Going Bulletproof for Beginners

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Maybe you heard about Bulletproof Coffee from a friend who just had to buy smaller pants, or listened to Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Radio, or saw a copy of The Bulletproof Diet book on the New York Times Bestseller shelf at the store.

Whatever brought you to the blog – whether you are hoping to lose weight, gain energy, upgrade your brain, hack your food cravings, or just feel great all the time – welcome!

The Bulletproof blog has been around for a few years now. All the information can be overwhelming to a newcomer, so we’ve collected some posts that are especially helpful when you’re starting to go Bulletproof.

Bulletproof for Beginners Overview 

The Bulletproof Diet is the foundation for both a Bulletproof body and mind.  It is an anti-inflammatory eating program designed to emphasize eating high-quality food instead of limiting calories.

Remember: the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap (download it here for free) is a spectrum from green to yellow to red, so you should eat foods in the green zone as much of the time as possible:

  • Green – Bulletproof foods (eat a lot of these!)
  • Yellow – suspect foods (Be cautious about these. See how they make you feel)
  • Red – kryptonite foods (to avoid)

Foods are on a spectrum: some are better than others, but small steps toward improving your diet, sleep, and life are always better than nothing.  Even if you don’t plan to go Bulletproof all at once, taking it one step at a time is a great way to go – the more you do, the better you’ll feel!

Here’s a list of introductory posts, sorted by category:

On Food & Supplements:

14 Steps to Eating Bulletproofbulletproof

Bulletproof vs. Paleo vs. Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets: What’s The Difference?

Introducing Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

Your Definitive Guide To Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

The Bulletproof Guide To Omega 3 vs. Omega 6 Fats

Introducing Bulletproof Protein Fasting

Bulletproof Hacks for Women

Gluten podcast 

Bulletproof Shopping Guide and Checklist: Find Bulletproof Foods Near You

Optimize Your Supplements


On Coffee:

MugOne Ugly Mug: The Science Behind Mold Toxins In Your Coffee

What Is MCT Oil Really? Coconut Oil vs. MCT Oil vs. Lauric Acid, Explained

How to Find the Highest Performance Coffee In Your City

PDF Download: Bulletproof Coffee Recipe Card

Green Tea and Bulletproof Coffee


On Biohacking:


Video: The Top 6 Biohacks to Change Your Life Forever

Epigenetics 101

How to Increase Your IQ with Brain Training

How to Engineer Resilience (podcast)

Biohacking: There’s An App For That!


On Sleep:Sleep Helps Humans Store 'Useful' Memories, Study Finds - AOL Health

How to Hack Your Sleep: The Art and Science of Sleep

The Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Using Food

The Science Behind Sleep & The Benefits of Sleep

Improve Your Sleep (series)


On Stress:ache-19005_1280

Six Ways to Hack Your Nervous System to Manage Stress

Good Stress v Bad Stress: How HeartMath Training Helps You Live Longer

How to Biohack Your Courage Using Heart Rate Variability



On Weight Loss:


Bulletproof Body blog post

The Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

See also: all Bulletproof Diet, body, stress, and sleep blog posts – these are all critical for fat loss!



Bulletproof Doctors and Medicine:


How to Find A Bulletproof Doctor

How to Come Out As a Biohacker To Your Doctor

How to Save Your Ears While Flying With A Cold



For those who have been Bulletproof awhile now, I’d love to hear from you – what posts and resources have you found the most useful?

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By Dave Asprey

  • john pshitek

    murry chrest muss

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  • Coffeevines

    well, once I turned my organic coffee K-Cups as part of my bulletproof regimen, I realized I could just join a gym. So I did both. It worked. I’ve actually toned my “bulletproof diet” back and I’m doing great.

  • sarah901

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  • rebecca huff

    Went bulletproof a week ago and feel so amazing. I’ve lost about 5 pounds in one week. I have not been even slightly hungry, by that I mean, I eat when I need to but I’m not ripping off the refrigerator door like before. I feel satisfied and energetic. As a mom of 6 kids I NEEDED to be bulletproof!

    • Anon

      Hey good to hear that. Congrats to you! And keep up the great work! 🙂

      • Awesome! Go Rebecca!

        • marissah.kenned

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      • Hazel

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    • Jaime Eason Bailey

      Good job!! I’m impressed!

  • Laura Grace

    For anybody on the fence, especially women: I went bulletproof about a year and a half ago and I have lost about 30 lbs and I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. My career is moving forward and with every biohack I pick up I get a little more edge than I had before. The Bulletproof Exec’s bro environment can be difficult for women to relate to, but the content is vital for changing your life.

  • Carmen Zabaldo

    what is the difference between MCT & XCT oil

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  • Lisa

    I just started BP a couple days ago. I don’t like coffee (green tea drinker), but do enjoy the Vanilla Latte instead. The problem is, I still feel hungry after about 2 hours. I use 2tbsp of the Kerrygold butter and 1.5 TBSP of the Brain Octane oil…basically following the recipe to a T…help!

    • Dominque

      Add his collagen to the latte.

