Meet Mission Heirloom, A Bay Area Bulletproof-friendly Restaurant

By: Dave Asprey

Meet Mission Heirloom, A Bay Area Bulletproof-friendly Restaurant

Mission Heirloom, the Bay Area’s most Bulletproof friendly restaurant, is now open for business!

Almost two years ago at the first annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference, Bobby and Yrmis approached me with an amazing story of how Bulletproof techniques and nutrition had improved their family’s lives.  They were so passionate about it that we then attended 40 Years of Zen Brain Training together, where we really got on the same page about how important the little details are when it comes to food and feeling amazing.

Fast-forward to Mission Heirloom

Yrmis has launched Mission Heirloom in Berkeley, California; a Bulletproof-friendly restaurant with the most carefully crafted menu I’ve ever seen.  Of course, Bulletproof Coffee is on the menu. 🙂


Mission: HeirloomI am really pleased to be supporting their opening with a dinner and book signing – this is a chance to meet me in person and taste Mission Heirloom’s ridiculously delicious food.  Nearly everything you’ll find there is compliant with the Bulletproof Diet roadmap’s green zones – plus they are very respectful of any other suspect foods you’d like to avoid while dining.  They even have dedicated facilities free of gluten and grains.

I’ll be doing a dinner and discussion event there this Friday February 6th at 7pm. Hope you can come, hang out with me and Yrmis and Bobby, and taste Mission Heirloom’s delicious, mostly Bulletproof menu.  Pick up and extra copy of the book and I hope to see everyone there!

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(P.S. I’ll post my interview with Yrmis Barroeta, co-founder of Mission Heirloom kitchen and café, soon – so check back to learn what it’s like to start a new restaurant and how Mission Heirloom came into being.)