Jordan Rubin: Biohacking Cows, Bulletproof Dairy, & Probiotics

Jordan Rubin in field
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Jordan Rubin is one of America’s most recognized and respected natural health experts. He is the author of the New York Times best selling book, The Maker’s Diet, as well as the author of 19 other health related titles, including his latest work Perfect Weight America. An international motivational speaker, Jordan hosts the weekly television show Extraordinary Health that reaches more than 30 million households worldwide. He is Founder and CEO of Garden of Life, a leading health and wellness company committed to empowering extraordinary health with whole food based supplements, functional foods, and founder of Beyond Organic.

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What We Cover

  •   2:00 – Jordan Rubin’s story
  •   6:50 – Multiple experiments with probiotics
  •   8:25 – The crazy ways to take probiotics
  • 11:40 – What Jordan does to bio-hack his cows & make the most bulletproof dairy possible (Dave even eats it!)
  • 16:00 – Jordan’s holistic ecosystem approach to food
  • 21:00 – Why Beyond Organic is a multi-level marketing business
  • 25:00 – Why Dave is endorsing Beyond Organic
  • 27:45 – The strains of bacteria in Beyond Organic dairy
  • 33:15 – Have you seen people reverse food allergies with these products?
  • 36:00 – [Science Alert] Dave & Jordan speak about bacteria & biogenic amines
  • 43:30 – Jordan’s natural breakthrough

Links from the show:


Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic Beef

Beyond Organic Amasai

Bulletproof® Coffee

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Update: A Message from Dave Asprey

I struggled greatly with whether or not I should have Jordan on the podcast. On one hand, he chose a business model, multilevel marketing, that is inherently slimy. I’ve seen multilevel marketing destroy families and some even use cult techniques.

In fact, I spent an hour on the phone with Jordan discussing his business model before I even decided to schedule the podcast.

I believe him when he says he is doing his best to create a sustainable business that is not slimy. I do not know if it is possible to make a multilevel marketing company that is not slimy. I hope he succeeds in doing that.

What I do know is that he has created the most perfect dairy I have ever found, and his soil based organisms and other fermentation techniques meet bulletproof standards. No one else’s products have come close.

You don’t have to “join” in order to simply order products. I don’t even recommend you join. I don’t think you should look at this as a way to make a lot of money by converting all of your family and friends and whoever else you might meet at a bus station.

So there you have it. I never thought there was a chance I would recommend anything from a multilevel marketing company, but there are very valid reasons for doing it here, and I believe it was right thing to do.

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By Dave Asprey

  • Kyra

    Hi Dave I have been vegetarian for 3 years and vegan for the past year. After getting sick so frequently and never feeling 100 percent, I started to research my eating habits once more. After compelling research data I am convinced eating vegan leaves me deficient in many areas. From hearing you on Rogan and reading your posts I am drawn to this type of eating and living lifestyle. I appreciate all the work and research you have done and are sharing with the public!

    However, I am still not on board with eating meat just out of personal objections and taste preference. I do eat fish though.

    I am wondering if you believe this way of living will still be an option for me if I do not eat meat, but follow the rest of the guidelines? Is there something else specific I need to do to make up for this?

    After so long of thinking Vegan was the best way to go and now feeling a bit foolish I find myself very confused on how to eat and what to do from here with food. Any help is appreciated.


    • Dave Asprey

      If you get your saturated fat intake high enough, and you take care of the mercury problem from the fish, you can be quite bulletproof. Make sure to include enough egg yolks too.

  • Alec

    REALLY disappointing. Dave, I have been singing your praises and drinking your coffee for weeks now. So much so that my wife has been getting sick of me saying: “Dave Asprey says…” The only thing that has made me a little uncomfortable has been your constant marketing. Every fb post, every interview, every blog entry always contains a pitch for your coffee and a link. I get it, you’re an entrepreneur, you believe in your product and you want to sell it, I can’t fault you for that. I just can’t help but feel a tad bit queezy about all the salesmanship but I ignore it and press on. I think Tim Ferriss has been able to avoid that by introducing himself to his audience as an expert first, with a book. He wasn’t selling anything at all, just knowledge. I realize you have been blogging for a while but you came out to a wide audience via the coffee (your product) first. This puts you at a disadvantage because it gives your detractors an easy target. Once again, I ignore it, I trust your personal research and I buy and promote your product.

