take two capsules for 2000 mcg of K2 or that 1000 mcg K2 is enough or that 1000 mcg each of K1 and K2 is needed?

    It also says to take “2-10 capsules (560 mgeach) of activated charcoal 2-3 times a day.” But, again, in the link provided the capsules contain 260 mg each, not 560. Which one is correct?


  • Zman

    my brother has been preaching the bulletproof diet for some time and although he had no need to lose weight persay he has used it to elevate his energy levels and overall health. I personally have been in a state in which i need to lose 40-50 lbs. I tried the daily IF and bulletproof coffee for a week and today was my first day of RFLP. I made it through the day feeling great – almost better to be honest. which is awesome. i will try and keep updating my results. How long truly should one use this for to attain the fast loss i am looking for? I am skeptical on do this for more than 2 cycles then returning to the standard bulletproof diet. can you speak to the effects of moving back and forth – does it harm the process at all?

  • eboogie

    Dave, is it ok to take some dessicated liver powder while on this protocol?

  • Thelma Marais

    What can one expect with regards to daily bowel movement whilst on this protocol?

    • DylansMom

      I’m not sure how it is supposed to be, but after 4 days mine have been pretty irregular with some intermittent loose/large stools. My guess would be that is the result of a primarily liquid diet.

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  • Kit

    On day 16 of the protocol, down 16.2 lbs as of this morning… the daily average IS indeed turning out to be about a pound a day. Along the lines of about 2% bodyfat being lost a week currently. (Will verify with next hydrostatic weigh-in Sat.) Thought I’d post now (after hitting a benchmark) and again in two weeks time or so to let you know how it’s going. My mental clarity is significantly better most of the time, and improving steadily. Energy is coming up incrementally as well. I realize it’s going to come and go based on the lovely occasional toxin release from sequestered gick in my fat

    It’s very clear when my sleep isn’t optimal, weightloss and ketosis stalls for a day or two. (I’m monitoring weight, ketosis, blood sugar, and sleep length religiously.) I have a good routine going now after one or two bad humps that ought to be thought over when doing this.

    Staying on the protocol isn’t any harder than it was going
    to an ancestral diet (year and a half ago) and nowhere as tough as quitting smoking several decades back was… with a couple of exceptions.

    First, there’s the huge issue of food exhaustion. It’s an old tale, sailors having to eat the same thing ad infinitum, people living on limited stored food who’s appetite wanes… I worked in an ice cream store as a kid and couldn’t eat ice cream for years afterwards. Same thing. About the middle of the second week my taste for BP coffee started to go, and it was tough to get it down. Thankfully, I stabbed at using some clean organic tea and butter with a tad of stevia to cycle off to. Problem averted in the nick of time. Simply adding ONE other flavor profile brought back my ability to enjoy the BP coffee taste. (I drink it using salted Kerrygold butter… I know, it may sound wrong, but I like it. Tastes like buttered biscuits to me man.) Anyway, I think it’s imperative for success to get you two or three ways to significantly alter the taste or burnout is a huge potential.

    My daily routine is one huge cuppa BP in the morning and one cup of buttered tea to take to work for lunch, and that’s keeping keto up and blood sugar spikes down. I’m slowly fiddling with another flavor profile, but nothing I want to drink twice yet. I have sweet, and I have salty. This IS biohacking, right? Experiment, Kit! Measure the data! Tweak the science. I need to figure out how to use bacon dude.

    Second big landmine I hit, during my second refeed (weekend 2) I didn’t wait until the morning of day 6, hitting it on Friday night then finishing all food by Saturday night. I also slipped slightly off paleo by adding in some rice-based pasta. The rest of the refeed day was dead on… sweet taters and fresh organic veggies and buffalo and grassfred beef to die for. The combination of stretching the refeed day over one extra sleep cycle with the force multiplyer of one plateful of rice-based pasta trashed my gut and worse yet, the poundagem just roared back and my head felt full of cobwebs. It literally took four days to get back to Friday morning’s weigh-in, and my energy back.

    After that, it fell back off at 2+ lbs a day, and by today the numbers are right where they belong, and I’m feeling pretyy sprightly. The first refeed day didn’t have that wild cycle. Lesson learned is to refeed dead on the protocol (and plan on napping a lot that day with a huge dreamy smile) without slipping in something that’ll tank it for half the week.

    OK. Hour til bedtime, time to find my amber glasses and take the evening round of supplements. Check back with you at mid-month.

    Oh. Stats are a 54-yr old male, dropped 30lbs from going paleo and fixed massive gut dysfunction, then plateaued and maintained loss for a year-ish. Started RFL protocol 5/20/13 at 257.4 lbs at ~36% bodyfat. Weigh-in today 6/6/13 at 239.8 lbs at ~ 32% bf.

    • Kevin

      Hey did you ever finish and meet your 185lb goal?

    • tricia

      Were you still taking charcoal etc. during reefed days?!?!?!?!?

  • waszgirl

    Hi Dave,
    I started the bulletproof diet two weeks ago, so far I have lost a total of 12 pounds. I have about 44 more pounds to loose before I am at my ideal weight, but I am concerned with starting the rapid weight loss because I am nursing a new born. Would this have any ill effect on my baby or milk supply? Thanks!

    • Sonia

      Do NOT do this while breast feeding. You’re realising toxins… Guess where? Yes, into your breast milk.

      • Sonia

        Sorry- ‘releasing’…

  • ro

    I really didn,t feel good,like a flu,sweats,ect and I thought I was not so toxic! I lost 4 lbs in 2 days with the coffee stuff.but weak and sick feelin..now I will start again..won,t do this for more than 2 days on and 2 days off.

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  • Zorica Vuletic

    Three questions:

    1. Can you do this protocol if you have thyroid issues (and are on dessicated thyroid)
    2. Can you do this protocol if you love to do karate 5-6x week for 1 hr at a time
    3. Can you do this protocol If you only need to lose 10 lbs and mainly for composition reasons. (probably hormoanl).

  • very good page, I gave me very good results these treatments. http://skin-care-for-women.org/Lose%20Fat%20Easy/?t202id=613&t202kw=

  • Sarah

    I have just started this plan a few days ago and am doing well and don’t hungry at all.

    Can I eat raw cocoa powder with the butter instead or is it too high in carbs?


  • nikki

    SO can you jump to step 2 without testing the Bulletproof diet for 2 weeks if you are healthy? Can someone who is a Bulletproof veteran please email me haha, I am pretty confused! Thanks! nikkivelcich@yahoo.com

  • Paulinho

    The chunk of butter at 7pm truly disgusts me… I hoping I will learn to love it, but I am really disgusted.

    • Madeleine

      It’s slightly better softened/melted!

    • Tracker

      Are you using grass fed butter? The butter in my fridge will tend to have bite marks in it because I take a quick bite like it’s a candy bar from time to time. I do it when I get a little hungry late at night and don’t feel like making anything. It’s really good. However the thought of doing that with factory farmed butter does disgust me.

  • aapy

    wait…are you supposed to still have coffee & vitamins on your feeding day? or skip coffee and vitamins that day?

  • hotpurpletx

    I would like to start this. I did just find out that I have a Vit D deficiency. I will be starting an RX for it. I have to lose weight I am obese. What pre-cautions should I take with know that I have a deficiency?

  • Madeleine Fulton


    1. Can I make “Sleeptime Tea” (Celestial Seasonings brand) to blend my butter into at night? What about adding MCT to that blend at night?

    2. Can I drink mineral water instead of salt water? (Salt water makes me gag.) I also don’t mind salted butter in my BPC…

    3. Can I follow this pc without betaine HCl? I’ve been paleo and pretty low-carb for several years and strictly BP for about 6 weeks; hence I digest fat very well (although a bit of the runs for the first week of MCT).

    4. Is this a terrible idea before a dance audition? (I’m a dancer) If not, how should I time my re-feed day around the audition?

    Thanks for any tips.

  • Madeleine Fulton

    And why does the Vitamin C have to be unbuffered?

  • Sergio

    What about eating lots of chocolate on re feeding day(75-90% cacao)?

  • Madeleine Fulton

    In terms of the L-glutamine and the BCAAs, what is the standard of quality one should be looking for? Are there the same problems with denaturing and/or heat-processing with these animos that there are with whey protein?

  • Amanda

    I want to know if it’s ok to supplement with upgraded collagen as a normal part of the diet? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Also 21 lbs down in 2 weeks! Woohoo! (No cheating and I weight myself only every two weeks)

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  • Duncan

    I’ve gone from 286lbs to 254lbs in 28days; a loss of 32lbs. Still quite a way to go but the RFLP is getting me there.

    Feel quite groggy from the afternoon onwards on feed days, and the day after as well. Maybe the carbs from the rice and sweet potatoes?

    Will keep you posted

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  • Bulletproof Tiger

    I’ve gone from 286lbs to 254lbs in 28days; a loss of 32lbs. Still quite a way to go but the RFLP is getting me there.

    Feel quite groggy from the afternoon onwards on feed days, and the
    day after as well. Maybe the carbs from the rice and sweet potatoes?

    Will keep you posted

  • Bulletproof Tiger

    Still going, lost another 6lb as things seem to be slowing down a little now.
    Very tired and groggy on feed days, also getting a bit bored of the taste of the coffee. Any ideas?

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  • Bulletproof Tiger

    Lost a total of 45lbs (286 to 241lbs) in 49 days. Starting to put cinnamon in the coffee to change things up and keep it interesting.
    Will keep on trucking until the end of August and then change up to Bulletproof Intermittant Fasting

    • KDL

      Please keep reporting back. Watching you go through this with me is keeping me on track.

      • Bulletproof Tiger

        No worries, I can definitely do that.

        I’ve found that the only difficult part of this is the same taste of the coffee day in, day out. But then I found Dave’s post on this site…


        It’s made the coffee interesting again, and that’s all that boredom is – lack of variety. I feel like I can go on longer than the end of August right now, but we’ll see.

        Keep it up KDL

        • KDL

          Thank you!

        • Francine Amani Guturrez PBX

          How much weight wil I lose more or less? How long should I do this for?

    • Lisa

      Bulletproof Tiger, I was wondering how you are doing? Have you kept the weight off you lost? Are you glad you did the protocol? I am going to start the protocol in a day or two, I am hoping the rest of my supplements arrive soon. I have been doing HFLC drinking BP coffee in the morning. I only stick with it for about 6 days and then I start eating carbs, not the good ones. A friend sent me a link about amino acids possibly being the cause, so I have began adding those in today. I really need to get some weight off as quickly as possible. I currently weigh 426.8 pounds, with my highest being 451 pounds. For the most part I haven’t been under 390 pounds in 19 years, though I did hit 359 pounds for one day. As I’m reading through the comments, I was wondering how you are doing. Thanks!

      • Bulletproof Tiger

        Hi Lisa, how’s it going?

        To answer your questions:
        1. I’m doing well thank you.
        2. Yes, I have kept the weight off – a total of 84lbs/6 stone/38kg (depending on where you live).
        3. Yes, I’m glad that I followed the protocol

        I can only speak for myself and tell you what worked for me – if you’re struggling with hunger pangs, I’m afraid that is the hard part of the RFLP…IN THE BEGINNING!

        Keep on at it, it gets better/easier. I found that I would start thinking about eating in the early evening, not because of the need to eat but more like because that’s what you THINK you should be doing.

        Drink more water, get some herbal teas that you like, but more importantly – CHANGE THE ROUTINE. Give yourself a distraction in the times when you’re going to go for those carbs – walk to the end of the garden, do some laundry, read something, do anything to break the cycle as that’s what the struggle is – and guess what? It gets easier.

        Also, keep those carbs out of the house – they don’t get there by themselves!

        Keep on going, Lisa. Try to focus on short term gains: a pound or two and keeping it off, then another couple more – they add up, I’ve got 84 of them!

        YOU CAN DO IT

        • Nobodysdriving

          Bulletproof Tiger, what lovely reply, I agree with you 🙂

          I am going to do this too, I need to lose about 15kg (how many lbs is that? 35-ish? 3 stones?)

          I have been on low carb/sugar free/grain free diet for past 5 months so I should find it not too difficult to do this.

          couple of questions:
          can I drink as much bulletproof coffee I want during the day?

          I think I would like to drink about a litre (30oz-ish) if that is allowed…..I have started drinking BP coffee already and normally have 15oz in a day AND eat 😀

          also: I do not have money to buy those supplements, however I already take 7,000iu vitamin D daily, multivitamins, B-complex supplements, iron supps and vitamin C and himalayan salt in my water.

          will this work if I do not take the supplements?

          thank you Bulletproof tiger (or anyone else who can answer 🙂 )

        • Nobodysdriving

          Actually you know what? I forgot that if I do this then I will spend a lot less money in food on the days I do the programme.
          I have looked at all the supplements suggested and I worked out it will cost me £4.60 (I am in UK) per day in supplements (for all the supps recommended), I am sure I will be saving £4.60 a day by not eating as much so I think I can do this 😀
          Mind you I still have not accounted for the MCT oil and high quality coffee, but even with that I think I should be ok…. 🙂

        • Kate

          Before the MCT (I count that in my food, rather than supplement bill), BCAA and glutathione, my supplements work out around £46 a month, I’m only just about to start trying this, but having already cut the grains and the junk I think I’m saving more than I’m spending. I have a similar amount to lose, going to start next week once my BCAAs arrive. Hope it goes well!

        • Nobodysdriving

          Hi Kate, thank you 🙂
          I have started yesterday but do not have the supps yet, I have ordered them today.
          I think you are right, it is not more expensive if you consider all the food you do not eat 🙂 I used to spend £4 a day only in caffe-lattes at work can you believe it? now I can spend those £4 on supplements of course. Then I used to spend £12 in food a day at work, I don’t eat that anymore so that goes towards my bulletproof coffee which in comparison with MCT included is probably approx £2 a day? 🙂 I have lost 1kg from just day one! But I am not going onto scales anymore now 😉
          PS I have 30 fluid oz of bulletproof coffee during the day (made with 3 tbs of butter and 2 of MCT, will up the MCT to 3 in a week or so). This is about 800mls for the metric people 🙂
          I used xylitol in my coffee but am weaning myself off it as it has carbs in it

        • Kate

          I tend to about the same with the BP coffee, though only 1tbsp MCT and probably between 2-3 butter, and I confess I tend to have a couple with just butter in as well, all of which has had a massively stabilising effect on my weight, and hormones, and so on, but I’ve got a way to go, and I’m a little impatient! And so with the RFLP. Good luck! I’ll check in a week or so with progress, or if it goes diabolically wrong!

        • Nobodysdriving

          yes sure ‘let’s check in’ in a few days time 😀

          good luck to you too ‘buddy’ 😉

        • Nobodysdriving

          ‘Update’, I have naturally reverted to do a Bulletproof ‘intermittent’ fasting as I was losing enough weight did not want to be too ‘greedy’ LOOOL
          So far in 8 days I have lost just over 9lbs!!!! Forgot to keep track of my fat percentage so will start from today, my fat % this morning was 34.7% (shameeeeeee!!! LOL ) 😀 I feel great and food does not attract me anymore, I eat just cos I have to which is great, I have always been a ‘slave’ to food in my life and I hated it, I hate my life revolving around food, so now I feel FREE!!!!

        • Nat

          Hey Kate,
          How did the protocol work for you?

        • Chantelle

          hi BP Tiger did you lose the 6st in 84 days or close to it? im assuming your male though I dont know why! 6st would make me 9st and at 5ft1 that would be a healthy curvy weight!

      • E.G.

        Hey Lisa,

        Did you ever do this protocol; if so how did it go?
        How are you doing these days?

  • KerryHolisticHealthCoach

    Hi! I am doing this, but with one BP meal a day, Im only on my 3rd day, but I will let you know how it goes! Has anyone else tried this approach? Or have any comments on it? Thank you!!

    • Bulletproof Tiger

      I’d be interested to see how you get on with that Kerry as that sounds like the logical next step for me.

  • Amanda

    I’ve given this protocol a half-assed approach in the past,and it seemed like it would be promising but I wasn’t able to stick to it. (I get ridiculously strong carb cravings before my period, and ended up succumbing to them…) I’ve been experimenting with low carb/ketogenic/bulletproof dieting and was doing really well, I got down to 133 pounds (I’m a 5′ 7 in female) and looked (but more importantly, FELT) great, but ended up sliding down the slippery slope of eating “carbage” (starting after my cheat day before my period) and have skyrocketed to 150/153ish in a short amount of time. =( I have been struggling to get back on the wagon, but today I am going to give this protocol a shot again! I will post an update in a week with my results…What do you all do to resist the temptations of carbohydrates and sugar?

    • KDL

      I managed to get through my period (on day 12) by reminding myself that 1) water retention masks fat loss (ie avoid the scale like it’s gonna bite you and wear nothing but loose, comfy clothing that week) and 2) I was nice to myself in every other conceivably possible way EXCEPT anything food related.

      I drank lots of tea in addition to my water (a drop of liquid stevia in each cup), I took lots of baths, I did NOTHING stressful or productive around my house that I didn’t absolutely HAVE to do. I basically pampered myself so I wouldn’t get freak out, get stressed, and cheat.

      • Amanda

        Thanks for the tips! I think I will implement the tea, that would probably help me out. I’m on day 3 now and down to 147, so down about 4 pounds. While I’m impressed with the weight loss, the fatigue and general lethargy is horrible… I hope it passes soon, I have to really push myself when I’m at work and I feel do much slower than usual!

        • KDL

          I found the first 3-4 days really, really hard but after that I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t even want the evening butter on days 5 & 6. I was able to get back on after the refeed pretty easily but day 4 & 5 of week two was hard. Ate the butter in the evening and it got easier. Basically I drank a gallon of water a day (with the salt) and if I got hungry I’d drink another glass of (ice cold) water and that helped a TON. My philosophy was drink a glass if hungry, wait 20 minutes, and if still hungry, then 1/2 tbspn butter.

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  • Bulletproof Tiger

    I hit the magic 50lb mark last Sunday, nice little milestone.
    Feel like I’ve got a second wind by changing the flavour of the coffee, so I’m mulling over whether to continue through September as well.

    • KDL

      That’s amazing and so, so awesome! Congratulations!

      Are you sticking to a strict 6 days fasting, 1 day refeed schedule or do you refeed more frequently than that?

      • Bulletproof Tiger

        Yep, sticking to the 6/1 ratio. I’ve got family members asking how to do it now, they seem pretty itimidated by this method but I’ve shown them the Intermittant Fasting page and they’re probably going to do that instead.
        Thanks for the support KDL, keep on keeping on!

    • KDL

      So what did you finally decide? Sticking with it or shifting over? 😀

      • Bulletproof Tiger

        Sticking…for now!
        How about you? How’s your progress?

        • KDL

          I’m down 25 pounds (still about 100 to go 🙁 ) but I’m starting to fall into a groove where I am beginning to actively dislike eating on the refeed days. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to it all week, but on the actual day itself, after I’m done with the sweet potatoes I’m so full the idea of eating much more is kind of annoying.

    • Lisa

      Hey BT – CONGRATS ! 50 pounds is awesome!! I’m getting ready to start RFLP as soon as the supplements all arrive. I’ve got at least 50 to lose – and I might go further. One day at a time. Wanted to shout out to you – your weight loss is AWESOME !!!!

  • Bulletproof Tiger

    As of last Sunday (1st Seprember 2013), I have lost 54lb on the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol since July 1st. If you would’ve told me at the beginning that I’d lose half of that in two months, I’d have been more than happy. But to lose nearly 4 stone in two months – incredible!

    I was going to switch over to Intermittant Fasting, but I still have quite a lot of supplements left and I’m feeling pretty good – I’ve decided to keep on with the RFLP. If you’re looking for a magic bullet – this is it.

    Post on the forum as the feedback helps all of us…Big shout out to KDL!

    • KDL

      YAY for you!!! I got sick this week – small children are petri dishes and this time the combo of maximum ick finally took me down – so I had to take a small break but I’ll be starting back up on Monday. I’m down 25 pounds (or I was, prior to getting sick) and watching you “keep on keeping on” is not only helping me stay on track but it’s *super* inspiring. Thank you for checking back. I’ll probably be doing the protocol until around Thanksgiving (I started out around 130 pounds overweight) but on days where it’s hard I just come and read about your success and it gives me hope and the energy to keep going even while every member of the family is going crazy-nuts on the dinner I made around me. (Sometimes I find that to be the hardest part… I can’t taste anything I’m making for them! Three meals a day, even with cooking in advance some days.)

      *high five*

      • Bulletproof Tiger

        What’s going down, KDL? How’s it going at your end?

  • Tim Emerson

    Good Points. have you tried to visit http://howtolosefathq.com to get some tips about how to lose fat ? If not I will recommend highly.

  • Michael


    I’m wondering whether breaking a 7 day fast with meat and starch could be taxing? Most fasting ppl that I’ve seen seem to recommend breaking it gently ovr time, and say that the meabolism slos and takes a while to get bakc running again…



    • Bulletproof Tiger

      I don’t agree with that at all. Yeah, I can feel groggy sometimes on the refeed day, but I attribute that to either digestion or how active I’ve been. The less active on the refeed day, the more groggy I feel.

      Once I’m back on the fast and had a coffee, I feel absolutely fine.

  • Fat
  • JC

    If I can’t find the Lipoceutical Glutathione, can I use a pill form? If so, how many mg will equate to the 1 tsp?

    • KDL

      He just put the new L-Glutathione out. You can also buy Absorbot from Amazon. It’s a shade more expensive but you get more servings per bottle.

  • Elizabeth Keane Kruger

    Has any one discussed the possibility of loose skin on this RFLP IF and what to do about it if you encounter it?

    • KDL

      Skin is an organ just like any other. It needs time to regenerate from serious damage. It’s going to depend on how old you are, how damaged you skin is/was, and where the skin in question is located. You can do things like dry brushing your skin to encourage new growth and sloughing of the old cells but if the loose skin in question is on your trunk (especially around your belly) then you have to get down to a very low body percentage to see a severe lessening of the loose skin since fat loves to accumulate there. This is, of course, also affected by whether or not you’ve been pregnant. Hormones are going to dictate where your fat is stored, so your mileage will vary.

      People on extended water fasts sometimes discuss a “marbling” effect of the fat on their trunk, where the skin is loose and the fat feels like balls or marbles beneath their skin. These forums have several suggestions for ways to loosen and release this squishy fat that isn’t dangerous to your system. Mostly though, it’s just being patient. Your skin was stretched out for a long, long time. It’s going to take time to get back to a “normal” type state – lots of water and lots of care.

    • princesslucky

      Hi Elizabeth-I made an oil blend for myself with organic almond, wheat germ, borage seed, carrot, rose, lavender, helichrysum, neroli, and myrrh. My skin seems to be improving with no ill effects so far. I think hydration helps! 🙂

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  • tj

    Does anyone know once you lose the weight you want to on RFL, what diet to do to maintain? Bulletproof or IF? I am almost to my first goal and need to take a break to go on a family vacation and would appreciate any input on which to follow..

    • Bulletproof Tiger

      Good post, I need an answer on this as well. What to do once you’re done with the RFLP.
      Maybe if I write on the Bulletproof Facebook page, you guys can back me up?

      • jg9295

        Once I dropped the weight I wanted with RFLP I started with the Bulletproof diet and intermittent fasting. I start my day with bulletproof coffee and I eat between the hours of 2-8pm. Hope that helps.

        • Bulletproof Tiger

          Is that just to maintain or does the weight continue to come off but at a slower rate?

        • jg9295

          The weight continues to come off…just at a little slower rate. I’ll need to find the source again…but with Bulletproof diet and IF, your body will naturally get to 12-15% body fat for men (not sure for women) and then level off and maintain that. I’m at about 17% body fat right now…should be a month or 2 before I get down to the “ab exposing” body fat %.

        • Bulletproof Tiger

          That’s the answer I was looking for!

  • john

    I want to do this but I’m curious if working hard labor 5 days a week is going to change results. Or even more curious will I be starving at lunch and have no energy to swing a hammer.

    • Bulletproof Tiger

      You won’t feel hungry, mate – that’s switched off. No dip in energy levels either, give it a spin!

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  • Nancy

    This really works! After months of stalling out and yo-yoing on a LC WOE, Boom, 11lbs gone the first week…! This is really phenomenal. Thank you, Dave. I was at my wits’ end.

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  • Taylor

    Is it possible to stack this diet with some weight loss pills, or does that defeat the purpose? I find myself getting really hungry, and I know I have had success in the past with appetite suppressants and was wondering if that will mess up the ketosis.

    • KDL

      If you can power through to day 3-4 you won’t be hungry at all. You just have to get past the first three days.

      • Kristi Lambert

        Very inspiring KDL! I would be extremely grateful to know what your refeed days looked like on RFLP, like what yo ate and at what time – I am so afraid to blow this step – Thanks in Advance – Kristi

  • Toni Luloot

    Losing weight is just not easy for a lot of people. Remaining physically active requires efforts, and healthy food is usually costlier than high-calorie food

  • fsonic

    Dave et al, what if we are not interested in losing weight with this diet, but rather to use it as a reduced calorie ketosis diet to fight cancer? It seems that unequivocally ketogenic diets can eliminate cancer (One of many studies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sBjnWfT8HbQ) and I would like to come up with a palatable long term dietary menu for such a diet.

    Additionally, it is shown that glutamine can be metabolized by metastasized cancers and so that seems to be a very important element to remove from this diet outlined above.

    Overall, what would you suggest for an effective diet in such scenarios?

  • Ninetta Tóth

    Hi! Chek out my blog if you’d like to know about weight loss, body shaping, fat burning, muscle toning and more http://stylishfact.blogspot.hu/p/fitness-and-healt.html xo

  • Cheryl Lunstrum

    I’ll ask this question… but all of these comments seem to be from years ago..

    Quote: Drink as much Bulletproof Coffee as you like in the morning, subject to your caffeine tolerance. Do not eat anything else during the day – only about 500ml or less of Bulletproof Coffee. UNQUOTE:

    how can you drink as much bulletproof coffee as you like in the morning if you are only to drink 500ml or less of bulletproof coffee?

