Nikola Tesla’s “Health Ray” – Justin Brost of Energetic Fitness #374

By: Dave Asprey

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Was Nikola Tesla’s rumored “Death Ray” in fact a “Health Ray?” It just might have been! Dave welcomes Energetic Fitness founder Justin Brost to the podcast to talk about the technology Tesla invented over a hundred years ago. A device that he believed could extend human life to 250-years. This radical scientific machine is said to have the ability to recharge mitochondria, and in the process, heal the human body by helping its cells perform at their optimal level, thereby decreasing the development of diseases and cancers. Justin reveals the science behind the “Tesla Health Ray,” and his journey to recreate the technology and make it accessible to the world.

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Justin:                     Bulletproof Radio; a state of high performance.

Dave:                        You’re listening to Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey. Here at Bulletproof labs where I test out all this crazy bio-hacking gear and this is one of the episodes that I’m filming live, not over Skype. The cool fact of the day, before we get into who our guest is and what sort of crazy technology you’re about to hear about, the cool fact of the day is that the core of the earth, we think, is made of iron and nickel and it generates a pretty powerful magnetic field. Which is a good thing, it runs between the two poles. The only thing is the magnetic field isn’t constant and it varies about every 10,000 or so years, it flips. You’re dealing with something that at some parts of that cycle is very strong and some parts of that cycle is very weak. We’re at a very low part of the cycle so the magnetic field of the earth is less than it has been say a few thousand years ago and at some point there will probably be a pole flip.

So that’s a pretty cool thing to know about because our bodies are magnetically sensitive, especially our mitochondria. We know animals, we know people are magnetically sensitive. There are things you can sleep on with magnets and I’ve been using pulse-electrical magnetic fields with very noticeable effects for a very long time in my own bio-hacking.

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Dave:                        Today’s episode is with Justin Rost from Energetic Fitness Systems. Justin has created a Tesla light that donates electrons to your mitochondria, just very interesting things and if you get a chance to tune into this live on youtube, you can go to to find the channel. You’ll actually see me holding this big, glowing, neon-charged light bulb and sort of charging myself up. It’s pretty dramatic stuff. In the meantime though, if you’re driving right now or you are sitting at work and you’re listening to Bulletproof Radio, A: thank you and B: we’ll talk about everything that people who are seeing who are watching the videos so you don’t miss out on anything like that.

So Justin, welcome to the show and thanks for coming up to Vancouver Island.

Justin:                     Yeah, thank you for having me.

Dave:                        Now what made you get into Tesla stuff?

Justin:                     Oh geez. Commercial financing.

Dave:                        I see the connection between commercial financing and Tesla.

Justin:                     Yeah, it’s obvious. No, I did commercial financing for a number of years and actually I was introduced to a potential client and he had some really bizarre equipment he was showing me and I thought, wow this is really interesting and I had had some problems with my neck and I tried it and it was like … I felt better. The problem we found out was is one; the equipment we were seeing, about a third of the units actually caught on fire and burned up.

Dave:                        Slight problem.

Justin:                     Little problem. You’re supposed to relax while you’re doing this.

Dave:                        I have to say this, this wasn’t Samsung was it?

Justin:                     No. No, no, no. Had to pop that one, didn’t you? The other thing was, what you held onto was a round, fluorescent bulb. Now fluorescent has a drop of mercury and it gives of mercury radiation and you’re holding onto this thing and not good.

There’s benefits, but there’s also big problems with it. From that we took a number of steps and it was … There was a number of people who were declaring responsibility as being the inventor or innovator, whatever. It just so happened we, one night flipped on the learning channel and there was a three hour documentary on Nikola Tesla. First picture we saw was a drawing of this man holding this globe and it was Mark Twain, okay? I kind of went, okay wait a minute, that’s basically stuff we’ve been looking at. Started doing a lot of research, found out later that Tesla had actually developed this in 1897. That was how we got to it.

Dave:                        It’s interesting, there’s a rich history that most people don’t know about but Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife was another early pioneer in electrical fields. The infrastructure we have today, those guys and Edison, they all were bio-hackers. The Bulletproof vibe that I make came out of basically Tesla and Rife’s work on vibrating the body. It’s remarkable that 120 years ago, people were saying the human body is electrical and then in about the 20s and 30s when the American Medical Association was established. The guy who founded it, his name was Lawrence Fishburn, if I remember right. He went to, in this case it was Rife not Tesla and said, “I want to buy the rights to your electrical healing devices.” And when Rife said no thanks, the result was within a year there were thugs breaking in and smashing devices and burning libraries, like burnign research libraries. Literally, they destroyed a lot of that work.

There was a divergence in our perception of ourselves and it went almost all chemicals, like we’re biochemical. But what was really happening is we’re simultaneously chemical, and if you don’t believe me, try some cyanide. We are also, at the same time, electrical, and if you don’t believe me go stuck on a 220 volt. These are both present. There’s magnetic and there’s light and there’s other interactions as well, we just ignored all this. When I got a chance to meet Justin at the Bulletproof conference where you were exhibiting and to try this thing out … This is really neat stuff and I want to talk about this in a broader platform on Bulletproof Radio just because that history is missing between what Rife and Edison and Tesla were doing, that they were-

Justin:                     Well then you’ve also got George Lakhovsky in there too. Tesla and Lakhovsky did a lot of work together. It was interesting because Tesla’s theory was if people could maintain their optimum energy level, that they could live to be 200, 250 years old.

