Mastering the Mid-day Recharge (In 15 Minutes)

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We’ve all felt it – that sleep feeling that comes on between noon and 2:00 PM. I had it for years – I’d get so sleepy it was annoying. My eyes would get heavy and close by themselves, thoughts would slow, and I’d exist in a daze until something  “woke me up”, or I was able to take a nap.  If I’d fall asleep, the nap wasn’t short–in fact, most of my afternoon would be lost to sleep that wasn’t even refreshing.  Sometimes I’d be groggier after the nap.

Over time, I learned how to use the Bulletproof diet and some performance techniques to fix this problem.  Now I rarely get sleepy in the afternoon, and when I do, I know exactly how to be up and running again in 15 minutes flat.

Here’s how.

For most of us, the cause of mid-day sleepiness (it’s more sleepiness than actual tiredness/fatigue) is eating too much sugar or carbohydrates around breakfast and not eating enough healthy fats. A sugary morning leads to a quick burst of energy for a few hours followed by a crash in energy levels.  By switching to a breakfast of healthy fats like grass-fed butter and MCT oil, with or without protein, and cutting the sugar, you can remove the quick burning energy and replace it with a sustainable energy source that lasts for hours. So if you have the problem of getting sleepy every day just after lunch time, give the Bulletproof Diet a try.

My two favorite Bulletproof tips for starting the day with high energy are:

  1. Mix a half teaspoon of a high quality pink Himalayan salt in a large glass of water first thing in the morning and drink the whole thing. As we’ll explain in our Bulletproof Executive book, this helps your adrenals get started. For me, and dozens of other people Dave has coached, it’s like flipping on a light switch. This will not contribute to high blood pressure, and it will reduce adrenal stress.
  2. After your glass of salt water, start the day with Bulletproof Coffee. Clean coffee plus healthy fats like grass-fed butter and MCT equals pure power that lasts for hours.

On days when you get sleepy anyway (happens to many of us who don’t manage our sleep well), here are four energizing techniques that work phenomenally well. Each can take as little as 15 minutes.

Use This Yoga Pose

Find a wall and get into this pose for 15 minutes.  This pose nourishes and recharges the adrenal glands. Often I begin this pose very sleepy and by minute 7 or 8, I’m staring wide-eyed at the ceiling alert and ready to go. The extra 7-8 minutes after that really seal the deal. It also brings blood to the head where you can use it!

Power Nap with Pzizz

Take a 15-20 minute power nap using the Pzizz Energizer module. Pzizz Energizer is an audio engine that uses brain entrainment techniques to guide you into real sleep for 15-20 minutes, but then uses the same techniques to wake you up, refreshed and alert. Pzizz creates a new track each time you listen to it. Each track you hear is unique, even though it may sound familiar to you, which is why Pzizz never loses its effectiveness. Try Pzizz for the first time when you don’t feel pressured to wake up. You’ll see how effective it is at guiding you into a restful nap and then waking you up on time, and more alert than before your nap. I’m never groggy after a Pzizz power nap.

Do T-Tapp

Do T-Tapp, an excellent high-intensity detoxifying and energizing workout that takes only 15 minutes. T-Tapp is also the best workout for trimming down and looking better we’ve ever seen, given the small amount of time it takes. Dave added it to the list of Bulletproof techniques after using it during travel. It’s the one workout that causes the most immediate reduction in love handles. You can literally measure the change before and after the workout.

Try Whole Body Vibration

Do a 15-minute Whole Body Vibration session at 30 Hz. 30 Hz is the right speed to stimulate brain activity and boost alertness while accomplishing a powerful detox. Detoxing almost always results in higher energy levels. Dealing with toxins takes energy, so less toxins equals more energy for you. I like this option because it’s passive and I’m often sleepy when I begin. Just standing there on the WBV plate wakes me up within 5 minutes! Check out the high quality and very affordable WBV plate we have on Upgraded Self.  This is the one I use. In fact, if you didn’t exercise at all, and only used the WBV plate, you’d be amazed at how strong and in shape you’d be. In addition to waking you up, WBV activates growth hormone.

I use all four of these Bulletproof techniques on different days, depending on how I feel.  We’d love to get your feedback in the comments below on how they work for you!

