New Warnings About The Bulletproof Diet

Bulletproof Coffee Warning Label
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Please accept my sincere apologies for neglecting to provide you with proper warning of the risks of following the Bulletproof diet. An observant and dedicated reader caught my mistake in not advising you of a couple risks:


You really should put a warning label on your web site.

I’ve lost 75-80 lbs in 6 months. My wife is 16 weeks pregnant ?(with our third) she is 42 and hasn’t been pregnant in 6 years and has also been following the bullet proof diet so something happened…


I haven’t felt this good in a long time!!



PS I bought a new belt

I take pride in ensuring readers’ satisfaction and always appreciate reader comments. Because the Bulletproof Executive blog continuously strives to deliver the highest quality information possible, here is an official Bulletproof Diet warning label:

Bulletproof® Coffee Warning Label

If you have had a similar experience, please share it in the comments below or on our Facebook page. I’m compiling some case studies for the upcoming Bulletproof Diet book, and your experience will help to make it a better book!

Much appreciated – now back to my Bulletproof® Coffee! 🙂

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By Dave Asprey

  • Zoiboil

    Ugh. marketing tricks. So phony.

    • Todd S.

      Yeah, sorry people aren’t inducing actual harm on themselves. If only this article had been about poisonings, deaths, and dangers — then the 2 minutes it took to read may have actually been worth your time. Ugh. Life sucks!

      I’d bet nickel that if “Zoiboil” had woken up to a piping hot cup of Bulletproof coffee this morning, their perspective wouldn’t have been quite so bleak.

      • Food_Athiest

        I agree with Zoiboil. It’s a very misleading title to the post, and I’m sure there are risks to this diet, just like any other, that are worth discussing.

        • Jesse Brown

          Like what? If you think it’s so misleading and risky then back it up with some studies in the peer reviewed literature. All the old fat is bad, whole grains are good for you shibboleths are dying – albeit a slow death. If you are going to criticize a health program based on science and actual results then you’d better have your facts in order.

        • asdf

          It lists raw cashews as good, but technically raw cashews are poisonous. However, most places claiming to sell “raw” cashews are actually selling ones that have been steamed to release the urushiol from them. In the case that someone would attempt to follow a Bulletproof diet, they actually had access to truly raw cashews, and they were unaware of the danger of raw cashews, then someone could be potentially hurt by potentially misleading information. ….but it is unlikely.

    • Other Hand

      Aint no trick!! Same thing happened to me. I went primal 2 years ago. Lost 30 lbs. got my wife pregnant. Twice. I am 44. She is 42. We have two healthy boys and a third on the way. Weight has stayed off and I feel FANTASTIC!!! Lovin my Bulletproof Coffee too, by the way.

  • Same here,have the coffee with half a block of butter in morning steak and eggs later in day and i have lost nearly 4 stone..If this doesn’t end in a six pack i will eat my old socks..

    • Ivana

      So Nathan…. How DOES it go? Please share!

    • Garrett K

      I would also love to know what your results are like! 🙂

    • Ed

      Half a block?????

  • Tom from Raleigh

    this year, I’d been trying to eat a ketogenic diet but was struggling to get my ketones above 1.0 millimolar of ketone bodies. I’ve been doing Bulletproof Intermitttent Fasting for a few days (and I had a bit of cheating last night). Today at noon, I tested the blood ketones and I was at 3.3, the highest I’d ever hit and it wasn’t nearly as hard as when I tried earlier this year. This is awesome!

  • MichelleLecours


  • I love the BP coffee and make it exact. I only drink it on an empty stomach. I say this because I sometimes get some ferocious heartburn. I take prilosec already and it’s a rare day, if ever, that I get heartburn. I have drank other coffee in the past with no problem. I think it’s the MCT. Any ideas?

    • Take the digestive enzimes before it and Bragg’s apple cider vinegar will wipe out pretty much any digestion upsets.

    • Bendy

      I’ve had acid reflux with gastritis for about 20 years. I started a diet similar to BP (after reading a lot and gathering data on my own) 14 months ago. At one point I just quit all ant-acids (lansoprazole, esomeprazole etc) that I was rotating through on a 2-3 month basis. My stomach hurt and I was symptomatic for about 6 months, but I can say without conflict that I am currently symptom-free. To be perfectly clear none is not “a little” or “occasionally”, I never have acid-reflux anymore. My personal position is that if we continue to take the medications after we change diet, we’ll be in a state of rebound permanently. I am delighted to be off of PPIs as they have some of the worst side-effects imaginable (hip-fracture… seriously?). Hope that helps.