Dave:                        I think they can.

Justin:                     I remember, I used to have people ask me, “How long do you think you’re going to live?” And I’d say, “I’m going to live to 120 years old.” I ran into a lady one time and she, “How old do you think you’re going to be?” And I said, “I think I’ll be 120 years old.” And she looked at me and said, “Well that’s a rather limiting thought.”

Dave:                        Amen.

Justin:                     It kind of made me just boom, changed my whole thought pattern.

Dave:                        So how old do you plan to live now?

Justin:                     I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Dave:                        I’ve probably said 180 plus. I don’t believe that that’s impossible. There are things that I have no control over, like pianos falling out of the sky, car accidents, very big toxic exposures that basically kill you. Those things are more common then not and if you do everything right and you ear protecting your mitochondria and preventing them from becoming old, you actually can not only live longer but you can avoid all of the degenerative diseases that come from mitochondrial dysfunction.

Justin:                     Yes. There’s also some physics that get involved.

Dave:                        Do tell.

Justin:                     There’s a term in physics that I … The first time I read it, I have to admit I went, “What?” It was kind of strange, but it gets into what’s called time reversal, okay? The first time I saw the term time reversal, I thought, “Okay wait a minute, this thing’s a time machine.” Then I got talking to a physicist about it, a PHD and she said, “No, it’s not like a time machine.”

Dave:                        That sounds a little bit wacky, to be honest.

Justin:                     Yeah, hold on to a [inaudible 00:09:54] put your feet on the plate and then you go vrrp.

Dave:                        Back to the dinosaurs! The Sleestacks are here!

Justin:                     How about no. The theory is that it would trans-mutate your cells back to a previous state.

Dave:                        So it puts them at a younger state.

Justin:                     Correct. Like cancer, okay? Most people nowadays, allopathic medicine is you have a cancer cell, this cancer cell grows, it takes over your body and it kills you. Antoine Peoria back in the 70s said, “No, cancer is a normal healthy cell that the energy level got so low that now it’s gone out of control.” It can’t control itself. It’s mutated. It just grows. So his theory was if you can apply the right energy to those cells, why not instead … Doing what we call CPR which is cut, poise, and radiate. Trans-mutate those cells back to a normal, healthy state. But your whole body is like that. Even an injury is a serious of mutated cells that have been injured. Now what happens if you can trans-mutate those back and heal them quicker?

Dave:                        One of the really interesting things that I came across in the research for Headstrong, the new book that’s coming out in April on mitochondria and the brain, that … I didn’t know this, even though the guy who did the research has spoken at the anti-aging research group that I run. But 48% of people under age 40 have mitochondrial dysfunction. In other words, their cells or the batteries or the power-plants in your cells aren’t making energy efficiently and pretty much everyone over age 40 has mitochondrial insufficiency. They call that aging. If you can address that issue via all the different things that we know affect things, you turn back the clock.

There are other things like telomeres in cells and there’s lots of other clock things that happen, but here’s the deal: if your cells can very effectively make use of oxygen and food and light, you are going to live longer. You are not going to have the decline that is a part of what we expect with aging. I have no interest in being a 180 years old and looking and acting 180 years old. My goal is to be 180 years old and look and act like I’m in my mid-30s. That’s the goal and if I only make it to 120 like my mid-30s, dude I won.

Justin:                     Yeah, people say, “Oh god, why would you want to be 150 years old walking around like an ehhh or laying in bed for 40 years,” and that’s not the idea. The idea is to be alive and vibrant, functioning like you are now.

Dave:                        I believe that in order to achieve those goals, if your mitochondria dysfunctional, you’re not going to make it. If they are functional, there’s probably a lot of other stuff you need to do.

Justin:                     Well, yeah. You start talking about mitochondria dysfunction, what that study said, 45%. Go back to what we were talking about earlier, when you look at the earth’s magnetic field, historically that’s where we’ve gotten a lot of our energy from is from the planet itself. It’s like a giant Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator.

Dave:                        Most listeners don’t know what that is. I’ve actually owned an MWO. Talk about who Lakhovsky was, you talked about that a little bit and what’s an MWO and why should people care that the earth is one of those.

Justin:                     George Lakhovsky was one where you had Royal Rife on one side who was developing the Rife machine. His idea was to use specific frequencies to destroy, so to kill bacteria or parasites.

Dave:                        Like a surgical intervention. You go in, you do strike against something, you kill it.

Justin:                     Correct. It was kind of like a tonal version of CPR, okay? Now Lakhovsky looked at it and said, “The body is made up of frequencies,” and Ill take a break here. If you think of an atom, every atom has a specific set of frequencies. They go out five to eight decimal places, okay? If you take a group of atoms, you put together what’s called a molecule, no what you’ve done is you’ve combined all these frequencies so it’s like a chord. Now you take all these molecules, put them together and create the mitochondria of a cell, create … Take all the different parts of the cell and put them together. What you end up with is give or take, a million different frequencies. You’ll notice that you take all those frequencies, they don’t add up to be 32.4 hertz which is a lot of the modern equipment today that’s all digital equipment, that’s what they try and say. If you use 32.4 hertz, it’s going to help blah or 64.2 hertz is going to help this. How?

Lakhovsky saw that back then. His idea was to create a piece of equipment that put out a massive range of frequencies and what he had were two plates, one sat on either side and would put out this huge range of frequencies. You’d sit in the middle and your body would pick up what it needed. That was his theory. His idea was to boost the body’s amplitude, okay?

