Infographic: Here’s A Closer Look at Grass-Fed Beef

When you use the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap (hopefully printed for free here and on your fridge!), you can see that grass-fed beef knocks grain-fed beef out of the park. Organic grass-fed beef has a prime nutritional profile, and it’s free of pesticides, GMOs, synthetic growth hormones, toxins from moldy feed, carbon monoxide, and all the other junk you find in factory-farmed/CAFO meat.

As grass-fed meat gets more popular, some companies are cashing in by selling meat that’s technically “grass-fed” but doesn’t meet the standards you might expect. That’s where this infographic comes in. It explores some of the subtler differences in quality that meat producers hiding behind a label might not want you to know. Enjoy it. And seriously, call your beef supplier if you have any doubts about your meat’s source. The more you know, right? Keep thriving!