Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Stay Focused & Feel Great

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If you want to lose fat and improve your health as fast as possible, without feeling mentally slow, it’s hard to beat Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting.  Here’s an overview of the protocol, which I lay out in more detail in my new NYT bestseller The Bulletproof Diet.

Plain intermittent fasting has become popular in biohacker circles because it shows tremendous promise for fat loss, preventing cancer, building muscle, and increasing resilience. The most popular site that covers plain intermittent fasting is Leangains.com.  It’s totally worth a visit. The basic idea behind plain intermittent fasting is to eat all of your daily food in a shortened period (8 hours in the case of Lean Gains) and fast the rest of the time. For reasons we will get into below, this tells your body to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat.  It really works.

Bulletproof Diet Book Facebook AdThe problem is not everyone does well with fasting. If you’re a busy entrepreneur or even a student who needs to be in a high performance state all day, dealing with hunger can be a distraction. It’s much worse for those with an impaired metabolism (i.e. the people who need to lose weight). If you have more than 30 pounds of extra fat or if you’re facing diabetes, it can be hard to skip meals and still get things done.

As explained in The Bulletproof Diet book, Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting is an easy biohack that changes that and makes it possible to lose fat and build muscle faster than plain intermittent fasting… without feeling hungry or tired.

Introducing Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

Bulletproof Fasting is the same as intermittent fasting, except you consume a cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. The healthy fats from grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil give you a stable current of energy that sustains you through the day. The ultra low toxin Upgraded Coffee beans optimize brain function and fat loss with high octane caffeine. The Brain Octane Oil also serves to increase ketone production and boosts your metabolic rate by up to 12%. This drink is so filling, we’ve had clients who drank one cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning and didn’t feel like eating until mid afternoon. Adding extra Brain Octane Oil will promote ketogenesis (the formation of ketones) and provide more of a mental kick.

For optimal results, you should be following the green side of Bulletproof Diet in conjunction with this protocol. Bulletproof Fasting will not save you from the effects of Poptarts and fried Oreos.

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting: Mental Performance Protocol

Goal: Improve and/or sustain mental performance while getting more benefits than plain intermittent fasting.

Step 1: Finish dinner by 8 pm

No snacking after dinner – go to bed whenever you want.

Step 2: Drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning

Bulletproof Coffee is a mix of brewed Upgraded Coffee beans, grass-fed ghee (or unsalted grass-fed butter), and Brain Octane Oil. You can find the complete recipe here. Don’t mess around with cheap coffee, which will sabotage your efforts since 91.7% of green coffee has mycotoxins in it.

Drink as much Bulletproof Coffee as you like in the morning. You can have another cup before 2:00 PM if you get hungry. No coffee after 2:00 PM or you won’t sleep.

Step 2.5 (optional) – Work out

This is not necessary to gain muscle and lose fat, but it helps. If you’re going to work out, lift something heavy right before you break the fast in step 3. I’d suggest high intensity weight training. Shorter and harder is better than longer exercise. You will need to sleep more if you exercise.

Step 3: Do not eat until 2pm

This means you’ve not had anything to eat except Bulletproof Coffee for 18 hours.  This should occur from the time you wake, through the morning, and into the afternoon. If 18 hours is too long, start with a shorter fast and increase from there.

Step 4: Eat as much Bulletproof food as you like for 6 hours (until 8 pm)

The number of meals you eat during this time is irrelevant, as is the amount of calories.

Here is a sample day of Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting:

8:00 AM: Drink Bulletproof Coffee.
2:00 PM: Break fast with foods from the Bulletproof Diet.
8:00 PM: Eat your last meal before beginning the fast.

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting extends your life, improves brain function, and makes you more resilient on all levels. Even if you just start drinking Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast in place of the watery bags of sugar we call fruit, you can take advantage of some of these benefits. Once you start Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting, you will have gained an unfair advantage on your peers in health, longevity, and performance.

Benefits of Plain Intermittent Fasting

Animal studies (thanks Wikipedia!)

  • “Reduced serum glucose and insulin levels and increased resistance of neurons in the brain to excitotoxic stress[2]
  • “Enhance[s] cardiovascular and brain functions and improve[s] several risk factors for coronary artery disease and stroke including a reduction in blood pressure and increased insulin sensitivity” and that “cardiovascular stress adaptation is improved and heart rate variability is increased in rodents” and that “rodents maintained on an IF regimen exhibit increased resistance of heart and brain cells to ischemic injury in experimental models of myocardial infarction and stroke.”[3]
  • May “ameliorate age-related deficits in cognitive function” in mice[4]
  • Correlation with IF and significantly improved biochemical parameters associated with development of diabetic nephropathy[5]
  • Resistance in mice to the effects of gamma irradiation[6]
  • Lifespan increases of 40.4% and 56.6% in C. elegans for alternate day (24 hour) and two-of-each-three day (48 hour) fasting, respectively, as compared to an ad libitum diet.[7]
  • Rats showed markedly improved long-term survival after chronic heart failure via pro-angiogenic, anti-apoptotic and anti-remodeling effects.[8]

Human studies

  • Alternative day fasting (ADF) may produce significant improvements in several markers such as LDL cholesterol in as little as eight weeks.[10]
  • “may effectively modulate several risk factors, thereby preventing chronic disease, and that ADF may modulate disease risk to an extent similar to that of CR”.[11]
  • Serum from humans following an IF diet had positive effects (reduced triglycerides in men and increased HDL in women, as well as reduced cell proliferation and increased heat resistance) in vitro on human hepatoma cells.[12]
  • IF confers protection from toxic chemotherapy treatments, allowing higher doses and therefore more effective treatment for cancers.[13]
  • IF may function as a form of nutritional hormesis.[14][15]

Reasons Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting Works Better

Reason #1: Tripling down on mTOR.

mTOR sounds like it should be the name of a hero in a Japanese comic book, but it’s a little more important than that. mTOR stands for “Mammalian Target of Rapamycin.” It’s one of those things that only a biohacker (or a fat person) could get excited about.  mTOR is a major mechanism that increases protein synthesis in your muscles. Both exercise and coffee raise cellular energy use while simultaneously inhibiting your muscle building mechanisms (mTOR) for a brief period, which causes it to “spring back” and build even more muscle as soon as you eat.

There are 3 known ways to raise mTOR. Intermittent fasting, exercise, and coffee (or more weakly, chocolate, green tea, turmeric, or resveratrol)

bulletproof intermittent fasting results

Bulletproof Fasting hits all 3 ways to compress mTOR, causing a bigger rebound and better use of your food for muscle building. I used Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting occasionally during my 4500 calorie per day no exercise long term experiment, and ended up looking like this after doing it for 4 days per week for 2 weeks. Keep in mind that I used to weigh 300lbs, and I hadn’t worked out for 18 months when this photo was taken.

Plain intermittent fasting doesn’t use coffee, so it only hits one, or possibly 2 of the 3 possible mTOR triggers. Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting works better because it can use all 3 mechanisms, but it works very well (as you can see) with just coffee and intermittent fasting. The cool thing is that an all fat breakfast (like Bulletproof Coffee ™ ) doesn’t make your body think it’s broken the fast, so you get the benefits of the fasting anyway. It’s awesome!

Reason #2: Ketosis

Plain intermittent fasting helps you enter ketosis (fat burning mode that’s good for your brain) but then you end ketosis if you eat carb-containing foods at the end of the fast. Using MCT in your Bulletproof Coffee increases the speed at which you go into ketosis, so it fuels your brain, and it helps you stay in ketosis even in the presence of some carbs in your diet. MCT is noticeably better than just grass fed butter in my coffee for this effect.

Reason #3: You’ll actually do it because you feel awesome

Let’s face it. You’re not a super athlete. You’re not a model or a professional body builder. You have work to do at your day job and being hungry, sluggish, and cranky all morning during a fast is not fun or good for your career. It’s easier, and far more pleasant to do a Bulletproof Intermittent Fast than a plain one. I’ve done plain ones and enjoy them to be honest, but they are even more enjoyable with Bulletproof Coffee. Plus, I get better results with the coffee protocols.

Reason #4: Metabolic hacking

Coffee increases your metabolism by up to 20 percent. Plain intermittent fasting doesn’t. This combination is superior.

That just about covers it.  If you benefit from this Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting Protocol, please leave a comment here or on the Bulletproof Forum.  The next article on Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting will show you the protocol that produced 75 pounds of weight loss in 75 days.


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By Dave Asprey

  • Katie

    I’d like to give this a try but am not interested in losing weight. Do you think I can still maintain weight/ gain muscle only by doing this? Any tips to ensure I don’t lose any weight?

    • anonymouse

      Same question from me. I’m a skinny guy, and trying to put on the pounds, but am having trouble getting down my 2500 calories over 3 meals, let alone 2. Trying to move from 160lbs -> 170lbs or so.

      • It depends. I would try an 8 hour feed + extra calories on your workout days, and maintenance calories on your rest days. Adjust the fasting period as necessary to get in enough food.

    • Eat more, especially high fat foods like coconut oil/fatty meat. You’ll be fine 🙂

  • Rakesh Patel MD

    Thanks Dave, I have been playing around with this for the last week or so before i saw your post. Typically because of my schedule i “break” fast at noon with a BP meal (meat and green veg/kerrygold). Do you think it’s ok to break fast at 2 pm with a protein shake (from grass fed whey) since my schedule does not all me to take a meal at 2 pm?
    Also just read Kiefer’s Carb Back loading, which is full of non-BP food in the evening, any thoughts on that?

  • 4rekak

    IF has been one of my favourite topics in the past 7-8 months, thank you for writing about it, confirming it and adding some more useful elements.

  • Heather

    I don’t care for coffee. Can this be done with tea, and if so, what kind would you recommend?

    • Anonymous

      You get fewer stimulant chemicals and appetite-suppressing qualities with coffee, but you can still do it with tea if you like.

      Green tea seems to be more generally recommended for hunger control than any other kind, but I’d be interested to know if Dave has a better thought out suggestion.

    • Bryan

      Hi Heather,

      Like you, I never cared for coffee much either, but after trying some of the coffee that Dave has sourced himself (little to no mold and mycotoxins), I have had a much more favorable experience with it. I venture to guess most people don’t like coffee because it tastes terrible due to mold.

      That being said, I love yerba mate (type of green tea popular in Argentina). Would be curious if Dave or any other testers have comments on yerba.

    • Mauipatricia

      I’m waiting for my first bag of BP. Never been much on coffee- always made me way too wired. Had a long habit of Yerba Mate until I did some extra research and found it it was carcinogenic. I forget exactly which components- but I stopped right away. It was a kinder, gentler buzz for sure though.

  • I started 19-5 intermittent fasting about eight weeks ago. So far, so good, and I’ve found the results well worth the trouble. My experience, right down to the effects of including or omitting B.P. coffee, pretty well match. I had no trouble with hunger, even during the holidays. The first four to five weeks brought intermittent chills or hot flashes. These lost intensity about the seventh week. Thereafter I noticed a greater resistance to cold than I previously enjoyed.

    • j neff

      Hey Jay….. or Dave. just started about 2 weeks ago been getting severe hot flashes that last a long time. Face gets red and severe sweating my co workers are concerned and I am a little too. is this normal? any way to stop it?

  • Day Bierce

    I had been on the Leangains protocol for about a year and had great results. Then six months ago, on my own I started doing something very close to what’s in this post. When I wake up I have two to three tablespoons of coconut oil and the best arabica coffee I can get here in Thailand with coconut cream added. Four days a week I pound away in the gym (no fuckarounditis) and then eat strictly Bulletproof until about 7. I’ve never felt better, been leaner or been stronger. Most days I have to remember to eat even after an all out lifting session. I never feel hungry. A beautiful way to live. I really liked seeing this post. It was great to have some science to confirm my intuition. Do you think there is a large difference between the coconut cream and butter in the coffee? I do eat homemade kefir everyday, but it didn’t work in the coffee, so I stayed with the cc. Here’s an idea….I’ll try it and find out. Thanks for all the info you cram into your posts.

  • Liambarrett-17

    Hey cool article! was excited when saw title as was incorporating bulletproof coffee with lean gains 16-18 hour fasts 2 months back but stopped as i thought it might mess things up,good to see it doesn’t.Have a quick question tho if you have time,i lost 5kg doing fasting over last 3 months and for last 2 weeks i been dieting really hard under 1000cal a day with 18 hour fasts plus doing kettle bell swings and even taken meltdown fat burner but my weight has hit a massive stall at 49.7kg for last 8 days it says exactly the same weight everyday its driving me insane as all my fat just sits on my stomach,do you reckon starting the coffee and meat and veggies during the 8 hour feeding could kickstart it again or you recommend a maintenance for a week or so……any reply would be awesome ,thankyou… liam

    • David

      Liam, if dropping calories like that is not working and you’ve been strict for 2-weeks, you may want to add calories back. Leptin levels can suffer at extended low calorie periods and Asprey lost weight on 4500 calories. Second, what’s your overall carb load? If you have been no carbs, you might want to cycle a carb refeed of BulletProof carbs. If you’ve been higher carbs, may go low carb a few days. Finally, you may have cortisol issues. while I cannot vouch for the program, I know Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature program says belly fat can be a cortisol problem. So stress might be holding you back. Just some thoughts. Good luck.

    • You need a high carb refeed. You are probably also storing a lot of water, so weight loss will be masked.

  • David

    great post. I’m very interested in this but have one issue, I’m very sensitive to caffeine, esp in coffee and so i cannot really drink coffee. I have a little green tea in the morning and I’m guessing I could try this with some Chai Tea, but I just get overly amp’d on caffeine in coffee. Is there anyone who has an idea what might cause this sensitivity? I’m pretty healthy and since i never drink soda, i really don’t get much caffeine although I like just a little in the morning.

    • Dave Asprey

      David, if caffeine tweaks you that much, you may have adrenal exhaustion. Adrenal extract caps, and a high salt diet, to the rescue.

  • Liam barrett

    74.9kg not 49.7kg lol sorry my bad

  • deepglades

    how does a protein supplement affect this fast? I work out in the morning. The only thing I have preworkout is bullet proof coffee (love it), but I generally have a scoop of protein + a tablespoon of fish oil in some water after I work out. Is that too much to break the fast? Please advise.

    I use Nitrean+ if that makes a difference.

    • One of the reasons fasting works is because it keeps insulin levels low. A scoop of protein and fish oil is too much – it’s going to disrupt the fast. Have 10g BCAA after your workout instead.

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  • Drgonzo541

    I was wondering when you guy’s are going to be getting MCT oil back in stock in your store, or is there another reputable source for it? I’m looking to start doing some BP coffee, but I’d want the good MCT Oil.

    • Andrew Clark

      Hi Drgonzo, the MCT is back in stock now.

      • drgonzo541

        YEEEEEEEEAHHHHH!!!! Thanks Andrew!! Maybe I’m a retard, but I swear it said it was “out of stock” when I posted that last night.

  • AdamFiddler

    So what do you guys think the limit on BP Coffee is per day? (I’ve been known to possibly have 6-8 cups of the stuff now and then just to see what happens and so far so good actually.)


    • I would worry about caffeine withdrawal and adrenal fatigue at those doses. I do 1-3 cups/day on average.

    • Dave Asprey

      Adam, you’re a madman. How big are those cups? 🙂 Too much coffee isn’t good for you. I’d keep it to 5-600 ml (half a liter) per day.

  • Guys, been doing IF on and off and loving the combination of consistent energy, increased focus and mental clarity that I feel while fasting. I feel like my productivity has skyrocketed. Is it healthy to do this everyday? On the other hand, is there any potential risk to my health if I do it sporadically like one or two days in a row and then stop for a couple days and then go back on the fasting protocol for another couple of days?

    • Yes. I do IF daily and will never stop. There is no health risk. It’s best to maintain a somewhat regular eating schedule or you can get more hunger pangs, but there aren’t any health risks.

      • Christof42

        Does being in this state practically mean bein in deep ketosis all the time?
        Cant ketosis go into keto-acidosis if we are longer in this state ?

        • Intermittent fasting doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in ketosis. And no, not unless you’re diabetic.

    • Dave Asprey

      Tim, you can do Bulletproof IF 3-4 times per week, but doing it every day will blunt the effect over time as your body adjusts to it.

  • Vicki

    How many days in a row do you repeat this cycle?

    • As long as you like. I do IF every day and will never go back. Others may want to do it for a month and see how you feel. I recommend giving it a good 4 weeks at least.

    • Dave Asprey

      Vicki, I will do Bulletproof IF for 3-4 days in a row, or sometimes alternate every other day. I don’t recommend doing it every day for long periods, as your body will adjust to it.

  • Thanks Armi! Two more questions. Let’s say I do my weight lifting workout in the morning during the fast around 6AM. Won’t this negatively impact muscle gain if I don’t eat anything until 2:00 PM or do you recommend the leangains protocol of drinking BCAAs before and after the workout? Also, do you think Bulletproof coffee would have a different effect if I have it after the workout as apposed to before the workout?

    • I would like to second Tim’s comments / questions. Bulletproof fasting has me feeling great but my only window for working out is in the early morning. So…
      – Do you recommend coffee before or after (I have read elsewhere that before might be better due to the relationship between cortisol and excercise)?
      – Any allowance / need for BCAAs when working out during the fast?
      – What about other vitamins / supplements? I take Vitamins B6, D3 and Calcium Citrate daily, and am wondering if I can continue taking them in the morning, or should I wait until breaking the fast in the afternoon?

      • Dave Asprey

        NEVER have coffee after working out. It stops the mTOR effect of the workout. Fast, then Coffee, then workout. BCAA is fine during the fast. Vitamins are ok, but you’re missing magnesium which is more important than calcium.

      • Ben

        I would also like to know about intermittent fasting with morning workouts since a great deal of us work during the day. Therefore for many of us the only opportunity to workout is before work or after work and not during the middle of the work day. Thanks in advance for all your help!

        • Dave Asprey

          You can skip dinner instead of breakfast and workout in the morning. Ie, wake fasted, work out, eat for 4 hours, then skip dinner.

        • Ron

          OK, got it…last piece of the puzzle…on this protocol, when would the BP Coffe come in?

        • Dave Asprey

          Morning, and any time other than the 4 hour period after exercise.

        • Justin Lofton

          Dave, this is the routine I use. BP coffee upon waking, workout, then eat. I also get hungry in the middle of the night at 2am or 3am and have to eat to get back to sleep. What foods are best to use for this middle-of-the-night meal? Will BP fasting help to eliminate this hunger in the middle of the night?

    • reisbaron


      The answer is yes…no PWO meal will negate a lot of benefits of the workout. Eat some protein and fat after training and start the 8-hour feeding window then. Tough because if training ends at 6:00 AM that means the fast should start back up around 2:00. But you’re better off having that meal right after you train that’s for sure…

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  • In Fredericksburg, VA I found a great Coffee. Counter Culture from Peru. It’s Organic, single source, and washed.

    • Sheri in Virginia

      Where in Fredericksburg does one find this?

  • Florent Berthet

    Hi Dave, what’s your take on calorie restriction?

    • Dave Asprey

      Not a big fan…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Dave,

    I know you have an interest in anti-aging. I do work in a related field and keep up the latest in longevity research and the growing consensus there has some interesting conflicts with protocols for maximizing muscle growth.

    Certainly activating mTOR is fantastic for net muscle gain — it inhibits the catabolism of muscle. But that catabolism is a recycling process and is a powerful anti-aging mechanism. It is very likely the explanation for the the anti-aging properties of rapamycin.


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  • Justin

    “That just about covers it. If you benefit from this Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting Protocol, please leave a comment here or on the Bulletproof Forum. The next article on Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting will show you the protocol that produced 75 pounds of weight loss in 75 days.”

    Has this article been posted yet? Very interested to read it! Thanks!

    • Dave Asprey

      Not quite Justin. It’s on the schedule for soon 🙂

  • Don’t let Martin Berkhan hear you say “Plain intermittent fasting doesn’t use coffee” lol

  • Celest Horton

    I’m a woman with 20 pounds to loose. Will it affect my fat lost goals if I have 2 cups of the Bulletproof Green Tea before the 2:00 breaking of the fast?

    • Dave Asprey

      Yes, you can do BP coffee or tea 2x without hurting the BP intermittent fast.

  • Mauipatricia

    I tried IF for about a week. No weight loss. So I’ve tweaked a good HCG protocol with Bulletproof coffee, coconut oil and MCT. Plus the IF. My HCG drops contain appetite suppressant. So it’s been a simple modification of HCG type protocols. Down 9 lbs of fat in a week. I’ll report back the end of April. Feel like the MCT’s are what was missing from prior HCG attempts.

    • Beaniepoker

      not being a jerk but you absolutely didn’t lose 9 pounds of fat in a week.

      • AlanW

        +1 At best you lost 2-3lbs of fat and most likley the rest is just crap left in your gut.

