Can Kids Eat Bulletproof?

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In this video Dave talks about the basic principles outlined in The Better Baby Book that will allow you to upgrade your kid’s intelligence and genes while in the womb and in the peak stage of growth (0-7 years old).

Also Discussed:

  • The 4 “horsemen” of epigenetics
  • A child’s NECESSITY to avoid gluten
  • Why avoiding screens (Computer and TV) is important
  • And what we feed our kids

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By Dave Asprey

  • the_walrus

    What’s with all those ‘healthy fats’ that kids need? Aren’t only O3’s essential? Can’t you just synthesize the rest de novo? I understand that CLA and butyrate are healthy, but isn’t fatty fish a much better source of fats for brain development?

    • Tarejev

      it’s true that omega 3 fatty acids are important, but on average 2-3 grams per day is more than plenty. The problem with polyunsaturated fats is that they oxidize very quickly in the body. Dave says that krill is better than fish oil. Besides that saturated fats are totally essential, especially when kids are growing. Myelin is made out of fat, brains are made out of fat, lots of very important components in our body are made out of fats, therefore we need them in our diets.

      Hope that helps a bit.

      • Stephan R

        While I agree with the BP diet and have thrived on it, I think that your and Dave’s logic regarding fat intake is kind of misleading. Just because the brain and nerve coatings are made up of fat shouldn’t explicitly imply that we eat fat according to that logic. I think there are more factors involved that necessitate us to consume good fats – not just the argument that our brain is made up fat so we need to eat fat.

        Simply by analogy, a cow thrives on grass even though a cow’s brain and organs are partially made of fat. Despite that, a cow does just fine on a purely grass-based diet with no intake.

        • MC

          Actually cows eat a high fat diet because of the bacterial fermentation process the grass goes through.

          Barry Groves explains it in the video there. The explanation begins at 6 min 30 sec and ends at 11 min 50 sec, so you can skip ahead or watch the whole video.

        • Stephan R

          Ok, thanks for this information – wasn’t aware of that process…

          Despite that, the grass still has to go through the process of bacterial fermentation for the cow to render it as a fat source.

        • MC

          Yeah, the fact that meat doesn’t contain fiber is why we don’t need multiple stomachs or large guts to digest/ferment it.

          Meat is also more calorically dense, and made even more digestible through cooking.

          Less energy spent digesting/fermenting, means smaller guts, and more energy available for developing bigger brains.

  • Jack117

    Hi Dave,
    I know you’re very busy but I think it would beneficial for your readers if you would rate articles, books, videos and podcasts that you’ve read, watched or listened to. By doing this, you would help us figure out what to read, watch or listen to. I know it can be arbitrary and very subjective but there’s so much information out there right now and I know that I rely on people like you to sort through it all. Ideally, Also, it becomes easier as you do it.

    I think it would be better to do it on an excel spreadsheet where the items could be sorted by rating, date and type of item (book, article, podcast, etc…). Eventually, this will be solved when somebody creates a good recommendation engine but where not there yet.


    • Pokeyo0

      I want more books to read, otherwise my memory feels duped of this art. HUZZAH!

  • Tracker

    So one of the ways to change the way your kids express their genes is by making them feel safe as much as possible. Of course the best possible metaphor to use is the “4 horsemen of epigenetics”, because if there’s one thing people associate with “4 horsemen” it’s a feeling of safety.

  • Hi Dave,
    I just recently came across you site via Abel James Fat Burning Man show, and I really like what I see. Thank you so much for this site.
    So, I didn’t really do the whole “healthy” thing until about year ago, and consequently, I’m afraid my kids, ages 9, 5, & 2 are already bread addicts. I thought I was being healthy be feeding the 100% whole grain bread, you know? So my question now is, how do I go about switching them to a healthier way of eating? They are fairly picky. Any insite you have would be fabulous.

    • Guest

      I want more books to read.. Otherwise my memory feels duped of the art it loves.

    • HeatherENowak



    • Vashti

      Kelly I know this post is older, but I thought I’d respond anyway. Our family transitioned from buying bread at the store, to homemade sourdough, to gluten free bread in smaller portions (muffins, etc.) and finally to no bread at all. They hardly noticed the transition to a non-bread diet, because I focused on giving them “snack” lunches with their favorite meats, fruit and vegetables to eat, which they loved. You can also serve their meals in 6-spot muffin tins, which adds another element of fun to their meals.

      • Kelly Taylor

        Thanks Janeen

  • Pokeyo0


    Dear sir,

    The story of your daughter’s love for butter made my heartmath beeper go BEEP! HUZZAH!


  • Ingrid Harik

    I love the Asprey’s. Thanks to both you and Lana for
    writing the Better Baby Book (BBB).

    We are getting ready for a baby so I did a lot of reading/research on the bulletproof/paleo diet – which worked for me. To the point of other posts here – Increasing my intake of (good) fats help make me more aware/awake at work, more energetic and in a better mood without gaining weight. My changes were so noticeable that by husband followed. I am Spanish (Latin American) descent and my husband is of Mediterranean descent so a lot of the food recommendations in BBB made sense to us specially as we thought about the foods we grew up eating. I very much appreciate your posts on pregnancy and kids because most books on the literature on the paleo/ancestral diets are silent in that respect. I highly recommend the Better Baby Book to everyone whether you are trying to conceive or not.

    Dave/Lana, now that your children are toddlers and beyond you
    should write a follow-up to BBB where you tell readers of your child rearing practices (nutritional and beyond) and the experiences you have gone through as a result. After all, your children are the proof that the BBB recommendations works (i.e.detox, diet,nutritional supplementation, elimination of toxins, stress reducing practices, etc). No one is doing that and I bet your readers will appreciate it. I definitely would!

  • Annie


    My 3 year old son with downs is lactose intolerant. At 15 months when he went on milk after breastmilk, he got really sick for about two months.After much testing they came to the conclusion that he’s lactose intolerant…although ice cream he loves. We switched him to almond milk but there wasn’t enough fat he was still losing weight…turns out these days he has a slight reaction to almond milk…or so we think so we don’t give it to him. All in all, we put him on soy milk and that seems to work. Being that all three of our kids don’t drink soda or juice only water and soy milk (our daughter was drinking almond milk and even the almond/coconut milk…but she liked the soy better so we just recently switched her to that), my question is … the soy milk ok or should they be consuming something else? My daughter has Type 1 diabetes, so I’m really conscious of what goes into her body, so I’m leary of rice milk as I assume being made of rice that it will spike her glucose levels, but am curious on your thoughts…what would be the best option for them????

  • John.Warren

    POWERFUL DAVE ASPREY!!!! your changing my life

  • Meghan

    Just wondering if it’s okay/necessary for kids to take the callogen protein?


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  • Parker Taylor

    I just gave my two year old a bulletproof bar (vanilla max) and I am now a little worried. He LOVED it which is great but is that ok for him at that age to eat something like that? He wolfed it down.

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