Bulletproof Power Naps

Have you ever heard of coffee naps?

Thats right, drinking coffee right before you take a short nap can help you have a more restful siesta.  Many people do not know about this awesome little trick and its easy to understand why we don’t make the connection, we drink coffee to wake up and feel alert, not for deeper naps.

Scientist have observed the effectiveness of a coffee nap and agree that is is more productive than having a coffee or a nap alone.

Check these studies out:

  1. Sleep Inertia.
  2. Suppression of sleepiness in drivers: combination of caffeine with a short nap.

Normally I would only take a nap when traveling or if I’m feeling jet lagged, but when I do nap I opt-in for a coffee nap.  It may seem counter intuitive, but sleep and coffee are two of the most Bulletproof things and it just so happens that they do go hand in hand with each other.


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By Dave Asprey

  • I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my postprandial dips in the afternoon after cutting out carbs. I have pastured, organic eggs with grass-fed butter/Himalayan pink salt and a little MCT oil spooned onto it with organic baby spinach and avocado for breakfast. I haven’t gotten myself into coffee yet but when I do it’ll be Bulletproof Coffee.

    • Andrew Clark

      What an awesome breakfast Bob!

  • “Mix a half teaspoon of a high quality sea salt like Himalayan sea salt in a large glass of water first thing in the morning and drink the whole thing.”

    This is the first time I’ve heard of something like this. Can you post some references or citations?

    • Andrew Clark

      Hi Karl,
      The idea of consuming a half teaspoon or so of sea salt in the morning actually goes all the way back to Ayurveda, but I got it from Dr. Wilson’s book on adrenal fatigue:

      My understanding is that in the morning the body tries to raise blood pressure a little bit for the day, and giving it extra healthy sea salt helps with this a lot. If no sea salt is available, the body will instead elevate cortisol levels to get the blood pressure up, which fatigues the adrenal glands over time.

      I notice that I wake up and feel clear and alert much faster when I drink the salt water in the morning. It has to be a high quality sea salt like Himalayan with plenty of minerals though. Plain sodium like most white salts in the store will often result in mineral imbalance over time.

    • dumdedum

      I used to wake up with a headache and feel so tired, never rested. I found out I was severely dehydrated. I started drinking a glass of sea salt dissolved in water when I first woke up and it’s helped a lot. I like the taste, very savory. In the summer when I’m working outside more I will drink a glass before lunch also. Now I don’t get dizzy and headachy.
      I buy the coarse sea salt you put in a grinder mill, crank 5 or 6 times into a glass, add lukewarm water that I have sitting on my counter in a glass dispenser (trying to get rid of the chlorine from the water).

  • MtnMana

    I keep seeing references to Bulletproof Coffee but cannot find what it is…

    • Andrew Clark

      Hi MtnMana,

      When we say “Bulletproof Coffee” we mean a very high quality roast that is free of mycotoxins. Elevated mycotoxin levels are really common in coffee, and I think they’re responsible for the thirsty, dizzy or nausea feeling you can get from “drinking too much coffee” sometimes. In reality it’s not the coffee at all–it’s the mycotoxins that make you feel bad.

      Dave has written a great post on finding “Bulletproof” coffee near you:

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  • Very interesting. Will try the yoga poses (and others) for sure. I’m super fascinated by this kind of stuff. Psyched I found this blog, dudes.

  • Optionzz

    Whole body vibration works really well for me too! I hadn’t realized that the 30HZ speed is optimal. Thanks for the tip!

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  • Mia

    The Pzizz discount link is broken? 🙂

  • deedeedum

    You can find examples of T-Tapp on youtube.

  • London Chick

    I tried the sea salt in water and didn’t like the taste of the salty water. Then I remembered that I used to love eating Mexican Lime salt candy when I was little. It’s just sea salt with lemon flavour. So I got a little cup, added some lime juice and mixed it with the sea salt and had that this morning instead of the salt water. It was lovely. Just throwing it out there in case others dislike the morning salt water.

    BTW. Lemon and sea salt are great on cucumbers too.

    • Autodidakt

      A little sugar and some vinegar and you’ll get a cucumber fit for kings, which is awesome with fish.