    • Drkate

      My understanding of the HCG diet is that it restricts fat to almost nothing. How does it work if you are using the above mentioned fats?

  • Christopher Allen

    When do I take my daily supplements on the IF? I normally take them upon waking, but is that bad for the IF? Should I wait until 4? (My schedule is more night owl then most, I do 4-10 for feeding instead of 2-8)

    • Dave Asprey

      On waking is fine…

  • Studentmadhouse

    Question Dave,

    correct me if im wrong but You suggest work out in the morning, on a fasted state but with black coffee,

    with the black coffee, would it still be considered a fast?

    • Florent Berthet

      Let me answer that. The fasting state is not controlled by an ON/OFF switch. Eating a few calories won’t cancel all the benefits of a “fasting state”.

      Martin Berkhan (from Leangains.com) recommends to stay under 50 calories to keep most of these benefits. So a splash of milk in your coffee won’t be a big deal.

      The only thing a black coffee will do is to boost you for you workout.

  • Ron

    A bit confused on the cycles of IF, BP coffee, BP diet.especially as it pertains to the timing of the fasting and workouts. Could you give a Bulleted (pun intended) synopsis of a few different variables of the BPF, especially as it pertains to workout times (i.e. workout in AM, coffee before? first meal? Fasting times?

    • reisbaron

      Dave (in interviews) mandates a post-workout meal, so if you’re exploring IF, and you workout in the AM like I do, break your fast with your PWO meal (I do NZ grass-fed protein powder) and end the feeding window 8 hours later. My training ends at 8:00 AM, so I eat throughout the day until 4PM, and just do BP tea in the evening if I need anything at all. Rinse & repeat…

    • Lindsay

      To add to this I’m unclear about when to eat carbs (Carb Refeed – as a woman who wants to do intermittent fasting and work out 3 times a week in the evening). On the info graph it says you should eat carbs every evening – but I thought you were only meant to to eat carbs every few days … Then when you add working out into that scenario, when the heck am I to eat carbs!

  • Jarrodhockley

    In most studies the beneficial effects with IF don’t appear until 20-24 hrs in fasting duration check pubmd and don’t trust any fast that includes anything other then water ass it’s not fasting it’s caloric restriction by definition. Exercise reduces the required fasting time for effects but no good studies have been done on this as yet. To bulletproof exec your coffee fast is a actually caloric restriction based on an initial high caloric first morning meal. NOT FASTING. Unless fasting for one hour as an example is considered fasting then everyone fasts between meals every day. Standards need to be set and people really care about others need to be responsible with information.

    • Dave Asprey

      Jarrod, that’s bizarre. I have 1,000 calories in my Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast, and tons more butter and 1-2lbs of meat and vegies normally, and did 4000 calories per day for 2 years. You call that caloric restriction? Not by my definition. Please do read a bit more on the site; Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting gives you the benefits of an IF but without the downsides (hunger, cranky, tiredness, poor performance). It actually works, and anyone can try it, for free. That’s the kind of standard that I believe in setting.

  • Do no working out? That’s awesome. My problem is in Leangains you have to eat the biggest meal after you workout. With two kids that’s not happening. So I am assuming for your “lifestyle” working out is not needed?

    • Dave Asprey

      Working out is a very small percentage of having muscle and being lean. Once every 2 weeks is fine if you follow the recommendations of Body By Science. Most people over-use exercise. Minimum effective dose matters! Since my 2 year exercise “fast” I am now working out again – once every 1-2 weeks for 15 minutes on a vibrating plate. That’s it. I’m getting big to the point that it’s harder to fit on airplanes because I’m wide. It’s amazing how less exercise does more than lots.

      • Zack_Leman

        What types of exercise do you do on the vibration plate? What frequency do you use for the plate? Is the Vibration plate on upgradedself the cheapest and best quality one you mentioned in a podcast, or is that one not available yet and coming out soon? Thanks

        • Dave Asprey

          I do 15mins at 30hz vertical (not side to side) mostly standing, some 1 leg yoga poses, and a few pushups with hands on the plate. Hold a 25lb kettlebell at arms length to failure. That’s it. Once a week at most, usually every 2 weeks, and only for the last couple months after I stopped the 2 year no exercise test.

        • Zack_Leman

          Would you say this is as effective as the body by science workout, or even more effective? What are your thoughts on doing a HIIT sprinting session once a week with one high intensity lifting session once a week for a busy college student?

  • Lucas Marina74

    the link for the coffee recipe is not working

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  • marina

    would this still have the same effect if I go over 18 hours fasting? i’m trying to lose weight

  • Celest Horton

    I’ve been doing the Bulletproof IF for two weeks and my weight is actually up. I’ve have eaten strictly Primal during the eating hours. I am a 38 year old female with roughly 15-20 pounds to loose and I’m starting to get frustrated. I have read some of your other comments and for women my age you’ve stated it could be hormone related. Do you have any suggestions to push past this slump in weight loss?

    • Dave Asprey

      Celest, start with a thyroid panel (t3, t4, tsh) for sure, and follow up with progesterone and estrogen levels. Thyroid is the most likely culprit (statistically). Confirming you’re eating until you’re not hungry, but not trying to literally stuff as much fat as you can into your diet…a few people think that because I ate 4,000 calories per day during a HIGHLY stressful period with little sleep and way too much travel and work stress, they should do the same thing. Worrying about calories is not productive. Eating tons of extra fat (or protein or carbs) on top of what makes you feel really good is not productive either. Also, are you on birth control pills? That is a major issue.

      • Celest Horton

        Dave, I was on birth control pills for 10 years (with 2 pregnancies in-between) and then the Mirena IUD (progesterone), which lead to a lot of problems that I traced to the progesterone. I have been hormone free since 2006, but maybe I have screwed up my normal hormonal balance due to all the abuse for 10+ years. Since doing the Intermittent Fasting I am more aware of my hunger and have only tried to eat if hungry and to the point of being satisfied. I was concerned with enjoying two cups of BP Green Tea that I might be throwing too many calories and screw up my weight loss potentials. It is so confusing as a woman trying to loose those final 10-15-20 pounds.

      • K Davis

        Dave, can you say more about birth control pills? Been taking them for 15 yrs. – hate the idea of synthetic hormones, but love not getting pregnant… will this affect my results with BP IF?

  • zewski

    Is it specifically coffee or caffeine that is up-regulating mtor?

  • Bill Schuller

    I have been toying with Bullet intermittent fasting sporadically for a few weeks now. I /noticed/ a signifigant change only after adding K2, collagen peptide, BCAA and D3 supplementation. It could be that I wasn’t paying enough attention before.

    I now consistently notice that for the time between my bulletproof coffee / supplements and when I break my fast I am a thermogenic furnace. Is this my body burning fat? Is it normal? After I burn through my reserves, does it stop or am I going to be sweating through the first half of my day indefinitely?

    • Garrett K

      Embrace that sweat 😀 Burn burn!!

  • Laurel

    Dave- I’m allergic to coconut and I’d like to know if there’s another source of MCT besides butter? How about palm oil? Is there a way I can process it at home to enrich the MCT fraction? Thanks!

    • Dave Asprey

      Palm oil works; you could potentially centrifuge it to separate the oils, but I’m no expert in that!

  • jacq

    Just wondering why drinking BP coffee doesn’t count as breaking the fast? Are there any studies or articles you could point me too for reading?
    I’ve been comfortably doing standard IF for about 6 months now and love it, but I’m experimenting with the BP version just to see what happens.

  • Stephklop2007

    I was diagnosed with hypo thyroid disease about 6 months ago. I am wanting to get off of the medicine. Should I continue taking it while starting the IF? I am desperate to lose about 30 lbs and am scared because I’ve read about a lot of people actually gaining weight while on this….. Please advise!

    • AlanW

      I have the same diagnosis and have to take Synthroid. I would highly recommend to stay on your meds. You will see changes when you go for your blood work (also a good time to do a larger panel and check all your micro-nutrients). My doctor lowered my dose 2 months after I had changed my Diet. She couldn’t believe the changes in my Cholesterol and blood sugar, then almost passed out when I told her how much Fat and protein that I had added to my diet. Loved every minute of it.

  • Stephklop2007

    Also, what supplements are imperative while doing the IF?

  • Chloe

    Just stumbled on your site and am IN LOVE! I am, however, allergic to dairy… Wondering what to sub the butter with in my morning coffee and coconut oil?

    • Dave Asprey

      Thanks! Use ghee and you’ll likely be fine. ?

  • Is this to be a once or twice a week regime? Or daily for a specific period of time? Or forever?

  • Daniel Vl

    Could I substitute olive oil for the butter?

    • Dave Asprey

      No, not enough saturated fat!

  • Can I add bcaa’s or will this do more harm than good to the overall process?

  • Jack S

    What is the best way to bump yourself out of ketosis? Should you use carbohydrates to do this or does protein work for this purpose?

    • Christof42

      Just eat carbohydrates.
      That will log you out of ketosis.

    • Dave Asprey

      Sweet potatoes. Not protein!

      • Stephen

        Hi Dave, I’m new to the BP life and the IF program. Lost some weight quick but stalled after 6 lbs. Have 60 to lose. I follow the BP scale on the green side pretty close, but do have some of the “middle” items such as onions and such. Also have some ice cream made from raw milk/cream made with xylitol. What should some expectations be? How long can IF be followed?

        • Dave Asprey

          You can do IF almost indefinitely. I’m guessing you could be allergic to something in the middle. Raw milk and cream cause weight gain for many also.

        • Hi Dave,
          I am reading through your articles for the last couple of weeks and already implementing a lot of the bulletproof diet. I have been doing IF for the last weeks but I am still not sure if you can do this every day(this means 7 days in a row)? This question has been asked before but was never answered. Thanks for your time and for your great website!

        • Moe Norman Jr

          Hey Chet,
          I’m no expert, and if this is wrong I welcome any corrections, but from what I’ve read/heard, it’s not ideal to be in ketosis (fat burning mode), for more than 3-4 days straight. I believe one day of eating carbs (100-150g), is recommended to break ketosis, then you can return to IF the following day.
          Hope this helps (and is accurate).

        • Hi Moe, The same day after I posted that question I noticed that you could load more comments. If you go down further this page Dave actually answered the same question I had by stating that he is doing IF for 6 days in a row and then one day of braking the fast.

  • Elai

    It shouldn’t matter if we take pill suppliments such as l-glutamine, lecithin/fish oil, multivitamins,etc at any time right?

    • Dave Asprey

      Not unless they make you nauseous!

  • What if you don’t like coffee and drink organic green tea instead would bulletproof tea work just as well?

    • Dave Asprey


  • Hunter

    Just wondering about those who work till 5pm, get home around 530pm and then workout. Would we still start eating around the 2pm mark? Or should we have a whey shake or something similar? Thanks. Hunter

    • Dave Asprey

      You’ll get 2 of the 3 MTOR stimulating activities (coffee and fasting) even if you have lunch. Do Upgraded Whey after working out!

  • I received my Collagen Peptide with Amino Acids the other day. It really makes your gut feel good, even while you’re drinking it. Because it says to take it on an empty stomach, my question is: will it break my fast? If so, how long after my last cup of BPC should I wait before consuming it?

    • Dave Asprey

      Yes collagen breaks the fast. Anything but fat will do that! Drink in the evening or after workouts.

  • Jess J

    i’m a female with 30+ pounds to lose and addicted to diet coke which i know is ABSOLUTELY NOT a BP food. i’m working on it as you said. used to drink a 12 pack a day. now down to 4. i’ll get there. i guess i’m confused as to whether I can add fish oil to my BP coffee in the morning. i saw below you said no protein powder which makes sense. but fish oil will prevent ketosis as well?

    • Dave Asprey

      Fish oil you can take in capsules…don’t put it in the coffee. Bleah. Krill is better than fish.

  • Wraptobelieve

    I wrap once a week with a site specific detoxing body wrap. Will that help me during this fasting? http://www.wraptobelieve.com Thank you so much for this – I have been looking for something like it for so long! I started it today and feel great!!!

  • Jon

    would xylitol break the fast?

    • Dave Asprey

      Xylitol yes stevia no

  • Zack_Leman

    What is alpha lipoic acid best used for? Do you take it daily or for any specific purposes? Is it redundant if already using L-glutathione / upgraded whey?

    • Dave Asprey

      Glutathione and whey are great and remove one of the reasons for taking ALA. The other two reasons for ALA are for its antioxidant capabilities and it increases carb uptake before a high carb meal.

  • Ulyana

    Hello Dave!

    I’m 22, medical student. I’ve been eating Paleo for a year or so because it makes me feal great! Since discovering your blog and your work, I’m reading your articles or listening to podcasts almost every day and I’m enjoying this information that our professors at university would never tell us…
    Earlier I tried regular IF (14.16 or 20 hours) and honestly I disliked how I felt and performed. Not eating for 16 hours was quit easy but then I would eat really large amounts of food and my hunger hormones would never seem to be satisfied 😉
    Enter Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting 3 weeks ago: I drink coffee with grass fed butter & MCT oil when I get hungry in the morning (usually at 9-10 am) and then I’m full until afternoon (3-4 pm)!! I go to lectures and to gross anatomy class fully energized and absolutely not hungry. I do not have to think about food or to bother preparing something to take with me to college! It’s such a life-saver for a student. Mentally and physically I’m on top, so after my classes I can even go to the gym for a short and intense workout!
    I just really want to thank you for all the research you are doing and for helping people getting healthier, stronger and smarter!
    God bless you and your family!

    • Tom

      You have to give your body time to adapt. IF is more of a lifestyle change than a diet.

  • soph

    i have to ask, what happened if you dont like coffee:( is there a substitute we can put the oil and butter in to drink?

    • lakelady

      I’d love to know the answer to this as well. It’s a bit disappointing to see that this was asked two weeks ago and there’s yet to be an answer

      • Dave Asprey

        Hmmm…there is no SLA for free advice!

        Green or herbal tea works too, chamomile is great.

    • Elizabeth

      Sometimes, as an alternative to coffee, I drink a low sodium vegetable or chicken bullion cube with the fats blended in. Pretty good!

  • Tracey

    What is the difference between the MCT oil and just plain Extra virgin coconut oil?

  • Tracey

    Also…should the fast be broken with specific foods or any foods from the list?

  • KED

    Will adding a tablespoon or less of unsweetened cocoa powder to my BPC in the morning take me out of the fasting or ketonic state?

    • Dave Asprey

      Depends on your sensitivity. Probably not!

  • Thundar

    Okay. You explain how important washed coffee beans are. I ordered some. But what is the “best” way to store the beans? Pantry, fridge, freezer?

    • AlanW

      I use an air tight bean store. You can pick one up from Bed Bath and Beyond for like $12-14

  • Filipa

    Any problem on following this protocol while doing the Insanity Workouts? Is it to intense to do while fasting? Thank you.

    • It depends on you. Females generally have a harder time with any kind of fasting, but it can work. As a general rule, you’re probably fine since the workouts are short. Just don’t overdo it.

      • Dave Asprey

        Insanity is an overtraining protocol. Bad idea.

  • I don’t know id this has been asked or answered so I apologise but I cant get my head around why you would eat anything in the morning (BP Coffee).

    Surely over night your body will have digested the food eaten the previous night (Fats and Proteins) and gotten itself into body fat burning mode over night.

    So adding a BPC in the morning would surely be breaking your fast, as you’ve just added an outside source of fuel (Fat) causing you to “break your fast” thus pausing your body from burning body fat to concentrate on burning the consumed fats, just to bring you back into fat burning after the consumed fats have been used up, which I assume takes about 2- 4 hours.

    So you are basically halting using body fat for Fuel, for 2-4 hours with consumed fat and then going back to body fat for fuel after the consumed fats are depleted, in essence you are loosing 2-4 hours of body fat burn.

    I understand you would loose body fat anyway ad you are still burning body fat on either end of the BPC, but surely it would be a faster weight loss skipping the BPC all together allowing your body to keep using Body fat at a constant rate.

    Where am I going wrong here?

    • Dave Asprey

      Your logic contains a lot of assumptions. You eat BP coffee because it tells your body that there is no famine, that the healthiest calories (fat) are available, and they are preferential fuel. Many people who plateaued on normal IF break through on BP IF. Plus, you feel way better on BP IF so you get more done. Easier, better results, higher performance. Bulletproof!

      • Ok that makes sense. If I’m eating BP coffee because it tells my body that there is no famine, and the fat provides a bit of extra energy, wouldn’t it be ok to add some carb-free protein powder or egg whites into the BP coffee, as fat is preferential fuel, your body is using the fat as energy, and the protein to build/maintain the muscles, since you’re consuming food anyway wouldn’t protein be ok?

        • Dave Asprey

          Protein breaks the fast; fat doesn’t!

  • double post, sorry.

  • Bob

    I don’t see the point of added dietary fat. Ketosis is Ketosis. You will be in Ketosis eating 0 dietary fat in the morning. Atkins Vs. PSMF is simply a matter of how much fat you add to your diet. I’ve been in deep ketosis on a PSMF with all the hunger dulling effects and weightloss and haven’t added MCT, butter or anything else to my food. I’ve also been eating only lean protein and veggies. The added fat just adds calories.

    • Dave Asprey

      The fat takes away the hunger and dullness but not the fat loss. It is less stressful physiologically too.

  • Has anybody tried taking only bullet proof coffee one day and eat bulletproof the next?

  • I might try doing the bp coffee only in the morning and only eating at dinner time between 6-7pm only. Giving myself only a 1 hour window for eating. Would this still give me the same effects?

    • Dave Asprey


  • Ashley

    I’m new to all this and may be a bit ignorant to the lifestyle. No where in here have I found mention of water. Is it an all day everyday drink or should I completely abstain from anything breaching my lips during the fasting time periods?

    • Dave Asprey

      Drink all you want; use some salt if you drink a lot.

  • Tracy

    Can we drink the bullet proof coffee before 8 am and still get the benefits? I am out the door before then.



    • Dave Asprey


  • Craigp81

    So if I only consume pure fat in the morning with my coffee, ketosis continues (unlike a breakfast of protein or carbs)?! This is brilliant!

    I used to drink coffee with milk which made me feel full … until I realized how insulinogenic milk is. The fat in butter gives a similar feel to the coffee as if milk has been added … but strangely different. And with cinnamon it is even better.

    Thanks a million. Having tried your Bulletproof coffee recently, this is the best suggestion for weight loss ever!

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  • Loric4

    How many days do you follow the above protocol?? Not sure I understand. I bought your coffee and am ready. Could you do a 24 hour fast not eating after 8 then BP coffee in a.m. and dinner at 8?? Do that once per week? Or how many days do you do the above protocol??

    • Dave Asprey

      I do the “no food for 18 hours except BP coffee” plan about 6 days a week.

      • I am sorry. I didn’t notice that you could load more comments. This actually answers my question. Now I happen to be a student and as you may know students have the strange habit of drinking beer;). So let’s say I drink on two or three nights a week, would it still be a good idea to start the day like you are doing with IF(BPcoffee and no food until 2pm) even though you are not really fasting from 8PM (because beer = loaded with carbs)? You see this is very important to me. I know it is not the best but would it still be better to combine a lot fat with a lot higher intake of carbs on a few days than the normal diet(here in Holland we eat a lot of bread so a lot of carbs)? Being a student and eating the perfect healthy diet is very hard since none of my student friends is really diet/health concerned.

  • Aaronjparks

    Great article. I found the site about a month ago and am really enjoying it! My question regards IF and autophagy. Does coconut oil/mct oil/butter in a morning tea or coffee stop the fasting from an autophagy perspective?

    • Dave Asprey

      It does not stop the autophagy as I understand it; protein or carbs would stop it.

  • Zack_Leman

    1:Do you only have a good helping of xylitol on your carb re-feed days or also on your low carb days?

    2: Is dextrose from non-GMO corn good for carb re-feed days or should I try to find tapioca dextrose? (Mycotoxin problem? )

    • Dave Asprey

      Tapioca is superior to corn but dextrose is pretty darn purified. See if your body notices a difference. Xylitol is okay on any day.

  • Mariah

    I saw mentions of a ‘re-feed’ day but no mention of how often that is or what it entails. Can you explain? I am really excited to try this. I am a mom of 3, about 30 pounds of fat to lose, and CrossFit 3 times a week.

    • Dave Asprey

      Try Crossfit once per week instead; better results faster. ? The day of crossfit, after the workout, do a day with as many bulletproof carbs as you want (white rice, sweet potato) and fat and protein, but lots of carbs.

      • Mariah

        Ok so on CrossFit day, no need to fast that day – is that right? And fast the other days that I don’t do CF with BP Coffee in the AM and start eating at 2pm. K…. I think I got this. Ordering my stuff tonight! YAYER!

        • Dave Asprey

          Best is to fast before Crossfit (except BP Coffee/fats) and then when you’re done with it, eat all the carbs and fat and protein you want, but make sure you get 150 grams + of healthy carbs that day.

