Bake Bulletproof Bread With This Keto, Low Carb Bread Recipe

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When I recommend that people give up gluten (which do regularly) one of the most common responses is “I could never stop eating bread.”

No surprise – bread is delicious, and it was probably a dietary staple for most of us growing up. It’s also fairly toxic. For many people, gluten (and therefore bread) links to gut inflammation, brain fog, weight gain, and autoimmune disease. To top it off, wheat is especially susceptible to mold growth and mycotoxin contamination, which brings with it a whole host of health problems, from hormone disruption to cancer. No wonder so many people are going gluten-free.

As the gluten-free diet grows in popularity, so does the rise of gluten-free, low carb bread (no pun intended). Often, though, gluten-free breads are no better than the loafs they imitate. They usually have an equally high glycemic load and contain ingredients derived from corn, potatoes, or soy. Not Bulletproof. But what if you could have your bread and eat it, too?

That’s where Bulletproof bread – keto, low carb bread – comes in. It’s pure fat and protein, so it’ll keep you in a fat-burning, energy-producing ketogenic state (you can read up on ketosis here). It’s also a near perfect replacement for normal bread, from texture to taste. Try it with butter, serve a burger on it, make a BLT with it – it’s firm and chewy enough to stand in for bread in pretty much any recipe.

Oh, and did I mention it’s only three ingredients?

Learn how to make it here in this awesome video from Bulletproof Ambassador Veronica Culver. The original recipe suggests whey protein, but baking denatures whey and can cause inflammation. Try using collagen instead. The bread will still turn out beautifully.

Bulletproof Bread Recipe For Keto, Low Carb Bread:

Makes 1 Loaf


  1. 6 pastured eggs, separated
  2. 1/2 cup grass-fed Bulletproof Collagen Protein 
  3. Grass-fed butter (to grease pan)


Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Use middle rack and remove any racks above as bread will expand while baking.

Generously butter a loaf pan/dish with grass-fed butter. (Side note: If possible, use a ceramic pan. The bread will cook evenly without sticking, and a ceramic pan won’t leach chemicals like Teflon cookware will.)

Beat 6 egg whites until stiff peaks form – a hand mixer on high works well. Really beat the whites until the peaks are VERY stiff. If you don’t beat them enough, they’ll collapse when you add the whey and egg yolks, and you’ll end up with a Styrofoam-like concoction. Yuck.

Add ½ cup of  Bulletproof Collagen Protein and the 6 yolks. Blend gently on low just until fully incorporated. The batter will be fluffy.

Pour batter into prepared dish and place in oven.

Bake for 40 minutes.

Remove and allow to cool completely. The loaf will sink to a normal height.

Once fully cooled, release from dish, slice and serve.

Leftovers will keep in the fridge for a few days.

Reheating recommendation: Heat a skillet to medium-high and add ghee or grass-fed butter, sear bread slices in skillet until lightly toasted on each side, about 30 seconds per side. Do not overheat.

Use heat-stable collagen over whey protein, and keep in mind that oxidized cholesterol from the cooked egg yolks can cause a little inflammation, so don’t eat this every day. Stick to every few days, if you can control yourself. 😉

This recipe was adapted from “The Ketogenic Cookbook” by Jimmy Moore and Maria Emmerich.
This video comes to us from Veronica Culver, a Bulletproof Ambassador and Founder of The Enchanted Cook. Many thanks, Veronica!
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By Dave Asprey

  • Ethan Aiken

    What sorcery is this? two ingredients??

    • Ethan Aiken

      Actually tastes pretty good. A little eggy for obvious reasons but still good.

      • Antony Reed

        All the better for a BP french toast treat!!


          What is your french toast recipe??


          What is your french toast recipe?? Thanks!

  • Bryan J Harris

    Any alternatives to Whey?

  • Ellie

    It’s scrambled eggs — sliced like bread. ???

    • Jeff Sha Robes

      when you separate the eggs, and beat the whites, magic happens. It is not scrambled eggs. My mom made me a crustless quiche…that was the only difference was the eggs were separated and the whites beaten. It tasted better than a regular quiche! I have a feeling this won’t be close to scrambled eggs.

