MOLDY The Movie: Resources For Avoiding Toxic Mold Exposure At Home

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Hidden toxic mold in your home or work is making millions of people sick every day.  How do you know if mold toxins are impacting your performance, and what can you about it?

It’s time to find out.

You can now watch MOLDY, the first documentary ever made about toxic mold exposure – and how to avoid it.

Watch the teaser below, then submit your email address here to download the free infographics and get information how to purchase the full documentary.

Our goal is to raise awareness around toxic mold exposure and poisoning, an issue many people don’t even realize exists.  Please share this documentary with your friends if you think it could help them feel better:

MOLDY Resources: What Do You Do About It?

Find yourself a healthcare practitioner experienced with treating and remediating mold!  But even before that, how do you know if you are at risk?  These resources should help you find then deal with the sources of mold in your environment.

You can also find many mold survivor community resources to learn from the experiences of doctors leading in this area and others who have gone through similar experiences.

How Can You Help?

One of the organizations we partnered with to create Moldy, run by friend and colleague Lisa Petrison, needs your help furthering awareness and research around toxic mold!

Paradigm Change is conducting a research survey about people who have survived or worked to avoid mold poisoning: please read more about this research then take the mold avoidance survey here if you have a couple minutes!

Is Toxic Mold Going Mainstream?

You may have also noticed a pick-up in the media recently around this issue.

First, Dr. Oz ran a segment on mold illness a few weeks back.  Then, a few days ago Suzanne Somers released her new book “Tox-Sick: From Toxic To Not Sick” on how she recovered from mold poisoning and other toxins.

Even more recently, CSI: Cyber episode 103 featured some of the work of my friend and colleague Dr. Shoemaker when it aired an episode with a patient injured by taking a counterfeit capsule laden with aflatoxin.  Aflatoxin mentioned twice, as was Aspergillus.

Frankly, it’s awesome progress at all that mold poisoning is really starting to come to light in mainstream media!  It took me years of research to get to the bottom of my mold sensitivity, back when hardly any doctors were talking about this stuff – not to mention even knowing it existed.

Want to learn more about media/TV coverage of mold and mold toxins?  Check them out here:

Learn About Hidden Mold In Your Home, Work, and School

Want to learn more?  Read the existing research and listen up on toxic mold with these posts and podcasts:

MOLDY, The Movie: Now Out

Moldy, Bulletproof’s new documentary on the risks of airborne mold, has launched: click here to watch MOLDY now.

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By Dave Asprey

  • FYI, EMSL labs (used by MyERMI) do not provide as accurate/sensitive of results as Mycometrics. I had to retest using Mycometrics when I brought an EMSL lab to my Shoemaker-certified doctor.

    Also, the HERTSMI-2 option is cheaper ($150) and gets you the info you need (tests 5 toxic mold species).

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  • Robin Maisel

    What is the best way to test post remediation? Did a Hertzmi with a swiffer and the results came back dramatically lower than when we did it the way mycometrics suggested- which is to lay down plastic for a week.

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  • Lee Moon

    Ahhh a information video that everyone can watch in order to better their lives by freeing themselves and homes from toxic killer molds that are spored all over the place!!
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      SERIOUSLY, get a life and do something good in this already negative world, sounds like you may be moldy sir!

      • Lee Moon

        Oh your funny!!! Bet u feel well chuffed with that one ?

    • Laurence Huse

      First, you need to run a spell check.
      Second, although I may agree with some of what you say, I wonder whether you work for free? If not, why do expect others to do so?
      People who film documentaries (or movies, or television shows, or write books) have expenses to pay like anyone else, and as much right to earn a living and even profit from their labor as you or I do.
      The self-serving ‘anything published or filmed is public property’ rings hollow – it’s just an excuse by the unprincipled to justify their own not paying for copyrighted goods. Apparently they’re the only ones who have a right to be paid for their labor – everyone else is supposed to donate the fruits of their labor .

  • Spencer Siino

    We recently purchased a home and underwent some mold removal/remediation in the air ducts. However, the moldy movie suggests that the mold may be in our possessions. How do you eradicate the mold from your possessions?

  • This site is really weird most every person I have spoken to about my personal set backs because of this type of stuff written here on bulletproof was frowned upon, laughed at and discriminated against because I was labeled some sort of troubled person and coffee, mold and diseased people germs/ viruses/ technology are not the contributors but it is genetic. So sad for Americans!
    MOLERAT loves your site thank you

  • Americans really do believe these are genetic health problems because of ignorance, greed and shame

  • The corporate world of today are out to control the minds, body and spiritual life of all

  • The Gov does not want people to have this knowledge sometimes unless you are with the Gov 100% how sad

  • They want you to keep it a secret to create new paranoia, muteness in voice and mind control for the well those people in charge