    • Naomi

      The 500ml refers to an ADDITIONAL amount you may have later in the day if you feel hungry. In the morning, you may have as much as you can tolerate.

  • rose

    In the off chance that someone is actually monitoring these posts and answering questions… can I add the bulletproof collagen to my coffee if I am following the RFL protocol?
    Also – did anyone notice that the recipe for bulletproof coffee has changed? It seems brain octane is now recommended instead of the MCT oil… and I still have 1 1/2 bottles of the MCT.

  • Cedric

    This fast is all good and well, however, wouldn’t you lose muscle as well? I would like to lose fat, but definitely not muscle – can you please shed some light on this?

  • dawn

    i’m confused. Is the diet 6 days of coffee and supplements alone? then one day of eating food? I am having difficulty understanding this

  • Nina

    Hi, I was wondering if it would have any effects on studying or concentration? I’m in college and would like to do it for 5-6 weeks. Thanks!

    • Lauren

      I’m studying at the moment, have been doing it for about 2 weeks, and no effects on study or concentration! If anything, I’m even better! 😀
      The only time I feel sluggish is during and after the carb up meal

      • Nina

        That sounds great! How are your results?

        • Lauren

          Really good!! 15lbs in the first 15 days (so definitely sticking to the 1lb/day estimate). My least favourite part so far is the “carb up” – It always makes me sleepy + bloated! But it goes away the next day 🙂

        • Nina

          Wow! You’re doing great! Keep at it! Yeah, I’m at the end of my 2nd day, feeling stronger than yesterday-mentally and physically, but still have cravings…does it get any easier as you go?

  • Kareem Lewis

    As having experience with a lot of weight, being overweight is not fun. It takes a toll on your joints, back, knees and everything else. It also makes you very uneasy. But after feeling this way, I found the system that was a life changer for me. Check out http://lardabscondenser.com/lardabscondenser-org.org/ for this great info!

  • jrljd

     Dave. I love your website and all of your information. Thanks for the hard work. While normally I am the kind of guy who hates when people take a program or recipe and then change it to suit their needs and then comments about the original formula.  
    But, unfortunately, I am now that guy. I am in a weight loss contest at my local gym ( I need to lose lots of weight) and I know that diet is 90% of the equation if not more, but pursuant to the rules I must work out. 

    I am doing one hour long interval training sessions three times per week. According to the polar GX heart rate monitors I am “burning” approximately 800 dollars per session.  

    Following the BPFLP to the letter except I am adding approximately 50-75g of lean protein ( animal, whey, collagen) on workout days. 

    I started at 5’9″ 260 pounds at 30% body fat 18 days ago and as of today I have lost 23 pounds. Muscle mass seems intact and hunger and energy levels are okay.  

    Is there anything drastically wrong with doing this for a period of six weeks, should I add or change anything (other than the workouts)?THANKS

    • Spatz Lawler

      How’d this workout for you? I’m about to start BPRFLP in a week when my supps come in and I am also doing heavy lifting about 3x a week and wondering about the protein.

      Did you win the weight loss contest?

  • John

    Interesting article. I drink coffee everyday anyway, so why not give it a try.

  • This seems to be effective way to lose fat in short time. But there are some situations when one cannot go through this tough routine. There are other procedures( http://bit.ly/17KX5lQ ) for those who are not able to keep this routine and diet. But for those who are able to do bit of hard work, they should do this.

  • blue21

    If you’re not one for eating butter on it’s own i have come to like soup made from dried chicken/beef/vegetable stock, water and butter for dinner, the amount i use has less than .1g of carbs and less than .1 grams of protein and a tablespoon of butter(i vary butter depending on how hungry i feel)

  • Danny

    I only have the average drip coffee maker. Will I be okay with this? Also, are the supplements needed on refeed day?

  • olivially04

    That’s awesome! What do your reefed days look like?http://cuxtomizedfatloss.blogspot.com/

  • trailrunner87

    I’m on day 4 of the RFLP (my first week). I’m doing impeccable and have a surge in energy and focus! I don’t have to waste time every night guessing what to make for the next day for breakfast/lunch and that is freeing! I also now don’t need to worry about not being able to squeeze into my fat pants every morning! They’re now loose! I noticed I felt like crap on the morning of day 3, only because I did alot of housework the day before, and forgot to take the glutamine and eat the evening butter. But a quick dose of glutamine that morning helped get rid of the nausea and weak legs within 30 minutes. I feel like a rockstar and have lost 9 lbs so far. I fit into a pair of dress pants I haven’t been able to wear in 6 months just this morning! I intend to keep up the 7th day refeeds and RFLP for three to four weeks total, since I only have about 35 lbs to lose total. Hopefully, then, I will have achieved my desired results and can post my charts here.

    Btw, I’m a female, 5’3″ with 161 lbs to start. My desired goal is 125, but I don’t know how healthy that will be, so I’m playing it by ear. I can see all the muscle mass I was working to get in that last several months of C/F now that I’m losing fat. I’m not working out – that one day of housework (moving heavy boxes and paint cans) left my legs sore for two days, but I feel much better now. I also have been paleo/primal/bulletproof for the last 3 years and had gained alot of weight back that I originally lost because I decided to cheat alot instead of staying on track. However, going back to strict paleo these last two months didn’t seem to move my weight anywhere but up. After extensive testing with Genova and some observation from a paleo doctor and a holistic doctor, I now know I have hormone and digestive issues, coupled with a slow, not hypo, but slow thyroid (due to low levels of iodine). I came back to Dave’s site and chose this over IF because I was just so fed up that my weight wouldn’t budge AT ALL. Thanks Dave! I can’t wait to show off all the “hard work”! 🙂

    • Green

      How’s it going? Still on plan?

  • Pingback: Kristina Griffith()

  • Mishella

    Hi, have been enjoying reading the info on this site. Interested in doing BPIFP however im finding in hard to find these supplements in Australia. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance

  • Soo Horobin

    I would appreciate some clarification regarding the re-feed day for the RFL plan, so no coffee or supplements that day? Only the recommended food or do we maintain that and eat as called for? Thanks!

  • Soo Horobin

    One more question, lol. On the re-feed day are we allowed dairy?

  • Soo

    Can anyone clarify whether or not we eliminate the coffee and supplements for refeed day? Also, is there a carb limit for the day for the recommended foods or do we just eat until we are satisfied? And just wondering how people feel on refeed days after fasting during the week. I am doing the BP rapid fat loss protocol. Day 5 and lost 12 lbs already. Amazing to me.

  • ella

    hey all! I’ll be starting the protocol tomorrow, so let’s keep each other encouraged! It sounds like its tough… does it get easier as you go?

    • Bulletproof Tiger

      Yes, keep on trucking. If you feel bad, drink water & pee it out!

  • john

    Hey, i saw reviews of many of you getting into week 3 and so.. what’s the secret or advice you’d give to stay motivated and successful?

    • Bulletproof Tiger

      I was on it for 3 1/2 months from July 1st 2013, lost 5 stone (70 lbs). Changed to Bulletproof intermittant fasting and have continued to lose slowly but more importantly have kept the weight off. I’m now 6 stone lighter than I was on 30th June.

      Adding things to the coffee definitely gave me a second wind (vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever) and kept me going. It starts to become like a game in the end.

      If you feel hungry in the evening: drink a shed load of water. Herbal tea is pretty good also.

      Even though I’m the cook of the family, I avoided eating badly over the Christmas period and didn’t miss anything as it’s just not on my radar now. Not even bothered.

      Little tip: buy a slow cooker and a pressure cooker for the eating day or when you reintroduce food. On the RFLP, I found that preparing something on the Saturday in the slow cooker for the next day was quite enjoyable and gave me that motivatin to keep going.
      Since going on Intermittant fasting, the pressure cooker has been an absolute star and has kept me on track. Can have an excellent meal ready in an hour, in one pot with no difficulty. This has without a doubt stopped me from going back to rubbish food and therefore has kept the weight off.

      Rant over!

      • Feorh

        Hi Bulletproof Tiger – this is exactly what I was looking to see – I have to agree that adding stuff to the coffee is the way forward when on RFLP – I did get to the point where if I looked at another cup of it about a week ago I cringed – now on week five and my weightloss pretty much as you’re saying earlier… I’m liking the idea of going to intermittent fasting to gi into what other diets would call maintenance and then shift to normal eating again as I go.. The water tip is also something I am finding works well. I’ve also tried different brands of butter as they do taste different and can make the coffee better… Good luck anyone else doing RFLP.

  • Darlene

    if im 155 and im 5’6, realistically, how much will i lose in one month?

    • Bulletproof Tiger

      About 12lbs is a conservative estimate

  • JM

    I started this very dubiously telling myself if I didn’t feel right I’d stop and get back on the normal BP diet. Well I’m two days in and feel pretty friggin fantastic. Brain clarity and energy are both good. I ate a very healthy paleo diet except around Christmas bloated up on some things like ice cream and pizza so I think I gained a ton of water before I started and so I know this is a lot of water but I’ve dropped almost 8 lbs in 2 days. I’ve very nervous about continuing but going to keep giving it time and see how I feel.

    • JM

      This is really unbelievable…i’m on my 3rd day and I’m down 9 lbs. Again I have to believe a lot of it was christmas bloat but hell I’ll take it. i’m debating whether to refeed on day 5 rather than 6 or 7 so that I can work my way into twice weekly feeding with one falling on a saturday which sounds nice. Based on these results I can’t imagine cutting a day or two off will effect me negatively especially if I follow the BP diet protocol on those refeed days.

      • Green

        How did the refeed day go? Still on plan?

  • Green

    I’m on day 3. down from 148.3 to 145.1. 3.2 lb loss! I’m a female in my late 20’s with 10 or so lbs of fat to lose. Also, I was eating a high fat, low carb diet before this so I probably have less water weight to lose.

    • Spatz Lawler

      How’re things progressing? I also have less water weight to lose (been on a cyclical ketogenic diet for 8 months now) and also in my 20s. Starting this in a week when my supps come in (thankfully I already had a few so it didn’t run me too many $$) and was curious how it worked out for you.

      • green

        I think it’s a great way to lose weight. I decided to not do another round yet. I’m trying a less restrictive alternate day fasting diet for a while to see if that will work for me. I think that one round of RFLP did take some fat off of me as my highest (with lots of water weight) right now is 149. If this current way of eating doesn’t work, I plan to go back to a keto or cyclical keto diet and do rounds of RFLP. Good luck and please keep me updated! How much fat do you have to lose? I’m at about 27% and want to get down to 20-22%

        • Spatz Lawler

          I’m about 22% (just mirror and comparing to online pictures, no DEXA scan so not completely certain on BF%) and looking to get off a possible plateau. I am doing Carb Nite right now with wonderful success but these last few months seem really slow. I’m going to try and cycle BP’s RFL protocol weekly with my regular Carb Nite routine and I feel it’ll fit in nicely. The only thing I’m worried about is my workouts (3x heavy lifting) and the lack of protein.

          So I’m going to lift heavy on the first day of RFL, HIIT the second day, and then just stick to some walks/bike rides the rest of the RFL week. Lift (as) heavy (as I can) on my re-feed day, keeping it ULC until after 3pm then slamming the carbs. Then back to Carb Nite for a week so I can get in some regular heavy lifting in.

          Keep cycling this until I’ve either got the results I’m looking for, or until I see something I don’t like. Like fat gain. Or strength diminishing.

          I’ll try and keep it updated here once I get started, but you know how that goes, I’ll probably forget. 😉

        • JD

          Your conversation is insightful as Im in a similar boat… how do you feel transitioning OUT of RFL and back into a HFLC paleo routine, do you see all the weight just come back on ? Im at about 23% body fat, female-24 considering doing some cycling of my paleo routine to break through. But Im nervous that if I spend a week or two dedicated to RFL that when I transition back it will be all for nothing. What do you think ?

        • Spatz Lawler

          I’m about to try it this coming up Monday and I’ll let you know how it goes, I have all my vitamins etc.. and we aren’t super busy this next week so it made sense to schedule it then. I doubt all the weight will fly back on, especially since I have already lost most all of my water weight by being on CN. So if you want to wait, I’ll try and update this after a few weeks (one week RFLP, one week CN/HFLC)

        • JD

          Great! My body could use with a couple more weeks of bulletproofing before I do something radical anyway. Keep my updated with your progress / how you feel, I’m really interested! You can email me at jrdavies89@gmail.com if you have any insight etc. I am a ex- vegetarian Ironman athlete turned bulletproof, HIIT and mountaineer. Ive been eating meat for 3 months and fat for 2 weeks. Been following the podcast for 6 months before I finally let go of the vegetarianism and super super long distance training. So far it’s been amazing energetically. It’s all a process of paying attention to our bodies…

  • sandeep

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    blog you have mention some good points relate to protein supplements. It is
    very true that people want to look in good shape and wants to possess the
    great figure but due to unhealthy food they become out of shape. A good fat
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  • Feorh

    I decided after a long struggle on a plateau that just won’t shift (I row an hour a day and eat a pretty paleo style diet for the most part and very low carbs anyway) that I need a ‘factory reset’ so am giving the RFLP a whirl – my experiment… Started on the 15th of Jan and will update periodically as well as keep a note on how I am feeling on a day-to-day basis. For the record I am 5’8″ and my starting weight was 174lbs. For those who say don’t try things like this I’d like to say that I went from 251lbs ten years ago to what I am now and have had two children along the way. I weigh less now than I did when I conceived my second child a little over a year and a half ago. But I’ve stalled for months… So here goes…

    • Bulletproof Tiger

      How are you geting on?

      • Feorh

        Two weeks in and still going strong – though I’m not that keen on coffee anymore lol. Week 1 was a five day fast and then refeed on Day 6. I lost to 8 pounds in those first 5 days. Put it all back on on food day though. But as a girl and it’s that time of month I blame hormones for a good bit of water retention anyway. I’ve lost the full amount by the end of week 2 and must say the mirror (and my husband) and my clothes all reckon that there is a serious change in my shape. I had a refeed after 4 days this week as I am training for a 100 km walk and had a 25 km training walk which I didn’t want to do on an empty tum 😉 so back to 6 days of coffee and butter and one of food from tomorrow – really happy with what I’m seeing so far. I’ve noticed a big difference to how I feel on all the supplements in week 2 as opposed to week 1 when I hadn’t got them all yet. Looking forward to the next week 😉

        • Feorh

          Another two, almost three weeks on and I am now 5 kilos less than I was when I started… And I can see the change in the mirror. The supplements have made a difference and I can see the difference on the scale when I have drunk enough water and had enough sleep. I’ve dropped from a UK 16/14 to a UK 12/10 and I can see that I will end up a bit smaller yet…

          I’m still going… And now weighing in at 164 lbs down from 174, I know that I have lost 10lbs in 5 weeks which while it’s not a pound a day is two pounds of steady loss a week and I am happy and confident that I have lost it for good and will not see it again 😉 and am happy to continue at that sort of rate…

  • Sean

    So on re-feeding day do we eat carbs all day or do we fast with BP coffee till 2:00 then carb load at 2:00-8:00?

    • Bulletproof Tiger

      Eat as normal according to the Bulletproof approved list of foods

  • Joey

    Is there anybody out there that transitioned successfully, from BP RFLP to their long-term diet, and maintained at least some of their weight loss?
    I’m doubting it: reading through the forums people seem to disappear.
    I’m still going through it and enjoying it so far. I just want to be very careful on the transition and was hoping for others experiences to learn from.

    • tj

      I have the same question. My goal is to lose a total of 50 lbs (15 already done!) but I am worried about transitioning back to BP or IF. Dave? Anyone else have advice?

    • Sam

      The weight you lose is lost for good. I did this months ago when I plateaued at 243 I dropped 11 lbs and I screwed around with heavy cream in the coffee and unsweetened chocolate. Those 11 pounds stayed off after I went on four hour body cheat days and all I would gain my cheat day weight and lose back to the low 230s even dropped to 230 even. Conclusion, this isn’t bs water weight.

  • Susie Friesen

    I’ve got a question about the quality of supplements. I know that some contain a lot of fillers. Dave, do you yourself take the brands linked in this article? What brands would you recommend otherwise (I don’t want to wait for it to ship, lol) and which would you strongly advise against?

  • Jim

    Use individual diet plan.You can find such a plan here: http://WeightLossLastSecret.Com .I used this system and weight loss fast and healthy.I would suggest it.

  • Greg

    Am I not supposed to workout while on this?

  • enelrad

    When doing the rapid weight loss protocol are syou supposed to do the upgraded collogen?

  • HungryinTN

    I’m just starting the protocol. I’ve been eating Bulletproof for several months, but I kinda blew it yesterday (two manhattans with dinner, including the cherries…) and I think it’s made for a rough go of today. I was absolutely starving by noon, which is unusual for me since I’ve been on IF for a while and don’t normally eat til at least eleven anyway. I ended up having a couple of eggs just to get me through the worst of it, hopefully without compromising my ketosis. About an hour after I ate, I started having terrible hot and cold flashes then spent about half an hour in the bathroom – and came out two pounds lighter…Anyway I feel much better now. I took some L-Glutamine shortly after my bathroom trip and BCAAs about an hour after that. I’ve been drinking water with pink Himalayan salt all day, as much as I can stand it, plus a cup of milk thistle tea. I’ve followed all of the supplementation to the letter plus a couple of my other regular supps (vitamin A, copper, and iodine). For the record I am a 30 year old female, 5’4”. My initial starting weight before BP/Paleo last June was 223.4, 47% body fat. RFLP starting weight 177.0, 37.4% body fat.

  • Onikaze

    On Saturday I will be on my 2nd feed day on this protocol. I haven’t been all that hungry so much as just missing eating things.
    am unsure how much weight I have lost so far as I forgot to weigh myself before starting. However the morning of my last feed day I was 124lbs,given what I have been hovering around I guess I could have lost anywhere between 5 to 10 lbs the first week although I’m leaning towards less than more.

    Hopefully it’s coming off but it just doesn’t feel like it.

    On exercise, I do a little over an hour of northern mantis kung 4 days a week. I’m wondering if I should supplement with a bit of wet protein isolate.

    my eventual goal weight is somewhere around 170 or so.

    • Onikaze

      2nd week and 2nd feed day.
      checking the scale this morning was a gut punch, only down to 222lbs, perhaps 221. need to check the average of the number of timesI tried because I didn’t believe it.
      I have noted that I am not defecating much if at all with the charcoal i’m taking.(4 pills 4 a day following the example day)
      will probably stick to this one more week but if I don’t see some movement I guess I’m going to have to give something else a try.

  • Doubting Thomas

    What toxins are in fat specifically, and in what concentrations that could cause what problems when released? Sounds like a load of BS to me.

  • Jerry Placard

    Toxins in coffee? Yeh right, which ones specifically? I love how all these sideline diet gurus dish out bullshit terms as if they know something, when in fact they don’t know shit. Why not just say you found this works rather than BS people.

    • Joonyaboy

      Several articles on here about the specific mycotoxins found in coffee.

  • in_waves


    Just wondering what you do after you reach your goal weight? What’d Zack do? Do you just transition into the bulletproof diet?

  • Alexandra Derck

    Is this protocol ok for women, Ive been getting mixed readings on hormones and women and Bulletproof IF. I just want to make sure its safe. I have about 20 lbs to lose . I’m sure you guys have addressed this in blog posts already. I’m new to the site . Thanks

  • Stephanie

    Hi Dave (or anyone else who can help), I just started making Bulletproof cacao tea and I LOVE IT! This fast really seems to be doable so far. However, I feel as if adding stevia to my tea would make it overwhelmingly delicious. Would this adversely affect the fast, such as increase my hunger? Also should I be restricting calories on this fast?

    • Guilia Hernandez

      Hi Stephanie,

      Stevia is ok and is an acceptable substitute or add in for your tea. It is a natural sweetener that I use in my bulletproof coffee and it makes it taste delicious! I found an article somewhere on this site where Dave himself states that Stevia is ok for use in this way of eating. Stevia hasn’t affected my hunger in any way but everyone is different. I’d try it out and see what it does for you.

      Have a great day!

  • Julie

    Where can I find the information on your research and the findings?

  • yesica

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    3 . Chew gum. Has been found to be chewing sugarless gum all
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  • john doe

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  • yesica

    Following these tips do not have to worry about diets or
    stop eating , are a few simple tricks that can help .
    1. Dilute the juice . Rather than take a normal juice , put
    half water to dilute. You can cut up to 85 calories per cup .
    2 . Use your wireless phone . When you talk on the phone,
    instead of lying down watching TV , get the laundry (68 cal.) , Set the table
    (85 cal.) , Watering plants ( 102 cal.) , Etc. .
    3 . Chew gum. Has been found to be chewing sugarless gum all
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  • Micheal Clark

    I really love your write-ups guys continue the good work.Garcinia Cambogia Extract

  • KimChell

    Hi Dave, I’m hoping you can answer a question for me.
    I have exactly 42lbs to loose. How long do you think it will take me to get that off of me with combining intermitten fasting and the rapid fasting protocol with daily exercise?

  • Steve Brown

    so…. the first part is basically carbnite?

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  • Ana T. Garcia

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    tank tops and yoga pants that are worn as casual wear by many people on a daily basis, whether they attend a gym or not. weight lifting pants.

  • love

    Dear All,

    Started 5 days ago and I’ve lost 10 pounds. On a pretty tough work out schedule so eating a lot of butter throughout the day. I need help. I am on day 5 and I am really really bored. Can you help? Is there anything I can do to change thing up?

    Also on my day of tomorrow I’m going to eat lchf and have some honey before bed. !!

    I think if I see a massive increase on the scale I’ll just eat a cake.

    • Guilia Hernandez

      Hi there love,

      Did you make it? Are you still on RFL? I hope you didn’t give up and dive into the cake!

  • Conrad

    Started at 190, beginning of day 3 I’m at 183.4. I think some of this is water weight but still pretty amazing. I’ve been eating a combination of high fat paleo foods and franken foods, and beer for quite a while so I think my body is already adjusted to burning fat to some degree, so maybe that is helping? Also I assume that some of that is water weight.

    Still amazing, I would like to stick to the diet to the T until I can cut down to 160 ideally, and then just use it when I need to cut, since I do enjoy beer and franken foods. I’m not sure what my body fat percentage is but I looked online and for a 5’10” male, it appears it should be around 160. I live in Vegas and it will be nice to be able to go to the pool parties without looking like fat.

    BTW, I’ve been sticking to the diet to the T, except only eating butter at night and using herbal tea instead of coffee. The supplements have definitely helped with the hunger, I was amazed that I haven’t really felt hungry so far, just a few cravings not from hunger but from the enjoyment factor of eating mostly when seeing food or tv commercials of food. Keep you updated.

    • SunnyOne

      Can I ask how you are doing now? I’m having incredible results (day 10) and am hoping to see some long-term “losers” here. The supplements have made it actually far less unpleasant than I anticipated….

  • Kelly

    5-6 days seems like a long time for me :/ has anyone done this 2-3 days at a time? Results? Thanks 🙂

    • I just did 3 days, and decided to do a protein refeed (1 lb grass fed beef) because I was feeling weak and lightheaded. After hydrating up, I’m at about 6 lbs of weight loss in 3.5 days. I’m planning to continue fasting for another 3 before eating any carbs.

  • incrediblehultz

    Hello. So i just started the RFL yesterday and feeling a little low on energy. I got a boost this morning from the bulletproof coffee but that has faded. Can i add an additional serving of Bulletproof coffee to my regimen? Or will that mess with my results? Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • Jim Marshall

      I have been drinking it all day until 6 hours before bed. (2 pots of coffee and about 1/4 cup of each butter/mct) Yesterday was day 7 (refeed). I lost 10.2 lbs last week. This is amazing. I say drink it up, it’s working for me. I started roasting my own coffee as well. It’s cheaper than store bought and way better, super fresh . check out http://www.sweetmarias.com

      • incrediblehultz

        Thanks Jim! Nice glad to know i can add some coffee and not jack with my results and goals. What a site! Never thought of roasting but wow they have some great and cool coffee machines too. Congrats on your results…look forward to checking out my progress come Sunday. I gotta ask since you just finished week 1….i take it diarrhea is the norm? From the salt water in the morning, the diet, and all the toxins being pulled from my system i take it my life will be that for a while? Should i not be going to the bathroom like that? Surprised Dave doesn’t address that because i wasn’t expecting to no longer having a normal bathroom experience. IS it just liquid in, liquid out? Thanks!

        • Jim Marshall

          lmao,….. bathroom time has been “interesting” to say the least. I had the same concerns and couldn’t find any info about it. It’s a big change in diet so I guess it’s just one of the perks. Just FYI, days 3 and 4 I felt bad. Just a mild headache and an awkward feeling. Then day 5 came along and I felt like I was on drugs or something. I felt amazing. I still do but I think I;m just getting used to it. I have been on every diet you can imagine. I think this is the easiest, ever. Just don’t eat. on the coffee side of things. Dave recommends the sweetmarias website. I use the popcorn on the stove method. You’ve never had fresh coffee until you roast your own. I don’t work for them or anything, it’s just something I have been telling everyone because its so FN great. Good luck. Id love to hear how your week ends up.

  • Sam

    How do you supplement Vitamin D to lab results and weight? My lab result currently has me at 60 and I weigh 187lbs. Based on the 1000IU per 25lbs I’m taking 8000IU a day. Should I take an additional 1000IU to 3000IU to get up to the 70 – 90? Sorry if it’s a stupid question :/

    • incrediblehultz

      I cant wait for the day that Dave comes out with a book that defines some of those dangling comments. I wondered that as well. Levels get increased rather quickly so i took it like you and added 2000iu for my first few days. Being at 60 is not far so you dont have to add much extra for very long. There are people who could be way under or over and i think adjustments pertain to the people who have a big gap in the suggest Vitain D pendullum swing. Me, I would increase 2000IU for first 3 days and then follow protocol. Be gentle as your kidneys and liver are doing a lot while fasting. A lot! Too much Vitamin D and you can get calcium buildup. Again i think Dave was talking to the people way above or below…not someone like you that is right on the cusp.