      • Ellie

        You’re right. I was mostly joking. 😉

        • alcibiades

          Not entirely. Looks like bread, tastes like eggs.

  • Constanza Mondragon

    Can whey protein be replaced by Bulletproof Collagen Protein?

    • Alexsandra

      I’going to ask the same thing…

      • Constanza Mondragon

        I tried it and it seems to work fine! The result tasted too eggy but has a bread like consistency. I would dare say collagen protein is a better option because according to the bulletproof diet book, it is stable when heated as opposed to whey.

    • Kotoula

      I want to know the same thing, use collagen protein so it’s a little more heat stable. If anyone tries, this, I hope they update these comments 😉

  • YES 🙂

  • Evolve Coaching

    I swear I’ve heard Dave Asprey and countless other sources explain that whey protein is extremely heat sensitive and would be completely denatured from being cooked @ 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Is there something I’m missing here?

    • TheJeebus

      No, but at least he does mention that it’s inflammatory.

    • Saeed Ghods

      “Keep in mind that oxidized cholesterol from the cooked egg yolks and the denatured whey protein can cause a little inflammation, so don’t eat this every day. Stick to every few days, if you can control yourself.” read till the end of the post &I you’ll see he mentions just that

  • Brent Coulter

    heat dosen’t damage the whey ?

  • VictorMartino

    I only have flavored whey protein =[

    • Emerald Hope

      Victor, would vanilla whey protein work? I was going to add a bit of Vanillamax. I’m also going to try it with some spices…. I’m not thrilled with experimenting as the ingredients are expensive.

  • Katia Tanque

    Does it work with ANY whey protein or it can only be made with the Bulletproof (which is twice as expensive as the others)?

    • tchamp77

      Take a wild guess…:)

    • HealthyGamerNut

      He says BP Whey because HIS is grassfed whey. You can use other whey, it’s just not AS Bulletproof. And I agree, I tried it with BP Whey and it failed horribly. I won’t be trying it again with BP Whey, that’s for sure lol


        FWIT, there are several much more affordable grass fed, undenatured, additive free, enzymatically or low heat processed or whatever, etc. etc. Just check Amazon. I use Promix brand. Haven’t tied this recipe yet, but am going to try it with collagen since heating whey for 40min is definitely not bulletproof (not that heating eggs for 40min is great either, and I bet even Dave’s delicately (low heat?)- processed “heat stable” collagen doesn’t like 40 minutes in the oven. But it’s probably less inflammatory than denatured whey…?)

    • Look on Amazon. They have at least one brand that’s all whey, and one other that’s whey plus sunflower lecithin.

  • Some days you wake up and see a video that changes your life. Today is one of those days.

  • Jennifer Burnette

    Is there something special about whey protein? Would rice protein work?

  • geoff

    im thinkin french toast for breakfast tomorrow, just had an idea for syrup…organic maple extract mixed w/organic stevia extract anyone ever try that?

    • Kristin Fennell

      I have mixed Stevia extract, maple extract and MCT oil for a decent syrup substitute

  • geoff

    and i too think the collagen protein would be more ideal for this, bc of the heat…only one way to find out 😉

  • samsonhamson

    Hi, I’m a partial vegan, with allergies to most of the elements in glutinous substances. But here’s the problem: I need just ONE of the THIRTEEN enzymes in standard gluten to live a normal life without going TOTALLY KETOGENIC. Sorry for the caps, but I’m feeling a bit metabolic at the moment. TIA

    • Rachel Hawkridge

      And that gluten makes blood sugar rise higher than sugar does, makes lots of inflammation. In addition, it acts like opioid.

      Gluten is a drug. Kick it.

      • samsonhamson

        “Gluten is a drug. Kick it.”


  • Nick Capra

    My first attempt came out pretty good, but it only took about 20 minutes to bake. I’m at over 5,000 ft altitude so I don’t know if that changed the cooking time. I love it, I think I can tweak it a bit to make it just a little better, but it’s pretty freakin’ good!

  • AriD2385

    So, I think this might be a game changer. It’s the lack of bread that I find the hardest.