Dave:                        Amplitude is the height of a wave.

Justin:                     Yeah, if you think of a wave, the way they measure it is from peak to peak. The height is the amplitude.

Dave:                        Is it the power of the wave?

Justin:                     Yeah, so when you crank up your stereo, you’re not changing the frequencies all you’re changing is the amplitude. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re not trying to change your frequencies, we’re not affecting your frequencies at all. I love this. A lot of the rural people, they come out and say “We’re going to raise your frequencies.” Thank you, I like my frequencies right where they’re at.

Dave:                        I don’t know what that even means anyway.

Justin:                     I like my frequencies where they’re at. You can raise my amplitude all day long, that’s good. But don’t be playing with my frequencies.

Dave:                        It’s actually kind of funny. This difference between frequency which is like how many times per second something happens and how strongly it happens, which is the height of these things. Biologically, it really matters. From doing the 40 years of zen program, I’ve raised the amplitude of my brain waves, at least certain brain waves at certain frequencies, by about four times. Which means when I’m working on something, there’s more power in there which is really a beneficial thing to be able to do but if I raise the wrong frequencies, I’d probably be drooling on myself.

Justin:                     If you change your frequencies, you most definitely would probably be drooling on yourself.

Dave:                        If you change them pathologically or if I have inefficient frequencies. I did, I increased my alpha. I have more alpha brain waves then I did and they’re higher amplitude. But those were the right ones and if I increased my beta, it would have been a little too amp-y and aggressive. Both of them matter and here you’re saying, you’re not going to tell the body what frequency to change, which is what normal frequency technologies would do, you’re just going to say whatever you got, I want you to have more of it. Am I getting that?

Justin:                     You do. What’s real interesting is, there’s equipment out there that actually looks at voltages of cells.

Dave:                        Yeah, I’ve got some over there.

Justin:                     Okay. It’s really interesting because you end up with places where if they test you, and we’ve done this before … Where this voltages are too high, these are too low, whatever. And what ends up happening when you do this, is the ones that are too low end up being raised so they’re where they’re supposed to be but the ones that are too high end up coming down to a more normal range.

Dave:                        Very cool, so as you get more power in the system, it’s ability to regulate itself increases. If you’re listening to this going what the heck, frequency, power, amplitude. Bottom line is, depending on how you look at us, we are a collection of wave forms, a collection of frequencies and that’s not woo woo, the secret … Let’s all go to an ashram kind of stuff. That’s-

Justin:                     Pure physics.

Dave:                        It’s just physics. It’s just not obvious when you look at it. We have our very limited perception of the world and we have what we know about the world because we’ve inferred it and the fact that you can use something like this and you can feel the difference and it’s not the placebo difference, it’s like if someone smacks you upside the head with a stick … There isn’t a placebo effect. You can actually have a knowable effect from something that is not subtle and this is one of those things where people feel really different when they do it. And I know because I have one.

Justin:                     Well it’s actually … You talk about the placebo effect and early, or very early on, we had a gentleman who called us up, wanted to order a piece of equipment. I asked him, I said, “Why do you want it?” He goes, “None of your business.” And I thought, wow okay. He says, “I have three different people telling me I need to get one of these and so I’m going to get it.” But he was really vague. Okay, fine. He ended up coming over and picking it up and I asked him again what was going on, he wouldn’t tell me until he had it in his car, in the trunk with the lid down and the car locked, then he would tell me what was going on. This was strange.

Dave:                        Some sort of a medical thing? He didn’t want you to tell [crosstalk 00:20:37]

Justin:                     Yeah, he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and he had eight tumors around his neck. I just thought the guy was ex-football player, he had no neck. It went from here to his shoulder. He was going in the following week. He had just had a … The puncher for stem cell.

Dave:                        Yeah, bone marrow, right?

Justin:                     Bone marrow. He told me what was going on, I thought wow okay. He took it and left and I didn’t hear from him. About three weeks later and he said, “Did he ever call you?” And I said, “Yeah, you’re one of the three.” And he says, “Yeah I told him he needed to get one.” He says, “Have you heard back from him?” I say, “Not a word.” He says, “Let’s call him.” Called him up, talked to him and after he saw us, he was scheduled the following week to go in and surgically have his throat opened so he could continue to swallow for at least a little while longer. What he did was, he told us that the first three days he held the bulb on one side of his neck while he was charging. I thought okay. The next three days he did it on the other side of his neck and what he found was that the tumors shrank on the one side. He thought okay, I’ll do it on the other side and they shrank.

I asked him, “As tough a shape as you were in, how could you be so scientific about these?” And he says, “People told me to try it. But in my heart, I knew it was going to make my tumors grow and it was going to kill me faster. That’s why I only did it on one side of my neck at a time.”

Dave:                        He didn’t have a placebo effect going on there.

Justin:                     Had absolutely the opposite. He knew it was going to kill him. I said, “If you knew this thing was going to kill you, why would you even bother using it?” He said, “When you’re ready to die, you’ll try anything.”

Dave:                        It’s really true and he actually did you a favor by putting it in his car before telling you what it was for. Every medical manufacturing company, especially consumer grade medical, has this nightmare. Before I say this, I’m former CTO of a wristband company basis and the first med-tech company I worked with was the very first stick on cardiac monitor back in 2003. I speak from a position of experience. Unless you are in the cancer therapeutics market, if someone brings up the C word, cancer and they tell you they’re going to buy your nutritional supplements, your technology, anything to treat cancer, it raises the specter that then if they die, you’ll be held liable or people will come after you for making a claim about cancer in your device and things like that.

