Depression: How To Feel Awesome Without Drugs

how to fight depression
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Depression is rampant in today’s society. It’s safe to say that if you’re not on antidepressants yourself, you know someone who is. But these medications only treat the symptoms of depression – not the root cause(s).

If you’re like most people, some days just rock. Sometimes you feel superhuman, other times it can feel like something is just missing. For example, most people know that low amounts of sleep make them perform poorly, and that’s just a part of life, or they believe that in order to be thin, you should just get used to being hungry all the time. We’ve seen how those ideas stand up to Bulletproof methods.

Depression, however, can require medical attention – seek out your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.  It is normal to have small amounts of sadness or depression, and they manifest themselves in different ways.  Or maybe you’ve experienced a loss and it’s totally normal to feel sad and grieve. In those cases, if you don’t feel sad, you’re probably not processing an emotion so you can let it go.

However, sometimes sadness and depression persist. When this happens, some people feel lethargic, others tearful, or maybe you just lack your normal level of motivation. Or maybe it manifests as irritability or even numbness.  Whatever it is, at the end of the day, it saps your performance and makes you feel less Bulletproof.

If you are diagnosed with depression, seek medical attention immediately.  There are also some alternative treatments you can read more about below.  CES technology in particular has shown beneficial for insomnia and mood, as well as treating some cases of depression.


If you don’t have depression: mood hacks for the blues

So maybe it’s not depression, but hey, what if you could avoid those little grumpy moments that make your kids stay away from you, or those times your co-workers get coffee from a different floor instead of the coffee bar next to your office?  What if you could build your resilience and even prevent it before it starts?

The rest of this post will give you some ideas to help transform the type of mild depression that sucks your energy into simple feelings you can work through and release, bringing you back to full strength.

The traditional approach to treating depression is to balance certain neurotransmitters with drugs.  Drugs have their place, but many of the ones targeting depression are failures.  They often work only as well as placebos, and they have a lot of unwanted side effects.  Just like statins, these drugs don’t target the real cause of the disease – just the symptoms.  They might help in the short term, but to really solve the problem you need to fix it with a more holistic systems thinking, Bulletproof methods.

While researching the Better Baby Book I came across a study on the topic of depression. The study focused on mothers, but the recommendations in it apply to us all.

This study’s four main recommendations for how to fight sadness without drugs are: happiness, spending time outside, exercise, and diet.

I used to have serious mood swings and unjustified bursts of anger that impacted my own health and my relationships with people I care about.  That was until I hacked my brain and Bulletproofed my body.  I started eating the Bulletproof Diet, lost 100 pounds, and used advanced technology to work my brain into a high-performance state.  Now, I’d be shocked to feel myself wasting that much productive energy on being angry or depressed. Here’s how you can do the same:

1. Redirect your thoughts

Ok, this might sound annoying simple. But studies show that when you redirect your attention to the positive, your serotonin levels increase.  There’s some evidence that your thoughts can alter blood flow to the brain, but only recently have scientists discovered that how you think can also alter neurotransmitter levels.  Meditation has been shown to increase dopamine levels, and feelings of happiness also alter serotonin levels in your brain.

Low serotonin receptor function is associated with poor mood, and high serotonin levels are associated with better mood.  Basically, while low serotonin may cause you to feel sad, feeling happy may also increase your serotonin levels.  It’s not clear which is more powerful, but one way to increase serotonin may be through psychotherapy methods like cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, and my personal favorite, HeartMath training.

Doing Heart Math training literally strengthens the part of your brain responsible for turning on the “happy state.”

2. Get outside more

a photo of a lake framed by trees

photo by baaker2009

Mark Sisson has written some excellent articles on the importance of sunshine and light exposure.  He’s made a great point about how working outside can increase your productivity, happiness, and health.  The problem is that it’s hard to move your office outside (although there are some tricks you can use to make it work).  Nevertheless, working outdoors is not something most people are going to do.  However, other research is showing that bright light exposure may be a way to help increase serotonin levels and alleviate depressive symptoms.

Bright light therapy is especially effective in pregnant women.  On a slightly macabre note, autopsies have shown that people who died in the summer have higher serotonin levels than those who died in the winter.  In studies where they purposely restrict tryptophan to lower serotonin levels, bright light prevents the normal drop in serotonin levels.  If you’ve been suffering from depression or unexplained sadness, try to get outside more often.  If you can’t, think about getting a wakeup light or installing some halogen bulbs in your work area.

In fact, since I live in Canada where it gets dark in the winter, I have 1000 watts of halogen light mounted above my desk, which serves nicely to stave off the winter blues.

3. Exercise

If you’ve been reading the blog or listening to the podcast for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out that excess exercise is not Bulletproof.  However, the right kinds of exercise can be beneficial for a number of reasons.  A massive review of most of the available evidence found that exercise is extremely good at improving depressive symptoms and increasing mood.  Some forward thinking agencies are even prescribing exercise instead of antidepressants, because “the risk–benefit ratio is poor for antidepressant use in patients with mild depression.”  In other words, exercise is more effective and safer, at least for people with mild depression.  In animals, exercise increases serotonin levels and the firing rates of serotonin neurons.  Does this mean you should start training for the Boston Marathon?  No, but it is evidence you might benefit from a strength plan like the one we’ve laid out here.  To learn more about the benefits of Bulletproof exercise, listen to our interview with Dr. Doug McGuff, M.D.

4. Diet

The last, and possibly most effective way to increase serotonin levels in your brain and improve your mood is to eat the Bulletproof Diet.  In animals and humans, tryptophan increases serotonin levels.  In cases of light to moderate to depression, tryptophan can also improve mood. Even in healthy people who are ranked as slightly more irritable than most, small amounts of tryptophan can make them more agreeable and less irritable.  However, there is a difference between dietary and supplementary tryptophan.

Tryptophan supplements raise serotonin levels, but dietary tryptophan does not.  If you do take tryptophan as a supplement, don’t take it when you have recently eaten protein, the other amino acids in protein compete with the absorption of tryptophan in the brain.

There is also evidence that a high tryptophan diet may be bad for you over the long-term.  However, there are a few foods that may increase serotonin levels.  Some of the proteins in whey can improve mood in humans after just a few hours.  This might be one of the reasons people feel so much better eating Upgraded Whey.

In the end, changing the types and amounts of protein you eat is probably less effective than the types and amounts of fat you eat.  Studies have shown that consuming omega-3s improves mood.  On the other hand, consuming large amounts of oxidized artificial trans fats can decrease your mental performance and hurt your mood.  When you eat these fats, they’re assimilated into your brain and other tissues.  They replace the fats that you need like omega-3s, and make you more irritable, less intelligent, and less Bulletproof.

The Bulletproof Diet is high in omega-3 fats, clean saturated fats, and moderate amounts of animal protein to give your body what it needs for a stable mood, but not too much to cause inflammation.


How to Bulletproof your brain against depression without drugs

Like most recurring problems, the Bulletproof approach is to try what should work, if that works, great.  If no, then do what “shouldn’t” work.  Drugs are supposed to be some sort ofcure-alll for depression and mood disorders, but most of them don’t work very well.  Here’s what you can do to help prevent and fight depression without turning to medication:

1. Practice pleasure. Use meditation or Heart Math training to learn to “turn on” a state of happiness that can replace sadness. At a minimum, take some time out of your day to focus on everything you love in life.  Get therapy if these things don’t help.

2. Be in nature, or at least pretend to be.  Humans evolved over millions of years living outside.  Only in the last several thousand have we migrated into the sheet rock caves that we now call offices.  Bright light therapy has been shown in several trials to helps alleviate depressive symptoms.  If you can, install some bright lights inside your workspace.  Being outside is even better, because you’ll also increase your vitamin D levels naturally. At least add a few plants to your work space.

3. Exercise.  The right kind of exercise can do wonders for your body and mind.  Not only will it get you leaner, stronger, and help you live longer, it also improves your mood.  Use a plan like the Bulletproof Body or Body by Science to strengthen your mental and physical abilities.

4. Eat the Bulletproof Diet.  Avoiding toxins and getting enough – but not too much – tryptophan will help your mood.  The Bulletproof Diet also optimizes your omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratios, which improves your brain performance and overall health.

Using a combination of high doses of fun, bright lights or nature exposure, the right kind of exercise, and the Bulletproof Diet, you can help fight mild depression and optimize your mental  performance.

How do you take care of yourself when you are down?  What has worked for you?


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By Dave Asprey

  • I’d like to suggest a possible mechanistic explanation for how exercise helps in alleviating symptoms of depression: exercise increases hippocampal neurogenesis in (at least) the dentate gyrus in mice:
    (Find more here:
    That is to say that exercise increases the rate that neurons are created in the hippocampus. Hippocampal neurogenesis (again, at least in part specifically in the dentate gyrus) is one of the current theories in clinical psychology as to what may make current medical treatments for depression work. It has been suggested that without hippocampal neurogenesis, antidepressants don’t work:;301/5634/805
    It would make sense that if exercise increases hippocampal neurogenesis and hippocampal neurogenesis is a pathway by which depression is alleviated, it would make sense if that is at least part of the reason why exercise helps with depression.

    (While process studies (looking at how things work) may not be as helpful in the short term as outcome studies (looking at if things work), I think people would do well to look at them and try to understand them both for academic interest and because it’s more helpful in the long term if we know how things work – we can make better predictions as to what might improve the effects.)

    • El Kabong


  • Chris


    Working out has the most beneficial effect for me. I do short, intense workouts (20-30 minutes) a few days per week. I focus on strength, speed and mobility.