    Then, this latest podcast happened. Inviting a pyramid schemer on the show to have what did not sound at all like a discussion but a long radio commercial where he is allowed to spin his yarn until he’s done, to make all of his sales points, before you chime back in with endorsement and obvious pre-qualified questions. To really seal the deal you have allowed the bulletproof brand to become a “back-slasher” for Beyond Organic and an affiliate. So you will make money from the sales that you push their way, but it’s okay because you’ll donate those sales to a company that you are the chair of.

    I have to say, I have been ignoring the constant sales and marketing and trusting in you as a researcher but this episode of your podcast may just be too glaring for me to look away from. Please don’t point to all of the reasons why this pyramid scam is different from all of the rest because I do not buy it at all. Just a few simple searches on this guy will clear it up. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… it’s a duck.

    Dave, the science of your diet and coffee makes sense. I feel great when I avoid toxins and gluten and grains and feed my body and brain with good fats. Thank you for providing quality products to help me do that. But PLEASE explain why you would ever align yourself with a pyramid schemer.

    • Jason

      So you have no argument against the actual products itself? Just the fact that it is Multi Level Marketing?

      You sir, are a loser…… Do real research and find answers yourself, and don’t blindly believe anything.

      If you don’t like Dave offering his products to you, don’t buy them. Despite the fact that Dave has backed up every claim with scientific research.

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this; Go fuck yourself.

    • Greg

      shut the fuck up Alec you BITCH!

    • Mitchell

      There is actually tons of research to back up everything this man is saying Alec. Just go Google it

      • Alec

        Thanks Mitchell but I’m gonna go with Greg and Jason on this one, they make a lot of sense… smh

        Seriously, I wouldn’t post without some extensive Google-ing first. Here’s what I found:

        Just trying to get an actual discussion going. I have never heard of a reputable pyramid scheme and I am very dubious of Jordan being the exception. His biz plan is exactly like all the others. Maybe he has a great product? So why not put it on shelves? He says it’s because some people don’t have Whole Foods near them but that’s ridiculous. The diet and supplement market is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s mostly earned without asking “customers” to sell it to their friends.

        I am not saying that I think Dave is scamming anyone. I think he’s brilliant, I buy his supplements, I buy his coffee and I’m drinking it right now! I just feel very uncomfortable continuing to put my faith in some one who would become an affiliate to a pyramid scheme company. And yes, that’s what it is. It is not some new model, it’s just like all the rest. If you have valid info to contribute, I look forward to discussing this. If you’re a dogmatic moron, frothing at the mouth and hurling obscenities at anyone whom you perceive to be blaspheming your precious ideals, then flame on, tough guys.

        • Mitchell

          Alec, there is no obligation to become a distributer to purchase the products.

          I don’t get what you’re so upset about. If you are against entrepreneurship, and would rather support the mega conglomerates, then stop buying Dave’s products and go shop at Whole Foods and Walmart.

          Dave has talked about this on the Joe Rogan podcast that everyone demonizes him because he sells products.

          What about the quarter million words he has put online for free? All the money he has dumped into testing these products to make sure they are mycotoxin free?

          These products were cheap to manufacture, and because he is selling them, you are attacking this man?

          Just walk away, stop buying Dave’s products and leave more for the rest of us. That way, I won’t have to wait a month while my Upgraded Collagen is on backorder….

        • Mitchell

          Were NOT cheap******

        • Alec

          Mitchell, I absolutely appreciate entrepreneurship and I am a big fan of Dave’s, I said as much in my original post. I am not attacking Dave for selling his products, not at all. I believe commerce to be the engine that drives societal evolution and I applaud those with the nuts to make it happen. I’m only saying that Dave’s role as expert is easily attacked by those detractors who can point to his happening to sell the things that his research has shown to be beneficial. I do not believe that this invalidates his products at all. I am almost through my thermos of BP coffee right now and I LOVE it. I tell everyone who will listen what a great way of eating and living this is.

          The only thing that has every given me any king of pause about Dave is that every post on my fb news feed promotes the coffee. I know he’s proud of it and wants to sell it (and I want to buy it) but social media marketing is a tricky thing and it goes a long way with credibility when some one only pushes their own product once every five posts or so. I fell off of the slow carb diet because it’s so restrictive, and the cheat day made me crave sugar all week, but I think Tim Ferriss is a genius when it comes to marketing in today’s social world and maybe Dave should lean a bit more in that direction.

          All that being said, I want to reiterate, I am a huge fan of Dave Asprey, I listen to every interview, devour every blog post and podcast and I drink BP coffee every day.

