Going Bulletproof for Beginners

By: Dave Asprey

Maybe you heard about Bulletproof Coffee from a friend who just had to buy smaller pants, or listened to Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Radio, or saw a copy of The Bulletproof Diet book on the New York Times Bestseller shelf at the store.

Whatever brought you to the blog – whether you are hoping to lose weight, gain energy, upgrade your brain, hack your food cravings, or just feel great all the time – welcome!

The Bulletproof blog has been around for a few years now. All the information can be overwhelming to a newcomer, so we’ve collected some posts that are especially helpful when you’re starting to go Bulletproof.

Bulletproof for Beginners Overview 

The Bulletproof Diet is the foundation for both a Bulletproof body and mind.  It is an anti-inflammatory eating program designed to emphasize eating high-quality food instead of limiting calories.

Remember: the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap (download it here for free) is a spectrum from green to yellow to red, so you should eat foods in the green zone as much of the time as possible:

  • Green – Bulletproof foods (eat a lot of these!)
  • Yellow – suspect foods (Be cautious about these. See how they make you feel)
  • Red – kryptonite foods (to avoid)

Foods are on a spectrum: some are better than others, but small steps toward improving your diet, sleep, and life are always better than nothing.  Even if you don’t plan to go Bulletproof all at once, taking it one step at a time is a great way to go – the more you do, the better you’ll feel!

Here’s a list of introductory posts, sorted by category:

On Food & Supplements:

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Introducing Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

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Introducing Bulletproof Protein Fasting

Bulletproof Hacks for Women

Gluten podcast 

Bulletproof Shopping Guide and Checklist: Find Bulletproof Foods Near You

Optimize Your Supplements


On Coffee:

MugOne Ugly Mug: The Science Behind Mold Toxins In Your Coffee

What Is MCT Oil Really? Coconut Oil vs. MCT Oil vs. Lauric Acid, Explained

How to Find the Highest Performance Coffee In Your City

PDF Download: Bulletproof Coffee Recipe Card

Green Tea and Bulletproof Coffee


On Biohacking:


Video: The Top 6 Biohacks to Change Your Life Forever

Epigenetics 101

How to Increase Your IQ with Brain Training

How to Engineer Resilience (podcast)

Biohacking: There’s An App For That!


On Sleep:Sleep Helps Humans Store 'Useful' Memories, Study Finds - AOL Health

How to Hack Your Sleep: The Art and Science of Sleep

The Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Using Food

The Science Behind Sleep & The Benefits of Sleep

Improve Your Sleep (series)


On Stress:ache-19005_1280

Six Ways to Hack Your Nervous System to Manage Stress

Good Stress v Bad Stress: How HeartMath Training Helps You Live Longer

How to Biohack Your Courage Using Heart Rate Variability



On Weight Loss:


Bulletproof Body blog post

The Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

See also: all Bulletproof Diet, body, stress, and sleep blog posts – these are all critical for fat loss!



Bulletproof Doctors and Medicine:


How to Find A Bulletproof Doctor

How to Come Out As a Biohacker To Your Doctor

How to Save Your Ears While Flying With A Cold



For those who have been Bulletproof awhile now, I’d love to hear from you – what posts and resources have you found the most useful?