2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Health-Obsessed

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Health-Obsessed

The holidays are coming, and it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to choose for the people you love. Gift-giving is much more fun when you have a biohacker on your nice list. From skincare to muscle care to tech for your brain, you can give the gift of a healthy upgrade to anyone.

Here are some gift ideas for your favorite health fanatics, from affordable to extravagant, beginner to advanced, and everyone in between.


Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50

Mobility WOD balls

MobilityWOD Supernova balls

Trainer and mobility expert Kelly Starrett’s Supernova balls take foam rolling and spiky massage balls to the next level with a super-firm texture and purposeful grooves. The tread was designed to spread apart your muscle fibers for maximum recovery, rather than just poking up into them like the spiky balls do.

You can learn more about mobility from Kelly Starrett in his episode of Bulletproof Radio.

Buy now: MobilityWOD Supernova 2.0, $40

stackedskincare collagen-boosting derma-roller

StackedSkincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller

Your face is the first thing people notice about you, and everyone wants to give a great first impression. But, a roller with tiny needles on it?

Microneedling, or dermarolling, noticeably changes your skin’s smoothness and thickness after just a few rounds. The needles create micro-injuries, which stimulates growth factors that ramp up collagen and elastin as skin heals, making your complexion firmer and plumper. Within the first few tries, people notice improvements with rough spots, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin thickness. And when used with a serum, it boosts ingredient absorption — meaning it supercharges your skincare regimen for better results.

Buy now: StackedSkincare Micro-Roller, $30

Holiday Gift Ideas $50-150

plexus wheel

Plexus Wheel

Whether your recipient is sore because of muscle over-use or under-use, they’ll love the Plexus Wheel.

The Plexus Wheel looks like a basic circle, but it’s back magic. It’s just wide enough to dig in and release right at the shoulder blades, where a lot of people hold tension. It comes in three sizes, so there’s a solution based on what hurts and how intense you like your massage. Yoga gurus can use it for advanced poses and balance work as well.

Buy now: Plexus Wheel, $99

hyperice hypersphere tension ball

Hyperice Hypersphere

The Hypersphere is an upgraded version of the basic muscle roll ball. It provides the firmness you need to roll out your sore spots, along with healing vibration to get the tougher knots out. For the best tension release, it’s only five inches in diameter, so you can zero in on those trigger points without distributing the pressure.

Buy now: Hyperice Hypersphere, $149


alitura clay mask

Alitura Clay Mask

When people decide to start eating clean and removing toxins from their home environment, beauty products are often the last to go. Reason being, you want a product that performs, and some of the natural products look and feel like you’re smearing baby food all over your face. And they perform about that well, too.

Alitura Naturals solved that problem. They came up with an entire skincare line that makes your skin look noticeably younger and fresher after just a few uses. With non-toxic, effective ingredients like vitamin C, colostrum, and a blend of healing clays, the Alitura clay mask exfoliates, detoxifies, shrinks pores, and helps with skin cell turnover. This mask is the truth, and you’ll get a phone call after their first use for sure.

Dave talks with former model, skincare expert, and owner of Alitura Naturals Andy Hnilo in this episode of Bulletproof Radio.

Buy now: Alitura Clay Mask, $59


whole body cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy session

There are loads of reasons to get a healing cold blast in a cryochamber. For starters, it reduces inflammation and improves skin and hair. A quick online search will pull up spas or gyms that have cryochambers, and you can reach out to inquire about gift certificates for a chill session. Better still, pick up a gift certificate for yourself, too, and go freeze together.


bulletproof coffee and ghee set

Bulletproof Coffee and Ghee Kit

If you love your Bulletproof Coffee in the morning, go ahead and share the love! Did you know that everything you need to make the good stuff comes in a convenient bundle? One click gets you Bulletproof Coffee Beans, Brain Octane Oil, and Grass-fed Ghee. Whether you stuff it in a stocking or dress it up in a gift basket, you can reliably predict what happens after they unwrap it.