          What I am really disappointed about is seeing this guy I respect so much aligning himself with a pyramid schemer. Of course there’s no obligation, you can just be a customer if you want, EVERY pyramid scheme has the exact same model. Every one of them has the same video on their homepage. No obligation to sign up at all, just be a customer if you like, but wouldn’t you like to get the stuff for free? How about making a little money while you’re at it? Just share this wonderful stuff with 5 of your friends. It’s all the same and it stinks. Penn and Teller had a great show on Showtime called “BULLSHIT” and they did an episode on pyramid schemes, it’s worth a watch.

          Dave, and Dave fans, I am with you, I love this stuff. I am NOT attacking Dave, or his products (which I enjoy), and I am NOT demonizing him. I strive to be Bulletproof, but affiliating with a pyramid scheme makes my spidey sense tingle.

        • billy bob

          I don’t think anybody has a problem with dave or anybody being an entrepreneur . The problem is that he is getting mixed up with a pyramid marketing company. I’m sure this is going to raise questions to a lot of his fans and readers.

        • Dave Asprey

          I spent an hour on the phone with Jordan talking about the business model before I even considered having him on the podcast. I believe he is genuinely trying to make something that is not slimy. Time will tell. In the meantime, his products are as good as I say they are.

        • Alec

          Dave, it’s an honor and a pleasure to have a dialogue with you. I
          know you’re a busy guy but I encourage you to read my other comments. I
          make it very clear that I am a HUGE fan of yours and I drink BP coffee
          every day (just finished a thermos full). I think you’re brilliant, I
          thoroughly enjoy your products and I am very thankful for you putting
          them on the market.

          I was merely pointing out that your
          detractors get a lot of mileage out of some of your sales and marketing
          techniques. As I said, I don’t mind because I believe in what you do. I
          think Tim Ferriss is a great marketer but I quickly fell off of his
          diet before I discovered your blog.

          I appreciate your thoughtful
          response to my feelings about your affiliating with a multi-level
          marketer and they certainly deserve consideration. I would never sign
          up for something like that but perhaps his products have merit and I
          appreciate that.

          Thank you for responding and for all that you
          do. I strive to be Bulletproof and yes, it made me feel better to have
          this dialogue 😉

        • Alec

          Dave, it’s an honor and a pleasure to have a dialogue with you. I
          know you’re a busy guy but I encourage you to read my other comments. I
          make it very clear that I am a HUGE fan of yours and I drink BP coffee
          every day (just finished a thermos full). I think you’re brilliant, I
          thoroughly enjoy your products and I am very thankful for you putting
          them on the market.

          I was merely pointing out that your
          detractors get a lot of mileage out of some of your sales and marketing
          techniques. As I said, I don’t mind because I believe in what you do. I
          think Tim Ferriss is a great marketer but I quickly fell off of his
          diet before I discovered your blog.

          I appreciate your thoughtful
          response to my feelings about your affiliating with a multi-level
          marketer and they certainly deserve consideration. I would never sign
          up for something like that but perhaps his products have merit and I
          appreciate that.

          Thank you for responding and for all that you
          do. I strive to be Bulletproof and yes, it made me feel better to have
          this dialogue 😉

        • paulvoluntaristmichel

          This Mischa Popoff is trying to SELL a book. So now how can you trust
          anything HE says? I’m going to try out some of those products because
          Dave has EARNED my trust after I tried some of his products. EVERYONE is
          selling SOMETHING!!! How the hell are people supposed to eat (put food
          on the table)? You may not be selling something directly, but you’re
          working for someone who is, or your organization is being funded by
          someone who is. Man I am so sick of people being ashamed of trying to
          make money or sell products. Maybe this Jordan is a scam artist. Guess
          what? I’ll find out soon enough because when I try his products if I
          think they stink or don’t add to my vitality I’ll drop it like a hot
          potato (which I don’t eat anymore)…and if it does turn out to be
          beneficial, I will have been turned on to something very beneficial that
          I will recommend to others and if I really believe in it I’ll sign up
          as a distributor or whatever who cares as long as the product is legit
          and this is the only source it’s called supply and demand if demand
          increases more will supply and that will drive prices downward. I
          suppose if Barack Obama socialized this stuff you’d be on board? JFC…!
          I really wish people would stop belly aching over capitalism which is a
          purely voluntary interaction between 2 or more people and start caring
          about some real shit, you know, the fucking NSA spying on the shit I’m
          typing right now. Rant over.

        • Scott Crocker

          I could tell you why Jordan is different, but I won’t.