In this case, he did you a big favor, he’s like I’m just going to use it for wellness and didn’t tell you a thing and of course if someone has a medical condition … Dude, it’s your fundamental right to treat your condition however the heck you want and if any government or individual gets in your way and says you’re not allowed to have access to that kind of therapeutics that you chose for yourself, that’s an act of war on your biology. It’s unforgivable. He did you the right favor, instead of saying, “Will it treat cancer?” Absolutely not, no way, no how.

Justin:                     The thing is, we get that all the time. Is this thing going to cure cancer? Is going to heal this or cure that?

Dave:                        Nope, nothing.

Justin:                     The real simple answer is no. This does not treat or cure anything. I’m not saying that for the FDA or the governmental agencies that may listen to this. It’s the truth because this doesn’t heal anything. All we’re trying to do is give ht body the energy is needs. Literally. The physical energy it needs so it can operate optimally. Sometimes things get better. We’ve had people with cancer, bought one of these, thought it would save their life, and died.

Dave:                        I don’t want people listening … And I’m seeing a lot of cancer right now, it’s actually scary. Like family friends and people, young people getting cancer. It’s pretty disturbing. Don’t go out and do this thinking it’s going to cure your cancer but if you do want to remain well or move to a state of wellness, increasing energy in the cells via all of the possible ways should be on your list of venues. That’s nutritional, that’s getting more sleep, it’s stress, and it’s magnets there’s one thing you can do that helps. Earthing which we can talk about, in fact I want to get your opinion on that. Earthing at least has worked and can work now. Technologies like this, there’s a whole spectrum of things that you use to just make the body do what it was supposed to do because the world we’re living in today isn’t the world that we necessarily evolved in.

Justin:                     No it’s really changed a lot. You’ve got everything from processed food, the poisons in your food to poisons in the air to dramatically reduced electro-magnetic field as in minus 50 micro-Tesla scale.

Dave:                        Let’s talk about that a bit. The cool fact of the day, in the show today, I talked about how our magnetic fields change in shape and size and … In fact, in the room right here off camera, I have a computer controlled brain magnetic stimulator that uses very specific patterns of stimulation to put your brain in altered states. There’s a warning on there that says go to this website, look at the state of geo-magnetic flux of the earth and you won’t get the results you want if you use this during a magnetic storm. You have to look at the space weather before you can manipulate your brain with magnetic fields. We are that sensitive to these fields. This isn’t common knowledge but it is real.

Justin:                     We actually have a link to that website off our website because I’ve watched that daily, almost.

Dave:                        The space weather?

Justin:                     I’m obsessive. For the last 15, almost 20 years and what’s interesting is even five years ago it would take a solid M class flare. A solid M class-

Dave:                        This is a solar flare, it sounds like.

Justin:                     Right. Before we would see anything close to a storm, a solar storm recorded on earth. Now all of this being done on the mountain top in Colorado, all the monitoring. Where it gets interesting is now, about three weeks ago I think, we had five, six days almost straight of storm registering five, six rating. What caused it was a little tiny blip on the sun that wouldn’t even come close to registering as an M class flare. Anything on the sun is now hitting our planet because that depleted magnetic field … It’s now hitting us. That’s why we’re seeing the northern light, aurora borealis-

Dave:                        I saw some last night, it was actually kind of cool.

Justin:                     Yeah, we’re seeing that so far south because the magnetic field’s not there to keep it up.

Dave:                        In fact it’s highly unusual to see those here. I’m very close to Vancouver and unless it’s … It’s quite unusual and in the seven or so years I’ve been here, I think I’ve seen them three times. We’ve seen a shift, even over the last few years or so.

This echoes work from Rawlin McCreedy who is a friend who is a head of research at the heart math research institute who runs the global coherence initiative. They’ve embedded a bunch of very sensitive magnetic detectors at different places around the planet to create a very detailed map of the subtle fluctuations of the magnetic field of the earth. You can listen to this and say this is all woo, woo science, like okay. You can say that about chemotherapy as well if you wanted to point fingers at each other. That’s not what I’m here to do. What I would say is there are real scientists with physics degrees and electrical engineering degrees who’ve spent decades looking at this and there are bio-chemists, many of whom you’ve heard on Bulletproof Radio, who have acknowledged this magnetic and electrical interaction with ourselves and what you’re saying is the electrical or the magnetic field of the earth is lower than is has been in thousands of years and that you’re seeing and effect from that and you can mitigate that effect by increasing energy in the body.

Justin:                     According to NASA, the study that NASA did, they put up satellites in 2014, they came out with the results in just over a year ago. The map’s available on the internet and it shows the magnetic fluctuations around the planet. It gets really interesting until you get to the western hemisphere. Almost the whole hemisphere is blue, a fairly dark shade of blue.

Dave:                        Which means what?

Justin:                     Minus 50 on the micro-Tesla scale.

Dave:                        And what would be a healthy number?

Justin:                     Positive 100.

Dave:                        Okay so we’re below zero, basically.

Justin:                     It’s not we’re at zero. Zero’s bad. We’re well below zero, okay?

Dave:                        And why is it just on the west coast?

