How to Make Bulletproof Coffee: Butter Your Coffee Like A Boss

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There have been several reviews of putting butter in coffee in the media recently that were funny but often misleading when it comes to making real Bulletproof Coffee done right.

I get asked this question over and over again: so why should I blend **grass-fed butter** into my Bulletproof Coffee?

If you’re just going to put plain industrial butter in plain industrial coffee, you’re not going to get the great results you’re going to get from making real Bulletproof Coffee.  Even just taking this step does provide some benefit over adding milk, cream, nut milk, soy, sugar, or artificial additives, however.

Why Put Grass-fed Butter In Bulletproof Coffee?

First, putting plain milk reduces the amount of catechins, a type of antioxidant found in coffee.  By not putting milk in your coffee, you get 3.4 times more antioxidants because casein, the milk protein, binds to the catechins and makes them unavailable.

(Want more catechins in your diet, in addition to coffee?  Other superfoods very high in catechins include chocolate, green tea, and berries.)

Since coffee (even industrial grade) is the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet, we might as well decide to get the maximum antioxidants out of commodity-grade coffee as possible.  In fact you might want these antioxidants even more because you’re dealing with a higher amount of mold toxins in your coffee bombarding your system!

Second, when you get butter in coffee, you’re creating small droplets of fat suspended.  Those small droplets are called micelles, and they make the fat more digestible; one of the roles of bile in the body is to create micelles to help you digest fat.  In the Bulletproof Diet Book, I mention some of the other amazing things bile does – including acting as a signaling molecule for your system.

Butter Coffee Steps (official Bulletproof Coffee recipe here):

  1. Brew or buy hot coffee.
  2. Using a blender (not a spoon), blend in two tablespoons unsalted, grass-fed butter, as well as 1 tsp-2 tbsp of Brain Octane or XCT Oil. Start slow with the oil and build your way up to avoid disaster pants.
  3. Enjoy.

Hint #1: if you get a big oil slick across the top, you’re doing it wrong.  Be sure to blend even if that means using a hand held blender or latte frother!

Hint #2: These are the top 10 Bulletproof Coffee mistakes people make; don’t make them! 😉

You owe it to yourself to try Bulletproof Coffee made right at least once.  To do this, you need:

  • Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee: they don’t give you the crash and jitters that are so common from a normal cup of standard coffee
  • Grass-fed, cultured, unsalted butter: culturing breaks down the trace amount of casein that may be left in some butters (for instance, use silver label KerryGold, instead of gold label)
  • Brain Octane Oil or XCT Oil: the benefit comes from the ketones, so your body can easily stay in fat-burning mode (ketosis) all day without hunger

When you read the Bulletproof Diet Book, you’ll learn several other, less well-known reasons Bulletproof Coffee works so well for people.

So for goodness sake: if you’re going to put industrial butter in your industrial coffee, you’re headed in the right direction – but at least use a blender.  Otherwise, well, it’s just plain gross.

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By Dave Asprey

  • BOOM!

    Do you have a retort to Joe Rogan’s comments on your research concerning mycotoxins and your claims that bulletproof coffee is in anyway better than other single source organic coffee? I would be curious to here any information you have on the matter, as many of your readers pay a pretty big premium for your coffee and it would be a shame for this all to be a marketing ploy.

    Concerned Reader

    • White

      Pretty big premium? Compared to what? Maxwell house? Everything else off the table Bulletproof coffee seems pretty much in line price wise with other premium coffees.

      • david

        True. But all premium coffees by definition reveal all relevant info re/ the details of the coffee itself. I respect Dave, but he’s doing himself and his fans a disservice by not being upfront. There’s a reason he’s not taken seriously in the coffee world.

    • hailbringer

      yeah, where is that study that dave supposedly did on his coffee beans?

  • I’m not convinced that adding butter to coffee is better than adding cream (from grass-fed cows, naturally). When I was a kid I was in charge of making fresh whipped butter during the holidays. Start with cream, beat, and — voila! Butter.

    • starlight oko

      But grass-fed is the best,
      i found this Butter Coffee tutorial from you tube,

      today i maked a rely nice and smooth Butter Coffee from this tutorial.

