Jay Schroeder: Bulletproof Your Nervous System

Jay Schroeder
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Jay Schroeder is the developer of Ultra Fit and EvoSport. He has been involved for 25 years, in the design, implementation, and evaluation of training plans for individuals from the ages of 4 through 84. He has studied the greatest training systems of the world, not to find the successes but to establish the point at which they failed. He then put together his system of training to overcome these points of failure. He has traveled to Eastern bloc countries and developed working relationships with some of the most knowledgeable in the field. He has designed unique protocols for use with the ARP as well as the typical equipment in the gym setting, as they relate to rehab strength, injury prevention and elite athletic mastery.

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What We Cover

  •    2:14 – First time they met, Jay Added 9” to Dave’s Long Jump
  •    2:43 – What drove you to become a trainer?
  •    5:12 – Jay Tells us about his life-changing recovery from an accident
  •   8:00 – If you’re not trying to be an elite athlete, and we’re talking about the mind/body connection that your machines bring, how does the effect on the nervous system control your life?
  • 10:30 – How does improving the body’s capabilities change your brain’s ability to think and perform cognitively?
  • 12:00 – Can you explain what the RX100 & POV do?
  • 13:45 – I’ve heard to become a “Pro” you must do something 10,000 times so your myelin insulation may build up your brain connection, are you creating this insulation 500x more efficiently?
  • 16:12 – What are the benefits you see from the RX and RV100 for athletes and ‘mere mortals?’
  • 18:13 – Can you tell us what you drive? The really fast ones?
  • 19:53 – How does the RX100 & PV increase your ‘bandwidth’ for actions that require power, finesse, precision and reaction time?
  • 25:20 – What parts of your brain are making these ‘fast-reaction’ decisions?
  • 27:35 – Jay discusses his work with an esteemed bike rider & how the biker did not believe he could increase his reaction time any further
  • 30:06 – Is there a downside to turning up the nervous system to upgraded levels?
  • 33:08 – At our conference, what are the types of things you will be able to help them do nervous systems? What kind of stimulation and recovery will happen?
  • 36:50 – You’re talking about running an electrical current through your brain to speed up the process, could you clarify that?
  • 39:50 – What it means to have Bulletproof Capacity with this device

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Over the next several weeks on Bulletproof radio, there will only be a cool fact of the day, and an interview.  After the conference, on January 17-19, 2013, there will be an hour long show of Q & A, and then the show will resume in full.

Live Webinar with Wellness FX on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 10 a.m. pst.

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By Dave Asprey

  • Fantastic podcast! Loved Jay’s positive attitude and enthusiasm. By the way, is there any good book on the topic?

  • Daedalus

    Are these changes permanent, and how can I do this?

    • Dave Asprey

      When your body myelinates it’s nerves, the changes stick as long as you use the nerves. Muscle growth definitely happens from the simulation over a couple days, but muscles do not stick around for nearly as long as nerves do. But changes in the way your body moves can be permanent.
      The equipment to do this for one person costs $15,000 and requires someone who understands the right protocols to do it properly. That’s why doing it in a conference format like this makes the most sense.

      • Marcel

        Can you share some Info on where to buy the parts or the whole system?

        • EvoCamps


  • Jack117
  • Stephan Raczak

    This is by far one of the most inspiring podcasts I have heard from Dave or any other podcasters.

    Jay’s got an amazing attitude and hearing him talk about the benefits of the amazing EVO and POV devices he has developed, makes my mouth water just like when I think of good food.

    Too bad I dont have the means to make it for the BP conference from Germany.

    Anyways, cheers a lot!

  • Bill

    Great Podcast! Too bad the cost makes it unlikely that many of we “mere mortals” will be able to utilize it!!

  • Zingbo

    Very cool podcast. I would absolutely attend the conference were it not for schedule conflicts. Great stuff.

  • jshouse

    So we can finally learn kung fu Matrix style? I knew those guys were onto something.

    Great podcast – it’s incredible this even exists, talk about realizing potential. And still only scratching the surface of what could be possible. Good times to be living in.

  • Cathy

    Very interesting post. I wonder if electro-stimulation would help someone with unexplained muscle weakness? A cleanse left me with extreme muscle weakness last year. I thought paleo and BP would help, but after 2 1/2 months in, the muscle weakness has gotten a lot worse. WTF? The cleaner my diet the worse I get!! (btw, all tests at the neurologist came back fine.)

