Low Carb Ice Cream: Creamy Coconut “Get Some” Ice Cream

bulletproof ice cream
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Ice cream doesn’t have to be a “cheat” food.

The Bulletproof Diet is designed to provide every possible health advantage.  It allowed me to keep six pack abs while eating 4500 calories a day, not exercising, while sleeping 5 hours a night.  It lowers blood pressure, melts fat, and adds muscle.  It works, but the real question is: “Can I have desert?”  Oh yes, but how? you may ask..

Typical ice cream has tons of sugar, and all sorts of other crap in it that many don’t consider a healthy choice.  A Bulletproof low carb ice cream recipe would solve all the problems that normal, high sugar, performance robbing, ice cream presents. This low carb ice cream recipe is actually really good for you because of all the good fats found in it and the lack of sugars.

Id like to introduce you to the only ice cream that me and my family ever have — “Get Some” Ice Cream.

That’s right.  About an hour after eating this special blend of high fat awesomeness, your body gets a signal that says, “I am in a land of plenty,” which translates, in evolution-speak to, “It is time to mate. NOW.” Women in particular are most impacted by this side effect of ice cream, but it also works on men. I’ve shared this recipe with enough people to be pretty sure I’m not just making this up. In fact, I had to make some of it this evening…

As I wrote about in the Better Baby Book, your genes are generally in one of two phases: growth mode and defense mode.  Your body goes into defense mode when faced with unnatural stress such as low fat, low calorie diets.  It starts to pay less attention to nonessential functions like, well, sex.  Not to mention that eating a high toxin diet could increase your risk of cancer.

Fat is one of the most satisfying foods on the planet.  Unfortunately, most ice cream doesn’t contain good fat, and it has lots of other crap in it.  Regular ice cream has loads of refined sugar, colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavors.  These compounds can cause mental problems, blood sugar crashes, and of course, fat gain.

That’s one reason I created a hormone boosting, muscle building, fat melting ice cream concoction that you can eat without having to call it a “cheat.”  The other reason is that I wanted to increase my wife’s (and my) fertility before we had children. I made this recipe to provide maximum taste without compromising health.  Ice cream is now a health food. This is my creation. It took literally hundreds of test batches to get this right. I consider it to be Paleo-friendly, but some disagree that cavemen ate my choice of healthy sweeteners. That’s true – they didn’t have ice cream makers either!

Note: I use a scale for my cooking experiments.  I’ve provided conversions for the usual kitchen measuring devices.

“Get Some” Ice Cream – A Low Carb Ice Cream Miracle


  • 4 whole eggs (pastured of course)
  • 4 yolks (in addition to the whole eggs above)
  • 2 tsp vanilla (I use Vanillamax)
  • 1 gram vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or 10 drops apple cider vinegar or lime juice to taste.
  • 100 grams (7 tbs) grass-fed butter
  • 100 grams (7tbs) coconut oil (or substitute half  Upgraded Cacao Butter for amazing taste)
  • 50 grams (3tbs + 2tsp) XCT oil (important for consistency)
  • 80 grams (5.5tbs) xylitol or erythritol (or more to taste – you can add up to 160 grams if you want)
  • ~100 grams water or ice (just under 1/2 cup; add less than you think you need, then increase the amount).
  • (optional) 1/4 to 1/2 cup of low-toxin Upgraded Chocolate powder


  1. Blend everything but the water/ice in blender. It takes a while to get the butter blended into perfect creaminess.
  2. Add water or ice and blend some more until well blended. Ideally, you want a yogurt-like consistency for creamy ice cream, or add more water for a firmer, icier texture
  3. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and turn it on.

This will make perfect consistency ice cream.  Then you and your partner can enjoy it, give it about an hour for the magic to start happening 😉

The feeling of vibrance this brings most people (who can digest fat; if you give it to your vegan partner, you need to add lipase and betaine.  If you don’t, their pancreas will panic from being forced to make real amounts of lipase for the first time in years…), along with a boost in hormones results in an intense wave of vitality…

Being a happily married Bulletproof Executive, I’ve used this recipe for years.  It’s a part of our fertility plan in the Better Baby Book.  But it’s also far more effective – and pleasurable – than using alcohol to seduce someone.  What woman or man wouldn’t feel taken care of when their partner hands them a bowl of the creamiest, richest ice cream ever, hand-made just to seduce them?

My lovely carnivorous wife would eat me alive if I tried to test this formula on other women.  As a result, I was reduced to giving the recipe to friends and waiting for the results. Perhaps Simone Syed, the very sexy transhumanist co-founder of the BIL Conference and high-fat nutrition carnivore said it best: “Oh, and trust me… The boyfriends are well aware that Paleo ice cream makes girls happy!!!”

More Low Carb Recipes From Bulletproof

Low carb ice cream is not the only low carb recipe available on the Bulletproof blog, people are always writing to me about some of their favorite recipes and I also make sure to include recipes that I am working on, check out these recipes:

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By Dave Asprey

  • Bryan

    Bulletproof Cookbook? Can’t wait for that… I am already trying to scour Paleo recipes that easily adapt to BP Diet.

    Also, bulletproof ice cream over the top of a warm bulletproof cupcake sounds awesome!

    • That does sound awesome Bryan! Now someone just needs to find an effective way to make caramel with butter and xylitol and pour it on top.

      • I’m sending that request straight to Dave 😉

        • Makko

          any chance you guys could redo the way comments are posted on here? The nesting gets ridiculous after a few replies. See Tim Ferriss’ blog or Ramit Sethi’s to see good comment layouts.

        • Yeah, I here yeah. It’s on out list of improvements 😀 Thanks for the feedback.

      • Jaime

        I actually made a caramel sauce last week, it was like half xylitol and half coconut palm sugar… it was amazing. I will have to double check the coconut palm sugar on the BP scale though…

  • Alexandra

    When’s the Bulletproof Cookbook coming out?? (aka, there’d better be a Bulletproof Cookbook coming out!) 🙂 You do great stuff!

    • Haha! Thanks Alexandra 😀 Soon, as soon as we can do it.

  • Guest

    What gives the ice cream the reddish color shown in the photo?

    • I am guessing your monitor calibration 🙂 Looks brown on my monitor. I am guessing he added dark cocoa powder to make a chocolate version.

      • Sean you are correct! That’s the new Bulletproof Chocolate Powder he’s testing 🙂

  • Eric


    Thanks for sharing all you have learned on this site. I found your it a few days ago and, this morning, I began reading all of your blog while taking copious notes. I am up to Feb. 2010. When I am caught up there I will be tackling the podcasts.
    The paleo diet, which I began only 3 weeks ago, has already changed my life more than anything else I’ve ever tried. My energy levels are way up and my head is much clearer. I am very disturbed at the lies the Standard American Diet has been feeding us, on behalf of so-called good health (but really for greed and profit), for decades upon decades. If the Bulletproof Diet is an improvement over the former I am most willing to make the necessary tweaks.
    I had grass fed butter in my coffee this morning. It was awesome. Thanks again and I look forward to learning more.

    • Eric, thanks so much for the kind words. It’s encouragement from people like you that keep us hard at work. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

      BTW, profit isn’t the reason the government wants to keep you fat.


      • 4rekak

        What is the reason then? Why do they mislead people if it is not the profit?
        Also, is there any way to browse the blog posts? I just finished the ones I could find by the hyperlinks, the search engine and the recommendations on the right side but I guess there are older blog posts I haven’t seen yet. Eager to learn some more:) Thanks!

        • 4rekak

          I just found the archive browsing option on the bottom, no need to answer that question! Thanks!

        • Glad you figured out the browsing function. It took me forever to get that 🙂

          As for the reason companies mislead people, it’s true many are focused only on their own gains, but it is not profit in and of itself that is the problem – it’s the violation of other’s rights. Saying profit it bad is like saying all business is bad, since the definition of a good business is one that produces a profit. In a free market, a business is only able to produce a profit by creating something of value, thus benefiting both parties.

          Basically, the more profit a business makes, the more value they have provided to people. It’s the individual’s responsibility to decide wether or not to buy something, so blaming the company for offering a product isn’t completely fair.