Justin:                     It’s the whole western hemisphere. It’s South America, Central America, North America. Why? Who knows. It’s just the way the planet is putting it out right now. It’s all dropping, even Europe is low. It’s only around 10 or 15.

Dave:                        If someone’s listening to this and getting alarmed. Number one; don’t get alarmed, number two; what should you do about this? Should you be sleeping on magnets? Should you be gluing a magnet to your shoe? I’m making a joke there, but … What’s the actual-

Justin:                     Duh.

Dave:                        Stick tinfoil hats, we’ve got them two for a buck. What do you do to mitigate this?

Justin:                     Still going this week. Somehow you’ve got to replace that field. That’s what we’re trying to do with this.

Dave:                        But this isn’t a magnetic device. We’re going to show people in minute what it looks like, but it’s got a plasma discharge, there’s a neon bulb that I’m holding, right?

Justin:                     Yeah, but you’ve got to understand how it really works. What we’re doing is we’re creating … First of all, everybody should know, the cell wall of every cell in your body is basically a battery. That’s number one. Number two, you’ve got wave forms, you’ve got frequencies. What a regular wave form is, it’s … The way they measure it’s the number of peaks per second. That’s good. If you think in terms of noise cancelling headphones. What they do is they just, 180 degrees, the opposite, and it cancels out sound.

EM waves are different. Electro-magnetic waves are different. They’re three dimensional. They’re basically a spiral. What we’re doing is we’re putting out two EM waves. One comes through the bulb, one comes through the foot plate.

Dave:                        So when you say EM waves, you’re talking about electro-magnetic waves-

Justin:                     Correct.

Dave:                        -That are different than just magnetic waves.

Justin:                     Correct. They’re way different. That’s the problem. Everybody thinks wave’s is a wave is a wave. It’s not. No, you got various different types. You’ve got the sound wave, you’ve got light wave but an EM wave is not … If you had a magnet and you drilled a hole through the center of it, put a rod through it, and spun it … Did it on it’s axis this way, it would put out an EM field. It would be very minor, but it would be a pulsing EM, a pulsing magnetic wave.

Dave:                        And if it’s just sitting still, it doesn’t do that.

Justin:                     No. If it’s just sitting still, it’s a magnet. That’s all it is. It’s a magnet. When we had a strong EM field being put off by the planet, you could use magnets, certain types of magnets, and see benefits from it; but with this reduction in the earth’s EM field, what we’re seeing is a lot of people have been saying to me that they’re using magnets, they’re doing these different things, they’re earthing, they’re doing all … But they’re noticing that they’re not seeing anywhere near the same results now as they were even five years ago. Even three years ago.

Dave:                        I noticed that. I was probably the first person to talk about earthing as a bio-hacking technology and not a woo, woo out there earth worshiper kind of thing. I noticed that it made a giant difference for jet lag in the mid 2000s when I first started discovering this. It was transformative. I’d fly from San Francisco to London and if I walked barefoot or did yoga in the park, I was fine. If I did yoga in my hotel room, it didn’t work. You had to connect to the earth. And I still have a pillow that’s electrically grounded and I don’t see that big of a difference from it. It’s kind of strange actually

Justin:                     that’s the problem. Anyway, what we’re doing is we’re taking these two EM waves, these electro-magnetic waves. One through the bulb, one through the foot plate so when you turn on, you hold the bulb, put feet on the foot plate, what happens is these waves come together within your system but they’re 180 degrees opposed. They’re totally out of phase. What happens is, instead of noise cancelling headphones, you can’t cancel an EM wave. You can neither create nor destroy energy. First law of thermodynamics. What happens is you set up what’s called the scalar potential or scalar field. Unique properties of scalar is one; it’s not bound by the speed of light. It’s literally instantaneous and two; it will go to every particle within your body or within it’s domain. Which in this case, is within your body. It will go to every atom within your body. Lastly, it will pick up the signal of every particle within it’s domain. It will pick up the frequency, the frequency signal of every atom within your body.

The other aspect is [inaudible 00:37:00]. Plasma acts as a pump. It will actually push. It will push the scalar. What it does, is it takes this field, takes all this information that’s been picked up within you, pushes it back into the system where it’s amplified through our frequency module, goes back through the bulb. We’re not changing frequencies, we’re not trying to create new frequencies, we’re not trying to say we’re going to run 32.4 hertz for you, all we’re doing is we’re taking the frequencies of your body and every person’s different, amplify them and put them back in.

Dave:                        The way this device works … I’m going to vet this, one of the guys backing Bulletproof is chief technology officer and patent holder on some of my conductor design stuff, one of the most brilliant hardcore science guys I know. I will be running all this past him. I actually think he’s going to be really interested in this.

My feet are on some relatively heavy glass panels, that’s an EFS for Energetic Fitness Systems obviously. Or electrical frequencies, just kidding. It’s Energetic Fitness Systems. And you were kind enough to bring the extra large ones to accommodate my size 16 hobbit feet.

Justin:                     They’re not hairy.

Dave:                        They’re not hairy, good thing I shave them. I’m kidding. I don’t shave my feet. That would be bizarre. Now what’s in these panels? They’re connected by a wire to this big machine.

Justin:                     The glass you’ve got your feet on, the underside of the glass is pure silver. It’s 97% [inaudible 00:38:44]. It’s pure silver. The reason they’re heavy is basically the base that goes under it. We designed these for pro-sports.