    • CC

      I had to quit using the coffee because something was going on with my stomach and the coffee set off major heart burn/acidy tummy. BUT, I switched to BP tea and the heartburn is GONE, plus it tastes great! So, try the same recipe but use tea instead of coffee. Dave suggests green tea as it’s not fermented, but I do love a good cup of black tea now and again.
      I’m also in agreement about the collagen; use it; use it often. It’s amazing. I stay full, and my hair and nails are growing like crazy! And they’re so much stronger too. Just a welcome side effect of the bp lifestyle.

  • Bobby Hamrick

    On the fence with raw veggies. Our smoothies are almost all proprietory it seems! Kale, Spincah, Carrot, celery, hemp,chia seeds, flax, all organic with blueberry and almond milk is mine. This si breakfast several days. Any feedback on how this reacts with the hack!
    Im looking forward to the coffee. I almost have my ingredients now…Soon.

    • Karen Laurvick

      I wonder if you found an answer you’re happy with. Dave is def against raw spinach and kale as are Jayson & Mira Calton.

  • Bobby Hamrick

    Also what cooking methods are most of you using. I have read the book but Uh it seems interesting without being able to use olive oil to cook or saute in…

  • Gina

    Is is ok to have a 2nd bulletproof cup later in the day? Or is one cup in the a.m. supposed to do it?

    • Dominique

      According to the book, as long as you drink it before 2

  • Jo

    Hi there. Just wondering if the brand of coffee makes a big difference. In British Columbia and we don’t have access to the butter and brands of coffee you are talking about. Jo

    • Karen Laurvick

      brand does matter. Dave goes in to detail about the way coffee is processed and that “bad” coffee will be full of mold and toxins.

  • kelseyj03

    Loved the Bulletproof book! Something I thought about a lot while reading it is if you are eating fat as 60% – 70% of your diet, having a healthy functioning gallbladder is imperative to digesting that much fat (which I am all for!). I thought that it would be wise to suggest to your die hard fans (again, I’m one of them!) that doing Dr. Clark’s liver/gallbladder cleanse to get rid of gallstones in the bile ducts would be a great start. Even at 26 years old, I’ve had my fair share of stones and have performed the cleanse three times a year for two years now. Gross yes, but its crazy how our bile ducts and the gallbladder can become congested if not addressed. I had serious fat and protein digestion issues, I knew the science was there as to why I needed these to be bulletproof, but I just didn’t FEEL it until I address my gallbladder issues. Just some food for thought for others who are embarking on this journey!

    • Suses

      I’ve done Dr. Clarks liver/gallbladder cleanse with good success, but it’s very extreme. Wondering if Dave has any other suggestions for addressing the liver/gall bladder in regards to Bulletproof eating?

    • Jaime Eason Bailey

      I don’t have my gallbladder. I was wondering how all this fat would react to my body. So far, so good. Thankfully. Otherwise, I’m not sure if I could do this program. I’m really enjoying it.

      • Susanne Zellner

        Not sure if this is still relevant, but Dave recommends to take ox bile supplements if you don’t have your gall bladder anymore. I’ve done that for the past half year and it feels like it’s good for me. I did not have any problems before, but it kind of feels right.

  • freeze

    how many cups of bulletproof coffee can I drink a day

  • Opal

    Just skidded in to this site yesterday… absorbing information like a sponge. I’m already a coffee and one meal a day human but still eat bad things.. taking cheese away from a 50+ female redhead is dangerous… but doing it to myself.. less so. I’ll be starting soon.. have to restock the kerry gold silver wrapper first.. salt in the coffee. eeeewwww

  • JCofKC

    Dave found this on FB.. http://kinobody.com/diet-and-nutrition/the-truth-about-fat-fasting/ I wish you would address this, it appears that Greg either hasn’t tried BFP”IF” or his research is faulty. I have a small FB Page “Dynamic Fitness for the Aging and Ailing Athlete” and use quotes from both of you from time to time, but can’t use contradictory stuff that I know better about. You can check my page out and see how “IF” and your work has benefited myself and my readers..

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  • Steve Ko

    I’ve been using a lot of Bulletproof philosophies and techniques for the past three years. It started with Bulletproof Coffee, which a friend at the gym mentioned. My mental clarity, digestive function, and physical well-being are at the best state ever in my life (at 29). In my first powerlifting meet I was able to squat 2.2x my body weight with Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast! Love sharing my experience with people in my life! Thank you Dave Asprey.

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  • Guest
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  • Kevin

    I’m waiting for my bulletproof diet book to arrive. My question is I work out early in the morning before work. Should I have my bulletproof coffee before or after my workout? Thanks and can’t wait to read the book!

  • kimdisuza

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  • At the bottom of the site is this:

    Bulletproof Digital, Inc. will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site.

    Does that mean Dave Asprey will cower from any commentary that challenges his claims?

    Can Dave Asprey put forth science to back any of his claims by using his products in isolation against controls? If not, why not?

    Can Dave Asprey scientifically show that no placebo effect is happening with those who report successes of weight loss and feelings of mental acuity?

    Can Dave Asprey prove he is selling the truth?

    • Ashley9632

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  • chris d

    I just learned of this website and purchased Aging Formula. I’m 47 and in good shape, but have sleep apnea and I’m always tired and it has been effecting my memory and ability to process complex thoughts and my ability to communicate is getting worse. I’m already taking Vitamin D and Magnesium, is there anything else anyone would suggest (can’t do coffee)? Looking to crawl before I walk as it is a bit overwhelming with all the good information on this site.