          There will always be companies that lie, which is immoral, but it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak.


          P.S. Philosophy is my second greatest passion, behind coffee 😉

        • Armi,
          While I agree with your statement that it’s an individual’s responsibility to decide whether or not to buy something, I do blame the companies for false advertising. Just go down the cereal isle and look at the boxes “heart healthy grains, contains 14 Vitamins and Minerals, Reduce Cholesterol, etc….” They make this non-nutritious crap sound good for you. Marketing is lying and misleading. The average person does not have the time, expertise, or intelligence to research and study and find out what they are saying isn’t entirely true. Although, one might say Darwinism comes into play then. For those of us they do the research, hard work, etc… we get to live longer and healthier lives. Although with National HealthCare B.S. My taxpaying money is going to pay for their care and medications for all their type 2 diabetic issues, heart condition issues, etc… If you made the individual pay for their own health care for diseases related to poor nutrition, I wouldn’t have a problem. But part of the problem is that most doctors and the health care industry don’t recognize any of these diseases to have anything to do with nutrition.

        • Sean, I agree with part of what you said, but to look at it another way, who is the main organization saying whole grains are good, cholesterol is and, etc? THE GOVERNMENT. They subsidize all of the worst foods, then they subsidize the drug companies to make things like statins, then they “educate” (brainwash) doctors to prescribe the drugs. I hate they idea that the government is allowed to extort funds (tax) anyone and give it to someone else. Your right that most people don’t have the time to perform this kind of research, but regulating companies is not going to solve anything – it never has and never will.

          The truth is that without the government, most of these myths would have either dissolved, or been much smaller and less significant than they are today.

          I love having these conversations with people like you Sean – you make me think 🙂


        • Don’t get me started on the government and politics 🙂 We totally hijacked this thread but have you seen this crap that just came out http://health.usnews.com/best-diet/best-overall-diets? Paleo is dead last. Dean Ornish made #8 Vegetarian #10. Crap like this that amazes me.

        • Haha, yeah we did 😛 I did see that article – insane. It’s those articles which make me laugh at how little the media really knows. Thanks for the link Sean!

        • Toadamiah

          Let me begin by saying I agree about your comments regarding companies lying to their customers, I am going to have to disagree with you about the Darwinism and national healthcare BS comment. The issue is much deeper than just dumb people making dumb decisions regarding their own health (I’m essentially paraphrasing what your saying). I hate to blow the liberal ‘non-sense’ horn but some less fortunate people do need the governmental support that you say is unfair because you can afford health insurance.
          That being said I think, the government should be spending their money more wisely. Preventative care, or health education (not just telling kids to wear a condom) should receive more funding rather than buying people the medication after the problems have already occurred.

          PS. I may be a bit bias about that last part since I am studying health education currently.
          Sincerely Toad

        • Dave Asprey

          4rekak & Armi,

          At Wharton during my MBA, we ran countless spreadsheets showing that it’s often cheaper to pay for marketing to say your product is high quality than it is to actually make your product high quality.

          That sucks, and it’s a fundamental problem in business.

          It’s also why I have my own products. They’re what I use, what I tested, and what is actually high quality. The margins on the stuff I sell are often 10-20% of what “normal” internet marketing margins are. I look at it as the cost of having awesome stuff that makes me – and people I want to benefit – feel and perform great.

          I have yet to personally make anything from this blog, although I’ve invested more than $20k in it. Every penny goes into improving the blog or launching world-class products at prices that I think are fair and reasonable.

          I smile every time I imagine someone drinking a cup of coffee that helps them rock their entire day without feeling crappy later. I like to think that that person is kinder to the people in his or her life, and that that has an effect on those around them.

          That’s why The Bulletproof Executive is a labor of love, self-funded entirely, and may one day make money for me. But in the meantime, I’m happy it helps me pay the people who help me run it, and I’m thankful I have access to the best coffee, the best protein, the best oil, and lots of other stuff. And I’m even more thankful for the awesome comments that we get, thanking the site for changing people’s lives in short periods of time.

          I wish I’d had something like this when I was 20. I can’t imagine where I’d be now if I hadn’t had to spend 15 years and $250k figuring out my own biohacker upgrades…

  • Ted

    I’m purchasing an ice cream maker tomorrow!!!

  • Danielle Lynne

    So I decided to make some of this for New Year’s Eve…and neglected to read the part about the ice cream maker (I have a vitamix and figured I could make it work). Instead of ice cream, we had the best cold egg nog ever :).

  • Leon

    Hey guys,
    How much ice cream does this recipe make? 1.5/2l?

    Also – are you doing any research into bulletproof beer? Would it be possible to home brew something a bit more bulletproof friendly or are the fundamentals too poor?

    • Hi Leon,
      I think unfortunately you are going to a)have to give up beer to be bulletproof or b) choose to be as bulletproof as you can be and occasionally have a beer and don’t worry about it. Beer is made from grains, contains gluten, etc… If you search the site Dave has an infographic on alcohol.

      • Maybe not. Until the other day i would’ve also assumed that cupcakes were made from grains and contain gluten 🙂

        You can brew gluten free beer but i’m not sure how much the other (hormonal, mycotoxic) issues contribute to it being bullet-pervious. I don’t understand the science well enough, do you have any ideas?

    • Dave Asprey

      Hey Leon, I’m afraid Bulletproof Beer is a bit like inflammable gasoline. 🙁 You could distill the beer, and filter it…but we have a name for that…grain alcohol. 🙂

  • Tom

    Please make this a Bulletproof product and ship it to Australia

    • Garrett K

      Are you unable to get the specific ingredients for the recipe in Aussie? 🙂

  • BethM

    This sounds amazing! I’ve been making do with “ice cream” made out of frozen bananas, topped with a sauce made out of coconut milk and unsweetened dark chocolate melted together. I use stevia powder instead of xylitol though – is there any conversion for xylitol to stevia?

    • BethM

      In case anyone else was wondering about a xylitol sub, I ended up using an equal amount of coconut crystals in my ice cream and it came out AMAZING! Something told me that stevia would just not translate well. And I can attest that this ice cream most certainly is an aphrodisiac! Not only is it way more satisfying than my frozen banana concoction, but it’s also one of the best tasting vanilla ice creams I’ve had, period. It’s got a great mouth feel due to all of the good fat in it and is very satisfying. Even more amazing with a little bit of melted dark chocolate poured over it and some coconut shavings (and maybe a few chopped nuts, if you’re really feeling crazy!).
      Thanks for the awesome recipe!!! =)

      • Briterian34

        Beth – thanks for review of the ice cream. I’m making it this week. Can you tell me if you melt the buttler/coconut oil beforehand or do you have it at room temperature? Thanks

        • Dave Asprey

          Good blenders don’t need melted fat. Cheap ones do!

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  • Jaime

    I made the ice cream this weekend – incredible!! I toasted some coconut and chopped up some super dark chocolate and mixed in as well. wow. seriously, wow! thank you for this!!

    • Dave Asprey

      “seriously wow” is music to my ears! Glad u liked it!

      • Jaime

        I have been “preaching” the BP diet and now that I brought in the ice cream to share at work (well, what is left of it anyways!), there may be a few converts. thank you for making all the data, science, results and everything a person needs readily available – as well as the recipe for the ice cream! love it

      • Jaime

        oh, I also wanted to ask: I have a friend who desperately wants to be healthy and thin. I have talked with him about his goals, sent him a TON of information about this BP diet and plan and told him we can go through this journey together and cheer each other on… science, data, testimonials, biology/chemistry of why it works and why the conventional “wisdom” doesnt work. he seems excited until it is a matter of actually implementing it. He went to his doctor and was tested for the blood type diet, which he is now doing and is very excited about (he has NO interest in me telling him why that science is bunk, I have backup for this too). Today he said he is going to do the HCG diet and then after that tortuous diet he is going to hire a personal trainer to put him through and exercise regimen so that he does not put all of the weight back on. I told him a brief (30 second) summary of why this is a terrible plan, but again, he does not want to hear it. I have tried to be encouraging, I have tried the tough love. he asks me for advice and such but then HATES the answer he gets. do you have any recommendations? I am pretty sure my next response will be nothing since he already has the information… what do you say when approached with all this new, magical “science” and the conventional wisdom?

