Kick Cancer’s Ass with Keto: Dr. Nasha Winters #528

Kick Cancer’s Ass with Keto: Dr. Nasha Winters #528

In this episode, I am talking with a nationally board certified naturopathic doctor, a fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology, and someone who also studied and is licensed in both acupuncture and Oriental medicine. I’m talking about none other than Dr. Nasha Winters.

Dr. Winters is the bestselling author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, which is definitely worth reading, even if you don’t have cancer. Nasha is based in Durango, Colorado and is the former CEO of Optimal Terrain Consulting, where she taught the practice of highly personalized integrative oncology care.

The reason Dr. Winters is on the podcast is to talk about ketones and metabolism, which is a significant part of her practice. Funny enough, all of us have metabolisms, so you will likely find this to be a highly relevant episode.

Enjoy the show!
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Kick Cancer’s Ass with Keto: Dr. Nasha Winters #528


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Twitter: @drnashawinters
Instagram: @optimalterrain
Book on Amazon: The Metabolic Approach to Cancer
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Show Notes

    • Why Nasha didn’t want to be “one of those doctors” and went to “save your own ass university” instead 00:09:00
    • What made Nasha so sick when she was 19-years-old 00:10:55
    • The strategy for staying well today 00:13:30
    • How much of cancer is genetic? 00:15:15
    • The mitochondria are the garbage removal system 00:19:20
    • I was sent home to die… 00:22:00
    • The relationship between pelvic pain and trauma 00:25:20
    • What is an ACE score and how does it work? 00:25:45
    • Using mushrooms for healing 00:30:00
    • Naturopaths are the original biohackers 00:31:00
    • How early trauma puts you into patterns 00:34:00
    • Do ketones work for cancer treatment? 00:35:45
    • The 10 hallmarks of cancer 00:41:25
    • Where does chemo fit in? 00:50:45
    • People like metrics and that is changing medicine 00:55:30
    • Is Dr. Nasha expecting to die soon? 00:59:30
    • Uses for mistletoe 01:02:10

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