        • Jeromy Fairbanks

          Alec, So what is wrong with MLM? If it was in a health food store and you bought it Whole Foods would profit. What Jordan said about sharing the message with 5 people and getting yours free is powerful. If I watched a good movie and told you about it I would receive zero dollars for promoting the film. If you know its a good healthy product why not share it with friends? They are rewarding you for sharing the message that is all. If you have ever ran your own business you would know that advertising is a huge part of your budget. Jordan is redirecting those dollars to the consumers of the product. Why is That so evil?

        • Vgtral

          They’re just whiners, who cares about how he feels. Jordan and Dave are amazing.

        • Kelly

          Jordan’s story of recovery from severe illness is ripe with lies, but that’s another novel.

  • abright

    Just a note– some comments were deleted for foul language and name calling. You are welcome to repost the content that is not name-calling or foul language.

  • Shawna

    Hi Dave,

    Any thoughts on using an Amasai fast to reverse food allergies beyond what was said in the podcast? I was excited to hear food allergies being discussed at all here since it seems that topic rarely comes up – thanks for that!

    I have been on a very restrictive version of the SCD diet modified to incorporate bulletproof principles for over a year in an attempt to heal over 50 severe IgE mediated food allergies. Basically, I only eat 100% grass fed meat from a local farm in silicon valley along with a few bulletproof vegetables and herbs and your coffee (sans your MCT oil bc I had a severe allergic reaction to it probably due to my coconut allergy). I’m under the care of a functional medicine doc (one with an MD!) but the needle has just not moved significantly.

    Do you think Amasai has the potential to help reverse allergies to food proteins other than casein? It seems risky to consume nothing but that for 40 days – is there anything you’d suggest people add while on that fast (if you’d suggest the fast at all)?

  • ChrisQ

    You should have asked him about this:

  • Ben Greenfield

    Jordan is way cool, and I was a Beyond Organic rep when they first started, which meant I ordered a crapload of product. Until I realized that one of their staple ingredients is basically just cane sugar. The stuff is sweetened to make it taste like dessert and satisfy a typical Westernized palate. Good for profit, bad for the body. Unless they’ve changed their formulations I can’t say I’d every really use Amasai or their other stuff anymore. I’m not a rep any longer for that reason. And the pyramid thing is a little annoying too.

    • Kevin

      Yeah the sugar is unrefined. i complained about that too. I just drink the plain amasai which has no sugar. I hope they come out with some flavored/ no sugar amasais in the future. Some blueberries would be great.

      • Kevin

        I encourage you to get back on. they have so many new products now. THe EA pulse products are great. Basically paleo, no sugar soaked, sprouted, fermented, snacks

    • Dr. Josh Axe DC, CNS

      Hey Ben,

      Beyond Organic has what they call “hardcore” health products and then “transitional” products. For instance, they have flavored Amasai that is sweetened with raw honey and organic cane sugar AND They have Amasai that is PLAIN with nothing added. So for people like you and I who want something totally pure we can have it. Their products are incredible and they do have some products that use organic sugar but in EVERY category of their products they have plain options and now the ONLY sweeteners they use is coconut nectar.

      When starting a business, if you want to have maximum reach, you have to appeal to the hardcore health people like those on this website, and the people that are switching from Pringles, Pizza, and Pop!

      I can tell you from clinical experience that I have put patients with leaky gut on the Plain Amasai and Suero Gold and it has totally transformed their gut. Also, the children I have worked with on the Autism spectrum have used these products and it has made a bigger difference than any other supplement or dietary change I have made with them.

      Ben, similar to you and Dave I have a reputation to uphold and I would never promote anything that I didn’t research exhaustively first. I have been to the Beyond Organic ranch in Missouri and can tell you no one does it better. I don’t buy all of their products but the ones I do buy are:

      1. Plain Amasai (30 strains of Probiotics) (NO added sugar)
      2. Suero Gold (potassium-rich probiotic cleanse) (NO added sugar)
      3. Terrain Omega – Sprouted Chia seeds
      4. 100% Grass-fed beef
      5. Fermented Turmeric
      6. Fermented Milk Thistle
      7. RAW Milk Curds (Raw Cheese high in whey, casein, SCFA, omega-3, CLA)

      Ben, I agree that I wouldn’t person consume their sweetened products. But you may give their new products a try.


