Help The Mt. Everest Earthquake Relief Effort

Help The Mt. Everest Earthquake Relief Effort

If you’ve been following world news lately, you may have heard about the disastrous earthquakes that have devastated Nepal in the past few weeks.

This tragedy that has ravaged the lives of tens of thousands of families has been front and center in our minds.

Our friend Deri Llewllyn-Davies and his British expedition team were attempting to summit Mt. Everest – to fundraise for the sherpa community – when the first earthquake struck.

mteverestearthquakeDeri Llewllyn-Davies organized the Everest 2015 Summit Climb & Highest Dinner Party team not just to fulfill his ambition of climbing Everest, but also to raise funds and awareness for Community Action Nepal (CAN). CAN is a charity founded by Doug Scott, the first British climber of Everest, that provides aid to the sherpas and rural mountain communities of Nepal.  (You can donate here now.)

Bulletproof owes its existence to the sherpas in Tibet, and we jumped at the chance to give back to the sherpas while taking part in a Guiness World Record attempt at the Highest Altitude Black Tie Party.

Unfortunately, what transpired on the mountain during the expedition raises much more urgency for the Everest Team’s goals to raise funds and awareness.

Mt. Everest Earthquake Strikes (Video Footage Below)

BP butter1Deri’s team started the trek up Mt. Everest with a bundle of Bulletproof Coffee and goodies in tow, even stopping to pick up some actual yak butter to put in his coffee. He was taking a Bulletproof Coffee break at 6200m on the group’s last haul to Advanced Base Camp when the first giant earthquake hit: a massive 7.8.

This first earthquake triggered an enormous avalanche on Mt. Everest, claiming the lives of thousands of Nepalese, making it the deadliest day on record for the mountain. Deri’s team survived, however many climbers in other expeditions on the mountain lost their lives, and the homes of the families of the Sherpas with his team were left in ruin.

PEMBS.TV spoke to Deri about surviving the Nepal earthquake whilst climbing Everest in this Vimeo video.  Watch Deri explain what happened and see the Everest mountaintop earthquake footage here:

1:22 – The build up to Everest

2:36 – The two groups

3:50 – Highest black tie dinner party

4:53 – The Sherpas

5:57 – Earthquake 1

7:17 – **Coffee break**

7:43 – Earthquake footage

8:00 – Avalanche footage

10:47 – A time for reflection

12:49 – Do we still have a crack at summit?

13:24 – Earthquake 2

14:51 – The Sherpa Spirit, and how to support the relief effort

The Second Earthquake and Aftermath: Fundraising

The second earthquake, magnitude 7.3, struck days later, causing even more death and damage to the communities in the surrounding areas.

Deri’s team called off the rest of the expedition, but has increased their fundraising efforts in the wake of the destruction. The sherpa communities need support more than ever, and CAN is working harder than ever to raise awareness and aid for the families that have lost everything.
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How You Can Help Right Now

Every pound/dollar you donate will be matched by St James Place Foundation so you get to do double the good! We would be forever grateful if you would consider a donation to the Sherpa community here:

Thank you,

Deri, the Everest 2015 Summit Climb, and the Bulletproof Team