        • TheJeebus

          Eventually he will fail, then make your move.

        • Dave Asprey

          This is one of the hardest lessons to learn when you transform your life in a short period of time. People who won’t do it seem so…stupid. Or slow. Or lazy. When I lost my weight, I went through an evangelical period where I told everyone who would listen – and those who didn’t care – about how to do it. Deaf ears mounted on fat thighs, mostly.
          The thing to remember is that you’re transforming yourself, and you *may* help other people by being open about what you did. But you *will* only help those who are ready for help. Most people are blocked by their own psychology; it’s painful to watch but until they commit to change – either by hitting a major health problem or some other awakening in their life – they will repeat the mostly unconscious behaviors they are accustomed to.
          The way you can help people become more conscious of their own power (and thus motivate them to make radical, permanent upgrades to their quality of life) is to do it by example. Let them see your energy. Let them see you walk in the door 25lbs lighter than last time you met a month ago. Let them see you eat butter and turn your nose up at rice cakes. And let them see your lab tests!

        • csp8

          Im telling no one about this except for my boyfriend, who after seeing me drop tons of inches without dropping a lb (yay muscle) after less than a week is now joining the eating philosophy. I dont need a butter outage in my area! Plus no one would buy it. Theyd hear it and say, Ew, Atkins, you cant believe everything you read, people are out to make money, etc. No patience for that this time around.

        • Dave Asprey

          “butter outage” lol. That’s much worse than a power outage. Butter generators (cows) require much more maintenance than a backup generator.

        • Garrett K

          After nomming down on a batch of this ice cream, then reading your comment, it helped give me a solid ab exercise. “Butter Generators” definitely need to be more common 😉

        • Shawn

          No Kidding I live in Eagle River Alaska and Dropped 45lbs on your diet. Next thing I know is I can’t find Kerry Gold Unsalted anywhere. I should have kept my mouth shut.

        • Jessica

          LOL! “Deaf ears on fat thighs”…

  • Matt

    Made this last night, adnd tried it tonight.

    All I can say is wow, tastes great AND I can sense how great it makes me feel as I eat it, thanks!

    • Dave Asprey

      But the big question is, did it have the advertised effect? ;0

  • Bmlemasters

    I don’t have an ice cream mixer at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas on other ways to stir the ice cream for an hour?

    • Dave Asprey

      Do it in a blender, add ice not water, and have a milkshake that way!

      • Zack_Leman

        Just tried this. It is delicious. But for anyone else who does it this way, I would use less xylitol, since you will be drinking this straight and at a warmer temp.

  • Zack_Leman

    Should we be concerned about the avidin in the egg whites if we consume this frequently?

    • Not unless you’re eating several a day along with the majority of your meat.

      • Adlock Hungry

        Uh-oh! What’s Avidin? I usually eat a minimum of 4 raw eggs a day in a smoothie (easy 4th meal). Should I be concerned?

        • It’s an anti-nutrient that block biotin absorption, but only in small amounts. No, but try to eat your meat several hours away from the smoothie.

  • Oksana

    Well, we bought an ice cream maker just for this recipe.. And WOW, it’s absolutely delicious! My husband asked me three times if it is indeed “healthy/paleo” – why people think that healthy does not equal super delicious? I added frozen blueberries instead of ice. I have not had anything sweet in so long that the ice cream was even a bit sweet for me..
    Yes, when the cookbook is coming out?

  • Mitch Fletcher

    Great recipe. Delicious and definitely gives me lots of energy.
    I’ve heard/read that blending egg yolks damages their molecular structure. While this sounds slightly implausible to me, I was wondering what your take on it was?

    • Dave Asprey

      Blending can damage peptides but the impact on egg yolk is minimal. It can also make fat droplets smaller. But I have not seen evidence it’s harmful.

  • Jenn

    Holy Moly this is like the bestest ice cream I’ve ever tasted. But how do you not eat it all?

  • Leo

    You mention creamy coconut? I don’t see coconut as part of the ingredients here. Also I’m unable to find xylitol or erythritol in Bangkok (where I’m based), can I use honey or something else? Also can I add some fruit such as strawberry or blueberries?

    • Dave Asprey

      Coconut oil!

      The sugars you mention will raise insulin. Use very sparingly.

  • Has anyone tried coconut butter instead of grass-fed butter?

    • Dave Asprey

      It’s good that way too but lacks butyrate

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  • wolf stead

    For my body, wood sugars like xylitol are a major toxin. I get unbelievably awful stomach cramps, and more. Can I use coconut sugar or anything else as the sweetener?

    • lkab

      I definitely don’t do xylitol and my erythritol is still being shipped, so I just made the recipe (tonight!) with coconut sugar. It was delicious. No one over here has gotten that “lovin feelin” as of yet… but man, that ice cream is tasty.

  • I don’t have MCT oil, xylitol and ice cream machine on hand but still managed to make this (just used virgin coconut oil and muscovado sugar). Not the ideal sweetener perhaps but I was really excited to try it. Ended up like mantecado flavored liquid ice cream :)) thanks for the recipe!

    • Garrett K

      I’d definitely recommend picking up MCT oil. It’s a very amazing substance. 😀

  • Pdxhollym

    Thanks for sharing this recipe-I love this ice cream more than ANY ice cream I’ve ever had! I’ve been experimenting and my last experiment (consumed just a few minutes ago) was amazing. Probably not 100% bulletproof but close. I added 1/2 cup of high quality cocoa, 1 tablespoon of orange liquor, & 2 shots of high quality espresso. Unfortunately I can’t share it with my husband though, he’s allergic to eggs and coconut!

    • Dave Asprey

      Close enough! ?

  • Ryan

    So, I made my first batch of bulletproof ice cream (with a little deviation from the original recipe). I ended up “making it” with the lady (who of course had some, too), and she had this to say after her second special moment: “That was one of the best I’ve ever had.” Coincidence? I think not.

    • Ryan

      p.s. I’m having it for breakfast 🙂

      • Dave Asprey

        I give it to my kids for breakfast, but once they’re teens maybe it should be off limits!

    • Dave Asprey

      This is awesome! The quality of the ice cream influences the quality of the fun!

  • Kenyatta4

    Once upon a time, I had some sugar free candy in a weak moment. The sweetener used was xylitol… And as the label says, loose stools and gaaaaaassss resulted. Immediately (within a half hour). Any good ideas for a substitute? Maybe coconut sugar, as someone mentioned above?

    • Dave Asprey

      Erythritol. Plus you’ll get adapted in a few days to xylitol as your body learns to make xylinase.

  • biggfish02

    Love it, except for the coconut taste (can’t stand coconut oil)…any ideas on what to replace it with that won’t ruin the consistency? More MCT? Butter?

    • Dave Asprey

      Butter and more yolk and more MCT (but not too much MCT; you don’t want the runs…)

  • Endymion

    This is awesome. Such a good way to get your choline too. I added 4 squares of 90% cocoa Lindt to mine to make it a chocolate version. I just freeze it without any ice cream maker too and it turns out pretty dang good.
    As Dave says, brain food for when you’re studying.

    I was wondering if this ice cream would take me out of ketosis though?

    • Dave Asprey

      No way. The MCT and nominal amount of carbs will not take you out of it.

      • Mia

        Is it me – or did you just say the opposite on the forum?? 🙂 For now I do best with a little protein with the fat in the morning, so I would love to know if the ice cream will break the fast. Thanks! 🙂

  • I made Bulletproof ice cream twice now – absolutely super ice cream. Unfortunately, I’ve found xylitol doesn’t agree with me at all (stomach cramps). I bought some xylitol just for the recipe, but since I don’t use sweeteners for anything else I eat I’m not sure what other sweetener to try next. My second batch I tweaked the recipe to use only half the minimum amount of xylitol and it still bothered me for a day afterward. Kenyatta4 mentioned coconut crystals – anyone have experiences to share? Has anyone tried some fresh, ripe, in-season berries (blueberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries) to replace a sweetener?