  • Fairse

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  • Justine

    I am not a coffee drinker I gave up caffeine when I got pregnant with my first child he is now 15 and a half and I tried taking it again for about 4 months but got out of the routine – just did not like it enough to be bothered carring on.
    So I am trying bullet proof as I really needed to increase my fat intake, as I had noticed it had dropped too low and as a result I have put on weight. so I wanted to experiment with doing it the bulletproof way. I am now one week in here is what has happened.

    1. I have dropped some pound – which I always do when increasing my fat intake, but this was accelerated with caffeine.
    2. I use intermittent fasting already and combine it with exercise. Usually low cardio- this is part of my meditation, timed to increasing neural firing for accelerated learning and mindset work rather than fitness but it does assist with faster recovery times from high intensity anaerobic training. 2 sessions of interval training a week. yoga for strength and flexibility. So the fats are combining well with energy production and mental alertness.

    Here is my personal observation.

    I am not enjoying the coffee as it is giving me stomach pain which seems proportional to the strength of the coffee. Does anyone else have this? or experienced this? it happens almost immediately after drinking the coffee, duration linked to strength of coffee

    I have switch coffee to cocoa powder and do not have the cramps, so feel that coffee is the variable.

    My thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice it will be openly received
    Warmest regards

    • Drew

      Coffee is definitely a stomach and bowel irritant for most people. However most people don’t realize it. They think it’s something they ate the night before, or IBS or gastritis, they never blame their coffee. If you go to the restroom with a bowel movement within an hour of drinking coffee, it’s because it has flushed out our intestines, and usually before the bowels have taken most of the water out of the feces, so your movement is more running and is hard to clean up. A preferred BM would be firm but not hard and leave no mess to clean up on your bottom. Some people can get themselves used to coffee and it not affect their stomach as much, so they think it’s fine, but it really is an irritant. You can google it and find plenty of research. Try cold brew coffee as it has less acidity or just a higher quality low toxin coffee. It should help but probably won’t cure it for you.

  • Sarah

    I have given up coffee but it sounds like it’s
    actually recommended if you are following a bulletproof diet – is that correct?
    I don’t have a problem with drinking quality coffee – I just gave it up for

  • David Blacker

    Just finished the book and I’m starting with the Bulletproof
    Coffee, but I live in a challenging geographic location (Death Valley National
    Park) nearest store is 60 miles away. Can anyone recommend websites for grass
    fed beef, poultry, and eggs? Any help would be great!

  • Ilene1242

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  • NettieMMartinez

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  • DanielS

    Does anyone else feel like they have been lied to their whole life?? As a kid I was fat, as a teen I slimmed down a little however I hit my 20 and shot up in weight now in my mid 30 I hit 418 lbs. Started doing bulletproof and lost 47 lbs. I also work out. I am going to keep on this track and I know I will make my goals.

  • Regina Benton

    I’m brand new to all of this. So some questions. I’m going on 50 and recently ordered the coffee and brain octane along with mct oil. I’ve been drinking the coffee and brain octane for two weeks now and I have noticed I have lots of stomach issues when I drink it. Bloating, and a general sense of lethargy and fuzzy in my mind for 6 – 8 hours after drinking my coffee. Any recommendations on what I’m doing wrong or what I can do to help. Also I read a comment a couple of weeks ago about stopping sinus infections. Any info on that?


    • Nat

      From what I know MCT oil can cause it if your body was not introduced to it previously. (Coconut oil contains MCT). So decreasing the amount of MCT should help. Build it up gradually.

      • Curt Smith

        Some people are actually allergic to coconut/MCT. Brain fog and gut issues are symptoms of food allergy along with possible other symptoms depending on the food; aches, headache, acid reflux. Folks with screwed up bodies may have food and chemical sensitivities. Per Dave and his mold hypersensitivity etc we need to read our body’s symptoms.

  • Old Fogey

    I received my first order of BulletProof Coffee yesterday, and have some questions. First, the set came with the XCT stuff, but on the bag it showed using the Brain stuff. Can I use either, or should I use both? Then it says to brew it with water just off the boil. My coffeemaker has you put cold water in the reservoir. Is it o.k,. to do it that way? Thirdly, I have a little 1 cup Expresso coffee maker. Can I brew it in that or would that make it too strong? Thanks for your help

  • Old Fogey

    OK. I am trying to find the page on Facebook, and cannot. My search bar doesn’t work. Can someone link me?

  • Anna

    I started the bullet proof diet and bought the right supplements so I wondered if you take prescription meds do you wean off them. What do you recommend. Love this I’ve lost 3bs since Saturday.

  • asteri0n

    So, regarding the Diet Roadmap: the “download it here for free” appears to be what we call ‘untrue’…
    Speaks volumes as to the content of this website.

    • Karen Laurvick

      LOL! I felt the same way! But I finally slowed down and read each line and found the free download for the Roadmap. Good luck.

  • ferryroman

    change it.

  • Sheila Fleming

    I just started Bulletproof Diet 4 days ago and have lost 3 lbs in 3 days. However, I don’t feel so bulletproof yet. My morning coffee makes me jittery and nauseous. Is this normal for the first few days? Also, I am so overwhelmed by what supplements I need to take. I went to Trader Joe’s and read all the multivitamins and finally walked away with nothing! Often vitamins make me feel nauseous too so I am cautious. Any advice for the new bulletproof girl would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

  • Mike

    It’s a shame, scams are everywhere.