Dave:                        I could stand on this and it won’t break.

Justin:                     You could stand on it, jump up and down. You could hold two or three people on your shoulders and jump up and down and you wouldn’t break it.

Dave:                        This is a brand new piece of equipment in the labs here, it’s good to know I’m not going to break it that way.

Justin:                     We’ve had pro-football players. We had a pro-football player standing on a plate while a second guy came and jumped on his back.

Dave:                        So I’m fine.

Justin:                     It was on shag carpet that thick.

Dave:                        I have a really solid plate with silver backing on glass. Why silver and why glass? This is connected by a wire, the silver is connected to the machine?

Justin:                     Yep, the silver’s what’s connected. It sets up the circuit. It’s a static field. When you hold this, your feet are on the plate, you feel it, you complete the circuit through your body.

Dave:                        What I’m going to be hiding here is … I’m coughing a little bit because there’s a little bit of an ozone corona discharge that I … I was doing this a lot earlier and my hands smell a little bit like ozone. This is neon filled bulb, looks like an antique light bulb with the big cord coming out of it that goes into this machine and the machine is the EFS 300 pro, this is the one that has the high speed thing. Or high powered settings. Now I’m going to hold the bulb carefully and I’m going to step on the switch.

Justin:                     You want to lift your other foot too.

Dave:                        Okay.

Justin:                     Go ahead turn-

Dave:                        Now when I turn around with my feet off the glass thing, I feel a bit of tingling in my arms and if I touch my feet … You can probably hear that. I have no idea what it’s doing to the audio, but I’m going to hold this bulb so that on the camera you can actually see when I hold the bulb my hands, just the part of the bulb touches my fingers has a gas discharge and so I … Like the neon is glowing and my fingers feel tickly a little bit. Very different than doing say, electrical stimulation which I also do for my mitochondria. Now I would hold it … Can I just put it anywhere on my body?

Justin:                     Yeah.

Dave:                        Like I can run it over my arm or something?

Justin:                     Yeah, if you’ve got-

Dave:                        Oh that’s cool.

Justin:                     If you have a pulled muscle, you can put it there, if you hurt your shoulder, put it up on your shoulder.

Dave:                        If I want to make myself smarter, can you … Can I hold it to my head, is it going to help.

Justin:                     Put it on your brain. I actually … Sometimes I’ll get a sinus acting up, I’ll put it on my face and I’ve actually just planted it right over my eyeball. Closed my eyes and just planted it right there.

Dave:                        Can I try it right now?

Justin:                     I don’t care.

Dave:                        Whoa. All right, that’s very blink-y.

Justin:                     That’s a technical term.

Dave:                        We have it on the high setting too.

Justin:                     Yeah, I’ve never done that before on the high setting.

Dave:                        I smell … My nervous system carries a lot of current because I run high currents, electrical stem, so I’ve myelinated my nervous system. I am feeling the ozone discharge from this, is that normal?

Justin:                     The other part of it is the ozone’s coming off the contact points of your feet and your hands and the fact you’ve got-

Dave:                        These giant feet.

Justin:                     Hobbit feet. You’ve got a lot of surface there.

Dave:                        I should turn a fan on when I do this.

Justin:                     You’re probably putting off more ozone than most people.

Dave:                        All right, you heard it here first. Ozone is my super power.

Justin:                     Gotta say. Now one thing I want to do with you real quick-

Dave:                        Now most people are just listening, so we’ve got to describe it for them. If you can, turn in on youtube or we’ll probably have this on Facebook but this thing is awesome. My hand is glowing, it’s like I have. Oh wow, zoom in on that thing. You can actually see the veins on my hand fluoresce. They’re not veins, they’re ligaments probably. It looks like I’m … Who’s the guy who shoots … Iron Man. No. This is more like an X-Men kind of thing. It’s cool.

Justin:                     What’s interesting is I’ve had people with their broken fingers that will use this and you can see. It will light up right where the break is. That can be pretty cool. Don’t … Hey! You don’t have much of a hold on it.

Dave:                        That’s kind of strong on the back of my neck.

Justin:                     Yeah you don’t have much of a hold on it.

Dave:                        How do I do? Do I have to hold the glass or?

Justin:                     Yeah. Don’t let go of it!

Dave:                        I sense that if I let go, bad things will happen. And if I let go, it’s going to shock me, basically.

Justin:                     Oh yeah.

Dave:                        And then I’m likely to job and break the bulb. Are replacement bulbs expensive for these things?

Justin:                     Yeah.

Dave:                        This is a custom glass blown-

Justin:                     Yeah, they’re all … When we get the glass blasts then we send it off and it’s a 10, actually it’s a 13 step process to get it to where-

Dave:                        To get it full of neon.

Justin:                     -And to get it back to where you are now.

Dave:                        Let’s hope that I don’t break this one because this is my latest piece of crazy, Frankenstein level bio-hacking equipment. I’m going to turn it off because I’m guessing it’s irritating to listen to for people driving.

Justin:                     We’re going to do one thing real quick.

Dave:                        What should we do?

Justin:                     Lift that leg up, put it straight out in front of you. Now do big ankle rolls, both directions. The other. Now shake the leg out really hard. Hard. 12 year old girls shake it hard than that, come on man.

Dave:                        Yeah and I’m holding this expensive light bulb.

Justin:                     Like you need … Okay, go ahead and put it down.

Dave:                        It is louder.

Justin:                     Can you feel it stronger?