        • Ann2222222

          Why do you need 150 grams of carbs after work-out? I practice a strict low-carb-high-fat diet, that I think is the best thing for any (healthy) body, and do not want to “ruin” this by introducing that much extra carbs. Can I stick to less (say 10 grams that day)?

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  • Can I eat sweet potatoes every day? I’m trying to bulk up and burn fat at the same time. I can’t find high quality grass fed/non gmo/whey protein at a price that is realistic and affordable for me. Also grass fed raw milk is like $28 per gallon where I’m at and the expiration date is like a few days to a week long. Is it really going to to hurt me that much if I drink pasteurized milk with your average unsweetened whey protein isolate 3 times a week?

    • Dave Asprey

      Yes. Drinking industrial milk is really going to hurt you!
      Don’t do starchy carbs every day – you want to be in ketosis often but not always.

      • Thanks for the reply. How about the whey protein?

        • Dave Asprey

          The only whey I would drink is Upgraded Whey! ?

        • Thanks for your help Dave. I have lost 12lbs in the last 4 days thanks to “BPIF”. And that’s with one of my meals being in the red zone “corn tortillas tongue tacos” lol. I understand your a strong advocate of working out less. The reason that I body build 3 times a week a week is because I separate what muscle groups I work out. Day 1 Legs/Abs, Day 2 Chest/Triceps/Shoulders and Day 3 Back/Biceps. Also I do a 10 minute jump rope interval once a week. Would it affect me in negative way to stick to that program? Or do you really only suggest 2 days a week max?

        • I would love to give it a try one of these days. I’m sure its amazing but darn expensive for my budget. Not saying that is its not worth it but I will have to hold of for a minute. I’m really excited to buy the bulletproof mindware next month tho.

  • What I would really love about this is that now I can afford grass feed beef.

  • Would it be ok, f I do weight lifting 3 times a week and do a 10 minute jump roping interval once a week? While doing BFIF? My lifting sessions only last 45 minutes.

    • Dave Asprey

      3x/week weights is a lot. Try 2 instead.

  • Should if I’m doing “BPIF” do you recommended getting off ketosis once a week as well by eating sweet potatoes or rice? Or is that only for the “RFL”?

  • Also my wife is doing this with me as well. She drinks sea salt and water and says that she feels bloated. Can it be the sea salt that is making her bloated?

  • Dunc

    Dave, I would like to begin the BP-IF. I work out at a Crossfit Gym at 6:00 a.m. and normally drink a mixture of BCAA’s before/during my workout and then some protein/recovery drink shortly after. I follow that up with BP Coffee on the way to work. I assume this will not work for the BP-IF but I worry about not consuming a recovery drink after workout. If I worked out in the afternoon or evening I wouldn’t be concerned but the morning workout works best for my schedule and feel that I need the supplements/recovery. Any recommendations?

  • Laura

    I haven’t seen this covered yet, but if it was, my apologies. I typically dont workout until the late afternoon (usually 630-8ish). would it be ok to adjust the feeding window (maybe fast until 4 and then finish eating around 10?). I wasn’t sure if the 6 hours or when they were placed was the important part. Thanks!

    • reisbaron

      The exact times of the fast/feed windows does not matter. Just make sure the fast is 16+ hours, and the feed window is the rest…I eat from 8am to 4pm, but that’s far less popular for people who enjoy dinner…whatever works for you.

  • Anonymous

    What if you despise the taste of coffee, any hacks for that? LOL

  • Amber

    Hi Dave,
    I’m wondering if coffee is a MUST when doing bulletproof intermittent fasting, or if the core of the results come from the MCT oil and butter and the liquid could change? I’ve never been a coffee drinker (i’m 16), and I know people say they put the fats in their TEA, but putting butter and MCT oil in tea sounds nasty to me (oil settling on top of an even more watery substance than coffee BLEH no offense to those who do it) but if I didn’t want to use coffee, would putting it in maybe a cup of unsweetened coconut milk and opt. cocoa powder with stevia and the fats provide the same fat loss results? I wasn’t sure if it would work the same since coffee apparently has such a good affect on metabolism, and I wasn’t sure if THAT actually was the bulk of why it creates fat loss? But like I said I’ve never been a coffee drinker, and what if I’m insulin-resistant to coffee or something and end of worse off? I’ve had coconut milk before and KNOW that i’m fine with it so I’m just wondering if it would work as an equal alternative to the coffee as a base for the fats as far as fat loss? Thank you!!

  • Amber

    I’m not sure where my last comment went but… would unsweetened coconut milk work as a base for the fats too? I’m 16 and not sure I want to start drinking coffee, and I don’t think I could stomach the oil settling on top of such a watery substance such as tea. Would the coconut milk ruin the fat loss benefits since it’s a source of calories unlike coffee and tea? And will it work the same for fat loss even though there’s no stimulis from caffine? Thank you!

  • amber

    I’m not sure where my last comment went but… would unsweetened coconut milk work as a base for the fats too? I’m 16 and not sure I want to start drinking coffee, and I don’t think I could stomach the oil settling on top of such a watery substance such as tea. Would the coconut milk ruin the fat loss benefits since it’s a source of calories unlike coffee and tea? And will it work the same for fat loss even though there’s no stimulis from caffine? Thank you!

  • LivRDamage

    I am pretty excited to try this out, as IF by itself was a little too intense…I have a question about the MCT oil, though – if I’m ordering it but want to start the BPIF right away, can I still get by without the oil and just the coffee/Kerry Gold combination? I was considering just buying the MCT oil from a store so that I could start sooner.

    • AlanW

      I did this exact thing. only I picked up some coconut oil and added a couple of table spoons of that as well (not a perfect sub for good MCT but it has about 66%) Coffee turned out great and kept me full all day!

  • ModernAphrodite

    Hi – The idea of butter in my coffee freaks me out and the MCT oil is expensive. What would be the effect of subbing in extra-virgin coconut oil instead? I am female, 35, about 50 lbs overweight.

    • reisbaron

      It would simply decrease the benefits of the drink, as MCT oil is a minority ingredient of standard EV coconut oil. If you take out the oil AND the butter, well you’re basically just drinking good quality coffee with a good quality food added to it. But the benefits will be minimal compared to those of actual BP coffee. The CLA in the butter and the MCTs in the oil are the whole reason this programs works so well.

  • Samkennedy09

    Hi Dave,

    Just started the Intermittent Fasting. This is Day #4. Just as suggested, I’ve been starting the day with a cup of BP Coffee and then holding off on eating until 2. During the 2-8 pm time window, I’ve been eating a strictly BP Diet, but haven’t been feeling well. In particular, the main symptom is a lack of mental clarity, and a feeling of headaches. There is some slight gastrointestinal discomfort but this seems to be subsiding. The real issue is the “headache”/slow mental processing. I noticed this the first day I began BP IF and had been feeling pretty good prior to starting this regiment. Not sure what the problem is. Could my body be having difficultly processing the fats, hence leading to low energy?

    Please help. I’ve got some weight to lose, but more importantly, I started BP Intermittent fasting in order to GAIN mental clarity, but it seems I’m moving in the wrong direction. Thanks.

    • AdlockHungry


      I can’t be certain, but this sounds like what many refer to as the Paleo Flu, or something like that. Basically, your body has been trained to process carbohydrate as it’s primary energy source and it is going through withdrawal. In the mean time, it takes a period of days to a couple weeks to train your body to fully adapt to using fat as it’s primary energy source. From the personal accounts I’ve seen, greater clarity and energy levels show up after that rather difficult transition period. Might be an even more dramatic adjustment with IF.
      Hopefully someone further along in the IF chain can step in here to confirm/correct. I eat Paleo/BP diet but I don’t do IF because I’m naturally very lean, eat high cal and workout fairly regularly. I drink BP Coffee for the healthy source of extra calories and the yum factor!

  • Oscar

    I have a question, do you do this BP fasting everyday or is it in interval? you mentioned 4 days out of the week you followed protocol. A good weekly plan would be helpful (mon, wed, fri, sun) or (mon-thurs). Does having an off day in between make a difference or do you benefit from a continuous ketosis week. Thanks.

    • sheclimber

      I second this question. Read through everything I could find here and am still not sure if the recommendation is 7 days a week or less.

    • JC

      “…and ended up looking like this after doing it for 4 days per week
      for 2 weeks.” By this I’m assuming at least 4 days a week but one could
      probably do it more than this.

    • Lucca Mordente

      I’m having this exact question now. Is fasting more beneficial if done every day than only 4 days a week?

  • Ann2222

    Are you not supposed to eat *anything* before your mid-day work out? Will that not contribute to muscle breakdown?

  • RAFritchey

    I’m a long-time reader of the Dr’s Eades’ books and websites, and found your site through one of Dr. Mike Eades’ posts about coffee.

    I had a question about fitting the workout portion in with BPIF. It’s my understanding that one of the major benefits of the style of resistance training you and the Eadese’s/Fred Hahn recommend is the release of Growth Hormone (hGH) afterwards, but I’ve heard that studies have shown that eating fat immediately before, or carbs immediately after, working out stop that release of hGH. You recommend not breaking the fast until AFTER the workout, then hitting the ‘green-level’ carbohydrates pretty hard, but perhaps one should dive into the fats and proteins FIRST for a while, and not get to the more carbohydrate rich foods for an hour or two, in order to maximize hGH release?

    • AdlockHungry

      Insulin blocks hGH, thus your concern about carbs post workout, however post workout your body is starved for glycogen, so it goes into what’s called “insulin independent glucose uptake”. What this means is that the carbs you take in will convert to sugar/glucose and immediately be absorbed into your cells, bypassing the insulin pathway. If you do not take in some form of carb post work-out, your body will go to work right away converting the next available nutrients you consume. My understanding is that the protein you consume, in the absence of glucose, will be converted to ketones (esp. since you are already in ketosis) rather than being utilized for muscle rebuilding. I’m a little fuzzy on the exact biomechanics here, but the basic idea is accurate. hGH will not be blocked during this workout recovery period as a result of an appropriate qty of carbohydrate.

  • Happy

    I just started this protocol after going low carb for about 10 weeks, and finding the results mixed. I had dropped ten pounds in those 10 weeks, but having to keep carbs under 20-25 net g/day. But with this protocol, I have lost 4 pounds in 5 days. Staying low carb is EASY now! And I have tons more energy than I had had for the last 6 to 8 weeks. My DH, who does not have to lose any weight, has started with the coffee in the AM, and is loving it! Four days for him, and his pants were loose this morning. 🙂 Thank you!!!

    • Guest

      Wow, you may be the first Major League pitcher to try the diet! What team do you play for?

      • Joey


    • Dave Asprey

      Comments like this make this whole blog worthwhile!

      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand…

      • Carl Hedberg

        Right on and Thank YOU Dave!

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  • Hunter

    Does a shorter eating window work? Say around four or so? I have a bulletproof coffee in the morning and another around lunch time. I work till five and get home around five thirty.

  • Kastellos

    Am I permitted black coffee (not BD coffee) after 8:00 PM?

    • Dave Asprey

      Only if it doesn’t hurt your sleep. It does for most.

  • Suzette

    Hi Dave

    I am just starting out. I have diabetes, weigh 300 lbs, and a host of other health problems. However, I have done bulletproof diet about 80% of the time and have lost 40 lbs in 7 months. I am now at the point that I want to do the IF and started last week with coffee then eating about 1pm or so (still 18 hours pass from the last time I ate-grin). I take night time insulin which is required (I don’t have a choice) my sugars are still extremely fluctuating from 140-180 but I know over time I keep losing weight it will be get lower and better. I am Deaf so English is not best language for me I like to use sign language :-). Anyway, I wanted to know how long is it safe for me to do the IF protocol? and sometimes I have horrible sleep problems (can’t sleep till 2:00AM!) anything I can take to help me with sleep??

    • JedaroJr

      Try sublingual melatonin for sleep. Also, go 100 percent and see how that impacts!

      • crittersNkids

        Melatonin wakes me up and flips me out. Are there other options?

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  • Jimmm

    I’m confused about one thing. In an earlier post you mentioned you *should* have carbs (sweet potatoes, rice etc) after a workout with weights? Is protein better or both or does it depend on individual goals whether to eat protein and fat after workout vs carbs?

    Thanks for the site btw.

    • reisbaron

      Individual goals are key. Good carbs (squash, sweet potato), Protein and fat are the ideal combo post-workout. But if you’re looking to stay in ketosis for weight loss, at least take in the protein & fat. Your muscles need it, and benefit the most within the first 15 minutes after you put the weights down.

  • jenfunmama

    ok there has got to be an easier place to understand all of this. Dave do you have a few difference scenerios written down to EASILY understand? Example I get up at 5:45 almost everyday and usually have coffee and breakfast and hr later and exercise by 9. I weight train twice a week and walk 3-4 times a week. I just want to know when to have coffee, when can I eat and when to stop. Also I eat Garden of life Raw protein once a day usually lunch time…..what about that?

    • reisbaron

      Using the info from this site, the answers are pretty easy. Pick an 8-hour window each day where you want to eat. When you’re in that window of time, eat as much as you choose along the guidelines of the BP diet. If you’re in the other 16-hour window (i.e. the fasting period) you can have anything zero-calorie (i.e. water, supplements) and BP coffee/tea.

      So you dictate the exact times, as long as the above guidelines are followed.

  • Denise

    If I take an l-tyrosine supplement in the am on an empty stomach, will it stop the fast?

    • Dave Asprey

      No; I do that too

      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

      • Bella

        Is sent from my nobile phone a typo or some type of joke? Shouldn’t it be, sent from my mobile? I am not trying to be rude – it is a genuine question. Also, I realize I am replying to a message sent a year ago.

        Dave, I am a 31 year old female. I am 5’2 and 225lbs according to my scale, yesterday. I am currently doing IF with just black coffee and herbal teas (mostly 16 hour fasts some longer up to 24 hours and some shorter 14 hours) (been doing this about a month). I can see results (even with not the best eating choices all the time during “feeding periods”) but the scale is not going down it is actually going up – I feel fine, great actually – I am taking fish-oil, a multi-vitamin, and drinking organic milk during the “feeding period”. I also drink pure matcha (ceremonial grade pure green tea) during the feeding period and organic dandelion root tea (for detox). I used to get really sick from not eating because I would put sugar and milk in my coffee and not eat all day, never lost weight or felt good. But I have never liked eating all day (six meals, please! who has time for that?) so IF works for me big time, especially now that I am accustomed to it and do not get sick from not eating at all. I actually kind of dread eating now because I am more eat to live now than live to eat. In any case, I have pretty serious adrenal issues insofar as I only have 1 not 2. Also have possible PCOS and thyroid issues – not sure what my cortisol looks like at the moment but I did have at least a 6 month window last year when every-time it was tested it was through the roof (fasting and random). I was told I am negative for Cushings Syndrome. I also have LQTS which is a rare congenital heart arrhythmia. Any advice on which protocol is better for my situation leangains or BPIF? Not looking to be super fertile for the next year or so but I definitely want to have another child (already have 1).

        • Be careful re: IF and fasting due to adrenal issues + being female — it can stress the hormonal need chain and drain the adrenals more.

          Thyroid, PCOS, and only 1 adrenal all seem to be potential reasons to be careful.

          I think Dave mentions elsewhere, or at least in his book, that women often do less well with severe intermittent fasting.

          I’ve heard about/experienced the same detrimental effects with adrenal + hormonal + thyroid + similar-to-PCOS issues.

          But, your mileage may, of course, vary. 🙂

        • Another thing worth noting: pre-conception nutrition and post-conception are quite important to the health of the child, and IF may be detrimental to that.

          Dave’s wife wrote a book re: conceiving/pregnancy and a healthy child. I haven’t read it, as it hasn’t pertained to my life, but given the quality and rarity of his compendium of info on this website/blog, I suspect it’s worth reading if conception + pregnancy is something which matters a lot to you.


  • Damon

    Just started eating bulletproof thinking of trying the Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting Protocol. I had been using a Vitamix in the morning (1/2 apple, 1 carrot, 1c. Kale, 1tbs butter, 1 tbs coconut oil) will this screw up the fast?

    • reisbaron

      Yes. Any caloric intake outside of BP coffee will end the fasting window. Time your shake appropriately…

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  • Mags

    I’ve been eating Paleo for about a year with fantastic results. Then, about two months ago, I introduced Bulletproof coffee. Phenomenal!! And, about three weeks ago I added Intermittent Fasting. For some reason, I’m putting on weight (I can tell by my clothes!) and I’ve developed acne (the cystic kind). Overall, I feel great except that I’m experiencing pretty serious bloating (my wedding ring wont fit ;o)). The weight gain seems to have gone to my stomach, which is not usually where it goes if I pack on pounds. I’m a 31 year-old, 5’6 female weighting a steady 142 lbs. for the last year or so.

    Anyone else experience weight gain with IF?
    Dave, any explanation as to whats happening?

    P.S. During the 6 hour feeding window I find that I can’t eat HALF the amount of food I used to, nor do I try….

    • Anthony

      You are detoxifying, give it more time. Toxins are stored in FAT so when you burn it you are releasing it.

    • sarah

      This is a late reply, but it may still help you. I ran into the same problem, I started with mostly butter and small amounts of mct. I lost weight quickly and easily, and wanted to up the MCT because I loved the way it made my head feel! I did equal amounts MCT and butter (about 1.5 tbsp of each) and in a week I gained about 3 lbs (I’m 5`4 about 130)… and was discouraged, but saw on the forum that someone’s wife decreased the MCT and got back on track so I tried that. Now my coffee is upgraded coffee, about 2.5 tbsp of butter, and 1 tsp of MCT. I’ve lost steadily again since doing this and am happy. Steadily for me is about 4-6 lbs per month which I’m really excited about because I’m not starving myself or working out in excess, and I feel amazing. I felt like shit when I would diet before just to lose a couple pounds that would come back the day I skipped a long run. So much easier this way! Point is, try changing the ratio of MCT to butter and see if your bloating goes down 🙂 good luck!

      • Jack Falcon

        I just ordered some mct oil.i don’t see how it can stall or put on weight it is so low on calories so maybe it is stressing the body and putting it into defense mode?that would be theoretical I mean i had all kinds of side effects when first starting coconut oil like that acne/irregularity and then it went away so maybe its the same thing with mct oil? just a theory

        • Sharon James

          As a nurse we give it to oatients to gain weight so yes it’s possible.

        • Jack Falcon

          well how much do you give? must be chugging the stuff

        • Sharon James

          1 milliliter twice a day which is very very little.

        • Jack Falcon

          I can’t see how the caloric intake of 1ml (about 30 calories) of fat could effect anyone in any meaningful way.whats the science behind that?

        • Lizzie Purnell-Webb

          I think you will find its not the calories in MCT/Coconut oil, but the fat content, which helps put on weight, hence why we use on patients and Low carb eating

        • Paul Meyer

          That is coming from “old” data. Fat does not help to put on weight. In reality, weight gain is caused mostly by sugar and high carb grains, pastas and rice.
          The above mentioned items load up the glycogen stores in the body and lower the amount of ketones flowing in the blood stream. If we continue to include high sugar and carbs in the daily diet, the glycogen stores never empty therefore fat is never burned. Glycogen stores are emptied completely on high fat, low carb diets, which results in higher than normal ketone levels and much more apparent fat burning, even without being in full blown ketosis.

        • Carl Hedberg

          Your right, the MCt was for brain but the bag of glucose was the other tube, friend on Facebook Judy Baker and her husband Dean issues with hospital feeding and the fight for a fat adapted husband!

    • captobvious

      Listen to yourself. “Fantastic results with paleo, weight gain and acne with IF”. Do you really think you are “detoxifying” from paleo??? Go back. Paleo is a simple lifestyle disguised as a diet, IF is silly. Results speak for themselves. Everytime someone says ‘replace your food with my product’ your radar should go off.

      • joe

        Fasting is not taking any product, not even food buddy, haha, wow.

        • S

          Dave doesn’t suggest any of his products for fasting?

      • Tom

        I get what you’re saying about the “replace with my product” bit, but IF does work, bulletproof or otherwise.

        It’s the state our bodies want to be in. We aren’t designed to be processing food all the time.

    • Vicky

      are you using grass fed organic butter? If you aren’t using grass fed organic, the cows could have been fed GMO soy. 🙁 Read labels.

    • Frank

      IF can cause havoc on women. You need more carbs around your menstrual cycle and should not be doing IF. My wife also learned this the hard way. Do some research on it and all the people its successful for are typically men. If I was you I would stick to your paleo and improve upon it but would focus more on a 12-hour window at most.

    • Jojo Wright

      Curious, If something was working for you and you got fantastic results, why’d you switch?