  • Sigrun Christel Bishop

    What is the difference with making the coffee with a stainless steel stove top coffee maker(Italian Style)?
    Is there any detriment to the coffee?

  • Dani Allen Carter

    I just started with bulletproof 2 days ago. I’m fine and feeling great. I turned a friend on to it. She drank the coffe in the morning and in the afternoon she started feeling very anxious and bad. Can you give me any advice for her? The feelings really didn’t stop for 24hrs.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • Shanna Leary

    After being recommended the Bulletproof products (for weightloss) by a nutrition expert earlier this month, I ordered the coffee and Brain Octane and received them two weeks ago.

  • Yvonne Mehi?

    is there any reason to read this page in german?

  • Matt Kohn

    Thanks a lot Dave for these helpful resources.

    It’s been great following your blog for a while now.

    Looking forward to diving into more of the content.

    Cheers –

    Matt Kohn

  • Connie Snyder

    Itried the Atkins diet years ago with success. I had my gallbladder then. I regret that I had it removed after discovering stones in my pancreas. How will bulletproof affect me with no gallbladder?

    • nelliesabin


      • Susanne Zellner

        Not sure if this is still relevant, but Dave recommends to take ox bile supplements if you don’t have your gall bladder anymore. I’ve done that for the past half year and it feels like it’s good for me. I did not have any problems before, but it kind of feels right.

    • Rebecca S

      Just joined the Bulletproof world and saw your question. I’ve been eating clean and high-fat for 6 months now with no gallbladder. I’ve had no problems and great results – just increase your daily intake of fat gradually, and your liver should adapt and make more bile. You’re teaching it how much bile you are likely to need to digest your food properly, and it will respond.
      If you need it, you can add ox bile supplements to help you digest an extra-fatty meal, but be careful – I tried taking them and found that they worked so well that I ended up with major constipation.

    • Susanne Zellner

      Dave recommends to take ox bile supplements if you don’t have your gall bladder anymore.

  • Tony DD Pinal

    Hey Dave, sounds like a great lifestyle eating plan! I listened to you on Johnny FD’s travel like a boss podcast, and since I’ve been lacking energy lately, I am really looking forward to start this diet. I am from a country where we don’t really have freshly organic produce or any grass-fed products. Even though most products don’t mention it, assume the eggs, meats are all grain feed. Likewise, vegetables/fruits are not organic. As for butter, the best we have is Anchor butter (not sure if it is organic or grass-fed as it doesn’t mention it). Yogurt is just natural plain yogurt made from semi-skimmed milk..most likely pasteurized milk. (Man I wish there was a wholefoods or something like that around here…)

    Do you think I would still be able follow the bulletproof diet plan and see the benefits? My main goal is to feel energetic and not tired all the time, and to get rid of sugar cravings once and for all.

    My current diet is already very good as it is, I balance my meals with lean proteins, healthy fats and vegetables however I do eat more starches than what you recommend, like pasta, rice, potatoes, oats (just mainly because I am trying to gain muscle and those are supposed to help you get gains), and also constantly get sugar cravings, and tend to overeat on sweet things every once in awhile. Apart from that I don’t really eat sweets, candies, soda, junk food like burgers or pizza, but still I feel like I am lacking energy and feeling tired.

    Before I tried going Paleo for a month, and it did feel great when I was outside of the gym, but once I went to the gym I felt like I lacked energy for lifting the weights (due to the lack of carbs), and you see all the advice geared towards building muscle centers around eating starchy carbs for replenishing glycogen in the muscles..so I had a dilemma there. I felt Paleo was good if I didn’t go to the gym, but for my high intensity explosive workouts it just didn’t cut it..

    Any advice would be mostly welcome!

  • Andrew

    I’ve read the book twice and am a little frustrated because while I have a good understanding of ketogenics and IF, I don’t see anywhere where everything is put together. Where can I find the IF with two days of carb servings per week and the protein restriction all together. I think a lot of the issues outlined in the book are reason my ketogenics haven’t been as successful in the past as they could have been. I want to try the bullet proof way but can’t see where it’s all put together. Supplements and all.

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  • John Smith

    Ok, Dave, we get it! Its good to be low inflam. ketogenic. not everyone is doing life-extension.

  • Shirley Moore

    Haven’t seen the roadmap yet, but I am vegetarian, mostly vegan, now, and have avoided wheat for a few years because of the systemic inflammation it causes (as I’ve gotten older, my tolerance for grains and many other “foods” has decreased significantly). Hoping to get some more answers through this.

  • John Andrews

    is it ok to use the coffee without the brain octane oil in it? or is there a substitute in can use? (in the UK)

  • vjt80480

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  • Carolyn Brouillard

    You stated in the Fat summit you’ve had Lyme. I’m struggling with that right now. Will this diet help?

  • HXL

    Maybe I should read the article again! Really informative!
    Alfa Chemistry

  • Beth Walzel

    Just began Bulletproof on Monday! There is a lot to learn, and I love it! Question: Where does Jicama fall on the Roadmap? It’s a great tasting, high fiber food with 5 net carbs/1 cup serving.