    I find the blue light exposure is even more important than light in general. Blue sky is the best. Setting a blue background on my

    I have noticed some benefits from using the holosync meditation CDs as well.

    I also seem to notice that I am happier when I set up my day to day routine so that I constantly have enjoyable things to look forward to.

    Even something as simple as planning a dinner with close friends makes hard stretches of work more manageable.

    Dark chocolate (larger quantities, like a whole bar of 88%) really seems to give me a boost. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is definitely an effect.

    Thanks for the great info Dave.


    • Tofuface

      Chocolate really helps me from dropping when I know my mood might fall. I started making my own healthy versions: cocoa powder mixed with organic peanut butter, and homemade dark chocolate bars with stevia, currants, and coconut oil. Chocolate is the only thing I’ve found that is ingestable and helps my mood.

      On another note: the reason I’m here reading this blog is because after about a year without, I’m experiencing depression again. I’m in my second week and I’m really worried. I worked out regularly for sixty days previous and now can barely get out of bed. I can’t leave my apartment and when I try am filled with anxiety. I need a solution, but don’t trust medication.

      • Laura Grace

        Watch out for the peanuts. Can be high in toxins. How about cocoa and grassfed butter and coconut?

        As far as not trusting medication…might be worth it to consider “short term” medication if prescribed by a doctor. If your anxiety is manageable for 3 months on medication then you can do a lot of work to change your life, talk to a therapist, get better, etc.

        At the very least, try to see professionals even if you choose not to take their advice about medication.

      • Charlie Michael

        the problem with chocolate…. is that it erodes the esophagus. If it’s really bad, things get stuck in your throat when trying to swallow. 1 or 2 isn’t so bad, but cut down on it.

      • sophie

        I’m sorry to hear about your depression coming back, despite you working out regularly. I was/am trying to get in the habit of working out but hearing about someone whose depression returned even while working out regularly is discouraging.

  • Great post Dave, albeit unfortunate that you’ve had to write it. After all, happiness is our natural state. Depression, disease, malaise, lethargy…these are all unnatural states of being. Of course, there’s very little that’s ‘natural’ about the way the human animal lives today — divorced from our ecological niche, bombarded with unprecedented amounts of stimuli, forced into indoor confinement to survive, and thrust into dirty, overpopulated cities that look nothing like the small tribes in which we’ve evolved to function.

    But we’re all doing the best we can and I guess that’s what becoming ‘bulletproof’ is all about! 😉

    One thing I haven’t heard you discuss too much yet is cultural conditioning, the poisoning of our psychology by religion, ‘parenting’ and culture. I believe this is the fundamental aberration that underlies most of our ills, and perhaps I’m not alone when I say I’d love to hear you touch on those points more in depth at some point.


    • Derek

      It’s probably not the case that depression and disease are unnatural. Depression actually has value when looked at from an evolutionary psychology perspective. It is a time for us to remove from our usual social space and re-group in our head, so to speak. It is only maladaptive when these things occur without provocation or when they linger excessively…

    • Laura Grace

      Why on earth would you assume that happiness is our natural state? I suggest taking a look at our mammal and especially primate mammal friends as a starting place. Plenty of stress and fear there, even about social dynamics. I agree that happiness should be the goal (happier people and animals weigh less and produce fewer stress hormones).

    • El Kabong

      Depression is neither natural or unnatural. It just is. Everything that occurs in the human body, by definition, is natural. Unless it involves a scalpel. You’re obviously smoking your own dope and fail to be intellectually honest about the physiology and pathology of depression. Dangerous!

  • cogrick2

    Strong post. Like Chris posted, short, intense workouts work the best for me multiple days per week as a mood-enhancer. I actually should probably train everyday for that mood boost, especially in the cold Winter. I just started wearing Gunnar or UVEX glasses from Amazon (experimenting with both – currently prefer the much more affordable UVEX) and believe they are making me sleepy at a good time instead of the frequent late-night (>10 PM) awakening I experienced.

  • Nate

    I use the Bulletproof Diet to treat my depression too but I also use it treat my anxiety, OCD and dyslexia. I believe inflammation in brain specifically the basal ganglia is the problem. It is the part of the brain that controls those functions. If you want to see what swelling of the basal ganglia does check out Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections or P.A.N.D.A.S.

  • Liz

    Wow, just when I was going to thank you for your previous response, I saw this new post. This was just what I was hoping to see, not necessarily for me, but because many people have to deal with this and there’s so much you can do to sort things out before it goes crazy.

    As for me, I’ve been trying for a couple of years all the advices you give. Unfortunately, with all the effort, my body started to stop listening to my orders (panic attacks), due to some childhood issues, thus my medication (which actually got me scared first, since I try to avoid this).

    To your article, I would add:

    MAKE PEACE WITH YOURSELF! If you’re having difficult issues or you find it hard by yourself, please, please search for a therapist (as in a doctor to talk to, not one who would just push tablets on your throat). If you’re not at peace and have sorted in your mind and spirit the source of your depression, no matter how hard you try, it will come back and mess up the way you act, think and feel.

    I had been trying to deny it and fix it by myself for 10 years and it just got me to the point of breaking, when your subconscious has to yell at you to listen and fix it.

    Also, I have found diet, exercise, meditation and a positive outlook on life to help me a great deal. Instead of wailing over me being here, I started to think that while I’m at it, I may as well enjoy it and live it (life, that is) > Albert Camus, “The Myth of Sisyphus”.

    A proper diet and exercise will do wonders for your mind and body and this will change your outlook (this, besides what Dave wrote). I cannot stress this enough. Also, meditation/prayer, the daily exercise of gratitude and an effort – at first – to focus on the good will, in time, change your habits and therefore your feelings.

    One of the first things I did when I realized I was “in danger” was to start weight lifting. The discipline, endorphins and progress affect your habits and make you realize that you actually CAN and you are a beast! 🙂

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  • Bryan

    First off, I’d like to state that my anxiety and depression
    is so bad that I wouldn’t be able to work without treatment. I have been
    biohacking in this area for almost my whole life to remain functional. Other
    people may be able to use this treatments to go from normal to bulletproof
    while I have to use them to go from disease to normal. Here is the results I
    have received from the following treatments along with their side effect

    EEG Neurofeedback at home w/ daily use Effectiveness: High
    Adverse Side Effects: Low

    CES (Craniel Electrical Stimulation) Effectiveness: High Adverse Side Effects:Low

    Bulletproof Diet: Effectiveness: Medium Adverse Side

    Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Effectiveness: Medium Adverse
    Side Effects:None

    Body Centered Object Relations Therapy: Effectiveness:Medium
    Low Adverse Side Effects: Low.

    Pyschotropic Medications. Effectiveness: Medium High Adverse Side Effects:Medium to Medium High

    Brahman Spiritual Comtemplation: Effectiveness:
    Medium High Adverse Side Effects:Low

    Heartmath Emwave2
    Effectiveness: Medium Adverse
    Side Effects:none

    20-30 Excersice Effectiveness:
    Medium High Adverse Side Effects:none

    Body Scan Meditation Effectiveness: Medium Adverse Side

    Implement GTD System by David Allen at work (Critical if you
    have a demanding job) : Effectiveness: Medium
    High Adverse Side Effects: none

    • kalidestroyer

      Bryan: Do you have specific recommendations for an EEG Neurofeedback and Cranial Electrical Stimulation machine. thanks

    • catblueriver2006

      Thank you for this, have been battling the same for years myself.. never tried any of these but its really affecting my ability to work, etc

    • Rebecca

      my friend was diagnosed and now she keeps trying to commit suicide. what can i do?

      • Monica

        Please find someone to help your friend. I have no idea how old you are or your living situation but you can call a suicide prevention line and ask for help if she wont. I have had two friends commit suicide and the pain does not leave…it gets easier to bear(i know because the first one was 13 years ago) but never really leaves. Please try everything to help… but, if you do lose your friend, please do not beat yourself up(you probably will anyway). My second friend to commit suicide occurred on Aug 25 2013 and it is still pretty raw. Still secondguessing myself and wishing i could have done something. Love to you and your friend.
        Also- i suffer from major depression, but on medication i feel better and normal… so i stop taking the medicine and spiral down over a period of weeks or months…i hate taking pills and although i know i probably need them i am again(i cant believe this) contemplating going off meds and trying natural treatments. I was ready to kill myself by the middle of November and realized that my life is pretty darn good… why am i feeling this? i must be really depressed again, in spite of the diet corrections and exercise i had been doing for. months. So, back on meds again, for the last couple of months…and here i am on this thread reading about natural cures… my point-no one really wants to admit it that they have a chemical imbalance that is causing their thoughts, taking pills sucks, but the alternative is much worse. My heart goes out to you.

        • Monica

          just reread that and wanted to clarify, that you would be beating yourself up if you lost your friend, NOT that you were going to probably lose them, darn english language.

        • Shadow

          Hi Monica, I too have suffered from Major Depression for years. I tried to “be happy” and convinced myself that I was okay. I wasn’t. It led to me feeling bad about not being able to feel happy and worsened my depression. Medication has helped me, but cognitive therapy, aka, counselling has made the most difference. The medicine helps you to reach a place where the counselling can work. Where you can “be happy” and can learn how not to feel depressed. Good therapy while you’re on the medicine will help you to develop the coping mechanisms you need to not relapse once you’re no longer on the medicine. Even with the medicine I struggled a bit, but with the talk therapy I’ve been able to fight the battle in my brain and so far, I’m winning. The exercise and diet helps as well. They all go hand in hand. And don’t stop the therapy just because you suddenly feel better. You’ll know when you don’t need it anymore.