    • Jason S Miller

      Using butter leaves out the lactose and casein – per what is one this website

      • magicbologna

        you think the lactose flies away when you whip cream???

        • Philippe

          Instead of being cynical, it would be more helpful to correct if you think somebody is in wrong believe.

        • Elizabeth Hobbs

          Whipping cream to make butter yields butter and buttermilk. The butter is the fat component of the cream. The buttermilk is everything else, i.e. the remnants of milk that are impossible to completely separate from the cream. Hope that helps.

      • Philippe

        I think the casein is what gets drained out, but not the lactose.

  • KnowPD

    I started drinking Bulletproof coffee about 3 weeks ago instead of eating breakfast. The biggest benefit I’ve seen is appetite control and it also tastes great! I wish all aspects of a diet were so simple, effective, and easy to implement.

    • I noticed that too, especially when i had to head to work! Helped a lot!

  • My recipe for a Vietnamese version of Bulletproof coffee here in Hanoi:

    – local organic coffee
    – unsalted Anchor butter
    – usually I add coconut milk
    – sometimes I add an egg

    I whip this with a small IKEA hand blender. I usually drink this 2-4 times per week and of course feel great when I do 🙂

    I wish I could get a hold of some MCT/Brain Octane oil over here but shipping is a bit iffy here at the moment.

    • TheSuitIsNOTBlack

      I tried an egg once and it made it taste HORRIBLE!!

      • You have to blend it a LOT so it’s really creamy, and cinnamon helps cover up the taste…

        • TheSuitIsNOTBlack

          Do you use the whole egg or just the yolk?

        • Oh yeah, just the yolk…

    • DangerousMikeBenson

      I’d caution with adding eggs. Should never mix eggs with milk or juice especially. Best bet is to sub. out the coffee entirely and make an egg milk – which uses egg protein to replace milk protein and coconut oil/butter to replace milk fats. That’s a huge jumpstart into ketosis if you need it. Raw eggs are fine if you get them fresh local and clean them first.

  • Bulletproof Bone Broth

    recently jumped on the bone broth bandwagon. I’ve been making stocks forever for soups and sauces but i’ve been upping the bone to water ratio and doing longer cooks specifically for the collagen/mineral content and drinking the broth without making soup.

    I just started making a “Bulletproof” version with the finished product….hot broth, couple Ts of Kerrygold, coconut or MCT (or both) and about a half teaspoon of organic Miso for flavor. It’s truly amazing.

    Wonder if anyone else has gone there. Also wonder about collagen absorption in the presence of dietary fats…better, worse or not affected?


    • Stephanie Thomas

      Wow that sounds super awesome, I am going to try this!

    • DangerousMikeBenson

      Weston Price foundation is maybe a good place to look into anything dealing with fats. I know i’ve read studies that have shown that people tend to have trouble digesting cooked foods without a high mineral broth in their diets as well.

  • hailbringer

    no more content here, eh? over the past years content disappeared in favor of marketing… soon, i’m outa here.

    • TheSuitIsNOTBlack

      Nobody cares.

  • Stephanie Thomas

    I love bulletproof, have done the coffee and butter and mct, but right now i’m getting a kick out of using coconut oil instead with a tbs of cacao powder (blended of course) i’ve noticed my skin gets so clear when I up my coconut consumption. Always explore.:)

    • Julie Menard Wellman

      I like coconut oil better too. I used the MCT oil for a month or so, but coconut is creamier and tasters good!

    • I do too. Love the added little flavor benefit too ;D I also love to make a simple body scrub out of the leftover grinds and coconut oil!

      • MaryBeth Kenis

        Oh, I like that upcycling idea for the coffee grinds. Waste not, want not. :))

      • knowingoneify

        Smart cookie – good to know!! Hmmm……

    • Be careful how much coconut oil you consume. It is great, but no more than 3 tablespoons a day. It can alter stomach chemistry in a negative way beyond that. I never take more than two.

      • DangerousMikeBenson

        Your body has a natural mechanism for expelling excess fats is all. Med chain fats specifically dont require bile for digestion – free energy! so it’s easy to get too much of it. So start slowly always when going for that 70% fat calorie ratio (give or take) which is how you maintain ketosis.