    • Homeliss

      Dave recommends Betaine HCL. It helps digesting fat, which you are probably not used to. Apple Cider Vinegar is also excellent. I started having 2 TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar with every meal after suffering reflux for years, and I havent had it in months now!

      • Healthy1

        Betaine HCL is a must!! Nomo prilosec!!

      • Doug Clayton

        Thanks for the suggestion. I have been on Prolisec for over 10 years. I did try the apple cider vinegar and that helped quite a bit with heartburn. I’ll be definitely trying this Betaine HCL. I want off prilosec.

      • katie

        HCL is for the digestion of proteins. Bile salts (bile) emulsifies fat for digestion also needed is the digestive enzyme lipase.

    • Marie

      Read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, MD. I read it back in early October, 2011 and started the eating lifestyle immediately–cold turkey. For the first time in 40 years of “dieting” I actually lost weight–60+ pounds which I have kept off permanently.

      But, I have had lots of other great things happen, too. About three weeks into this eating lifestyle of low carb (so absolutely NO grains of any kind, no sugar), medium protein, and high fat (saturated and mononunsaturated) I realized I wasn’t experiencing any “heartburn” anymore. I had been on Nexium and other drugs for acid reflux for 13 (THIRTEEN) years. I quit taking my once a day dose of 40 mgs. and have never had another one since. So, it’s not the coffee doing it. It’s probably the wheat and other grains that you are consuming. BTW, at the same time I also quit taking Celebrex (after 13 years), because all of my severe arthritis pain went away, too. Then, through Dr. Davis’s facebook page and other books that I’ve read, I learned that fat is really good for us. So, I started eating fat and drinking my coffee with HWC, VCO, etc. Two 16 oz. mugs of this coffee are what I have for breakfast! I eat no food until later in the afternoon!

      My doctor said it was just because I had lost some weight. At the time I quit taking those meds, I had only been doing Wheat Belly for 3 weeks. I had only lost 7 pounds at that time. It was eliminating wheat and grains and sugar from my life that did the trick!

  • Diet is so important! That also happened to a 60+ year old guy and his 40+ wife using bioDensity.

    He had osteoporosis among other issues and initially needed a cane. Not sure about her health, but the pregnancy seemed to surprise them.

    bioDensity safely and comfortably places maximal loads/forces from the axis points (ends) to compress bone matrix to trigger an adaptive response that causes bone, muscle, myelin, tendon and ligament density and strength.

    It’s wild about the secondary effects of triggering enormous health improvements. The body is so interconnected!

    Your diet is wonderful and I love that you use the ozone too! Detoxing is so critical given the world we live in and the regulations that allow food producers to make the crap they sell in the stores. Finally there are sources other than Mercola and WAPF recommending healthy eating.

    • Food_Athiest

      Really? There’s no spam button we can use on this guy?

  • Tim Horine

    Having to buy clothes in order to fit a more healthy body is what is called a “High Quality Problem” or like a guy who has too much strength which makes him weigh too much to be a professional race car driver or horse jockey. Wouldn’t you rather spend money on new clothes than visits to the Dr. Office and on medication to maintain an already crappy condition body to prevent more possible damage? Welcome to the club of High Quality Problems 🙂 “It could be worse, it could be raining” (even though I love rain)

  • Tim Horine

    The only real problem is women may go down too many cup sizes. now that’s a REAL problem. (I know, cause it’s happened to women I know who follow my advice which is quite parallel to BPD)

    • Reka

      That happened to me too, my breasts became flatter when I lost weight, years before I found the BP diet though. It was not that cup sizes went down but my breasts are not as plump and firm so I’m wearing push up bras which are not very comfortable. But still much better than being fat.:)

    • mountainviolet

      Tim, your comment above sounds rather sexist. Why are women’s breasts getting smaller of any REAL concern to you? It is normal for a woman’s breast to get smaller if she loses weight. I wish so much emphasis wasn’t put on breast size in our culture. Body image issues or “dysmorphia” is a serious issue in our culture. I realize maybe you were trying to convey that women have complained to you, but if not, I just wanted to reflect how your comment sounded. Thanks.