        • El Kabong

          A major symptom of depression that had established a hold, is distorted thinking. This why sometimes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be helpful. Depression feeds in itself. It cannibalizes itself to grow and feed on your vulnerability.

          I’ve read a lot of “victim” bashing here as if being a victim is something to be ashamed of. That’s absurd. Victimization often makes people empowered and stronger. Someone who has been victimized will possess characteristics of emboldenment, survivalism, fortitude etc. There is nothing wrong with being a victim, beyond the obvious things. You just cannot immerse yourself in self-deprecation and further victimizing yourself by not seeking to take ownership vs being owned by it.

  • duffney

    In my youth meaning highschool I was a very depressed person, as I’ve started to learn more about how much eating the right things effect the body. I have realized how deficent I was in so many areas. This blog post has a lot of great information and I’ve used all of them to improve my mood.

    • god

      I gave you depression because you touch yourself too much. nah mate avoiding gluten was my one much better and lots of veggies

  • Kim

    How do you feel about St. John’s Wort?

  • Rob

    I love your treatment for depression – just decide to be happy! wow why didn’t i think of that??!

    • abright

      Heh. I can relate to your sarcasm.

      I interpret that section as you can choose where to direct your thoughts… it takes effort to remember to do so, however there is a difference between getting stuck in the cycle of “why me” or “I feel like crap” to shifting your focus, even just a little to something more positive like “This is really hard for me right now.” Or choosing to distract

      • abright

        and choice, at first is only sorta. because depressive habits of thought pop up without “your” choice.

        • Diggs

          I’ve been devastated and my brain didn’t seem to care that I wanted to focus on happy thoughts. It takes effort, and it takes TIME. A year or two with “Major Depressive Disorder” can feel like an eternity, but it may help to be reassured that this too, is temporary

        • Nick Kefaloukos

          Anyone who has been through this can attest to it. That’s the kicker, you go through the actual time period and when you are experiencing it, each moment feels like it will stretch out to infinity that same way. Like @Diggs said, it’s only temporary. It must become a conscious focus to pluck out what IS positive.

          Negatives of life are always lurking around much like we carry a shadow around all our life. Just takes a bit more focused light to make that shadow disappear once again. One of the best pieces of advice someone told me to help me through was “Be kind to yourself.” And no that does not mean go out and splurge a fortune on some thing to reward yourself (Though maybe for some, that can help too). Rather, direct your thoughts to praise yourself for anything good you can remember doing in your life. It is there, you just have to remember those times.

        • Nikki

          Depression is overwhelming, I’ve experienced it, hope it doesn’t come by again.

        • maggie

          I know,People that never felt this, can not ever understand it.

        • Samantha

          Hearing that it is temporary gives me hope… I’m a year and a half into it and sometimes I can’t even imagine a life where I feel better.

        • kirsty joyner

          hang on in there, I had depression for most of my teens and twenties but i’ve been out of it for the last two years; the advice above genuinely works but you have to be patient. I’ve had relapses but they are getting easier to deal with each time – I just keep doing what I know works and sit tight and wait it out. I’m not truly happier and more chilled than I ever have been in my life.

        • leonida stevenson

          I had depression for years, and after so, so long of researching and self-studying I completely recovered using one program. I don’t know if it can help you but I know that it helped me. If you want to read review of that program go to Good luck !

      • Jocelyn

        Sorry for the lack of compassion. I’m from Canada.

    • Reka

      If you keep trying it for a long long time, it sucks at first but then it gets better. One of the biggest changes for me was when I decided that I am responsible for how I feel, and nobody else. What also helped was to realise that everybody has their own sets of problems, and mine are not determined to be worse than other people’s problems. Keeps a long time of trying and failing and starting again, but it worked for me. 🙂

      • Michael

        Sounds like good advice to me 🙂

      • Emma Micawber

        That is not real depression. That is feeling blue about a set of circumstances.

    • Lexy Jackson

      i know right? it’s not something you can decide! i mean why else would we be looking at this? if we could do that we wouldn’t BE DEPRESSED

    • Brian Gailliot

      hahaha. i know i should have too

    • Colin Nickerson

      Actually you nailed it Rob. The first step is deciding to be happy and convincing yourself that you can be. Great point.

    • Michael

      A professional I see. It’s like telling someone to breath who ran out of oxygen. Yeah, great advice mate. Give that man a cigar for the great work…

      • Liudas Valan?i?nas

        It’s actually a very good steps in fighting depression. Ofcourse, depressed people simply don’t understand how you can decide to be happy or find meaning in simple small things. But you have to do it. Against your will, without any joy or significant results. But if you vill continue to eat healthy, exercise and be around caring friends, you reach very good results. In time. You have to be patient. I did it. I’m makink progress. And most of the mjilder cases can do it, they just don’t want to because they’re depressed. But it’s possible to heal. Really. While all the depressed ones act the biggest victims in the World and always complain about ,,stupid” advices like this one, I’m becoming more and more sick of that negative attitude and mazochistic talks. No one can cure you. Friends can be a big help, but there is no pill form depression. You and only you have to fight it.

        • Lydia

          I hide my depression from everyone and have for years. I was diagnosed as a teen and took pills until 18, over ten years after I stopped the pills it is worse than ever, I don’t have friends because they are a burden, friends want to hang out, come over and go out and do things. I do find joy in the small things actually. The sunset/rise, the moon and the stars, mountains, weather, nature, my pets. I have a very fortunate life, I have a lot of things others don’t, maybe thats part of what makes me sad, I see too much poverty and I can’t do a thing about it. I don’t act like a victim, no one even knows, (until now). And I have no friends and don’t want them. I’ve been patient, and nothing has helped. thats why I’m here for answers and I’m reading comments for something logical.

        • Deb

          I know it’s really hard. I have been there and still am but I’m literally forcing myself to attend an art group to be with good people. I don’t discuss my depression with other people, only my immediate family and my counsellor. Don’t let it into every aspect of your life because it becomes a bigger issue. A change has to come from within you and about how you respond to your life. From what you have said you have lots of things and no friends and that doesn’t seem to be improving your life. Try reversing the situation and placing less value on objects and join a group you might be interested in or do some voluntary work to help the homeless, like a soup kitchen or something like that. No one will expect you to be their best friend and if they do want friendship just take it slowly and ease into something safe for you by setting some boundaries, gently, without aggression, or explaining yourself. Be kind to other people and even kinder to yourself, you probably need it like other depressed people do.

          I hope you find your solution. But one thing I know for sure is that excluding yourself from real life isn’t going to help you. And don’t feel guilty for having nice things, enjoy them, just don’t value them too much.

        • Lydia

          Thank You.

        • Alain Omapas Cervantes


        • Joe

          Three big things that keep coming up are exercise, meditation and volunteering. Doing the first 2 have been shown to be as effective as drugs. The third feeds our sense of community – something all too often missing.

          Then there are physical causes that need to be checked. Eg low thyroid, gut dysbiosis and a sluggish liver. Good luck.

        • Thanks, Joe. Your comment has been most useful. I agree completely.

        • tracy birch

          Ihave it rough at the moment just carnt seem to snap out of it thinking of going to a counsillor

        • Lydia

          It’s been a while since I posted this and I now feel better than ever, a counselor, someone to speak to will help. Best of luck to you my dear!

        • El Kabong

          Yeah, totally down with that. What about those whiney people with brain cancer who complain about the headaches, and memory loss and sometimes unable to think about things subjectively without some distortion. Total weaklings.

          Let’s be honest here. This concept “bulletproof,” were it not a metaphor and instead, literal in connotation, would result in failed protection from bullets thus causing severe physical damage. It’s pop-psychology at its worst because it mis characterizes the many different origins of depression, the distinctive indications of severity, and very importantly fails to acknowledge that depression is often a fatal disorder.

          Studies (not necessarily new, either) are showing clear evidence of brain matter atrophy in subjects who’ve experienced depression for as little as 3-4 years. Typically this damage is located in the hippocampus, and can often be substantially evident simply by observing CT scans, and in some cases x-ray films.

          This atrophy is quite simply brain damage. What researchers are finding is the glutamatergic activated receptors found in the hippocampus have actually diminished in number, thus compounding depressive symptoms ordinarily modulated by NMDA and AMPA transmitters.

          This is certainly different in terms of focus compared to the popularity of the serotonergic, dopaminergic and nor-epinephenergic neurotransmitter action that most atypical antidepressants affect. It has by and large been established that these existing atypical antidepressants are, at best, provide a 30% efficacy factor, or no more effective than placebo.

          This simply means that for the most part, these drugs haven’t really helped all that much. There is a new focus in treating depression. Not the occasional blues, or temporary sadness some of us experience here and there in life, but true depression.

          This new focus has emerged from the discovery of effective treatments that have been discovered almost unintentionally, or at least serendipitously. Ketamine Infusion Treatment, for example, has become a popular and safe treatment that works in about 70% of patients (way better than any other treatment to date), and can mitigate symptoms often with just one treatment session, resulting in significant relief of symptoms literally within hours. Seriously.

          What’s going on here is our friends, NMDA and AMPA, glutamatergic neurogenesis. This means NEW brain growth! Ketamine has conclusively been shown to actually trigger new brain cell, specifically NMDA receptor genesis.

          We now have companies like Naurex developing drugs that have this same action, but without Ketamine and much more targeted and effective. They currently have two candidate drugs in the clinical trial pipeline, GLNX-13 and another. I expect to see these in the market within 2 years.