  • bethascoli

    Dave, I have a question regarding this paragraph:

    Second, when you get butter in coffee, you’re creating small droplets of fat suspended. Those small droplets are called micelles, and they make the fat more digestible; one of the roles of bile in the body is to create micelles to help you digest fat.

    Q: We just found out that my husband has gallstones and will likely have to have his gallbladder removed. Until that time, it has been recommended that he follow a low-fat diet, since the fat is not being digested well, causing him to have attacks of major abdominal pain. After the surgery however, is the bulletproof coffee (particularly the micelles) something that could help him digest fat better, now that he doesn’t have the gallbladder to help him do that? Or will he likely need to limit fat intake once the gallbladder is out? (side note: he has never actually had the coffee, and his diet is pretty bad right now).

    Thank you
    p.s. love your podcast!

    • Kim La Chance

      I highly recommend you seek out holistic help in remedying your husband’s gallstone issues. The gallbladder is the organ involved in the processing of fats in the body – this is not a dispensable organ as western medical would have you believe. Modification of his diet will help tremendously. Seek out herbal tinctures/supplements that support gallbladder function – a holistic doctor can help guide you through the healing process.

  • James Becker

    I like to just drink my coconut oil straight, I like the taste of black coffee better.

  • mimranyameen

    I portion mine in an ice tray, freeze, pop out into a ziplock bag, store in freezer. Very convenient and reduces a lot of mess.

  • tiffany rios

    Do you have decaf bulletproof coffee? What’s the diff between mct oil and coconut oil

  • Michael Azarian

    How do you all deal with the butter curdling? I’ve tried blending it, and it always curdles, looks gross and sits on the top of the coffee.

  • Debbie Rayson

    Could someone please tell me which brands of butter are the best to buy to put in the bulletproof coffee and where to buy it. I live in Australia. Thanks 🙂

  • Notamused

    I know Dave is the official guru on this but I’ve read someone uses cream in their recipe. I presume that’s no good (but I like the idea)?

  • knowingoneify

    I add the BP Vanilla Max, cinnamon and BP Collagelatin along with the butter and Brain Octane in my BP coffee – creamy, yummy! Makes me feel good. I’m normally a pretty upbeat person so i don’t notice additional energy like a lot of people claim to fee when they started the BP coffee.
    Last night i put BP Brain Octane on my veggies!

    I like that BP diet offers more varieties in fruits, veggies and rice than the DietDoctor LCHF way of eating.

    I didn’t know you were supposed to rinse rice before cooking until i read Dave’s book! Who knew!

  • Marlo Black

    I am going to begin the bulletproof coffee in the morning…does anyone have any good advice in what not to eat or do while you first are beginning it???

  • sensual explorationist

    what does the blending do? does blending it really add something? I read somewhere that it’s not the same with the oil slick on the coffee and I say why?

  • StuInTokyo

    Here in Tokyo the only grass fed butter I can find is 250g that is about 0.55 of a pound, for about $26. I got the MCT oil, but it is regular unsalted butter for me….

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  • Chuck Sahagian

    Is ghee a good substitute for the butter?

    • Rottenmac

      ghee is clarified butter, so its got the good and not the bad.

      • barb

        I believe french butter is good too…A2 cows.

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  • I do 15g of coconut oil, 15g MCT, and around 10g of ghee blended with my bulletproof coffee every morning. Amazing how good it is at keeping you satiated and focused.

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  • Danita Banko

    I am wondering about using grass fed whole raw cows milk, may I use that in this coffee too? I have really been enjoying the raw cows milk in my coffee.

    • barb

      Are they A2 cows? There is a difference with the casein. A2 are healthier.

  • Todd Wilkins

    How does this effect your cholesterol?

  • kendo67

    I really think it’s best to keep it simple I see Google tells you to ad cinnamon and cocoa which is clearly not a coffee ? :s

  • Nancy

    okay…I used industrial butter…don’t panic…I nuked it…worked fine…Yummy…
    Gotta do some basics here…budget wise…

  • Lou Lombardi

    disaster pants??? WTF???