  • I’m curious about the ketones/ketogenic comments. I’d love Dave and fans to comment on this concern/interests. Aside from watching fat boil off your overweight body, what value are urine ketones in your opinion?

    • Tim Horine

      here’s the thing with ketones. Unlike how carbs give you ups and downs in terms of energy. When ketones are produced they are flowing throughout your body like they are on a conveyer belt in your blood. As each cell in your body is in need of a ketone, instead of looking for glucose, like looking for a bus to show up, there is a constant flow of ketones they can pick up on the blood conveyer belt. and as a result, you’re body has a balanced constant supply of ketones. When your body produces more ketones than it really needs, it will then go to “Waste” and get peed out in your urine, which is why your pee will smell funky. It’s like like when you have a supplement, and only so much can be used by the body, it will push the unneeded amount to exit the premises. Also, ketones can be excreted through your breath too, so make sure you have a packet of listerine with you.

      So Short answer, you have a balanced consistent supply of energy, and don’t get cravings every few hours, and then instead of getting stored on your body as fat, it gets peed out. Thats why they test chemical make-up of urine to see how much a person is in ketosis. Pretty cool, right?

      • Tim Conway

        Tim, that is the best explanation I’ve ever seen. I’ve understood it for years, but this will help many who still don’t get it.

    • Tom from Raleigh

      You can test for ketones in urine or blood. Urine testing with ketostix is less accurate, but quite a bit cheaper. I have a Precision Xtra to test for glucose and ketones in blood. The unit was free, but the keotone test strips were quite expensive. Ketones readings over 1.0 in a non diabetic indicate you’re burning fat for fuel.

    • The point of my question here is what’s the point of measuring the depth of your ketone level? You’re either burning fat or not. Do you have data points to hit, like a level at which you’re supposedly hitting peak efficiency?

    • Cathy Clark

      They’re just a measurement of whether or not your body has switched to fat-burning mode.

  • I’m trying to gain weight.

    • Molly Tinsley

      Oooh ! This is easy 🙂 Eat five or six small meals a day, based on carbohydrates. Alternate fortnightly with low-fat and high-fat variants of this diet (to simulate rebound dieting). Stop when you have gained enough weight. If you want to make it healthy, stay away from grains as your carb source.

      • Interesting, thanks for the input. The trouble is staying away from grains, I only weigh around 135lbs but I need to eat around 3500cals to gain weight, very fast metabolism. Getting those calories without grains is VERY difficult.

        • Sourpusscandy

          lift weights, heavy weights, build muscle.

        • JRo

          Try recovery drinks such as projenex, or intraxcell from I’m assuming you have a small body frame and it’s difficult for you to look build no matter how much you train? My body is like that and I started taking intraxcell and drink projenex after training for recovery. I’ve recently added caesin shakes before bed to aid during night time. Hope that helps.

    • abright
  • Sean

    A serious warning: SOME PEOPLE DON’T digest fat well. And taking “betaine HCL” doesn’t solve the problem for all of these people.

    If you feel muscle tension after weeks on low-carb, high-fat, and eating more carbs doesn’t seem to cure this glycogen delpetion: try drinking Apple Cider Vinegar before and during all high-fat meals.

    After a year of low-carb, bulletproof-style, I had a jelly-belly: “distention” from not digesting ANY FAT very well. I’ve lived my first 30 years on high-carb. Never been overweight, nor had a bloated belly; but guess what? My body adapted to NOT producing enough enzymes (lipase!) to GET ENERGY out of eating fat. ACV isn’t the most bulletproof solution, but it works. Also try any “pancreatin” enzyme supplement with lots of lipase.

    • Sean

      …I was mistaken….. ACV is on the green-end of the BP diet… I’m using the ubiquitous Bragg organic ACV.

      • Sourpusscandy

        Wow, I think you described my experience on keto. I didn’t lose weight, my belly got bigger, I always felt tired/sluggish after eating. On the upside, my food cravings and desire for snacking and food obsession were completely eliminated. Since I didn’t lose wt, I quit after 6 weeks. I’ve know about ACV for wt loss for a long time, have used it over the years, not regularly. Now i take digestive enzymes with my eggs at b’fast or rich meals, seems to help. I’ll do the ACV more regularly and try again. thanks! Bragg is the best!

