Your Guide To A Bulletproof Valentine’s Day

Your Guide To A Bulletproof Valentine’s Day

Consider an upgrade on the same old “flowers and restaurant” combination for your Valentine’s Day plans this year.

After all, biohacking isn’t just about yourself, but also about how you can be a better person in your life to those you care about.  While one day a year certainly isn’t the only time to do this, it’s a great reminder. And nothing says romance like sharing.

I recently discovered the book The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman and have been integrating it into all aspects of my life, as well as encouraging loved ones and team members to take the quiz to find out which methods of communicating love impact them the most.

For Valentine’s Day this year, show those around you that you care by communicating with them in their languages of love.

What Are The 5 Languages of Love?

Chapman’s research has found there are five key ways you can communicate love, and different people respond more to different ways. Most people strongly prefer one or two of these five ways of communicating love, followed by the others in a ranked order unique to them.  Take the free quiz here to find out yours. They are:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Physical Touch
  5. Quality Time

Think about it: do you respond best to receiving gifts, hugging, praise for a job well done, or something else? Everyone is different. Taking that first step – learning the preferred ‘love languages’ of yourself and the people closest to you – can make a huge difference in building the strength of your relationship and strength of communication whether at home or in the workplace.

So what to do this Valentine’s Day?

If you have a partner but do not yet know your partner’s primary love language(s), don’t worry – just concoct an awesome plan that includes elements of all of the 5 love languages and see what they love the most! If you don’t have a partner, you can include elements of each of these to show your love for your closest friends and family. And have them take the quiz too, so they can show their appreciation for you!

1. Words of Affirmation

Take a moment to tell those you are close to what you love about them and why you are grateful to them. An unexpected call or email (hey, even a text) can really make someone’s day. Whether it’s “I love you” or some specific compliments or words of praise, many people truly thrive on hearing this positive feedback, and as much of it as possible.

2. Acts of Service

Avoid the stress of which restaurant to book and what to order by taking the old school romantic approach: cooking in for your date. Instead of making a reservation to eat out, cook a friend or loved one a delicious Bulletproof dinner for Valentine’s Day!

Not only can you control the quality of the food, but you’ll earn serious brownie points with your date while impressing them with your knowledge of food and cooking. And you won’t have to bug the waitress with a bunch of questions about what’s in the food you’re ordering…

Pick a recipe from the blog or The Bulletproof Diet book to get started. For dessert, don’t forget to blend up some Creamy Coconut ‘Get Some’ Ice Cream – my favorite concoction for extra romance, quite literally. Use some extra chocolate, or sprinkle in some ground coffee for extra flavor.

More tips for how to cook an amazing Valentine’s Day meal:

  • Nothing says love like a grass-fed ribeye – the very best cut you can get, the most delicious fat (or if that’s too heavy, try a delicious fish for those omega-3’s)
  • Avoid burning your meat, gives you the maximum food bang for your buck
  • Extra credit if you ask for an extra thick cut from your butcher, 1.5-2 inches thick!
  • Try extra oregano crusting on your steak or other meat for superb flavor
  • Roast cauliflower with a sprig of rosemary is an all time favorite

Plus, if your date is new to or unfamiliar with Bulletproof, it’s a great way to show them how fun and delicious it can be without pulling the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap out of your back pocket!

3. Receiving Gifts

Cooking someone dinner is already a great gift, but if you also want to get them something else too, read on.

Make a loved one Bulletproof Truffles – they’re simple, quick, and extraordinarily delicious! And did I mention chocolate is a superfood and aphrodisiac?

How To Make DIY Bulletproof Truffles:

  • Mix grass-fed butter at room temperature, xylitol from birch trees, and a high-quality chocolate powder
  • Spoon and shape into truffle-sized balls and lay out on a cookie sheet or wax sheet
  • Optional: add Brain Octane and VanillaMax for an even richer flavor
  • Optional: melt in Bulletproof Cocoa Butter for a firmer consistency
  • Let harden in the refrigerator then package and gift wrap accordingly
  • To serve: Place a few on a plate and decorate with fresh rosemary, a shred of dried coconut, and some Bulletproof Truffled Chocolate Coffee Beans

If my young daughter Anna could pull of this delicious dessert, so can you!

Looking for another Bulletproof gift for your Valentine?  Check out our biohacker gift guide here.

4. Physical Touch

Hugging, kissing, and sex are all good – I’ve written about these before (check out all Bulletproof articles and podcasts on sex and love here). Now for something new…

I’ve been asked this multiple times, believe it or not: what about having sex while on a Bulletproof Vibe (whole body vibration plate)? Well, there’s always sitting on a washing machine, but that’s kind of old school…

And what if you’re actually spending this Valentine’s Day alone? In that case, let me relay the story of one of my coaching clients, a woman over 60 and a grandmother, too. Our conversation went something like this…

Client: “So is it normal to have orgasms on the Bulletproof Vibe? Because when I stand on it, it just sort of happens sometimes….”

Me: “I don’t think that’s how it works for everyone, but it sure sounds like a side benefit to me!”

So whether you’re single or not, stand on your vibe and smile – it doesn’t happen for everyone, but as you know the benefits of whole body vibration stimulation are good for a whole bunch of reasons.

5. Quality Time

Spend some quality time together, whether it’s on a walk, over dinner, watching a movie, or at a couple’s massage. Enough said. And if you want to sit back and watch TV together, check out the new(ish) TV show Masters of Sex: it’s about the original sex biohackers, Masters and Johnson!

There you have it: you’ve told a loved one you love them; cooked them dinner; physically touched them; given them a gift; and spent some time talking with them over dinner. Now you’ve told them you love them in all 5 ways!

Now just remember to ask them to take the quiz too, so you’ll know each other’s languages of love next time around.

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