          Please don’t let someone, anyone, tell you that your depression is imagined, not a concern, just something you need to get over or otherwise invalidate YOUR experience. Telling someone that the first step to “bulletproofing” depression is to “be happy,” is the most ignorant, dismissive and harmful direction to give someone who is suffering I think I’ve ever heard of.

          Brain damage is often part of what is going in with depression symptoms. If not, it may be imminent if untreated. So, just like brain cancer, the patient is likely unable to “think” themselves cured. The odds are dramatically against that scenario.

          Who would tell someone with brain damage to simply “get better” as a suggestion for healing? It’s absurd, offensive and magnificently ill-informed.

          Don’t get me wrong. Positive thought imaging, meditation, yoga, exercise, diet are all important components to good mental hygiene, but trivializing signs and symptoms of depression is a huge contributor to the stigma that mental illness carries and can often prevent someone who is truly sick from seeking help. It only serves to further many of the dysfunctional symptomology associated with depression to start with.

          Be your own best advocate, do your research and be wary of information with tonality that ignores the potential seriousness of the subject matter.

          Bulletproof. Heh.

        • wendy

          “. Telling someone that the first step to “bulletproofing” depression is to “be happy,” is the most ignorant, dismissive and harmful direction to give someone who is suffering I think I’ve ever heard of.”

          I agree 100%. Depression, real depression, is a medical condition. Just as you can’t think yourself out of having kidney failure, you can’t think yourself out of depression. There are a lot of ignorant people out there and the author of this article is one.

    • Jocelyne

      Yeah, why didn’t you?

      • Maggie

        Please don’t comment on Depression if u never experienced it. You come across as stupid and belligerent. Talk about something you KNOW!

    • guero311

      lol whoever wrote this crearly never came close to a day of depression in their life. “if I just focus on being happy, my serotonin levels will rise and i’ll be happy. yay!”

    • Bryan

      Haha, that is how I have felt about every therapy session I have taken over the last 20 years.

      “Doc I feel bad.”

      “You should feel good”

      Wow thanks, I could have kept the $110 an hour, but I guess there is a reason you drive a BMW and I walk.

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  • Lena

    These are helpful ways to fight depression. Check out this link to find more helpful tips!

  • Amanda

    Being someone that has fought depression on and off for many years, I found this article to be very informative and definitely has some good ideas for the next time I need to get out of a funk. I also recently found this article – which was really helpful.

  • You find happiness when you stop looking for it. It’s the peace within. Took me a while and a lot of reading to get simple! ;o)

    • god

      eat raw veggies yum yum

    • Charlie Michael

      no, you always seem to find what you’re NOT looking for.

  • Salina Gomez

    Thank you for your post – change has to come from within and with increasing your serotonin levels – you automatically feel better and when you feel better – you want to continue eating right, exercising, getting out and choosing to be happy. You may enjoy this article on Training the Subconscious. Thanks for sharing..

  • jack

    face your fears – do the things that you don’t want to do…

    Its the only way to be free…

  • looking in the mirror and liking what you see is the first step to overcoming depression

    • jordan

      Easier said than done, thanks for the useless tip

      • Lioness

        Of course it is easier said than done. Nobody ever said fighting depression is easy. But if you begin the fight by saying “nothing helps me” you’ve already lost. Fighting depression is like climbing out of a deep hole. You have to cling to anything you can and pull yourself up inch by inch. Every inch gained is a success.

        That is not to say that everyone can do this or that everyone has the same level of depression. Those who cannot make any progress should seek therapy or medications or both. But for many the first step is to acknowledge that you are depressed and then to understand that this is not some outside force victimizing you. It is you how you think about yourself and the world. You have to force yourself to change your thinking. That might include changing jobs or locations or other factors in your life.

        I have suffered from depression and pushed it back more than once in my life and I saw my father give up living because of it. So, please don’t tell me I don’t understand depression. It absolutely can be conquered but it takes a tremendous amount of personal work to make progress.

        • wendy

          and if you have severe depression, that tremendous amount of personal work is never going to happen.

    • Charlie Michael

      looking in the mirror and throwing a rock at it is not

  • dottie Luster

    are there any foods that contain these vitamins naturaly.

  • Anon

    If it was that simple i’d be saving a lot of money on therapy

  • onefreekonline

    I’m so sick of all the people around me who think that depression is just in your head, and that people make it up. They’ve never experienced it, so it must not be real. Well they’ve never experienced panic attacks, insomnia, athsma, schitsophrenia, ect. so are those not real either?
    I’m sick of it. Sick of feeling judged because of something I didn’t controll.

    • Chuck

      Loneliness sucks, it is hard to describe to people who
      aren’t experiencing it. Advice like
      “stop being so negative”, “just feel happy” and “think positive” aren’t really
      options when you feel buried by life…

      Self-love and self-nurturing are the way to remember our
      wholeness. If you can find a way
      to pick up your violin and play (like in the movie the Titanic) you are on
      your way. The ship is sinking anyways,
      why not!

      After 46 years of chronic anxiety, depression and suicidal
      thoughts, I finally waved the white flag on the whole thing. Here is a link to a YouTube video about


      • Lucy

        Hi just reading this because I have recently been diagnosed with depression and was sent out of the doctors clutching a resceiption for antidepressants and no other advice for anything I can do to help myself let alone a natural way of relieving my symptoms. Just thought I would respond with your reference to panic attacks to which my partner has previously suffered with. He tried the Charles Lyndon method and for thelastfeemonths now has not had an episode. Like what has been mentioned in this post it includes a lot of no longer accepting you are a sufferer of anxiety attacks but along with his book and DVD he explains the physiological processes of anxiety attacks. Which has helped my partner to understand what is happening to him, the triggers for his anxiety and in turn has helped him to control his anxiety to the point where even I am convicted it has worked (and I was massively taking the mickey when my partner put this DVD on!)
        I know that people who haven’t been in our shoes think we should be able to just snap out of it and this trivialises our condition but I do believe that to an extent we are able to re-programme our minds to focus on happier events and in addition to the other steps, maybe we can go some way to improving out state of mind

        • wendy

          I have severe depression, really, really bad depression. When I’m in a depressed state I can’t “focus on happier events” as there is NOTHING GOOD IN LIFE. don’t you understand, it’s not my fault I’ve got depression, it’s not because I have been thinking unhappy thoughts!

    • Brian Gailliot

      your so right alot of people do act like it is something u can change automatically or that it is all in your head. B.S

    • D

      I totally agree. I am tired of it too. And although my family and friends try to understand, they just can’t. But even though they can’t understand it, my family, friends, and boyfriend are my rock. They are there when I have my panic attacks and do whatever they can to help. And I thank God for them everyday.

    • Steve Borkowski

      These same people would tell a diabetic to just think less sugar, and you and your kidneys and heart will be fine. Think your way to a low A1c. Yeh.

      • bogolosa

        Bad example.. If most diabetics stopped eating carbs they could control their bloodsugar. It worked for me. They just choose not to. Depression isn’t that easy.

    • Gavin

      Well technically it is in your head. Athsma as you so eloquently put it, is not. Asthma is in the lungs. I was in Afghanistan and suffered from crippling PTSD, Anxiety, depression, insomnia. I beat it, mostly with the exact methods listed above. I spent some time on mood stabilizers after my son died because my PTSD progressed to full on bipolar disorder. But I’ve been completely medicine free for some time now and finally enjoy life again with my beautiful wife and our perfectly healthy son.

      Stop playing the victim, get the help you need. You are stronger than depression, my problem with psychiatry is it makes people feel weak and helpless without medicine. TAKE THE MEDICINE allow it to work, the majority of human brains were never meant to have depression or anxiety in day to day situations. These are physiological responses to stimuli. Break the cycle get outside the world is a beautiful place. I decided that I was not going to let my sadness and anxiety define me and I’m living proof that it worked.

      • sb

        fine. can I be pissed while i do it? cause nothing feels beautiful like it used to.

    • Renata Avendano

      i guess you just read first sentence to be happy one. But read more. big thing is your diet. lack of food supplements . lack of meditation !!! Its big one. Lack of exercises. Start working with yourself. I know its not easy. But i can tell you if you wont make first step you will never get better.

      • Taking advantage of the things we can control, such as diet, exercise, surrounding ourselves with positive influence, getting enough sleep and self-care etc, certainly helps, but depression is something that can persist like nothing else can. I do all of those things you speak of and then some, and it helps me get by, but I’d give almost anything to thrive and feel joy. Like many troopers here, I’m no victim either. I push through without antidepressants and with a lot of denial! No longer ashamed to be up front about depression though, obviously, since I’m using my name. It certainly helps to discuss experiences with other people resisting depression. Control what we can, including our mind. And don’t blindly trust your “feelings.”

    • Charlie Michael

      or can’t control. there’s not a day that I don’t think of a lead bullet in my brain. drugs work on depression for a relatively short time, and then it’s back into the ABYSS. The pain of depression takes everything out of a person because it’s not an easy thing to rid yourself of

    • maggie

      Correct. If we had Cancer they wouldn’t tell us how to “feel”.

  • ethan chong

    Wow, I realized that depression can sometimes also cause insomnia. Do you want to know the secret natural cure for insomnia? Simply go to to discover the secret source to getting you to sleep faster than ever before!

  • rawr

    if you are just now hearing that exercise and eating healthy will improve your mood that is insane.. these steps are so extremely basic this is like depression 101

  • Aurelius Terminas

    Depression is not an illness. It’s a state and you can change your state in a matter of seconds.