        • Rdd TheStrong

          I did not experience fat gain or loss, even weight has stayed the same for the past two months. I would like to lower my body fat percentage though and would like for my body to digest fat better. I have just started taking ACV after reading these comments a few days ago. I am curious to know how things are going for you now that you are taking ACV?

        • Polki

          Hi All. Same issue here. I am not overweight at all. When I switch to a ketogenic diet, I start putting weight, getting bloated, constipation, an upset stomach and having back pain. When I supplement calcium (in addition to my regular magnesium), the pain goes away but the indigestion of fat pursues me. I still have not found a complete solution. Therefore, I stay mostly out of ketosis until I figure out how to handle the issue. I have read Volek and Phinney and I trust I do everything very correctly. Therefore, I also concluded that I am unable to digest huge amount of fats…If ACV helps, then any probiotic food seems logical to help, as well.

          Keep us posted how it goes with it.

        • Rdd TheStrong

          Been taking the ACV before dinner. It does help.
          Additionally, I have been eating a lot of bone broth with beef, sweet potatoes etc.

          I don’t think my body is in ketosis. Because even when I have the actual bulletproof coffee in the morning with mct oil and now the unsalted kerrygold, I tried the ketostix, and it has never shown me in ketosis. On the surface, I look like a lean person, but I do have a little belly fat 🙂

          don’t know how to tap into using stored fat for energy and still learning. i have also tried experimenting with different calorie numbers etc. would love to hear if acv worked for you and your biohacks.

        • Cathy Clark

          In case you’re still searching, drop the sweet potatoes. Those are full of carbs, and carbs keep you from getting into ketosis. Overdoing the protein will do that as well.

        • Bryan

          Maybe ketosis just isnt a good natural state for you right now. I never saw benefit from doing it myself although I love bulletproof coffee and what the site and Dave has done for so many people, but as a nutritionist I try to always remind people that in every dietary structure I have seen awesome people with lots of success, and people who do not benefit from it. Vegan bodybuilders/athletes and vegans who could die from a stiff breeze. Same with paleos or any other dietary structure. There is no absolute right. Im caffiene hypersensitive myself so I need to dilute my bulletproof coffee with water or I am pretty intolerable. I love it quite a bit though.
          That being said, would recommend Betaine HCL as well if you do know that fat digestion is your true issue.

    • Gail

      Are you a Blood Type A? I am, and we typically have low stomach acid.

    • kIm

      I have been thinking the reason for the distended stomach, constipation & bloat was from not digesting the fat. I have never used very much butter or oil (Coconut/MCT) until I started the BP coffee/diet. I read your Post and every way I am feeling makes sense. I have been having muscle spasms in my calves and feet. My feet have actually been hurting quite a bit. My stomach and my whole body has been very bloated. I bought some Apple Cider Vinegar and drank 1/4 cup right away. How much do you recommend drinking before, during or after a high fat meal? (Included BP Coffee) Do you also take the Pancreatin enzyme? I have always stayed more on the higher protein side of my diet with low- carb and for me I have never had such a “Belly.” This way of nutrition makes sense to me, I just wish that I could make it work for me and feel good plus loose the weight.

  • Oh no! Does the Bulletproof diet cause midlife pregnancy?

  • Here Here, I agree, Dave you have a lot to Answer for.
    So far 13Kg (28 pounds) loss in 13 weeks, down 2 pants sizes, feeling better than in a long while. My wife almost the same loss in shorter time. She started with RFLP but just went onto IF lost her 12Kg in I think 7 Weeks. How dare you, you are costing me money with new clothes … 🙂 It is so easy to do also …Thanks

    • Diogenes

      I’m 46, started doing the bulletproof coffee gig four days ago with regular coffee and coconut oil. Like the taste. I do feel satiated. Just ordered the actual bulletproof coffee with MCT which will arrive in a few days. I’ve been eating Paleo for a week and a half. I’m 250+ pounds at 5’6. Typically, nothing ever works for me but juicing raw veggies for a week or so, then my body kicks into weight loss mode. How long does it take for the paleo / bulletproof deal to start allowing for weight loss. I don’t think I’ve lost any weight as of yet. My belly is pretty big and I’m not exercising, but neither did Dave. I still feel sluggish, unlike where he says my energy will be off the charts – no energy adjustment for me as of yet. I’m glad to have read a few posts about Apple Cider Vinegar and/or Pancreatin. I have both, but haven’t used it for this purpose. Will start now using Pancreatin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to get to 150 pounds. Tired of being fat and tired. I remember I used to lie about my weight when I was an athlete showing I weighed 155 pounds instead of 145 pounds. I need help.

