Healthy Pets: The Bulletproof Dachshund

By: Dave Asprey

Healthy Pets: The Bulletproof Dachshund

Pets are important for stress management, plus they’re fun. I’m partial to dachshunds for two reasons. First, because they are small, you can afford to feed them a Bulletproof Diet. Second, they are hunting dogs who don’t know they’re not Rottweilers. And they never yap.

From the day we got him, my dachshund Merlin has been on a raw meat and bones diet, with organ meats, ground vegetables, and some vitamins thrown in. He thrives even though his genetics aren’t that great, which gave him an unstable shoulder.

When, at 5 years of age, we had him castrated (or dog, not Richard!), Merlin weighed 12  lbs. He weighed 12 lbs whether we gave him 16 ounces of raw meat per day, or 6 ounces. He usually got 6 ounces of raw meat, plus assorted bones. No cooked food, no people food. Probiotics too.

But within 6 months of castration, he shot up to 16 lbs on the same diet, even with only 6 ounces of meat a day. Hormones matter…

Our vet said that if we could get him to lose 2 lbs, we should congratulate ourselves, and that it would take months and was unlikely given that Merlin’s shoulder prevents long walks. She suggested 2 walks a day and extreme food reduction in order to lose 2lbs in about 4-5 months.

Instead, we followed Bulletproof Diet principles:

  • Cut the vegetables back
  • Shrunk the protein
  • Added butter and Brain Octane
  • Increased fat intake to 50-60%. Previously it was about 40%.
  • Calories are actually higher now than they were before.
  • He gets a short walk every other day, only 25% of the exercise the vet recommended. (he has a joint problem that makes long walks hard)

The results? He’s lost the 2 lbs (12.5% of his total weight) in one month, and two months later he’s a healthy weight, and has more energy!  The vet commented that he had added muscle and asked if he’d been on a treadmill or other training regimen.

The only thing that hasn’t really worked is Bulletproof Coffee. He just doesn’t like it. 🙂  (WARNING: Caffeine is really bad for dogs.)

Let us know how you Bulletproof your pets in the comments.