    • Catz

      Either you’ve never had depression, or you only had mild depression.

    • El Kabong

      Can I change my gay too like that? By just thinking “I’m not gay, dude!” Get that silly little dress off me now!

  • helpmontnana
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  • Acorp

    “Be Happy” Oh really? I’m sure nobody ever tried that one. Thanks for that very helpful suggestion.

  • Alpha Elite

    As far as Dietary Supplements go I have found Acetyl L-Carnitine (1-4 grams a day depending on the individual) to be extremely helpful in increasing energy levels as well as focus and memory.

    Because Acetyl L-Carnitine makes your body utilize fat for energy, I have seen the effects become extremely amplified since adding 2/3rds of a stick of kerry gold unsalted butter to my morning protein shake!!!

    It increases both Dopamine and Seretonin for a pleasurable and more balanced feel. Its a great add on for those taking an anti-depressant too.

    • Charlie Michael

      it doesn’t work as well on anxiety prone people that are underweight

  • jack

    You’re dumb you know nothing about real depression

  • Cathy

    you can also use music as a therapy. I came across a website, which features a mood wheel where you can draw a playlist path from sad to depressed to calm to pleasant to happy ! its not instant design to get away from sad/depressing mood….everybody needs a time. take a look at this pin :

  • Engels’ Friend

    I just had to drop this here as it is sort of relevant. It might help somebody.

    “The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure
    to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure for it is
    occupation, because occupation means pre-occupation; and the
    pre-occupied person is neither happy nor unhappy, but simply alive and
    active. That is why it is necessary to happiness that one should be

    “How to stop worrying and start living”. Excellent 9 hours material. Look it up on youtube.

    • paul

      So what about when you stop the 14 hour days for 5 years and realise you are depressed?! You can’t be too busy and occupy yourself for the rest of your life so that you don’t realise your loneliness and depression.

    • I always learn the hard way

      “The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure
      to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure for it is
      occupation, because occupation means pre-occupation; and the
      pre-occupied person is neither happy nor unhappy, but simply alive and
      active. That is why it is necessary to happiness that one should be

      ……And help somebody it did. I thank you.

      I have finally realized (after a year), that choosing to drastically cut back on my work hours/career, was the worst idea I’ve ever had! I thought I needed time to regroup and think about my life, in order to overcome my deepening depression and increasing feeling that I was “lost” in life. Believe me when I say, “Don’t do it!”
      Only in retrospect, can I say with such certainty, that the previously written post by Engels’ Friend is TRUTH. Now, more than ever in my life, I am miserable & more depressed. I still am plagued with plenty of leisure time to refrain from dealing with others – simply because “I don’t feel like it”, or “I don’t feel like going out today.” I have become a hermit, I’ve lost some good friends and I am struggling just to get to the next day at times. I still don’t understand why I feel like I do, but its always been a lingering feeling throughout my life.
      I am now faced with picking myself back up from the lowest of lows I’ve ever experienced & get back to working F/T when I can manage to land a new job within my career. I could have saved a LOT of time and money!!
      So much for my brilliant idea!
      I will continue to take it moment to moment, pick myself up and dust myself off – as many times as I need to in a day. And of course….”One of these days I will make it up out of this hole I dug for myself.”

  • shel

    I decide to FIGHT back against depression & take charge of changing myself and how I think/view the world. It’s not easy, but I’ve been fighting depression for ~40 yrs now & haven’t given up yet. I also analyze what I’ve recently eaten, how much I’ve slept, etc. Small changes can go a long way to help balance hormonal problems for me. I can’t say everyone’s cures are the same, I’m just suggesting that these things have worked for me so far… Good luck to you all. I empathize.

  • Liz

    For about 10 years I was on a constant combination of meds and therapy. For the past 2 and 1/2 years, I have been without therapy or medication. There are some weeks/months that are worse than others. These are the practices that help me with my struggle:
    1)Choosing to be happy (it may sound dumb, but you do have work practice this choice, read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl)
    2)Lots of exercise, this helps so much
    3) Diet- eat healthy, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, don’t do do recreational drugs
    4) volunteer, give back, socialize

  • sonya

    the best way for enjoying your life is just to be happy and to take it easy in any situation. that’s life.

    otomatik kap?lar

    • El Kabong

      How nice for you Sonya.

  • CarbSanity

    Denounce Jimmy Moore and Richard Nikoley and then we’ll talk.

  • Chris

    This is complete babble. Just be happier? Really? And I’m sick of people telling me I just need to go outside in the sun more, or diet and exercise to be less depressed. I HATE the sun. It kills my eyes and I get wicked headaches if I am in it for any extended time. There is a reason I don’t go in the sun. And as far as the diet and exercise, this past summer I got a job where I was on my feet for 10 hours, then I would walk 4 miles 6 days a week and I ate the healthiest I’ve ever eaten in my life. I lost 20 pounds AND came within an eyelash of committing suicide for the first time in my life. It was the worst my depression has ever been. So….yeah

  • Vickie

    After reading a lot of the responses here, I must share my thoughts. I too have suffered severe depression/anxiety for years. I have been on medication for both and got some relief but did not want to depend on foreign substance as a cure. I “made the CHOICE” to get busy trying to be happy! It is not easy, especially in times of self despair, but it is a “choice” to sit and wallow in it! It really is! The above list is a very realistic way to put that depression to bed! It takes courage! Nothing works for you naturally, if you do not put in the effort. Be strong, believe in yourself and get busy LIVING! Change your perception, change your life! PMA (positive mental attitude)

    • El Kabong

      I can promise you that living with depression, day after day, month to month, year and years, takes multitudes more courage than having a PMA.

  • Jaycee

    bullshit… Depression is a mental disorder that needs drugs and or therapy to feel better. This article is complete bullshit. -.-

    • Lioness

      You could not be more wrong. There are many things a depressed individual can do to break the cycle of depression and this article touches on a few of them. Get out and help someone you don’t even know. That is a good start. Depression is a horrible state but pouring drugs that can lead to more harm than good is not the answer for everyone.

      • El Kabong

        Not the answer? For whom? YOU!

  • PeteH

    The teachings of eckhart tolle I found profound and full of integrity. They guided me to my own wisdom. I found that feelings lumped under the umbrella term ‘depression’ become a meaningfull part of moving forward and learning. The suggestions in this point are also excellent except the first recommedation could be counterproductive. For most people happiness is associted with a high which in turn means there is a low. True inner contentment and joy, that comes from knowing who you are, has no opposite. Excellent blog. keep up the good work!

  • Richard Hashimashi

    Thanks for this article Dave. I have been struggling with depression for way too long for too many reasons. I have found that eating a clean diet and working out seems to help the most. I am down 55lbs now and working on losing the last 20. Have not seen your bullet proof diet yet, but am definitely going to look.

  • Brian Gailliot

    what i hate is i feed myself all these healthy foods and vitamins for like a week. and then i for some reason want to just be high for the next few days on like pills alcohol and coricidin and snorting ant- depressants and i can never seem to break that cycle for some reason

  • heather

    it`s a holistic approach. The right food,supplements,exercise,prayer,mixing with friends,find out from the net what you can do to make yourself better, Read the research.. turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, forgive yourself. I worked on my depression and it came right. Our poor western diet has a lot to do with it.

  • Amra

    Can any one know wy I fill so bad When I drink omega 3 fish oil .thank you

  • Amra

    For depression and nerve I know Gout fat and milk is so good it will help for depression relaxing music, and long walk in forest, listening beard voice .

  • Veronica

    Great article. I heard Ziglar talk about studies done after listening to something motivating and how it impacted his audience by raising dopamine, seratonin levels 300%. I have been putting a lot of this into practice over a year. It wasn’t easy at first but now it is natural and things have drastically changed for the better.

    • El Kabong

      Woah! Too much serotonin can be very dangerous. We can’t view the serotonergic system in overly simplistic terms, and just assume that more is better. Very dangerous indeed.

      Look it up!

  • Sarp
  • Liz

    It sure is not easy. I need Florida, the sun, smell of the rain and having coffee in the little cafe. Anyone to join me? Without this, I am so sad! California a dream come true but would settle for Florida! I stay fit, eat right, excercise and dream of those days but still depressed. Will be until I find my home in Florida!

  • Wesley Teasley

    How do you defeat doctors, friends, family, who want to “stuff” the meds down my freaking throat

  • Lilith

    I can say, this is inaccurate. Depression is a lack of the chemical Serotonin in your brain, the only way to treat it is to increase the Serotonin levels, which can only be done with anti-depressants. Pick up a psychology book sometime before giving out advice about a mental disorder!

    • JB

      Bollocks – you suffer with depression do you? I do and due to taking anti depressants those bad boys nearly tipped me over the edge several years ago. Exercise, light, diet and self worth are just a few of the elements needed to dig yourself out of the pit of despair.

  • D

    I don ‘t know about others, but for me it is not a choice. I can just decided to be happy. This is bullshit and insulting.

    • D

      I mean I can’t just decided to be happy

  • Chelsea Sawyer

    Great post. Being happy can indeed help you in relieving depression. I agree it must be the number one. I also agree with going out since this will allow you to forget the things that make you depress or even get away from the places, things or people who make you feel hopeless and depress. –

  • Ryan Gilbert

    Eat bulletproof, exercise, force yourself to make a running graditude list and most importantly, STOP FOCUSING ON YOU. Self-absorption was a huge hurdle I had to overcome.

    Living in downtown SF, I was bombarded daily by homeless people asking me to donate to their cause, because of their problems and their struggles.