    • Cameron

      IF works differently for Females than it does for Males. There may not be a lot of research to back this statement, but there have many females having the same problem you are. I’m not saying something else isn’t going on as well, but the fact is that IF was developed by males for males. It appears some women can get away with it, but it messes with the hormones of other women. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, so I suggest you take even what I say with a grain of salt, but I suggest you find a FEMALE nutritionist that works with females and ask them what’s up.

      Looks like this is a pretty old thread, so you might not even see this or you might not even have the problem any more. Perhaps it will help somebody else.

      • I’m a female and follow Sara Solomon’s IF protocol – well, I’m actually running a bit behind her… She started on 16/8 and went to 20/4, and I’m at about the BP 18/6 right now. She’s now doing ADF which I haven’t got the guts for. Anyway, the point is, I got hooked into her because she’s a girl and she IFs and is exceptionally lean with very few problems. The only times following her advice that I’ve noticed any weight gain was when A) I fell off the wagon, B) I start eating more carbs and carry extra weight because of the glycogen and water weight (your muscles store excess carbs in them as glycogen, and for every 1g of glycogen you store 3g of water so you will see your weight increase on the scale when you eat more carbs… that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re any less fit) or C) I do things known to cause bloat like drinking fizzy drinks excessively, etc.

        I sincerely doubt you actually gained 7lbs in 2wks of fat. Since it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound, that would mean that you ate 24,500 calories *more* than what you expended through normally living and exercise. That would be challenging to do even if you tried in two weeks.

        • Sari

          Hey Sassy.. interesting comment! are you still doing the IF ? Would love to know how it worked out for you.
          Best, Sarah

    • kathykathy

      Another late reply, but I seem to gain on coconut /mct oil. I immediately start packing it on. I stuck with it for a few weeks after I was advised I was “detoxing”. Sorry, but after a 7lb gain in two weeks, I decided that “detoxing” wasn’t worth it. I am one of the few I suppose that it doesn’t work for. It may be worth mentioning that according to the blood type diet , for which I am ab-, the most rare, coconut is a big no no. I don’t adhere to this diet, it’s questionable, but that is evidence (my experience) enough that I do stay away from coconut.

      • Tom

        The blood-type diet has no scientific merit.

        • SeekingTruth

          I personally know three people who were in Kidney Failure and the Blood-Type Diet saved their lives.

      • voss

        You may have metabolic syndrom (metobolic B, syndrom x are different names for it). Straight fasting doesn’t work for us types. You can cut your calories way back on ‘fasting’ days, but don’t not eat. And paleo worked for you because it is low carb. That’s metabolic B characteristic. Hope this helps.

    • Dadinco

      I think you were pregnant haha

    • Don’t know if you will see this, but you might look into eliminating all dairy for 3 weeks and then try adding it back in one meal a day for 3 or 4 days, and see if you react. I went through this elimination protocol recently and found out that I had bloating and cramping after my BP coffee. I make my own ghee now with Kerrygold, and use some of that, some coconut cream, and MCT in my coffee, and that seems to work better. Butter has several milk solids (proteins, not lactose) in it that can cause problems for some. You may have heard butter and cream are fine for most people. Not if you have sensitvity to the dairy proteins. And if you do, you will get inflammation which can lead to weight gain. Also found eggs caused trouble for me. BTW, the acne is often symptomatic of problems with dairy.

    • Bernadette Somers

      Weight gain around the stomach can be related to Cortisol.
      Women respond very differently to fasting. An increase in cortisol can make your body store fat not burn it if your body detects it is under stress( fasting)
      Women’s bodies are more about maintaining a hormonal balance for reproduction. Fasting can tell the body to store fat and don’t reproduce in simple terms. Peri menopausal women- it’s a whole different scenario as the adrenals are supporting the ovaries and won’t tolerate the increase demand for cortisol production
      I am with you- IF doesn’t work well for women.
      Dave has one little sentence dedicated to it in his book that says if you are over 40 or have a lot of weight to lose add protein to your bulletproof coffee.
      That’s not a fast
      And coffee increases cortisol production- doesn’t matter how mould fee it is….
      Stick to your Paleo. I did and enjoy better consistent health than the ups and downs of IF. Too much adrenal load

      • Elsie

        After 3 years Paleo of which last year BP, I am feeling confused and despondent. I am coming to the conclusion that IF or The BP coffee ingredients are not working for me. Unlike all of you, I am a 65 yo, post menopausal woman with MS. The MS permitsa 3 mile walk or a 5 mile bike ride or a 30 minute yoga plus weights session daily. I feel good and have improved general health, strength and fitness over these 3 years BUT I would also like to have a waistline! My weight varies between 148 – 152 lbs, I look fairly slim EXCEPT for my waist. I am 5’9″. I burn between 1800 and 2000 cals daily. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it must be either the IF ( which I find easy) or the BP ingredients of MCT and ghee, combined with post menopause hormones which is preventing weight loss / shaping up of waistline. Does anyone know of any research using post menopausal women/weight loss. I know that exercise for weight loss during IF is successful for men, but is NOT for women – hormonal effect… Can anyone help me and suggest quantities of macros etc. Any help much appreciated.

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  • Tikal

    Is it okay to take BCAA before step 2.5 or is the BP Coffee the only thing that should be in your system before working out?

    • Dave Asprey

      I haven’t tested extensively but my anecdotal experiences say its ok, at least for me.
      Sent from my nobile phone. You understand….

  • Lisa K.

    I’m a 49 year old woman who’s been on the Autoimmune Protocol for Paleo the last 4 months. Happy to say I’m feeling great, off almost all meds and down 30+ pounds. I had a thyroidectomy and rely on Synthroid unfortunately. I’ve spent the last 8 weeks healing leaky gut and doing an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial/anti-parasite treatment as well as a liver cleanse. I’m ready for the next step. Do you think I’m a good candidate for the Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting protocol? (I’ve got maybe 15 pounds yet to lose. I’m starting CrossFit Training tomorrow.) THANK YOU!!!

  • JS

    According to Dr. Mercola activating the mTOR pathway will radically increase your risk of cancers. Any thoughts?

    • Yeah I would also like to hear about this also. If you activate your mTOR pathway and consume an average amount of protein, you’ll drastically increase your risk of cancer?

      • Hewy II

        However, you MUST eat plenty of alkaline foods found in veggies, as a high protein diet causes an acidic environment in your body and THAT is what cancer thrives in

        • Garrett K

          Yep! This is why it’s SO crucial to be eating lots of veggies, and AVOCADOS (as a fat source), since they are super alkalizing. Notice it’s all greens in the left side of the veggies and fruits area.

          This is some good information from another site.

          “Alkaline foods are those you already know are good for you: fresh vegetables, salads, leafy greens, low-sugar fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy oils; unrefined, organic, high-water-content foods.

          And acidic foods are those you already know are bad for you: refined foods, fast foods, trans-fats, meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, white bread, white pasta and rice, condiments, alcohol, chocolate, chips, ice cream and pizza.”

          If a person is going to be aiming for 20% carbohydrates from green sources, consider that. If you’re taking in 4500 calories like Dave did in his 2 week test, and 20% of that is from carbs…. look at what all has carbs in his list. Veggies (and some low sugar fruit). That’s 900 calories worth of veggies (or low sugar fruit). To put it into perspective, 100 grams of kale = 49 calories. So… he’s eating a LOT of greens, which help to balance out the acidic nature of the higher amount of protein.

          But here’s the kicker – 20% protein isn’t THAT high. I was reading around that a VEGAN is supposed to be getting .9 grams of protein per Kilo of body weight. Doing a calculation on my self…. 175 pounds / 2.2 = 79.54 kilos. 79.54 * .9 = 71.59.

          Say if I were to take in 1600 calories per day. 20% protein = 320 calories. 320 / 4 (4 calories per gram of protein) = 80 grams of protein per day. That’s with 1600 calories per day intake. It scales upwards, as do the other numbers.

          Here’s another powerful thing…

          “In a 2009 joint study by the USDA and researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina, grass-fed beef was compared with grain-finished beef. The researchers found that grass-finished beef is higher in moisture content, 42.5% lower total lipid content, 54% lower in total fatty acids, 54% higher in beta-carotene, 288% higher in vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), higher in the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin, higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium, 193% higher in total omega-3s, 117% higher in CLA (cis-9 trans-11, which is a potential cancer fighter), 90% higher in vaccenic acid (which can be transformed into CLA), lower in the saturated fats linked with heart disease, and has a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (1.65 vs 4.84). Protein and cholesterol content were equal.[62]”

          Just something to think about 🙂

        • Garrett K

          Yep! This is why it’s SO crucial to be eating lots of veggies, and AVOCADOS (as a fat source), since they are super alkalizing. Notice it’s all greens in the left side of the veggies and fruits area.

          This is some good information from another site.

          “Alkaline foods are those you already know are good for you: fresh vegetables, salads, leafy greens, low-sugar fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy oils; unrefined, organic, high-water-content foods.

          So definitely eat plenty from the green side. Grass fed beef, bison and grass fed butter are actually more alkaline than grain fed animals.

        • Kris

          Unfortunately, that’s not how the body works. Eating alkaline foods won’t cause your body to become more alkaline, just like eating plenty of protein won’t cause you to become more acidic. Your body us far smarter than that. It works hard to keep your pH at 7.4 (or whatever number it is).

        • Jan

          pH doesn´t acutely change because of what you eat, thats right, but if you eat chips and drink cola the body has to work hard through a lot of subsystems to maintain that pH while if you some veggies, good fats, a little bit of good protein and some berries it is much less or even no effort for the body to maintain ph. Which means your body ages slower and can be better maintained by the latter meal.

          So even if ACUTE pH does not change because of what you eat it DOES matter what you provide your body as a fuel.

        • RevBev

          Still, by eating alkaline (high phosphorous) one circumvents the body’s need to overwork to compensate in maintaining a 7.35-7.45 pH balance metabolically. Less work to compensate/maintain homeostasis =increased health/wellness.

        • Ceadda March

          More wooo. You can’t change your pH by what you eat.

    • Armin

      Just some thoughts: If you put your body into a “growing” state, all cells tend to grow, also cancer cells. However, if it is true that cancer cells feed on sugar, a ketogenic diet like Bulletproof IF would mitigate/eliminate these effects?!

    • Curt

      If this was true, bodybuilders would experience cancer at a higher rate than others, since resistance exercises like weight training have the most significant effect on mTOR. I have never heard of this being the case. Nor does it seem to be the case that coffee-drinkers experience more cancer.

      I suspect, therefore, that you are safe.

    • kate

      In this article: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/why-decaf-coffee-is-back-and-now-bulletproof/ Dave mention that caffeine inhibits mTOR (he was explaining why you shouldn’t drink coffee post workout if you want to gain muscles)

    • Kohl

      According to dr. Mercola, everything in the world causes cancer. Dude is the biggest fear monger ever. You’d be able to eat 2 things and live in a bubble if you listened to all of his advice.

      • newy219 .

        It’s called reality. He gives a long list of foods you can eat. Unfortunately the crap at the grocery store isn’t included in that. I guess ignorance is bliss?

      • Ceadda March

        Not tanning beds! He recommends tanning beds to avoid melanoma! He’s a dangerous quack.

    • Ceadda March

      Mercola is a quack. He recommends tanning beds to stave off melanoma. Avoid him.

  • Ti

    Hey – During intermittent fast can i drink as much bulletproof coffee as I want until 2? if so, can i make coffee in the am and keep on ice? Also, what’s wrong with using salted butter, have you tried it – it taste good.

  • trez

    not sure what I am doing wrong, i can not and have not lost 1 pound during the last 10 days with only two off, during intermittent fasting. I do exactly what is written down and nada, I will say my stomach is a little smaller, as in I don’t eat as much, and my pants fit comfortably, but I haven’t lost pound one, nor have I even dropped a belt loop or pant size.
    I will say that I haven’t been hungry, I have had really good mental focus and clarity, I also have lots of energy, but as for losing weight….. nothing….. losing fat? I’m not seeing it. what in the hell am I doing wrong, or is my body so messed up, I’m not gonna lose weight…..
    concerned dude.

  • Michelle

    Hi Dave (or anyone in the same boat!)- This is fascinating and I’m going to start tomorrow! Question: I workout at 6 am so do I still wait until 2pm to eat? I know you mentioned skipping dinner and breaking the fast for post-workout breakfast… when does the coffee come into play? I’m concerned about drinking it too late in the day and being up all night. thanks for this great info! Michelle

  • Pat Lewis

    I am extremely diet conscious and tried many things to help boost performance, manage a poor immune system and just feel good consistently. I went bullet proof about 3 weeks ago and feel compelled to say that this thing KICKS ASS. Both my partner and I stick to the bulletproof diet however I have also incorporated the bulletproof coffee and I find it to be MAGIC.

    The key to it is it isnt even hard work ITS EASY!

    I started this morning with a bulletproof coffee and right now (in Aus) its almost 2pm, Ive done a hard interval training session during my lunch and I still havent even had the slightest urge to eat. I normally would be ravenous by 11 am and simply have to eat (basically I would eat consistently through the day)

    Now the good part… I FEEL AWESOME.

    SImply put, right now, this very second, I feel like I could rape a crocodile for days. I could practice tantric on that prehistoric sex slave. Once you start, its addictive. Ive been addicted to food consumption but now Im doing bulletproof fasting EVERY DAY.

    The alternative is not worth considering anymore.


    • reisbaron

      Be sure to maximize the benefits of your workout by having a post-workout meal that’s high in protein and contains fat. A NZ grass-fed whey shake, maybe with some almond butter would be a good choice if you’re weight training. Either way explore this and see how it helps…it will!

      • Garrett K

        This is very interesting, since it’s a turn-around from what we hear in the fitness world, of the ‘magic’ 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein, in a post-workout shake/drink. Definitely requires an mental shift. Still working with it on my own body 😀

        • Carl Hedberg

          Tim Noakes a runner that wrote carb loading book, apologies in his lectures on YouTube for writing that book and knows that it was what lead to him becoming diabetic w/DNA expressed in the negative. The. Real Meal Revolution

  • Kim

    Does it defeat the purpose to drink the coffee and also eat something at breakfast time? Does the butter/mct oil/coffee have benefits if you’re not using it as a means of fasting?

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  • London Chick

    sexy! I have a huge crush on Dave Asprey!! 😉

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  • Brian

    Drinking coffee with butter and MCT oil puts an immediate end to a fast. As soon as triglycerides enter the bloodstream, the body will stop burning fat, putting an end to the fast…so I’m confused how this is better

    • Marcus

      I agree. None of this is intermittent fasting. I enjoy the coffee and the effects but how are fasting articles being cited when you’re essentially breaking a fast with 200-500 calories?

      • Dave Asprey

        If it was true that fat entering the bloodstream made the body stop losing fat, this hypothesis would be true. However, the overwhelming evidence is that when fat enters the blood without protein and carbs, the body burns more fat. There are multiple lean gains practitioners who broke their plateaus using bulletproof coffee.
        This is called bulletproof intermittent fasting. It is not the same as lean gains IF, in that it better preserves energy levels, it works better for women, it works better for people on less sleep, and it provides for more mental focus. It decimates food cravings and hunger and requires about zero willpower.

        • Robert Kemp

          “…the overwhelming evidence is that when fat enters the blood without protein and carbs, the body burns more fat.”

          Dave, are you saying that one burns more “body fat” in the face of more “dietary fat”, i.e., a net loss? Where can I find the evidence for this?

          On a related note, I’ve tried BP coffee (w/ coco oil or MCT) on several occasions, and it does not sate me; if anything, the oil seems to stimulate my appetite. I’ve found it easier to IF w/ straight coffee.

        • Flora

          Same here, did you find out why it didn’t satiete you? I wondered if my body wasn’t metabolising the fat properly

        • Robert Kemp

          I’m guessing that I secrete less CCK than other people – CCK is secreted in the small intestine in response to fatty acids, and is a sating hormone. I’m currently experimenting w/ a very low carb diet, and while I’ve lost a few pounds over the last few weeks, my results are far less dramatic than the losses enjoyed by most other people. Again, could this be due to my genetically (or epi-genetically) unique response to dietary fat?

        • Jack Falcon

          I’ve always read that the more fish oil one takes the more fat is released from the cells.i imagine it maybe something like that

        • Tom

          Everyone is different. It’s as as simple as that. Find what works for you and stick with it.

        • Flora

          What about the protein in butter, is it small enough to be insignificant?

        • Joey

          To me it’s common sense that the body does not stop burning fat, but the question (which may also be common sense), is: does the body stop burning its fat tissue because it has to burn through the fat in the BP coffee first? My assumption would be if I didn’t drink the BP coffee my body would be burning it’s fat stores. Am I wrong? I did drink BP coffee (with just 2 Tbsp of MCT) by the way: I am just wondering if I would burn fat faster if I cut it out?
          Any answers are appreciated.

        • Tom

          Do you have any sources to back that up? Any studies. There are very few studies done on the effects of IF on humans, so I’m curious where you’re getting your information from.

          The basic premise of this being “fasting” is off. You can’t cut your coffee with butter and say you’re on a fast.

    • Jack Falcon

      yeah but according to dave fat doesn’t effect the fasting state so I don’t even know how to test it.

    • Franni

      I believe that fat doesn’t go into the bloodstream it goes straight into the lymphatic system and triglycerides come from fructose being converted into fat in the liver. Check out the work of Ken Sikaris – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E57cFhjpxgw

    • WynnJ

      Definition of fasting is not only absolute abstinence from food, it’s abstinence or limitation of certain foods. This is still considered fasting, just not absolute abstinence of food.

  • Amy H

    If I get hungry during the fasting hours, say at 10pm, can I eat some Kerry Gold butter?

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  • Thomas Tuccillo

    I need some advice… I’m in the military and would like to practice IF but how do I implement it? I have unit PT in the morning which can consist of virtually anything, then we work a full day and I like to do Crossfit in the evening to fill any gaps in physical performance that my morning session missed. So what should my eating schedule look like? My day to day schedule looks like this:
    0700-0830 PT
    0830-1000 Personal Hygiene/Breakfast
    1000-1130 Work
    1130-1300(1 pm)Lunch
    1300-1700(5 pm) Work
    Crossfit sometime that evening
    Bed by 2100(9 pm)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • I’m an ectomorph with a lifelong desire to get my BMI up to 22 (currently around 20). I’m 56, 5-10, 140. Will this work if I include the workouts?

  • Hi. will this work to gain weight?

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  • Ryan Frisinger

    I love your work, Dave. Thanks for freely sharing. I have two questions. First, can you drink decaf bulletproof coffee? I have some adrenal issues and have been avoiding caffeine. Second, can someone with chronically elevated cortisol undertake IF? I can’t seem to find a definitive answer to this in Paleo circles: Some say it is OK; others advise against it. I have started my Paleo odyssey and prefer to IF but want to avoid any further metabolic derangement. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  • I like to add a couple of egg yolks into my BP (makes it frothy and delicious!), which keeps me sated for round 5-6 hours. Would the yolks be a problem if I want to give IF a go?

    • Asa Jay

      DEFINATELY A PROBLEM! Egg yolks are NOT pure fat. They contain 20% proteins and 5% carbs. That’s no bulletproof coffee anymore and most definately no intermittent fasting…

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  • If you wan to boost metabolism further,try oil swishing(or oil pulling) in the morning and you can get extra benefits.

  • Jim

    I’ve yet to read through the comment section but according to the above information I should workout before breaking the fast. I was wondering if I workout in the am (between 5-7am) the used BPC around 8am and followed the steps accordingly if it would be as effective.

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  • Christopher Baines

    I have read through most of the comments and questions, but I did not see anything about hydration. Are you able to drink water as well, or BP coffee only?

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  • Patrick Callaghan

    So for mTOR, does it matter the order of exercise, bp coffee, fasting? More specifically, if I’m beginning my fast at around 8pm, working out at 5:30am, having my bp coffee starting around 7:30am or so on my drive to work, then eating around 2pm, am I messing this up and is there a better way to implement this?

  • brendan

    worth noting that if you take acetylcysteine (or presumably bp glutathione), this will counteract the effect of fasting on mtor and inhibit phagocytosis. I dont know what the parameters are of dosage and timing for this negative effect to be significant or how to benefit from both. It should also be noted that salted butter tastes very nice in coffee!

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  • Woz NJ

    I am new to BP and have been doing BPIF for 4 weeks. My granola friend Jeremy from Washington St (USA) got me started on this. At first I was very skeptical being from NJ (I think as a whole we are trained from birth to get things done so fast that thinking about what your eating kept you from doing things!) Besides those west coast-er granola guys are just plain weird or so i thought!

    Been yo-yo-ing on weight gain/loss ever since graduating college…might have had something to do with the discovery of beer and late night pizza.