      Dr. Josh Axe DC, CNS

      • Ben Greenfield

        REALLY interesting. I was unaware that BeyondOrganics had “retooled” some of their formulations. Sounds like I perhaps was part of the early phase before they introduced these better options. Thanks for opening my eyes to that Josh – super helpful. I’d definitely be 100% behind any of those 7 products you’ve referred to…

      • Boo gihoff

        I buy the amasai and Suero Gold, is it ok to mix both in a smoothie (with veggies and unsweet cocoa)? or are they meant to be used separate? I am trying to heal my special needs daughter gut and she will not take pill form….thanks

  • Juan

    I’m going to tend to disagree with the comments made above.

    1) Dave Asprey – although I don’t agree with everything he talks about, he gives out tons of ‘free’ content and very good content. Yes he does market himself but I would only expect him to. He has created some great product and needs to spread the word.

    As far as marketing all the time? Well what’s wrong with that? He should accept any opportunity he can to promote his products

    There are so-called health experts out there who send out daily emails that are (1) paragraph long(you know, the great headline that makes you open an email and then crap sales text) and then an affiliate link. Those are the guys you should scrutinize. Not Dave Asprey.

    2) The whole MLM thing – People need to get over that. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s a way to spread the word of a good product to your family and friends….that’s all.

    Now have there people that have been screwed over by MLM companies? Probably. There are unethical people in every industry, not just MLM. Unfortunately most people who have a negative experience will tell 10 times as many people as the person who had the positive experience. Sad but true.

    As far as the Beyond Organic products. They look very good. Like Greenfield said above, maybe a little too much sugar. But very promising.

    • Kevin

      He wouldn’t be en executive if he was bad at selling would he? Email them! Tell them to take the sugar out of the flavored versions. I am still involved with the company and only drink the plain amasai. I would love some non sugar flavors. If i do drink the sugared ones i typically let it sit out and ferment for a day so the sugar content is reduced.

  • Isaiah

    Personally, I don’t think the pyramid scheme is bad in itself. However, greedy men have used it for greedy purposes, so it has become corrupted and destroyed its name and wrecked its reputation. Be open-minded; Beyond Organic is a pyramid scheme and Amasai DOES have cane sugar in it. What is a little cane sugar going to do to your body? If you know Jordan, his sole purpose is to get America eating organically and making healthy food choices. How many people eat from their local co-op and then go binge on pizza? By creating a company that makes ALL organic, healthy food, you are ‘forced’ to buy and stay ‘within’ this company. You will feel committed to becoming part of the company, and hopefully, stay that way. So, all in all, you should be making healthy food choices easier. I think both Dave and Jordan are genuine. If the product works, great! Who cares if those guys are making money? Upgraded coffee works. Beyond Organic works. And Tim Ferris has affiliate links. We all have our own ways. My point is: examine the product first. Then the money second. 🙂

    • Greg Aurand

      FYI, There’s no sugar in the plain Amasai. It takes like regular kefir—a little on the sour side, for our Western palate, but not bad at all.

  • Eric

    Jordan is a classic multilevel marketing guy. The rest of us will be just fine without his special cows.

    • Juan

      Hey Eric….just out of curiosity. Can you define ‘classic multilevel marketing guy’ ?

  • Zach

    Hey Dave, would the bulletproof diet be beneficial to someone with hemochromatosis?

  • Matt

    Any program where you have upfront just for the “opportunity” to sell products over and above the cost of the products is a scam. Easy pass. Sadly, in the long run it will detract me from buying the products from Beyond Organic.

  • Greg Aurand

    This was an excellent interview, Dave. I totally appreciate your struggle with Jordan’s multilevel marketing approach, but I completely agree that the impeccable way that he raises his animals (and the amazing products that are the result) far outweigh any negative impression that people may have. I’m not sure why people are so eager to give their money to Whole Foods, while knocking you for producing and selling products that are far superior in quality. Those who bitch must not know what it’s like to struggle with food sensitivities and health challenges their whole lives. You are a real saint for doing all this research and providing these amazing resources. Just over the past 3 months—based almost entirely on what I’ve learned from your website and podcasts—my health has gone from about a 2.5 (on a scale of 1 to 10) to an 8+. I don’t think that my brain has every been on fire like this!

    Back to the interview with Jordan; He mentioned only choosing cows from the original bloodline from Africa and India. What kind of cows are these, and how would I go about buying butter from someone who raises this type of cattle on grass? Any time I have regular dairy, raw or not, I immediately start getting pain in my joints. I do fine on ghee, but, like you, I’d prefer to use grass-fed butter in my Bulletproof Coffee. Thanks, Dave, for all that you do! Keep up the great work!!