  • ClayKnoll

    it’s all about the Bulletproof coffee’s and them Kale shakes!
    Eat healthy Feel healthy Act healthy.

  • My husband and I have had

  • Jane Luhtasaari

    Love it! You need to also add to the warning something about reducing inflammation! I am a petite woman (5,2″ about 105 – 110 pounds) and have fibromyalgia. Just eating this diet has reduced the daily pain. I’m not bulletproof but almost because of the results! On a road trip home to go moose hunting my bro had the Joe Rogan/Bulletproof Executive podcast on – it changed my life.
    Thank you BPE

  • chrisq

    I’ve been doing the rapid fat loss protocol with intermittent fasting on the weekends for 14 days. This week I fell off the wagon a bit due to stress and ate a burger and some fried chicken at fast food places I used to frequent a lot. I woke up this morning with BAD asthma and a really bad allergic reaction to this stuff. The bulletproof diet apparently makes your body PISSED when you eat junk.

    • Tofuphobia

      I’ve experienced similar. Eating pizza will now knock me out for a full day. Hard to believe that I probably chronically felt that crappy before BP—and just didn’t realize it!

  • Booter Scraun

    im a little guy, and the diet made me lose 17 pounds in 3 months, approximately 1/6 of my entire body weight. not so good for me. great sustained energy, no food craving, increased mental clarity, all the positive acclaim of the BP lifestyle. the problem im finding is a clean, efficient way to actually GAIN weight without resorting to carb-loading before sleeping and roller coaster sugar abuse. thoughts?!

    • Molly Tinsley

      Sweet potatoes. Nuts. Carrots. Swedes. Beets. Basically all the “below ground” vegetables plus extra nuts.

    • Shri

      Increase your protien intake to 0.8g/lb of bodywieght, and do some resistance training. I’d recommend stronglifts or the body by science workout for any beginner. Or, read the r/fitness faq on reddit to give you some good foundational exercise knowledge

    • Sourpusscandy

      Weightlifting, strength training. build muscle, eat plenty of protein, don’t worry about the scale weight. When you can deadlift 2.5x your bodyweight, you have something to be proud of.

  • slamdunkDD

    How to gain weight via BP? please 🙁

    • Booter Scraun

      please… dont be a bigot towards skinny people. negative tolerance (snarky comments) are just as bad as obesity condescension. skinny people deserve to be bulletproof too!! I have followed the BP protocols diligently and was truly amazed by the cognitive, energetic, and sleep hack components they delivered… just not the weight loss component. thank you Molly Tinsley for the constructive feedback to my query, anyone else with info to help GAIN weight but stay bulletproof, i thank you in advance. cheers!

    • abright
  • AG1087

    for nearly a year I was off birth control and no pregnancy. One month on Bullet Proof and I was pregnant..just one month! (side note, we were not trying for a baby at all)

    • abright

      Fertility is often a marker of good healthy, whether or not you want to have kids right then and there!

  • Guest

    What do you think of the smart drug Dimethylaminoethanol?

  • Ann Harris

    First let me say that I tried the basic coffee recipe except I didn’t have real coffee beans, so I used my favorite instant (stop it! I can hear you cringing) Kava. And raw organic coconut oil, along with Kerry Gold butter. It was not only astonishingly delicious, I actually had energy for many hours. Can’t wait to do it with some really good beans in hand. I gotta admit I thought it would be hard to take. Don’t know why. I love coffee, I love butter. And the Kerry Gold rocks!

    I’ve been having a variety of ugly health issues lately, so the energy was extra welcome!

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  • Alex Vignao

    Bulletproof Diet has Changed my life.

    I have struggled with a range of issues my whole life, including and limited to weight gain, stomach issues, fatigue, etc.

    Started dipping my toe into the bulletproof diet back in October and immediately noticed surging energy. As Dave’s ideas seemed less kooky to me (due to the results!), I decided to go full on Bulletproof in January and have lost 20 pounds in the last 3 months. I’ve gone from a guy who always had to take a nap after eating a big meal to a guy who feels like jumping up and down after eating bulletproof.