  • Peter Egan

    Dave, I work nights and sleep in the daytime. Is it ok to flip the bulletproof diet recommendations around to accommodate this? ie: East my carbs before going to sleep even though it’s in the morning our will this mess with my body’s processes and make this diet plan not work the way it’s supposed to. I’m new to the bulletproof world so any info would be great. Thanks!

  • Sara Samson

    So I just started using the bulletproof coffee and I also ordered the book. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can make your coffee and save it for later like after its blended.

  • Just finished listening to your Bulletproof Audible.. And I love it… been on the program for 1 week now.. and lost over 8lbs.. feel great… I will keep at it… looking to be fully shredded 🙂

  • Is this possible for people who are vegetarian/vegan?

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  • Jaime Eason Bailey

    Hey guys! I’m new to BP! I have a question. 2 weeks ago I started the 14 day meal plan. The first 7 days I lost about 5 pounds. Then we had friends over and a going away party. Although I didn’t stick to the plan 100% I didn’t do horrible. However, my body stores EVERYTHING! I gained 5 pounds!! Isn’t that crazy?! I didn’t even stuff myself! Anyway, I’ve been back on track for 5 days now. I’m just now 2 pounds above the weight I was before veering off course. I think I will be even closer tomorrow. Has anyone else, especially females, find that they fluctuate? I feel like making it below 130 (I’m 143 right now) will be a challenge. There is always that number that’s a hurdle! I don’t need to lose but about 18 pounds and have about 13 more to go. Does anyone else get discouraged by fluctuations or that you haven’t lost as much as you feel you should have? Meanwhile, my husband had lost a ton of weight. He has already met the number of pounds I need to lose. Lol ugh!! ! I adore this program! I believe In this program wholeheartedly and know it’s my body, not the program. Any advice appreciated!! ? #FeelingFrustrated

  • Fred

    Hey dave I was just wondering as i am a student, 16, what the most effective bulletproof tactics for me would be?

  • Jacqueline Smith

    I’m 23 and 129 pounds. I have hypothyroid and recently lost a 13 pounds (finally after gaining it). I also have narcolepsy, but I think my then undiagnosed hypothyroid played a big role in that. I’m nervous to start eating so much fat, especially since my body has a hard time breaking food down and storing it correctly. Any suggestions?

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  • Brenda Tessman

    Help pls Why did my coffee not froth up like shown? Had a layer of melted fats on the top .used Bullet proof coffee and brain octane and a grass fed gee and a high end blender ? It was so slick i did not drink it

    • PghPammy

      Ghee just doesn’t froth as much as butter does. Try adding a Tbl of collagen to the ghee and see if you like that. Ghee + collagen = more froth (plus happy skin, hair, and joints!)

    • Diane

      I add gelatin to help the coffee stay mixed–very similar to Pammy’s suggestion of collagen. Try the Great Lakes brand (I use the red can) which is easily found at Amazon. It has health benefits of its own (gut healing, protein). The green can is good, too, and won’t gel if you let the coffee sit or chill. I like the red can because to me it seems to thicken the coffee a little better, making it seem more creamy.

    • Steve Ko

      Try chocolate powder, helps with texture too. Are you making it fast enough that it’s still hot when you blend? And are you drinking it right away, or storing it for a while? Also, are you blending on high for 20 seconds? No matter the quality of your blender, if you make it too slowly and let the coffee cool, or keep it in your mug for a while, the fat’s gonna rise. I drink it anyway if that happens.

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  • Nola Villis

    Can you recommend brands available in Australia of Cod Liver Oil & Potasssium Iodide..the ones you mention here are not shipped to Australia from Amazon. Having a lot of trouble finding equivalents. TIA

    • carpenter

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    • graham.olga

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    • Truth59

      I would try pastured emu oil which has all the fat soluble vitamins in it. Make sure it is from pastured, organic animals, preferably not fed grains. The iodide that’s available in Oz, I’m not sure of. Maybe there is a good Aussie ND or nutrition coach that would allow you to ask.

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  • Ron Powell

    where can I buy ketone test strips cheaply (and a meter if Precision Extra is not compatible)? I would test more often if the strips were cheaper.

    • Geena Gaffney

      I got some off eBay

  • Pingback: My Epic Journey to a Healthy Relationship with Food | Food With a Conscience()

  • Syrsei Gow

    Can anyone help me with this? I like my coffee sweet. So here is my recipe:
    2 cups of coffee,
    4 packets of truvia,
    3-4 tbsp of half/half (or heavy cream),
    1/4 tsp of cinnamon,
    2 tsp of caramel extract (or vanilla),
    2 tbsp of grass fed butter,
    2 tbsp of coconut oil (ran out of brain octane).

    I’m wondering if this is ok? If it is not, what can I do to make bulletproof coffee taste sweeter. I really want this to work at helping me lose weight.

    • patton.belinda

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    • Strongheart

      Liquid stevia is great.