    It finally hit me. These people were helpless because they were so focused on themselves that their problems seemed 100X worse than they were in reality .

    whenever you’re down, make the effort to help someone else. You’ll realize that your problems aren’t that important and they suddenly become a lot less threatening.

  • Jonathan Ballam

    Be Happy is the first step…next it’s about searching for it and internalizing it. Perhaps something you can add to this article under the ‘be happy’ section is one should create a dream board (or vision board) for oneself.

    Essentially, you grab a whole bunch of magazines and start to set your intentions (Dr Wayne Dyer, speaks better about intention setting than I do). The idea is the dream big. Say for example you live in a crappy apartment, and one of your goals is to get a better house. Don’t cut out a modest middle-class apartment. Find a mansion – you might think you’ll never own – and cut it out. You can dream big in all the areas of your life.

    I’ve been on anti-depressants now for (roughly) six years. One major combatant is exercise and diet. Exercise, Diet, and (most important) consistency. I made it my goal to wake up early in the morning and run on the beach at 4:30am. I can’t say I always stick to it…but minimum of 4 days a week I’m out there. It’s just the ocean and me…it’s wonderful. Running, for me, is about the exercise and what you speak of just “getting out”. Once you start to find an exercise routine…eventually it becomes a meditation of sorts.

    This year my goal is to be anti-depressant free, provided I stick to Exercise, Diet, Meditation and Happiness in a consistent manner. Thank you for this wonderful post! It can confirmed much of my thinking.

    I will be back to dig into other avenues of this blog/website. 😀

  • Stephen

    this is a good topic to use for a school for write and thanks for all the help and all of these tips that i can use for my paper and i got a A+ thanks alot 🙂

  • Pillsburryyoboy

    lol obviously this person has never been depressed, maybe sad, but not depressed. When you’re depressed you can’t be happy, go outside, or even eat anything that you have to wash, because that is too much work, this should be called how to fight boredom, or maybe how to fight the i’m feeling like its a 7 day instead of my normal 9 day and its been 2 in a row, i must be depressed, boo hoo.

  • thehillcenter

    I just love your depression treatment. It’s really wonderful article for depressed people. Thanks for sharing these points with us.

    • El Kabong

      I use a similar approach to my gayness. I just think thoughts about the fact I am not gay. Shazam! If I’m feeling particularly gay, I think thoughts like “I’m not gay, I just love broadway musicals” and then I’m cured for awhile. But I do have this pesky thing about bleeding all over my legs from cutting myself. But hey! I ain’t gay man.

  • robin

    I’m very happy when I just watch movies, browse web pages.
    But I cannot get job if I just do those things. So it makes me depressed.
    What I gonna to do?

  • The hill center

    Your treatment for depression is really awesome. By implementing these treatments in one’s life they can handle depression very easily and effectively.

  • Scroogerry

    If I don’t have sex with a woman in the next month or sooner, I truly believe I will do something horrible. Why does not having sex make me feel like this shit? I wish I could take a pill to stop this desire. WTF?

  • Qwerty

    I don’t think the author “gets it” . . . I’m stuck in a position where I get no sun, I have tried exercising, and I cannot go get therapy or drugs… When depressed, one cannot simply “Be Happy”. It sucks everything out of you to the point where you don’t even have the WILL to do so. You just don’t have the energy to try. There needs to be some other methods where you don’t need to see a professional or use any of the above listed methods…

  • Phee

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I know this from experience, its hard to be happy when your depressed

  • Michael

    It all sounds so simple. Emotions drive people and when you feel nothing for anything then how do you maintain normality? Loss of control is the whole problem. Get your five a day (protein, vitamins, minerals, oil, H2O, carbs), smile, exercise, go outside, think positively. Yeah, cheers for that! Will do!?!

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  • Trent

    Start a gratitude journal. It can help you “see” things differently. Just search for gratitude journal online. I did this and created a new habit. I did make a difference.

  • Jeff

    You seem to bunch being ‘depressed’ and actual Depression in the same boat because I can tell you right now: I lead an active, health live style by a lot of peoples standard guidelines for food, activity and social life but yet it’s the same battle every night and every moment I spend not keeping busy.I refuse to believe or accept that simple life style changes ‘fight’ depression because it’s not an illness. It’s a literal chemical deficiency in the brain. It’s not some, disease or sickness you can cure. It’s a state of mind for some people and I, myself’ find this entire article insulting because I jump through all of the hoops and still find a lack of hope for humanity or hope for myself. I understand this all seems mundane and ‘depressive’ but the people who truely have depression and read this will know what I’m talking about. You cant jog, smile and ‘healthy lifestyle’ depression away and you push the agenda that it’s just something you GET over through physical activity and types of food consumption. You seem to ignore the literal emotional complex of some people by saying ‘just be happy’ in your first tip. You think if it was so easily ‘fixed’ as this article makes it out to be a lot of people would do it more? This doesn’t help someone be emotionally stable. It keeps their mind busy from stagnating so they cant notice what the world/people are around them by changing their lifestyle. I do admit the tips here are generic (quite obvious) health tips but really? To ‘fight’ depression? The redundancy of this entire article just.. Blows my mind. You dont know where depression even begins’ let alone how to ‘fix’ it.

    Have a beautiful day and I wish you all the best.

  • You asked “How do you take care of yourself when you are down? What has worked for you?” It would be quite a long answer since I have been fighting depression for so long, but here are some suggestions from what I have experienced over the last too many years:

    10 Day Emotional Cleanse – thoughts, speech

    1. Say to yourself and say it out loud: “Zehhu! That’s it, I have had enough!). Tell yourself that you want to enjoy your day and that you will accept small victories, whatever those might be.

    2. Never Give Up, Do not Lose Hope, Be Optimistic.

    3. Stop trying to change others and depending on them for your happiness. Stop looking at them to be the light that brightens your day.

    3. Change yourself. Stop thinking about how others should be different. Make the changes yourself and be your own light that brightens your day. No one can take that away from you.

    4. All the shoulds that you want others to shoulder, shoulder them yourself. Whatever you can control, do it, make the effort to do the things that you believe others should be doing.

    There is great amazing relief in stopping pushing against a brick wall, other people that are not changing as you want them to. If the wall is brick and you tried 3 times to knock it over, most likely it is not going to budge, so stop beating your head against that wall.

    Instead, find exciting , fun, projects for yourself to do, because you can change yourself. You can control what you say, what you eat, what you drink, how you move, so you can start to rack up small victories for yourself. As you are successful, you will be hungrier for more and keep becoming more confident. Yes, you will see some curve balls, but so what? That is part of this game. Keep getting up to bat and you will eventually be hitting home runs.

    5. You must get control of your thoughts. Take out the video tape that plays in your head showing you as the victim, as the one who has been wronged. Replace it with the good affirmations, think of every success that you have had in your life, whatever it might be. You have to walk out of the room of depression, close the door, lock it and open up new doors and build new rooms, build a new home, build a palace!

    6. Speak good about yourself. Stop maligning yourself. Only say good things. Words are powerful. Nobody builds anything without first thinking about it and speaking about it. Start speaking about what you want to build, not what you want to destroy, because both are true by our thought and speech.

    7. Get more physically fit for a better functioning brain, as a stronger mind will be the result of a stronger body.


    8. Eat real food. In approximately 6 months, eating real food helped me go from a 48″ waist to a 32” waist.

    9. Do real strength exercises mainly using your bodyweight or free weights.

    10. Think about new projects that you can do, get excited about a new project or a goal which you can handle over a 3 or 6 month period and start focusing on that, stop replaying all of the bad images of your life in your mind.

    I have alot more to say about fighting depression with food and exercise at

  • Sara Ladig

    be happy……..hmmm if it were that easy i’m sure there wouldnt b a thing called depression. so i agree with Rob on this.

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  • mika


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  • Doctor

    This is great advice for someone who is suffering from depression secondary to extenuating circumstances, i.e. an adjustment disorder, or profound sadness. However, it cannot possibly be applied to those with a major depressive disorder. People suffering from true depression cannot just simply ‘be happy’ as you describe.

    We’ve all suffered from sadness, and I’m sure many of us have been ‘clinically depressed’ for a period of time, which resolved. However, there are people who really struggle, without necessarily having an external causative factor such as lack of sleep/poor diet/stress etc. Those people need help, and although doing all the above may help somewhat, they shouldn’t be made to feel that they can just push out the pain.

    Really, everyone in the world should follow the above steps, for general physical and mental health. But those who have a major illness (physical or mental) are likely to need further treatment and support. And that is OK.

    • Charlie Michael

      legalize euthansia, and hope for a better break next time around

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  • Kim

    I’m so sorry that there are people out there who believe this trash. Just be happy? Do you honestly think that people with a mental illness choose to be miserable? I assure you that is not the case, and if this method has been effective for you then I can almost certainly guarantee that what you felt was simply sadness, not clinical depression. The very fact that you equate the two means you are either ignorant or at the very least, grossly misinformed. I don’t deny that antidepressant medications may not be the answer, but sometimes going outside or exercising or changing your diet doesn’t work, either. Mental illnesses are very complex diseases, and they should be taken seriously. Your article, on the other hand, seems to merely trivialize them, which I find extremely discouraging, especially in a world where mental illness carries such a heavy stigma. I hate that people looking for guidance and encouragement have stumbled upon this site, only to find that it is simply an advertisement for your stupid diet plan. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Charlie Michael


  • Kurt

    This advice is not serious. To tell a person with depression “be happy” is like to tell a cancer patient “be healthy”. It’s just ridiculous, obviously the person writing this advise has no idea what depression is and that it is not under the control of the patient… no matter what you eat!
    To say that sadness and depression are not different is another serious mistake. Everyone has been sad or will be sad during life, sadness is a normal reaction to events. Depression is a clinical syndrome which is pathological -is a disease- way beyond sadness and should be treated.
    Antidepressants do work for those who need them and should be given by a psychiatrist, nothing wrong with treating depression with antidepressants… they were invented to help people. And when they work as they should, the patient will thank God for their existence.
    And advise articles about coping with depression should be written by a specialist …

  • Greg

    Where this article collapses is not addressing one of the primary effects of depression: mental and physical fatigue. The fatigue is a huge blocker to taking any of these steps. Exercise often makes the fatigue exponentially worse. Perhaps many of these “just do it” steps would work without the debilitating fatigue. To understand what the fatigue is like, go run around on a hot and humid day for a few hours. Come home and then say to yourself, “I’m going to the gym now to workout”. You won’t. You’ll grab a drink and sit down to relax. Yes, the depression associated fatigue is that bad.