    I have been eating healthy the last 10 years as we all were taught for weight loss, low fat, low carb, low calorie etc. Use to work out 3 days per week 30-45 min cardio, 20-30 mins weight work major muscle groups (no need to work triceps when you cant see your toes!). Saw very little results and plateud, stopped working out! Did biggest loser cookbook lost about 25 lbs then stopped. Don’t know why just bored i guess and gained it all back plus some!

    After reading the posts I started believing and agreeing with Dave and BP.

    44 old male, 6 ft, 260lbs BMI~36% (based on Hght/wght calc)

    4 week results:
    Lost 18 lbs, (gained back 2 after a few cocktails with friends.

    I wanted to share some of the effects I had my Granola buddy says no one else reporting these.

    Will do that in separate post.

    Thanks Jeremy and Dave!

  • Woz NJ

    Here are my weekly results and observations, effects after 4 weeks on BPIF.

    44 old male, 6 ft, 260lbs BMI~36% (based on Hght/wght calc)
    4 week results:
    Lost 18 lbs, (gained back 2 after a few cocktails with friends.

    Weekly results:
    Week 1
    lost 4 lbs
    Hungry at 10 am, felt like in a fog, weak feeling. Sick to stomach at most of the day felt wiped out tired around 3pm and exhausted 9pm. I think it was lack of calories hard to get off the old ways of losing weight.
    Low carbs, sweet potatoes, carrots, getting rid of Gluten

    Week 2
    Lost 6 lbs
    still hungry in a.m. not feeling that constant sick anymore, still wiped at 3 pm. My granola mentor said to add more MCT to lunch might help. Still kind of foggy, forgetting stuff including dropping a birthday cake off at my sons school(luckily i forgot something else in the car and saw the cake and was able to get it there late after lunch).

    Week 3
    lost 8 more lbs
    got sick with a head cold, feeling more energy, not feeling sick to stomach anymore. started grassfed beef, real eggs etc. had drinks with friends vodka club. no charcoal gained back 2 lbs.
    falling asleep 2-3 hours earlier, waking earlier- only need 7 hours sleep can make it on less or no sleep with little effect.
    cut out gluten almost completely
    Thirsty really thirsty!

    Week 4
    gained 2 lbs (alcohol maybe?)
    can feel the fat off my ribs though scale shows little results.
    cold gone, still hungry 10-11am not feeling sick, knowing when to have more fat
    no longer wiped at 3pm,
    no more foggy feeling
    Still really thirsty cant seem to quench thirst.
    eating good carbs, good nuts, rice pasta getting used to eating more when hungry!!

    If anyone cares i will add a weekly results to help those that are thinking about it.

    Will go to doctor and get blood tests haven’t done that for the past 3 years. All I remember is HDL low at 29, LDL high at 153 total 215?

    Seems to be all falling into place!!

    • Woz NJ

      Ok 3 months have gone by and I am down about 35 Pounds. Still have some loose stools no pain, no groggy, not as thirsty but I need to drink more H2O. Kinda of stuck on this plateau for 3 weeks or so.

      Started cheating a bit, some non Grassfed beef at a cookout, small amount of bread on a sandwich, handful of chips. Still mostly Gluten Free, some beer(with the vitamin PC, Charcoal tabs etc)

      Getting easier eating BP still stuck on some lunch Ideas especially for the wife.

      • Curious – how is life / the BP diet for you going now?

  • Woz NJ


  • yournotfasting

    Adding butter and oil – breaks the fast …you arent IF’ing anymore. Stick with black coffee.

  • dbr

    Just found this excellent site as i am trying to graduate beyond 4HB. I have tried to find the answer within the site and comments but have not found the complete blueprint. The specs for developing the morning bulletproof coffee are excellent but I have not come across an equivalent detailed spec on formula and usage for a non-coffee or green tea drink that will give the best alternate effects. Has anyone fully developed an alternative drink base for BPIF?

    • dbr

      found the answers. Thanks.

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  • dbr

    Bulletproof chocolate. I see the quality of the chocolate – I understand how chocolate is made but I don’t understand the effective difference between standard MCT and your of course higher quality in how it affects the body in use.
    Using all of your products is the goal when finances allow but for now how much less effective or is it effective at all to use grass fed ghee or butter standard MCT and your chocolate?
    Is the cocoa butter required?
    How much chocolate/cocoa butter is required for each drink which also works out to how many days in each bag?
    Definitely understanding the quality/toxins issue but has anyone experimented with a higher end baking chocolate for the drink base?

  • freida

    I used to eat eggs for breakfast at 6 am and they’d hold me through until at least noon. When I drink bulletproof coffee at 6, I’m starving by 8:30. I have to fight with myself to wait until 11 to eat. On top of that, the coffee and fat make me feel bloated and nauseous. I’ve only been doing this a week. Is there some sort of lead in period before all the promised awesome effects kick in?

  • Hi! I’m a huge fan of the bulletproof diet, but my religion forbids coffee. Fasting isn’t a problem for me though, I’ve fasted up to 36 hours without much difficulty. What could I use as an alternitave to coffee in this method of fasting? Could I just do a shot of coconut oil in the morning or something? 😛

    • or could I just eat high quality dark chocolate?

      • Possibly. But ONLY if you eat really dark chocolate, 85-90% chocolate/cocoa content. Most “normal” dark chocolate (the 60-70% type) contains plenty of sugar/carbs (about 30-40g per 100g), which will break the fast. (if you try to eat anything more than 1-2 squares).

    • See my post. Maybe 5,1g of RAW Organic Cocoa Powder would be worth considering? Be aware of the ~11,5 mg caffeine it contains.

  • Hi Dave. I love your site and I admire your work. You have really inspired me in many ways.

    I have a daily fast of 18 hours and I exercise heavily three times a week. I do not want to include any butter or oils in my coffee. Berkhan mentioned that “p70s6 kinase may serve as an indicator of muscle growth” and in order to get raised levels of this GH in a fasted state, I would like to be on the safe side and never exceed the 40 calorie limit outside my eating window. I have calculated that 5,1g of RAW Organic Cocoa Powder (5,000 ORAC units!) equals 21 calories, which doesn’t break the fast. It should work synergistically with a cup of coffee (~2 calories) to support weight loss, focus and alertness and overall health due to the high levels of antioxidants.

    Do you think this is a good alternative or do you have any other ideas? Thank you in advance.

    Greetings from Sweden. Say “Hej” to your wife from me 🙂

    • ME

      I would like to see a response to this as well…

    • Dadinco

      I use only green tea during my fast and it seems to work just fine. I would suggest to drop the Cocoa powder and just stick to black coffee or green tea. If you can’t or don’t want to do that I suggest you read the Warrior’s diet. You can nibble on some veggies and fruits during the day and then have a monster meal at the evening. Check it out if you don’t know it.

  • Eric

    said that MCT’s, if taken for breakfast, may actually block the growth
    hormone response that happens about an hour after waking. My question is
    in regard to bulletproof coffee (which contains MCT oil). Wouldn’t the
    MCT oil work against that?

    “small amounts of fat and even small
    amounts of protein don’t have its great of an effect but if you’re
    introducing, it also depends on the fat. Too much quick acting fat of
    which there are not very many varieties basically Medium-chain
    Triglycerides, those can screw up the process if you have a lot of
    regular fats like animal fats, most of the oils they can take any more
    from 2 to 5 hours to get into your system so you’re not actually
    introducing an exogenous fuel to the system.” -kiefer

    Thanks, loved the article,

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  • LM

    Can you achieve IF with the bulletproof coffee recipe made with cocoa powder, cocoa butter and vanilla?

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  • Will 1tsp of honey before bed (for me usually around 11pm) throw off autophagy?

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  • Danny

    Can you take vitamins with the bulletproof coffee, or does that count as breaking the fast?

  • Alex

    Hi Dave,

    Been eating and doing bulletproof for a while now and I love it. I want to try the BPIF to lose my last 15 lbs. I read through all the comments and saw a post regarding birth control. I was wondering what affect this will have on the fasting/weight loss? I don’t really want to go off of it… Thanks!

  • Elise Cece


    After years of failure, I dropped 30lbs when I went full paleo on 11/20/12….1 still have 30 more to go. Found your site – obsessed with becoming fully bulletproof- and am on my 6th BIF day – legit, no nonsense, to the T like u instruct.

    Thing is, I haven’t seen the scale move yet – plus I feel kinda bloated and my “systems” haven’t been working quite as efficiently as they were when I was full paleo – I’m nervous that all the butter is steering me wrong.

    Still, everything on your site makes 100% sense to me – and I have faith… But I want to ask you…

    Is this bloated feeling normal? Maybe my body is just adjusting to the dairy/fat? When can I expect that adjustment to be complete?

    I’ve also been a little more on the cranky side – do u think that’s because I gave up the “watery bags of sugar” and my body is just adjusting to the change?

    P.s. I’m a 29yr old female and I exercise 5-6 days per week.

  • Dave, Is BP-IF something you are supposed to do indefinitely? I have a very social lifestyle, how does one navigate through those situations, and how does that impact BP-IF protocol? Say I satisfy every aspect of BP-IF, but drink alcohol after 8p, only one, maybe two glasses of the suggested alcohol (if you’re going to drink alcohol) beverages on your list, is this behavior going to cause a major set back?

  • Hi Dave!

    It feels as though the butter and I aren’t agreeing, perhaps it’s the combo of MCT oil and butter together, as I’ve read some posts that MCT oil can upset ones stomach, especially at first, and may even cause headaches? Nonetheless the buttery coffee has been a lot for me to digest -literally. Is there a way to make this easier, is this possibly just an adjustment period?

    • Cee

      I’d choose between drinking a cup of coffee or eating a stick of butter. IF’ers drink coffee alone to curb their hunger; so I think if you just kept drinking coffee throughout the day, you’d have all the benefits without any of the negative effects. Course, you’d have to drink your own regular coffee.

  • Aaron

    Wow, as intermittent fasting is sort of a revolution against unnecessary supplements, here comes the supplement industry again with this time !! bulletproof nonsense! Really unbelievable, the whole idea is to not ingest calories, but yet here comes a new revolutionar supplement with calories! Way to try and fuck up a clean natural way of living again. Hope you guys sleep well as tons of morons will buy your product and do their revolutionary intermittent fast without fasting….

    • Cee

      I thought these comments were moderated!?!? I have no idea how they let you slip this comment in without deleting it. LOL!

      • Flo

        Because freedom of speech

        • Sam Sung

          You have no clue what freedom of speech is. It does not apply to private companies/blogs, etc. It applies to the the government.

    • Andy Moorhouse

      @ Aaron – Given that Dave isn’t selling any of the
      supplements himself; and that he suggests where to source alternative options
      for coffee and even the MCT oil; I’m inclined to believe that he is sharing the information for the common good. Yes, he has an interest in generating
      revenue from coffee, but there is a wealth of free-information provided… do what
      you want with it. Executives will buy
      the coffee, but it’s an informed purchase, not a ‘moronic’ one.

  • CancerQuestion

    I see below that some of the said benefits of fasting may / may not increase risks of cancer. I have cancer. I have a poor prognosis with a very high chance for METs (METs for my cancer = Terminal). Would you still recommend this for an individual with this background?

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  • nathan

    Ive been doing the intermittant fasting for four weeks now and lost a stone and half feeling good but i cant see me losing on my stomach doesnt see.
    When i started i was 16.4 stone and im now 14.11 stone so i just want to see what other people think?

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  • Mikaela

    Hi Dave,

    I’ve been doing IF with BP coffee for about a week now and I feel great, I actually love it. The only issue that is coming up is that I’m (not dangerously, but still significantly) lactose intolerant, and having so much butter in the morning makes my stomach hurt. I’ve noticed that if I eat a couple almonds with the coffee the pain goes away, but I don’t know if I”m ruining the process with those nuts. Is there any suggestion you have? I think the results will be worth the stomach upset but I’d like not to have it if possible 🙂 Thank you so much!

    • Sandra

      Hi Mikaela, a bit late but maybe I am able to give you a hint. I am also lactose intolerant – instead of gras feed butter I take Ghee. Ghee works well for me, now problems with my stomach.
      Hope this helps! Best, Sandra

  • what about having green juice during fast? celery, kale, cabbage, spinach… would that mess up the fast?

    • Cee

      I have NO idea. But I *think* the difference the author is suggesting is that black coffee, butter (solidified fat), water, and oil (liquified fat) are all non-food liquids–from zero to low calories–so the body doesn’t treat them as food. The reason I think this is because my entire life I’ve told people–who to this day think I’m insane–that it makes no sense to drink juice despite what the government and nutritionists tell you, because it’s ALWAYS since a kid appeared to me to be nothing but liquid sugar. So now I hear more and more people saying the same thing, and the author mentions in this post that he considers fruit to be fleshy sugar, or something to that effect. So it made me go “hmmm; he thinks in the same lunatic way as I do.” If I were ever to try this, and I don’t need to and won’t, but if I ever did, I wonder what the impact is of substituting butter with some fat-free margarine spread? Defeats the purpose? Same effect but with at least ten times fewer calories? I have no idea.

  • diyanaalcheva

    Love it and can’t wait to try it out for a longer period of time and report the results! Was about to have some almonds as I was reading this, but then I read Step 4. 🙂 So they’ll have to wait till tomorrow after 2pm.

  • Andy Rose

    So, I have to workout in the mornings due to the later shift I work. What would be the protocol then if I’m to remain in a fasted state?

  • Regina

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon this website. I just read your article on how IF doesn’t always benefit women in the same way it does men, and it gave me hope!! I’ve been researching IF for awhile now as ive wanted to burn some of that stubborn fat relatively quickly. I officially started at the beginning of this week, but the negative results were almost immediate. I couldn’t sleep, my energy was so-so and I started breaking out on the SECOND DAY! I was baffled and it wasn’t until I read paleo angels article about her experience with IF that I made the connection, and as I dug deeper I discovered the debate on IF causing infertility and that is definitely NOT something I want to mess with. Long story short, I ended up reading your article on women and IF and how BP-IF allows you to still reap the benefits of fasting without the nasty possible outcomes. I know I enjoy fasting, and you’ve shown me the light!! I can do it, stay healthy, sleep, burn fat and keep my body safe! Who doesn’t want that?! I’ve been a yo-yo dieters entire life and I’m sometimes scared of the effects it might have one later in life, but I feel slightly better that by following BP-IF I’m being safe and taking care of myself and still getting the desired effects. So thank you, thank you thank you!!!!! I’ll be starting bright and early Monday morning 🙂

  • ryan

    why do i feel like complete crap? day one of BP Coffee i woke up ate some food then went and worked out then came home made the coffee and felt great for about 7 hours which was about the time i ate grass fed rib eye with organic carrots and broccoli for dinner, then i crashed and burned and felt like puking for a few hours, laid in bed until i felt better. day two i wake up and have a cup of bullet proof coffee and an apple because i was still hungry and had to grab something fast on my way out the door.. about 3 hours later pounding headache and terrible hunger, so i eat left over rib eye and an avocado, 5 hours after eating that i feel super hungry again and make some burritos scared about eating as the BP diet says for i already feel like crap for 2 days, mistake, i guess as after burritos i felt sick bloated and took a 30 minute name afraid to move this morning i make BP coffee and eat 2 hard boiled eggs I’m laying in bed with a splitting headache writing this wtf chuck Ive been downing some water hoping it helps things but no… i feel like poop ran over twice not going to proofread this my head hurts too much….

    • ryan

      only positive is my IBS stopped….

      • Woz NJ

        Sounds like me the first 3 weeks could be your body adjusting to the high fat low carb issues. I have been BP/IF for about 4 months lost about 35 pounds. Every time I have Gluten/Carbs I feel like crap.

        Try the IF stop eating after 7-8 pm and try not to eat until 12-1pm next day. After that eat when you are hungry, as much until you are full of the good stuff. I also cut out the Gluten and feel so much better. Every so often ill have bacon and 3 eggs for breakfast with my BP coffee. Other wise during my 6 hour eating binge I’ll have 3 eggs, bacon or sausage, 2-3 hours later grassfed ribeye, yams, broccoli maybe a salad.good veggies etc, oh and in between i snack on some nuts as well. T

        DO NOT COUNT THE CALORIES! (This did a world of difference) I think i wasn’t getting enough calories which made me feel worse!!

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  • Greg

    Did you start the intermittent fasting immediately when the weight started coming off or did you ease into it?

    • Woz NJ

      Personally i did BP Coffee and IF…it was tough at first especially when you crave carbs/gluten. 2-3 weeks my hunger went away, and i got used to it, every so often ill have a big BP breakfast and my coffee seems to jump start more weight loss.

      Down 35 lbs 4 months, no carb craves anymore.

  • Kevin

    i seem to drink more water when I drink bullettproof coffee. Why is that

    • Woz NJ

      I had the same issues I equated it to not having enough liquid during the day/night combined with IF. Also could be your body trying to expel toxins.

    • krayziehustler

      Caffeine is know to dehydrate so that may be a reason too

  • Sheona Quenby

    Hi Dave

    I’m new to the diet and am so excited about starting as I had a cup of the delicious coffee this morning and am still feeling the effects!

    My nutritionist suggested this diet for me as I am wanting to lose a little weight and had been trying the Intermittent Fasting diet that has gripped Britain, but its not working for me due to Gilberts Syndrome and Hypothyroidism meaning my body doesn’t like fasting… and being a foodie I don’t like that you can just ‘eat what you like’ on the non-fasting days. My two questions are:

    1. Can you do the fasting every other day or just a couple of days a week, if the other days you are eating towards the green side (I don’t have loads of weight to lose and also a busy social life…)

    2. I have heard your cancer risks are higher when you put your body into a state of ketosis?

    Thanks so much for any advice you can offer!

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  • Edward Woodward

    How often? How often should you do this? Is there a recommended schedule for the fasting? Everyday? Every other day? 5 on 2 off? Have become a BP coffee addict btw, well done!

  • Ram

    but wouldnt the calories in the grassfed butter break the fast?

  • Cee

    So if I understand this right, could I do a 23/1 IF, in theory, by drinking a cup of coffee at 5:30 PM, then immediately exercise on the treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes, then break my fast from 6 to 7 PM? Would this be a “super effective” way at IF–or would my body explode after entering a complete and total utter state of extreme shock? I’m only partially kidding. The other half of me is fully prepared to do this with the appropriate positive feedback. SOMEONE must have had a similarly crazy thought and attempted this. If so, please share your experience so that I don’t go gently into that good night alone. Thanks!

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  • Chantal

    Hi, can someone tell me if having 35% cream in bulletproof coffee (can not get grassfed butter, Montréal…) with mct brake the Bulletproof Intermitent Fasting .
    Thank you, Chantal

  • graceem

    I’m not understanding this diet at all. I get that the coffee is great and helps to detox your body (eating clean will also do this), but the fasting for 18 hours is not even true fasting. You are consuming around 350 calories and 40 g of fat (if you are putting in 1.5 T butter and 1.5 T MCT oil). So… you’re NOT fasting, you’re just having healthy fats for breakfast.

    • WynnJ

      Look up fasting in the dictionary. Who cares if it’s not absolute abstinence from food? Don’t get hung up on the word “fast”. It’s a type of fast.

  • AJ8Pier

    Great article Dave.

    Why a 6 hour feeding window instead of 8?
    Would a 8 hour feeding window hinder results that much?

  • Matthew Cahn

    Will this work if I’m trying to GAIN weight?

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  • Jason A.

    Can you share a link showing that fats will not break your intermittent fast? Journal link?

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  • cliff

    since the mct oil isnt available until july 11th, is it fine if i just purchase regular MCT oil online, and where should i purchase it from? because i want to try this diet immediately

  • Sonia

    Forgive me if this was already addressed, but I drink my bp coffee in the morning (6am), and have no choice but to workout (Crossfit) in the morning (7am). My problem is I am not hungry until about 1 because of the coffee. Am I supposed to force feed because of the workout? Last week my problem was hunger, but something kicked in, and now I’m not hungry. Oh wait, I started Upgraded Collagen in my coffee, so that might be it. Could I still use it in my coffee and fast till 1? Would it be enough? As I said before, I’m definitely not hungry. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Follad


    I’ve been doing the bp diet for the past four weeks and started the BPIF a week ago and broke the fast this morning with two unfortunate eggs. I feel good and have none of the cranky attitude I normally get when not fed in time. Now I have mental clarity and energy all day. It has completely obliterated any cravings for food, even during the 6-8h eating period I barely feel like eating the one time I do. I haven’t been skipping meals even though I don’t feel that hungry when I sit down to eat. After that I don’t eat again till the next meal period. I’m still on a dose of half a teaspoon MCT, with these boosts I’m curious (and a little worried) what might happen if I up the MCT to the ‘normal’ 1-3 tablespoons.