    The biggest positive (by far) has been my gut health. Since I was a little boy I’ve had gut issues when I would I would have a bowel movement that would leave me in unbearable pain. My parents would seem curled up into a ball on the bathroom floor without knowing what to do, doctors seemed to provide no help (most advice was more fiber). Unexpectedly, going bulletproof has eliminated the pain, the only time I’ve had it since is when I cheated and had a burger (my suspicion is that the bread is the culprit).

    Sorry for the long post, but it has seriously changed my life. My father had to have a triple bypass done a couple months ago and I immediately flew to the hospital he was at and slept next to him in his various hospital rooms. Dave’s advice kept me alert, engaged, centered and very functional despite getting no quality sleep over the 2 weeks that I was there. It was a life changing experience that I am sure I would not have been able to do with my misguided nutrition understanding that I had had.

    Thank you Dave, I’m a film-maker in the bay area and a photographer (you can see my work just by googling my name), if you’d like any of my services, I am at your disposal for free. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Alex Vigano

    • Denise Parker

      Is your weight loss only from drinking the coffee or from the intermittent fasting? Thanks for your help? Is the coffee sweet or bitter? Haven’t tried it yet. Waiting for delivery.

  • Varion

    Great site and content; l I’ve been life and biohacking for 10+yrs and spent $8million so far on R&D.

    Anyhow, we’ll probably see 50 year old post-wall hypergamous women having babies. Grrrl power!

  • I Like Me Some Butter

    I have a question about Kerrygold butter. Should I worry about whether or not it is pasteurized? The ingredients says it’s made with pasteurized cream. Thanks

    • Ash

      Worry is more unhealthy than most anything you could possibly put in your mouth and doesn’t change a thing. Eat your butter and relax.

  • Honey

    Hi, I’m low , female, 31 and a host of issues with digestion and constipation. I do not however have access or tolerance to beef or wild game. I don’t eat the “bulletproof” diet, but am orthorexic (and binging on healthy food very late at night), have chronic fatigue and muscle pain and exercise out of the question. I’m a mess and not sure how to eat 🙂 Do you send emails cause you can email me??

    Also curious about your stance on dark chocolate? I eat a 100 gram dark chocolate bar (85% or higher) per week 🙁

    • Cori

      I’m in exactly the same boat, or was, only that I’m 21. I think you’ve come to the right place since The Bp lifestyle isn’t as strict or cocky as some paleo sites I’ve found. I would recommend The Perfect Health Diet website as well. It worked wonders for me in terms of meal planning and supplement recommendations. Please contact or email me as well, I was able to cure my constipation, bingeing, and fatigue through a healthy following of Bp.

    • katiie_b

      Do you feel fine after the chocolate, or does it leave you a little tired and foggy? Some brands seem fine, others not so much. If it tires you, bin it. Have you looked into supplements, particularly if you can’t/don’t have certain foods? I’m far from there on this, but A, D3 and K2 am, and Magnesium pm is already making a massive difference to my mental and physical health – particularly when combined with lots of butter, MCT, various fats, and a slowly moving more and more to Bulletproof diet. Re constipation: I’m not exactly allergic, but find eggs create such an issue for me, so I try and have them less frequently – maybe look to eliminating them for a day or so and see if it helps? Good luck!

  • Kent

    Gotta say this bulletproof coffee is awesome!

    Quick question though, I’m using Kerrigold butter but I accidentally got the salted in the gold foil. Still seems to taste great but is the unsalted preferred for the BP coffee?

    • Rdd TheStrong

      I’m curious about this too. I actually like the taste of the salted version! But is the unsalted version better?

      • jaime

        i did that at first too. use the unsalted – its in a silver package. its better imo

    • Sandra Madera

      I’m a newbie, but I just came from a webpage where Dave states no salt! “It’s really fast and easy to prepare. Realize salted coffee is a crime. Do not do this with salted butter. Bleah”

      • Marie

        I love salt in my coffee. I don’t use the butter, but I do add coconut oil, heavy whipping cream and some Celtic Sea Salt. It’s wonderful!

  • notclements

    I’m a nationally ranked athlete who works shift work. I followed a version of the Paleo diet that didn’t allow coffee (due to the toxins) so I used to suffer through a night shift without coffee when I was in training for a competition. I keep myself in good shape but after being introduced to bulletproof coffee and bulletproof fasting I immediately dropped 2 inches around my waist inside of a week. I also am now able to stay focused throughout a night shift where I struggled before.