  • Shanyn Ku’uipoikaheepueone Wri

    I’m curious about trying this method, however I exercise 4x/week. How could I hack this?

    • incrediblehultz

      Hey Shanyn, i am a newbie to this and wish i could help you. I read that people do workout some on this forum. I stopped working out before i started (Sunday) just because i dont want my body to go after muscle for more energy and food than it needs to. Hard to believe the body could get all it needs if i was working out full bore while fasting. I want to lose fat, not a ton of muscle and thats why i like the science of Dave’s plan. Blows every other fast i have read about by miles. Would suspect it depends on intensity of workout and cardio or weight? Be careful though. Depending on how much fat you have to burn, your body will be very taxed while on a fast so dont push yourself too far as that can be very very dangerous. Have you considered Intermittent Fasting(IF)? I am going to that after i fast a few weeks on this protocol. Seriously, be careful. Maybe IF would be better.

      • Thank you, I appreciate the suggestion! Yeah, I figured that it may not be ideal for me at this time. I decided to stick with the BP-IF right now and see how that goes.

  • Guilia Hernandez

    Hi all,

    I started RFLP 11 days ago and I am down 10 lbs. So far so and I am not feeling as hungry as I expected to be feeling by now. I’ve already had 1 refeed day which was glorious but I could eat as much as I wanted. I was full to quickly lol. The supplements are great EXCEPT for the Lipoceutical Glutathione, in addition to being the most disgusting tasting/smelling substance I’ve ever encountered, I am gleefully allergic to it. I am in search for a substitute that may not be as noxious tasting because I understand it is important for liver function. I read up the product that Dave has and doesn’t sound as bad as the product I purchased at my friendly health supplement store so I may give it a shot.

    Are there any other Toronto natives on here giving this woe a try? Any recent success stories? Tips? Advice? I am here to chat and be on board with other weight losers 🙂 Have a great week!

  • mountainviolet

    Hello all. I’ve been looking everywhere to find any recommended percentages of carbs/fats/proteins on refeed days. I’ve seen it recommended that I eat around 150 gms of carbs, but am not sure if I should still be trying for 50-80% fats, 10-30% proteins, etc., as Dave recommends for BP-IF days. I understand that carbs are supposed to be higher, but do not understand how they should correspondwith fats and proteins. Any input or links to find the answer would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Colleen

    I’ve always been a little bit fatty, even though I look slender-ish. My body fat in my 20s was in the mid-twenties %. Now I’m in my 40s, with kids, little active time, constant stress, and a few food problems. I have always been about 10 lbs above ideal weight, sometimes maintaining 5 lbs, but now am probably 15-20 lbs over. I have been intermittent fasting for about 10 days, and today was my first day of rapid fat loss, and though I got hungry, I didn’t really crave food.

    I’m curious about the Glutathione. I only have one teaspoon of the upgraded glutathione left, and probably 3-4 days until my order comes. Should I take some I get at the nutrition store, or just wait? How important is it?

  • I said this b/c most often people just couldn’t stop eating the foods they like. So if the appetite is suppressed, it paves the way for successful lose belly fat goal achievements.

  • Kate

    I’m thinking about doing this, but my probably stupid question is, do I need to eliminate raw honey and MCT before bed during this? It does such lovely things to your sleep 😉

    • Jim Marshall

      I have lost 14 lbs in the first 12 days. The ONLY day I didn’t lose any weight was when I had a Jolly Rancher the night before. I think that tiny bit of sugar knocked me right out of ketosis. good luck

      • Kate

        Yeah, I think I read somewhere on here that the oil with the honey acts to keep you in ketosis, but aids your glycogen levels, which would keep sleep optimised… But I’m not sure I’ll be taking the risk. Starting tomorrow. Thanks!

      • WOW! Thanks for sharing this. I cannot wait to start!! Woot Woot!!

  • Mi55Metal

    I’m a 5ft 8in female starting at 177 pounds, and it’s day 4 and I’m already down to 167! This is on top of doing P90X3 every morning after my Bulletproof Coffee, and I change the protocol a little by having 1 scoop of whey protein after strength training (2 times so far) , but other than that have been following the protocol. I will have a refeed in 2 days, so happy with my results so far! =)

    • Canadianoxogirl

      How many cups a day do you drink in the morning?

  • January Eileen Simpson

    I’m a 5’2 female, 37, starting day 2. My starting weight was 233lbs and this morning I weighed in at 227. I’m sure this was water weight but I’m okay with it as long as it stays off. I’m not exercising yet, I figure I’d give it a start right before breaking fast on carb day. I have Hashimotos autoimmune disease which makes weight loss such a B! I even had weight loss surgery and it didn’t work. I tried Bulletproof with Ketogenics and I was able to finally drop 3lbs. That might not seem like a lot but in my world it is.Then this morning was a pleasant surprise. My insulin is obscenely high, my vitamin D level extremely low and my lab work just basically says I’m well on my way to the grave unless I get a handle on my disease. So you guys will excuse me and accept my apologies now when I tell you I’m going to post on here a lot. This is the only thing keeping me accountable. So, yea, I’ll post my results, how I feel and if you don’t like it, just ignore me, cause ,my health is on the line. My End Goal is 118 to 125lbs depending on my fitness level. Once upon a time, I was an athlete, so we shall see if I still like sports. I can’t tell you a time frame because all these results are fast but mine will be slower..so I am just gonna call it and say 9 months? If it comes off faster…well that’ll be alright with me too. Happy to be taking my own life into my own hands!

    • cavewoman

      How are you getting on? I’m just on day two

      • January Eileen Simpson

        I fell off the wagon for 2 days and gained 5 pounds back. But I’m back on track. Got to take the temptations out of the equation. Movie popcorn is my weakness. No excuses though. Back on track! How are you doing?

  • yesica

    Tips to Lose Weight Fast

    Fats are enemies of the diet. They provide too many calories. It is
    therefore recommended steamed, grilled and use the microwave. The natural food
    is also healthier and better maintains the vitamins and minerals from food.

    Food is a pleasure. You have to enjoy eating. The diet should not be
    torture. Thus positive change menus. A diet that causes suffering is not a good

    Do not obsess over the scale. Once weekly should be weighed naked and
    fasting. Losing weight is a progressive achievement.

    No snacking. Do between meals is all you get for storing fat and pulls
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  • cavewoman

    I’m on day two today. I tried it for 3 days last week but came off it as I felt a little odd, but I had not really followed the BP diet beforehand. Anyhow I have all of the supplements now and I think they do make a difference. Today I’m feeling pretty good and have done 40 laps in the pool this morning. I will post daily with my progress

    • January Eileen Simpson

      yea, I need more supplements. I think that’s where I went wrong.

  • Rita


    I’ve just started the rapid fat loss protocol and I tried doing it with Bulletproof coffee but unfortunately I got so nauseous it was right before I threw up and I felt sick for several hours later.

    As I’ve understood that the basis of this protocol is to basically get all your calories from fat on regular days, I was wondering whether I could do this with eating “Get some ice cream” instead? This is way easier to get down for me and I like it and it’s not hard at all. I tried it today with dividing the original recipe in two, and using only one egg and one egg yolk compared to two eggs and two egg yolks to lower the protein content (I also added 20g of cacao nibs). This came out to be 1200 kcal in total for the whole batch and 96% fat and 4% protein. I feel great and don’t feel hungry or anything, I ate around 3/4 of it when I woke up and the rest around 7 pm instead of the butter as listed on the sample day. Do you think I can keep on eating a batch of this a day instead of the bulletproof coffee or would it affect the results? I really need to lose weight as quick as possible and can’t afford to not do things right and not lose anything.

    • Rita

      Would you Dave (or anyone who can answer this) help me out as I don’t wanna do anything wrong and not get the results I’m after.

      • BPGuest

        If you’re not use to MCT oil or coconut oil, that will make you nauseas. So start with a smaller dose and work up to it.
        How has your result been with the Ice Cream? I would imagine that would work too because you’ll be in ketosis until your refeed.

    • nkitajolie

      get some ice cream has eggs…therefore too much protein outside of refeed days. maybe look up a recipe for an ice cream that’s almost pure fat, but I think the protein in the egg yolks would mess u up

  • cavewoman

    Still on day two. Hungry this afternoon. Decided to have bouillon with the butter and add some shiritaki noodles (zero cals/carbs).

    • Rita

      Have you lost any weight so far?

      • cavewoman

        Lost 2lb’s in the first day.

  • cavewoman

    Switched to Bulletproof IF as I had a strange tingling in my hands and feet yesterday. Feeling absolutely fine. Still lost 2lb’s in the first day

  • Eric Glasser

    I am about to start the protocol, and am extremely excited! When I started trying to get healthy at the beginning of this year I was about 280 lb. I lost 30 pounds at the beginning through a mostly plant based diet. However I stagnated and have not lost anything in several months. I am looking to this to jumpstart my weight loss again, and get me to goal weight were I can focus on bringing my health to the next level. I have been heavy since I was 5 so I don’t know my goal weight. I am 5′ 7″ so I assume about 180 lb given my body type.

    1. Would you recommend adding in full day fasting? If so what days in the cycle would be the most beneficial? Also do you take your supplements on fast days (Including MCT Oil)?

    2. Do you take supplements on your re feed days?

    I am excited to report back results in a few weeks!!

  • cavewoman

    Down 4lb’s so far on Bulletproof IF rather than RFLP. Feeling good.

  • January Eileen Simpson

    After a snag in the road I’m back on track. I think its because I only had half the supplements. Also, knowing my weakness for movie theater popcorn I still went and could not control it. I just spiraled out from there for two days. So, I’m giving it another go. This time with supplements and NO movies for a month until I can control those cravings. I need to post here daily too to keep me accountable. Wish me luck!

  • January Eileen Simpson

    So I went to recheck my weight today and I actually only gained 3 pounds back. I’m IF on the RFLP to see how that works as I am NOT hungry in the mornings. If it gets too much for me I’ll just do RFLP. Got all my measurements written down and ready to rock.

  • Puresmiles3

    Can you work out during Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol?

  • cavewoman

    I had my re-feed day yesterday and only gained 100g (and I ate alot). Puresmiles – yes you can work out.

  • Anna

    Hi Dave!

    Thank you so much for putting this protocol up, I’ve now been on the RFLP for a week and I went down 3 kgs (around 6 pounds), so I’m very happy with the results! However, I’ve gotten this very itchy rash on my neck, chest, shoulders and upper belly below the chest area. It’s red, itchy and look like many spots or bumps. I’ve gotten this before when I’ve been under 15g of carbs, and it went away when I ate more carbs. I’ve just had my refeed day today with lots of sweet potatoes (400g!) and 100g of white rice with lots of meat and vegetables. So I landed at about 170g of carbs (I’m a 22 year old female, weigh 63 kgs and 164 cm, is this enough carbs for me to reset leptin levels?).
    I don’t think only doing this for one day will make the rash go away though as when I got it last time I was in ketosis it took 3-4 days with a higher carb intake before it was completely gone. What do you suggest the reason for the rash is and how can I make it go away without going high on carbs again as I want to do the RFLP for another 4 weeks at least? I’d appreciate your help so much!!

    • January Eileen Simpson

      I am also suffering from these rash like bumps..all over my face. I wonder if it is indeed because of all the fat and no carbs.

      • Anna

        I have no idea, I did the refeed day 2 days ago and they’re still there, it’s actually just getting worse! At first I got the rash on my chest and upper part of my abdomen and my shoulders as well, and then it moved up to my neck and now to my face and on the back of my ears. It’s horrible and they’re very itcy and painful too. I’m wondering if it’s due to toxins being released from fat cells?

        I’m taking the recommended dose of charcoal but they don’t seem to make a difference, I’ve been taking 2 x 560 mg. I’ll try taking a higher dose and see if that helps as Dave says charcoal binds toxins.

        • January Eileen Simpson

          I’m pretty miserable with these bumpy hives on my face.

        • Anna

          Me too, it looks absolutely horrible and they’re painful as well! I don’t want to add carbs back in but I don’t know what else I can do to make the rash go away. Last time I got it I was also in ketosis and once I upped my carb intake the rash went away. I think it’s due to toxins being released from the fat cells, but wouldn’t the liver be taking care of those anyways? So frustrating!

        • January Eileen Simpson

          Ugh, I’m actually in the hospital now getting three shots. My hives were from an allergy reaction. Before the protocol, I tried the IF, protocol and I think I have an allergy to peppers :'(

        • Anna

          Oh really? Well it’s good that you know the root cause for the hives so now it will be easier avoiding getting it 🙂 I don’t think mine are due to an allergic reaction as I haven’t been adding anything new. I haven’t lost any weight in 3 days now and it’s very demotivating but I’ll just stick to it and see what happens.

  • evangelina

    Hello from London.
    I’m entering day 3 of RFLP – no problems with hunger at all just that the supplement capsules stuck in my throat and I’m really struggling to get them down…

  • Chantelle

    im planning on starting my bulletproof fat fast journey when my meals and supplements have ran out (in about a month) the supplements are expensive with me being in the uk but i have about 98 to 112 pounds to lose so an average loss of a pound a day will save money in the long run and halve the time spent on such a restrictive diet!

  • January Eileen Simpson

    I’ve lost all the weight I gained. I did two days of LCHF to get use to it and now one day one of RFLP. My acne and face bumps are bad though. Can not wait till refeed day…

  • cavewoman

    Day 8 of IF. Not lost anything for 4 days, but I had two carb re-feed days instead of one. I also have had a few face bumps (and my skin is normally pretty clear). Wondered how that happened. They are going now though.

  • January Eileen Simpson

    Yea, I found out the hives were due to a skin disorder called dermatographism. It was just Broughton by the initial acne I messed with on my chin and flared into a monster all over face breakout. I think the Acne was from detox though and then I agitated it. I’m on steroids now, boo! So yesterday I took my re feed day early because my stomach was so upset from the meds. I didn’t gain any weight, back down to 22nd lbs and starting day one again today. Saturday works better as a re feed day on my schedule anyways. My Goal for June is 10 pounds..so 216.6! Fingers crossed! Oh, I found a great low carb high fat cheesecake recipe for re feed day that I think might be accepted in the protocol. Maybe as a small treat? Thoughts?

  • N

    For the coffee can we use Stevia to sweeten? Or is it also not allowed. And is avocado allowed on the only fat days?

  • yesica

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  • yesica

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  • DWD282

    Can you build muscles on this protocol?

  • Hey Dave…

    could you please do a podcast episode sometime discussing the
    Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol and its various aspects.

  • I take a Unique E vitamin e capsule with the Bulletproof Coffee to protect the fats.
    Supposedly this keeps the fats from oxidizing and causing damage.
    Any opinions about this?

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  • Kjell_B

    Wow. This is the most unscientific stuff I ever read. I don’t know where to begin. it’s almost impressive.

  • DifuPDX

    I didn’t read through all the comments, so maybe this has already been asked/answered, but do you think Fermented Cod Liver Oil is ok instead of Krill Oil? I already have a new bottle of Green Pasture FCLO/butter blend that I just started using, so that’d be easier than buying a bottle of Krill Oil too

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  • Angelina Jullie

    I’m soooo happy through your blog posts, and waiting for the upcoming
    posts.what size are the 21
    day fix containers

  • irishrose

    When I do the rapid fat loss protocol do I take the vitamins on those days I am just drinking coffee or for the entire time of the protocol diet.

    • Jim Marshall

      vitamins are good for you everyday

  • dalia

    Hello I was looking for a program to lose body fat and get a good
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  • mika

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  • You are so right that fat loss is different for everybody . No single method will suit everyone. I have found that my loss is slow but sure, with a weight loss of 20lbs over twelve months. But I have not put any of it back on and I can walk much easier now, so for me it’s the tortoise system and not the hare. But remember, even the tortoise would not have won if he hadn’t stuck his neck out! There’s quite a few more free e books on fat loss and weight reduction if you click here: http://www.reducedfatmagic.com

  • mikki

    Hello I am Barbara

    Vital Stats: Age 44, weight lost 50 pounds, lost inches: 9 “waist,
    10” hip.

    After following this program, here I am now, three months later, with the
    same waist I had in college with a baby ten months old, fit and stronger than
    ever and with the toned body I always dreamed (no exercise, of course). I look
    better than most of the girls I see in him a gym that is less than half my age.
    And all thanks to this program I found on the internet. I recommend this
    program to lose weight…
    Download the program here: http://tinyurl.com/kxpwhlp

  • incrediblehultz

    I have a question about the RFLP. So i admit i have had a hard time getting started. I know this forum is for supporting people actually DOING the fast. Here is my question/situation. Have about 40 lbs to lose and started fast Monday. I have lost 5 lbs this week but i have had a VERY hard time not cheating. It is driving me crazy and i lose the battle with my obsession to food in the middle of the night usually. Its a small cheat and healthy cheat(couple carrots, couple bites of chicken and last night a couple bites of daughters re-fried beans from dinner along with a few bites of chicken). I wake up full of shame and frustration. I so know you guys are not here to support someone cheating but when i do do i totally ruin the progress of my fast? I have even scoured the net and i just dont find much info on what happens to my body when i cheat on a fast. Idk, do i biologically mess with my metabolism and make things worse…do i switch my body from burning fat to having an energy source? I guess i am trying to find out if each night this week when i cheated(be it very small cheat) did i basically ruin my fat loss opportunities. I have lost the water weight of about 6-7 lbs but also wonder if i have wasted my first week. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
    -frustrated in Scotstdale

    • Jim Marshall

      no protein or sugar. They are stopping the process. eat cucumber or lettuce.

      • incrediblehultz

        Sweet, thanks Jim! I switched to intermittent till i figured out how to either get more willingness or understand the fast. You rock man! You always showing up with great feedback and info. Hows your process going or if you done how did it go?

        • Jim Marshall

          I have tried every diet everywhere trying to get back to when I was a healthy weight. This is the one for me. Bulletproof coffee is my breakfast for the rest of my life. 46 gone. 35 days. ( I have to delete two weeks because of vacation). Late night after 6 tbls of butter throughout the day. I have some raw veggies and 4 or 5 strawberries. (no carrots) too much sugar. I want to lose 70 then going intermittent. I need to ask one question. Why wake up with shame and frustration? Keep in mind that as long as you lose 1 pound/week….you’re winning. I enjoy this diet. It’s easy. No cleaning besides a blender and coffee cups. I don’t have children so I can only imagine it’s a lot harder for you. Always having chicken nuggets and juice boxes laying around. Stay strong and don’t get down on yourself..

    • princesslucky

      Hi incredible-I also had a little bit of steak early on when I was extremely hungry and feeling terrible. I would just keep going and don’t beat yourself up about it! Get back on the plan and continue. I don’t know specifically the answer to your question-but I don’t think it is a week wasted. You still gave your brain some great fuel with the BP and fasted many hours in a day. Even fasting for some hours gives your body many benefits, as Dave mentioned in his original post. When you make yourself feel bad your body releases a lot of bad things and we don’t want to do that! So just be proud of yourself for the hours that you made it and keep going!

  • Michael Hallerbach

    What exactly does the Himalayan Pink Salt do in this diet?

  • Nettie

    I am completely new to this, I want to know if anyone have done this diet without taking all of the supplements recommended, where I live I don’t have access to all of them?

  • John

    Has anyone age 65 tried this diet? If so, what were your results?

  • ilke s.

    hi dave, i’m on my fifth day of RFLP and today i put some cinnamon in my coffee to change the taste because i couldn’t bear it anymore. but apparently i added a lot more cinnamon than i should. however, my content of fat was higher than usual today, as well. I used 1 or 1.5 tablespoons of cinnamon and 8-10 tablespoons of butter (i dont use mct) but today i got bloated so much. is it because of the cinnamon and will it kick me out of ketosis or slow down the progress? and i also drink 1 cup of lemon flavoured green tea. does it affect keto badly? it uses lemon peel for flavour. if you could answer i’d appreciate it. thanks anyways xx

  • princesslucky

    Hi Everyone!

    I am on day 8 of RFLP and doing great! I am down 10.2 lbs so far and will keep going until I reach my goal weight. I don’t want to be the chubby, decidedly un-bulletproof woman at the Bulletproof Conference! LOL Anyway, I have a trip to Vegas and another to my Mom’s the next two weekends so please send good info and light that I will stick to my plan.

    I am following pretty much exactly what Dave said to do, although I have extra supplements because I used to have depression. It is wonderful because I have found that with the BP Coffee and extra fat in my diet now I don’t need as many supplements as I used to take. I am feeling better and better each day and have been happy and depression free for over 6 months now. Below is what I do each day. I had a little trouble the fourth day and ate a small amount of steak. Now I don’t feel hungry or really crave anything. It is such a relief-especially coming from a family of sugar-addicts.

    I drank almost a gallon of water yesterday-just felt extremely thirsty. I have used my organic essential oils and upgraded chocolate (from Dave’s site) to make a bulletproof peppermint mocha and an orange mocha. I don’t know if the oils would negatively impact the ketosis for others, many on here are more savvy than I am about the particulars, but for me it seems fine. It is great to break up the monotony and feel like I’m having a treat.

    Wishing everyone great health and lots of success! 🙂

    Glutathione Force 1tsp-1tbsp
    Pink salt and 16oz water
    Ciltep 3

    BCAA 5g
    1g Vit C
    1 K2
    Alpha brain 2
    Upgraded Reverse Aging 1

    2-4 Coconut Charcoal

    L Glutamine 20g


    5g BCAA
    Choline Force 2-4

    Charcoal 2-4

    Betaine 1


    Holy Basil

    Green Tea
    Hibiscus Tea
    Puerh Tea
    If Tired 10-20g Glutamine up to 40g/day

    • BPGuest

      I’m on week 2 and looking for encouragement to go on. Can you update on your results after 2 months?

  • Alisa

    Can anyone tell me if I could drink the bulletproof coffee while on HCG shots? I’ve seen the protocol where MCT oil is encouraged but I was wondering if the butter would end up causing me to gain instead of lose.

  • Bri

    I was hoping to find out if women were supposed to use protein in their BP coffee if they think they are leptin resistant? I know Dave suggests it for IF but I don’t know if it’s suggested for the rapid fat loss protocol.

    • Christina Chain

      Was wondering this myself

    • Misty Williams

      The answer is yes. 🙂

  • Alex

    I am uncertain of what this means, please can someone help?

    “Drink as much Bulletproof® Coffee as you like in the morning, subject to your caffeine tolerance.
    Do not eat anything else during the day – only about 500ml or less of Bulletproof® Coffee.
    You can have another cup before 2:00 PM if you get hungry and the caffeine is not a problem.”

    How much are we being told to consume?
    As much as I like before 10am?
    max 500ml between 10am and 1pm?
    Another cup (assumed to be standard recipe) at 2pm-ish if wanted?

    Thanks guys,

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  • VA

    Yours is exactly the kind of case the protocol says its not that well suited for.

  • Hello! I am 42, 5’4″, and I now weigh 139lbs. I had previously maintained 126lbs for six years. After, working out Crossfit 5 days per week (about 9 months in), I decided to try to implement a strict Paleo diet(this was the only change). Within 3 weeks I had gained 5lbs. I went on to gaining about two pounds a month for a few months. I am still struggling to even maintain my weight where it is now much less lose what I had gained. I have tried some IF with increased fats, but I don’t seem to see any change. I see an ND, and he has not found any significant reason for the sudden weight gain. I am scared to really try anything else. I have resorted back to eating how I did previously which was relatively low carb and gluten free. I am very frustrated. If, anyone out there has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks.

    • Vanessa

      Tiffany why don’t you try the ketone diet and eat less that 20grams carbs a day. Research the ketone way of living and try sticking to it for at least 3 weeks. Then go Paleo. Just my 2 cents worth.

      • Hey Vanessa! Thank you for responding! I have researched ketone diets and have played with it a bit. I did not stick with it for three weeks though. I think I did it for about a week and half two weeks, but I felt like I was getting worse and didn’t feel great. I may look into trying it again. I am just so burned out on trying at this point. Thanks again. Have a great day!

    • Misty Williams

      Sister, have your hormones checked! Mine went off the rails and I gained 45 lbs in about 2-3 months. So scary! I used HCG to get most of the weight off; now experimenting with Dave’s RFLP. Good luck!

      • Misty, Thank you for the reply. I have had my hormones checked, and I am estrogen dominant but nothing else has really comes up. Right now I am working with a nutritional counselor that is treating my for adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominace. We will see how that goes. What type of hormones went off of the rails for you and caused you to gain weight?

  • johan

    Can I eat only the fat of say a rump steak at night instead of butter,when on rapid fatloss protocall as I really need to chew something

  • Dee

    I am going to start the RFLP later this week – just waiting for shipment to arrive. I am doing it exactly per Dave Asprey and looking forward to getting started. Can anyone tell me about the first few days, in terms of hunger and irritability?

    • Vanessa

      I started again today. I live in South Africa so getting a few of the vitamins is hard. The hunger comes trust me. Why i said again was that the first time i did it I was sick with all the oil and butter so I stopped. I managed to do 3 days then and stopped. Try an get over the hunger for the first 3 days at least and hang in there. its really worth it. I lost so much weight doing the ketone diet, but I just need to get rid of 10 more kgs (5 pounds or so) and I am back to what I was when I was 30, which is like 1000 years ago. Smiles. I lost over 55 pounds in 8 months and have never looked back. Good luck.

  • Dee

    Were you taking all of the recommended supplements also?

  • WynnJ

    Hi just wanted to let your team know that the hyperlink to the article on Doubleyourgains no longer works. Looks like that page has been removed or something.

    • Lisa

      The link still does not work – and I’d love to read that article. Can we get it back, please? Thanks!