      • shirleyhornbeck

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      • shirley.vong

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    • Daniel Flemming

      IMO that recipe is unlikely to help you lose weight. The half and half will take you out of fasting mode and the sweeteners/flavors probably will too. Coconut oil is no substitute for brain octane or MCT oil. See Dave’s article about why you don’t use coconut oil in bulletproof coffee. I would strongly recommend trying real bulletproof coffee according to Dave’s recipe. It is designed to help your metabolism and your leptin sensitivity. This should rapidly make you less sensitive to having to have sweet tastes. That’s an indication your metabolism is off, not just a personal preference.

    • Steve Ko

      I use Xyla for my wife, over three years she stayed lean. Your ingredients look okay except the half and half and the caramel extract, i agree with Daniel. But I have cinnamon and vanilla bean all the time, great performance. Whatever you’re using, observe how you feel and what the results are. Two weeks may be a good testing period.

      • Steve Ko

        North American hardwood xylitol by the way, mentioned by Dave a few times on the podcast. None of the GMO stuff from China.

    • Truth59

      I wouldn’t use Truvia. Truvia is fake junk. I would only use SweetLeaf brand stevia which you can buy online or at an organic store in your town. SweetLeaf is real, organic stevia. The liquid version comes in amazing flavors like chocolate and toffee. Make sure everything else is organic.

  • riponthis

    Do you have to drink coffee to do this diet?

    • PghPammy


  • Laura M. Hall

    LOVE THIS SH*T. Not enough women doing it! Perhaps I can pave the way. Don’t want to post my URL, as that would be not cool and kind of spammy, but Dave, you are linked and featured on my little blog A LOT. Thought you might enjoy the following:

    Tim Ferriss (all around bad ass…remember?) often quotes Peter Drucker‘s management principle, “That which gets measured, gets managed.” This concept is typically applied to a business profitability model, but what if we applied it to biohacking? Not gonna hurt, might even help.

    So, what do we want to measure, and subsequently manage?

    Health. WOW…tall order. We all have different opinions and definitions of health and wellness. But, my blog, my definitions, my measurable metrics. You want to measure something else, feel free. YOU DO YOU. I’m gonna do me.

    For the next six weeks, I’m going TOTALLY BULLETPROOF.

    I have purchased the Bulletproof coffee and Brain Octane Oil
    I went to Homegoods last night and purchased a french press ($7) and an empty pepper grinder (also$7) for grinding the beans and brewing the coffee
    I have purchased the recommended supplements, with the exception of the Bulletproof glutathione, as it is cost prohibitive. I did purchase THIS glutathione supplement, AND…I will be getting intravenous (IV) vitamins, (the Meyers’ cocktail) with a glutathione booster two or three times during my six week protocol. I get these from my FMD, Dr. Felipe Garcia at the Integrative Medical Center in Fort Worth. I ADORE Doc and his staff. His phlebotomist/needle girl, Brandy, is the sh*t, and the IV is easy peasy mac n cheesy. The center offers an IV membership, and it is an approved FSA expense.
    Side note, I do not receive ANY kickbacks or payoffs from any of the sources I mention or link to. Maybe someday! But for now, I’m just sharing the love. You will notice that the supplements Dave Asprey recommends are pretty reasonable, very high quality, and primarily available through Amazon. You can believe what you want, and don’t trust me, but Dave says he has no vested interest in any of these supplement companies.

    I have my Kerry Gold butter, my dark leafy greens, my grass fed beef and wild caught salmon.
    I have my gym membership, and am going to do the BIG FIVE every 14 days. I will also do ONE, 20-minute HIIT cardio training on the weeks I’m NOT doing the Big Five. I will walk and do yoga, as this is considered “movement” not exercise. These are semantics, and again, the definitions for both movement and exercise are very specific. I’m not going address that now, perhaps at a later date.
    I’m READY, prepped, on fire. I have my KNOWLEDGE, now time for some action. And then I’m going to measure and manage any changes. Both positive and negative.


    Weight: Using a scale. lol. This morning, I weighed in at an awesome and amazing 134.6 pounds.

    BODY FAT PERCENTAGE. My friend Shawna Gibson owns Brick Fit here in Fort Worth, and she did a body fat pinch test using calipers. Calipers are NOT the gold standard, DEXA is. Followed by Hydrostatic measuring, THEN calipers. So why am I going with calipers? I do NOT CARE what my body fat percentage is. I just want data to measure CHANGE. Shawna is very skilled, and VERY consistent. So, she pinched me yesterday, and I measured 15% body fat according to her measurements and calculation. I will get pinched again in six weeks, at the same time of day, wearing the same clothes. HA. Yoga pants are my uniform.

    BODY MEASUREMENTS: I take these with my handy dandy Container Store tape measure. Waist: 28 inches. Hips: 35.5 inches. Thigh: 18.5 inches.

    SLEEP QUALITY AND QUANTITY: I have downloaded and spent a few weeks figuring out my sleep app, and am ready to gather some hard data. Measure and manage. More on the importance of quality and quantity of sleep later. SIDE note, I LOVE having my phone in airplane mode while I’m sleeping. 1. It eliminates EMF fields, and the jury is still out on those and their effect on health and wellness, so why risk it? AND 2. I do not have the “flight or fight” reaction in my sympathetic nervous system every time an alert goes off.

    MOOD: This is tough, and can be totally subjective. I am going to complete this brief survey twice a day. 9am and 9pm. It’s quick and painless, and will give me a general overview of mood during this six week period.

