Jason Nunnelley: Self Tracking – #41

head shot of Jason Nunnelley, DosIQ
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Jason Nunnelley’s work is focused on application and systems development. After his first company sold in 2000, he spent his time helping small business capitalize on Internet technologies. He is presently dedicated to dosIQ, Inc., a Wellness Journal and set of apps designed to make self-tracking and health monitoring simple for anyone.

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What We Cover

  •   2:00 – Jason’s Life and How His Passion Aligns with dosIQ
  •   4:20 – How Jason ALMOST Used Gastric Bypass Surgery to Lose Weight
  •   6:40 – The WHY Behind Jason’s decision to make a diet tracking app
  •   7:20 – Personal Example of Conventional Wisdom…not working (Sound familiar?)
  •   9:40 – What are the Functions of dosIQ?
  • 12:00 – The Importance of CME (Comfort, Mood, Energy Levels)
  • 14:00 – Why Do People Fall Off the Diet “Wagon”?
  • 16:00 – Jason’s Personal Experience w/ Bulletproof Coffee
  • 19:00 – Jason’s Experiment w/ Butter and Eggs using dosIQ (HDL and Triglyceride Data Points)
  • 24:45 – Using Bio-Identical Testosterone
  • 27:45 – How Abdominal Fat Affects Sex Hormones
  • 31:40 – How Jason Cut 10 lbs w/ Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting in 2½ weeks!
  • 33:25 – Cold Thermogenesis Experimentation (& Ray Kurzwell)
  • 39:00 – How Ice Baths Help You Get in the “Zone”
  • 43:30 – Ice Baths and Supplements
  • 48:00 – Substance P (& its relationship to Sleep, Inflammation, etc)
  • 49:00 – Shutting up the Mammalian Brain with Ice Baths
  • 51:00 – The Safety Protocols for Ice Baths
  • 56:30 – Top 3 Things to be Bulletproof

Links From The Show




BP Intermittent Fasting

Bulletproof Coffee

Ray Kurzwell TED Talk

Gratitude & Announcements

There is so much gratitude for people like Brian over at Paleo Lifestyle Magazine– our interview was such a pleasure. They are doing such great work at keeping people informed and supported. Check out the most recent interviews, part I & part II in Paleo Lifestyle Magazine.

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By Dave Asprey

  • Chuck Currie

    Hey Dave, when are you going to put your podcast at the Windows Store for us non-Apple folks?


    • Dave – Another option is YouTube. A lot of podcasts are starting to upload their shows there.

    • Gabriel

      Why don´t you use the download URL in any mp3 player so you can play without downloading?

      • Chuck Currie

        I did once, too much of a hassle. Windows phone 8 updates your podcast automatically when ever you have a wifi connection – no cables required. But thanks for suggesting it.


    • Chuck Currie

      Don’;t know when you did it, but I found you in the New Podcast section of the Windows store. Thanks.


  • Morgan Huff

    Dave – I would love to hear more about the jaw alignment + substance P elevations. Any good research articles that you can point to?

    btw, I’ve been a devoted coffee drinker for 30 years, but my recent 5lb bag of Bulletproof beans was a revelation.


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  • On the same note as this podcast episode; I just started using the UP “jawbone” bracelet. which is a device that reads my heart rate throughout the day and plugs into my iphone and uploads readouts. it is extremely nifty and cool, pretty close to the self-hacking niche as it has the daily graph of energy output throughout the day, and graph for what my sleep looked like the night before and also throughout the month. yep it’s pretty neat… except…. there is also a “diet” tracker on the app that is telling me to NOT eat eggs and to NOT eat meat and it’s dinging me for good health points and I can’t seem to change my diet goals on the app to reflect the paleo/bulletproof lifestyle. Sad, I know. I am actually quite happy with the device though and plan on continuing to use it to see graphs for my insane energy output (as an athlete) and freak out the computer that is telling me I’m unhealthy eating all of that butter!

  • Aaron

    Dave, we would love a blog post on your jaw bone / substance p mentions in the podcast!

  • Simply Rooted

    Does anyone know of any research looking at women, ice baths, and PCOS?

  • I’d love to hear other recommendations for self-tracking apps. DosIQ seems easy to use with the photo tracking, but not necessarily that detailed in terms of later analysis.

    I’ve been using “Track & Share” and really like it. It is completely customizable and works really well for tracking lots of different things. http://www.trackandshareapps.com/Pro

    You can export the data as comma delineated too

  • Adam Glinglin

    Does a cold shower have most of the same effects as ice baths? Or is the temperature just not cold enough?

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