  • ann balthazor

    I’ve made a few variations on this recipe in the past, usually with a little bit of coconut flour and/or psyllium husk fiber and had fair results. I used grassfed collagen instead of whey, and added a tiny pinch of cream of tartar to the egg whites while whipping and a small pinch of salt and baking powder and at first it looked beautiful and airy, but once it cooled it flopped and shriveled big time. Tastes like nothing, texture and color was somewhat similar to regular egg bread. I’ll keep experimenting with this recipe- considering adding caraway seeds and other seasonings to flavor more like rye bread , but this could probably suit fine for french toast or plain toasted with some butter or nut butter. I tried to attach a photo of risen vs cooled shriveled results but-I’m sure you can get the picture.

  • TheJeebus

    Inflammation, great!

  • HealthyGamerNut

    Well, I whipped those whites until the cows came home. The peaks could have stood up in a hurricane.. added the whey and yolks..and it collapsed and became a liquid. The protein is too expensive in Canada for me to try it again lol. Anyone else have any luck?

  • Chloe Flint

    Has anyone tried this using Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate? Same thing as BP Upgraded Collagen, right?? Thanks in advance.

  • Jennifer Kae Leber

    I used Collagen Protein, and followed this recipe to the “t”, and it didn’t turn out very well. The taste isn’t very good, but tolerable. But it seemed as though 40min on 325 degrees isn’t enough. I should have kept the bread in about 10 minutes longer, at least the texture would be more tolerable.


      Interesting, I also used collagen protein and followed it to the”t”, and thought 40 min was max time- glad I took it out at 40. I thought the texture was not especially bread-like, but quite tasty when freshly baked and also when gently seared in butter to re-heat, though not good simply old from the fridge.

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  • Aviv Stern

    This is not a bread, it’s a bread shape omelet. call the child by its name.

  • Steve

    This is simply awful. Doesn’t even remotely resemble the taste or texture of anything that a reasonable person would call bread. Rather upset that I bought an expensive bag of the collagen protein to make this recipe.


      I would hope that expensive bag of high-quality collagen protein could be used in smoothies or something you enjoy and can reap the health benefits from rather than moan about the price tag and let it go to waste…

    • Garrett

      You can send that bag of collagen protein to me, if you really don’t want it… 🙂

  • Kirk Brenneman

    Instead of using a bread pan for this recipe, in which most of the loaf always shrinks
    down to a soggy, eggy, condensed, inedible glob as it cools (…or at least it has whenever I have made it), use 2 x large muffin top
    pans. Result is golden brown crispy buns with the weight & density
    of rice cakes. They look so perfect they could be made by a machine. Each bulletproof loaf recipe makes 12 buns. Air pocket created inside each bun makes them super easy to split them into 2 halves. They freeze beautifully. 60 seconds in toaster & they are ready to go. Great for sandwiches & absolutely epic for burgers. As long as you use them with savory fillings, I cannot taste the egg, & would swear they have flour in them. Have tried making every paleo/keto bread recipe out there, but this one blows them all away if you use muffin top pans.

    • Seth Zwicker

      As in the cupcake type pan? (forgive me. I barely am learning about cooking)

  • John Richard Verchot

    HOLD UP. The bullet-proof collagen costs $40 for 16oz. This recipe calls for 8oz. THIS BREAD COSTS MORE THAN $20 A LOAF. Does that strike you as absurd at all? Will the bourgeois ever allow the blue-collars to have affordable healthy bread substitutes? OK, I’m half-kidding but… JUMPING JESUS ON A POGOSTICK!!! $23 DOLLARS A LOAF!?!?!?

    • Garrett

      6 pastured eggs, separated
      1/2 cup grass-fed Bulletproof Collagen Protein
      Grass-fed butter (to grease pan)

      1/2 cup is 4 oz. Not 8.

      So $10/loaf. A tad pricey..

      Eat grain bread and suffer the mental & physical consequences.
      Eat BP keto bread and get kickass performance, though slightly suffer the wallet consequences.