    On the diet/fasting I also sleep less but still wake energized. The sleep is actually a bit disturbing since I’ve been the sort to like sleep and lying in bed slowly getting up. Now I find I can’t sleep before I’m actually ready for sleep (i.e. feel sleepy)

    • Follad

      I also have hypothyroidism so will be checkin my levels, suspect the dose needs adjusting due partly to the weight I’ve lost recently but I’m thinking also because of the boosts to metabolism with the dietary and supplement changes (MCT mainly, also take D3). Weigh about 100kg atm, 178cm tall.

      I feel almost too good and starting to wonder if I’m getting enough to eat/nutrients. Doing the BPIF 6 days a week means I have to get all my nutrients the one time I eat! This is my first week soy body could just be adjusting I guess.

  • Zardoz

    Would it be ok to do coffee this way if you don’t have a gall bladder?

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  • anna

    I’m a female at 38 and I’m putting on weight too!! I have tried Paleo for about a month with no fruit at all, my weight had no change. I removed cream and cheese from my diet, started BPIF two weeks ago, with butter first, then 1/3 of ghee, 2/3 of coconut oil, the weight went up for about 2kgs. I hardly eat any carbs. I eat lots of greens, eggs and some roast pork, a cup of kefir(fermented for 48 hours). Reading that almost everyone has lost weight, I wonder if I did anything wrong or that is just my body?

    Could you please help me? Many thanks.

    • krayziehustler

      You should try hard to find some MCT Oil as it will be way more effective and give you better results than coconut oil.

  • Absolutely love this product. I have tried it and it works fantastic for me. I have lost over 20 pounds in year.

  • Benjamin

    If I replace the MCT oil in my morning Upgraded Coffee with the Brain Octane Oil, will I see better results in terms of weight loss, or will it be about the same or worse?

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  • Josh

    How long should I IF and then refeed? I feel like i’ve been doing Bulletproof IFasting for about 2 months now!

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  • Harris Fellman

    Dave, I’d love it if you’d take a look at this… and willing to hear from anyone who feels familiar enough with the benefits of IF to chime in as well.

    I’ve been doing a decent amount of “16hr fast / 8hr eat” cycles. (My intention is to do 6hr eat window – but somehow, not quite gotten there yet.)

    (Oh, I should note, I do drink Organic Coffee and Coconut Oil most of the time when I’m fasting – I’m not sure if the butter here in Costa Rica is grass-fed or not — unless I buy straight from a farm, which sometimes I do, of course.)

    So, anyway, I woke up the other day and decided to extend the fast 24 hours to see what happens.

    I found that extending to a 40 hour fast was WAY EASIER than I thought it would be. I have found some research that’s shown that 40 hours is about limit before going into starvation mode.

    So, basically, I’m wanting to come up with a weekly cycle that makes sense. I was thinking “40hr fast / 32hr eat” … which is great if there was only 6 days in a week.. (and also causes me to question if it’s “okay to really have a 32hour eating window… or do I want to put a 16hr break in between)

    So, I’m looking for opinions on good cycle that would essentially give me weekends to not worry about fasting… and yes, even slip in another 40hr in the middle of the week. Here’s what I’m thinking:

    Friday – 00:00 – 11:59p FAST

    Saturday – 00:00a – 11:00a FAST
    – 11:00a – 19:00p EAT
    – Q: any harm in eating later here?
    – 19:00p – 11:59p FAST

    Sunday – 00:00a – 11:00a FAST
    – 11:00a – 19:00p EAT
    – 19:00p – 11:59p FAST

    Monday – 00:00a – 11:59p FAST

    Tuesday – 00:00a – 11:00a FAST
    – 11:00a – 19:00p EAT
    – 19:00p – 11:59p FAST

    Wednesday – 00:00a – 11:00a FAST
    – 11:00a – 19:00p EAT
    – 19:00p – 11:59p FAST

    Thursday – 00:00a – 11:00a FAST
    – 11:00a – 19:00p EAT
    – 19:00p – 11:59p FAST

    and back to:

    Friday – 00:00 – 11:59p FAST

    Hoping you’ll have some insights… or at least look at this and think “That looks like an awesome schedule” or “You’re Freakin’ crazy because___”


  • Greg

    I don’t drink coffee for religious reasons (I’m mormon), any suggestions for replacing BP coffee? Perhaps just butter and MCT oil mixed – but that sounds disgusting. Would love suggestions.

    • krayziehustler

      You can also use tea as Dave has stated a few times.

  • Emberwood

    BPC and IF have been parts of my morning routine for about a month now. Overall the benefits I’ve experienced are great, but there’s one problem in particular that I experience: without solid food I feel extremely cold. I go around freezing at work until I break my fast. Putting on extra clothes doesn’t help much at all. I have a BMI of 22 and around 24% body fat. Does anyone have any advice on how to battle this? Or is IF simply not for me?
    (On a sidenote: I live in Sweden and summer is about over. I would prefer not spending the next 6 months as a walking icicle 😉 )

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  • Greg

    I don’t drink coffee or tea for religious reasons (I’m Mormon). Do you have any suggestions for intermittent fasting without it? Perhaps hot water with butter and MCT? May not taste as good but would love your thoughts. Thanks.

  • RD

    I have been drinking the bulletproof coffee and doing the BIF for about 3 weeks now without much weight loss. I wonder what your comments are on the supplement – Garcinia Cambogia?

  • Celeste

    Anyone with high blood pressure doing this? If so, then what should I look out for or could I do more harm than good? Any thoughts?

  • Greg

    I’d like to try IF with Bulletproof coffee but for religious reasons don’t drink coffee (or tea). Any suggestions for substitutes? I was thinking that perhaps I take a tablespoon of MCT and butter directly. Thoughts?

    • You could try what might be called “Bulletproof herbal tea” by using a caffeine-free hot beverage such as rooibos in place of coffee or tea.

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  • Daniel Eskin

    Two supplements I regularly use are cod liver oil and Vitamin D (about 8000 IU per day) – can I still take these right when I wake up and then proceed to have a bulletproof coffee? Since they are mostly fat I would assume it’s okay but thought I’d check in!

  • JenniP

    If I don’t have MCT, can I use coconut oil?

    • krayziehustler

      Yes, Dave has said as such though you won’t get the full benefits of BP Coffee without it.

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  • Kenji Akari

    I workout in the morning from about 8am to 10am, work starts at 12pm and my break is from 3 to 4:30 (most days) then i finish work at 11pm. I am looking to gain muscle and have a lot of energy for a demanding tiresome job. when should i consume my meals? And what should i eat? should i skip the post workout meal, so i will be fasting for long enough?

  • Tim

    Dave, I’ve recently been re-listening to your interview with John Keifer (episode 19) and noticed that he said that “too much fast acting fats like MCT’s will screw up the process.” And then I just noticed a comment he made on his blog ” adding MCT and coconut oil would theoretically break the fast because you’ll get some nutrient signaling at the cellular level” So, in your opinion, does MCT oil negate the fat burning benefits of fasting?

    • Ganine

      That statement about MCT’s in the podcast got my attention as well. I’d be curious to know the answer too.

      • deenpac

        I’d really like Dave to chime in on this issue as well! I found only scientific study addressing using fat on a fast and the bottom line of the study was vague at best. Maybe he could do a whole blog piece on this and include the studies he must have read.

  • Jack Falcon

    HEY DAVE! Is taking some L-arginine before sleep ok?its got 1 carb in it(flavored or taste like shit) I do that for HGH release(not sure if it works or not but i sleep much better,have vivid dreams)

  • Chase

    I work out (weight training) at about 4:00 pm daily. Is there some sort of modification needed to account for the fact that I cannot exercise before breaking my fast at 2:00?

  • Pingback: Mój nowy sposób od?ywiania | Przekraczaj Granice()

  • Vicky

    I just discovered this website tonight. I had been doing something similar with coffee–but instead of butter was using coconut milk with the coffee and a little unsweetened powdered dark chocolate. I would make strong coffee at night with Organic coffee, and then refridgerate it overnight, and in the morning mix it with the mini blender with coconut milk, powderd unsweetened coco and 100% pure uncut stevia. It tastes great (to me!) and I also found I wasn’t hungry at all until lunch–and even by lunch I was only mildly hungry, not starving, and it seems to me that the fats also cut some of the gitters from the strong coffee.

    • Vicky

      to clarify: the coconut milk I use is the canned plain type from the asian store–I found a brand called Two Elephants which doesn’t have preservatives. The sweetened coconumilk in the milk section is really not healthy with all the additives.

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  • Beh

    I just started Bulletproof fasting in order to burn the extra 1.5 kg that I have. Will keep you posted what happens.

  • Penny

    Why do you need to come out of ketosis (some suggestions I’ve seen are eating a sweet potato) at least once a week? Won’t you lose faster if you just stay in ketosis (I’m in Atkins mode right now)? Are there advantages to coming out of ketosis or detrimental effects of staying in it for longer periods? Thanks for any insight, finding this site VERY interesting!!

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  • Jason Moretti

    Quick question. If i start the bulletproof fasting. I usually workout and take creatine after the workout. I usually workout at 5 Am due to my work schedule. Can i take my shake and drink water after i drink bulletproof coffee before the gym? Or should i wait till 2pm?

  • deenpac

    For those wanting the research behind using fats in a fast (and it still being a fast):


  • Mark

    I don’t see a lot of these getting replied to but I will try, Is it ok to eat a few soft boiled eggs in the morning, if I don’t I find the coffee gets burped up and I have heartburn and sometimes indigestion by lunch……

  • maya

    Hello! I am wondering if I can use whey powder during intermittent fasting in the mornings? Also, sometimes I workout in the mornings (crossfit, so hard), and am wondering if I need to get protein right after? Thanks for any help!

  • Rolf Rau

    when do i take my vitamin d pills, when i fast? in the morning is the best, but is it ok during the fast ?

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  • Ron

    Should I drink bulletproof coffee before work outs? If so how long before? I’m a 5:30am work out guy so I usually roll out of bed and hit the gym. Thoughts?

  • HealthyLifeAustin

    Any suggestions on how long (2 weeks, 1 week, on-going on certain days of the week, etc) and how often (monthly, quarterly, when needed, all the time, etc) someone should do the BP-IF to maintain healthy weight and metabolism?

  • eret

    one more person copying the leangains protocol lol

  • Clarissa

    What if I NEED to workout in the morning? This is not optional for me. Do I just follow up the workout with the BP coffee and still not eat until 2 PM? OR should I change the whole schedule? Would it screw things up if I changed it to eating from 8-2 PM and then having a decaf BP coffee every evening instead of dinner? I looked all over the website, but can’t find anything for those who can’t follow the schedule as designed with timing of work/school/family, etc…

  • Craig

    I am an assembly line worker using this coffee, fat, and oil mixture to keep me functioning at a higher level all day. I work up to 14 hours, starting at 430 am, and I do not eat until around noon! I walk up to 8 miles a day 4 days a week. I lose no muscle mass fasting. Try this for a week. Then eat a good old fashioned breakfast and tell me fasting is bad for you!

  • ladyladylady

    Is there a period of time you should cap out on, doing this? Or take breaks from it after a period of time before returning?

  • SarahS

    Can you injest too much fat????

  • AudreyMc

    I started 1 week agos, but slowly cuz I felt hungry in the morning, I work in a gym and give some course… I’ve lost 3 pounds this week, but didnt fallow ALL the bullet proof chart. And didnt buy the vitamine, now I’ve orderer everything so I’m gonna do the real thing 🙂 Already lost 45 pounds by myself in the last years, this bullet proof fasting will probably help me to get to my healthy weight. I love the fasting cuz I have more time to meditate before going to work, no need to do breakfist. Its great really, and at first u maybe are hungry, just do 2-3 coffee, or add more butter to it and you wont be hungry that much. Can’t wait to see the result. I feel better, more energise. 🙂

  • Liz

    Would adding the chocolate powder or collagen to the BP Coffee be ok for intermittent fasting? I need to lose weight but don’t know if they contain protein that would cancel out the fasting effects. Any suggestions?

  • Alexandra


    Bit of advice would be much appreciated! I started drinking bulletproof coffee last week which I LOVE! I did a detox january, healthy eating, no grains or sugar, and now I’m trying bulletproof IF. Have done 2 days so far and the coffee is great – I have one in the morning and one at lunchtime which keep me full until 2pm. Only thing is I think I may be having some sort of histamine reaction to certain foods, maybe animal proteins?! Last week I ate two avocados at lunch and immediately went all red and blotchy down my neck and across my chest. Happened again yesterday once I broke my fast with avocado and a soft boiled egg, and then today again with soft boiled eggs. This time it’s even worse, my face is all red and hot even though it’s cold in the room!

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks! =)

  • Greg

    Do you have any links to credible studies showing that coconut oil does not activate mTor? Thanks

  • Blanca

    Day 1 of bulletproof fast… If I add protein to my Morning coffee would I be breaking the fast?

  • NJ

    Hi there, would like to know how I should alter Bulletproof intermittent fasting (if at all) when working out in the morning… thanks, NJ

  • ktrosper

    Is it really fair to call it “fasting” if we’re taking in all that fat (good as it is!) and all those calories every morning with our coffee? It’s more like a meal replacement, isn’t it? “Fasting” is more along the lines of water only right? In a keto-adapted state, I’d think water only fasting would burn more body fat than if you ingest a bunch of fat in the morning with your coffee.
    I’m just trying to understand why this isn’t viewed more as a meal replacement..
    Kind regards,
    Kelly T

  • i8barbie

    I have been a vegetarian for 14 years and not willing to give it up. How do I do bulletproof while excluding meat? Eggs and dairy are ok, fish and other animals are not. Please help!

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  • Wendywoo

    Will BulletProof Decaf work the same for the IF?

  • Aaron

    Hi there! I currently live in Vietnam so I just can’t get access to Bulletproof Coffee. Until I return to the states, does anyone have any advice on relatively-commonly-available foods that have the required ingredients, or perhaps a way of knowing what makes coffee “good enough” to use for this system?

  • Dee

    I have to drink Decaf coffee because caffeine causes cyst in my breast. Therefore I am not supposed to have any caffeine. Will decaf bullet proof coffee work for the fast and intermittent fasting?

  • r1mick

    So I don’t drink Coffee.. Is there a way I can substitute something instead of forcing myself to drink coffee?

  • Miglet32

    Lol wut?

    “Step 2.5 (optional) – Work out
    This is not necessary to gain muscle and lose fat, but it helps.”

    Optional? What?

    Wolf’s law, S.A.I.D. (specific adaption to imposed demand), is called a law for a reason. Exercise IS necessary to develop lean mass, AND is promotes overall improvement in total body composition.

    To suggest anything to the contrary isn’t simply wrong, it’s intellectually dishonest.

  • Ms. Perras

    What if I have A.D.D. And can sleep on caffeine?

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  • AngryInWi

    40yo woman, started bulletproof IF this week, still waiting on delivery of MCT oil so just coconut oil since I can’t tolerate butter and ghee is expensive. it works to kill my appetite, that’s great, but ANGRY. so ANGRY. will MCT oil help? or am I just not cut out for IF of any flavor?

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  • lisa

    Hei I really want to try this but i do not like coffee …. can i drink bulletproof cocoa or something similar to it instead? Or is this even a bad idea? Please help!

    • Jim Marshall

      I use cacoa at night. I think the caffeine in the coffee helps with the weight loss,but the butter alone should do plenty

  • Sarita

    I just started the bulletproof intermittent fasting diet 3 days ago, and am wondering something, typically I bring a large mug of coffee with me to work and sip on it throughout the morning.. So the last 3 days I have brought with me to work a large container of my bulletproof concoction, and drank it all throughout the morning until around 12pm like I normally do. I don’t eat any food until 2pm. Is it detrimental to the bulletproof diet to be drinking the coffee throughout the morning, instead of just drinking it once early in the morning and then having nothing aside from water until 2pm? Will the body still consider itself fasting if it’s consuming the coffee all morning? Or is the point of the “fasting” to drink the coffee early in the day and then have nothing else (including coffee) until 2pm so that the body burns it? Thank you for your help!

    • Jim Marshall

      I drink it all day until about 8pm. I go to bed around 2 or 3 am (restaurant biz) I’m putting down about 7 tbls each of mct and butter. Losing weight like a champ. I

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  • Karen

    So how often are you supposed to do BP IF? I can’t seem to find a clear answer.

    • Jim Marshall

      for the rest of your life

  • RC

    Hi, I’ve been doing this for about 2 months now and have lost 30 pounds (very much needed), and am still aiming to lose more. However, I’m social and like my booze when I go out. I don’t go out excessively, so does anyone do spoil days? Eat and drink whenever and whatever you want? Just wondering if that stalls anything.

  • Mark Lodico

    What time do you assume that someone goes to bed? I am looking at the “finish dinner by 8 PM” note and wanting to reframe that as “finish dinner x hours before bed”. Can you help?

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  • sweetsondra17

    For religious reasons I dont drink coffee, is there a substitute product? Ive lost 185 lbs but this last 20 seem to be superglued on. Help!

  • Diane

    How do you make bulletproof coffee when you travel and are staying in a hotel? I intend to bring my own (ground) coffee and buy butter and coconut oil at a healthfood store.

  • Hello! I am 42, 5’4″, and I now weigh 139lbs. I had previously maintained 126lbs for six years. After, working out Crossfit 5 days per week (about 9 months in), I decided to try to implement a strict Paleo diet(this was the only change). Within 3 weeks I had gained 5lbs. I went on to gaining about two pounds a month for a few months. I am still struggling to even maintain my weight where it is now much less lose what I had gained. I have tried some IF with increased fats, but I don’t seem to see any change. I see an ND, and he has not found any significant reason for the sudden weight gain. I am scared to really try anything else. I have resorted back to eating how I did previously which was relatively low carb and gluten free. I am very frustrated. If, anyone out there has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • WynnJ

    I found this article from the Rapid Fat Loss article. There isn’t any mention of a supplement regimen here. I already follow the Step 2 supplement guidance. Should I also follow the Rapid Fat Loss supplement guidelines during IF? Curious what others have done.

  • rebrandingtheobvious

    “Bulletproof Fasting is the same as intermittent fasting, except” ….for the fact it is now branded with a company name. How Asinine.

  • Simsy

    Hi there,

    So very, very confused now! I have google/blog/forum/information overload, and as per usual have a lot of conflicting answers and information. I am a huge advocate of the Paleo lifestyle, and the low carb high fat discipline has been working for me, but I’ve recently plateaued again. I’ve just jumped on the Bulletproof coffee train, and absolutely love the feeling it gives me, as well as the rich beautiful taste. I was hoping and intending to start Intermittent Fasting, but as a female I am now divided on whether or not I should. After my coffee in the morning, I really don’t want to eat anyway, so I figured it would be okay. Now I read that it will negatively affect my metabolism, and as I already have hypOthyroidism, this is a huge hell no for me. I therefore forced myself to eat a small breakfast today when I was hoping to wait to lunch time, and just eat twice a day. Please could someone help me and let me know if having the bulletproof coffee is sufficient to count as breakfast for me, and therefore waiting to eat at noon or later is okay? I was hoping that the 2 tablespoons of ghee in the coffee would count as enough food to prevent the starvation mode, or negative affects on my thyroid and body. (Really, really don’t want to over masculate by growing hair etc Extra muscle however is perfectly fine by me) Any help, comments or advice most very gratefully received. Don’t even care if you mock me for my stupidity as long as you can help this uninformed newbie. Thanks

  • Danni

    I’m planning to start it tomorrow 10/30. anyone who wants to join hit me up and we can text one another as motivation!

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  • Becky Long

    I was doing low carb and lost some weight but then a stall…I seen this and started doing the fasting and…lost 5 lbs in 6 days! I’m very happy…(:

  • Devon

    I apologize if my question was already answered but I have been having a hard time finding a straight forward answer through my research. How much fat during the “fast period” is allowed? Will a certain amount of fat take you out of ketosis and/or lower the health benefits of IF? Some days I will only take 1 tablespoon of MCT oil. While other days I also eat a fat bomb consisting of 1 tablespoon butter + 1 tablespoon coconut oil in addition to the MCT oil. Is there an estimated amount of fat that you should not go over prior to your first meal? Also will munching on celery hurt my fast period?

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  • Chellie

    Day one of bulletproof fasting. After watching a TED talk came to this site interested in bio hacking. Seems like it should work! Starting at 5’5 and 206lbs. I am aiming to do 75 days and then switch over to bulletproof intermittent fasting till I reach my target of 125. Was not hungry at all today and made a second cup of BPC later in the day but could not even finish it all. 🙂 Not feeling weak or hungry so far- which is good as I work 60 hours a week ontop of getting my own startup off the ground. 74 more days to go! Will check in again in a month.

  • Mammtt

    Can you drink water while fasting?

    • Sam Sung


  • Frank Reynold

    A new study finds that intermittent fasting is the right answer to weight loss. The study is published here http://www.ibimapublishing.com/journals/ENDO/2014/459119/459119.html

  • monroe444

    If I add gelatin powder to my bulletproof coffee, will that take me out of ketosis in the morning? I’m just doing this to extend my nightly fast, not for a week long fast.

