How To Have The Hormones of a 20-Year-Old: T.S. Wiley #508

How To Have The Hormones of a 20-Year-Old: T.S. Wiley #508

Today’s guest is what Dave calls a “belligerent researcher.” T.S. Wiley is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and the American Anthropological Association. She also is an author, medical theorist, and researcher based out of Santa Fe New Mexico.

Wiley is the author of the books Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival, and Sex, Lies & Menopause, which explains the hypothesis of how women have accelerated the aging process and put themselves in the bull’s eye for breast cancer by postponing marriage and motherhood. So, yeah … it is controversial, to say the least.

This podcast episode discusses the Wiley Protocol, how humans are a system that moves through time, and why the body you will have at the end of listening to this podcast is not the body you have right now.

Enjoy the show!

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How To Have The Hormones of a 20-Year-Old: T.S. Wiley #508


Show Notes

  • It’s all about the bacteria, who own the planet 00:08:33
  • Getting bacteria from a dead relative is an inheritance, not a curse 00:13:19
  • Nothing mutates simply to die 00:17:36
  • Wiley and her life’s work 00:20:00
  • Why would you want to have the hormones of a 20-year-old? 00:30:46
  • Sorry, but men are parasites … 00:51:08
  • There are two immune systems in all of us 00:54:58
  • Why oral or rectal melatonin (and other hormones) don’t work 00:59:40
  • Why you should get up at dawn, all year round 01:08:31

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