Help Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter Be More Bulletproof!!

By: Dave Asprey

Help Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter Be More Bulletproof!!

Being Bulletproof is all about feeling amazing and living in the highest performance state possible by continuously upgrading your mind, body, sleep, environment, and  anything else that helps.

As a biohacker, I regularly revisit what I do in order to make sure it’s still working. It also serves to create the information you find here. Here I share some new info about something I continue to recommend, Kerrygold butter, and to ask for your help in signing a petition to make it, and the world, a little better. I do not have any financial relationship with Kerrygold, even though earlier this year Bulletproof coffee helped to sell out Kerrygold across much of the US, and they sponsored the Bulletproof® Conference. I have also taken them to task in the past for selling low calorie fake butter to boost profits.

I continue to recommend Kerrygold grass fed butter for making Bulletproof® Coffee because it’s the most widely available healthy source of butter in the United States, even though it recently came to light that up to 3% of Kerrygold cows’ diets may be from GMO feed. This post explains how the info came to light, how it may or may not affect the Bulletproofness of your diet, and what we can do to fix the problem.

If this is all you need to read to know that you want Kerrygold cows’ diets to be 100% GMO free, then  scroll down and show your support by signing the petition below. Or read on for the details…

How we learned of the problem

At Jimmy Moore’s annual Low-Carb Cruise, health and nutrition experts met to share the latest nutrition info. While giving a talk on the cruise, we all had discovered that up to 3% of a Kerrygold cow’s diet may consist of GMO feed. They had badgered Kerrygold on the phone to get the info!

In light of this disconcerting news, many of you emailed, Tweeted, and Facebook messaged asking for answers to some important questions. Does this mean my favorite drink is not 100% Bulletproof? Will this have an affect on my corn and soy allergies? Is it safe to feed to my children?

Kerrygold is not organic. I don’t like that. I also don’t like it that Kerrygold has stepped onto the slippery GMO slope, but I will continue to suggest it as a much better option over industrial butter or fake butter. While not perfect, it is so much better than 99% of commercially available butters, and you can buy it for $3 even at Safeway in Arkansas. The 3% GMO feed is so low that doesn’t have much impact on our health – other than destroying the environment and all – but I don’t want any of my hard earned dollars supporting GMO industries.

Some misguided bloggers are encouraging their readers to jump the Kerrygold ship entirely and get their CLA elsewhere. Newsflash: there is a global shortage of true 100% grass fed butter. And I just spent this week in China and Korea educating people about the massive benefits of grass fed butter. If we create the demand, even large dairy companies will eventually make what we want.

I have always recommended that you choose organic 100% grass fed butter from a local farm, if you can find it and afford it. For the rest of us, Kerrygold is so similar that it’s a great choice. I give it to my kids. Here’s why I recommend you still use it (or other near-perfect butters) to make Bulletproof Coffee:

Why I Still Recommend Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter

  • Roughly 90% of a Kerrygold cow’s diet is composed of pesticide-free grass, with 10% supplemental feed, which is common in lots of dairy cows to offer more nutrients (especially for nursing cows). Because of this 10% of supplemental feed, there is a chance that up to 3% of a Kerrygold cow’s annual diet may be from GM sources.
  • Grass fed butter (even 90%) still contains dramatically higher quantities of omega-3. This is why Kerrygold is yellow and industrial butter is almost white (Some industrial companies are even started using yellow dye – gross!)
  • Kerrygold cows are not given antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Kerrygold doesn’t use pesticides in their pastures. Irish dairy cows graze outdoors on grass all day long for up to 312 days a year. In fact, Irish cows graze on grass for longer than almost every country in the world.
  • Irish farmers do not use mechanical irrigation systems like other countries, as Ireland is swept by Atlantic rain carrying water, which is pure and unpolluted and provides natural irrigation. No fossil fuel-driven pumps supporting this dairy!
  • Milk from cows that are grass-fed is rich in natural beta-carotene.
  • Kerrygold cows are bovine somatotropin (rBGH producing supplemental hormone) free.
  • They confirm that the butter itself is free of GM ingredients
  • Even very sensitive people who don’t tolerate corn-fed butter (like me) tolerate Kerrygold well in my experience.
  • Kerrygold grass fed butter is the most widely available healthy source of butter in the United States.

Use Your Economic Power to Help Upgrade Kerrygold Grass Fed Cows to be 100% GMO FREE – Sign the “No-GMO Kerrygold Petition!”

The Bulletproof community wants Kerrygold to assure that the supplemental feed they use is composed of ZERO percent GMO grains, and is minimized as much as possible, and limited to no more than 10% of an animal’s diet, except in emergency situations (like droughts).

Thanks to awesome Bulletproof readers, I am now actually in contact with farms near Kerrygold that are ready to help supply Kerrygold with small amounts of non GMO supplemental feed. This is an important issue that deserves immediate action. Let’s create a clear demand for Kerrygold to transition to 100% GMO FREE by delivering this petition with at least 1,000 signatures in support. (PLEASE NOTE, THIS PETITION IS NO LONGER ACTIVE.)

Other Bulletproof Grass Fed Butter Options

If you can afford to make the switch away from Kerrygold butter now, here are other Bulletproof options to explore:

  • Local butters: Get to know a farmer near you, learn how their cows are fed and how their butter is produced. Do this. It’s awesome especially if you’re Canadian!
  • Smjor Butter: An Icelandic butter produced from 100% grass, hay, and silage fed cows (watch out – silage can be a major mycotoxin source, but the butter is pretty clean most of the time. Not as clean as Kerrygold though.)
  • Anchor Butter: A New Zealand butter produced from 100% grass fed cows 365 days a year (I love this stuff but it’s hard to find in most of the US.)
  • Fond O’ Foods Butter: A German butter produced from 100% grass and hay fed cows (hay storage conditions affect milk quality dramatically, but so far this butter has been awesome!)

Whether or not you choose to continue using Kerrygold butter, please help to protect our food supply by urging Kerrygold to upgrade what they feed their cows, simply by signing the petition above.
Let’s help Kerrygold become 100% Bulletproof!