      Not sure if it’s another clever app, but I hear apple cider vinegar is good for digestion

  • Fred Flintstone

    Hi Dave,

    I highly recommend G. I. Gurdjieffs teachings called The Work. He combined western understanding with eastern spirituality and coined the art of Self Look. His work is the convergence of sufism, buddhism, yogism, and fakir… ism. It is the ultimate discipline and as a biohacker you must try it because the benefits are immense. Start with “In Search of the Miraculous” by PD Ouspensky.

    PS. Lipo Glutathione is a friggen lifesaver. THANKS!!!!

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  • jojo

    himalayan salt is not any better than table salt. this is a fact also stated by the German government and government-associated organisations that did tests and comparisons on its composition. they warn that it just costs 10-100 times as much without any benefit at all. (eg Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest, Ministerium für Verbaucherschutz, etc)

  • Diana VP

    Hi Dave, Do you know whether or not the pink Himalayan salt that you recommend in this post is laboratory tested for purity? I read on another website that much of this type of salt offered on the internet may actually come from Pakistan and contain large amounts of fluoride and bromide. I have been recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and certainly don’t want to add either of those elements to my diet! Thanks for your reply.

  • Nick Ortego

    I recently ran an n=1 case study on myself looking at how this practice acutely affected my HRV reading. I have details on my blog.

    • Nick Ortego

      HRV this morning was 62 before salt water and 78 after. Definitely having a measurable difference in my stress level.

  • Molly Maloof

    This is totally insane. As a physician I do not recommend consuming this level of salt. If someone is suffering from HPA Axis dysfunction, they should first get a 4 point cortisol test. Consuming this amount of salt is absolutely ridiculous. A patient of mine read this post and started consuming this amount of salt. She then asked me why she gained 7 lbs. Water follows salt, so if you don’t want to gain weight or raise your blood pressure unnecessarily, you should ignore this entire post. It’s rubbish.

    • Ron

      1/2 tsp of the himalayan rock salt that I purchase contains a whopping 1000mg of sodium. That’s half the RDI. If you’re eating a healthy, whole food based diet, you will likely not be consuming large amounts of salt from other sources. This is completely safe and reasonable. If you truly are a physician, you should try to ground your recommendations in analysis, not opinion.

      • Molly Maloof

        Although a lot of people on this website are eating whole natural food diet, plenty of people who read the blog do not. Assuming that people who read this are not consuming large amounts of salt from other sources is the problem. I’m not saying that this amount of salt is the problem, but because there are plenty of cases undiagnosed hypertension in people who consume the standard American diet, and many are reading this blog. So, recommending that the general population adds more salt to their diet, is just not a good idea.

    • edrebber

      Molly is a shill for the pharmaceutical industry. Molly is only interested in prescribing pharmaceuticals that only mask symptoms instead of preventing or curing the issue, and that can be patented so they can charge a very high price.

      • Actually, I do not work for PHARMA and in my practice I rarely prescribe pharmaceuticals.

  • Molly Maloof

    ALSO, it is entirely normal to have a dip of energy in the afternoon. This is our natural circadian rhythm response working. Our internal clocks turn off around 3 and turn back on around 5.

  • sensualfreja

    Adding the pink salt has had an astonishing effect on my energy (no more low blood pressure and light headedness), muscle function and fatigue, mental clarity and over all feeling of having high energy through the day. As someone who is not big on supplements, this was an incredible find.

  • Labi Lazy L Bravo

    Hi, I take a pinch of sea-salt each morning with some water and It really does feel like a lightswitch and gives me a quick boost to start making my bulletproof Coffee. I´m not sure i´m doing the salt thing right though, since i just put it in my mouth and flush it down with water , as you would a pill 🙂 . Any ideas?

  • Sally Oh

    I used to drive for a job, 3-5 hours at a time, often after a long day of work. When I got in the car, I would drive to the nearest Starbucks, have a half caf latte (with butter of course! and they have KerryGold), drive for about 30 minutes, then pull off to a gas station for a 30 minute nap. When I woke up, I was good to go. I never understood why that worked, lol. Thank you 🙂