How You Can Help Restaurants Become Bulletproof

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How many times have you come home after a long day of work, thrown your jacket on the couch, and relaxed for a few minutes, and decided you didn’t want to make dinner?  But it is dinner time, and you’re hungry! The last thing you had to eat was a cup of Bulletproof Coffee…14 hours ago.

You’re ready to eat, and while it is easy to prepare a grass-fed steak and some vegetables, you don’t want to clean up. Besides, your significant other just came home and wants to go out to eat.

Situations like this are a major challenge for anyone following the Bulletproof Diet. When you stick to it, you feel like nothing can stop you. You’re more focused, productive, and happier than ever. Then it’s time for a birthday party, and you eat cake and pizza, because that’s what they’re serving, knowing it will probably cost you two days of maximum productivity.  For others they are still making emotional decisions about food and eat non-optimal foods to fit in more with their non-Bulletproof friends and family.

What if you didn’t have to decide between fitting in or convenience when you eat out and your health?

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home after a long day at work and go to a restaurant that served Bulletproof meals? You wouldn’t have to request that the chef saute the food in butter instead of canola oil, or change out the butter beans for brussel sprouts. You could just order straight off the menu, and know it would be great!

Some restaurants have started offering gluten free items, but most of them are heavily processed or contain other anti-nutrients like lectins and phytates. They might make it to the orange side of the Bulletproof Diet instead of the red zone – which isn’t a big improvement. However, our friends from have put together, a website where you can ask restaurants to serve paleo food. Paleo isn’t always Bulletproof, but it’s a lot closer than anything else.

If you want to easy access to paleo and Bulletproof foods at restaurants, sign up now over at It’s a great way to let restaurants know that you care about your health and performance, and that you don’t want the cheapest, lowest quality food available – you want to be Bulletproof.

To sign the petition, drop your email address into the small box at the bottom of the homepage.

How else do you think restaurants could be more Bulletproof? Do you have a favorite restaurant that already has some great Bulletproof meals?



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By Dave Asprey

  • Titania

    This raises a question I have been wondering about: with all the travelling you do, Dave, how do you stay on a bulletproof diet? Can you land in a new city and instantly find a place serving grass-fed meat and no bad oils?

    • A. Bright

      For me, when I travel, I bring food with me on the plane. I seem to have no problem getting grass fed butter and cold smoked salmon through security, water on the other hand- watch out! And then, depending on where I am, I often hit a grocery store first.

      Some restaurants will let you change their menu or make special requests. San Francisco and L.A. are both really good about this, and San Francisco is a relatively easy place to find higher quality meats. The important thing is to ask the restaurant, and if they don’t know, or can’t change it, and you are stuck eating out with a group of people, for now stick to veggies and food you know is safe.

      I sometimes will eat before I go out, or after.

      • sarah

        Dave, you should definitely do an article on traveling. I’ve always been curious what supplements you decide to take when you travel, and of course how you maintain the bullet proof diet. I’m sure you saw the NY Times article featuring Tim Ferriss — but now we want the Executive version 😉

  • I’m not bulletproof yet, barely paleo. Working into it slowly. Headed out of town tomorrow. Group dinner Monday night with friends. Casa Orozco (mexican food). I was wondering what the heck I was going to eat without going full blown burrito! Checked the menu online and viola! Pan seared tilapia! Close enough. I will ask for the chiptole cream on the side. I don’t eat out often but, the sig. other won’t go paleo let alone bulletproof. I may need t rethink the sig. other.. 😉 *oh, and he smokes*

    • Dave Asprey


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  • Stephan Raczak

    Just quick question:
    Oat is gluten-free but can there sitll be any problems for gluten-tolerant people from the proteins found in oat (i.e. avenalin)?

    • Dave Asprey

      Absolutely, glutenin is another one.

  • david

    the closest i have to a paleo restaurant here in san diego is and it’s freakin awesome, oh and we also have the notsofast truck, i guess i have it good here.

  • You know, its been a dream of mine for a decade now to open a restaurant, for a few months I’ve been thinking if i ever do, it will be a bulletproof one with a full paleo-friendly menu. Being a niche market that’s willing to pay to dollar for top quality product, I’m surprised nobody (or very few) has tapped it yet. I’m amazed, i did my apprenticeship working for some celiacs in a gluten free restaurant when such a thing was still cutting edge here, eight years later there is still nothing out there.

  • Nissa

    I am so lucky to have a great Paleo food cart a block from my house! Got to love Portland! It’s been a great kickstart to my Bulletproof diet.

  • My 5 year plan is to start a high fat food truck here in Toronto – we don’t have any Paleo or bulletproof restos yet….but we do have a Tibetan couple that sells butter tea at the farmer’s market – i love it!

  • Joe Disch at

    Wouldn’t hurt to give your favorite chef or restaurant owner a copy of my new handbook: Paleo for Restaurants…