  • Joe Ciorciari

    Been on now for five weeks. The best tip I can offer anyone is…..don’t try making adjustments to what’s already here, even if you’re bored. The first two weeks went exactly as planned. The third week was going reasonably enough, but halfway through I started getting bored and rationalizing substitutes for the evening meal; substituting mayo and cheese, etc. Bad move. Stick to the butter. On top of that, on my refeed day after week 3, I went kinda hog wild. Certainly not with candys or cheap white breads or sweets, mind you. But I drank juice, ate white potatoes, ate crusty bread, pasta, “loaded” my sweet potatoes, etc…another bad move; and then, finally, I “cheated” the following day because I went far enough overboard to create sensations of hunger. Too much deviation at the wrong time. By the time I was through, I undid my little bit of week three progress and plateaued at that point through the entirety of week four until the very end. So, being in the same place at the end of week four as I was starting week three, I took stock. Rather than allowing myself to be dejected as with past diets and walk away from it, I decided the best way to get back on track was to skip the week four refeed and get back to the absolute basics without rationalized deviations. Now, on week five, things seem to be moving along at the intended pace again. So, that’s it for me. I know the butter is hard to “eat” in the evenings for some. It certainly was for me. Don’t substitute…because that will only lead to more substitutions and a greater propensity for failure. If you can’t “eat” the butter for dinner, then make some decaf tea and do it ‘bulletproof’ style in your blender. That adjustement is way better than being thrown off track by a few very simple poor choices. Good luck to all.

    • Vanessa

      Joe thanks for the thumbs up. I hate eating butter on its own so i shall try your method. Again thank you.

      • Joe Ciorciari

        You’re very welcome! Good luck!

        • Vanessa

          Thank you.

    • Vanessa

      May I ask how many cups of coffee did you drink during the day.?

    • nkitajolie

      someone suggested mixing the butter in the evenings with some [organic, pastured] chicken broth to make a sort of soup, as an alternative to tea. what say you?

  • sussan

    I successfully lose weight with this method: >> http://tinyurl.com/p3yzz4l
    down 23 kilos in 7 weeks I feel great, now I can show off my
    body on the beach. I recommend it.
    a greeting that you have a good day…

  • Vanessa

    Day 2 and the scale is up by 500 grams. I don’t really mind even though Dave said don’t weigh for some time. I had a reasonably good day yesterday being my first day. The first 3 days on any diet for me are the hardest so I shall have to really persevere. I am starving so off to make a huge cup of coffee with delicious butter and coconut oil. 24 pounds still to go. (11kgs)

  • Vanessa

    Day 3 and I am so happy I have made it this far. Yesterday went well and did not feel as hungry but still had stacks of coffee. My sleep pattern is being disturbed as I awake before the big orange ball in the sky.

  • Kelly

    I’m starting tomorrow guys!! 10/30 and i can’t wait! I’m hoping to shed 30lbs by the end! Whoever wants to, comment and we can text/email to keep each other motivated!

  • jemma

    hello, just leaving a comment about my experience with RFLP.
    im 26yr old, female who finds it very difficult to lose weight (PCOS, nut,wheat,diary intolerance, apple body type shape, approx. 67kgs, guessing body fat at 30%) im living/working in the pacific islands at the moment and thought it a perfect environment to start RFLP because I have less social events and no dining out which would jeopardise my results. have my Bulletproof beans, coco oil, anchor butter and all correct supplements for protocol with me except BCCAs, L-Glutamine and Glutathione Force or potassium. ive been eating 80% bulletproof for the past year and feeling better for it but not seeing weight loss and last month being doing Bulletproof IF resulting in feeling better and slow but personally noticeable weight loss. so i did RFLP for 21 days, eating every 6th day and learnt lots from the experience:
    its certainly not a sustainable diet but a hard core detox and 3 weeks was hard but do able. felt the toxin release effects- massive nausea for first 4 days and such high fat intake, my digestion hated it. lots of constipation for me without eating solids and as much as I loved the card reefed day I felt horrible as I felt so full. I think I may have cracked my horrid binge eating habit through some form of reverse psychology as reefed days made me feel so full and awful as I overdosed on food.
    learnt so much about will power and mental strength. food diary, writing my diet thoughts down daily really helped me get through the days I just wanted to eat food. it was a great test to tell body that yes I would get to eat real food in the near future but not right now. I realised how much more time I had without food prep and highly recommend upping meditation practise through RFLP. however I still really enjoyed cooking for others, even when I couldn’t eat because I enjoy making food for friends (especially stuff which I would never eat myself-non paleo).
    I did lose weight. my exercise, when I was not nauseous was 30min yoga and 5 minutes HITT. I have no access to scales but did or dexta scan, nor did I do my bloods before the RFLP but I took body measurements with a tap measure and took off 0.5 to 2cms max from neck, arms, thighs, breasts, hips and waist. and I felt trimmer which was liberating. certainly didn’t lose the 0.5kg per day that is advertised on Bulletproof exec however I weigh approx. 66kgs so it that weight loss would be impossible.

    ive now dropped back to doing intermittent fasting in an attempt to continue to lose weight. when I do eat now I relish the experience and have a lot more gratitude for eating moments. I have bulletproof coffee every second morning as I feel my digestion just need food every morning. about 2pm I eat a high fat/protein/veg meal and try to keep carbs super low and eat carbs once a week. really hope weight will be kept off and I can continue to lose weight but it’s early days…

  • Samantha

    Hi Guys, i thought i would add to the post. I started the RFLP on Monday, my last meal was Sunday night. It’s now Thursday morning, and i have lost around seven lbs. My starting weight was 12 stone 11.3/4 lbs, i am 32 years old, female, 5’6 and i’m in overall good health. As mentioned i have lost nearly seven lbs bringing me down to 12 stone 5.3/4 lbs, with 20 lbs to go which is pretty great! I used to weigh 19 stone, cut carb’s and lost most of it. That was four years ago. I get down to 12 stone 7 and hit a major plateau, no matter what i do i just could not lose weight.

    All that aside, i feel pretty unwell which seem’s to be standard for someone starting the RFLP , so i’m sticking with it for now. I have actually taken a day off today because i feel so unsettled and weak, i also have a big exam coming up on Saturday and i am starting to worry i may have to stop the RFLP. To get to the nitty gritty, i have spent the last two days on the loo. (Yes i’m English) At one point i thought my insides would drop out and disappear for good. I have all the supplements minus the Betaine HCL capsules, the Unbuffered Vit C (waiting for this to arrive) and the Glutathione Force which i missed off the list by mistake. I am sticking to the plan exactly as it is laid out above. Could it be the missing supplements causing my problems? At a guess i am putting the tummy troubles down to the Natural Calm, i decreased the amount last night and i’m not as bad as i was the previous night when i overdosed on it. (The cherry flavour is really good btw) Any thoughts on what i can do to fix this as it’s making me feel pretty weak. I understand that i must get the rest of the supplements and i am working on it.

    Also, while i am here i was wondering if anyone in the UK knows where i can buy all the supplements listed. I think i spent an extra £50 on p&p and it’s now the reason i cant order the Glutathione Force and HCL as i am broke.

    Dreaming and fantasizing of my re-feed day, roll on Sunday!

    • Misty Williams

      Betaine HCL should help with your nausea … it’s only $10 US.

  • Spark Rodrigues

    Nice! This offer could be gone tomorrow. Don’t miss out by waiting. The great Nelsen Mandela once said, “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Right now, you have the opportunity to achieve the life you have always wanted… a body you’ve always dreamed of. Visit: http://bit.ly/11b4itE

  • Caveman Steve

    Working RFLP for several days now. All going well, except I have a question [disclaimer: bathroom talk coming] ….everything coming out is green (not urine, but the other stuff). Anyone else have similar experience or thoughts? I’m not really bothered by it I guess, but, would love to know that I’m not the only one. For the record, I’m adhering to the RFLP program as described above exactly with the exception of my “dinner” at which time I’m using 1/2 cup of an organic chicken broth to mix with my butter. The portion of broth has less than 1g of fat and protein, and 0g carb, and it makes my dinner more of a yummy soup (which is a nice break).

  • PrettyLolita

    I wonder how this works with other fast. I’ve done water fasting for 27 days and I felt ok. Though the first week I was very hungry. It was at one point excruciating. This is why I could not do a juice fast. Even though I had pure vegetable juice, I always felt hungry and just stopped eating because of the pain. So fasting isn’t a issue for me. I didn’t do this for weight loss though. But This seems like a good plan. I’d like to start Monday. I want to do it for a month and see how it goes.

  • heidi

    I am female 5’6 138 lbs and 20% bf. I’ve been in ketosis for 3 weeks how. If I do this protocol how long will it take to lose 10lbs? Thanks!

  • Cat

    i am on day 4 and having heartburn, any advise Dave?

    • Tips

      Your body is not used to digesting fat. Heartburn is actually bile coming back up. Maybe take a 2nd HCL until your body adapts once again to digesting fat.

  • So excited! After trying nearly everything to lose weight, I found the bulletproof diet and rflp. I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds in a little over a week. Sure I know a lot of this is water, but its the first time I’ve seen the scale go DOWN in a very long time. What a motivator to keep going! P.S- RFLP isn’t easy to stick to at all, but after the first day or two, it gets much easier.

  • Nancydd

    Decaf coffee works too, especially for coffee after noon. I am sensitive to caffeine, but love my coffee. I like this protocol, which is good for use as a weekly detox, or after parties when too much alcohol is consumed.

  • Emma Weller

    Nothing trully new , to be honest. People often forget what mostly matters when it comes to losing weight.

    Losing weight its all in the mindset. Im pretty sure about that. No matter how hard it is for you to stop eating what you like , and how hard it is for you to exercise . If your mindset is to loose weight , You will lose weight . http://loseweight365.wix.com/looseweightnow

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  • Christina

    Would you do any of this protocol differently for someone with no gallbladder?

  • Kate

    I would love to do this. I have 100 pounds to lose, however, I have developed a recent caffeine sensitivity. Is there something else I could use as a coffee replacement?

    • Wendy

      I know this is probably too little, too late, but here it is anyway! I drink BP coffee in the morning, but by 9 am, I change over to a “Thai” broth. At the beginning of the week, I’ll take a large pot of water and simmer galangal, lemongrass, Lime leaves, mint, basil, and one or two bird’s eye chilis. (Leave out chilis if you have a nightshade sensitivity). I normally simmer for around three hours. Strain, cool, keep the clear liquid in the fridge. When it is time to “eat” my butter/MCT meal, I warm some of the liquid and follow the BP coffee directions using this instead of the coffee. I’ll blend a bit of cilantro and sea salt in, also. The few leaves have never slowed down ketone production, and this mix saves me from the caffeine shakes. Good luck!

  • Adrielle

    I want to do this protocol however, I really am having a hard time with the taste of coffee! I really like teas and I just got my shipping confirmation for my Bulletproof hot chocolate. Would either of these work as a substitute for the coffee if I still add my XCT oil and butter?


    • Merienda

      Hi Adrielle, I believe in the article Dave says that if you prefer tea you can use that. I’ve been using black and green teas just fine.

    • Misty Williams

      Try organic Yerba Mate tea … I love Chai Spice! My mom hates coffee, too, so she does the tea. Yerba Mate is tha bomb. 🙂

  • Lionheart

    Woo gonna try this! Going to moderate a bit and see what fat loss I can acheive. Right now: 168. Goal weight: 142. Lets DO THIS!!!!

  • sara

    I have reactive hypoglycemia, would you suggest modifying refeed day in some way? I’ve been low carb for almost a year and my “refeeds” have been 3-5 days moderate carbs. I’ve been avoiding going too high with the carbs because the following drop in bloodsugar would have me eating more and more and more… Also I am a female, is this protocol suitable without any modifications? Anyone with experience? Thanks!

  • john

    After six days of this and the refeed, do you jump into intermittent fasting?

  • DaveH

    I am in the second week of the fat fast. In the first week I lost 4 pounds and one inch on my waist, My blood ketone level at day six was 2.7 and on day 8 after my day of eating I had a blood ketone reading of 2.9 I had only been that high once before back in October of 2013. Getting into Ketosis has been difficult for me. As a diabetic I have been relatively low carb for years no sugar no pasta no breads. I have been no grain for about a year rarely faling to the temptation of Pita Pit or Subway. I figured my history of low carb was why I couldn’t get into Ketosis. I want to be a fat burning machine and get down from my starting weight of 256.5 to 187 where I once was over 35 years ago when I graduated from Undergrad. It has been a challenge at night and I have given in a couple of nights and had 3-4 stalks of celery with some walden farms zero sugar and calories ranch dressing mixed with a little Frank’s hot sauce.
    Otherwise it has been Bulletproof coffee water and some beef bouillon.
    One thing I have noticed is that sometimes in the late afternoon and evening I get a chill even though the thermostat is set at 70 degrees.
    Is this in any way related to the fast? do others experience this?

  • Danielle

    Hi I’m living in Queenstown, NewZealand and am not sure if my butter is grass-fed. My husband (who’s from here) thinks it definitely is. How do I handle this? Thanks

    • Rae

      NZ’s pretty well known for their exceptional (and nigh always) grass-fed cattle. To be honest, I’d probably just roll with it and assume you’re getting the right stuff. If you’re still too nervous, consider looking up the Dairy’s phone number and asking directly.

      • Danielle

        Thanks so much this is very helpful. 🙂

        • Rae

          No problem! Good luck. =)

  • estrellita

    Jacqui L., New Zealand

    In only two weeks I can already see results following this

    method:>> http://tinyurl.com/nlg7xcd

    I stumbled upon Mike’s website while searching for a
    solution to the ‘post-baby belly’. He seemed to be talking a lot of sense but I
    still wanted to be sure this book would be right for me before purchasing. So I
    emailed Mike my questions. He answered right away and was friendly,
    knowledgeable, positive, encouraging, and trustworthy.

    So I purchased the book, read it, and have now begun to
    implement the advice. In only two weeks I can already see results. Although I’m
    already fairly lean, I’ve struggled for six years to get rid of the last bit of
    stomach fat caused by pregnancy. But finally there’s been a breakthrough. The
    area is noticeably firmer and I’m already feeling so much better about myself.
    I can see that if a person follows all of the advice in Mike’s book, then they
    will achieve results. He knows what he’s talking about and it is so refreshing
    to have someone pass on the knowledge that’s actually going to work.

    Tips:>> http://tinyurl.com/m4pz5ee

  • Clh

    Can you tell me on the carb load days do you drink the coffee

  • hello

    Elisa M.
    Elisa’s Vital Stats: Age 42, weight lost: 24 lbs
    At one time in my life I was close to 180 pounds.
    Watch the video here: >> http://lose-weightfast1.blogspot.com

    Despite the fact that I was eating “clean” and “healthy
    foods” during the day and everybody viewed me as the healthy food expert, I
    wasn’t very happy with my weight.

    Then when I searched for a better way of doing this I
    stumbled across the Venus Factor.
    The Venus system is amazing. The approach logical and it
    makes so much sense. It’s more flexible and simpler than anything I have tried
    in my life so far.
    And the community is amazing. I was scared that those girls
    will be somehow too extreme, but what I have found out that they are all
    intelligent, same minded women that are willing to help each other out.

    This finally worked and the Venus team know what they are
    talking about…..
    Face:>> http://tinyurl.com/n8zfz9f

  • Sarah Ryan

    Are this methods good for detoxification of your body too?

  • tricia

    Please help!! I’m on refeed day.
    Do you still take the betaine and all other supplements on reefed day. Of course not the L-Glutamine .. but the rest of them, charcoal?

  • jim taka

    Have they changed the formula for this Glutathione
    Force to help with its taste yet? If not, what tips do people have for helping with this. It really does taste horrible.

    • Elissa

      Have a glass of water ready to drink. Put the Glutathione in a spoon full of water. Slip the suspension as far back on your throat as possible, and drink the water from the glass immediately.

  • Bill C

    Quoting from RFLP, “You probably will need to take a capsule of Betaine HCL, a digestive aid, with your coffee to help your body digest and emulsify the fat you’ll eat.”

    How can Betaine HCL help digest and emulsify the fat when it is bile and not stomach acid that processes fat in the stomach?

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  • findingmyway

    hello all, i apologize for asking about this, but… do the charcoal, lipase, and/or betaine help with, not having oily and terrible smelling stools? again so sorry about asking this… i have been suffering with this, and am hoping there’s something that could help with the bad smell or the oiliness… so embarrassed… thanks for any help…

  • Gay Cakora Dietz

    Started Bulletproof rapid fat loss protocol Tuesday, Feb 24 2015. Female. 50yrs old. 279lbs 5’8″ . Goal is 155 but will revisit as I get near goal weight. Using all supplements and Bulletproof items suggested and following the protocol with no substitutions. Will check back in each Wednesday with weight loss and struggles/achievements. Yesterday was VERY difficult being around food with my family. Does anyone have suggestions on how to deal with the stress (crabbiness) of not eating 6 days of the week?

  • Sonja

    I do not get this…so basically, you just drink coffee before 2 pm for six days and eat starches and losing weight. well, with no food you lose weight, who can eat so much fat without being disgusted. there you have your calorie deficit….

  • M.J.

    Ive completed my first week on the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol & have noted that even though Im eating as much butter as I want, my calorie intake on the fasting days is consistently around 950 calories. I understand this protocol is not calorie restrictive however the amount of calories Im consuming (even if only from butter) would put me in the category of being on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) I believe. So am I inadvertently causing metabolic problems & do I need to force myself to eat more butter?

  • Yojemo

    hello, just leaving a comment about my experience with RFLP.

    im 26yr old, female who finds it very difficult to lose weight (PCOS, nut,wheat,diary intolerance, apple body type shape, approx. 67kgs, guessing body fat at 30%) im living/working in the pacific islands at the moment and thought it a perfect environment to start RFLP because I have less social events and no dining out which would jeopardise my results. have my Bulletproof beans, coco oil, anchor butter and all correct supplements for protocol with me except BCCAs, L-Glutamine and Glutathione Force or potassium. ive been eating 80% bulletproof for the past year and feeling better for it but not seeing weight loss and last month being doing Bulletproof IF resulting in feeling better and slow but personally noticeable weight loss. so i did RFLP for 21 days, eating every 6th day and learnt lots from the experience:
    its certainly not a sustainable diet but a hard core detox and 3 weeks was hard but do able. felt the toxin release effects- massive nausea for first 4 days and such high fat intake, my digestion hated it. lots of constipation for me without eating solids and as much as I loved the card reefed day I felt horrible as I felt so full. I think I may have cracked my horrid binge eating habit through some form of reverse psychology as reefed days made me feel so full and awful as I overdosed on food.
    learnt so much about will power and mental strength. food diary, writing my diet thoughts down daily really helped me get through the days I just wanted to eat food. it was a great test to tell body that yes I would get to eat real food in the near future but not right now. I realised how much more time I had without food prep and highly recommend upping meditation practise through RFLP. however I still really enjoyed cooking for others, even when I couldn’t eat because I enjoy making food for friends (especially stuff which I would never eat myself-non paleo).
    I did lose weight. my exercise, when I was not nauseous was 30min yoga and 5 minutes HITT. I have no access to scales nor dexta scan, nor did I do my bloods before the RFLP but I took body measurements with a tap measure and took off 0.5 to 2cms max from neck, arms, thighs, breasts, hips and waist. and I felt trimmer which was liberating. certainly didn’t lose the 0.5kg per day that is advertised on Bulletproof exec however.

    ive now dropped back to doing intermittent fasting in an attempt to continue to lose weight. when I do eat now I relish the experience and have a lot more gratitude for eating moments. I have bulletproof coffee every second morning as I feel my digestion just need food every morning. about 2pm I eat a high fat/protein/veg meal and try to keep carbs super low and eat carbs once a week. really hope weight will be kept off and I can continue to lose weight but it’s early days…

  • Val

    What about the re-feed days, keep up with all supplement or skip on re-feed day?

  • Kim

    Hi. I am on day 14 of RFL.I am a woman in mylate 50’s with about 50 lbs to loose. So far I have lost 15.2 lbs. Before I go more into my experience I would like to say this:People! quit weighing yourself all the time! Once a week is plenty. You will drive yourself crazy trying to see the difference every day. As Dave says this is not a stead loss – some day you loose, some days you stay steady.

    OK, that said – here is my issue. Day 5 of this I start feeling pretty bad. My stomach hurts and churns around. I get noseous. I can’t stomach pretty much anything – coffee suplements. Anytrhing. Plus my poop is black and weird. Not much of it but kinda the consistency of sand. And I get a migraine and want to sleep. I assume this is a big toxin day which is probably good but I can’t work like that. I am thining to do a frefeed every 5th day to circomvent this. Anybody tried this? Will it still be effective?

    Dave, jump in here whenever you want…

    Also, about the suplements..don;t start this without them. At least not the ones Dave says are non negotiable. Just in 2 weeks I can tell you there is a lot of stored up toxin type stuff rolling around in there. The supplements are to bind that stuff and protect your liver and kidneys.And yes, that terribly expensive and totally vile Glutathione Force is important. The first few days I took it I considered quitting just so I never had to face it again. Now I start with some pink salt, shove the glop into the back of my throat and take a big gulp of water. Then I wash my hands, face or anything else that smells like that stuff! But mainly? I just ordered capsulesto put it in.

    • 2manydogs

      I’m wondering if one’s been eating clean (Paleo, Whole30) for the past few years then there can’t be too many toxins stored in the fat?

    • ariam

      Very helpful. How have you been doing since?

  • Lena

    I would really like to try this. However I live in Denmark and butter from grassfed cows is not available. I can get grassfed meat. Do I use regular organic butter or replace it with somerhing else?

    • yojemo

      assuming your danish butter is far more grass fed than other countries- denmark being high rain fall= no drought= grass fed and no need for cows to be feed grain as a replacement

  • Ruthp

    I need help! I just started the RFLP and I cannot stomach eating plain butter. Is there something I can mix it with or anything else?? And the BCAAs, I have a hard time gagging down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • Vanessa

      Is your BCAA in powder form. Why not get it in tablet form. Melt the butter in boiling hot water.

  • Kimberly

    I got the Glutathione supplement and i cannot bear eating it. Is is okay if I take it with a teaspoon of honey? Or at night? I cannot keep it down any other way.

  • Sistasista

    How many calories should I consume on a refeed day?

    • Vanessa

      Its not about calories on a refeed day. If you want to eat 10 potatoes do it but you wont be able to. I ate 3 sweet potatoes and made baked chips in the oven with 2 rib eye steaks and 2 fried eggs. Added butter over everything. I was stuffed and could not eat anymore for the whole day.

  • Cindy

    Yay!! Day one of BP Rapid Weight Loss under my belt. I cannot believe how easy it was. Two questions – do I or can I drink a lot of water? Also, I cannot bring myself to eat the butter at 7 but I really am not hungry. Do I need it? I guess I have one more…I simply cannot afford all the supplements. What is a high quality or good over the counter multi vitamin I can take?

    Thanks for all your research. I am doing before and after pics and cannot wait to see the me that is hiding inside.


    • Vanessa

      Cindy drink oodles of water. If you dont want to eat the butter at 7 don’t. Not sure what good multi vitamin you can take so ask your pharmacy.

  • Elena

    I am a 47 year old female 145lb, 5’4″ with at least 20 lbs to lose. I’ve been on this plateau for several years — I’ve tried what seems like everything including raw vegan, Fast Metabolism, IF. I have done this Rapid Weight Loss Protocol religiously (all bulletproof supplements) for 3 days and I haven’t lost a pound. Against your advice I’ve been weighing myself everyday because I didn’t want to do anything in which I started gaining weight without realizing. But no loss at all is extremely discouraging, not even one pound not eating like this? I’ve been seeing a naturopath MD and am supplementing adrenal and thyroid now. I weight train with a trainer once a week but otherwise have stopped exercising this week — I was doing HiiT for several weeks previously every day and Intermittent Fasting for Alternate days — that didn’t work either. I’m wondering if it’s a fatty liver. I will keep going another couple of days but am now getting depressed. I’m not getting any detox symptoms.

    • Elena

      I broke down and stopped on the 4th day, having protein after my workout because I was so tired and weak. Today, the 5th day I still feel week but am continuing. Still no loss. I wonder if I was eating too much fat… or too little? Who knows!?

  • Elena

    I also had a question about the L-Glutathione Force. It comes in milliliter quantities, yet you give the amount in tsp. I have been taking only the 1 milliter amount in the morning. Should I take the whole teaspoon? I was assuming the teaspoon was for people taking L-Glutathione but not taking your supplement, because yours was stronger.

  • Vanessa

    Elana take the whole teaspoon. I do and it helps me so much. This is my 2nd week of Protocol and I am so happy I overcame my stubling blocks. I took each day on its own and once that day was over I simply said ok tomorrow lets do it again. I have lost 9 pounds in 10 days. I battled with hunger to begin with but I kept melting a teaspoon of butter in a glass of hot water. I did this for the first 3 days and my hunger began to subside. I think I may have had over 10 small cups of boiled water with organic butter. Elana if you are feeling sick and weak I think you should stop. Its your body telling you its battling. The carb day is to be cherished as you eat like a king and you savour every morsel so good luck to those who are pushing ahead.

  • Vanessa

    Elana this is my third attempt as I was not ready mentally on the last 2 attempts. Get mentally prepared and 80% of the fight is over. Dont kid yourself you will feel hungry at the beginning. But just eat that lovely creamy butter. Now I pop it into my mouth and I love that feel of creamy soft butter melting. The last attemp I kept gagging on the butter.

    • Elena

      Thanks Vanessa for your thoughts… I’m taking a break this week but will probably restart with your suggestions for the L-Glutathione and adding more butter.

  • Lucy

    Hi, I recently tried the rflp for about a week but could hardly keep up with it 🙁 I was always hungry and tired. So I stopped for a bit and continued on IF but have not lost/gained any weight. I am trying to restart rflp so I can start losing weight again but I’m receiving the same effects and I just end up eating. Does anyone have any advice? i would just do IF but I don’t really lose weight on it..

  • Valerie Calkins

    How the hell do ya’ll sleep doing this? I’ve been at this type of stuff for years. I’m of average body type, but it doesn’t matter whether I’m fat or skinny, once I start doing this type of fasting I can’t sleep. No, eating fat doesn’t help so I just fast all together. Again, I have about 7+ years experience with all this (paleo, low carb, whole foods, ketogenic eating stuffs)

  • John Reeves

    I just wrote an article about my experiences doing the RFLP for a week. I try to address a lot of the questions that come up regularly in these comments, so check it out: http://www.optimoz.com.au/blogs/news/21065409-bulletproof-rflp-rapid-fat-loss-protocol-report

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  • yessy

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  • Alamundo Cooper

    First week in the books it was amazing!! Total loss 11 lbs… wasn’t really hungry till day 6 but stayed the course and did refeed on day 7, refeed was amazing so far the best thing that I have ever done!