  • Greg

    I should also add that generalizing depression as a primarily serotonin related issue is not correct and stems from faulty research results in the 70’s. Serotonin is a part of the puzzle along with dopamine and noradrenaline. However, it gets far too much weight when talking about depression. Often people with treatment-resistant depression have a dopamine and noradrenaline issue. Focusing on serotonin primarily and foremost is not good from either a medication-based or non-medication-based therapy approach. Much suffering can occur until it is realized that the person may suffer from atypical (non-serotonin related) depression. In addition, although needed by the body, increasing tryptophan can cause a person with atypical depression to become more tired (It’s why we are all tired after Thanksgiving dinner). That’s the last thing a person with depression caused by dopamine and/or noradrenaline wants. I think the tryptophan argument comes down to the incorrect belief that all depression is a mood stabilization issue. In many cases it is from a fatigue related cause.

    • El Kabong

      Yes! Thyroid, neurotransmitters (AMPA, NMDA,SSRI, SNRI, SSRE… Too many to list) testosterone, estrogen etc. we all think about serotonin because big pharma conditioned our awareness about this so they could sell drugs.

  • sandesh

    when we feel depression we dont want to talk with people more.I have not checked with doctor but i think i am having depression.I cant sleep at night.I am afraid that i may die.I listened that medicine of depression harms i am doing exercise at home.Any one can give me suggestions please..If a person cannot sleep then his mind will be depressed whole day. please help me

  • daydreamer194
  • Chris Griffin

    Good stuff, but come on, 69.00 for only 2lb of whey? Thats not “upgraded” thats just taking advantage and being exsessivly greedy.

  • Vaileria Dennis

    Depression is a cause of concern today. Antidepressant can help to cope up with anxiety and mental disorder. I take Tranquilene to treat my depression and it really works. It helped me to relive my anxiety and fight with depression. You can know more about this antidepressant here

  • Mayur Bhatia

    Allopathic doctors(so called great Psychiatrists) will not be able heal depression. I have had depression for 5 years, I also consulted various allopathic doctors. I was lucky to get treated through Accupressure here in New Delhi, India. I am perfectly alright now.

    Few Steps you can do:-

    1. Be on alkaline diet. Google it for more. It will make you feel good and energetic. Diseases cannot manifest in alkaline enviromnent.

    2. Do some yoga in morining daily.

    3. Go for alternative therapies like Homepathy, accupressure, allopathic will do you no good. Beleive me.

    4. Develop some good hobbies. Like Reading books, travelling.

    5. Read BIBLE daily.

    I have been doing all this, and I feel good.


    • El Kabong

      The Bible? Seriously? I think I’ve got one… Yeah, written by Anton LeVay. Is that the one you read?

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    “Preventing Depression” is not at the top of most people’s lists, but for those who already have depression, reversing it sure is – which is why this fluff piece was misleadingly titled. Having been hospitalized for major depressive disorder in the last six months, I can readily attest that even someone who is usually positive, grateful and productive can, under a steady crush of difficulty, develop a neurochemical problem that results in inability to do simple activities of daily living – work, socializing, basic cleaning and hygiene – and oh, yes, that pesky problem of becoming suicidal. These problems are not the products of rational thought (“Hmm, what shall I do today – I know, I’ll alienate all of my friends and family, lie around in my own stink and then overdose on alcohol and sleeping pills!”). These are the products of a biological illness that requires professional treatment. This article is irresponsibly titled and demonstrates a reprehensible lack of understanding.

  • Taking walks and playing my guitar are my happy places. I’ve been dealing with depression for about 5 years now, but I wonder if I’ve had it my whole life and just didn’t realize it. During the winter it’s very difficult, but I have to remind myself that the seasons can bring about sad feelings, so I prepare myself.

    Unfortunately I think that a lot of the pressures of society contribute to how you feel, but you can remain true to yourself and live your life differently. Out of that you can find an inner peace that you maybe didn’t know was there before. I also think that taking vitamin D might be plausible and getting an exercise routine going.

  • Ellie

    I have depression as most of you probably do or why would you be looking at this otherwise. I try to think happy and be happy but my head just seems to cramp up and not let anyone in except for myself. I try to engage in conversations but I just want to be alone or run. I try running it works and I feel great but then monsters are back next to me and they drag me down to a halt. I do four miles every day. I also don’t like people touching me. No one knows but their fingers stroke my skin and warning bells are set off in my brain this is when I lash out. I don’t know if it’s depression certainly but it’s definitely wrapped up somewhere in the tangled mess of my problems. Please help. Ellie.

  • estrellita

    I can recommend this book: >>
    to be the best, and raise your self-esteem. never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
    Never let them tell you you can not, you’re able to accomplish anything you want. I wish you well bye ..

  • sara

    I’m not even 100% sure if I have depression. I find it very hard to speak about, my life in general isnt too good..
    To some people my life would be like living hell. To me I just count my blessings for the posotive things i do have in life. I can go weeks being OK & happy, then sometimes I wake up in this horrible sad, negative, low mood and it doesnt go. i can be in this mood for weeks. I feel awful, No self esteem, negativity taking over my brain, unwanted suicidal thoughts. I hate myself. Then it just goes. But it always returns wether it be days or weeks. I just keep fighting it though. And pray to God for better days.

  • Zippy Poo

    I like turtles

  • Lydia

    Sounds easy right? No not so, I can hardly get out of bed. Let alone be happy, exercise, or eat well! Cooking takes effort. I am a miserable human being and the idea of being able to easily do any of these things, especially #1 seems like an endless rainbow with leaping unicorns & a sweet pot of gold.

  • Rueroux

    What kind of bullshit claim is this? While these are all sound bits of advice when taken on their own, they are certainly no fix for depression. I’ve run the gamut of positive thinking/exercise/eating right, etc. and while it works for a brief time (like, an hour), it ends up being even more dangerous for me than just staying depressed in the first place!

    A lot of depression is a chemical imbalance that cannot be rectified with biohacking like what you described. Similar to what happens to addicts, my brain just does not have sufficient dopamine receptors to handle extended happy. If something good happens to me or I do something to make myself feel better momentarily and get excited/happy about it, within a few hours I’m even more depressed than I was at day’s start! My brain literally uses up all it’s happy (dopamine), leaving me worse off than before the “improvement”.

    Like I said above, this sort of thing definitely can improve a mood in the short term, but depression is a different animal altogether. The worst depressions, such as my own, are not triggered by an event and are not situational. I highly recommend you erase all mentions of depression from this post and relabel what you’re trying to help people fix as “a bad mood”.

    This sort of post that has some level of truth to it is very dangerous because it misleads people into associating actual depression with situational negative feelings. Misinformation leads to oblivious ignorance leads to people with an actual, devastating problem getting lumped in with lesser forms of depression that are caused by outside forces and will go away on their own or with a shift of focus and the power of positive thought.

    As an actual depressed person it is actually very damaging for me to think that I can fix it on my own just by changing a few things because it implies that I have been doing something wrong and have been suffering due to my own faults. Depression already (in part) causes me to think very poorly of myself without misguided “help yourself or suffer” advice lending a helping hand.

  • Michael Attanasio

    As someone who has suffered the full range of mild, moderate, and severe depression I can honestly say that everything on this list has some merit, even if some (#1) are poorly worded.

    #1 should say “Focus on being happy and remember that depression is temporary”. Focusing on being happy seems silly and can be VERY hard but it is really important during the deepest valleys of depression. Forcing myself to remember that things WILL get better has gotten me through the deepest depression I have experienced.

    I’d also add to this list that there are a handful of supplements that are EXTREMELY useful in treating depression. Curumin (BCM-95) has been show numerous times to be as effective as antidepressants, for example.

  • Anney Auster

    Depression is one of the most common types of mental disorders, affecting about 340 million people worldwide. Interestingly, about half of all cases of depression go undiagnosed and untreated, yet depression is the most treatable form of mental illness. Depression occurs in all age groups, social classes and cultures. There are lots of ways available to treat depression such as natural alternatives, therapy and depression supplements which actually work. Read to know more about it at:

  • Cosby-raped-me

    I can guarantee you that every depressed soul on this rock is dehydrated and doesn’t eat enough salt and vitamins. We are all dehydrated. Search on youtube: THE WATER CURE DEBATE. 6 videos I believe. Look for the first which has tricky title.

  • Chris Westcott

    These are good suggestions for someone that has mild, temporary depression. If you have long lasting, major depression, these tips are going to ring very, very hollow.

  • I thought this piece was really well written as well

  • foreveryou

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  • teethintored

    I’d like to punch whoever wrote this in the mouth.



