CEO Jim Kean interviews The Bulletproof Executive

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If you missed it on January 8th, here is the interview by Jim Kean, CEO of WellnessFX.  In the interview we provide (updated) tips and techniques for anyone looking to upgrade their performance during daily and travel life. You will get insight on the top 3 foods to avoid, easy biohacks, and the top 5 biomarkers. Science, laughs, and biohacking combine to create a great live chat.

This interview also covers:

5 Biohacks that anyone can do, using your inherent environment:

  1. Take your vitamin D (1000 IU/25 lbs.); Take lots of fat with it!
  2. Bulletproof Coffee; XCT oil and Grass-fed Butter
  3. Sunlight; Sulfation. Have Sulfur in the body and get 20 min of sunlight
  4. Pay attention to your environment
    1. Make your room as dark as a cave to get better sleep
    2. How to hack sleep at hotel rooms
    3. Using an Earthing Mat
    4. Intermittent Fasting for Cutting Fat and Building Muscle

3 Foods to Avoid

  1. Soy; Inhibits thyroid function
  2. Oils that come from vegetables; corn, soybean, anything high is omega 6 fatty acids
  3. Gluten/wheat protein; causes immense cravings

Other topics include mold, hydration, travel awareness, blood tests, 5 important biomarkers, hormones, cholesterol, and gut bacteria.

Also mentioned in this podcast:

Interview re vitamin D

Podcast with Terry Wahls

Bulletproof Coffee 

Upgraded Whey

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting (BPIF for women)

Podcast with Kiefer





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By Dave Asprey

  • This is just awesome! Can’t wait for the BulletProof exec. book.
    Promise to buy 2 copies if you hurry up ! 🙂

  • Mike

    Earthing is great. I made a summary video:

  • Mike

    Earthing is great! I made a summary video.

  • Jacob

    Hey Dave, I would love to hear about your experience with ayahuasca!

  • Gary

    Dave, At the 34:40 mark you mention the issue of elevated cholesterol levels. Is that the same as hypercholesteremia?

  • Dave,
    Where can I get a tanning lamp like yours? Or even your 1,000 watt halogen…


  • Jack117


    Hey Dave,

    1. Does glutathione need to be refrigerated?

    2. How long should you use the earthing mat everyday?

    3. Why don’t you sell earthing sheets on your online store?


    • Jack117

      4. Does the blue light on the emwave 2 inhibit the release of melatoning?

      • Jack117


        • Dave Asprey

          Yes. Annoying, isn’t it?

        • Jack117

          A little. Thanks for the answers.

    • Dave Asprey


      1. Does glutathione need to be refrigerated?

      2. How long should you use the earthing mat everyday?
      At least 20 minutes, more if you can.

      3. Why don’t you sell earthing sheets on your online store?

      We will starting this week!

  • I noticed you don’t sell Vit D. Is there a brand you recommend?

  • Otrora

    Is there a discount with welnessFX for your readers?

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  • does anyone know where to find an Earthing Mat that Dave recommends ? i tried searching the site but came up empty.

  • jared

    Hi Dave, Wellness FX finally came to my state so I got the full test. You mentioned your one of your top markers is C reactive protein which they list as hs-CRP. Mine is 3.3 which is apparently high, my Apo B is also high at 119. Where can I find out more about these and how can I fix them?

    Also, their doctor recommended I cut fat, stop eating red meat, etc because of my high cholesterol (good and bad), and the two markers above. Can you please make a post about their measurements, what a bulletproof target would be and how to fix things out of the range? “Standard advice” isn’t BP, so how can we interpret these tests? According to their doctor, I have an issue which can be fixed by going vegan. I could use a little guidance.

    I also had low iron, even with the grass fed beef, but I just started taking a supplement. If you have a brand to recommend, I’d appreciate it too.

  • JB YAD

    It would be nice if you would put the DATE on all your posts, I guess I can look at the comments and see how long ago it was written but, come on obviously it is important to know how old all this information is…BIG FAN (and customer) LOVE YOUR WORK! Thanks!

  • JeRine Tarver

    hi, i’m a college student. i am pretty healthy other than being anemic i was wondering if the e-check up once a year would be enough for someone like me?