    I splurge on the Bulletproof coffee beans – wonderful to find coffee that actually makes me feel better in the morning. I had stopped drinking coffee and it’s one of the few things (along w/ice cream) I really missed.

    • AD71

      I have used the coconut crystals with success. The crystals are in the middle on the BP diet … so I think that makes them okay for an occasional treat. 🙂

      I have tried a couple of different brands and they tend to be coarse. I whir them in a coffee grinder to “powder” them before blending.

      I’ve also had good luck using maple syrup and raw honey to lightly sweeten things. I chose them because they are natural, whole food sources of sweetness. But I haven’t tried making ice cream with either one of them yet.

      • Dave Asprey

        You are using Chinese xylitol I bet. Who knows what’s in there. Go for Canadian hardwood and feel the difference. ? Otherwise, raw honey or erythritol.

        • thanks – I’ll try some local raw honey next since it’s easiest to get. I’ll do some research before buying xylitol again, or try to find either coconut crystals or erythritol. I didn’t realize the quality of xylitol varied so much.

        • Dave Asprey

          I didn’t either until a bad batch from china sent my whole family running to the bathroom…

        • I’ve been using the “truvia” branded erythritol for my first few batches of BP icecream..is that stuff legit?

          there seems to be some concern still about the potentially dubious long term effects of these artificial sweeteners from a quick search on paleohacks.com. any thoughts on that?

        • Frasier Linde

          My main concern about Truvia is the unidentified “natural flavors.” And it’s not organic, FWTW.

    • jgmurphy

      Try erythritol, my fave. Widely available at Whole Foods or online. But a bit expensive (I paid $12 for a box, don’t remember if it was 1/2 lb or 1 lb).

  • Hey, I have major bad casein intolerance – what can I substitute for butter? I’m keen to give this a go, but even a lick of butter sends me into agony for days.

  • Mette

    Hi! I am new to the bulletproof lifestyle and find it very interesting! Thanks for sharing all the information. I have PCO and look forward to the book coming up!
    Yesterday I tried the “Get Some Ice Cream”. It tasted good, but I felt nauseated all day and through up big time twice…
    Does that mean I have gallbladder/fat digestion issues?
    Kindly, M

  • Laura

    OMG delicious… self control is definitely the hard part with this recipe

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  • Orielwen

    Why butter and water? Why not a good rich double cream instead?

    • Garrett K

      Butter has more saturated fat than cream does, which is what we’re looking for. And Grassfed butter also has a host of other awesome things that cream lacks. 🙂

  • I am passing on this ice cream recipe to a friend to give to his dad that has been going through some bought of cancer. His tumors are gone and he is celebrating by eating soft serve ice cream from the likes of DQ and BK. I asked my friend why he would do such a thing! Did his dad want to die! Then I talked to him about how cancer cells love sugar. I thought this would be a good alternative. I will follow up.

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  • I just made this, it’s fucking EPIC <3

  • Dave, I’m curious because I think you have a blendtec – can I just toss everything in the blendtec, hit the “ice cream” button, and be done with it? (I know it’ll probably be more like soft serve unless I freeze it, but… shhhh)

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  • ciavyn

    OMG — this stuff is outrageously good. I added a little more vanilla because I love the darn stuff. Great texture, fabulous taste, and very pleasant aftereffects. 🙂

  • Rick Pack

    Made this last night with frozen berries (yes, not bulletproof) instead of the water or ice and an extra teaspoon of vanilla. Strong flavor and man, was it good.

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  • disillusioned vegan

    Dear Dave,

    I was vegan for 14 months and started feeling a bit lack-lustre, with problem acne and gastro issues. I found your blog on Monday and have been reading up – it seems great!

    Decided to cut out grains and legumes yesterday as well as having my first meat in 14 months and grass-fed butter and eggs today.

    I am concerned with your comment here about stressing my pancreas due to taking on large quantities of fat that my body is not used to dealing with (i.e. lipase production) – do you have any tips for someone in my position on how to ease into a bulletproof diet without stressing out my pancreas?


    • Liz

      I’ve been reading a lot about bone broth being a good transitioning food for vegans and vegetarians. It’s high in protein and good fats but is still easily digestible, so it might be something to try. Hope this helps!

  • gregdavisdotca

    Raw egg whites not problematic?

  • Pingback: I got an ice cream maker! | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page()

  • SophieE

    I made this ice cream with the cocoa and it is amazzzinngg. The first time, I did it with ghee instead of butter and a small amount of glucose syrup instead of xylitol and no cocoa and it was kinda weird and blah- I’m not sure which aspect ruined it. This time was great though. I added some shaved 85% cocoa chocolate as choc chips as well.

    Admittedly I’m still a bit nervous about the xylitol though…

    • SophieE

      If you don’t have an ice cream maker (I don’t), then whip the egg whites to stiff peaks and fold in the yolky mixture. The normal way without an ice cream maker is to go to the freezer to mix every 15 minutes but that’s a pain and doesn’t give you those characteristic-of-ice-cream air gaps.

      • You can also put the base – everything minus the water/ice and the chocolate (unless you really want chocolate) into ice cube trays and then place in the freezer.

        Ice cream is about getting the smallest ice crystals possible, This means cooling your ice cream base down as fast as possible.

        If you dont have any liquid nitrogen laying around, then your next best bet is to increase the surface area exposure. Hence the Ice cube tray.

        Once all the cubes are frozen, pop them back in to the blender add some water/upgraded coffee/ice cubes and pulse the blender to break the cubes, The first time I did this without additional liquids and it came out looking similar to “Dipping Dots”. and tasted like them too.

        After that, I let it sit for a moment then I used a spoon to smooth out all the small pieces into the ice cream consistency.

        At this point you can fold in whatever flavors you want to add in.

        Im experimenting with making Vanilla Get Some Ice cream and chocolate covered candied bacon bits that I make using:

        85%-90% Lindt Dark chocolate
        Coconut sugar
        AppleGate Farm Bacon
        coconut sugar,
        and Himalayan sea salt.

        I found that coconut sugar melts better than sugar and tastes even better.


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  • Jake

    After two months of making this stuff regularly my friends now joke about my “magic date-finishing ice cream”. Thank you!

  • lee

    Did I miss something, are we really making ice cream with raw eggs? Isn’t that bad for us?

    • Dave Asprey

      It’s how ice cream was always made…just wash the eggs before you crack them!

      • Justin Newman

        Hey Dave, I think you may want to include this part in the instructions. I’m pretty sure I just wasted an entire batch.

        • Dave Asprey

          Good point. I don’t bother washing mine…unless there’s poop on them.
          Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

  • Justin Newman

    Am I missing something? I just made this ice cream, and I’m thinking I did something wrong. First of all, it’s yellow, not reddish like in the picture. It takes ok, i guess, but certainly not in line with the rave reviews I’m seeing here. Worst of all, I get a burning sensation in the back of my throat when eating it. I’ve been trying to get the wife into this movement, and thought this might be a good way in. She had one spoonful and immediately handed it back to me and went for the Ben and Jerry’s. I used erythritol and split the drops between apple cider vinegar and lime juice. Followed the recipe exactly. Now I’m concerned about salmonella too. Are the eggs supposed to be cooked? What did I do wrong here?! Thanks..

    • Dave Asprey

      Even if you dont wash raw eggs the risk is very very small, like 1 in 50,000, that you’ll even get salmonella on the egg, and far less you’d get sick from it. I’ve had thousands of them.
      I added BP choc powder in the photo! Should be yellow like French vanilla without it.
      A very small number of people feel the burning you experienced from excess mct oil. Guessing you’re not used to it?

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

      • Justin Newman

        Thanks Dave. I managed to work my way out of a panic attack about the eggs. I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee for about a month, but if that’s what drives the burning taste, maybe its the combo of the coconut and MCT oil in the ice cream? I really want to make this work, so maybe I’ll try cutting back a little on these next time. Thanks!