      • Katherine Valenzuela Parsons

        When I was eating bread and eating organic/junk free it was easily $8 bucks per loaf for the good stuff. I would pay $2 more for something that doesnt make me ill

    • TagP

      You are thinking of liquid measures. 1/2 cup of the dry collage powder equals slightly less than 1.5 ounces by dry weight. I have a one-pound container of collagen powder and have used one whole cup of it. Still have most of the container left.

  • SharonB

    It says whey in the instructions, but that’s probably a typo. Whey should not be heated.

  • Haren Bhakta

    Does it need salt? Can we add salt?

  • Carole Arsenault

    Can you freeze this??

    • Hi Carole – good idea! Yes, there’s nothing wrong with freezing any extras you have in your batch.

  • Jamie

    What about CollaGelatin? I have the Whey so I’ll be using that this time but has anyone tried the CollaGelatin?

  • Is it 325 degrees Celsius or fahrenheit?

    • I’m guessing it’s probably the temp that’s not impossible using an ordinary oven. 😉

    • Teresa Wilson

      Fahrenheit or 167ish Celsius

  • SirFunk

    It’s not that good. I made it. It’s really eggy tasting.

  • It isn’t whey flour, it’s whey protein. You basically substituted a fiber for some of the protein. It’ll taste different, too.

  • Seth Zwicker

    Is there a benefit to cutting back one 1 or 2 of the yolks? Will that improve the texture/taste?
    I made a first attempt but didn’t run the oven to the proper temp (not hot enough) so it never rose much and came out like yorkshire pudding….which doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

  • Meredith Dykstra

    Anyone tried it with a different collagen protein brand (like Great Lakes or Vital Proteins)? Love Bultetproof brand, just curious 🙂

  • TagP

    I believe I have improved this recipe: it has more ingredients, but it shrinks less (my first try basically turned into a hilariously twisted, shriveled mess) and has a more breadlike flavor and texture. I believe I have masked the ‘eggy’ flavor pretty well too. I did this by reducing the yolk content and adding some other flavorings to lend a nuttier, more ‘grain’ or bready type flavor. I also took another commenter’s advice and made individual buns instead of a loaf, which have (hopefully) less of a tendency to collapse under their own weight as the big loaf does.

    Let me know what you think!

    6 egg whites
    1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
    1/4 tsp. salt
    4 egg yolks
    1/2 c. collagen protein powder
    4 tsp. sesame seeds, toasted golden brown in a skillet and pulverized in a spice grinder
    1/2 tsp. caraway seeds, optional (but it makes the bread taste like rye bread)

    Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and grease the parchment well with butter. Preheat oven to 325 F.

    Whip the egg whites, cream of tartar, and salt to very stiff peaks. In a separate bowl, mix the remaining ingredients together with a spoon. It will be very thick. Add about 1/4 of the egg whites to the yolk mix and stir them in, to lighten and thin the yolk mixture. It should become just pourable. You may need to add a little more if the mixture does not become pourable. Now carefully fold this mixture into the remaining egg whites until just incorporated and streaks are nearly gone.

    Drop this very fluffy batter in six large bun-shaped piles on the buttered parchment. Sprinkle the tops with any extra toasted sesame seeds you may have on hand.

    Bake for 20-30 minutes or until golden. Allow to cool in the oven for a few minutes after baking.


  • Chris

    Hi Sue! I just made the bread for the first time using Gress Fed Whey Protein powder, as shown in the video. Amazing! A little more egg-y than I prefer, but I lather it in butter (and cinnamon and stevia) and it’s good to go!

  • Jackie Hachey

    I wonder if this will work with a vegan protein powder???

    • RockYourRetirement

      Did you try it Jackie? I’m wondering this as well.

  • virginia.morgan

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  • Marilyn Lillard

    what size bread pan? Medium or large?

  • Postitabroad

    So, its $40 plus tax for 16 oz of collagen-protein and you need to use 4-oz for this recipe? This bread then costs nearly $15.

    • Bryan Carmichael

      This site is largely BS lol. This guy just loves making up stuff to extort people that are gullible. He’s the Peter Popoff of the ketogenic diet. This is also a horrible recipe and will just taste like eggs. There are many better recipes out there for sure. Go check YouTube.

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