  • AJ02


    I need some help. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for over 2 years now. I started
    with the warrior diet, moved on to Brad’s Eat-Stop-Eat and I’m currently
    experimenting with alternate day fasting. The reason I’ve moved from
    one diet to the other as I kept hitting the plateau with each one of
    them, I’m not sure if something I did wrong. I read about Bulletproof
    coffee and diet but have been a little confused about how to go about
    it. I’m from India and I’m not sure which brand of coffee and butter
    which are available here are going to give me the best results. Can you
    please brief me on how to go about this diet? I understand that I’m
    supposed to have dinner before 8pm and then have the Bulletproof coffee
    as breakfast, but what after that? Do we continue fasting until next
    morning or do we eat? And also, on this diet, do we have the concept of
    fasting and non fasting days?

  • Brandon Richerson

    Trying to get my wife on board with this diet.. I need help convincing her, better fertility is the angle to go with….

  • hmm

    You should change the title of this post. It’s kind of off putting.

  • Mad Rid

    None of my clothes fit, I feel super well on this diet. This is f’ ridiculous.

    This is a diet I would like to be on forever. The more I follow it the more I like it and crave it. With other diets it was the opposite. This is the first time I’ve truly dropped weight on high calorie without even trying.

    The biggest thing out of all for me is that Im no longer obsessed with food!!!! This brings such peace of mind that you guys wouldnt even imagine. Its imposible for me to be at low BW without obsessing about food. Now, Im in my lowest in years and I even have the ability to fast.

    who knew a diet/approach could max out brain, fat burining, muscle building, etc, etc. all into one approach.

    I am humbled after years of trying everything.

    Thankyou Dave

  • Zach Chandler

    I had my first two cups of Bulletproof coffee this morning and I almost immediately felt better. I felt clean, energized, and ready to start my day. I understood beforehand that your body needs cholesterol, as that’s what your brain is made from, but butter in coffee seemed a little weird. I took a risk and was rewarded with one of the best cups of Joe I’ve ever had. I come from a background in the Warrior Diet, so I’m aware of the benefits of intermittent fasting, but I’ve never actually craved food until I tried some Bulletproof Coffee.

    Quitting cigarettes was the first goal and I felt a ton better after two weeks. I can only imagine what Bulletproof Coffee is going to do to my overall well-being.

  • Ian

    The idea that woman “SHOULD” be doing a detox and releasing heavy metals into the bloodstream WHILST PREGNANT IS TERRIBLE DANGEROUS. This site should WARN all pregnant women to wait until the birth before detoxing or detox before conceiving. Mercury has been shown to transfer from the womb to the offspring and concentrations in the brain and gut and liver of the offspring have been found to be 4x’s the concentrations found in the mother.

    …Otherwise keep up the good work.

  • Tim Martens

    I call BS. lol

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  • Duncan

    What if you are not looking to lose weight?

  • peaceman7000

    What about the risks to kidney health and risk of developing diverticulosis from a diet so high in protein.

    Balance is the name of the game and this “bulletproof” cult does not promote balance.

  • blue21

    Not sure what it is in pounds but using this diet i have lost 75kg

  • Veronica Gronlund Aiello

    Love it…. That cracked me up ;0)

  • Ann

    On the Tom O’Bryan gluten webinar I thought I heard you say someone with adrenal stress stage 3-4 should not drink bulletproof coffee. Could you enlarge on this statement — clarify. Thanks.

  • Mitch Mendoza

    Like many of the previous posters I love the feeling of being Bulletproof.

    I feel more focused for longer, and it tastes great.

    The only thing I’m concerned about that continues to happen when I drink bulletproof coffee is twitching in my eyelids. Can anyone offer some advice?

  • Ian

    This is hilarious!

  • Zeebone

    I was diagnosed Type II diabetic and am starting the bullet proof diet. I was doing the coconut oil before and use a whole body vibration training machine. I have seen good improvements in my body. I also take a powdered green drink daily. All have improved my overall feeling of wellness. Anyone with good ideas re the diabetes thing. They had me on Metformin, and a cholesterol pill however after my A1C test there was very little change in my average blood sugar. I originally tested at 7.1 sugar my A1C after being on meds was 6.9 and my last one off meds was 6.7 – so I chose not to do meds but am working to lose more weight to help the problem. I have read if you take cholesterol meds you are pretty much guaranteed Diabetes – so how can I keep my cholesterol down on this diet. I would appreciate any tips anyone can give.