        • Dave Asprey

          You’re welcome. It shouldn’t burn…maybe adding more water will help too. Can make it icier but less concentrated.
          Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

        • Justin Newman

          Just wanted to provide an update in case anyone else had a similar first experience. I powered my way through the first batch and noticed that some parts tasted better than others with different ingredients coming through stronger in different areas. I guess I didn’t blend well enough. This also gave me a chance to try each ingredient separately to see which of them wasn’t agreeing with me.

          So here’s my 2nd try:

          First of all, I washed the eggs so I didn’t have the psychological issues of last time. I took your advice Dave, and cut back on the MCT (used only 3tbls). When tasting the first batch I noticed that the sweetness was too much for me, so I cut the Erythritol back to 4tbls. Since I associate vinegar with burning, I just used lime juice this time. I also added just a little extra water to smooth out the taste.

          I think my biggest failure on the first go was blending. The second time through, I blended everything except the butter since that was the biggest challenge last time. Once I had a perfectly smooth consistency (I tested it by pouring it back and forth into a bowl) I added the butter and blended for at least 5 minutes straight. The consistency was so much smoother than the first time through.

          Now I understand why everyone’s raving. This actually is delicious. No burning, just pure fatty goodness.

          Make sure to blend the crap out of your mix!

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  • susie

    Any thoughts on making this with stevia? Or would you need some sugar/agave syrup for thickening? Thanks!

    • Dave Asprey

      Please don’t ruin the recipe by using agave, which is essentially the same as high fructose corn syrup. Use Stevia or xylitol, or if you must, raw honey.

      • Chloe Blue

        Hi Dave! Very excited to try this recipe. When using the pure stevia powder (without maltodextrin filler), can you suggest what amount to use? I use the Kal brand pure stevia powder.


  • Rachel

    This is the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten. I don’t have an ice cream maker so I used two metal bowls, one of them smaller, and put the ice in the bigger one around it and mixed for 10 minutes, then covered both with a towel and froze for about an hour, mixed and now it’s finishing freezing. I was giddy after tasting it and had to ward off my boyfriend from eating the whole thing, I told him “we can eat it later before bedtime” (if you know what I mean). It’s so tasty! So glad I can eat ice cream again!

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  • I live in Canada, where grass-fed butter is effectively banned. Using ordinary butter will still create a much healthier dessert than Haagen-Dazs, yes?

  • How much does this recipe yield? I’m guessing about 1 liter? At about 12 dollars a batch, it looks like this is just as expensive as Haagen-Dazs, if not more!

    • Garrett K

      Think of it as an investment into your relationship. If you’re married, would you rather invest $12 into a batch of ice cream which will keep both your partner and yourself very happy, or a lot more into divorce papers? 😉

      • Jon Estrada Sr.

        Eff that. Do kegals and kettlebells and you’ll be just fine. I gotchu though, that was funny. I say make some substitutions if you have to. Considering we should not eat sweets much at all, xylitol is cheap and lasts a long time. At the very least, you should always have grass fed butter, virgin coconut oil, and pastured eggs on hand. I used regular vanilla. I cut the recipe in half and got 3 servings. It costs maybe 1 buck fifty on the high end using some substitutions

  • Just a thought on the butter getting the right consistency. I make protein shakes in the morning before I start my day, well, I call them “fat shakes” becaus that’s really what they are #DaveAsprey. What I do is melt the butter and mct oil then pour it with the protein powder, then blend. Makes it nice and smooth. Then, of course, I add ice and blend again.

  • Looks interesting. I’ve made ice cream with cream and eggs and a small amount of maple syrup plus stevia, and as many as a dozen egg yolks (I have chickens, so am always looking for more ways to eat eggs), but this looks yummy, too.

  • jorel

    so – I plan on making this and eating at least 2000 calories of it daily to gain weight.

  • Dieting is a major industry in the modern world, thanks to the many poorly chosen foods that agriculture and dairy products have inflicted on our metabolisms, and many of the diets which attempt to cure this swarm of ills – ranging from the mildly annoying to the seriously dangerous – advocate cutting back on meats and grains, focusing on vegetables and fruits, and other dietary measures that resemble the Paleo diet. When asking what is the Paleo diet, however, it is best to bear in mind that this unique approach mimics the diet that our Paleolithic ancestors lived on for millions of years.

  • I love the concept of this recipe, but my wife is allergic to eggs in general. Are there any good substitutions for eggs in this recipe?

  • You will find many health advantages in Paleo diet. One is that it can benefit you to lose weight given that the

    Paleo weight loss program is naturally low in carbohydrates meaning it features a low caloric count. Low amounts of

    carbohydrates are also shown to cut the risks contributing to heart illnesses. One more advantage would be that the

    weight loss program is naturally rich in fiber. Fiber lowers chances of diabetes and heart diseases.

  • How do you weigh a gram of Vitamin C or measure a tablespoon of grassfed butter?

    • Philip Robert

      Look on the side of the butter package, those little lines are tablespoons.

    • Rich Barnes

      You can buy Vitamin C capsules as 1 gram and just empty the capsule into your mix. You can also get a small digital scale on amazon for less than $10 for weighing butter/oil/food.

  • Jeremy Lawson

    I just tried this for the first time. Holy moly! It tasted DELICIOUS, and the healthy fats from Kerrygold, MCT oil, and coconut oil gave me a real buzz. Added stevia for the sweetener, and upgraded vanilla. SO GOOD.

    You already have me converted to this diet, but this is a definite addition to our weekend menu!!

  • Penelope

    I know this is an older post, but I was only just sent the recipe.

    Is there a substitute that could be used for both the coconut oil and the MCT oil? One of my good friends is allergic to coconut so both of those are not useable for her (or if I want to make it for her).

    • Cher

      I had a coconut allergy as well and coconut oil is still allowed (and encouraged by my doctors at Progressive Medical in Atlanta) as it does not contain the protein!!!! =)

  • What happens if I use coconut oil for MCT oil?
    It’s not really available commercially in my country

    Would that be 10 tbs of coconut oil?
    Any impact on the taste? Since I have no idea how MCT tastes like


    • Philip Robert

      MCT has no taste. Good brands of coconut oil add a subtle coconut flavor. First cold pressed always

  • Rob k

    Somehow I can’t find the answer – salted or unsalted butter??

    • Philip Robert

      Unsalted butter always. Add your own high quality salt to your food. No salt needed in this one.

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  • Maggie

    Can you give any tips on how to make it NOT taste like coconut? I hate the flavor of coconut. Thanks

    • Rich Barnes

      Expeller pressed coconut oil is just as healthy with basically no flavor. Just make sure your coconut oil does NOT have RBD (Refined Bleached Deodorized) on the bottle.

  • Aaron van der meulen

    Love this recipe so delicious. Hopefully one day there will be a bulletproof/upgraded cookie dough chunk recipe haha

  • wesbourdo

    We made this last night with some cocoa powder and it was amazing.

    We don’t have an ice cream maker, so we just put the mixture in a sandwich sized ziplock bag, then put that bag in a larger freezer bag with ice and salt and shook it up for about an hour.

    We used splenda instead of xylitol/erythritol because we’re doing the Carb Nite Solution diet by John Kiefer (from the Bulletproof Executive Radio Podcast #19 and athlete.io) and both xylitol and erythritol are on the list of ingredients to avoid.

    Any alternative ingredients you could recommend, Dave, besides splenda?

    • Rich Barnes

      Stevia is probably the most bulletproof sweetener. Why are xylitol and erythritol on the avoid list for CNS? I know xylitol has carbs but its pretty low and with all the fat (especially MCT) you should stay in ketosis.