Dave:                        Why is that?

Justin:                     You’re opening up those energy meridians in your legs. I’ve had people, the first time they do that, they’ll get 50% stronger.

Dave:                        Wow. The concept of energy meridians, if you’re listening to this going oh go, energy meridians. Here’s the deal. I have three licensed acupuncturists working for Bulletproof, not as licensed acupuncturists, or working for Bulletproof or … One of the guys is also a neuroscientist who worked for 40 years with zen. Here’s the deal. There are energetic flows that acupuncturists have been mapping for thousands of years, they’re channels through the collagen in your skin that are conductive in a different way than … The collagen in your skin or in your other tissues, in a different way than your nerves are conducted. They’re real, we can map them, you can see them and you may not know this but if you’re one of the Luddites who still says acupuncture is all hocus pocus, it’s okay you might just want to unsubscribe now if that offends you, or you can listen. I’m good either way.

Justin:                     It’s really interesting. I’ve had people before go, “Oh man,” and I have them do this and have them shake their leg out and they put their foot and they go, “Why is it?” I just told you what it is. “Well yeah, but there’s no such thing.”

Dave:                        Okay, call it magic fairy unicorn juice, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you want to call it, there’s something happening electrically. I definitely felt a difference there. Very cool.

Justin:                     Go ahead and shut her off so you don’t … There you go.

Dave:                        Now I’m feeling a little high, but-

Justin:                     Look at the bulb.

Dave:                        Yeah the bulb got kind of greasy, I didn’t think my hands were that oily.

Justin:                     They’re not. That’s all, that comes out of your skin and it’s erases all of this because of hand lotion, it’s because of this, that-

Dave:                        I don’t have lotion on. My hands smell like ozone. But it is. The bulb is scummy. So what’d I have to wash this with, soap and water?

Justin:                     We’ve got a formula. We use tea tree oil … No, eucalyptus and chlorine with silver.

Dave:                        Very cool. How often should I do this?

Justin:                     I tell people if they’re normal, healthy, everything’s great, two, three times a week. If they’re really athletic, they’re going through training, that kind of thing, you may end up doing it twice a day. You regulate it into your training schedule.

Dave:                        So it depends on your stress level and all.

Justin:                     Yeah. Well we’re working with Olympic athletes. What they’re doing was they would use it about ten minutes before their workouts. It took their warm up and stretching, their whole warm up period from 45 minutes to and hour down to about 10 to 15 minutes. They would go through their full workout until they were ready to drop, shaking all over, body’s acidic, get on it again and usually about the time they got off, they’d check themselves and their body would be back alkaline again.

Dave:                        Interesting.

Justin:                     They’d go back out, do a whole other round of workout then come back in, do it again, they weren’t sore the next day.

Dave:                        This is some pretty powerful stuff. A lot of the bio-hacking technologies that are emerging like this … This isn’t a new concept but this is a new piece of equipment. They tend to be expensive and not that accessible for people which is one of the things I’m working to change. If this was something that everyone wanted, everyone had one in their living room sort of thing, it’d be a different sort of thing but right now these ear like eight to $13,000 depending on what’s going on which is more than most listeners would ever think about for their own use except that there are tens to hundreds to thousands of practitioners or people who are running crossfit boxes, yoga studios, as well as a lot of real western MDs and acupuncturists and naturopaths and things like that where that’s actually cheap for a piece of medial equipment. Is this available for laypeople not just [physician?

Justin:                     Oh yeah. Primarily what we’re looking at for laypeople, like this version here, EFS 350, it only has one setting. It only has our medium setting. $8,000 is cheaper than 13, 5.

Dave:                        So if someone wanted it for home, you could do it but it’s not a $300 device-

Justin:                     No.

Dave:                        If you see it when you log in on youtube, the professional heavy duty model that I have is in a rolling bomb proof case and it’s got a bunch of cords. It’s relatively heavy duty, medical looking equipment and the reason that I’m bringing this up for you is A; I think this conversation is really interesting about what’s going on in the world around us and how it affects our bodies but also B; it’s entirely accessible if there’s someone in your neighborhood who’s running a facility and wants to expand it, you go in there and say look, maybe you should do one of these, no one else has one, it’s pretty cool and people feel a difference, it’s entirely possible that there might be one in your neighborhood next week which is kind of a cool deal.

You mentioned and we decided right at the beginning of the podcast, so I have no idea what it is but it’s some sort of a code. It’s

Justin:                     Right, that’s our website, you can order machines right off there. We’ve got a coupon code, Bulletproof, type it in and you get a meaningful discount. I think you’d be pleased. What we’re trying to do is get these units here to gyms, fitness centers, spas, doctor’s office-

Dave:                        I didn’t think about [crosstalk 00:50:42]

And just to be super clear on this, Justin did give me this unit. They paid to be a sponsor at the Bulletproof conference, I hadn’t tried out the tech. I tried it out there, I really liked it so I invited them up here and said why don’t you guys talk about this on the show so I have the [inaudible 00:51:01] at Bulletproof labs now, I know the tracking, whether this podcast was helpful or not with the coupon code is all good but that’s not my primary motivation to do this site. I think it’s really neat, I wanted one of these pieces of equipment, now I have it and now when people come to visit up here on the island I can share it with them and you guys will see me using this on Facebook and all. It’s part of my relatively massive facility here that I’ve accumulated for things that are, if you’ve been watching me for years, I’m actually looking stronger and younger and better than I did four, five years ago. The things I’m doing are working, I think this is worth adding to my personal stack here. That’s the motivation behind this and just sharing the knowledge with you.