    ENERGY: Again, somewhat subjective. Going to use this chart for some very rudimental measurements.

    BLOODWORK. I had a comprehensive blood panel done in August, and will have the same workup done in January as part of my yearly physical. Ruth (mom) used to make us have our yearly physicals on our birthdays each year, I suppose with six of us, it made it easier to track, and old habits die hard. HA! Every year around January 18, I head into the Dr. for a comprehensive work up. This will be my first year to go through the drills with the Doc, and I’m interested to experience the difference from my traditional MD (who was awesome, BUT…traditional) and my Functional MD…who is also AWESOME, but not as traditional.

    OH, and the above are simply NUMBERS. They are for data gathering purposes ONLY. They do not define me nor do they determine my worth or influence upon the universe.

    In a recent conversation with a friend, we spoke of staying in the present moment, while still remaining grounded in the past, and hopeful for growth in the future. He said that in his experience, much pain (not JOY!) comes from expectations. I enter this six week period with really NO expectations. I am genuinely curious as to how my mind, body, and spirit will react to a physical program that is completely different and counterintuitive to EVERYTHING I’ve done in the past.

    I am a test group of ONE for my own biohacking experiment. What about YOU? Are you willing to try something new? A small experiment on your own bad self? DO IT. Measure, manage, and find some JOY in the process.

    Love and Light,

    Big Laura

    • hope.dimaggio

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  • AJ

    I am just trying to get started, but right now I am very overwhelmed with stress and wanting to disappear! This stress is due to marriage difficulties and being overweight due to a back injury and ending up disabled. Please shed some light on where I should start my focus because this is quite overwhelming to me. Contact me at spklyangliis@gmail.com

    • Daniel Flemming

      This is my 2 cents. I am a chiropractor and nutritionist. I would start simply with bulletproof coffee in the morning. Start slow with the amount of fats if you’re not used to them. After a few days try doing JUST bulletproof coffee by itself for at least a couple hours with no other food or drink other than water. If you can go all morning do so. This will switch your body more to fat burning mode and start improving your metabolism. With the stress you’re under your adrenal is over stimulating sugar burning. Be on some adrenal support, at least lots of B vitamins. Eat reasonably and start looking at the bulletproof food chart. The easiest way to start using it is when you have a bad day, look on the chart and see what kryptonite food you ate. You will likely find it which gives it some credibility and will encourage to look more closely. Just the coffee tastes good and will start helping, start there.

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      • jenkins-gloria


      • jenkins-gloria

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  • AngelaJo

    Tips for doing this on a budget? I have to feed three people on $189 per week and two of them are not doing this plan. The supplements alone you all recommend could eat my food budget. I do buy grass-fed beef and paleo approved eggs, I have LouAnn coconut oil (the liquid state kind) and Kerry Gold grassfed butter and starbucks coffee. I am trying to convert my 7yr old to a healthier diet as well – any tips appreciated!!

    • Steve Ko

      Use free resources: sun bathing, earthing (barefoot time outside), meditation. These alone have increased my wellness. It’s not all about what you can buy. Sounds like you’ve got it down mostly, anyway. Grass fed meat and eggs are gold. Start with fats, and you eliminate cravings and needs for fake food and desserts and snacks. The costs build up for junk food, so focus on the good, have as much as possible, and let the bad stuff fall off.

  • tjaco1

    It could be from hard water where you live. Try using a shower filter. You can find them at Lowes, etc.

  • Sara Spaulding

    I am on a VERY limited budget but want to try the Bulletproof program, starting with the coffee first. Can you give me a round about figure of what it will cost JUST for the coffee, please? I am 75+ years old and have to start everything slowly.

    • Jade

      My coffee was about $20 CDN and my grass fed butter is $20/lb. It’s possible that both are cheaper in the states.

      • Sara Spaulding

        Thank you, Jade. It is cheaper but not by much according to the quotes I got in different places. Have a great day!

        • Steve Ko

          Hi Sara great to see you’re getting into Bulletproof Coffee! I don’t want to turn you away from buying Bulletproof coffee beans, but price can be an issue. There are many single origin coffees out there, you just gotta look a little. Try a reliable grocery store that sells high quality foods, or a local coffee roaster shop that sells their own beans. Ask for single origin. I think the key is to test the coffee, see if you like the feel of drinking it, and make sure you don’t have any negative symptoms. Headache, fuzziness, jitters, and crankiness are signs of contamination. The MCT oil is best from Bulletproof in my opinion. Butter you can find at Trader Joe’s. Hope this helps!

      • Teatree Jennifer

        If you don’t mind my asking how much was shipping I’m also in Canada?

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  • Mark Raymond

    Dave Asprey is a quack and a scam-artist. Run far away!

    • Harleigh Ostella

      You make me laugh. Thanks for making my day.

  • Heide

    OMGosh, I have been following Dave for a few years and involved with health improvement for 30. Dave is the real mcCoy and personally, I don’t understand the basis of Mark’s comment. Very few people do as much research as Dave Asprey. I am so grateful to be ABLE to buy mold-free coffee, to KNOW about Brain Octane and butter coffee. I find Dave honest and generous … maybe he brags a little sometimes, but hey, he has earned the right. Bottom Line, Dave Asprey and his podcasts have helped me. Go Dave!