    • Vanessa

      good grief u lost 11 lbs in what 6 days????????

  • Jesse Lohse

    I am wondering, is it recommended to take nootropics while extreme dieting?

  • Jesse Lohse

    I didn’t see the last question I posted so I will post again: Is it recommended to continue using nootropics while extreme dieting? Also, I found this article which seems to indicate that Celtic Sea Salt may be better than Himalayan Sea Salt. I suspect it might come down to personal preference, but I thought I would share it anyway http://www.seventhwaveuk.com/content/79-comparing-celtic-salt-and-himalayan-salt

  • Angelique Van Dyk

    Doing the rflp on day 7 today. Im going to refeed every 10 days only as I have water fasted for extensive periods and been fine. I want to get the most out of it. I feel cranky and foggy but I was a complete carb addict. So I may just be really detoxing. I ate butter at night for the first 3-4 days but now ar night Im just not hungry. I have only one cup of coffee with a tablespoon of mct oil and 2 tblespoons of butter and stevia. Im full after that. If I feel hungey I might have another half cup but Iv only do e that once. I refeed on Sunday which will be day 9 so I can cook for fathers day… My next refeeds will be every 10 th day. Iv had a lecroix 2 times but read it might not be good so no more. Looking forward to the journey and the results

    • I’m starting next week and that is my plan too. Refeed every 10 days.

    • Vanessa

      How are you still doing. Hope you lost weight. Do give us feed back.

  • RevBev

    I have struggled for years. The only times I have been able to lose weight in the past have been with a regimen of <20 carb grams per day and DROPPING coffee (even though I drink it black). I have often fasted 30 days at a time, continuing activity and working) with minimal weight loss (and rapid return even on a low carb whole food diet). I now have a LOT to lose and I'm going to do whatever is necessary to succeed becoming healthy. By Grace I have no other health problems. I commit to a healthy remaining 40 years of life that match my attitude and spiritual health, enjoying my great-grandchildren, my family, friends and lover.

    So this is what I am going to do…. ketosis all the way. Start each day with two glasses of water, then enjoy a high quality coffee with Coconut oil. I will go about my busy life, enjoy early morning long walks with the dog, commit to lots of DAILY physical activity (cardio, resistance, yoga), and LOTS of water. I will check ketones every morning when I need reassurance (levels are usually highest in the morning) but only weigh in each week.

    I really don't care that this thread is old, because I am dedicated to this, and I will check in with my results.

    • Vanessa

      Well done and no it does not matter if this thread is old. Some of us have done this way of dieting and visit the site for encouragement

  • Rich Riopel

    This is part is confusing me.

    “Drink as much Bulletproof® Coffee as you like in the morning, subject to your caffeine tolerance. Do not eat anything else during the day – only about 500ml or less of Bulletproof® Coffee. You can have another cup before 2:00 PM if you get hungry and the caffeine is not a problem. No coffee after 2:00 PM so you can sleep.”

    So you can drink as much coffee as you like in the morning? “only about 500ml or less” ? How is that as much as you like? Am I reading this wrong?

    • tlc

      You aren’t reading it wrong but do you really want more than 500ml coffee?

  • Jacqui

    Jacqui L., New Zealand

    In only two weeks I can already see results by

    this method: >> http://tinyurl.com/loseweight11

    I stumbled upon Mike’s website while searching for
    a solution to the ‘post-baby belly’. He seemed to be talking a lot of sense but
    I still wanted to be sure this book would be right for me before purchasing. So
    I emailed Mike my questions. He answered right away and was friendly,
    knowledgeable, positive, encouraging, and trustworthy.

    So I purchased the book, read it, and have now begun to implement the advice. In only two
    weeks I can already see results. Although I’m already fairly lean, I’ve
    struggled for six years to get rid of the last bit of stomach fat caused by
    pregnancy. But finally there’s been a breakthrough. The area is noticeably
    firmer and I’m already feeling so much better about myself. I can see that if a
    person follows all of the advice in Mike’s book, then they will achieve
    results. He knows what he’s talking about and it is so refreshing to have
    someone pass on the knowledge that’s actually going to work…

  • Kathy

    Angelique Van Dyk I am curious to hear how you’re doing on the RFLP. I have started today.

  • Kathy

    Day 1 going okay so far. Having my second mug of BPC. I will take one day at a time. I have a headache already….

  • Lorena

    hi i am Karly

    thins 8 kilos in 4 weeks just following this method:> http://bit.ly/1LVzC3Y

    I can now wear my pants that I love. My waist is smaller and
    firm, I recommend this method.

    Greetings from Miami-usa

  • Brad W

    Started three days ago, going well (just need to figure out the right balance of pink salt and charcoal).
    One issue I had was the fact I would gag and nearly cough up the BCAAs when mixed with water.
    Tried adding juice from a single lemon and that helped a LOT.
    Any thoughts as to how detrimental the lemon juice would be when taking with the BCAAs?

  • Kmh1234

    Hello, anyone have any advice for someone with a dairy allergy? Even the grass fed butter causes me an allergic reaction (runny nose immediately and cystic acne for days). I’m looking to try the rapid fat loss protocol, but worried won’t be able to follow it and get the best results because of dairy allergy. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

    • tlc

      grass fed ghee and a dairy enzyme

  • mindy

    I know some people won’t believe this, but I have no reason to lie. I am a 39 y/o woman, 5’1″ and I’ve been eating paleo/wheat belly for 6 months and I was stalled for about a month. I started a strict keto diet Monday and for 2 days, the scale crept up by half a pound. I started this on Wednesday, today is Friday and I’m down 7 pounds! SEVEN! POUNDS! I went from 158.6 to 151.6. I fell out of ketosis when I ate like a pig on vacation last month. I went right back to my original eating plan for 4 weeks and still no change on the ketone strips until yesterday. Literally 1 day of this protocol and I’m back in ketosis and broke through my plateau! I’m at my halfway point to my weight loss goal, I’m going to stay on this until I hit it. So happy I found this link! (Also, I didn’t want to invest in the Bulletproof kit and the supplements until I knew it was effective. I did this with just regular coffee, coconut oil, butter and no supps).

    • ariam

      Wow! No supps? Isn’t that bold/risky?

      • mindy

        I got a bit dizzy and fatigued by day 4. I drank some pickle juice and a lot of water. I’m doing fine now.

        • mindy

          Also, I weighed myself Monday and I was down a total of EXACTLY 10 lbs. 148.6. Yesterday I didn’t get as much water and I ate some fresh vegetables and today I’m up 0.6# to 149.2. This is with no exercise over the weekend and only about 30-45 mins walking M-F. I’m starting back on it again tomorrow and will try to remember to report back next Weds if I lose any more weight.

        • ariam

          That’s great. Pls do report back. I’m trying to pick the right time to start this.

  • Daniel Anders

    Did this for three days and had great results, lost about 8 pounds. I didn’t take Glutathione Force or Betaine HCL. I did suffer some stomach uneasiness after eating butter on day 2 and 3. For round two, I am going to be taking the Betaine HCL to help with this.
    Also, another issue I had was muscle soreness. I’ve got quite a bit of muscle mass (but about 40-50 extra pounds of fat), so I assume it is from not consuming any protein. I couldn’t make it much more than 3 days because of this muscle soreness/weakness. But the second time around, I am going to focus on stretching and mobility work to help with this issue.

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  • londonergroupie

    ah! this explains it then! Last week I did a 3 day fast (which turned out to be 86 hours) and apart from the first 36 hours on just water and black tea/coffee, I had a BPC in the morning and one in the evening if I was hungry. I managed to get through the second and third day filled with energy, with almost no hunger pangs at all, and lost more weight! First day on water I lost 0.7kg while the last due days with bpc (around 500calories per day in the end) I lost 2.3kg!!! I am tempted to try again now that I’ve learned about your supplements, as I already ketp on taking mine, but I had never heard (in 2 years of ketosis!) of Betaine HCL.
    Also, am I dreaming or somewhere you also mentioned that besides bpc not breaking fast, what is needed not to break fast is also staying under 3g carbs and 10g protein? My BPC usually has hemp seeds and collagen powder in it, so wondering if I can leave them or try and go full throttle by removing them from my bpc for a while!

  • Michelle

    Hi all! I have a ton of weight to lose (110lbs) sad to say… I’ve started the fat loss protocol today. It’s 4pm and I’m feeling ok. I’ve had bulletproof coffee (grass feed butter+ brain octane), BCAA and L-Glutamine, Glutathione Force this morning plus vitamins. I’m a bit hungry but not too bad so far. However the aminos are horrid in water. Any ideas on the best way to take them and help satiate so I last a week til my healthy carb day? Any suggestions will be most appreciated!


    • tlc

      Michelle, I bought capsules instead of powder. You would have to take a lot though – like 10. :-

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Hi Michelle, I’m using Promix Amino [blue ice] by GNC – – highly rated. I do find that it spikes my blood sugar about 10 points the next day. To isolate, I did not take them one day, and my bs was 66, took them the next day, my bs was 75.

      Besides that, this post is from four months ago; how did you do?

    • debbkat

      I take Biosteel high performance sports mix (Amino Acid, minerals, vitamin b blend/electrolytes) but it tastes great mixed in water. I look forward to drinking this. caffeine & sugar free. If you decide to purchase this brand the best price is at GNC but read the reviews on Amazon. I learned of this brand from Peter Attia’s site, he also follows this way of eating.

  • SN

    ” Fructose is 10-20% more lipogenic (fat forming) during overfeeding than glucose.”

    With the link to:

    First of all: they compare SUCROSE and Glucose.

    And secondly they state:
    ” The type of carbohydrate overfeeding (sucrose or glucose) had no
    significant effect on de novo lipogenesis in either subject group.”


    • Hey Stefan,

      There’s a review of the lipogenic effects of fructose vs. other sugars in the study’s discussion:

      “There is also some evidence that the type of dietary carbohydrates consumed affects de novo lipogenesis differently. Fructose, in particular, has been identified as having a more powerful effect on de novo lipogenesis than glucose in both laboratory rats (21) and humans (10, 11), albeit in the short-term (6 h). This has been attributed to fructose’s rapid utilization by the liver, which avoids the rate-limiting 6- or 1-phosphofructokinase step in glycolysis that limits glucose metabolism (22). Schwarz et al (10, 12) showed that short-term feeding of fructose increased de novo lipogenesis in humans by a factor of between 3 and 10 compared with an isoenergetic load of glucose, which failed to significantly increase de novo lipogenesis at all.”

      Hope this helps!

      • tlc

        Dave, It’s almost 8pm here and I’ve done great all day and now butter isn’t cutting it after 2 good “bites?” Dig in for more, or just have more water and go to be early? Hah!

  • Would Dandelion “coffee/tea” like this one be okay instead of caffeinated coffee or tea? http://www.amazon.com/Dandy-Blend-Instant-Beverage-Dandelion/dp/B000SMN0DO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1438888924&sr=8-1&keywords=dandy+blend
    I can’t have any caffeine unfortunately. This “Dandy Blend” stuff is really popular but wanted to get your take as an alternative.

  • OreoLaLa

    Hello All!
    I stumbled across this and thought it was rather interesting. I have at least 80lbs (36.28kg or 5.71 stone) if not more to lose, and I wanted to inquire with those whom have successfully lost this amount of weight or more this fast. I’m a 31 year old female whose 5’7″ (170cm) and currently 234lbs (106.14kg or 16.71 stone with 44% body fat). I’d just like to ask a few questions, if you all don’t mind 🙂

    1. Did your skin sag?
    2. Did you workout any? If so what kinds?
    3. Did you keep the weight off?
    4. On the re-feed day, what did you you eat all day long or just a certain time window? Did you avoid foods that had sugar (example homemade teriyaki chicken)?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Jen

    After being on the RFLP, will you gain weight if you later transition to the regular Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting?
    Is this right?

    • Good question, Jen. You may gain a few pounds in water weight, but most/all of the fat you’ve lost should stay off. Everyone’s different, of course; try the transition and see what happens (remember to let the mirror be your guide, not the scale)! And if you feel like sharing your results, I bet people here would love to see them.

  • ariam

    Ok so where the “HACK” was this 10 years ago?? My twenties would have been much more enjoyable. I’m so grateful I found this page. I am 30yrs old 5’2 and weigh around 220lbs. I’ve lost 5 pounds in two days. The shocking thing? It was so easy that it almost makes you mad. I was scared to start bc the protocol looks intimidating. I have tried eth and I know that I will lose as much weight as I want with this.
    More notable than the weight is how AMAZING I feel. I feel like my old, happy self again that I haven’t been in years (to the point that friends noticed). As a soon to be former sugar addict I have to say that I have no cravings! I was working from home for two days and had all my favorite treats in the house and had no desire to touch them.
    Finally I will have the body that I always wanted and did I mention that I’m a bundle of energy. I FEEL SO GOOD I WANNA SCREAM!
    Just stick to the protocol.
    Thank you Dave

    • This made my day. Here at Bulletproof we do what we do for stories like this. Thanks for sharing, Ariam, and keep everyone updated!

  • Alex Phelan

    Would Indian food with white basmati rice be OK for the re-feed?

  • Kathy

    Can the RFLP be used as a “jump-start” to losing weight?

  • OnionButt

    I realize this post is over 4 years old, but I just recently read the Bulletproof Diet book and ordered several of the products. Then I stumbled across this post and I am going for it. I ordered every single supplement suggested (except for those I already had on hand or already ordered). It was a bit of a hit to the wallet (around $210 or so) but I’m really eager to drop some weight fast.

    I’ve been trying to weed out toxins and chemicals by going more natural with household and beauty products. And finally I’m taking the plunge on eliminating the crap from my diet.

    I’ll be started the RFLP this week when I get in all my supplements (thank you Amazon for free Prime member 2 day shipping, I’ll have everything by Wednesday except for a couple things i ordered from Dave’s site – which the tracking says will be delivered Friday). Until I have everything I will just do the Bulletproof Diet with IF.

    These might be some oddball questions, but I already do salt water (in the form of sole) each day when I get up. I am guessing that sole would be the equivalent of doing a glass of water with himalayan salt.

    But the real question I had – does anyone (or Dave) use diatomaceous earth? I have it twice per day in water. I’m thinking it will be okay to continue taking as long as I’m not taking any other supplements with it or too close to it.

    By taking sole and diatomaceous earth – I have drastically cut down (well, pretty much eliminated) my sugar cravings.

    Oh! One other question, I ordered the collagelatin stuff and wondered if I should add that to my beverage (I’m not a coffee drinker but I did order some to try – maybe high quality stuff with all the added fats will make it tolerable to me – usually I hate the taste so I’m experimenting with that)? Or if collagelatin should be avoided and only taken with IF rather than the full on fast?

    I’m really stoked about the possibility of losing a pound a day or so. My birthday is in less than 3 weeks so I hope to be seeing a difference by then. I’ll probably have a bit of a cheat day on my birthday (like cake and other pure junk foods) but I’m ok with it setting me back a few days – I’m in this for the long haul. My goal is to be at or very close to my ideal weight by January 1, 2016. So just shy of 4 months. Fingers crossed.

    Just thought of one other question – I am rather dependant on sleep aids – if I don’t take something (usually I take benadryl) I can not sleep. Can I continue to take benadryl or should the fat and the supplements help with sleep? I’d love to not be dependent on stuff for sleep but I really like sleeping so I don’t want to screw myself over with not sleeping.

    • OnionButt

      Wanted to give an update. I have NOT started the rapid fat loss protocol yet. I did receive all my supplements and have organized everything (man, the supplements will take a bit of getting used to as far as the timing/remembering to take them).

      Since it was suggested to do the regular Bulletproof Diet for about 2 weeks before starting to get nutrients, I went ahead and started that since I figured it was good practice for the bigger fast, I had some food I wanted to eat (meats and veggies), and the supplements weren’t in yet anyway.

      So I started it on Monday, September 7th. I weighed in – just to see if there had been any weight loss – on Saturday, September 12th. Six days in I had lost about 5 pounds! (I say “about” because my scale is craptastic and is one with those tiny little notch marks to indicate a pound, which are hard to see from nearly 6 feet away.)

      So I’m pretty stoked with how much I’ve lost just on the “regular” diet part and doing intermittent fasting.

      I have a target in mind – 80 pounds lost by the end of this year. I think that’s going to be doable.

      It’s also getting easier as the days go on – less hungry overall and I’d already reduced a lot of cravings. I feel that doing the diet first was good for me to do prior to the RFLP – good way to ease into it.

      • Hi! I’m excited to follow your progress 🙂 I did the 2 week protocol about 3 weeks ago and had awesome results. For me, anyway. I’ve been using BP stuff for awhile and finally decided to go “all in” on the eating plan, too. I love it. I just started the RFLP today! Hoping to get my body fat percentage down a bit more.

        • OnionButt

          Good luck, Veronica! What were your results from the 2 week protocol?

          I’m doing that now – but I forgot to do the protein fast or whatever it was on day 6. Some days I’m not having 2 meals because I forget or can’t work it in (I keep really odd hours). And most days I have NOT had any of the desserts.

          I’ll be a week behind you as far as the RFLP – I’ll be starting this coming up Monday but taking a bit of a break/going a bit more off the rails on the refeed day for my birthday, well the day after when I plan on celebrating. Though I only plan on just that ONE day (part of the day – not the whole day) having any kryptonite foods.

          Are you working out as well? I’ve seen someone mention a program called T-Tapp which is supposed to help with toning and keeping skin tight. I’ve pulled it up but haven’t looked it over too closely yet. But when I’m ready I think I’m likely to do something like that. For now, I’m enjoying not needing to work out because I’m not into it. Though I’m ok with adding in some strength training soon and maybe once a week to the 15 minutes of HIIT.

        • Thanks! My results from the 2 Week Protocol were that I lost 4 lbs after the 2 weeks. I went on to lose another ~2 going into the RFLP which it’s the morning of Day 3 for me. But I still have body fat that I want to get rid of. By my estimation, I’m at ~20% and would like to be closer to ~10%. So I decided to try the RFLP for a week and see what I thought. It’s the first extended fast I’ve ever done, despite hearing the health benefits of fasting for many years (detoxification, mental clarity, weight management, etc.).

          As for working out, that has been the HUGE question mark in my mind for the entire time I’ve been doing Bulletproof. I’ve read most of what Dave says about it, as well as watched his podcasts where he talks about it but so far I haven’t been able to wrap my head around the extremely minimalistic approach to it. I’m a runner and compete in 5k’s (plus run the occasional half marathon), usually do Pilates (the Lagree method) in a studio on a megaformer 3 times a week and am also very active outside (biking, walking,etc). So stepping back on all this has also been a “mental” challenge for me!

          On this plan (RFLP), specifically, though, I have done the following: Day 1 went for an easy bike ride about 40 minutes. Day 2 went for a brisk walk at a fairly quick pace for 30 minutes. Day 3 (today) I plan to do a 20-30 minute strength training session or maybe a Tabata. I have felt great with the other 2 days of minimal “exercise” so today I feel comfortable doing an HIIT. Hopefully, everything continues as well as it has. I’m in deep ketosis (~6 by my blood ketone meter), in perfect health and still have visible fat to burn for fuel so I see no reason why it wouldn’t.

          I haven’t heard of the T-Tapp program but I will check it out, thanks!! Keeping skin tight and toned is another concern I’ve had in the back of my mind. No one seems to talk about it, either!!

  • Day 1 of this fast and pretty excited to see how it goes. I’ve been doing BPIF for the last 3 weeks and love it. As an “induction” if you will, I actually did the 2 Week Protocol exactly as lined out in the book The Bulletproof Diet and loved it so much I’ve stuck with it. Prior to full-on BP, I had been eating a Paleo diet and dabbling in the Ketogenic Diet. I’m feeling that Bulletproof brings it all full circle for me. I consume most, if not all, of the the BP products because I love how they’ve upgraded my life! (Which I thought was pretty awesome already!)

    My question is around the Bulletproof FATWater. I love it and drink the Lemon FATWater every day normally. I’m wondering if it will fit in the RFLP. It’s basically water + XCT Oil + vitamins + stevia, xylitol and lemon extract blended together by some magical process 🙂 The whole 16 oz bottle is 20 calories and has 1g of carbs (I know calories don’t matter, just wanted you to have a point of reference). I’m curious if the 1g of carbs (consumed over the course of 1 day) would make it not optimal for RFLP?

  • Kyle

    Day 16 and 20 lbs down. Feeling good and going for 60 lbs total. My question is: do you think a sauna would help eliminate toxins or would it be too dangerous?

  • Tracey Kennedy

    I’m on my second day of this protocal. I’m also injecting HCG+ vitamin b12. With 10 IU of oxytocin 4 times a day. Day 1 I lost 5 pounds, I’ll keep you informed.

    • Tracey Kennedy

      I have 50 pounds to loose.

  • Brandy Buchanan

    Can you follow RFLP while on modafinil?

  • Teniah Marderosian

    Hello Dave, just curious. I workout approx 4-6 days a week. Training for 1.5 hours doing muay thai as well as sometimes doing vinyasa hot yoga during the day for 1.5 hours 1-3 times a week. Is this fasting on just bullet proof coffee 2x a day and supplementation ok? I want to lose 50 pounds.

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  • Lee Ramirez

    Hold the phone, is this a typo??? “20 Grams of L-Glutamine”? At 1g per capsule, that’s 20 capsules. Can anyone confirm this is correct?

  • Lushy

    I thought the same thing@lee_ramirez:disqus ..I bought the in capsules form an realized its only 1 gram! so then looked into the powder form, which is more potent, and each serving. Seems like a lot still though!

    Just taking a few for now, till my order for the powder comes, but i was also curious about this too, seems intense

    Side note, day two, not feeling to bad at all!

  • vanessa883

    Thanks for your details! We have nearly identical stats (31F/5’11/242), my goal is 170-180. I’ve been on a lazy keto diet since May, having lost 46lbs thus far. I suppose the weight loss is motivation enough to keep you going?

    I’m really interested in what your typical day looks like.

    How are the psychological effects of not actually eating/chewing 6 out of 7 days? How is your brain function? I work full-time and completing my Masters and quite worried about lack of focus/brain clarity.

    Really appreciate your feedback, I’m totally rooting for you over the holidays!

  • Today in the market innumerable supplements to fast burn the fat are available. But what is the best supplements to use that can boost energy and metabolism?

  • RedefineTheGrind

    Started my Keto journey on 11.11.15. Began my BF RFLP on Sunday 11.29.15. I feel great so far, and will back with updates!

    • RedefineTheGrind

      13.1lbs in 7 days. I’ll take it. I documented all of my glocose and ketone readings for seven days along with what I ate for my refeed on IG.

      Thanks Dave!

    • Pova Kapur

      Hi There, hows it going for you ? I am having a tough time controlling hunger pangs – any suggestions for newbies 🙂

      • RedefineTheGrind

        Hi Pova!

        Yes! First couple of days just suck. It started to become an hour by hour situation the second go around. Again the first time, I was already deeply adapted, so I had ZERO hunger. But the second was tough, and I wrote about it. I kept telling myself that I have to go through this in order to get to better days. AND, that there is someone out there right now that will feel like shit at the end of the day, and I will feel great. Testing my Ketones each day help too, along with posting them on IG.

      • RedefineTheGrind

        Hey Pova, I’m sorry, this thread doesn’t make it easy to follow responses. Yes, let’s connect as I will be starting again this coming Sunday. I am @KetoGoddess on IG

      • RedefineTheGrind

        Hi there, I know this is old, but I am JUST finding my thread with responses.

        Honestly, I just tried more water and coffee. 99% of the time is was more mental catering as opposed to an actually body/dietary need.

        How are things gong for you?

  • David Kahn

    Has anyone ever tried Bulletproof to lose and use stored fat (as energy) via Ketosis while being on a muscle-building program? What’s it like? What were the effects? I know you need to consume carbs before and after workouts to replenish glycogen or your body will eat at your muscles for energy.

  • RedefineTheGrind

    I was already following a ketogenic nutrition style, but I couldn’t get a ketone reading past 1.1mmol. Once I started the protocol, I quickly went up. My IG: RedefiningTheGrind I posted each days blood glucose, ketones, and what I ate on my refeed day.

    Best of luck to you my friend.

  • Luvanestra

    I am on day 7 of the Bulletproof RFLP. Yesterday was my refeed day and I woke up exhausted this morning probably due to all the carbs I consumed yesterday. My energy level has been pretty descent. I have lost a total 8 pounds including the 2 pounds I gained from my refeed. My only concern is that my body fat rather than going down has gone up about 1%. Has anyone else experienced the same? If so, how far into the protocol did your body fat start going down? I thought this protocol is supposed to help you loose 1 pound of fat a day.

    • Vanessa

      I think you lack salt. Try and increase your salts. I find when I am feeling this way I quickly drink a teaspoon salt and immediately I am right as rain.

  • Bmorri

    Does it make that big of a difference if I eat eggs along with the grass fed butter? I know it has protein that the butter does not have, but doesn’t this plan include some protein supplememts to stand in for that? Any thoights would be helpful.

    • Vanessa

      Yes it makes a huge difference. You should not eat anything but just drink the coffee.

  • Garrett Fox

    Just finished a week on the RFLP after a week of BP IF, and I have lost a total of 18 pounds. 290 to 272. I lost 11 pounds during the week on RFLP, and I am blown away. This is the only way to lose fat this fast!

    • Vanessa

      Well done. How did you do BP with IF.

    • Vicky Prest

      Well done! That’s amazing!

  • Jessica Osias

    I am a little confused on how much coffee to be drinking a day, it says as much as you want before 2pm, but then it says no more then 500ml? How much BP coffee should one actually drink before 2pm, or what is the maximum amount to drink? Thank you!