All right, I have one more question for you before we end the show which is, if someone came to you tomorrow and said, “Look I want to preform better at every single thing that I do, I want to be a better human being, what are the three most important pieces of advice you’d have for me?” What would you tell them? It could be from your work, anything you’ve learned from your experience.

Justin:                     Wow. Talk to you?

Dave:                        There’s far more important things to do than that.

Justin:                     I think a lot of it is personal opinion, is really watching what you put into your body. Be really careful about what you eat, what you take and of course we add energy to everything. I think that if your body is energized, it’s going to absorb what you take in. Whether you’re taking in nutrients, nutraceuticals, you’re able to process it better. Another really important thing is sleep. I know form experience. We talked about this a little bit earlier. Two months ago I had a stroke.

Dave:                        I was going to bring that up. Just so you know, this was not a small stroke. This was a meaningful stroke.

Justin:                     Oh yeah, no. It was in the leg and the-

Dave:                        You basically had problems walking, you had disjointed movements in your hands.

Justin:                     I didn’t have problems walking, I couldn’t walk.

Dave:                        Okay, so you were unable to walk two months ago.

Justin:                     Yeah, two months ago. Matter of fact, two months ago yesterday and I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t …. This arm was worthless. I would try and talk, everybody would kind of go … And I couldn’t understand myself, what I was saying.

Dave:                        That is very unusual progress two months after a stroke to be-

Justin:                     Where I am right now is actually where I’ve been for probably about the last three weeks. Is where they thought I’d be at about a year. What I’m starting to see now are the fine motor skills, are starting to come back. In physical therapy they have you trying to write your name and that type of thing and I would get done and look at it and go, not even the pharmacist could read that. You’re writing it big so you could really make it out and now it’s really … I can actually sign my name and I can read it.

Dave:                        Not only that, I just asked you a bunch of questions. I’m interviewing you on camera, two months after a stroke which is an unlikely thing to be doing. That’s a pretty phenomenal recovery and I would believe that a possible thing that could have helped that would be getting your mitochondria working, using your tech just to help your recovery. Not to treat anything like that. On the other hand, you used your technology and you did have a stroke.

Justin:                     Well yeah I did. When we went to the conference-

Dave:                        That was in September, so that was about three months ago.

Justin:                     Yep. How do I put this nicely. Peter, the organizer for the conference, tried to tell me up front that we would be slammed. We’ll be busy-

Dave:                        Slammed with-

Justin:                     With people.

Dave:                        With people who wanted to try your stuff out.

Justin:                     I went yeah, okay. We’ll be fine.

Dave:                        It was a great conference.

Justin:                     He needs to be more aggressive with that term. He needs to go, “You’ll be slammed!” Because we were. It was crazy. When we came back, because I’d run into somebody down there with the flu and spent some time with them. We came back and I was really, really sick for the next week.

Dave:                        Okay so you just got depleted at the conference.

Justin:                     What I did was I did the big no-no. Was I was using over the counter medication to try and get me to where I could breathe and try and function. Which skyrocketed the blood pressure and that’s what did it.

Dave:                        That makes sense.

Justin:                     Now what was interesting was the day before I had my stroke, so I had my stroke on a Tuesday, Monday I charged for probably about 45 minutes. Tuesday, I didn’t. Tuesday night I had my stroke. Wednesday morning I woke up and I was blah. By Wednesday afternoon I could get up and walk with a walker, I was starting to talk better. They sent me home Thursday afternoon. They told me that I was going to be in the hospital for one to two weeks and that I’d be in in-house rehab, so I’d stay at the hospital for rehab for another two weeks and they tested me Thursday afternoon and I didn’t qualify for their rehab. I’d already-

Dave:                        That’s a level of resilience that you’d built into yourself.

Justin:                     This has an accumulative affect on your body’s energy system. The more you use it, you have an accumulative affect. My goal was to get home, to get to this.

Dave:                        Your nervous system is recovering though, that’s phenomenal.

Justin:                     In the last week, the amount of improvement has just been really dramatic.

Dave:                        Well Justin, I think the world needs more, and I say this in the best possible way, crazy, bio-hacking entrepreneurs. I’m happy that you’re able to have the biological resilience to withstand and then recover from a stroke like that, that’s impressive.

Thank you for being on Bulletproof Radio, people can find you one Energetic Fitness Systems on Facebook and you guys have is where you.


Dave:                        Oh sorry. I’ve already said this a couple of times, if you are only going to log in one time on the youtube channel, this might be the one because there’s some pretty cool visuals with the gas discharge from this crazy bulb. From here on out, most evenings when I’m doing my evening bio-hacking session, I’ll see if I can lay in my pulse-electro magnetic frequency mat and charge with this at the same time I’m doing some infra-red therapy.

Justin:                     No.

Dave:                        No, come on.

Justin:                     No, not at the same time.

Dave:                        With some ozone treatment at the same time, come on. You got to stack these things.

Justin:                     No, you don’t want to be around anything that’s-

Dave:                        Conductive.

Justin:                     Yeah.

Dave:                        Gotcha. Well thanks so much for being on the show and for coming up here and I’m really looking forward to becoming even more supercharged.

Justin:                     It was good. Thank you very much.




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33:25 – How EFS works

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