      • wesbourdo

        Looking at their nutrition facts, it seems that using either ingredient lands me at 22g of my 30g daily carb limit. Add 1g of carbs per egg and that’s 30g. I could share it with my gf and still have 15g of carbs left for the day.
        The problem is that both sugar alcohols, or any bulk carbohydrate sweeteners, are to be avoided on CNS. The ice cream was pretty tasty with Splenda, which I’m sure is not good for you, but I’ll give Stevia a try.
        The risky ingredients in the CNS book are broken down into 3 sections: Absolutely avoid (high-fructose corn syrup, fructose, etc.), high avoidance (hydrogenated oils) and caution. Xylitol is listed under high avoidance and erythritol is listed under caution. Maybe I’ll try this recipe on my next carb nite with erythritol.
        They really need to do another podcast together.

        • Rich Barnes

          Thanks for the CNS info. I’d like to hear Dave’s take on the CNS view of sugar alcohols as well.

  • Anthony

    Excuse me for asking a stupid question but nowhere does this recipe say unsalted or salted butter. I have been following this diet pretty well and usually you specify which butter to use except in this recipe. Im sure its unsalted but i just want to make sure since i am making this recipe this weekend. it doesn’t specify in the upgraded chef book either. Can’t wait to try this!!!

    • Anthony

      ooops i found the answer to my question way below in comments. thanks guys!

  • Rich Barnes

    Dave – Have you made this with Ghee yourself? I just switched completely to Ghee because I was reacting to the lactose in my BP coffee. I had to cut back the ghee to butter as it was tasting too buttery(havent said that much since being BP). What you would replace the cream in the butter with to make the ghee as close to butter as possible for recipes like “get some” ice cream?

    • Marie Noybn

      im very confused by your question… butter is simply cream thats had most of the whey removed through churning.. and then ghee is made by cooking out the milk solids in the butter right? how can you replace cream in butter??? and why would making butter not butter make ghee more like butter??? Believe me im not being sarcastic or anything here, i really am confused.

    • Nunyer Business

      Just replace the butter in the recipe with ghee. You’re making it far too complex.

  • Steve

    Is there a vegan version of this ice cream with something to substitute the eggs and butter?

    • Rich Barnes

      I think that defeats the purpose of the recipe. I’m not sure a vegan ice cream recipe would be very bulletproof.

  • Roxana Dora

    Dear Sir,
    On behalf of myself and my yet unborn daughter, I’d like to say Thank you!
    I am 38 weeks pregnant, literally a ticking clock. Why literally? Because these last few weeks I’ve been kind of depressed. Well not kind of…
    Anyway, was feeling even more down than usual after my birthday yesterday when I remembered you had a really nice ice-cream recipe I’ve never made because I didn’t have an ice-cream machine on hand. Which is what I requested for my birthday as a present. So decided to make your recipe. I’d like to add I didn’t have MCT oil on hand either ( I do wish I did) and I threw away my xylitol ages ago, used some Maple Syrup ( only to give it a sweet flavor) instead. Made the ice-cream in the evening, we were expecting a neighbor to pop-by for a cup of tea.
    The results:
    Taste: Amazing! Loved the coconuty flavor. It really tasted like heaven.
    Depression: Really gone within the hour. I kid you not. One moment my head was fuzzy and sad, the next I was back to being my old happy chatty self. I even out-talked my neighbor (who’s one of the biggest talkers I’ve ever met).
    Night-time sleep: I actually slept at night, something I haven’t been able to do in a few weeks. I did wake up a few times, but that was the most refreshing sleep I’ve had since…I can’t remember.
    Wake up: Woke up at 5:30 as soon as the sun was up, fully refreshed and really happy. Really happy. I was actually singing in the kitchen while making more ice-cream, until I remembered the cooling element has to be in the freezer for 24 hours (which it hasn’t yet). I can’t remember the last time I woke up before my husband.
    Thank you so much for this recipe, the perfect example of ‘let food be thy medicine’. I will definitely continue to make it. I owe you this big fat chocolaty smile on my face! I’m now off to singing some happy songs! 😀

    Roxana and Baby

    • Sonia

      How did you make it w/o an ice cream machine? I have the tiniest kitchen and hate to buy a unitasker.

      • Nunyer Business

        I just put mine in a one quart mason jar and shake the jar to mix it. It will get hard, but I just take the jar out about 1/2 hour before I actually want to eat it and it’s fine. I’ve made it dozens of times this way and it’s fine. Sometimes I put ‘goodies’ like coconut shreds or cacao nibs in the ice cream too. In those cases, I make sure to stir half way through the freezing so the goodies don’t sink to the bottom. Always make sure you leave an inch or two of space at the top of glass jars if you use them to freeze, in order to account for expanding. In other words, if you don’t leave room, the solids will break the glass when they expand upon freezing.

        • Sonia

          Great to hear. I like that! Thx.

  • Heather Bryner

    If I wanted to use cacao butter, are you suggesting to use only 50 grams of cacao butter and omit the coconut oil entirely… or use 50 grams cacao and 50 grams coconut? Thanks!

    • erica

      I mixed the two to make a total of 50 grams – not quite half and half

  • Brenny

    What am I doing wrong? I have tried to make the ice cream 3 times now…the first 2 were horribly vanilla and the last separated 🙁 I really want it to work!!!

  • gemz1989

    Do you have the nutritional info for this ice cream?

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  • Jenny

    Any suggestions on how much should one would eat daily when trying to conceive?

  • Tom Poweska

    Ok so NOW that my wife is pregnant… (Gotta give credit to this ice cream, boosted libido + obviously fertility!)
    Can she still continue to eat this ice cream? I’m grabbing the Better Baby book on our Kobo readers today, BTW.

    Alright, so now that I have bulletproofed my wife, and I’m going to read about bulletproofing my baby, now I’m going to bulletproof my coffee.

    PS. Mr. Asprey, you are a genius!

    • Nunyer Business

      Why wouldn’t she be able to eat this while she’s pregnant? It’s just butter, eggs, and coconut oil.

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  • I’d rather be “wooed” by ice cream than alcohol any day! Can’t wait to give this a try. My current go-to healthy ice cream is frozen bananas with coconut cream.

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  • markku

    xylitol is good for your teeth.. a Finnish invention.

  • markku

    of course some doctors and other people will say this food will definately kill you http://nutritionfacts.org/video/eggs-and-cholesterol-patently-false-and-misleading-claims/

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  • therealjeaniebeanie

    I made a lot of homemade ice cream for awhile as a way to use lots of egg yolks from our pastured hens, then got too busy or something. I’ve never tried whole eggs, just 9-13 yolks in one batch of ice cream. Best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. I will try this recipe with Kerrygold butter. Looks interesting!

  • Saoirse

    This is fantastic! I made it for my kids for breakfast (which makes me supermom in their eyes) and mixed their melted leftovers into my Bulletproof coffee this morning. Made the coffee even better!

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  • fergienz

    I just moved into a new apartment, and one of the first things I ordered was an ice cream maker and a food processor… with ‘Get Some’ in mind!
    I have just made my first batch, HOLY COW! Amaze balls. I am a sucker for ice cream, but this was unreal.
    I made a few adjustments:
    – I used unflavoured coconut oil (50g) and 50g of cacao butter
    – I used ACV instead of Vit C
    – I used 2 tsp of The vanilla powder Dave Sells
    – And I used 80g of raw diary milk (however it was mainly the cream at the top of the bottle) instead of water/ice

    ~ AMAZING!
    ~ A tad too sweet, i went with 100g of Erythritol, I think next time maybe 50-60g max. Or maybe even less with some stevia to keep the carb content low.
    ~ It made enough to have a small serve/lick the bowl and a few spoonfuls and still full up a 500ml ice cream container. so about 600mls?

    the vanilla powder and the cacao butter created a ‘cooke dough’ type consistency that was unreal (cookie dough is my fav ice cream)

  • deenpac

    Okay, this lovely dessert helps to balance hormones of reproduction age men and women. What might it do for peri-menopausal girls?

  • Carmen

    Looks interesting. I’d love to try it but I cannot have butter, at all. What can I substitute the butter with? Also, for a first batch, what could I sub for the MCT oil. (If things go well, I’ll definately order some!) Thanks!