  • Are there some weeks when you don’t lose weight? Or lose very little? I
    hardly lost anything this week, still struggling to get the 2lbs I put
    on during re-feed day. But I also have my periods, so could that be the
    reason? Really disappointed. I lost so much weight in the first week, so
    I was really disappointed with this week’s dismal results.

    the protocol promises around 1lb a day. But each week after a re-feed I
    put on around 2lbs. Should that be counted again or do I continue
    calculating 1 pound based on my weight prior to the re-feed?


    • Vicky Prest

      I think that the weight that you put on after a re-feed is just water weight essentially. I generally find that it comes off again within a day or 2 of going back onto RWLP. How are you getting on with things?

      • Pova Kapur

        Hi Vicky,

        I put on ton of water weight due to upping my salt intake. Is that something I should be worried about ? I do feel bloated too

        • Kim Kay

          Im going to be starting this in a few weeks. Hoping I can take off the last 15 pounds

  • trenton pierce

    Anyone try this with cold thermogenesis?

  • TriciaNZ

    I just found this information and I’m going to start tomorrow. I’ve been doing low carb high fat for 3 weeks with slow results. started keto on Tuesday and while I’m in ketosis I haven’t lost any weight so I cant wait to see the scales flip…. The supplements are overwhelming – I’ll try and find them in NZ or something similar. I am 179cm and 104kg and I want to get to 65kgs by the end of the year. I am thinking I’ll do a month of this to get out of obese and into the overweight category = 88kg and 16kg down. Then revisit. Has anyone tried keto weekends with RFLP weekdays??? .

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Awesome! How do you know you’re in Ketosis? What are your BS and Ketone readings?

      • Vicky Prest

        I found the low carb really slow also but i’m in my second week of RFLP and I have lost 10lbs so things are going well! i got my supplements from amazon. If you have it in NZ, it might be worth looking on there. You really need to be carb heavy on the weekends. Sticking to Keto won’t help you and may make things worse on the weekend.

        • RedefineTheGrind

          Hello Vicky, sorry for the delay.

          I’m not sure if you meant to reply to me or Tricia. I was down 13.1lbs my first week. I’m a fan and familiar with RFLP. Carb heavy is only for ones refeed day, not the entire weekend. And, not necessarily the weekend, whenever their 6th or 7th day is. The carbs are simply to reset leptin levels.

  • Jennetta Alden

    Yesterday was my first try at carb loading, and this morning I feel hung over and my weight increased by a half of a pound. Can I get some advice about if I did this correctly?

    10:00 bulletproof coffee
    2:00 1.5 cups lemon rice and upgraded guacamole
    4:00 a baked sweet potato with butter and salt
    6:00 more rice (probably had a total of 2 cups of rice all day) and this chocolate pudding o made that was really just cacao butter and xylitol.

    Ended up having a full stick of butter and felt kind dehydrated at the end of the day. This is just my first week on bulletproof btw. Thanks for any help!

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Hi Jennetta,

      What are your thoughts on not having any grassfed meat?

  • RedefineTheGrind

    Restarting this, minimally for a week. Tag me on IG if you are documenting your journey too please (and thank you *s*)

    IG: RedefiningTheGrind aka KetoGoddess

    Today was day one. I will post my blood sugar and ketone levels everyday.

  • love this website!! So many useful tips. I’ve been in ketosis for a month consistently now. 20 carbs a day, moderate fat. So far I’ve lost 21 lbs. And looking leaner all over. Feeling energetic and rarely hungry. Hoping to continue losing.

    I’m currently 197 down from 219 & my goal is 160. I’m 5’5 and medium build. Last time it took me 2 years to go from a size 14 to a size 7 & I was 160 then also. Seems like a lot for my height but I looked great. Wasn’t doing LC then though. So this time its coming off faster & actually easier. How do u think I’m doing? Any tips?? Thanks!!

    • Vicky Prest

      Sounds like you’re doing great John!

  • Jen Crouch

    I started the RFLP and started having “disaster pants” as this group so lovingly calls it. I had been doing bulletproof coffee already and diet so eating a lot of fat and doing ok with it. I didnt take the betain HCL because I have a little acid reflux and had been able to digest fat fine without it it seemed when drinking and eating bulletproof including brain octane the last couple months. Anybody have an explanation or helpful tip? I don’t have a gallbladder BTW but again I was doing fine eating that much fat with food before the fast.

  • Vicky Prest

    I’m on week 2 of the Rapid Weight Loss Protocol and honestly, apart from being sick to the back teeth of coffee, I feel amazing! I’ve found that due to hormone issues, my weight never goes down, or it will go down a few pounds then plateau. Since I started this, i’ve lost the average of 1lb per day which is totally unheard of for me! I have lots of energy, I feel great, I am not tired, everything is awesome. The only issue was my bank account crying at how much all the supplements cost at £5-10 a bottle each! I can’t wait to see what I weigh again this week. I keep hopping on the scales which I know is bad, but I am so excited to see the weight coming off and people are commenting left right and centre about my weight loss. Thanks Dave! 😀

    • Pova Kapur

      Awesome results ! How much have you lost up until now ? I need some motivation to keep up with this diet.

  • Vicky Prest

    Good luck! How did it go??

  • Vicky Prest

    I still do, just to make sure everything is going well

  • meow

    Today is day 6 for me. I’m not sure why, and I know I should not weigh myself everyday… But I have lost 14lbs. Is that way too much? On top of that I’ve been constipated. I enough water I thought…. But I want to take a laxative. I want the toxins released out the body.

    • Vicky Prest

      Are you taking the Activated Charcoal? Drink plenty of water as well, it will help with the toxins and the constipation. 14lbs can be quite normal if you have a lot of water weight to lose. You should see it slow down a lot in the next week or so. A friend of mine lost 17lbs in his first week then another 7lbs the week after which was actual fat rather than water. Keep with it 🙂

      • meow

        I increased the the salt water. That helped. Bad news. Started intermittent last week, and gained 10lbs. Ugh. Today is day 1 again of rflp.

        • Vicky Prest

          The 10lbs could be water weight? I wondered about intermittent fasting instead of this but I find I lose more and I get into the mind set with RWLP where as I cheat on the intermittent.

        • meow

          I guess, but that’s the problem. A week of jerk hell for water weight. I guess I should find out my fat percentage.

        • meow

          I work so hard just for water weight? 🙁 well I have been maintaining a 5 lb weightloss..but I believe it’s due to kickboxing

  • meow

    Oh to mention I’m 5’7 @ 200lbs now

  • Korea Lugo

    I’m trying to understand this protocol. Does this mean for 5 days you’re only eating butter along with the supplements?

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Bulletproof coffee

    • Vicky Prest

      You basically are fasting for 6 days out of 7. So you eat nothing except drinking bulletproof coffee twice a day and your supplements. You may feel hungry for a couple of days but you soon get used to it. I’d recommend starting off with bulletproof intermittent fasting and cutting down on the carbs to get towards Ketosis, as going straight into the Protocol can make you feel really unwell.

      • Korea Lugo

        How do I know if I’m in Ketosis?

        • RedefineTheGrind

          Blood ketone testing strips.

        • Hilary Salmon

          when you are in ketosis, even mild ketosis you will feel smooth energy that is relaxed but has stamina… you will likely feel as if your brain works better and more effortlessly… the use of c8 mct oil, the brain octane means you easily get into ketosis… alot of people think the keto strips are a waste of cash and effort. I ahve never used them. if you follow the Bulletproof diet and dont have much carbs except on your refeed days while Bulletproof intermittent fasting you will definitely cycle in and out of ketosis. You can also not intermittent fast and the over night fast while you sleep will also have you in mild ketosis. Definitely do the BP intermittent fasting first. and use the detox protocols and supplements of the RapidFLP

  • Carla

    How long did you guys kept the BP RPFL protocol? Weeks, months? How much have you lost? Thanks

    • Vicky Prest

      Week 3 for me. I plan to keep it up for about 4 months ideally, dependent upon how much I lose. I’ve lost 1 stone so far (14lbs) however I am due to get weighed for this week’s loss on Saturday.

      • Carla

        Thanks Vicky. Did you keep the diet exactly as written, using bulletproof branded coffee, brain octane oil and the supplements? What did you eat on the re-feed day? Any exercise? Thanks v much

        • Vicky Prest

          Hi Carla, i’ve not really kept to it as written as I use just normal coffee, extra virgin organic coconut oil but i do use all the supplements although i’m rubbish at taking them all! I have walked into work every day wherever possible. I’ve come off it for a week and I am back on it again today but when I was in deep ketosis, it was amazing! How are you getting on?

  • Carolyn

    What kind of exercise after a re-feed day?

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  • Andrew Rogers

    Help! I have been on bulletproof for 5 full weeks I have 70 pounds to lose. I have been perfect on the diet and have not lost a single pound. How is this even happening? I have cut out everything bad, even have a coach approving everything I eat. Had blood work done, I have no issues with my thyroid. This just makes no sense. Anyone ever heard of this?

    • RedefineTheGrind

      In the interest of transparency, this one is tough for me. Five weeks, zero pounds? Something is not ‘perfect’ my friend. I promise.

      • Andrew Rogers

        Well I appreciate your response and I anticipated that the response would be someone telling me it is my fault. The problem is I have a coach that himself has done great on this diet and he is preparing my foods and monitoring me daily. So while I know it is easier to tell me “you are doing something wrong my friend” I would ask the question again, have you ever heard of this? I want this to work. I am doing everything I can. I just completed my 6th full week and nothing. In fact I gained a pound last week. I am not weighing myself daily, I am doing my 10,000 daily steps and doing my IF.

        • Hilary Salmon

          Really look for environmental toxins… i stopped shrinking and gained weight… after 5months we discovered the hard way that there was a lpg gas leak and a incorrectly installed regulator on the gas water heating system. Poisoned. Even a small amount of mold will harm you.

    • Hilary Salmon

      andrew, from what you say you are doing the Bulletproof Intermittent fasting? do you have a copy of the Bulletproof Road Map? check to see for yourself that what you are actually eating is on teh green side of the roadmap and you are having absolutely none of the food on the red side of the diet. Consider wether nightshade veges may be a problem for you. And – is there even the tiniest bit of mold in your environment… anywhere that smells like a aquarium at any time? old leaks… fixed but not replaced? something is inflaming your immune system. are you using activated charcoal to detox in between meals and coffee?

  • Mei

    How’d it go for you? I’m in a similar position… About 150 and would like to be 128-130.

  • Pova Kapur

    Hi Guys, I am starting today – I am 30 yrs Female, I am at 162 lbs , need to get to 125.
    Also I am starting today only on the bullet proof coffee, my supplements are still on the way – but i can’t wait to start. Wish me luck

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Soup? Truly, whatever helps you get through. I would only encourage if the outcome is not as you wanted, to evaluate how many times in the past we have done things our way, and try completing the RFLP as recommended.

      Best of luck.

    • Hilary Salmon

      chilli flakes are likely to be moldy, nor are they particularly bulletproof. lemon juice means you are eating sugar. This means you are not actually doing the RFLP. sabotaging your efforts by not following what is designed carefully to work and reduce risk is counter productive. Try the Bulletproof diet, eating on the green side of the bulletproof road map and avoiding all the toxins on the red side of the roadmap… and do some Bulletproof Intermittent FAsting…

  • Pova Kapur

    Secondly when you guys test yourself for Ketosis, do you use the Keto strips ?

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Hi Pova!

      No, they’re useless. I was the darkest purple, yet I was only .6mmol. I use the Precison Xtra Blood meter with Ketone testing strips.

      How is it going for you?

    • Benny

      if you follow this protocol you don’t have to test, but yes keto strips give an indication

  • Pova Kapur

    Hi, thanks for this very informative post. As for me it is so very hard to eat butter. But I am thinking this – 2 cups of boiling water, 1 tbsp butter , salt and Chilles with 1/4 teaspoon of chicken stalk – this makes me a soup which i can live on feel. Please suggest if u feel that defeats the purpose ?

  • Pova Kapur

    great going Rick, how has it been so far ? tell me about you first 2-3 days ? Did the hunger pangs go down ?

    • RedefineTheGrind

      I’m not Rick, but the first 2-3 days for me suck! Then it’s crazy days 4or5+

  • Rae

    I’m a month late so you might not see this, but two things comes to mind:

    1. Some people just can’t handle coffee. Coffee gives me heartburn all the time, whether it’s bulletproof or not, so I stick to tea. Might be worth a try?
    2. Can you find kosher gel caps for the HCL? I’ve taken HCL for years, and I’ve had one stick in my throat and start dissolving and it burned like mad, so I’d have to imagine that could certainly hurt!

  • Pam

    I just started the BP Rapid Fat Loss diet. I normally eat a low carb diet and drink BP coffee. Yesterday was not much fun. Felt a little dizzy and no energy. I have around 15 to 20 pounds to lose. Trying to stick with this for 14 days. I also work out with a trainer 3 days a week. I don’t think I will be able to do the workouts while on this. Would love to hear from others who have done this diet.

    • Benny

      You’re not suppose to do workout on this protocol, see above

    • Kyle McCormack

      DON’T WORK OUT ON A LOW-CAL DIET!! If you don’t eat carbs you won’t recover properly!

  • Ashley

    Hey Dave, Do you lose a ton of muscle on this protocol? Ive worked hard for my lean muscle :)…could i still supplement with protein (meat)? I’m a 27 year old female with 23.5 percent body fat, weighing 150. I’m 5’6” and i work out 5 days a week (resistance training). If I do this protocol while eating about 95 grams of protein a day, will i still benefit with fat loss? Thanks so much!!

    • Kyle McCormack

      You will lose a little but not a lot and you will make it back with ease. Don’t worry so much! 🙂

  • Mike Venture

    Hi, wondering if anyone else has experience with this: I got all of the supplements on the RFPL protocol, but finding it hard to switch to eating nothing but fat just yet. Wondering if it’s counterproductive to take any of the supplements on RFPL while on Bulletproof IF. Would appreciate a response so I don’t take them on non-RFPL days. Also is it helpful at all to RFPL a day and then go back to Bulletproof IF? Thanks!

    • Kyle McCormack

      Best thing you can do is try it yourself and record the results. I am on Day Two now, there’s some struggle but I am fighting through the cravings. Try cheating with a little chunk of very dark chocolate!

    • Hilary Salmon

      I do the Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting and have incorporated the rapid fat loss protocols supplements and detox protocols for 3 years. It simply makes sense to support your body and do what is possible to help detox systems of the body do so with the least stress. I have not yet done the rapid fat loss protocol. only the supplements and activated charcoal. Either do the BP intermittent fasting if you want to eat food. or do the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol according to instruction. Do not undermine your efforts by substituting or cheating. adding ‘broth, fibre. chocolate, cacao, coconut oil, protein… sabotages yourself and you are not then doing the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol, to state the obvious.

  • Kyle McCormack

    Doing this right now, on Day Two. So far so good, energy levels holding steady, minor pains in my head and body as expected, have not weighed in yet. Very little hunger, easy to ignore. Most difficult part for me is eating straight butter (the texture, ugh) at bed time, so I think I will start melting it down with coconut oil for something easier to swallow.

  • Dawn N Kristie Wallace

    I have actually made it through the 1st day and a half. I have been desperately trying to lose the fat. Worrying what, how, when to eat. After reading this protocol, I felt finally that I just didn’t want to think of food at all. I needed to just reboot! It’s been tough so far, yet I finally feel my willpower kicking in!

    My only question…For the 7 pm butter., can I melt a square of your chocolate in with the butter?
    I LOVE butter, but just can’t get it down on it’s own.

    Thank you, Dave, for a real chance to be free of my fat!

  • Evgeny Demchenko

    Is there any limitation on how much BP coffee you can drink from the morning to 2pm in general or for RFLP especially?

    It seems like you should drink some in the morning with the supplements and then just 1/2 cup at 1pm, is there a reason for this? Can I make 1L+ of BP coffee and just sip it all morning/early afternoon until 2pm so that I don’t feel hungry at all? Or it would be too many calories?

    I usually drink 1-1.5L of BP coffee daily, is it too much?

  • Gina

    I was reading all the comments! I believe I am a strange case . I am a post menopausal 57 yr old female with 25 lbs or more to loose! I have been low carb living ,off and on my entire life. With in the last 3 months I started the bullet proof diet and lost 3 lbs after 2 weeks …. I figured I needed to go more extreme, because of the broken metabolism and harmonal issues. Then I did the IF for 2 weeks and even gained a couple pounds back !?? I yo-yoed with that for a week and decided to move into BPRFLProtical.If anyone cares to give suggestions or information that can help ,I would totally appreciate it ! Otherwise … I’ll keep you informed. ?

  • Stephanie

    Do you drink the bulletproof coffee as usual in the mornings on refeed days?

    • RedefineTheGrind

      I do.

  • Tiffany

    I have been on the RFLP for 3 weeks and I have only lost 2 pounds. Is this out of the ordinary? I’m eating about half a stick of butter a day. I have lost at least an inch around.

    • Hilary Salmon

      were you following the Bulletproof Intermittent fasting protocol and only eating bulletproof Foods on the green side of the Bulletproof road map? if so, then i would look at your environment for mold. And if you have done the RFLP exactly as written and make the bulletproof coffee to the recipe and have only lost 2 pounds then i would definitely look for mold and go back to eating the bulletproof diet on the green side of the road map, absolutely none of the toxic red side of teh diet foods… and i would consider removing night shade plants as well. Having your Thyroid and Adrenals checked would be a good thing too. Did you get your blood and liver and Vit D tested at the beginning? what did you eat for the refeed days?

      • Tiffany

        I followed the protocol exactly. I ate rice, sweet potatoes, steak, and pasture eggs on the refeed days. I have had mold exposure in the past 2 years at my old apartment. My thyroid and adrenals are okay. My blood work was great. I wonder if its toxins? I have been intermittent fasting since and I am visibly losing weight but not losing pounds. I started and infrared sauna and continue the charcoal everyday.

        • Tiffany

          I only eat bulletproof foods.

        • Hilary Salmon

          Hi Tiffany, then i would speculate that you are building muscle.
          and yes, Toxins somewhere, even if it is the stored toxins that the body puts in to the fat cells when the body cant get rid of it at the time. dr shoemakers mold toxin protocol includes using cholestyramine a bile acid sequestrant, binds to bile and escorts it and the toxins and mold toxins in it out of the body, it binds really strongly. And there is the pioglitazine that apparently serves as a switch to switch back the genetic switch so we dont react to mold as badly. Dr shoemaker has a website. Visibly losing weight, have you got looser clothes? gone down a size? I have this week, relearnt again, the hard way, i need to keep my detox supplements up, more often, when im more stressed or active or busy or eat less or feel unwell… and by not doing so… im as puffy as anything. 🙁 hindsight is perfect. Do you use the food detective app? see if some of what you are eating doesnt work for you.
          Just a bunch of ideas, commonly it doesnt work when people are doing all the right things due to toxins… environmental or coming out. how healthy do you feel?

        • Tiffany

          THanks so much for the time you’ve taken to reply to my post and your helpful comments. I’m on the cholestramine for another reason. And yes my clothes are looser. I have chronic fatigue so I’m exhausted all the time and weak, sleep doesn’t make me feel better. I’m going to start the food detective app as soon as I can wake up and not forget to take my pulse,I keep forgetting!

        • Hilary Salmon

          do you use a sleep tracker? when i did and listened to teh recordings, i heard the click of the thermostat, that was nearly waking me up dozens of times a night… look up hte bulletproof sleep hacks… i need to pay my dog bones to hunt out mold before i notice it… last batch was under the kitchen sink with a leak… smelt like a aquarium. And people helped me work it out… <3

        • Tiffany

          Oh boy. Mold really can be insidious. I don’t know if you can ever really get rid of the spores. I think you might need to throw out everything you had under the kitchen sink to prevent reexposure. My mold problem was so bad I had to throw everything away and start over.

  • Tiffany

    I tried IF for 3 weeks and lost nothing.

  • naomi

    I like what you have to say JT.. thanks for your information

  • Shelly Duncan

    If you are doing this protocol, can collagen protein still be mixed in with the bullet proof coffee? I have been on the Bullet proof coffee diet for 5 months and fell better then I ever have. However I have hit a plateau for the last 6 weeks and believe it is due to the excessive amount of toxins I have stored. I was really heavy and ate really poorly if my first 40 years.

  • WorkedupinCanada

    So I’m a sexy party animal right, I read this protocol will help me get off the coke. There ain’t no way I’m going back to rehab, screw that… I’m in Canada so I can’t get grass fed butter so I got this ghee stuff and I just mix it with this coffee and brain octain stuff..in a blender. I’m fasting all the time anyway.. Wish me luck! I’m jittery as a flippin paint can mixer.

  • melinda bassett

    Bullet proof. Please give me call. name. Ms Bassett 815 995 5177.

  • Shelly Duncan

    I was doing the bullet proof coffee diet not the rapid wieghtloss fasting. Just wanting to know if I should still add the collagen protein if I try this rapid weight loss

  • kari

    I have been on LCHF for three months, but have had what I consider to be only modest losses thus far (21 pounds). I found this yesterday and started today. I have been in nutritional ketosis for some time, and use a Ketonix breath ketone meter to monitor this. Prior to starting this today, I had been going to the gym six times per week, doing a little cardio and some resistance training. I’m afraid if I stop that now I will go backwards. I see that it says this is not a diet you will want to do if you are “training”… but what about just 30-45 minutes of moderate activity involving weights and elliptical? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. =)

  • E.G.

    My question is where does protein come from; with only four refeeds a month?
    Do we not need protein?

    • js

      if you research the supplements required on this protocol, you will have your answer: amino acids.

      • E.G.

        Do you think 10g of BCAA is enough?

  • Monalisa

    Anyone recently following this protocol? I’m preparing to start in two weeks and would love to hear any recent success stories. These older posts are about 3-4 years old.

    • js

      I am currently in week two of RFLP, and I am pleased with the results, 15 pounds lost. I feel RFLP works well for me because I am obese (female, 5’2″, original weight 188 lbs.). I am very preoccupied with food, so the rule of not eating anything works for me. Reduced, or paleo, or anything where I am eating, causes me to overeat.

      • Monalisa

        Wow those are awesome results! I will start on July 8th. Would love to keep in touch just for support. Did you basically purchase all the supplements listed and the coffee and just followed his example?

        • js

          I followed very closely. I did buy bullet proof coffee, but rotate heavily with organic coffee I get from Costco. Instead of brain octane oil, I use quality organic coconut oil >>> work your way up to a tablespoon+ a day, it can give you the runs. All the other supplements I purchased around town when I had a coupon, or there was a sale, OR got from amazon or vitacost.

          I tried to follow his example, except I could not eat the evening butter after day three. First two it felt like I was eating cheese, but by day three… made me gag, so I just didn’t. I noticed I felt hungry, but just slightly. After that, I blended melted butter into water with a bit of lemon flavored stevia drops, when I felt hungry. I also only did charcoal the first week, then forgot the second week. Didn’t really notice except for stools were not dark, and more fatty?? runny??

          Also, I re-feed every 5th day in a very compact window from 7pm to 10pm or 8pm to 11pm window. I have yet to gain more than a 1/2 pound the next day, which disappears day 2 after re-feed with a 1+ pound loss (so far!!)

        • Monalisa

          Way to bio hack around the weight gain due to refeed days. Do you drink the coffee on the morning of refeed days? I’m sorry to bother you with all these questions. I’m just glad to connect with someone who is presently is on the protocol. Lol!

        • js

          no worries! Yes, I do drink bulletproof coffee with morning supplements and BCAAs afternoon dose. I didn’t do afternoon charcoal or evening butter, because I knew I was going to re-feed with food. I did take magnesium and potassium before sleep, as I think it helps me sleep better. Oh, and I don’t always need coffee in the afternoon ( I seem to have more energy on this protocol) so I add melted butter and coconut oil to blended water

        • Monalisa

          Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep in touch. Keep Posting progress. 🙂

        • RedefineTheGrind

          Hi Js, do you mean every 6th day? Otherwise you’re fast is only 4days. I will be starting again and as mentioned below documenting everything. We should connect.

  • Laura

    Hi Dave, I’ve been avoiding asking this question because everything on the Bulletproof diet is going SO well, with one exception. I am a full time employee and full time anthropology student with ADD, and the BP diet is the only reason I’m pulling it off. BUT, I also really need to lose 10-20 pounds and it simply isn’t happening. I do have a doctor’s appointment in a few months to have have my adrenals checked and do some blood work, but in the meantime, I’m really struggling. I’ve tried every diet in the book and spent crazy amounts of money, and I can’t lose these last 10-20lbs. Any advice you have would be great as most of the advice I find online are for people losing more than 30lbs.

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Hey Laura! I’ve been there. I will be starting the RFLP again soon, want to do it together?


  • RedefineTheGrind

    AJ, the strips are trash. Test your blood. Someone once shared this with me, and I thought yeah ok seeing as I was in the darkest purple possible on the strips. But, they were correct, when I tested my blood – I was only 0.6mmol. Made much more sense.

    Best of luck!

  • Tiffany

    I tried the rflp to lose an of excess 30 pounds. I didn’t lose more than 3 pounds over 2 months but my chronic fatigue improved so much I started having full days of activity from a couple hours a day. I’m going back to the protocol to see if I can completely relieve my symptoms and rid myself of chronic fatigue.

  • ErinBrandt AppreciatingMen.com

    Thought I’d share my recent experiences doing this RFLP, and share my updates as I go. Please chime in with answers if you have experience!

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Hey there. My kinda guy. If you ever start over, let me know.

      To your results, I learned very early not to over due it on refeed day. The RFLP is by far the BEST reset to place my body back in its natural state, weight/water/fat loss, and I feel like I am floating on cloud nine after day three. HOWEVER, in the interest of transparency, the first time I had a refeed I felt just as you described. However, I only managed to eat half my breakfast – which honestly was probably more for two people. Lunch time I was in heaven with my sweet potatoes, honey, and butter. OMG! Dinner, I feel like I had a 1/2c of rice, chicken cooked in butter and veggies. I DEFINITELY felt gross. But by the next day, food was the last thing on my mind, I was up by 2.2lbs, but the following day I was down 4.5. The next time I did it OMG [I documented everything on IG] My first meal of the day was a SUPER fiber smoothie, with at least 30g of fiber, followed by bacon/eggs/avocado. Hours later I experienced pain I haven’t felt since I delivered my daughter, followed by violent . . . I mean VIOLENT episodes of spitting up.

