Dr. Jonathan Wisor, Ph.D.: Hack Your Sleep – #31

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Dr. Wisor is one of the foremost researchers on sleep and nervous system function.  His laboratory is funded by both the Department of Defense and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to apply molecular genetic and biochemical techniques to study sleep.

Dr. Wisor comes on the show today to talk about how you can use biochemistry and the latest research to improve sleep and your quality of life.


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What We Cover

  1. What does sleep deprivation do to the body?
  2. What would you say is the most common cause of sleep deprivation?
  3. What are some of the best ways people can improve their sleep?
  4. Is it important to sync your sleep with your circadian rhythm?  If so, what happens when you don’t?
  5. Assuming you get enough sleep, does it matter when it occurs?  Is there any benefit from waking with the sun and going to be at dusk versus being a night owl?
  6. How can medications or drugs interfere with sleep?
  7. How does chronic or acute stress affect sleep?
  8. What do you think of the Zeo sleep monitor?  Have you tried one?
  9. Why is sleep important for athletes or active people?  If someone was working out a lot, and restricting sleep (partly to workout), is the exercise doing more harm than good?
  10. What role do genetics play in sleep needs?
  11. How does sleep (and sleep loss) effect growth and development in kids?
  12. Have you done any research or looked at how sleep might be improved with cranial electrostimulation?
  13. How can nutrient deficiencies (like magnesium) impair sleep?
  14. Are there any supplements that help sleep?
  15. How does sleep affect memory and intelligence.
  16. What is dreaming, and why do we do it?
  17. You did a study on the effects of methamphetamine and Modafinil on the sleep/wake cycles of mice.  How did these drugs affect the mice, and how might these results be relevant for humans?
  18. Can sleep deprivation cause inflammation in the brain?  If so, can this turn into a perpetual cycle where sleep loss = inflammation, and inflammation = sleep loss?
  19. What are your top three recommendations for someone who wants to be as powerful and high performance in all aspects of life?
  20. Where can people learn more about you and your work?

Links From The Show


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The Bulletproof Biohacking Conference mentioned for September has been postponed until after the New Year.

Listener Q & A Summary

  1. Is doing [the rapid fat loss protocol] for 75 days going to decrease muscle or cause other adverse effects?
  2. Is it ok to do the Bulletproof Rapid Fat loss Protocols and high intensity exercise?
  3. How and why it’s a good idea to cycle fasting and eating Bulletproof.
  4. Once I stop fasting, will eating make me gain weight/lose muscle/have adverse health issues, even if I eat Paleo/Organic?
  5. Will there be days that suck? What can I expect?  I need to drop 100, though 120 would be better.
  6. Would taking an appetite suppressant, such as Hoodia or HCG assist in the process?
  7. Are things going to sag?

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By Dave Asprey

  • b-nasty

    Did you remove the ability to download as a simple MP3? I don’t own any apple products, but I like to d/l the episodes to play while hitting the weights. Thanks!

    • Ted

      You can load itunes on your non apple pc and subscribe to this podcast. From there you can burn it to a cd if you like and then put it on your MP3 player. One possibility with an extra step.

    • A. Bright

      link added

    • I use Pocket Casts for Android, and it works fine. This podcast is in their directory.

  • Tom

    Subscribing to the podcast via RSS is somewhat messy – I’m constantly getting empty/abandoned entries. Could you tinker with that ?

    • Clay

      if you have an iPhone, an app like Downcast works really well for automatically downloading podcasts.

  • HeightG

    You keep on talking about caloric restrictions but the recent news showed that caloric restriction doesn’t seem to give the longevity people have been talking about for so long. that study seemed to have crushed the idea.

    • Guest

      I don’t recall caloric restriction being mentioned in this podcast, however protein restriction was mentioned.

  • Clay

    Is there a preference on the type of melatonin? I’ve always used sublingual tablets.

  • Sameer Jain

    Alexis mentioned that she strove to eat Bulletproof while traveling. Can you elaborate on how to do that? Thanks!

  • Anyone took the vigilance test? I don’t seem to be able to get a score under 300!

  • Mia

    Hi guys! LOVE the podcasts! Would love to hear you interview Bruce Lipton! All the best

    • Dave Asprey

      Ok he’s on the list!

      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

  • Rick P

    @BetterBaby:disqus, you mentioned drinking san pellegrino for the sulphate, could you talk more about this? Maybe address it in more detail in your next podcast or write a blog about it?

    • Garrett K

      Sulphate is good for nervous system functioning. Something you could also consider is floating in a Floatation Tank. Epsom Salt is MgSO4 (Magnesium Sulphate), and both the magnesium & sulphate absorb through your skin at a very good rate. Better, actually, than through your digestive system 🙂 Plus floating has a host of other benefits, as well.

  • Don

    glad I found you through the Rogan Experience podcast. Questions. Wellness FX isn’t offered in my area yet. I am going to start the bulletproof diet, yet want blood work done first. What do you recommend. Also, if you are familiar with the nutrition company Youngevity, do you mind talking about some of the company’s claims, especially about their exclusive mineral source rights? Also, what do you know about the Gene SMP DNA ananlysis? I Am in the process of scheduling coaching with Dave. I really believe the bulletproofexec blog is what I have been looking for, for a really long time. Thanks.

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  • Sensei

    man you should have a download option

    • Dave Asprey

      There is one! It’s in the Biohacker toolbox!

      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

      • Takeru

        The doctor provides cases for sleeping at east 7h, and negative examples of sleeping 4-5h a night. How do you manage to sleep 5h and avoid this?

  • Sensei

    JK didnt see it until now

  • Great episode.

    Who else is having trouble falling asleep on time on the weekends? Haha!

    • Garrett K

      Journal 🙂 It’s your body and mind’s way of telling you, “Start writing stuff down, yo! Wear your blueblockers and rock out with the pen (or with some art)” Get it out of your head, and onto paper! It’s what I do 🙂

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