Paul Jaminet: The Perfect Health Diet – #34

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Paul Jaminet. Ph.D. was an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, became a software entrepreneur during the Internet boom, and now provides strategic advice to entrepreneurial companies while pursuing research in economics. Paul’s experience overcoming a chronic illness has been key to his views of aging and disease, and in writing his new book Perfect Diet Solution.

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Over the next several weeks on Bulletproof radio, there will only be a cool fact of the day, and an interview.  After the conference, on January 17-19, 2013, there will be an hour long show of Q & A, and then the show will resume in full.

What We Cover

  • Paul Jaminet’s origins, where his interest came from for a natural diet (~1:15)
  • How important for people to understand the evolution and biology of the food they eat? (including vitamin D, nutrient deficiencies thoughts on self-experimentation variables, optimization of your own health) (~8:12)
  • Now, the Bulletproof Diet focuses eating a high amount of fat, a fairly high amount of protein, and avoiding processed carbs like bread, grains, and sugar. It focuses on eating what is natural and minimizing mycotoxins that come in low-quality foods. Can you explain how your diet in your book “Perfect Health Diet” is similar and how it differs? (~16:02)
  • In part 4 of your book you go into detail about supplements. What are your daily recommendations? (~19:50)
  • What about Rheumatoid Arthritis and nightshades (potato and tomato)? (~24:00)
  • Liver, health benefits, and cooking (~26:50)
  • Eggs, particularly allergies (~29:31)
  • We discuss sleep hacking a lot here at the BulletproofExec Blog; can you share with us the importance of circadian rhythms and optimal sleep? (including immune system) (~31:58)
  • What are your top three recommendations for someone who wants to be as powerful and high performance in all aspects of life? (~36:21)
  • Where can people learn more about you and your work? (~40:04)

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By Dave Asprey

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  • MT_Dreams

    Although Paul is not into as many body & mind hacks as others either commenting or featured on this site, he’s definitely the best person out there for regular people trying to get back to health. His book is very comprehensive & has lots of science to back it up. Dave I truly appreciate your podcasts, it’s good for people to diversify their health intellect with the many respected minds in the field.

  • Jon

    I would really like to add you to my feed list but your RSS will not work in my catchers? I use beyondpod and Open Air.

    • Dallas79

      Same issue here; there’s no direct link to just the podcast RSS.

  • Mike

    What service are you using for the “monthly vitamin and hormone testing” for 3 years that costs about $1000 — as you mention in the podcast? I’d like to get in on that.

    • JasonHooper

      Why not just get your family doctor to order the tests so that it will be covered by your insurance?

      • Anybody heard about this yet? I’m really interested in hearing more about this. Regular testing like that would be very helpful.

    • Jordan

      I had the same question. Definitely interested in this.

    • jared

      Did anyone get a response on this? I’d like more info as well. Thanks!

    • zak

      I have the same question

  • Michael A

    Glad you got back into the podcasts, Dave! They were a great resource
    for me when I first started paleo. Very good for listening at work or in
    the car. I bought my first Bulletproof coffee as a thanks for the podcasts, I’m glad you’ve kept at it 🙂

  • Shannon

    I may have missed this (though i listened a few times but kept getting distracted by work), but did he name the less expensive vibration plate he uses? The one that he can move from room to room? Thanks!

  • Lenny

    Hey dave, I’m a long time listener of the podcast and I really liked this episode as well as the joe rogan experience podcast episode you did. I am trying to streamline and simplify my supplementation and I know your not a huge fan of multi vitamins. I came across one that looked very good. What do you think of Designs for health complete multi with copper (iron free)? It is a 6 pill per day multi. Thanks for your input

    • JasonHooper

      Do not take that. Just take D3, magnesium, and iodine. Fairly streamline, right?

  • What brand of desicatted liver do you use?

    • Michael A

      I know many people who take UniLiver. It is available in every health food store and online and it is pretty cheap!

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  • Brock in HK

    The taste of Bulletproof Liposomal Glutathione is tolerable, but Liver is disgusting? I think Dave’s taste buds need hacking.

    • Michael A

      I agree, properly cooked liver is tasty!

  • Jack117
  • Jesse

    there is no such thing as the Perfect diet. Everyones constitution is different. Eating organ meats is definitely not perfect. Personally I am a holistic nutritionist and have been vegan for 15 years and I am thriving just fine without all the alnimal products this guy is suggesting. Using the “perfect health diet” label is just bullshit marketing.

    • Michael A

      If you are against animal meats then why visit the site and insult the diet? You are clearly of a different mind set than most of us, which is OK. Your body is your body and I am glad you have found a diet that makes you feel good. But it gives you no right to insult a diet that has helped other people feel good.

    • zak

      dude chill out. thanks for your perspective but stfu.

  • Matt Walrath

    Dave, if you want a good option to get in 1/3lb. of liver per week without having to taste that nasty, gamey awful offal try this: ask your local source for beef to make you a 90%chuck/10%liver grind. I’ve been eating a half to full pound per week raw by rolling it in a himalayan salt/smoked paprika/thyme mix and eat 2lbs cooked rare as seasoned burgers. This will help you get in Paul’s recommendation of 1/3lb liver per week without having to choke down liver and onions. That stuff sucks, even when you drain it and soak it in milk overnight.

  • Sarah Honor

    when your head hurts, you take pill for headache, and PUFF, the head is clear and stable … till the next time. Well, it’s basically the same with the weight-loss supplements; you’re loosing weight while your taking them! After that if you get back to your old eating habits, for sure you’ll get that weight back, in the speed of light unfortunately! Read some more:

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