      In that moment, I vowed to really take care of myself and follow directions. Ultimately, it was fiber overload. That much fiber at once, with more food, and 40 oz of water was a recipe for disaster.

      I’ve learned that our eyes are so much bigger than our stomach. The next time was much more smooth. I still had 25g of fiber for the day, but spread out. And the results were perfect.

      Best of luck my friend,

      • ErinBrandt AppreciatingMen.com

        Hi, KetoGoddess! I’m a woman ;-).

        How do we know how many carbs to eat? They just said “pound” the carbs. So I did. NOT doing that again!

        I am continuing to do this until I go a tiny bit past my desired weight, so that the “bounce back” pounds hopefully compensate. Right now, I am planning three weeks total. I am still 5 pounds higher than I was on carb re-feed day. I guess I just have to be patient. Do you know if there are any guidelines for how many carbs we should be eating? Frustrating to not have fully clear instructions.

        I am reading elsewhere that my body can be shedding fat, and tends to store water as it sheds fat, so hopefully I am still shedding fat?

        I am at 146 now. Any idea how many g of carbs I should eat on my second re-feed day?
        I am really used to listening closely to my body’s cravings and limits, but this, of course, is messing with that. (I wasn’t even hungry on re-feed day.)

        You talk more about fiber on re-feed day, and in the program description, I just heard about eating carbs. Can you say more?

        • RedefineTheGrind

          Hi Erin – I’m sorry 🙂 I know now. lol.

          How many carbs – – he said “no less than 100g” from sweet potatoes and honey. But again, first time – I did do this and could have licked my plate it was all so good. Was only up a few pounds, and then trending downward again. I didn’t have too much and ate it by itself for lunch, worked out for 30 minutes too very gently . . .which was tough to keep it light.

          Re: shedding fat, I’ll be honest, I have no idea. It seems there are opinions abound and apparently “science” to support what everyone asserts. Its tough to decipher when everyone is so passionate. Through this process I’ve learned to use “MY” filter. So far, the RFLP is AMAZINGLY LIFE CHANGING. HOWEVER, I can see why Dave gave so much caution. I am trying to find the balance. I test my blood for ketones and when I’m 4.0mmol+ I feel like I am literally soaring in the sky; my sleep – no matter how long or short is complete DEEP sleep. . .with the measurement being how I feel and by my Jawbone Up2 tracking. My body feels like nothing I have ever felt – – I guess Bulletproof 🙂 is very much appropriate. When I stayed fast to what he said to do – things where great. When I tried to ease in nuts or a bar or broth . . .anything else, it always seemed to throw things off. I am re-adapting at the moment, so by next Monday, August 1st should be my formal day 1 where I will begin posting the journey along with readings on IG again.

          146 – great number. I don’t know how many carbs, and honestly going forward, I won’t count. The only reason I will know the count is because of the log within MFP. I will have 1 large sweet potatoe with organic honey and 1-2 tbsp of melted grassfed butter along with a few drops of liquid Stevia. That will be IT as far as “pounding down the carbs” on my refeed day for me.

          On listening to your body, for me – this helps with that. I barely ate, and when I did it was only because I hadn’t. . . if that makes sense? So it is very easy – – rather simple, not easy for me to remain compliant. AND YES, we aren’t hungry come refeed day. It was funny, I purchased all of this food, and then come the day I could barely eat it after breakfast. lol.

          Fiber, I don’t know how much we should have, I just know we are suppose to have some. I had TOO much in one sitting and especially as the first meal. Really, it was worst than or close to labor pains. NO LIE! Don’t do that 🙂 But I do want to have at least 30grams of fiber that day, I just know now to spread it out.

          Sorry for the dissertation and delay. I didn’t receive an alert that you responded.

          How are things going for you now?

    • ErinBrandt AppreciatingMen.com

      Day 8: 151.4 – CONT. Desperately looking for something to un-bloat myself. Slowly felt better throughout the day. Not as good as Day 6 in any way, in terms of slim-ness and flexibility due to low water weight, but better than earlier today.
      HOLY SHIT! Discovered that L-Glutamine makes me dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded, and feel awful. Slightly lightheaded the first two days, when I only took small amounts. Day 3 started all the major dizziness and nausea, and that is when I realized I had not been taking enough of it (technically). Realized today that I felt fine until 15 min after I took half of it. Am not going to finish the second half, and let’s see how I feel… yes, felt better after stopping taking it.

      Day 9: 148.2 – Still feel and look full. A bit worried that I will shed the water weight and make progress this week. Did not take L-Glutamine and felt no dizziness, no nausea. This discovery is HUGE! (Not saying it will be true for anyone else!) Felt a bit hungry after midnight while dancing. At some butter when I got home. Felt strong, calm, clear-headed, able to focus on work, had plenty of energy (other than hungry) even late at night. Weighted 147 after midnight (when you usually gain weight throughout the day). Feeling better and better as the water weight decreases. Did more body weight exercises today than before. Can only do one set at a time, but feels really good.

      Day 10: 146. Feel slimmer and more easily able to move. Hope the water weight comes off faster and faster.

    • I’m having a little tech issues but clicking to read all your posts because they resonate with me. Round 1 was exactly like yours though I started at 155.8.
      I was terribly sick all weekend after refeed in day 6 I gained more than I started. Round 2 of rflp I waffled adding avocado and a little salmon because I was afraid of feeling totally distressed again.
      It was a waste of the week. I’m beginning round three day 1 fast again today at 152. Last week I stopped feeling dizzy and sick I think because I finally shopped all the recommended supplements. Adding those bites of food and tons of jello were more mental catering than dietary.
      I like all your details in your posts here. I wore out a friend by sharing with her daily notes, lol! No one else gets it unless they are doing it.
      I have not been 149 in 2 years! I think I also sabotaged round 2 because I have a mental block about the success of losing weight. Crazy I know but I’m a complicated gal that has to be honest.
      So please root for me here it’s 7/27/16. I hope I can go 6 not 5 days fast and refeed correctly, resist eating and plummet into the 140’s!
      I deserve to look that amazing!
      Ps/ what’s your IG? I’m aprildmarco

      • RedefineTheGrind

        Hey April! *Rooting for you* 🙂

    • Where you at lady? I am following you. We are really parallel in this RFLP experience. How is it going?

      • RedefineTheGrind

        I was wondering the same.

  • Do I exercise on the refeed day before eating?

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Hi April,

      Obviously, I’m not Dave 🙂 But if I could add my .02. I have found that AFTER I eat feels good. You figure after 5 or 6 days of nothing you’re flying high, but a strenuous workout may make you feel awful. After I ate, it actually felt good and it was gentle on my body – nothing too major.

      Hope that helps!

      • Thanks;) one day I felt like superwoman and did but I’m not pushing it. Think it’s best for me to relax to release the fat;)

        • RedefineTheGrind

          Trust me it’s true. As backwards as it sounds. I use to have 20K-40K steps per day and GAIN weight. Every nutritionist was always “eat MORE.”

          I’m ketogenic, so I’ve learned forget about eating less opting to eat BETTER.


  • Can I eat avocado at the end of the day instead of butter? Isn’t avo 100% fat?

    • RedefineTheGrind

      lol no. And honestly, that mindset is going to kill you 🙂 You can NOT have ANYTHING except bpc and butter.

      Calories 227
      (949 kJ)

      Calories from fat

      % Daily Value

      Total Fat

      Sat. Fat


      < 1%

      Total Carbs.


      Dietary Fiber







      • I am grateful to the max for your replies!
        YOU ARE RIGHT! I was making a half portion of the BPC! only one TBSP of butter and octaine. Upping to two TBSP today of each. I did make it through yesterday with only the addition of a few olives, YIKES! I know what you are saying and today I am having my ah ha moments of strict compliance. Aren’t we all nifty and creative when hungry to manipulate our need to feed? LOL! I am down to my all time low today of 150. Can I crack into the 140’s again? can I see that number tomorrow after missing the 140’s for 2 years? YES I FREAKING CAN. I am too amazing not to have the body to match:) Pumping myself up!!!!

        • RedefineTheGrind

          LOVE your affirmations! For me I have a daughter, and I just have to get this under wraps. Honestly, being ketogenic has taught me so much about how my body works. And the RFLP is like finding the fountain of youth with how my body feels when I reset it with RFLP.

          It’s funny to watch others who ‘say’ they want to treat their body better, and watch them on our conference break get a bag of m&m’s, doritos, and a cupcake. Listen, he can do whatever he likes, but I look at the food like – what does that do for you? NONE of those have a great nutritional profile and you’re going to feel like s*** in a few hours.

          Congrats on your breakthrough and good luck my friend.

  • Damn, I am hungry tonight but I am tired of the extra weight I carry around.
    The two BPC I have equal about 400 calories during the day. The tablespoon of butter at 7pm is another 100 cals. That is only 500 cals a day. How is this not low cal? What am I not eating? Thanks in advance BP Family:)

    • RedefineTheGrind

      Hi there!

      The one piece of advice my old coach gave was to first make sure I was making the coffee correctly. What an ah-ha moment. Each cup of mine is around 400 calories when doing RFLP. My two heaping Tbsp of coffee, TWO tbsp of brain octane, and TWO tbsp of butter. That is what increased both my calories and weight loss.

      Day 1: I generally “want something”. Like you said, mental catering. But pushing through that, Day 2 usually gets more intense and occupies my thoughts, Day 3: things begin to subside but I still think about food. . .HOWEVER, Day 4 is absolute bliss.

      Keep in mind this is with strict compliance. i know what you mean about sticking to it, but honestly when we don’t we set our body back, do more harm, and truly given in for what we want now for what we want most.

      Best of luck.

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  • RedefineTheGrind

    Ok, so here we go again. I’ve been pretty active throughout this board. I figured, I would echo Erin’s efforts, and begin posting each day as I begin again. Stay tuned.

    • Erin Michaela Brandt

      Hey girl! It takes days for messages to post here, and sometimes don’t post at all, so I got frustrated and stopped. Want to connect directly? (How would we?)

      • RedefineTheGrind

        Hey Erin!! I was hoping to connect. I literally, just looked at
        your profile yesterday and was sad it was inactive. Glad to see you
        here. My IG is KetoGoddess, and then I can send you my email/number,
        because it looks like this site removes any other identifying

        Looking forward to connecting. 🙂

        • Erin Michaela Brandt

          What is an IG? How do I find you that way?

        • RedefineTheGrind

          🙂 IG = Instagram. Hmm….it must be cutting off my user name. I will try to find you through your website.

          On Instagram I am KetoGoddess, if you search for that and send me an inbox. Otherwise hopefully I can connect with you through your site.

  • Update! I frequently have cycled 3 days perfect fast followed by a one day refeed that -out of lots of trials- I sensitively can handle best one super starchy meal right before bed. Small protein bites with fat throughout day of refeed. More starch than that sets me back to higher than start weight. In a three day fast I can loose 2, 2, 1. In this milder refeed I will accountably gain back 2 and start again. It’s not the outline of 5/6 days and I struggled by going off the suggested outline but after all my second level reading of the BP way and rflp my body intuition has been pretty strong to do a 4th day refeed, and if I’m supposed to listen, i did;)
    I’m now pre- refeed seeing 147. My goal is 140. I’m so convinced of the effectiveness of this protocol I feel less desperate that I need to loose the last 7 pounds in a single week by suffering or being uncomfortable.
    Trust me this RFLP is that hard for me. When I hit 140 I will transition to the regular BP IF where I coffee then eat BP from 2-8.
    That’s about all folks, for now;)

    • I meant that I do not need to force the last pounds in a week;) silly phone!

  • Alix Fortune

    Can you work out twice a day with Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol: ? Do I need to eat during the 6 hr day?

  • RedefineTheGrind

    Ok, so here we go again. I’ve been pretty active throughout this board.
    I figured, I would echo Erin’s efforts, and begin posting each day as I
    begin again. Stay tuned.

    Day 1 ~ 8.1.16: Not bad. Blood glucose 95 mg/dL. I will begin testing my ketones again maybe on day 3 or 4.

    • Keep going!

    • Erin Michaela Brandt

      I’ve tried posting several times, for several days, and it doesn’t seem to go through :-(. If this does, can you reach out to me? I’d love to keep in touch a bit about this. (And how would we keep in touch? I can’t find a way to msg you through Disqus. I am following you. My website it www dot AppreciatingMen dot com.)

      • RedefineTheGrind

        Hey Erin!! I was hoping to connect. I literally, just looked at your profile yesterday and was sad it was inactive. Glad to see you here. My IG is KetoGoddess, and then I can send you my email/number, because it looks like this site removes any other identifying information like email or other websites.

        Looking forward to connecting. 🙂

  • I went on vacation this week and days one through three I did the more traditional IF and ate regular sensible dinners. ON the last night, last night through I fasted during the day, BAM! It was a cheat fest of all kinds of sins. This morning I wake up and refuse to torture myself with the scale. Rather I just begin again on the RFLP. In a few days I will see where I am at:) It’s all a process, vacations happen.

  • RedefineTheGrind

    So. . . back at it. Inspired by Erin, I am going to track both here and on my IG: KetoGoddess.

    Premise: The goal is to stick with this through August and go from there. I feel like 1million dollars when I am deep in Ketosis to the point I don’t even feel like I want to eat on refeed; although I am extremely excited to do so. Then depending on how much I eat I feel slightly uncomfortable or incredibly ill. The price we pay, right?

    Here we go.

    Start Date: 8.8.16

    Start Weight: Will not weigh myself until Sunday. Becoming adapted again.

    Day 1 ~ 8.8.16: Blood Glucose was 95 mg/dL, Ketones were 0.4mmol/L
    I was incredibly busy, so not bad at all. On to Day 2.

    Day 2 ~ 8.9.16: Blood Glucose was 92 mg/dL, Ketones were 1.3mmol/L
    It’s 12:59pm. So still going.

  • Hilary Salmon

    I think you are looking for the Bulletproof diet, Have the Bulletproof Road map sent to you by email. It will illustrate the diet/what to eat/what not to eat. There is the Bulletproof Intermittent fasting, in which you eat Bulletproof foods in a 8 hour window and Bulletproof Coffee with c8 mct oil, brian octane and butter blended into it. The above Rapid Fat Loss Protocol does not involve eating except on the refeed day. All the best.

  • Hilary Salmon

    I lost 32kg, about 60 pounds using the bulletproof diet and Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting. the RApid wasnt necessary. to avoid flabby skin I would advise adding collagen and do the Bulletproof intermittent fasting. Eating only on the green side of the bulletproof road map makes it easier to be healthy, less inflamed, detox and lose weight.

  • Tara Johnson-Drerup

    I’m curious if it would be ill advised to try this protocol while breastfeeding, due to the release of toxins?

  • This is an alternative to what many athletes and bodybuilders refer to as “carb backloading”. Essentially, it trains your body to burn the calories you consume for energy rather than storing them as fat. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is more extreme than other forms of carb backloading and can take its toll on your health.

  • Deanna Bullock

    This is day 15 of RFLP. The weight (or water) is coming off ok. However, my mouth and hands are dry. I’m drinking. Between what we are supposed to drink for the Bulletproof coffee (btw I don’t drink coffee so I just have bulletproof water and sometimes drop a cinnamon stick in it for flavour) and then the water/salt for 6 am, water for L-Glutamine and water cause I’m thirsty, I’m drinking lots of water. So why am I drying out (hands and mouth)?

    • Great question @Deanna Bullock I had the same question.

  • Dawn

    I’m starting tomorrow. At 5’5′ and 229lbs, I have lots of visceral fat to lose and I’m super excited. Whoop!

    • Christine Tindall

      hi dawn did you start and how did you go?

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  • Chris Woodward

    I’m wondering if anyone knows about adding Acetyl-L-Carnitine to the supplement list. Without really knowing much else, it seems like a no-brainer (sorry for the pun).

  • Rosebeast

    I’m starting this today! I don’t have much to lose but I need to do it quickly. I am pretty active through the day so I am expecting some difficulty. Has anyone tried this with high activity levels? Also, I am thinking of doing the fast for 4 days and having a carb up day on the 5th. Please let me know if you have done it that way too.

  • Rosebeast

    I am 135 and am shooting for 125. I know I am at a healthy weight as I am now but I’m a professional ballet dancer and will have a lot more opportunities when I am that lean. I had maintained under 125 for many years so I know my body can thrive at that weight. Today is my first RWLP day! I’m excited to see the results. I will keep posting about my experience.

    • Chris Woodward

      I’m currently on day 4 of the diet. Day 3 was the most difficult, but my energy has perked back up since. My love handles are already feeling a bit squishy. My recommendation is to persevere through the difficult days, and rest when you feel the need. Something may be wrong if you’re still feeling poor after 4 days.

      Good luck!

  • Linz E

    I am on week 5 of the RFLP. Here is just some of my own findings… It is hard! Do not commit to this if you think it will be easy; it is not (if you stick to it strictly) The eating of the butter is the thing I found (& still find) the hardest part! 5 weeks in & it’s no better! No matter how hungry I may’ve been, I cannot bring myself to eat more than the one tbsp daily (that’s a struggle). Saying that, once the tbsp is down I don’t feel hungry anymore (though I suspect it’s more from feeling sick eating pure butter). If I exercise it’s always after the bp coffee first thing… I don’t have the energy at night! Also on the refeed day. I do 6 days on the fast & have day 7 as my refeed day; I love this day & 5 weeks in am still hungry & ready for it. I drink plenty of water, still get dry mouth though. I take the Himalayan salt & have all the supplements it says. I have mainly constipation with v occasional diarrhoea (gross but true sorry folks). I sometimes (in the evening) feel a lil dizzy but it passes. I have not got weighed; have gone on the mirror, clothes fitting & people’s comments! I have lost weight, feel better, look brighter, but I repeat, how hard it is, it is well-deserved. I do sleep well at night & function normal routine throughout day with no problems. A little less energy around evening time. I plan on doing this for 6 weeks: another week & half to go. I have done this during a fairly quiet time in my life (it is not good socially) so not recommended over party season! Last off: willpower, grit & determination needed! Good Luck!

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  • Christina

    Hi! I can’t eat dairy so no butter for me. I have been using MCT and/or Brain octane with green tea or coffee as well as either some full fat coconut milk or cacao butter.
    Anyone know if I am preventing my weight loss with these substitutions?
    It has been very slow to loose weight.. 🙁 Sometimes i have 1 or 2 squares of 99% dark chocolate as well.

    • ??
      Very kindly. . .what is preventing you from being able to assess how quickly based on the RFLP is that you are not actually doing the RFLP.

    • Chris Woodward

      Have you tried grass fed ghee? Dave Asprey also claims to be intolerant, but does not have any problems with ghee as the processing removes all lactose, casein, and other inflammatories.
      Are you using the BP coffee, chocolate, and cacao butter? Regular items contain many chemicals, mycotoxins, sugars, and bad fats as a result of the processing methods that would hinder your process.

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  • Pingback: Liposomal Vitamin C 16oz Tall | purathrive reviews()

  • Chris Woodward

    A Word on Cheese:

    Disclaimer – I am not a nutritionist, nor a Bulletproof business member. These are just my findings on the subject.

    Interests exists as to whether or not cheese from grass fed cows can be substituted for
    the evening butter. The BP Rapid Fat Loss Protocol is essentially a modified Ketogenic diet. So the main focus is making sure the body is using fat for fuel. Thus the protocol stresses the avoidance of carbohydrates and proteins as they would sabotage your efforts. In looking into cheese I was first concerned with the lactose commonly found in milk. I was happy to find that, because of the process, the amount of lactose in cheese is the same as (and in some cases less
    than) what is found in butter. Here is what Wikipedia reports on brie:

    1 cup, sliced (144g)
    Calories 480
    Total Fat 40 g
    Saturated fat 25 g
    Polyunsaturated fat 1.2 g
    Monounsaturated fat 12 g
    Cholesterol 144 mg
    Sodium 906 mg
    Potassium 219 mg
    Potassium 219 mg
    Total Carbohydrate 0.6g
    Dietary fiber 0 g
    Sugar 0.6 g

    (Lactose 0.1 – 1 % of total content)
    Protein 30 g

    As you can see, the sugar and carbohydrate content is quite low. The real concerns come from the Casein and Whey proteins found in cheese. Apart from the allergic response some people have to these proteins, they constitute 25% of the total calories. At 16 tablespoons per cup, 3 tablespoons of cheese would yield approximately 67.5 calories from fat, and 22.5 calories from protein (=90 cal. 2 Tbsp of butter = 100 cal). It is these proteins that separate butter from cheese. Without them, you’d just have a puddle of oil. Thus, there are no real effective substitutes for cheese other than butter or ghee.
    A second concern comes from the use of rennet and other molds typically used to create the
    cheese. These ingredients, as well as the Casein, Whey, and Lactose, can cause toxic and allergic reactions that the Bulletproof diet seeks to avoid.

    So as far as the use of cheese instead of butter for your evening fat consumption, I can only
    say, use your best judgement. I have no allergies to milk products, and since the quantity of cheese I take is low, I don’t feel that it’s protein content will significantly affect my progress. I have chosen to use cheese instead of butter since nearly vomiting from trying to choke raw butter down over a week. If you do choose to use cheese, do your research on it. Find out the source of
    milk used, the process the cheese is made, and the quality of the establishment that made the cheese. You want as clean and microbe free as you can find.

    One final note – Bulletproof has a decaf coffee. If you can handle the regular morning coffee, then it wouldn’t be out of the question to use a cup of the decaf as a means to down your evening butter fat.

    I welcome any corrections or insights.

    • Very nice findings.

      Still, I am always amazed by the level of rationalization we as human beings have. People can use cheese as much as they like, but with that please understand without a shadow of a doubt that they are NOT doing the RFLP! Not even a little bit.

  • @BulletproofStaff:disqus You should pay me! At least acknowledge my existence lol.

    Ok. I have been one of the greatest advocates of the RFLP as I am Ketogenic. I will begin this again, TODAY 10.23.16 for several reason. First, my body NEEDS it [Dave I thank god for you], and second I see way too many loose attempts.

    With the exception of today, I will take both my glucose readings and BLOOD Ketone readings. I commit to posting them on my both my Instagram [ TheKetoGoddess ] and here daily. As life happens, I promise never to be more than a day behind.

    When I first started I looked for “evidence” of this working and read much about those inquiring. I will provide the evidence. One difference from here and my IG will be that in November I will begin posting my weight numbers here in addition to my BS and Ketone readings.

    May the road rise to meet you my friends!

    • Day 1: Results pending. I’m going to test again in an hour. I was in a car accident a few month ago, and I have treatment three times per week. Three times with Chiro and two with medical. Medical injects Lidocane once via SIX facets! Yes, SIX in to my spine. The second time they perform a Celestone trigger directly in to the joint. The problem is that they have always shared that it raises my blood sugar temporarily. I have NEVER checked. For the purposes of the protocol, I checked my bs yesterday morning and had an 86. In the afternoon it was 96. This morning it was 143. GTHOH! NEVER is my bs over 100 let alone that mess. I get it, it clearly does increase insulin as it has a steroid in it, but stil. That’s ridiculous. They said as long as I’m not diabetic, it doesn’t matter. Still, I will NEVER have that shot again. Sheesh.

      I’ll check back in a few hours with the readings.

      BUT, my Ketone levels are 0.4 mmol.

    • Where are my comments and updates???

      • @BulletproofExec ?

        • @Dave Asprey:disqus
          Dave, can you help here? I posted the entire weeks info and it read
          “awaiting approval.” I sent your team an email and still nothing. Thoughts?

  • I wish, right?

  • Chris Woodward

    Just finished a three week effort on the RFLP. I can’t say I followed it exactly, but I got nice results nonetheless. So here’s my before and after stats:

    Start: 180lbs, 17.2%bf = 31lbs fat, 149 lbs lean
    Finish: 171lbs, 12.2%bf = 21lbs fat, 150 lbs lean

    I’ve never seen my trainer so astonished.

    I’m starting BPIF as my exit plan.

    • Very nice!!

      • Chris Woodward

        Thank you.

        Should it be of interest to anyone, I’m 48, so you can’t use age as an excuse.

  • Vicky Prest

    I’ve don’t the BPRFLP before and I lost about 1lb a day. But then I ate loads of crap and put it all back on again. Now, I am just having SlimFast shakes every day and I am losing 1lb a day again which is awesome. I’ve had less food craving, I’ve felt healthier etc. With the Bulletproof coffees, I just got sick of the taste and sight of the buttery coffee and I couldn’t take it anymore. Where as with Slimfast, at least I can mix up what flavour I have and I can get bottles on the go. I think that fasting is a great idea as you do lose weight very quickly, but I do agree that taking the supplements is the best option as it binds the bad stuff. If you can’t hack drinking bulletproof every day, try Slimfast or Herballife or any meal replacement shake with good nutrients.

    • semaximus

      Are you kidding me? Slim fast is horrible for you and this is horrible advice.

  • Sarah Walker

    Hey! Ive just started listening to your podcast, and am so excited about all of this! Going to start this protocal, but wondering, being a woman, should I add my 50/60 grams of collagen in with my morning coffee? Love some advice from Dave or any other hackers around here!

  • While that was a great week. I have never planned for a long term N=1. This will be my first. 11.17.16 ~ 1.1.17 is exactly 45 days. I will be 95% RFLP with the exception of Thanksgiving and Xmas as they don’t seem to fall on my refeed days every time. In those instances I will be Bulletproof IF 16/8. I am trying to plan down to a science so that my N=1 is repeatable. I have all of my Ketone strips and just ordered my glucose testing strips.

    As always, I will post here along with my Instagram @TheKetoGoddess

    Stay tuned. . . . .

  • Stay Off The Scale. …
    Reduce Your Calories Gradually. …
    Vary Your Caloric Intake. …
    Train With Weights. …
    Do High-Intensity Intervals (HIIT) …
    Eat More Fat. …
    Cut Carbs. …
    Increase Your Protein.