    • Dr. Josh Axe

      Search for cattle with A2 genetics. They raise a breed known as Bos Indicus or Zebu that are mixed with an A2 Jersey. You can learn more from these sites:

      • Greg Aurand

        Thanks for those resource links, Alex. This is helpful information.

        BTW, I finally received my order of Amasai from Jordan, and I’m not getting any of the usual dairy sensitivity issues when I drink it. Seems like a really high quality product. I’m looking forward to trying his butter, once it’s available, in my bulletproof coffee. I’ve been using ghee, to avoid the joint pain and other sensitivity issues.

  • $51.50 for a pack of 6 plain flavored Amasai after delivery charges. I usually don’t worry about cost but this seems a little overboard. Is this quality of probiotic source really not available any other way?

  • Steve

    Hey Dave,

    In the podcast you mentioned that you had chronic sinus infections that turned out to be caused by fungus. Could you share the steps you took to rid yourself of the infection? I also have chronic sinus issues and would like to hear your thoughts on how to manage them. Thanks

  • Steve

    Hey Dave,

    Want to start off by saying thanks for all of the wonderful work/information you put into your website, products, and podcasts; they are truly fascinating and invaluably helpful. But I was wondering how you went about treating your fungal infection in your sinuses because I have chronic sinus issues as well. Thanks

  • Kyle Francis

    Any thoughts on the cheese?

  • Steve

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for all of the hard work you put into creating/managing your website and podcasts they have been invaluably helpful. In the podcast you mention that you had sinus issues which turned out to be a chronic fungal infection. I have chronic sinus issues as well, and was wondering what you did to treat/cure your infection. Thanks.

  • Agne

    Jordan Rubin, thank you for Garden of Life RAW line, so far they are the best that I can find in the Netherlands!

  • therealjeaniebeanie

    I LOVED this podcast. I’m equally suspicious of MLM but I do have respect for Jordan Rubin. I am intrigued by what he’s doing and intend to look into it further.

  • Sandy

    I would not trust Mr. Rubin as he continually uses the word of the Gospel to market his products

    • Scott Crocker

      This is because Jordan Rubin was healed by ‘following the diet in the Bible’ – he has to mention it, because it was part of his healing process ..

      But I can see what you’re saying, a lot of dubious folks use the Gospel to market their products. But this one is legit (Jordan Rubin is one of the top guys in this field – I know this, and Dave Asprey knows this).

  • Tarrin

    Dear Dave

    A quick question slightly off topic. Please can you explain why butter is favoured but full cream milk is not. I am mostly on a paleo diet and trying to integrate some of your methods. Am having a short term colonic problem post anti-biotics and trying to find the balance again. I can’t drink all of the nasty flavours that most people recommend but was thinking I can handle protein shake with milk until this thing blows over and I can manage solids again.

    Please can you explain if the use of milk is severely detrimental to weight loss or whether it’s just not considered the most efficient form of weight loss.



  • D.

    How about the fact that the Beyond Organic Amasai is made with pasteurized milk? I thought it was supposed to be raw?

    • VioletStasia

      It’s not heated over the the temperature of a cow’s stomach, which is 105 degrees. This keeps all of the enzymes and nutrients intact, and raw, even though it is slightly warmed.

      In the U.S., for dairy to be considered raw, it only has to be heated one degree below 115 degrees.

  • Patrick

    Hi Dave,
    in the podcast you spoke briefly about a band that could be wore on your wrist for grounding instead of getting expensive bed sheets. Where do you get the wrist band so that I can be grounded all the time?

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  • Runtony

    I am not big into the MLM approach at all but I joined Beyond Organic 2 yrs ago to get the product discount… and have not signed up a single person. I look at it like the yearly fee at Costco. There has been no pressure to sell or recruit. Love the products and have learned a lot from the educational resources provided. Jordan is definitely a salesman but what else would you expect from someone so successful in that industry.

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  • Fr. John+

    Now, I just started reading about “Beyond Organic” and have heard of Rubin, but don’t know more than that. I can, however, speak objectively about Network Marketing. It is a valid business model, it has been around for more than fifty years, and I personally know a man who worked hard for over forty of those years, selling ‘soap’ and is a millionaire. So, it does work. What DOESN’T work, is selling garbage- whether in retail, door-to-door, or via MLM. Garbage is garbage. It gives all MLM a bad name, but, in this, as in all businesses, ‘caveat emptor.’ But personal bigotry against MLM/Network Marketing is NOT the way to objectively assess any business.

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