Les Dethlefsen: Fecal Transplant Pills, The Microbiota & How to Restore Gut Health – #240

fecal transplant
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Why you should listen – 

Les Dethlefsen comes on Bulletproof Radio today to discuss recent discoveries about the microbiota, when you should take pre and probiotics, hacking the harmful effects that antibiotics have on our gut flora, and how a fecal transplant can save your life. Enjoy the show!

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Les Dethlefsen, Ph.D., is a staff scientist at the Relman labs at Stanford.  Since joining the lab in 2004, his work has been focused on the temporal dynamics of the gut microbiota.  Les has an undergraduate double major in physics and molecular biology.  He earned his Ph.D. in both Microbiology and Ecology/Evolutionary Biology from Michigan State.  His current study, ‘Dynamics of the Human Microbiota,’ is looking for participants.

What You Will Hear

  •      0:14 – Cool fact of the day
  •      1:03 – Welcome Les Dethlefsen
  •      2:42 – You and your microbes
  •    11:30 – Dave’s weird biohacking experiment
  •    18:27 – Antibiotics and its effects on bacteria
  •    25:00 – Rebuilding the gut microbiome
  •    36:52 – Gut bacteria and obesity
  •    44:44 – Thoughts on industrial meat
  •    53:00 – Fecal transplants?
  • 1:03:08 – Top three recommendations for kicking more ass and being Bulletproof!



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Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Trichuris trichiura (pig whipworm eggs)


DD-transpeptidase (Bacterial DD)


Fasting-induced adipose factor (FIAF)


Quantified Self


Hadza, Tanzania


Caprylic acid

Chronic low-grade inflammation

Glyphosate (Roundup)

Fecal Transplant

Clostridium difficile (pseudomembranous colitis)

Ulcerative colitis



Brain Octane Oil


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By Dave Asprey

  • lastresortweightloss

    Wow – Dave!! That business about linking to a place in the transcript and having it go there and showing the video is way, way cool !!

  • kane

    Great discussion. How come taking colloidal silver with the probiotics and antibiotics is never brought up?


  • Erik

    One of the best podcasts ever.

    • here is tìps on how to fill your bank-account wíth added cash every week.. check for more information ìn my profile

  • Holly Turner

    This was such an awesome podcast! Question: Dr Les talks about the variety of plants that should be eaten to improve the health of the gut environment, furthermore that some are better cooked and others are better eaten RAW. Do you have a resource that can tell us which plants are better cooked or RAW?

    Thanks a million!

  • staceyrae11

    Hi, Dave, what an interesting and fantastic podcast. I was completely enthralled and captivated the entire show. This podcast will definitely be one that I will listen to again.
    I had a couple comments on a few things that were mentioned. I would love to know more about the idea of us not truly know the effects of antibiotics on our bodies, and how Dr Les mentioned that 10yrs after taking them there could be and adverse effect by way of possibly gaining 5-10 lbs. Also, I too would like to know which plants are better cooked or eaten raw.
    The question of which probiotic is a good one seems to be the million dollar question these days- I as well have spent thousands of dollars on probiotic supplements over the years. And for this reason, I posed the question to my (wonderful & knowledgable) acupuncturist recently, of which brand is an overall good general choice. He mentioned this brand “Prescript-Assist Gastrointestinal support”. Have you heard of it, if so, I am curious to learn your opinion, Dave? I have started taking in, but it has only been about 2 weeks.
    Just like you Dave, I took many antibiotics growing up for my reoccurring strep throat. I have struggled for many years with chronic yeast (Candida) and UTI’s. So that tells me that my gut (poor little gut) is really out of balance. However, recently I have turned to fermented foods and kefir to aid in the rebuilding and balancing of my gut and I feel that this along with the help of my acupuncturist, I am making some progress. Phewww!
    Hear from you soon,

    Thanks a million for another great show!!
    Take care,
    Stacey Rae 🙂

  • Tuukka S

    Hi Dave and Les, thanks for an excellent podcast.
    My question: does anybody know any biohackers that are atm trying to hack their gut bacteria and have been making process? Is there any idea what could work if you want to make your gut a healthier place? (other than prebiotics from diverse plant based tied that was mentioned)… I believe supplementing with probiotics has had limited effects.

    Here’s a couple of interesting treatment options for people with an unhealthy i have come across:
    * http://www.siboinfo.com/ (novel approaches to treat gut problems)
    *http://scdlifestyle.com/ (excellent resource related to specific carbohydrate diet which combines intially very strict diet with taking homemade strongly probiotic yogurt. this diet has had very good results with people with gut problems – chron’s, ulcerative colitis, ibs etc – and also with seemingly unrelated conditions like children with autistic traits)

    Dave, I’d really like you to do a podcast with the guys at scdlifestyle.com! They’re true biohackers of the gut

    • aengahhai5ai

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  • Janet

    My husband has Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS), there doesn’t seem to be any advice to help this. He is very anemic and weak. Has had several blood transfusions to help. red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are all below normal. Any advise to correct this?
    We are on a diet of all organic, raw or cooked, fruit and vegetables. He seems better but still weak.

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