Guest on Ari Meisel’s Less Doing Podcast

Guest on Ari Meisel’s Less Doing Podcast

Last month I was interviewed by Achievement Architect Ari Meisel.  He has a lot of great tips on improving productivity on his Less Doing, More Living blog.  In 2006 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s, the incurable digestive disease, and through self tracking and experimentation, Ari was declared free and clear of any signs of his ‘incurable’ disease.   He now spends his time helping others achieve more.

Last month he invited me to be a guest on his podcast to talk about how I increase performance the Bulletproof way.

This interview discussion includes:

  • the difference between eating paleo and eating Bulletproof
  • the importance of multi-variable experiments
  • injury and illness response
  • the benefits of activated charcoal
  • how to deal with migraines
  • low toxin foods, including Upgraded Chocolate
  • hacking exercise including: electrical stimulation to increase muscle growth, and how whole body vibration works
  • getting control of your autonomic nervous system, through hacking stress
  • My 3 biggest personal productivity tips!

Check out the interview!

What are some of your productivity hacks?  What have you learned about yourself in the process of becoming Bulletproof that has helped you increase focus and productivity?