    Will liquid chlorophyll and a squeeze of lemon in water also take me out of ketosis in the morning?

  • Jessica Barry Fleming

    I’ve lost five pounds in five days doing bulletproof intermittent fasting, and Im shocked at how good I feel! I have more energy, carb and sugar cravings are gone, and my mood even feels much more stable. ‘

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  • Shelley

    Does adding your bulletproof cocoa butter to my morning coffee ruin the effects of fasting? Should I leave that out of my coffee on days I am fasting or is it okay to include it. Thanks!

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  • Kyle

    How crucial is the 16 hour minimum? If I can just barely get 16 hours due to scheduling (work lunch is noon, 8PM is sometimes too early to finish dinner) should I even bother? If I’m looking at a 14-16 hour fast should I just not waste my time and enjoy some eggs in the morning (or collagen in my BP coffee)? Am I getting at least some benefit doing at least a 14 hour fast most weekdays?

  • meli

    Im onto 2nd week BP IF, Im struggling to get through crossfit at noon. Is it okay to consume 1 or 2 TBS of coconut manna for energy and fuel (pre workout)? Because it helps calm down my nauseated stomach when SO hungry right before crossfit. I don’t eat my first meal until 2 pm. But crossfit is so hard on me if I have nothing in my stomach since the night before and also the BP coffee is so strong (jittery or wired) . I get dizzy and lightheaded. Im normally fast in crossfit but on IF, it made me the slowest one in the group!! Im 40 and a female. But I am pretty fit until IF, it made me cranky and tired. Also, am I supposed to eat some starch as post workout meal? or is it a big no no until dinner? Thank you so much. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Jen

    Okay, I am having some concerns. I have been doing this bulletproof IF and loving it! Fitting back into my beloved pants that I was not longer fitting into….not feeling hungry, losing weight, looking forward to my morning cup of bulletproof joe – but?!?!? I am a 44 year old woman, and up until doing IF my menstual cycle was always regular. The last 3 cycles have been every 2 1/2 weeks, and now I just started again, only 10 days after the start of my last cycle! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???? This irregularity started shortly after I started bulletproof IF. Now I am researching IF more, and lots of info out there saying it can mess with women’s physiology, all the studies show good stuff for men… but more complex for females and our hormones. My hope is the good fats would minimize these issues. What do you think? If it is true that IF messes with women’s hormones and cycles, I think us women need to know more about it, and I need to stop the IF even though I love it and it is working for me. Dave, what do you know? Please address this for all us women out here…thanks.

  • MariaMarques

    so is it good to have neuronal autophagy when in IF?


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  • Gary

    Should I be doing this everyday?

  • Sarah Bishop

    Hello! quick question, if i am doing the fasting and i am waking up at 7 drinking my bulletproof coffee then working out an hour later should i be drinking my whey protein after working out? Im definitely getting a high intensity work out and im feeling the need to put something into my body after, especially with a 12 hour work day ahead of me. The past few days I’ve only had the coffee in the morning and then sometime after 2 I have a bulletproof meal. Ive been able to get through my day but I want to make sure im eating enough. My goal is weight loss and I have about 25lbs to lose. Thank you!!!!!

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  • Millja2016

    I’m looking for some guidance or advice. I have been on the BulletProof diet for almost two weeks. I bought the book and have been following it to a T. I lost 2 pounds in the first couple of days, but I’ve had no change since in my weight. I generally eat clean anyway and I have for years. I was already eating the recommended foods, but have n ow been following the diet plan with the morning BulletProof coffee, fasting, eating my meals within 6 hours of each other and without any cheating. I think the plan is actually very easy to follow, but I’m no longer losing any weight. The only thing I sometimes forget is to have some fruit or a dessert after dinner – otherwise my diet is spot on. Can anyone help me to figure out why I’m not losing? My diet has consisted of salmon, lamb, grass-fed beef, uncured natural bacon, eggs, the recommended veggies (mostly eaten raw) and buffalo meat. I do not eat late meals since I try/need to be in bed early. My last meal is generally consumed around or before 6 pm. I’ve gradually added some pounds on due to my work/school schedule in the last two years and have not been able to make it to the gym as often as I would have liked, that’s why I thought this diet plan would help me out some. I drink a tone of water other than my morning coffee. I am looking to lose at least 15 pounds. I’ll take any advice. Thank you

  • Suzanne

    I’ve had a sensitivity test and I’m caffeine sensitive, coffee is on my avoid list so I guess this means I can’t drink bulletproof coffee?

  • Tobias

    Everybody is talking about IF when you are overweight. But what when you are significantly underweight? I think IF isn´t a good idea then, because there is no fat to burn? I feel like shit aber i drank my 2 cups of No-Coffee Vanilla Latte in the morning.

  • Minerva Galas

    Can the Brain Octane be used instead of Upgraded XCT oil for the Intermittent Fasting?

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  • This is exactly what I was
    looking for. Thanks for sharing this great article! That is very interesting Smile
    I love reading and I am always searching for informative information like this!

    whey protein for women

  • Neil Weyers

    Will eating non starchy vegetables or nuts during the fasting period interupt the fasting processes?

  • Steve

    Has anyone had any immune system issues resulting from IF? I’ve found that every time I attempt IF, I feel great for the day, end up with a headache that evening, and then catch a bad cold by the next morning. Every time. I’ve read elsewhere that fasting can cause the body do stop using energy for some systems such as the immune system. Anyone have some experience with this?

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  • Dana

    What if I *have to* eat Sysco lunches 2 days/week for my job at a hospital? (gluten-free atleast! ) Is it possible to do IF or will those meals jack up the process?

  • Dana L Byrd

    What if I *have to* eat Sysco lunches 2 days/week for my job at a hospital? (gluten-free at least! ) Is it possible to do IF or will those meals jack up the process?

  • Mango Man

    coffee is stimulant, so is dark chocolate please stop spreading lies, its going to destroy your kidneys.

    Just drink coconut milk with some vanilla without sugar.

  • 2E

    Is it ok to add a little 99% cocoa chocolate to my bullet proof coffee? Will this make my body think it’s breaking a fast or will it not just like a regular bullet proof coffee? Thanks

  • meshel

    does bulletproof collagen break my fast?

  • Remy Alexis Paille

    If I break my IF with healthy fats, such as an avocado, will I stay in ketosis? Would you recommend IF with eating nothing but fats once a week or so to promote apoptosis?

  • Raya

    Does bulletproof coffee unbalance hormones or cause breakouts at all? Also, is this safe for a 16 year old female who isn’t overweight, but could lose some extra fat around the waist? I already am paleo and planning to cut out sugar. Thanks!

  • earthwalker7

    Is there a substitute for coffee? I am happy to consume coconut oil and green tea, but I HATE the taste and jittery feel of coffee. What can I do?

  • This kind of fasting would actually work perfect for me. I’m about to embark on this now.

  • BKing

    I do not drink coffee. Should I drink 8 oz of water with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar instead? Or no ACV and a cup of green tea?

  • Dee

    I would really like to do this but cannot drink coffee…would bulletproof Cocoa also work?

  • Star Rinaldi

    I just started intermittent fasting. Is this something you do everyday? As an athlete I noticed more energy during my workout this morning.

  • I’d actually love to try this. I could stand to lose about 50 pounds, and have no trouble sticking to a plan provided a clear one was laid out. How does one go about doing this, as I’ve already bought the book, but I feel like I’m not doing something right yet.

  • JC

    can you explain or provide a source for this comment ? it helps you stay in ketosis even in the presence of some carbs in your diet. I work with diabetics and people who sometimes need to be on a ketogenic diet for epilepsy and I’ve never read or heard that you can remain in ketosis in the presence of carbs. I would greatly appreciate more information. Thanks,

  • Started doing 18 / 6 IF and it’s actually psychologically stimulating. Waiting most of the day to actually start eating does weird things to the body. I feel more alert and attentive (hunter mindset?). When I stop eating at a specific time of the day, I notice that I sleep much better. When I wake up, I feel slimmer. When I eat, I eat pretty Keto. I don’t eat “Bulletproof” right now but I don’t eat many carbs at all. Doing 18 / 6 IF, I got into high ketosis in just a couple days. Pretty amazing. Oh yeah, Kerrygold butter is amazing.

  • Erik


    How can a mug of bulletproof coffee with 400 calories be benefit to intermittent fasting? With intermittent fasting, you are supposed to fast in the morning with water or blank coffee until your lunch.

  • Saretha

    Due to my schedule and kids I have to workout in the morning while everyone is sleeping. I do 1 hours of HIIT mixed with weight training and I workout on an empty stomach. Would the fasting times be the same for me? Just have my bulletproof coffee after my workout? I can make it until 2pm to eat. I’ve seen awesome results with ketogenic diet and now want to kick it up a knotch. Thanks!!

  • TrustServe

    I have been sick and tired most of my life. I am mostly paleo. I have had hypoglycemia since I was a child. My adrenals are shot. My career in real estate doesn’t help. To not eat for a long period during the day gives me makes me feel feel so exhausted that I can’t sleep and can have effects for days. Will this IF protocol likely be safe for a guy like me?

  • ann

    I am so confused and so hungry. I’ve poured over The Bulletproof Diet book and the web site and the blogs and can only seem to pick up little bits of disorganized info. The coffee recipe in the book is bulletproof coffee, grass-fed butter, and Brain Octane C8 MCT oil. Why did the “kit’ send me XTC Oil – is it the same? I think I read to put whey in the coffee, but then I read collagen – which is it for weight loss and why wasn’t collagen in the kit? I made the No-Coffee Vanilla Latte according to the recipe but hated the the vanilla beans floating between my teeth – realized later the recipe should have mentioned to use the French press. AND WHY AM I SO HUNGRY AFTER I DRINK THIS?! I spent a ton of money – someone, please help!

  • Patrina Hunt-Yarde

    Hi I am currently beginning the lchf diet. I will also be using the product keto os. I am looking for a routine that will help me maximize my results. I’ve heard that people who use keto is can lose up to a pound a day. The product is kinda expensive and I do plan on purchasing it again once mine runs out but losing a pound a day would be great. I weigh 220 pounds. I’m trying to get down to 160 pounds so that I can go back to the army. I already practice intermittent fasting. I usually eat my first meal around 11:00 am and my last before 8:00 pm. If I drank a bullet proof coffee at 11:00 as my first meal and pushed off eating until about 3 do you think I could lose up to a pound a day.

  • Lance Curtis

    Dave – in the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol (which I am doing now) you mention a refeed day. My question is – is a refeed day a necessary or good addition to Bulletproof intermittent fasting?

  • Mayne Vaughn

    Although I’ve had good success, just wanted to point out that Wikipedia is *not* a valid source of anything, no matter what. Anyone can put anything on wiki. Real research would be better.

  • Rich

    Wondering about coconut flesh on this as a low protein/carb food. Will I stell get most of the autophagy benefits?

    I like to eat 100g as brain food.

    100g Coconut has:


    34g Fat (29g saturated)
    Carbs 15g (6g of which sugar)
    Fibre 9g
    Protein 3.3g

    Hopefully I can eat that in the morning and remain well in autophagy/ketosis/calorie restriction. Wondering if solid food would “break the fast” via some other mechanism though?

    • Mark Brockway

      Autophagy will shut off in the presence of carbs or protein. You need to avoid these macros if you want to stay in autophagy.

  • Manlio

    Hi there! Writing here because the link at the end of this article is broken (DAVE!).
    On my second week of intermittent fasting, I have to say on 3 days only I had to eat something because of the cramping, and twice happened after my morning session of P90X3….
    Question: I’ve got the book and I’ve read it but I cannot remember…at the end of my second week of fasting I can start reintroductin food etc…but, when to re-start the fasting? Is it okay 1 week each month? thanks

  • Hevwar

    I used to fallow IF and implemented that with an exercise program. However, i was not even getting nearly enough calories to survive and breastfeed. I love BP coffee in the am and I absolutely love working out. My question is. I usually workout in the morning when my kids are in school. So I drink BP in the morning, take kids to school then workout. Usually done before 10 am. Would I be ruining the effects of BPIF if I ha e to break my fast post workout so early? I also need to count calories mainly to make sure I’m getting g enough to fuel my body. (because let’s face it under 1000 calories is not enough. So it more for me to makefile to add that extra tbs or so of good fat to get those calories. I try to get at least 1900 calories on workout days. So will breaking my fast that early be detrimental, or will I still be in ketosis and fat burning mode if I keep the carbs lower and get good quality whey protein fallowed by eggs and greens?
    Thanks a Bunch

  • Daniel Anders

    Yes. Coffee is a good appetite suppressant. You could do without it, but just might get hungrier sooner. You still would want to get some good quality fats in the morning. That will help with hunger and focus

  • DDA Doc

    Acne is often a sign of a vitamin D deficiency. if you are not taking at least 5000 IU of D3 with 100-200 mcg K2/MK7 you will be low. Ideal D level is over 40, but 60-80 ng/ml is ideal. Low D will cause weight gain for many reasons.

  • Tomm Hickey

    So i have been utilizing IF for about 3 months while on the warrior diet and it works great. However, I’d like to reap the ketosis benefits of BPIF, but i’ve never been a coffee drinker. Love grass fed butter and other healthy fats, but while the smell of coffee is great, I’ve never gotten around to liking the taste. Is there any kind of substitute that I can use in the morning to gain the same benefits? Like green coffee bean extract and MCT oil or coconut oil?

  • Shadia TheArtist Zayed

    Hello! Why is heavy lifting the preferred exercise for BP intermittent fasting over steady state endurance cardio? If you’re in a fat-burning state, and you do endurance cardio (in my case, a 90 min run for example) in a fat burning zone (not over AT) wouldn’t that maximize your fat loss as well?

  • Tom

    LOL. Dude, intermittent fasting is intermittent fasting. You can’t brand it. The way it works is the way it works. Consuming fats for satiation is common sense to anyone who knows anything about this. You’re not inventing anything here.

    People, just eat fats and protein first and eat carbs last (in a meal, if you’re still hungry), and you don’t have to buy anything.

    • DontPanic

      Weird, all my previous interactions with IF had a literal fast. Having fatty coffee in the morning is substantially different and yet I have never bought anything from him.

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  • Sara Longworth

    Hi Dave – I do the IF using your BF coffee, MCF Oil & cream. It works easily for me until 2 or 3pm.
    Is it still OK to take the Dopinine & Serotonin sups I bought on your website?
    Cheers Sara (Sydney Australia)

  • Tom Van Leer

    Can you use organic Ghee instead of whole grass-fed butter for BP coffee? No can do dairy.

    • Mark Brockway

      yes, in fact, ghee is BETTER (pure fat vs a small amount of protein in regular butter)

  • Orion Antares

    What’s the alternative to coffee? Will matcha work? Can’t stand coffee.

    • Margaret Nicole Rozwood

      Yerba Mate is just as energizing or even more so than coffee, and has many of the same benefits as matcha or green tea.

  • Question time? Whoohoo!
    When I do eat bulletproof from 2pm – 8pm, are BP carbs allowed? White rice, sweet potatoes? Will this kill the ketosis effects? Is it just BP approved protein, fat and non starchy veg?
    I’ve been doing the RFLP;) yup!
    Three weeks on and off with the extreme method by Dave at BP.
    I’m looking for a way to transition out without gaining back the fat I lost.
    Thanks for all your help and advice!

  • This is a dangerous protocol for women. I know the studies out there on IF for women are few and far between, but not eating for 18 hours (surviving on coffee might I add) is not smart.

    If a woman is going to try IF, she really should aim for 12-12 or 14-10. The 12-12 allows you to eat breakfast and dinner without experiencing the side effects of IF for women (weight gain, acne, lost periods, feeling like an a-hole)…If a 12-12 is successful, then maybe 14-10 will be too, but that should be done with caution as well. I tend to IF without trying…I eat dinner at 6PM and wake up and eat breakfast at 8AM. I’m fit and healthy and never feel like I am on a diet. And if I eat after six, who cares.

    Otherwise, this is a great post aside from promoting drinking coffee all day.

    • Mark Brockway

      there is no data to back up your paragraph; women fast all the time with no issues

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  • Ray Faulkenberry

    Great stuff, Dave… I’ve been following your principles for a couple of years now… and teach college I get up at 4:00 a.m. and am drinking my bulletproof coffee by 5:15 a.m. I teach straight through usually and have to THINK about eating something around 1 pm. so there is about an 8 hour window where my BP coffee fully sustains me. Also, the energy I get blows the students away as I am fully awake, engaged, and teasing (in a fun way) m students who come in with a commercial toxic-heavy cup of coffee along with something to eat… I do like to lift however your the podcast that you had with the TABATA workout has also been able to help me cut my gym time drastically. Thanks for the video… and the picture of you looks good… I always thought you were a little chunkier than the shot above! 🙂 Love your work big guy… thanks for providing the information and ALL THE OTHER products and services!

  • Kathryne Easton

    I am 7 days into IF with Bullet proof, I am using the BP coffee beans, Brain Octane and and grassfed ghee. I feel great during the day and the fasting is truly not hard. I will have 1-2 cups of BP coffee I am down 12 lbs. I am a woman. I

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  • ylluminate

    I tried this with some great success, but now I am grossed out by BUTTER. Are there alternatives for butter that will work? Can avocados replace butter? Are there other options?

    • Mark Brockway

      ghee or mct oil

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  • Justin

    Where does drinking water come into it? Doesnt coffee dehydrate?

    How do you use water with IF?

    • Tadej Ko?nik

      I am not 100% sure but I think you can drink as much water as you want, looking at the BP diet roadmap I believe filtered water is the best. I am not sure if it’s ok to put in lemon or lime juice, would love to know that.

      • Dee Kolanek

        I believe that Dave recommends a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt in your water

    • Mark Brockway

      no limit on water

  • Klyde Beattie

    It’s possible that you were already drinking relatively fresh / high quality coffee. I can’t understand how anyone could not get enough food in an 8 hour period honestly. Even in 6 hours it’s not that hard to eat even a massive amount of food.

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  • Hey There, I have just found this site referred by Russ Brunson and am exploring it further. I normally start the day with a green juice (half a celery, half an apple, half a cucumber, half a lemon, ginger, 1 capsicum) squeezed in a juicer. Now that I am reading all of this, I am confused about whether I should continue having a fresh green juice I prepared myself or cut them out all together. Or do we replace this with hypernutrients in powder form? What are your thoughts? Thank-you so much, Sharnee

    • Mark Brockway

      juice ruins a fast given it contains carbs

  • Hitesh

    The calories from the Bulletproof Coffee are all fat calories, there is no insulin spike. Here is how Dave put’s it above “The cool thing is that an all fat breakfast (like Bulletproof Coffee ™ ) doesn’t make your body think it’s broken the fast, so you get the benefits of the fasting anyway. It’s awesome!”

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  • Brigette Liberatore

    Hi , I was thinking about doing the Master Cleanse , How do you feel about the Master Cleanse ? I think I may try this instead !!

  • I was out for the count for almost 10 days. It was awful! Still, I have
    goals, and I will try again until I am successful for at least 21days
    with this. Here is my fourth attempt at a long term N=1 RFLP.

    As I have always shared, seven days is easy. It’s getting past the refeed, but this
    time I will use ‘Tools of Titans to help.’ I listened to John Assaraf on a
    call for GameChangers last month that was life changing.
    Everything that Dave says makes sense, and everything that John shared
    made it stick! The neuroscience based reasons for why we can begin
    something with great intent, but fail to see it through is -simply- we
    need to activate focus on the outcome, while managing the mitigating
    factors for possible failure.

    ………………………..This round is dedicated to my Princess Aubrei!………………………..

    1.11.17 ~ 1.31.17 [at least]

    The Blueprint
    1.11. ~ 1.15: RFLP
    1.16:………… Refeed
    1.17. ~ 1.21: RFLP
    1.22:………… Refeed
    1.23 ~ 1.27: RFLP
    1.28…………. Refeed
    1/29. ~ 1.31 RFLP [Will decide to continue or not]

    I track Blood Sugar and Ketones

    Start: 1.11.17
    Blood sugar:

    Stay tuned. . .

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  • Steven Warren

    Great post, Dave! I have a question, what about taking vitamins/supplements? The basic ones – D3, B, C, Folate, magnesium, krill oil, brain octane softgels. Does this break the fast?

    • Tadej Ko?nik

      I would love to know that too!

      • Ruth Ray

        I take a quality multivitamin gummy (which is 30 calories) during my feeding window and in the evening (while fasting) I take a single magnesium supplement with water. Magnesium can be hard on the stomach so nighttime is best. If you have a high calorie vitamin supplement such as a chocolate calcium supplement or high calorie gummy then I would take during your feeding window. If not sure, such as fish oil ask the manufacturer the calories.