    • Christian89

      Over a year ago I was jobless, with only 7 bucks in my pocket, and nowhere to go. I’ve had luck to hear about this website from a good friend of mine, and he recommended me to try, since he was making five-figures/month. After 4 months on this job, my latest pay was $5789 and keeps growing. Read more here

  • Jade

    Gut microbiome / gut health would be a good place to start. If you were a c-section birth and/or not breast fed there can be a lack in healthy gut flora. Other things that can be harmful on exponential levels are mercury dental fillings and fluoride in your water.

  • Steve Ko

    Load up on good fats. No more antibiotics. Get sun. Get selfish with sleeping as much and as deeply as you can. Breathing deep breaths, in isolation, until you feel relaxed might help. Try, try, try things. Triple down on everything you find that helps.

  • Steve Ko

    Good fats.

  • fdhngfzx

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  • Tammy Rothmaier

    Looking to understand what brands of grass fed butter is available in Ontario, Canada. So far, proving to be really challenging. Look forward to any and all insight.

    • Shannon Baccus-Pollard

      Check out save on foods!

  • Angela

    Hi, I just purchased my first bag of bullet proof coffee at my local health food store, I do not have the ghee better or brain octane yet, I am ordering that online tonight. Can I just make the coffee and if so, what is the best way? Thanks!

    • Alex Zeitgeist Hahn

      If you are on high fat diet. Go with coconut oil.

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  • Kelli Zabel

    Hi, I want to first thank you for your broadcast. Every time I listen I learn more and more. You have had this question before……I am a middle class being as far as the norm may be concerned. I love all of the things you plug, and all of the bio hacking advice. How do I , as a layman, as a single mother with two kids….. how do I do the best I can? I listened to your interview with Dr. Mercola, and I have listened to many others…….my attention is caught, and the information is free.!!…..
    What I am finding is that with all of the modalities that are offered, I have no way to begin on my path besides eating right and trying to do my best as far as eating good proteins (wild salmon). I’ve even looked into kegan water, and you have said alkaline water made you sick……… I realize I shouldn’t look to you for all answers, but my dilemma is where to start. Is it just to buy the bullet proof book and figure out what steps to take from there? With so much information floating around, I have understood that we as the “layman” should listen to our bodies and figure it out. I plant my own garden, I do what I can, but it seems not enough. Should I send poo into one of the doctors you have had on your show? Or should I send a mouth swab, to yet one of the other experts/doctors on your show? These things are not attainable to the majority, nor do I disregard the fact that this information should be shared. When I have copied links down, and visited the sites to all of your guests, I realize, I have so much more to learn as far as what might work for me.I am someone who is conscious , but yet knows nothing and is overwhelmed with info overload. Again, my gratitutude is probably not pevelant in this comment, however……. I am grateful. I have learned to take co -q 10 and to eat good fats. I feel a lot of this information seems to Be geared towards people who have a bit more flexibility In their pocketbooks. I’m not saying that as a criticism alone. I just would like to know, after hearing so much from experts and doctors you interview, what could “we” begin with? I cannot afford a sauna, but maybe I can invest in different types of lighting. Any sort of beginner steps would be useful. I probably can’t afford vitamin c drips, but would investing good grade vitamin c not be enough? If it’s not I need to step up my money game. The medical system won’t see these ideas. I asked my doctor if he could just prescribe a specific vitamin and it’s like a foriegn language….. thank you for your podcast, without it I might not wonder or imagine other possibilities. Right now. The odds are stacked against the “layman”….. I would love to hear further about how we can use lighting or how we can bio hack in ways that won’t brake the bank, even if that means saving for a month, or cutting costs. I am a business owner and I am uplifted by the information, then slowly discouraged when trying to decide what I can afford

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  • Shannon Baccus-Pollard

    I have one big concern. I have no gallbladder. With the increase in fats, how does this affect someone who has had it removed? I already eat a d cent amount of good fats but am concerned about digestion and elimination issues if I consume the amount recommended. Anyone have any answers?

    • Meredith DeKock

      I’m in the same boat and interested to know the answer to that too. I do love me some healthy fats (raw butter, coconut oil, avocado, etc) and have found so far that my digestion does ok with the level of fats i’m at (oddly, eating a LOT of veggies causes me stomach pain). I would be interested to know how increasing it per the Bulletproof method works for those without gallbladders.

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  • Tom Pratt

    So I have one question, before I decide whether to get into this or not… I’ve read some and listened some, and the key to Bulletproof seems to be some pretty specific products (e.g. Upgraded Coffee, Brain Octane, etc.), which are pretty pricey. Is there a way to become “Bulletproof” without spending a ton of money? I just don’t have the budget to spend $20 on a bag of coffee that’s going to last maybe a week, etc.

    • Alex Zeitgeist Hahn

      Jup. Normal coffee and coconut oil. Or non branded MCT Oil.

      Bulletproof products are high quality and for perection. But not necessary.

      • Tom Pratt

        Thanks, Alex. I found a store that sells single-sourced coffee and non-branded MCT. I’m going to give that a try. I’ve done Whole30 as closely as my budget allowed, and had success, without being 100% perfect. I think Bulletproof takes it to another level, which I hope will bring me the same success Dave has experienced.

  • danilo

    Great blog. I just love it!