    • Tom B

      Are you saying this is your plan for weight loss?

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  • While that was a great week. I have never planned for a long term N=1. This will be my first.

    11.17.16 ~ 1.1.17 is exactly 45 days.

    I will be 95% RFLP with the exception of Thanksgiving and Xmas as they don’t seem to fall on my refeed days every time. In those instances I will be Bulletproof IF 16/8. I am trying to plan down to a science so that my N=1 is repeatable. I have all of my Ketone strips and just ordered more glucose testing strips.

    As always, I will post here along with my Instagram @TheKetoGoddess

    ************************************************************************************************************************—————————————————– Start Date 11.17.16 ————————————————
    I track Blood Sugar and Ketones

    Start: 11.17.16
    Blood sugar: 102 mg/dL
    Ketones: 0.4 mmol/L

    After Day 1:
    Blood sugar: 93 mg/dL
    Ketones: 0.6 mmol/L
    [sorry men – Day 1, I was two days in to TOM – I definitely felt a difference in how my body felt.]

    After Day 2:
    Blood sugar: 86 mg/dL
    Ketones: 1.6 mmol/L

    After Day 3:
    Blood sugar: 86 mg/dL
    Ketones: 3.2 mmol/L

    Feeling good. I’m not hungry, but I would like something to eat. 😉 I am doing five days then refeed. My refeed is on Tuesday 11.22.16. I will resume RFLP on 11.23.16 and switch to a BPIF [16/8] for 11.24-11.27, and resume RFLP 11.28.16.

    Stay tuned. . . .

  • cara mia

    Savvy suggestions , I was fascinated by the points . Does anyone know where my assistant would be able to obtain a template VA DL 1P version to use ?

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  • Chris

    So I started this on Monday and will re-feed Sunday (tomorrow). So far 8.4 lbs. down. Pretty impressive for 5 days (and I am a woman). Tried to read through most of these comments but still have a question. I have a BPC in the morning with 2 Tbsp butter, 1/2 a BPC in the afternoon with 1 Tbsp butter and eat 1 Tbsp butter in the evening. So I figure butter has 102 calories per tbsp – I am only consuming 408 calories a day in the form of butter. How is this not a low calorie protocol? Am I supposed to having more butter? Can anyone chime in on this?

    By the way – day 5 completely sucked for me. I felt spacey, distracted and grumpy. The other days were fine including today (day 6).

    • Hi there!

      Honestly, I try not to reply to renditions of the RFLP as I believe in it beyond life, and with your added Peanut butter you are not doing the RFLP. I would encourage trying it as stated and you will find that you [probably] feel like $1M bucks!

      Still, regarding your question. The one piece of advice my old coach gave was to first make sure I was making the coffee correctly. What an ah-ha moment. Each cup of mine is around 400 calories when doing RFLP. My two heaping Tbsp of coffee, TWO tbsp of brain octane, and TWO tbsp of butter. That is what increased both my calories and weight loss.

      1: I generally “want something”. Like you said, mental catering. But
      pushing through that, Day 2 usually gets more intense and occupies my
      thoughts, Day 3: things begin to subside but I still think about food. .
      .HOWEVER, Day 4 is absolute bliss.

      Keep in mind this is with strict compliance. I know what you mean about sticking to it, but honestly when we don’t we set our body back, do more harm, and truly given in for what we want now for what we want most.

      Best of luck.

      • KetoJay

        I noticed you said you increased Brain Octane for weight loss. How much more did it effectively work?

        • 2 tbsp instead of one, but ONLY when I am doing the RFLP my keto friend 🙂

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  • While that was a great week. I have never planned for a long term N=1. This will be my second attempt. I struggle past week one, but this time I will use tools of titans to help. I listened to John Assaraf on a call for GameChangers yesterday that was absolutely mind blowing. Everything that Dave says makes sense, and everything that John shared made it stick! The neuroscience based reasons for why we can begin something with great intent, but fail to see it through is because we need to activate focus on the outcome, while managing the mitigating factors for possible failure.

    12.14.16 ~ 1.1.17 [at least]

    I will be 99% RFLP with the exception of the day after Christmas. I will be Bulletproof IF 16/8. I have all of my Blood Ketone testing strips and just
    Glucose testing strips.

    12.14 – 12.18: RFLP
    12.19:………… Refeed
    12.20 – 12.24: RFLP
    12.25:………… Refeed
    12.26:………… 16/8 IF
    12.27 – 12.31: RFLP
    1/1/17:……….. Refeed [Will decide to continue or not]

    As always, I will post here along with my Instagram TheKetoGoddess

    ——————————————————— reStart
    Date 12.14.16 —————————————————–
    I track Blood Sugar and Ketones

    Start: 11.14.16 [third day of TOM]
    Blood sugar: ?
    Ketones: ?

    Stay tuned. . . . . . . .

  • I lost nearly 10 kgs. Definitely worth a try, people.

    • KetoJay

      How long did it take you and what was your starting weight?

  • Beverly Stavley

    On the carb load day, i guess hamburger on a bun or regular pizza is still not permitted.

    • KetoJay

      Maybe if the bun was made of rice flour?

      • Beverly Stavley

        Baking (actually most cooking) is not my strong suit.

  • KetoJay

    Hi are you still on it? On on week 3. I want to loose 40-50 lbs if possible.

  • TONY

    First off heloooo. Just started the fasting diet. I have gained soooo much weight after I retired 5 years ago. I am 5-9 and weigh 255, when I worked construction I was 175 to 185 max., I have been drinking bpc for about 4 months and did some research so now I am ready to try the RFLP. Willkeep you posted on the results.

  • I was out for the count for almost 10 days. It was awful! Still, I have goals, and I will try again until I am successful for at least 21days with this. Here is my fourth attempt at a long term N=1 RFLP.

    As I have always shared, seven days is easy. It’s getting past the refeed, but this
    time I will use ‘Tools of Titans to help.’ I listened to John Assaraf on a
    call for GameChangers last month that was life changing.
    Everything that Dave says makes sense, and everything that John shared
    made it stick! The neuroscience based reasons for why we can begin
    something with great intent, but fail to see it through is -simply- we
    need to activate focus on the outcome, while managing the mitigating
    factors for possible failure.

    ……………………..This round is dedicated to my Princess Aubrei!……………………….

    1.11.17 ~ 1.31.17 [at least]

    The Blueprint
    1.11. ~ 1.15: RFLP
    1.16:………… Refeed
    1.17. ~ 1.21: RFLP
    1.22:………… Refeed
    1.23 ~ 1.27: RFLP
    1.28…………. Refeed
    1/29. ~ 1.31 RFLP [Will decide to continue or not]

    I track Blood Sugar and Ketones

    Start: 1.11.17
    Blood sugar:

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  • Scully

    Hi everyone. I’ve been following the BP lifestyle for about two years off and on, and have been doing LCHF for the same time. While I have experienced many health benefits, the weight just never came off, so I started the RFLP 11 days ago and it has been trying, to say the least.
    My starting weight was 112kg (about 225 pounds, I think). I’d like to get down to about 75kg, if possible, and I think that will probably entail me staying on the RFLP for three months, which suddenly seems like an eternity.
    In the first week, I lost 2kg and so far this week, I’ve lost another kilo. Is that normal? It seems low? Or should I not get hung up on how much I’m losing per week?
    What I would most like to know is, despite taking all the supplements and drinking more than 2litres of water per day, I have a very dry mouth — what I can I do about this?
    On my refeed days, I will be sticking to BP food, so good carbs like sweet potatoes, rice etc. Is it okay to eat rice-flour bread? Is alcohol allowed on the refeed day?
    Lastly, has anyone stuck with it for three months — is it safe to do so?
    Thanks in advance for your help and inspiration!

  • Kathy

    Hi I am planning on using this process. I got your book and am purchasing all supplements. I would like to know if there is a limit to amount of bulletproof coffe drink. I get up early -3am-and usually drink 3 cups in morning. Advice is appreciated.

  • Katie Nelson Oliver

    Will this fast hurt my fertility? Husband and I want a baby but I wanted to lose some weight first. I plan on staying on the fast for 8-10 weeks. Then slowly easing back into a lchf diet. Just want to make sure the supplements and fasting won’t cause any harm to my fertility. Or his. Thanks!

    • Julie W

      If it were me, I would just do the Bulletproof diet and not this fast. I find that my cycle gets smoother while using the bp diet.

  • Courtney Rosenkranz

    I started BP diet 3 months ago and have had no sugar or carbs sense starting. I did not see any weight loss so I wanted to try the RFLP. I’m on my second round of fasting and re-feeding. It’s surprisingly very easy for me! The first round I fasted for 4 days and did the re-feed on day 5 so it would be on a Saturday. I’m on day two of the second round and will re-feed on Saturday. I am following the plan exactly with the exception of Glutathione Force. I ordered it and it should be here any day. My question is this…I have ketone urine strips and I check my self regularly but I am never more than slightly (trace) in ketosis. I don’t understand why? Remember I have been without sugar or carbs for months now. Any advice or suggestions?

    • Cathy Clark

      A deeper color doesn’t necessarily mean youre producing more ketones. The strips are of little value, because their color can be effected by a lot of things – something as simple as drinking a lot of water, so the urine is more diluted, can throw off the results. They’re ok as a way to see if you’re producing any ketones, with any color change being a yes answer. If you really want to know your ketone level, buy a blood tester, but be aware the strips are pricey. If you’re losing weight, dont worry about your ketone levels.

      • Courtney Rosenkranz

        Thank you so much! I finally found some info that explained this. I ordered the blood ketone texting device and BAM! I do fluctuate throughout the day but I’m always in ketosis!

    • Amberly Chirolla

      Page 164 of The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Living (the low carb bible by Bowl and Phinney) explains this. Basically, the strips test for acetoacetate. After a few weeks when your body gets keto-adapted, it stops exceeding then in the urine and starts converting them to BHB. So if you aren’t getting dark ketone strips, that’s a really good sign that your body is working right. After a few weeks on LCHF, you have to use blood strips or a Ketonix to get a good picture of what is happening.

      • Courtney Rosenkranz

        Thank you so much! I finally found some info that explained this. I ordered the blood ketone texting device and BAM! I do fluctuate throughout the day but I’m always in ketosis.

        • Aks Parashar

          Can you please provide me details on the blood ketone device

    • It could be that you have some metabolic damage. For some people it will take time to keto adapt depending on the state of their thyroid kidneys and liver.

    • Michael Alexander Kalkowski

      I had problems myself getting into ketosis for months, even though I ate a low carb (< 50 grams) and medium protein diet (100 grams). That evening my ketones went up to 1.3 mmol per liter. So I realized I had probably not been eating enough fat before. The key for me was simply to eat more fat. As soon as I did that I went much higher into ketosis. Of course, there can be many other reasons for not getting into ketosis, for example, eating or drinking hidden carbs or too much protein (e.g. from snacking on nuts or drinking protein shakes).

    • Shelly Smith Harris

      Did you find doing the fasting, re-feeding helped you loose weight? I’ve been doing the BP diet for a month now and now weight or fat loss. I actually gained a couple of pounds.

      • Courtney Rosenkranz

        Not really! I expected it to fall off due to fasting. All I can think of is that I have 40 years of damage to my body to correct. I’ve been on vacation now for two weeks and just weighted today and to my supprise I did not gain any. Im starting back today.

    • Marc VanHoogstraat, D.C.

      If you are in ketosis then ketones may not show up in your urine… meaning, your body is using them for fuel. Excess ketones get dumped into urine for excretion. May actually be a good sign you are in solid ketosis. Better tests are breath and blood strip.

  • Kelly Phoenix

    I find it highly ironic that the reasons behind providing your coffee (low mycotoxins) are potentially completely negated by only selling this coffee in keurig-dependent pods. Keurig coffeemakers, & others like it, due to their structure, make it impossible to thoroughly clean them, making it an inevitability that mold, bacteria, viruses, etc….will be present in the coffeemaker & hence every cup of coffee produced by this flawed coffeemaker. If the presence of mold & it’s associated toxins truly matter, this problem should be immediately rectified by selling this coffee in grounds to be used in non-keurig coffeemakers. Also, keurig-type coffeemakers make an inferior cup of coffee, by not giving the coffee grounds the sufficient time needed to make it concentrated enough. If you sold the coffee in grounds, I would both be interested in it & take you more seriously. As it is, the 2 factors I listed contradict & repudiate your alleged intent.

    • Jackie Hall

      They DO sell the coffee in grounds. You must not have checked the website

    • Crystal Dinally

      Grounds and whole beans were sold way before the k-cups. I seriously have no idea why you think k-cups are the only form available. Not to mention, pour-over method is what is usually recommended to make bulletproof coffee. I’ve never seen Keurig advocated. I’m sure the k-cups are sold just to capitalize on that market.

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  • Dianne-Marie Moreau

    Has anyone experienced extreme nausea with this? It was a pretty rough first day yesterday. I felt fine all day, but when bed time came around I felt intractably nauseated and extremely weak. I ended up having to eat some meat and eggs to immediately feel better. Any tips for avoiding this in the future? I’m making another attempt today.

    • It’s likely die off, it’s pretty standard when just starting out to detox.

    • Philly Kainoa Jaentsch

      I had that the first time I tried this and I almost threw up before eating an avocado. After doing intermittent fasting for a while though that no longer happens. If haven’t done any intermittent fasting, maybe try building your way up doing that for a week before trying this protocol.

    • Yukons Baby

      If you are not used to consuming high fat, it can make you feel sick. It is better to ease into consuming that much fat.

  • swatinigam

    Can this be done with decaf coffee? Caffeine gives me very bad acidity, gastritis. Unbearable pain. So I cannot do caffeine.

    • Philly Kainoa Jaentsch

      Caffeine isn’t really that much of an integral part of this protocol. The goal of this plan is more to get your body into ketosis, which caffeine wouldn’t have much, if any affect.

      • Julie W

        I often use tea. I like how the Brain Octane and Butter tastes with a Chai tea and some cinnamon or English Breakfast tea. I’ve also used an herbal tea like Orange and Spice and add some lemon, Himalayan salt, Sweet Leaf Stevia and Brain Octane.

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  • Lee Ramirez

    So I will have brain function and burn loads of fat quickly, but what will happen to my hard earned muscle? Seems like that would be gone quickly as well, right?

    • Lord Midas

      The way biology works is that you have 3 fuel sources: Carbs, Fat, Protein.
      Everyday normality burns carbs. When you are in Ketosis your body burns body fat (your battery supply). But if you do a starvation style diet, your body crashes and looks to protein as a fuel source… muscle.
      Because Bulletproof burns body fat your lovely hard gains will remain intact.
      In fact, the less fat you have the more shredded you’ll look. Awesome.

  • Brea Owen

    I do this with Keto Os and it is so easy. That way I am in ketosis for sure. It’s a exogenous form of ketones and proven to put you into ketosis!

    • Yukons Baby

      Keto OS just gives you expensive pee! Not worth the money when it can be done with diet alone!

  • Kristen Monsey

    Just starting the RFLP today! Is anyone else starting that wants to keep each other accountable? I’d also love to hear from anyone else who has done this, and what results they achieved by the end. I need some motivation to make it through the week 🙂

    • Ian Robbins

      I started the RFLP a week ago yesterday and would love someone to team up with to hold each other accountable. I’m going to post in the main thread because I have some questions but let me know if you’re interested.

      • Jane

        Hi Ian! I did RFLP last year and lost 26 pounds. I just started
        again about a week ago and would love to have a buddy for this. If you
        want you can email me at fastlyshrinking@gmail.com =)

    • Jane

      Hi Kristen! I did RFLP last year and lost 26 pounds. I just started again about a week ago and would love to have a buddy for this. If you want you can email me at fastlyshrinking@gmail.com =)

    • Robin Leonard

      Hi. Are you still interested in a partner in this?!

    • Robin Leonard

      Hi. I’m interested!

  • Ian Robbins

    I’ve been Bulletproof on and off (probably half on/half off) for about 9 months. In that time, I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds (probably actually more like 40-50 but I’ve gained it back when I’ve been off). I decided to start the RFLP a week ago yesterday and I have been pleased with the results. I lost 5.4 pounds in the first week after gaining back 2 plus after the refeed day. If I can keep this up, I will be more than happy as I have about 80 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight. That said, I did start suffering some issues yesterday, the day after my first refeed. Basically, my muscles are tender and fatiguing much faster than usual. I’m taking everything prescribed including the BCAAs so I’m thinking, based on my research, that my issues falls into one or more of the following three categories: 1) not enough salt, 2) not enough detoxification supps (ie: charcoal and glutathione or 3) improper refeed. I started adding even more salt to my diet today and increased my charocoal pills from 2-3 twice per day but I’m a little leery to increase the glutathione simply because of the price; I certainly will though if these issues persist or worsen. For my refeed, I had the following: lunch – chicken salad (4 ounces of dark and white meat chicken) with a small portion of mashed potatoes and a plate of veggies (brussel sprouts, butternut squash, cauliflower and carrots), dinner – two sushi rolls (eel, avocado, salmon and rice), late snack – kind bar and exo cricket bar. Next time for refeed, I’m definitely going to go for heavy sweet potatoes and white rice with a grass fed steak or fish. It’s also important to mention that I walk between 5 and 10 miles a day and have kept that up since going on the RFLP but I use a heart rate monitor to ensure that I don’t go beyond a fat burning range and into cardio. Back to the sore muscles, it basically feels like I’m getting lactic acid from things as mundane as walking up the stairs or holding up my french press long enough to scoop the ground beans into the garbage. I’m going to continue to experiment with increased salt, charcoal, potentially glutathione and better carb refeeds but does anyone else have thoughts on what might be causing my problems? Thanks in advance!

  • Ian Robbins

    I posted a comment here with some questions and it appears to have been deleted. Any idea why that would occur?

  • Piotr

    Just starting the BRFLP 3 days ago. I am also running ( around ~10km ) in the evening.
    I have a question about feeling hunger after exercise. How should I take care about this ? Any advice ?

    • Janet Miller

      I am also a runner currently training for a 50k in two months. I found by switching around my fasting/feeding times, I could be more responsive to my body’s need for protein soon after my run. Since I run early AM, my feeding time is 7am – 1pm and then I fast from 1pm – 7am. I have also found that I have a poor performance on my run the day after my protein fast – high carb day, so I plan for a cross training workout on that day. Happy running.

      • Piotr

        @Janet thx for replay. My problem is that I am on BRFLP diet and I am drinking only Drink Bulletproof Coffee and eating butter in the evening.

        I am trying to find my own way to keep following BRFLP protocol but it is hard for me. My ketone levels in blood is around 2-3 mmol/L. I do not know if it this is Ok or is too low.

  • Jane

    I successfully completed three weeks of the BRFLP last year and lost 26 pounds. I wasn’t able to continue to lose all the weight I need to, so I took a break, did some reading, and started again 8 days ago. I lost 9.75 pounds on this cycle. For me this is an almost effortless way to lose weight, but after falling off the wagon last year, I have a couple of takeaways and modifications that I am using this time and would like to share.

    First and foremost, the protocol as it is listed here doesn’t mention tryptophan. Normally we get that from dairy, meat and fish (protein basically) and it is an essential amino acid to manufacture and utilize serotonin in the brain. I really had problems with this last year while not eating. After figuring this out, I added 1,000 mg of tryptophan at bedtime and was like a new person in three days. The second thing is Iron. I added Slow Fe along with the Vitamin C and that has helped my energy levels tremendously. My plan this time is to continue with the protocol until I reach goal weight. Its going to be a while…lol

    Anyone want to team up? You can email me at fastlyshrinking@gmail.com

  • Baby_weight

    Does it make sense to do this protocol if I only want to lose about 10 pounds at which point I’d be in the middle of my BMI? It is my last stubborn 10 pounds I need to lose after having my three babies and I just want it gone as fast as possible…it’s the hardest to lose. Also, after reaching goal can you just go back to ‘normal’ eating? Assuming my eating habits were reasonable before? Ie. I have baby fat, not food addiction fat if that makes sense…

    • Jane

      Makes sense to me. When I tried it the first time last year and stopped, the weight did not fly back on as I expected it would. I eventually did gain most of what I lost back, but that was my fault…lol. This seems to basically “force” your body to burn stored fat, so it would probably work really well in getting those stubborn last pounds off.

      • Baby_weight

        Thanks for the reply! Are those supplements found at pharmacies or health food stores or through Amazon? How did you get most of yours??

        • Jane

          I have to be honest and say I can’t afford most of the Bulletproof supplements. I wish I could, but the Glutathione force in particular is really pricey for me. I buy everything from Amazon,including the Bulletproof products that I do use. If you research a little you can find some more affordable alternatives. Shoot me an email and I can send you more information. (no, I’m not selling anything…lol) fastlyshrinking@gmail.com

        • David Lambros

          The all link to Amazon in the post. Just click on them.

  • Michael Dao

    I’ve been doing a diet where is water fast for 58 hours and then eat for 48 hours, repeating this cycle with very good results.

    I’m now doing my version of RFLP starting today.

    Water fast for 58 hours, then RFLP (fat with coffee) for 3 days, and then re-feed on day 7.

    Any thoughts on this plan?


  • Michael Dao

    I’m confused regarding calories. How many calories worth of fat should we eat each day?

    • Roz

      Step 3, Typical Day:
      Eat some butter (your body will tell you how much, at least 1 tbs) with a betaine HCL capsule

  • ST

    I went Bulletproof a couple of years ago and it really helped me feel great, lower my stress, and control my cravings. However, I completely fell off the wagon and now only follow the diet about 50% of the time, without the intermittent fasting. In addition to that, last year, I started a “desk job” for the first time since having my son 4 years ago. You might imagine that I am fatigued, brain fogged, and about 35 lbs overweight.

    I am ready to turn over a new leaf, have ordered a yoga ball to sit on at work and ordered some things from the Bulletproof website and – drum roll please – officially started the diet today.

    I’m curious (and maybe my brain fog made me miss it in the blog post above) about when to start the RFLP if you’re just getting back on the Bulletproof wagon. I’m thinking I should do the 14 day Bulletproof intro phase, and get into maintenance for about a week, and then start it. Any advice on this?

  • Jen Williams

    Can you eat avocado for your evening fat?

    • Wren Nicks

      Did you ever get an answer? I’m wondering the same thing.

      • Jen Williams

        I never did,get an answer

        • Jen Summers

          Avacado has carbs in it, so not a good replacement. I put butter in with some hot water, added salt and pepper and emulsified it. It was really good that way.

  • Crystal Dinally

    I don’t understand how does anyone eat just butter?! I tried it and it really grosses me out. In what other form can I take my 7pm fat?

    • Jen Williams

      I’m wondering if avo can be used?

    • Karti Keyan

      What I used to do was, just add 2- 3Tbps of butter in hot water along with salt and pepper…I tastes good and easy to consume….try it out.

      • Crystal Dinally

        Thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it and will try it out.

        • Angelique Van Dyk

          I do the decaf bulletproof beans at night. Half a serving woth tblespm butter

    • Jen Summers

      I put butter in with some hot water, added salt and pepper and emulsified it. It was really good that way.

  • Lea Novak

    I started the Rapid Fat Loss Diet, but the first day I was fastig completely to get faster in ketosis, I not overweight, I just want to reduce fat and make my body to live from the fat.Today is my third day, I am feeling great. Thank You,
    Greetings from Croatia, Lea

  • Neyde Mendoza

    I started the RFLP 3 days ago, haven’t weight myself yet im planning to weight before the refeed day. I need to reduce those last stubborn 10lbs, Im feeling awesome with little to no struggle my body feels rested and Im highly surprised of how productive I´ve been these days. Even though it´s hard when you’re surrounded by social events and people constantly eating 🙁 hope i could make it through the week.

  • Thomas

    HI maybe I am reading this wrong…beginning step 2 it states no protein or carbs then you begin feeding 5-6 days later (step 3) step 3 goes on to describe supplements but not food, just says use fat?
    So for the first 5 days only the coffee no food or supplements?
    Then after 5 days you add supplements and food?

    Help me out here, because I think I am reading this wrong

    • Roz

      Part of step 2 states: “You will continue this process for five or six days. Then (see step 3) you have a food day.”
      Step 2 is merely giving a general structure to the program. Step 3 talks about the different supplements and what a normal day looks like on this program while taking these supplements. After 5-6 days, you eat according to the directions listed in Step 4. I have no idea where you are getting the no protein or carbs comment from.

      • Thomas

        Step 2, third paragraph, last sentence

        But that clarifies the other though, thanks,

      • Jen Summers

        I think step 3 used to be something else and in the re-write it they forgot to switch that to Step 4. For the first 5-6 days you will follow steps 1-3 and on either the 6th or 7th day you will go to step 4, then repeat again. I lost 30 lbs the first month I did this. Remember, on your feed days, don’t go crazy, your supposed to eat good carbs like yams instead of feeding on just anything.

  • Georganne Goldblum

    I’ve lost 4lbs in 3 days. Amazing and I’m so excited. However, I keep getting foot cramps. What can I do?

    • E.G.

      Are you taking the Magnesium? That’s the main thing that it helps with.

    • Jennifer DeCesari

      Yes, magnesium supplements! I take 3 a day and it REALLY helps. I haven’t had a cramp yet, this time

      • Georganne Goldblum


  • Wren Nicks

    Can I do ghee or avocado instead of butter? Butter makes my face break out so bad.

    • Erika Tarin

      I have the same question. Can we eat avocado instead of butter?

      • Jen Summers

        Avacado has a carb content. You can try coconut oil instead.

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  • Laura M. Hall

    I was lean and mean, then took a spill and hurt my neck. Chronic pain was not my friend, messed with life, including sleep, energy, and eating. (I was fatigued, so I ate) I ate to the tune of 20 lb gain in 2 months!! Physical Therapy has really helped, and I’m ready to freakin just lose the 20. Going to bulletproof fast until my 20 is gone and my pants fit again. Stretchy skirts and pants are all I have left!!

  • E. Powell

    I am considering starting this but wonder if you can train at the same time? I do Crossfit (beginner but work very hard) which is quite intense. I have about 24lbs to lose. Has anyone else done intrnse exercise and done this at the same time?

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