    • Mark Brockway

      doesn’t break a fast unless the capsule has gelatin, but there is no reason to take vitamins outside of the eating times as there is no benefit to doing so

  • Primally challenged

    Can someone clarify. The article says that both exercise and bulletproof coffee inhibits mTOR. But then goes onto to say that three mechanisms raise mTOR (IF, exercise and coffee).

    Is assume the latter statement is incorrect for The Spring back effect to be viable?

  • Primally challenged

    Sorry ignore my last post. Just re-read the section!!

    I do have another question though. In another article in “making bulletproof coffee” there are tweeks that one can do to maintain the effects such as use BPA free coconut milk. My only issue here it doesn’t state how much coconut milk to use. Most have 2-3 grams of sugar per 100ml. Wouldn’t this stimulate insulin negating the whole principle.

    • Mark Brockway

      any intake of carbs ruins the fast

  • rav

    had BP coffee in the morning today. its my day 2. I am feeling a kind of burning sensation in my stomach (something you feel just before feeling hungry). Should I eat something or avoid or resist with this feeling. I am feeling I already had lot of butter in the morning so don’t want to eat any more fat 🙂

  • Linda Steele

    I add some full fat heavy cream to my BP coffee (butter, brain octane)….I’m wondering if that breaks the fast? I don’t get hungry but having a hard time losing weight. I’m a woman…

    • David Lambros

      Dave was very specific in his post about butter and brain octane only in BP coffee. Do it just like he says and it’ll be great. If you do some more reading you’ll find that cream in coffee is really bad. I destroys its beneficial properties. Personally, I’ve found that any dairy gives me achy muscles and I feel slightly sick the next day. It took about 2 years to find this out because I just couldn’t accept that it could possibly be bad after a lifetime of being told is healthy. When I finally cut it out, then ate it, then cut it out, then ate it, I discovered it made me feel bad and was toxic for me.

      • Linda Steele

        Thanks David…I’m going to try it without the cream…but I’ve used cream for 30 yrs so thanks for sharing your experience!

        • Tammy

          I use approx 1 tsp heavy whipping cream which has 0 carbs or protein; fat only

        • Colleen Elliott Linder

          Linda have you tried blending the oil and butter in blender .. I used to not be able to live without cream either and this makes it whip into a cream color and tastes so good. 😉

        • Linda Steele

          Thanks Coleen…I use a small frother that’s battery powered but I’m sure it’s not the same as a blender so maybe that will make a difference…I’ll try it.

      • I would not worry about it unless you are dairy intolerant. Even still, people that are lactose intolerant(like me) can tolerate heavy whipping crease because there is so little lactose in it. Once I switched to butter and MCT oil and never went back to cream though. I started adding a tsp of macha tea to my am concoction and that seems to really give me a boost

    • Mark Brockway

      cream has protein so it ruins the fast

      • heavy whipping cream is basically 100% fat. It still breaks the fast because its a lot of calories. It will keep you in ketosis though which is all that matters

  • Primally challenged

    I thinks it’s all about quantity. The more you add of something that isn’t pure fat you increase the likelihood you’ll come out of the fasting state. Fasting and weight loss is all about insulin. If U don’t stimulate insulin you cant store fat.

    A Good book is the complete guide to fasting by Dr Jason Fung. He says you can use cream but only a small amount otherwise you simulate insulin (it’s about the hormone!)

    Gotta say One more thing. I’ve noticed that no one really replys to the queries on these blogs. Would be good if Dave could have some of his team reply to SOME of the questions here. Especially if they are of interest to many of the people here.

    • Colleen Elliott Linder

      I agree.. I’d love that job Dave! 😉

  • Ruth Ray

    I have been intermittent fasting for just about 8 days. I started at 139 lbs on Jan 3rd. I’m 5’6″ and now down to 135 lbs. I’m a mother of two who was at 144 back in July 2016 and after restricting calories – I already eat clean and lots of veggies and working out daily, I was only down 5 pounds in 7 months. I was very discouraged at how hard it was for me to lose 5 pounds that my body just did not want to shed. To lose 4 more stubborn pounds in this plateau phase in just 8 days through IF was a small miracle. LOL. I am going to continue on my IF journey until I am back at my goal weight of 125 lean, muscular pounds and continue to use it as a tool to keep lbs at bay permanently.

    • emily marie

      Congrats on your weight loss. What did you eat during the 8 days of IF?

    • Ruth Ray

      Hi. I’m eating just black coffee in the a.m. at 7 and 9 with a dash of cinnamon. Tons of water and naturally flavored, unsweetened seltzer water. I break the fast at noon with a healthy lunch including protein. Yesterday I made a leftover shredded taco chicken bowl with beans, veggies, cilantro, salsa, sour cream and about 10 large taco chips. About 3:00 I had a large handful of pistachio nuts and a string cheese. Dinner at 5:45 was fish, veggie, sweet potato and then small chocolate square. Had 2 cups of coffee with my full calorie creamer during my eating window, which is 12:00 noon- 6:00 p.m. so I can quickly eat dinner with my family. My eating did not change much except I previously had 2 eggs or a gluten free meal replacement shake in the a.m. and full calorie creamer in the am. I go out for dinner with my family on Friday and extend the window until about 8 and up my typical healthy meal calories to include something like a steak and potato, salad and mixed drink or two. I have celiac disease so I always eat Gluten free. I’ve slightly reduced my exercise level and still lost. Good luck

      • emily marie

        Thank you!

    • Aline Lindemann

      Interesting! We are almost exactly the same size. I have found that by eating low-carb (Atkins-style) and upping my workouts, I am losing a pound per week for the past five weeks. I wonder if I’ll kick it up a little by doing this IF program. It sounds like you don’t even do the bulletproof coffee — just regular coffee instead, is this correct? (Are you still losing weight since posting this update?)

      • Ruth Ray

        Hi. I’m down to 133. I gained a pound or two on vacation and had to make up for it. Haha. Still slowly losing. I’m not doing bullet proof coffee, just black coffee with a tsp of milk and cinnamon- no sugar in the a.m. Sometimes some tastey chai tea with nothing in it. I’m trying to get motivation to up my workout as well. I have celiac disease so I naturally eat pretty low carb, more like southbeach. Good luck!

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  • 21DaySalute here

    1.11.17 ~ 1.31.17 [at least]

    The Blueprint
    1.11. ~ 1.15: RFLP
    1.16:………… Refeed
    1.17. ~ 1.21: RFLP
    1.22:………… Refeed
    1.23 ~ 1.27: RFLP
    1.28…………. Refeed
    1/29. ~ 1.31 RFLP [Will decide to continue or not]

    I track Blood Sugar and Ketones

    Start: 1.11.17

    Day 1:
    Blood sugar: 99 mg/dL
    Ketones: 0.2 mmol/L [second day of TOM]
    Weight: 238

    Day 2:
    Blood sugar: 95 mg/dL
    Ketones: 0.4 mmol/L [third day of TOM]
    Weight: 237.5

    • Mike

      how do you go about measuring your ketones?

      • Marisa Moon

        This is typically done with urine testing using strips you can purchase online. Keep in mind this does not measure ketones that are still circulating in the body.

  • emily marie

    Today is day 2 of the BPC IF. Excited to see what kind of results I will get. 🙂

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  • Mary Ingram

    Hey everyone, I’m wondering if there’s a specific amount of time you’re supposed to drink BP coffee in? As in, blend it and drink it within 5 minutes, or can I drink it slowly over about a half hour? I’ve done a variety of different times (anywhere from 5-20 minutes). I’m fairly new to this (day 3!) and instead of constantly troubleshooting, I thought I’d ask! Thanks.

    • Mark Brockway

      you can drink it over any time period you want

  • Mark Brockway

    as often as you want; daily is ideal

  • Mark Brockway

    pure fat does not shut off autophagy; only the introduction of carbs/protein will break a fast

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  • Martin Clay

    Hi there, I love having a Bulletproof coffee in the morning with brain octane and ghee. The difference it has made to the way I feel is amazing! I have a quesiton, it’s mentioned in the blog post that you shouldn’t drink Bulletproof coffee after 2pm as you won’t sleep. Does anyone know if this also applies to Bulletproof Decaff coffee? Would having a black Bulletproof decaff coffee later on in the afternoon throw everything out of balance and prevent sleep?

    • Marisa Moon

      You will propably tolerate that just fine, but it varies person to person. Do you use the sleep cycle app that Dave often recommends? Download that, add the notes for tracking “decaf coffee”, and see if it affects your sleep. Don’t forget to put it in airplane mode while you sleep

      • Martin Clay

        Hi Marisa, I haven’t tried the Sleep Cycle app, I will grab it now and track my progress. Thanks again for your help!

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  • lupe diaz

    Hi, I have the bullet proof brain octane ,as well as the bullet proof XCT oil. Should i be only using the brain octane in my BFC or is it ok to use both? I notice your recipe only uses brain octane. Thanks..

    • Marisa Moon

      Either one works. Brain Octane is just superior

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  • rav

    I did 14 days of IF and lost 6Kgs started at 100.5 kg and now I am 94.6

    Would like to know how frequently I can repeat this?

    • Marisa Moon

      For males it is safe to do as frequently as you’d like.

      • rav

        thanks Marisa. Is it mentioned by Dave as well in his book somewhere, Looks like, I have missed this recommendation somehow?

        • Marisa Moon

          Actually yes I do believe Dave mentions it in his book. The most important thing to remember while practicing intermittent fasting is that you must eat freely in your eating window, consuming as much food as you feel the desire to eat, and focusing on nutrient-dense foods to be sure you get adequate nutrients in less total meals. Paul Jaminet of the Perfect Health Diet has done quite a bit of work on intermittent fasting as well. If the science interests you I recommend you search the perfect health diet site for articles on this topic. Good luck to you!

    • Christopher Green


  • Con rad

    Love the bullet coffee. Question is if I’m drinking this fat in the AM I’m not burning body fat which is my main goal, yes?

    • Alex Barberi

      This is incorrect. During ketosis, your body uses fat for energy. The MCT oil makes sure you go into ketosis. So you drink fat, you will have the energy your metabolism needs. He has more detailed posts about this through his website.

      • Con rad

        Thanks, beginner here

        • Mr and Mrs Beaulieu

          Con rad also make note that dietary fats are not the same as adipose tissue. Previous generations have nicknamed adipose tissue as fat probably to further the low fat agenda. They just aren’t even the same. I hope that will help straighten your thinking 🙂

  • Is the tea as effective as the coffee?

  • David Childers

    Drinking the BP coffee in the morning is breaking the fast early just the same as eating a breakfast. This isn’t intermittent fasting. 50 calories is all it takes for your body to leave the fasted state.

  • Trisha Baldwin

    I’ve been doing the intermittent fasting for about a month. In all honesty, I feel awful. I am very hungry by noon and my head is in a fog almost all morning. Prior to intermittent fasting, I had been eating HFLC for nearly two months with the same symptoms….constant brain fog and general lethargy. I am almost bang on for my macros each day (70% fats, 20% protein, 10% carbs).
    I am vegetarian and get almost all of my protein from eggs and cheese (mostly eggs). My carbs are veggies. I eat almost zero fruit….sometimes raspberries. I am drinking the bulletproof decaf in the morning with unsalted butter and bulletproof mct oil. My fat is pretty much all high quality….coconut oil or MCT, avocado oil, and butter.
    I do work out daily….P90X3, which is half hour daily workouts, varying between cardio and weights.
    I do not feel an improvement in any physical area and as I mentioned, my brain is foggy and I’m constantly tired. What am I doing wrong here?

    • Trisha Baldwin

      I have also lost zero pounds, zero inches, and feel bloated a lot. I am already a small person and wasn’t really looking to lose pounds, but was hoping to burn the bit of belly fat that I do have.

      • Colleen Elliott Linder

        I’d recommend upping your fats to 80% I’m a coach and use the beachbody workouts as well. I’m near my goal weight but have lost 6 #s in the past 45 days and more importantly sugar free for the first time. I had the same brain fog, hormone issues age 52, couldn’t focus etc but this plan has changed all of that. Are you doing any supplements Trisha?

      • Jess

        Trisha, you need to start looking into a couple different things you might have. Candida, parasites in the gut, Hashimotos (thyroid condition) and/or hypothyroidism. If you have any or multiple of these, it causes fat to stay on you, makes you super tired and bloated all the time. It could also be a hormonal imbalance. If you have any of these, its not a simple “eat more fat lose weight” situation. Its a journey.

    • HelloWorld

      I would suggest you up your protein. If this diet suggests 70% fats then its way off. Fats are good but not as the majority of your diet!

    • Sny Snyder

      I would suggest Leanne Vogel’s “The Keto Beginning”
      All done with whole foods, dairy free. Includes most of the bulletproof principles but with cleaner ways of eating.

    • Christopher Green

      Your macros are shit. 30/30/30. Mostly or all veg based. Do a detox with veg juice for a day or two and start over. Maybe add a colonic and liver flush too. That fat will destroy your pancreas etc. we are water based beings running on electricity. Fat is just a metabolic tool not a fuel source.

    • Christopher Green

      The body needs carbs for cell structure etc, not just energy. Macros have many uses in the body.

  • Dubya

    You can’t be in a fasted state if you just consumed a bulletproof coffee. Period.

  • Tammy Green

    I have been doing bulletproof decaf for two months now.. I quit coffee years ago because the side effects were horrendous, but took up the decaf for BP sake.. I’m having chronic bladder issues no end, which I used to get off regular coffee, I know it’s a diuretic.. but I need a life away from the loo. Yes eating lots of Celtic salt!
    I’m pretty careful with my macros but am finding it hard to get into ketosis and stay there. So my question is has anybody experienced inflammation to decaf?
    Is it possible that my morning BP is the cause of low weight loss??
    I’m thinking of replacing decaf for cacao and see if there’s an improvement but there’s carbs in cacao so it will break my IF..!!

  • Alberta Davis

    On my second day, bulletproof coffee and brain octane. Feeling great but I didn’t like the coffee with the Ghee but I do love Ghee on a toasted bagel. Will be trying the Intermittent Fasting starting today. Building muscle and toning the body.

    • Colleen Elliott Linder

      Have you tried blending it with the ghee and coconut oil and maybe a bit of plant based stevia it tastes amazizng that way and cream color. 😉

      • Alberta Davis

        I don’t like the taste of stevia but I do have some organic coconut palm sugar. Have not tried that in my coffee, just been drinking black coffee which I thought I would never be able to do. I do just take two tablespoons of the brain octane while I’m drinking my coffee. Thanks Colleen

        • Mr and Mrs Beaulieu

          Don’t add any sugar! This negates the purpose of what the bp coffee is trying to achieve. Just make the bp according to his instructions and add cinnamon and vanilla it’s lovely.

        • Alberta Davis

          I’m still just drinking my coffee black, but I have tried the cinnamon. Thanks

        • Christopher Green

          Don’t add sugar or insulin will stop your fast

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  • Thank you for your guidance. I am going to try it.

    mammalian TOR a highly conserved protein that forms two complexes. TORC1 (responds to amino acids) and TORC2 not clearly defied yet. TOR upregulation is not beneficial. Many studies have already shown that TOR downregulation increases lifespan and healthspan.
    TOR upregulation is mainly involved with protein synthesis and downregulation activates autophagy. Protein is not consumed by the body to only make muscles. Muscles are the least. Every reaction in our body is mediated through a signaling complex and each signaling complex is built and activated/deactivated by proteins. Increasing protein synthesis can be detrimental in that a protein could be over synthesized activating a particular pathway leading to disease such as cancer. This is why TOR has been highly implicated in cancer. Target of rapamycin means rapamycin drugs target this protein and inhibits it and its used highly as a cancer treatment. TOR upregulation is bad! My PhD thesis and current work revolves a around TOR

    TOR downregulation increases autophagy which is very helpful to lose weight.

    In regards to ketosis there are pathways you want to study. One pathway Revolves around shc adaptor protein. When you block shc protein with a drug, these mice mimics mice on ketogenic diet (80%) fat. Working on this too.

    • Christopher Green

      Please send more info about your thesis to me via email (I won’t steal it). I am entering a quantum computational chemistry degree and have been on a yoga based fasting diet for years; I am just fascinated with other academic works. Email: samkhyan1@gmail.com

  • Colleen Elliott Linder

    Love your work Dave. I’m a fellow Seattle area Fitness & NutritionCoach & I’m leading a private facebook group that introduces your plan into phases and helping others with a soft launch aproach to keto-adaption and it’s working great especially as a way to help avoid the keto flu symptoms and for those that can use a support group. I recommend your book, your brain octane fuel and coffee to all my clients. In fact if any of your readers would like to friend me I’m happy to add them to virtual group. I can leave a link below if that is okay to do.

    Up until this past year I only did clean eating but because I’d been struggling at age 52 with hormones,focus, brain fog, and sugar being the hardest yet for me to beat I decided to try your plan out. I’m proud to say I am sugar free and feeling amazing.

    I’ve looked into your bullet proof certification and wondering if you’ll be offering this to the Seattle area anytime soon and do you have a place to look for jobs at your local Bellevue plant?

  • Suzanne

    Can I put gelatin in my bulletproof?

    • Mr and Mrs Beaulieu

      if you want to but it’s a protein so that may be considered breaking your fast. From what I understand. You may want to confirm that elsewhere but I noticed no one else stepped up to answer you. I wouldn’t add gelatin protein until I was ready to break the fast. Though I have been known to sprinkle gelatin on my meals to take advantage of the gut healing benefits so I don’t miss out :).
      Tip: add cinnamon to your bp coffee.

  • Bianca C.P.

    Some days the only time I can fit in a work out is around 10 or 11am. Do I have to eat something after working out at this time? Or could I technically just have half my bp coffee before and have the other half after…

  • Michelle

    I love the concept, but I don’t like coffee. What should I use instead of coffee to get the same benefit?

    • lecody

      I drink both Bulletproof coffee and Tea. Chai is especially good, but most other teas work too.

    • Christopher Green

      Chai is good because cinnamon helps with blood sugar also. Green is excellent. Liver detox teas will make fat loss more effective. Tea is better than coffee really as a long term solution.

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  • Leilinha Mai

    What kind of supplements should I take ?

  • Bryan Bailey

    I’ve been doing a poor man’s version of bulletproof. Unfortunate that, like many aspects of nutrition, a working class person just can’t afford good nutrition.

    • What sorts of modifications have you been able to make? This is a brick wall I’ve been running into as well. Carbs are so damn cheap…

      • Christopher Green

        Water fast until midday. Coffee next. Make your meal beans and lentils based for cost. Any kind even soya will do. Next nuts and veggies. More expensive stuff is a luxury if you can afford. I recommend sprouted rice or hemp.

  • Andrea Snetsinger

    There are conflicting comments here about weather or not drinking a BP coffee in the morning would break a fast. Dave says it is not breaking the fast, correct?

    I drink a BP coffee in the morning (9 am ish) and than my eating window is 1pm-8pm. Is this intermittent fasting or not?

    • Jon Olson

      The concept of the intermittent fasting in combination with the Bulletproof Coffee is because the BP Coffee will keep your body in it’s natural state of ketosis after waking up in it’s fasted state. If the only thing you are consuming is fat, you will maintain ketosis and essentially “fasting”. if you have carbs or higher amounts of protein, you would be then breaking the fast since your body will need to switch forms of metabolism to break those foods down and digest and utilize appropriately.

    • Christopher Green

      Save the coffee until midday. There are other benefits to fasting on simply water before you start with BP coffee

  • Nadine Christel Ang King

    Hello! I have been doing this diet for 1 month now but I do get hungry near my 8pm deadline. Is it okay to drink another set of bulletproof coffee at night?


    • David R Cabe

      “Drink as much Bulletproof Coffee as you like in the morning. You can
      have another cup before 2:00 PM if you get hungry. No coffee after 2:00
      PM or you won’t sleep”.

  • Jxnsmma

    I am normally done dinner by 6. I am up at 450am to work out before work. I have a BPC after that around 6am, and another at 9am. My eating window is noon to 6. Should the shift in hours make any difference? It just fits better into my lifestyle.

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  • Kelly

    I am trying to figure out the best way to be able to do intermittent bulletproof fasting and workout in the mornings, I work out around 7am doing weight lifting and strength training exercises in an attempt to build muscle, I would then have my BPC at 9am but am worried that waiting until 2pm when I break my fast to take my protein will prevent me from being able to build muscle, as I have always been under the impression you need to fuel your muscles with protein within 30 minutes of working out to prevent muscle loss. Can anyone shed any light/offer any advice?

    • Jim Hill

      I’ve heard on a few other forums that a small serving of bcaa’s is a good choice to take before exercising in the morning / and/or right after if you don’t plan on eating your big meal then. I’d also wonder if moving the 8 hour eating window up might work.

  • Jess

    You didn’t specify how many days you do this. Everyday until you achieved your weight loss goal? Every other day?