    • Liya

      ghee instead of butter

  • Claire

    I recently heard about MCT oil and bought some. Then I found this great sounding ice-cream recipe that I wanted to try as it sounds so nutritious. I have no concerns about eating butter or egg yolks but got worried when I read the warning label on my bottle of MCT oil. It states: ‘Children, pregnant or nursing women must not take this product’! Why? WHy would it not be safe for them? Anyone know? Thanks

    • Caire

      I keep checking back to see if anyone has commented. Any ideas as to why the bottle of my MCT oil says it’s not safe for kids or lactation??

    • Kim Kasl

      Looked it up quick and it looks to me like since it helps you burn through fat / causes weight loss so quickly it isn’t a great idea to give it to a growing child. Pregnant women need to be gaining weight, and nursing women actually require more calories than when they were pregnant. (Plus when you’re nursing you really burn through your fat stores so quickly.) So I think MCT oil is just counterproductive to what the body is naturally supposed to be doing for children, and pregnant and nursing women. Intentional weight loss just isn’t recommended for them.

  • Jon Estrada Sr.

    I used a cheapy ninja blender for this. No one else in my household is bulletproof so I cut the recipe in half and got 3 servings. I have no ice cream maker so I blended all the ingredients together, poured it into a bowl, stuck it in the freezer, and stirred it every half hour for 4 hours and let it freeze a day. It was delicious and cheap. I found xylitol at the foods co-op for 8 bucks and there’s plenty in there for about 20 more servings. You should already have pastured eggs, coconut oil, and grass fed butter in your home at the very least. If you’re not trying to lose massive amounts of fat like me, you can probably skip the sweetner and blend a banana in there.

    • Jon Estrada Sr.

      I also didnt have MCT oil so i added a bit more coconut oil and butter

      • Colleen Winn

        That’s what I did , too. Worked great. Also, used stevia for the sweetener and it worked great as well.

      • Le Sir

        my walmart sells mct oil as “coconut cooking oil”. On the side it says “5 times richer in mct’s”

        • ZachJex

          That’s coconut oil, not mct oil.

        • Frasier Linde

          It’s higher in MCTs than normal coconut oil (hence the liquid nature), but not pure MCTs—also more expensive than pure MCT oil online. I’ve used it for BPC in a pinch when I couldn’t wait for an order to ship, but otherwise it’s not worth buying.

    • Nunyer Business

      If you don’t have an ice cream maker, just pour everything in a glass mason jar (leaving at least 2 inches at the top to prevent the jar from breaking when the solids expand). Shake one or twice upon freezing, and you’re done. Take the jar out about 1/2 hour before you want to eat it, and the consistency will be about perfect. I’ve made it 100 times this way without any problem.

  • Janet

    Hi Dave, just want to know if it’s ok to use coconut nectar as a sweetner… it’s supposed to be full of good minerals and low glycemic. Thanks!

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  • Suzy

    Do we use unsalted butter? I am assuming so but thought I would ask.

    • Le Sir

      no salt that’s just gross

      • Carly Koehn

        Actually, for the record, salt accents sweeteners the same way it does for any other flavors, so a tiny bit of salt would likely make the flavors really pop!

  • Sam

    Please note: Xylitol is poisonous for Dogs.

  • wwt17

    i like eating good fat, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. gives me a steady energy flow all day long. but this dude telling everyone they can eat 4500 calories a day and have abs is a big load of shit designed to sucker people into his website and buy his product! he wants to be scientific? then calories in – calories out… if intake is greater than the burn off, you’re going to gain weight, no ifs ands or buts.

    • Le Sir

      at 4500 calories for most people you are right, CICO will take over and make you big. For people eating much less than that, there is no solid science suggesting such a linear relationship as CICO. Some people may be able to do this after eating this way for a long time. Some people simply cannot gain weight even at 4500 calories. Most normal people will have to do some decent strength training to justify that caloric intake though.

    • Health Mercenary

      Not to be rude, but I would like to post an opinion for the opposing view. I eat a LOT everyday, and 85% of my calories come from saturated fat. I am a desk worker, and even though I’m mostly sedentary, I’m able to eat approx. 3000calories a day and I’m still losing weight. I don’t even live an overly active lifestyle, but I can happily say I am developing abs. 4500 calories may be a bit much for me, but if someone followed a lifestyle that was more active than mine I’d have no trouble believing 4500calories is over the top. And for the record, “calories in calories out” is a completely debunked stone-age myth, one which high fat intake completely debunks. And also, I don’t buy this guy’s crap. I honestly have an issue with someone making an extract and saying “this is much healthier than coconut oil (as is the case with brain octane”… I agree with you on the fact that he is trying to sucker people, but a lot of other scientific evidence is good.

  • Rachel Fleming

    Are there too many carbs in this to eat half of it in one day if you are wanting to stay in ketosis?

    • Rachel Fleming

      For the chocolate version anyway….

  • Loretta E

    My hubby has been hinting for me to make this ever since he discovered this recipe. Just pulled it out of the ice cream maker, and it looks like it will be worth the wait!!!

  • Dan Ayd

    Can you use Brain Octane instead of MCT?

  • Joonyaboy

    Made it. Loved it. Got some!

  • erica

    The first two times I made this, both me and my husband had a reaction to it – tight throat, hard to breath, quite disconcerting. Ain’t nobody got none that time!
    I guessed it was the raw eggs, so decided to treat this recipe the same as some regular ice cream recipes. I heated everything but the eggs and MCT oil. Eggs and oil were on a bowl. I beat them, then tempered them with the hot liquid, added the whole thing to the pot again to heat a short while longer. I think I went a bit too long, as there was some solid matter on the bottom of the pot (probably just cooked eggs). I threw the whole thing in the freezer (no ice cream maker). And it worked! Turned out great, despite the cooked eggy bits. And no reaction in my throat. (I ate the whole thing, just to make sure… Does anyone else eat this in 1 to 2 sittings?!?!?!?)

  • Jess

    Hey there,

    Made this this evening using coconut butter (not bulletproof brand) and found that the ice cream texture was grainy and not at all nice. It was like a weird dough instead of a creamy ice cream. I have a ninja blender and found that even after about 7 minutes the coconut butter was still not broken up enough. I could taste little chunks of fat in the ice cream. While I love fat, its a little weird when it makes your frozen ice cream gritty. How did anyone possibly get a creamy texture out of this?

    I just don’t get it! How can you break the coconut oil up enough to the point of it being like gelato? Or am I misinterpreting ‘perfect consistency’?

    • Kristy

      The gritty, chunky consistency also happened to me and I use a Ninja blender too. Next time I’m going to try melting the coconut oil and butter beforehand, maybe that will help. If you have found a solution, please let me know!

      • Adriana Chepiga

        I have had this happen before and have realized if you add too much MCT or not enough water to the mix it will cause this strange gritty separation. I am speculating that the temperature differences between the eggs and butter cause this as well. so like in the video dave said sometimes he puts a the 100 g of warm water over the butter first to let it melt before adding it to the egg mix I think this is also a way of getting the right consistency.

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  • Le Sir

    I made this and it worked out just fine. I made no substitutions except for vanilla extract. I used a vitamix first then I used a countertop ice cream maker. The icecream is good, but I wouldn’t say its amazing. I will try with real vanilla at some point, but I can tell you that its not terrific with confidence.

    But its also not bad. For people who otherwise will eat no icecream and are sugar starved, this will taste amazing, but never as amazing as using real dairy. This icecream did not make me horny. But it was tasty. Xylitol is interestingly very tasty, it doesn’t have a chemical taste. If you eat some by itself it even cools your mouth down.

    It will kill your dog in very small doses though, so beware folks. The more the icecream firms up the better it tastes to me. Otherwise it melts back to that oily texture too soon, and it kind of coats your tongue and masks the other flavors.. literally prevents them from touching your tongue as much. I put chocolate powder in mine, 1/3 cup, and 8 tbsp of Xylitol because I knew I’d want it to be sweet.

    I don’t often crave sweet stuff, except maybe a coke and occasional icecream. This fills the icecream niche for someone going low carb, as a treat once in a while.

    I’m not saying its bad don’t misunderstand. For what it is its very tasty. But I would not say amazing.