    • EvoCamps

      It absolutely could! There are some great videos of treatment with the ARPwave modalities on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ARPWAVE
      arpwave.com and ultrafitevosport.com both have great info about how to experience ARPwave and Evo rehab

  • Rick

    So how do average Joe bio-hacker take advantage of this technology? I certainly don’t have $15k to spend or live near Phoenix Az. What are our options?

    • leogodin217

      I looked on ebay and found several possibilities by looking for “electro stimulation” Half the links are for sex toys, but there are legitimate options. This one looks promising. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Globus-My-Stim-Electro-Stimulator-multifunction-/271073670730?pt=UK_HeathBeauty_BathShowCons_RL&hash=item3f1d3ff64a Like Dave says, you have to know the protocols to get the benefit, but I wonder if you can get a lesser benefit by using one of these and learning as you go. I’m thinking about it.

      I do live in Phoenix, so I should just go to see this guy. It’s $2K to do a full search and destroy plus 10 sessions for injury treatment. Other options are cheaper.

      • T


        Did you purchase the Globus product and if so how did it work? Too, did you get the treatment from the ARP lab in Phoenix? ARP sounds promising but is very cost prohibitive. I would like to biohack the treatment price.

        Thank you

        • leogodin217

          I never did. I’d still like to.

  • Lillus

    just found you and your website and I cant wait to read ALL articles and hear all podcasts I can find. But here is my question about Omega 3 eggs, what I just read in one of your previous podcats transcrips.

    I live in Germany and the Omega 3 eggs I get here, the york is not pale at all, in fact, it is the deepest orange york I can find (even local farmes eggs are more yellow than orange). so am I still not supposed to eat the eggs (although they propably are not just fed flax seeds but something else)?

    I would very much appreciate your comment on that topic, cause I tend to eat a lot of eggs, since picking up eating paleo/ bulletproof style a few month ago. and I try not to cook the
    york! I cook the white but eat the york runny.

    thanks for your awesome work! If I could order your coffee from germany, I definitely would do so!


  • danimal

    does anyone remember dave saying jay or somebody else recovered from paralysis using these devices?

    • RichC

      podcast #27 w/Dr. Terry Wahls. She was wheelchair bound w/severe MS.

  • pantograph

    Both my wife and I found this podcast very unsatisfying. What little information was presented was very nebulous. It seemed like an infomercial. Definitely not up to typical Bulletproof standards.

  • dbr

    Thanks for the bulletproof diet. Thanks for the info on so much like the electrical stimulation brain nutrition etc. It looks like the rich have an amazing oppertunity for amazing advancements. Hopefully someday the rest of us can afford to advance like this.

  • In regards to podcast #35. Can someone with a pacemaker still have the electric stimulation preformed on the brain?

  • dbr

    I would love to read the articles/reports that started him in this direction as I also, as he did in the beginning, have no access to the equipment and probably never will have. However I would love to strive for the same success he experienced through the application of his studies. Where can these documents be found and are they in English?

  • EvoCamps

    Any and all who are interested in learning more about Neurological Training from Jay and Evo UltraFit, there are two excellent upcoming opportunities:

    1. Neurological Efficiency Webinar: July 11, 2013 7:30pm CST http://wp.me/P3cfP6-3n

    2. Nervous System Training Camp: August 2-3, 2013 Minnesota http://wp.me/P3cfP6-1g

  • Brian

    Sorry so late to add my two cents. I’m 54, I travel with my POV eery where I do, I compete in masters athletic events. My life and my entire family’s life is changed as a result of using the POV and following the athletic training. My son found all this while in high school playing football. He was good but not great, in all the years following, he was never injured, not once. He was in tune with his mind and body. His final year of football he was pre season all american. Is it cheap, depends what this state of health is worth to you. Do you pay $100 for a massage? One of my friends is a retired school teacher, it’s worth every penny to him vs the choice of back surgery and never another round of golf. THose other products will not and do not accomplish that same. I’ve tried them at meets as others have tried my POV. Not even close. My wife has broken her ankle and hip, told it would be weeks and months before returning to being active, through the use of the RX, was walking without cast on the broken ankle in days and swimming after the hip fracture in weeks. I was born on the farms so easy for me to be skeptical, not anymore.

  • Kelly LeBlanc

    Could the preparation for training mentioned in this podcast be used to help people who naturally have more active/reactive nervous systems? For instance to improve sleep and hormone balance issues caused by being able to process so much more information from their environment? Assuming that improving sleep and hormone balance in highly sensitive (nervous system) people will naturally improve their ability to process more information more easily and prevent future issues.

  • guest

    Jay Schroeder is a great person behind the Ultra Fit and EvoSport. so did I expect to be successful promoting obat untuk mengatasi wanita frigid

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