Buy now: Bulletproof Coffee and Ghee Kit, $59


biossance squalane vitamin c rose oil

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

For the beauty maven who wants to keep her skin youthful and radiant, but is just as careful about what she puts on her skin as what she puts in her body. This ultra-luxe face oil hydrates and plumps skin with plant-derived squalane – a stable oil that doesn’t oxidize when exposed to air. Rose oil and vitamin C brighten the skin and help protect against free-radical damage. You only need a few drops to cover the entire face, which means one bottle will last awhile.

Buy now: Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, $72


Holiday Gift Ideas $150-300

dry farm wines

Dry Farm Wines

Wine makes a great gift. Clean wine makes your celebrations even merrier, without the headache. Dry Farm Wines offers artisan wines that are low on impurities, and low in alcohol, with all the taste.

You can get a one-time delivery, or if you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, choose the monthly or every-other-month subscription option.

Buy now: Dry Farm Wines, $159 for six bottles


muse headband

Muse Headband

The meditation enthusiast in your life will love the Muse Headband. It takes years of meditation practice to be able to tell on your own whether or not you’re in the right frame of mind when meditating. Muse takes out the guesswork.

The Muse is a wearable brain-sensing headband that detects whether your mind is in focused meditation, or wandering. When you’re meditating, the Muse plays quiet winds. When you need help focusing, the stormy winds signal to you to get back in the zone.

Buy now: Muse Headband, $249


oura ring

OURA ring

Sleep and activity trackers traditionally run into problems with accuracy and EMFs. The OURA ring slips onto your finger instead of your wrist, which makes your stats easier to detect without all of the electromagnetic radiation that you get with wrist devices. You’ll get precise reads on heart rate, sleep, body temperature and more, and you’ll barely notice it’s there — except when strangers tell you how sweet it looks.

Buy now: OURA ring, $239 and up


Holiday Gift Ideas $300-600

theragun g2pro

Theragun G2PRO

The Theragun is a go-to vibration therapy tool for fitness pros, and will make a great gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life. It’s a hand-held device with firm rubber on the business end, and it vibrates while at the same time delivering firm pulses wherever you direct it. It speeds recovery by increasing blood flow, keeping lymph moving, and reducing lactic acid, and adjustable angles make it easy to reach whatever muscle needs some work.

Buy now: Theragun G2PRO, $599


David Delight Pro

DAVID Delight Pro

The DAVID Delight Pro is a science-based party for your brain. You can choose sessions that work on stress reduction, sleep, mood, balance, cognitive abilities, and more. It comes with an eyeset, earclips, and stereo headphones that all work in synergy with each other and with your brain waves.

Buy now: DAVID Delight Pro, $525 – $595


Holiday Gift Ideas $600+

Joovv Light

Joovv Light

Red light therapy is gaining traction as a way to improve yourself at the cellular level. It improves your mitochondria and ATP production — in other words, it charges your cells’ batteries and gives you more energy overall. Standing in red light for just a few minutes a day will have a noticeable impact on how you feel. It also improves the appearance of skin and hair.

Joovv makes a model that hangs on your door and conveniently stashes when not in use.

Buy now: Joovv Light, $995



Molekule Air Purifier

Molekule Air Purifier

Air filtration just got an upgrade with the Molekule. With its sleek design, quiet sound, and ability to snap up mold spores and toxins, it’s a definite improvement from the standard air filter that looks like a furnace and sounds like a hair dryer.

It doesn’t collect the bad particles, it destroys them so they can’t escape and make you sick. People with asthma and allergies report major improvements and reductions in medications.

Buy now: Molekule Air Purifier, $799


Zen Float Tank

Zen Float Tent

Float tanks, or sensory deprivation tanks, are essentially bathtubs in a capsule filled with a super-saturated epsom salt solution that keeps you afloat. The combination of the water temperature, darkness, and lack of sound creates the sensation of nothingness. Floating this way puts your body into a restorative state, and it helps you slip into deeper meditation faster than sitting.

Float therapy used to be something that was only available in spas and fitness centers in larger cities. Zen float tents bring floating into your home. These 8×4 tents assemble in minutes and most homes can find a place for them.

Buy now: Zen Float Tent, $1,940


You may have pulled up this list to shop for others, but no shame if you end up with a few extra things for yourself. Thanks for reading, and have a happy holiday season filled with love and gratitude!