Fast Company Reports on Biohackers

Fast Company Reports on Biohackers

To say we live in exciting times is an understatement, especially given how far some of us are pushing the envelope of human experience and capability. Fast Company, recently wrote an article on the changing world of biohackers and DIY Cyborgs. Fast Company was founded in 1995 to keep the world abreast of some of the most innovative business practices and highlight individuals and teams who are leading technology and business into the future. The article is really cool and informative, and I’m grateful that they would include me:

“For biohackers everywhere, augmentation of humanity itself–whether through technology or more traditional methods–is the primary goal. Common conversation points include DIY cyborgs, the quantified self, and diet- and meditation-based improvement movements like Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Executive, or crowdsourced health projects like CureTogether.”

If you don’t know a lot about the biohacker movement, this is a very informative article on a wide range of what people are doing. From giving themselves extra sensory perception through implantable magnets, to lab grown meat, or implantable devices to manage biosignals. In the article, Dr. Lydia Fazzio describes the purpose best when she says:

“… we all have the innate potential to be an optimal functioning human in society. Our question is: How do we get there?”

What do you think? What does it mean to be an optimal functioning human? What are you doing to get there?