    • Cathy Clark

      Zeebone, forget the cholesterol worries; focus on getting your blood sugar levels stable. Cholesterol isn’t an issue unless you have inflammation in your system. Start by cutting your carbs to 30/day and keep your protein intake moderate. If you have blood sugar lows from eating this way, increase to 40-50 carbs/day. The less sugar and starches you’re digesting, the less blood sugar fluctuations you’ll have. The bulletproof diet will stabilize your blood sugar and also cause weight loss, but ignore his recommendation of sweet potatoes – they’re too starchy for a diabetic. My mom’s diabetes stabilized within a month of start low-carb and her A1Cs have dropped from 8+ to 5.

  • Carline

    I got my period back after 4 years of having no period – and immediately got pregnant after starting the bulletproof protocol! I am now 13 weeks pregnant! I had also bought the better baby book and had started implementing a lot of the suggestions from the book as well!!

  • scott

    After reading some posts about stomach distention, high uric acid levels (also had been warned about gall stones with the high fat intake), has anyone discovered anything that has solved these issues? I just started this path, have 80+ lbs to lose, and want it to work long term. Thanks!

  • Joe B.

    Whats a good starter book on Ketogenic Dieting?

  • Thyroid Warrior

    Has anyone with Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s tried the bulletproof supplements or decaf coffee with any success or weight loss or overall health? I’m a student wanting to rev up my mental performance as well. So I purchased the CILTEP. But someone told me that the ingredient in CILTEP which is the Acetyl L-Carnitine is not safe for people with hypothyroidism or Hashi’. Any experts here in the field of Hashi or Hypo who can give advise?

  • Imagirl

    Eating a little EVCO, I used to do this in the mornings. I’d put a little in my cup of coffee. I would make sure it wasn’t too hot or it can burn your mouth. After a certain length of time though I couldn’t do it anymore. I would get extremely anxious and could feel my metabolism racing and heart sometimes. This happened several times and so I just stopped and no longer have that. SO do know that coconut oil does speed the metabolism. But for some it is too much for them to eat this way. I however didn’t lose any weight. I have lost weight by eating every couple hours (anything) especially fatty and sugary foods, instead of not eating and foregoing food. My metabolism slows down when I don’t eat lots of food. I have been actually purposely doing this lately in hopes of putting some weight on and my problem is I like bad foods and for whatever reason they are the ones that make me lose weight. The sugar and the fats make me lose weight. I don’t know its just the truth. So starving for me actually helps me to gain, or maintain.

  • What if you are already thin and go on this diet?? I’ve been on the Bulletproof diet for 6 days now, and I started gaining weight after being my ideal weight, shape, fitness level.. I was eating almost Bulletproof before, but now that I’ve added ghee to every meal (before my vegetables were without it) I’ve gained weight!!! What’s going on??? (I weight about 125 pounds, and I’m 5’8)

  • Cillendor

    I haven’t been on very long, just five days. But I’m already down seven or eight pounds (it’s hard to tell because my scale isn’t very accurate). I love the coffee and how I don’t feel hungry throughout the day.

  • mike

    I agree with Madelyn. We really need a discussion of High ApoB levels and a discussion of LDL-p. My Tri to HDL ratio is fantastic. It’s less than one. But according to Thomas Dayspring (great twitter account @DrLipid) he points to a ton of research that shows high ApoB under any other circumstances puts you in the very high risk category for a cardiac event. I do a pretty strict BP diet with the BP coffee in the morning and my ApoB is 118. Should I be alarmed? Is there some kind of other marker dave is looking at that would somehow offset or dismiss this high ApoB which would put me in a different category than what Dayspring is used to looking at? Or maybe Dave’s apoB is indeed low, and I’m just of a certain genetic disposition, or perhaps eating some foods triggering some kind of inflammation. But…my C reactive protein is also VERY low. 0.2! Which is a fantastic marker.

    So yes. Would love to hear more discussion around ApoB (and LDL-p and how they play into the Bulletproof lifestyle).

    I’m a 32yo. 140lbs, 5″7. I’m not dealing with any weight changes that would explain the high apoB. If anything my 4 years of BP and paleo have maybe put 7 lbs of muscle mass on my body. All gained gradually in the last 4 years.