  • Depression is a really dangerous illness and it must be cured!
    I was in deep depression and stress after divorce.
    But then I reversed my behaviour (exercises mentioned in thir article were really useful) with an anti-depression system (I wrote about it on my site), and now I am a happy woman always in a good mood =)

  • Sam

    This is ignorant. Telling a person with depression to just “Be Happy” is the equivalent of telling someone with cancer to just “Not be sick”. I appreciate the effort you put into the article with the intention to help people, but that point is just absolutely wrong.

  • Gurkamalpreet Singh

    i will be now happy promise

  • agatha

    as of today i am suffering from depression. i have no idea to get rid of it. it is a very serious illness always trigger in my mind. i am looking for somebody to help this situation.

  • Norther

    Have a mental illness that affects the chemical balance of your brain, thus fully preventing you from being happy? Here’s the solution- Just..”Be happy!”

    Are you on fire? Like are you literally engulfed in flames? Here’s a tip: Just- stop being on fire! Just make this external thing out of your control stop! Because that’s how it works, right?? ? ? ?

  • Jane Doe

    I have tried everything, Ive been going to therapy and I am truly doing all I can, but my thoughts of ending my life are intact. I entered depression after a terrible break up where the man who loved me and made me fall for him making him everything in my life didnt even dump me, he just stopped talking to me and started treating like the modt worthless piece of trash, humilliating me and making me wanting to end mu life. I dont have a specific plan for ending with my life, but both my body and mind tell me theyre really tired and they cant handle this anymore. I cant stop crying… I need help, please

    • revoltman

      Hey Jane, my story is a bit similar. Please hang on.
      There is no set procedure to come out of depression. Hence there are a lot of frustrated patients. Please keep trying. Dont lose this life because of somebody else. He is not worth it.
      You can atleast cry. That means you still are ‘normal’. My tears have dried up and I get frustrated that I am not able to cry.

  • Zed

    sleep well. check.
    eat well. check.
    try and see yourself living past 30 with the chronic life-ruining conditions that are getting worse and have no medical treatments… oh. right.

    so far, two doctors are telling me that counselling won’t help as the problems won’t change, the drugs won’t help as they’ll always need constant changing and can’t offer any advice.
    oh, wait. I forgot, i’m supposed to make myself feel happy. how am I meant to do that when half the things suggested here make it worse?

  • Penny Kirkland

    Oh yeah why didn’t i think i being happy in the first place?? because my parents fighting and throwing things all the time doesn’t affect me at all, Oh yeah i just decide to be happy while my dad says it’s my fault their getting a divorce and cause my mother has depression too!!! oh and i just decide to go outside more when my parents only let me out of my room 2 times a day like i’m some sort of dog and it’s usually to make them frozen dinners or to turn on the TV for them or to find their remote, And i’m so sorry every day i wake up at 9:00 pm and i’m still tired so there is no possible way i can exercise,And it’s not like i’m trying to eat healthy and it’s still not working.

    • Penny Kirkland

      i suggest listening to music when your feeling this way, any kind of music but i suggest not listening to depressing songs i suggest catchy songs like “dear future husband” i know some of you might not like the song but i think it’s catchy but you know what i mean, just listen to some music more often when your feeling depressed, also don’t cut cause my trans gender brother started cutting and it didn’t end up well for him :c

  • Danyel Hoskins

    Hang in there! As i read your words I’m living your life. Thank you for giving me some comfort today. It’s good to know I’m not alone. There are so many days I would rather just not wake up. Or wonder why did I have to wake up? Thank you for sharing with a total stranger and giving me the bump to a possibly better day! Much love!

  • Robin Phelps

    Currently battling a lot of health issues and noticed Iam just not myself. Went in for pacemaker #4 at the young age of 48 prior to my birthday. Then on top of all this I am having this reoccurring lung/breathing issue. Most people don’t get it. I’m afraid to leave and not have access to my nebulizer, which runs off electric when needed, daily anywhere to 2-4 times daily. Steroids have increased my weight from 142 to 170, yuck! I don’t like what I see in the mirror. I need to change. Maybe my signifigant other is right, I take way to many meds. Of course there are some that will never be able to be removed for my heart needs them. I’m not looking for sympathy, I need someone who understands and can talk about improvement they made without medication.
    Typically active on the go, but recently, nothing and I mean nothing makes me smile, happy or motivated. I started riding the recumbent bike an hour a day, burning minimal calories, but it’s a start! Why is it there is a pill to fix everything? When in fact it really just keeps the pharmaceutical companies millionaires and keeps my wallet empty. I just went for my second bronchoscopy and found I have COPD. So now I need to learn to control this disease that can at any moment disable me from everyday life. If someone anyone understands or feels they can help me, would you please respond.

    • revoltman

      All the best Robin, wish you the best.

  • dMozz9

    We cant just “choose” to be happy

  • Chaos And Cremation

    I don’t get what’s wrong with antidepressants, they work for me

  • Chaos And Cremation

    try different meds? I switched a couple and eventually settled on prozac and its helped…

  • RM Dixit

    I have been trying hard to feel good, positive but failed. I do not get happiness inspite of drugs taken as prescribed by my Psychiatrist last many years my depression level does not reduce. Excessive thinking or brooding and dreaming has become my daily routine. Very perturbed, ” How to control depression?”

    RM Dixit

    • Brian Hall

      You dont Automatically feel happy. You have to count your blessing, think of what you are grateful for and fight off the negatives every day for as long as you can first.

    • revoltman

      Hi Dixit, please keep at it. Push harder. Its about resetting the brain wiring.
      EXPERIMENT MORE! and see what works for you.

  • I admit, “Be happy” was not a good choice of words. Maybe he did it for the controversy?

    But the people complaining about it clearly haven’t taken the time to read the article. The actual actions he suggests in that section are cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation, and HeartMath.

    None of which is the “be happy” everyone is hating on.

  • Jessica Gendron

    As far as I can see the article was not about how to cure chronic depression….which most of you complaining seem to be suffering from. I can understand your frustration and mind set because I’ve been there. But everyone’s depression/blues/anxiety look different. And I’m sure you can understand your negative comments can be discouraging to someone who found hope when reading the article and turn it into hopelessness. This article might not apply to your situation but it applies to others and it will help people. Maybe it will even save them from getting sucked in further. If you are feeling anything more than a mild depression or Blues and for a long period of time…Call your doctor now! A great place to start for non medicinal therapies is to speak to a counselor/therapist face to face. Don’t go it alone when you don’t have to. And if you are already taking these actions then maybe you should discuss this particular article and your response with someone. Positive vibes will take you a long way, but so wont negative…only it gets darker.

    • GloryBell

      He did specify for ‘mild depression’, not the serious, deep depression state, and to seek PROFESSIONAL help when/if needed. These ideas were to help you to help yourself, and I think they are good. I also think that some persons may need a ‘helper’ or family member to assist, due to a degree of depression.

  • Alexis Shaw

    Incredibly stupid list. “Just be happy!” Pathetic.

    • Brian Hall

      If that’s all you got from it then you didn’t read it properly.

  • Not coming back

    wow what a crap site.
    “Be happy” wow… just wow.
    You should write an article for quadriplegics next, “How to get over being a quadriplegic” and then your first point can be something just as fantastic as on this page “1. Stand up and go for a walk”

    • Not coming back

      btw if anyone reads this page because they’ve gotten to the point that there’s no hope and they’re in their final weeks, days or whatever before finally killing themselves to escape their pointless lives, reading your article is just going to confirm with them that there is no way to make things better. Your article is really useless, I think it’s better suited for people who feel a little bit temporarily sad.

    • revoltman

      Its about positive thoughts. Read more carefully.

  • wendy

    50mg of Sertraline is nothing! That’s a low dose

  • Johnson Smith

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  • Mar Mar Tran

    Just get a fluffy dog it works a lot

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  • Brian Hall

    There is nothing wrong with trying an alternate natural treatment first.

    • Ana Marquez

      don’t fall for adverstisements Brian.

  • Carlos

    What helps for me in my depression is try to relax. What I mean by that is I tell myself to relax and then the key is to let loose of everything. This is what helps me. I know it sounds weird but it helps me. If you want to give it a try guys go ahead. Basically what I do is tell myself to relax and breath out, basically it means letting loose of absolutely everything. Just hit on a sofa and tell to yourself ‘Relax’ without forcing yourself to relax and let loose. It worked for me but let me know if it works for you guys.

  • sherry

    Why do some many of us have depression? I used to take meds, I have been off of them for years but I do go through bouts where it is unbearable. When I am going through a bad period I just try to remind myself that this is just who I am and ride it out.

    • Angelica Hackett

      Is it bad? Did you get worse when you came off your medication? I’m searching this option. Please email me at

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  • revoltman

    Thank you for the info.

  • revoltman

    Also please look into……The late effects of stress: New insights into how the brain responds to trauma, NCBS India research findings. Google for the actual paper.

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  • Dana

    Seriously? An article about depression whose first bit of advice is BE HAPPY…. Wow…. There’s a novel idea for ya….

    • Tammy

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Houssem Eddine Hassine

    11th commandment:
    Thou shalt not tell a depressed person to cheer up

  • I recommend reading Zehhu: Crossing the Bridge from Depression to Life
    Book by Ben Isaac

  • Bob

    I have no money, can not find a girlfriend, there are no jobs where I live,housing and public transport is expensive, and politcians DO NOT support Seniors whatsoever.
    Fix that one!

    • Renee Medrano

      Move to Canada