  • Joe

    I must be the only one to get violently sick from this. Me and my nephew…

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  • Kelly S

    How much & how often should someone eat this ice cream for maximum benefit in balancing hormones??

  • Keira

    can you omit the eggs? I’m allergic :-/

    • Sonia

      Did you know that people who are allergic to chicken egs can often eat duck eggs. More expensive and bigger but very tasty.

  • Jyrki R.

    BOOM!! This ice cream is sooo good:D I have also tried adding a organic liquorice root powder to the recipe–> amazing. Also replacing water with good quality coffee makes it so delicious. Thank you Dave!

  • Andrea Engman Bussiere

    First two times I made this it was incredible! now though it does not freeze? This is the 2nd batch and its not freezing! Any idea what I could have done wrong. Im sure I followed the recipe except I melted the coconut. Should I have left it solid? My mct coconut oil is naturally liquid and I may have used only MCT oil the first two times… not sure.. frustrated! I want some ice cream!

  • Alex

    I accidentally made something like this – 4 Tbsp melted butter drizzled over 2 egg yolks add some lemon drops, lemon zest and just less than 1 tsp honey (about 5 g carbs) mix till fluffy, refrigerate till solid – it’s like sweet Hollandaise aka custard (
    in the lemon merengue pie)

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  • JoDee Vale

    What would you suggest if I can’t have eggs? Would gelatin work?

  • Katy

    I’ve thought about this recipe off and on for over a year. I finally made it today, and even my very doubtful SO was impressed. I’m normally a sucker for sweet things, but I used 4tbs of xylitol and found it plenty tasty. And the afteraffects? wow.

  • v

    Wow, this is a very exceptional ice cream. Unlike regular ice cream, this actually makes me feel really good. The taste and the consistency of the ice cream is unbelievably smooth and rich. I don’t have an ice cream machine but i think that i got a nice batch by putting the ice cream mix to the freezer and mixing it every now and then. My batch was a bit smaller, i used 80 grams of butter, 60 grams of coconut oil (because it’s very expensive in Finland and i use for a lot of things), two tablespoons of raw cacao powder, about two tablespoons of mct oil and two pieces of 85 % lindt chocolate. My sweetener of choice was erythritol.

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  • Mindee Oliver Saulsby

    what brand of xylitol do you recommend?

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  • I’m new to the world of bulletproofing. Is it safe to eat uncooked eggs? I am a 100% believer in raw, but I’m still somewhat skeptical about eating raw animal products.

    Also where can I find pasteurized eggs?

  • HS

    I made this exactly as described and its awesome!!! Thank you for sharing! Is the MCT oil ok for my kids ( 6 and 4)

  • Lucy Madeline

    I got my fiance an ice cream maker and all the ingredients to #GetSome for Valentine’s Day!! This video is amazing and so comprehensive; it answered all the questions I have going in. SO is in ABQ on set all day and will come home to a batch of this 😉 Thank you Dave! Also, love how Dave said bulletproof coffee makes him happy. Yes! I seriously feel a deep sense of gratitude to bulletproof concepts and products.

  • Cathy

    What is a good ice cream machine? I know most have aluminum bowls. Is it as dangerous to freeze in aluminum as it is to cook with it?

  • Tavia

    We made this recipe last night. I did not have MCT oil, I did use 5 drops of essential wild orange oil. I used White Stevia for sweetener (what I had on hand). I popped this in the freezer in ice cube tray for about 4 hours while I did something else. We then titrated the ice cream cubes in our Norwalk juicer……..oh, Oh, OH my, but is this not the best ice cream EVER!!!! The texture was incredibly smooth and exactly what one wants in ice cream. I am beyond stunned. WOW.

  • Jordan Gamble

    I am getting married in August and want to provide Get Some Ice Cream as the dessert. How would I get enough to feed 100 guests.

    • Greg Mueller

      Make a batch, then use a calculator.

  • John Smith

    so, can i use more whole eggs? like six whole eggs with four yolks or, I wanna add more yolks, I have a cup of butter.

  • Ray Faulkenberry

    Good stuff, Mighty Dave! Been integrating BP into my life and have had a BP coffee 7 days a week for about 6 months straight! Ordered my first quarter cow of grass fed beef and am loving it… I’m about a decade older than you and the first thing I noticed about the BP life/diet was in the bedroom! 35 years with my wife and something turned on that began supercharging my engine… 😉 I’m very fit, educated, and tuned into the podcasts… Almost listened to them all.. great stuff mate… Will be trying the ice cream tonight… but, if it is like all other things, I’m sure it will be awesome… Looking forward to seeing some private coaching soon to take mine (and others) dreams to the next level. Thanks for the great work!

  • Peggy Holloway

    Made it tonight. I had all the ingredients and put together a batch. Reminded me of a Mounds bar (although my memories are from a long distant past since I’ve been a low-carber for 16 years). Very good. We’re still waiting for our hormone boosts. 🙂

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  • Yolanda

    Uh oh, mine came out delicious but a little too creamy. Iv’e never had the problem before. Should I had added more water to it. Any answers would be appreciated.

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  • LizaS

    Can I make the ice cream without an ice cream maker?

  • joe6966

    Calories, fat and protein?

  • Mike Devlin

    is there a substitute for xylitol or erythritol? They are the only things that bother my stomach.

    • Wael Fadel

      I use “Pure Monk” which is monk fruit (aka Luo Han Guo). It has zero calories and I enjoy the taste immensely. i am not a big fan of sugar alcohols. They do impact blood sugar and therefore insulin. I tried multiple sweeteners but that one is purely my favorite.

    • I use Stevia but you don’t need much. Depends on how sweet you like it. Start off with 2 teaspoons and taste the mixture before you add it to the ice cream mixer.

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  • Braine Octane is MCT oil…

  • Danielle Hayden

    I paused this at 1:22 to run off and make that vanilla drink. It’s delicious, and I am already feeling smilier… 🙂

  • Elayne pallist

    First time making this and pardon my choice of words, but tasting it was like having a full mouth orgasm. I am not being funny. This is amazing stuff. I have mood disorder and constantly battle anxiety and depression. This fatty bit of paradise pulled me out of the doldrums and made me smile. I’m putting it in my coffee this morning even as we speak.

    • Wild Swan

      Perhaps you have a nutritional misfunction, not mood disorders, if eating healthy fats makes you feel balanced. I am glad it works.

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  • Awesome, thanks for that, I always felt white rice “crystallised” some how when chilled after cooking. Now I know it’s the RS increase 🙂

    Legend as always 🙂


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  • Danella Jade

    I added a heap of gelatine to this and made it jelly squares instead of ice cream. Set in fridge rather than putting in the ice cream maker. Reduced the xylitol to about 60g cause it was too sweet for me. Feel like its the greatest thing ever created. I like it so much more than the ice-cream. But either way I’m excited.

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    Thank you for sharing this creamy coconut ice cream. This ice cream makes me feel really good.

    – gustavo woltmann

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  • Tara Cathrine Shimer

    You could try using the refined coconut oil. Like MCT oil, it has no coconut taste.

  • Charlotte Brigham

    I feel so drained after eating this. It was DELICIOUS but I felt dead for 2 hours afterward until I got up and left the house. I just started strict keto, it’s the third day, is this why I feel so bad?

    • You need more sodium. Drink some broth or add some extra Himalayan salt to your meals and you will feel better

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  • Yes replace the coconut oil with coconut butter. Cocout butter has no coconut taste or aroma. I also substitute some of the normal butter with Cacao butter.

  • Allison Bachmeier

    Can you use ghee in place of butter? Does the quantity vary if so?

    • I see no problem replacing the butter with Ghee. Ghee (ideally organic, grass fed) is Bulletproof and is also used an alternative to butter in Bulletproof coffee. From all the variations of ice-cream I’ve made so far, small changes like this are not noticeable (and I would use the same quantities). I’m due to make a batch tonight so will give ghee a try and will update again here.

      • Allison Bachmeier

        Excellent, I’m excited to hear about your experience Dave Friend!

  • Kayla Brady

    Hi how often can this be indulged on?

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